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4-Herb Tea "Sludge" Very Valuable

Dear Marijah McCain & Herbal Healer Academy:
Thank you for the bulk 4-herb tea. I used the 4-herb tea "sludge" as a poultice with a bandaid to remove a growth on my temple. It took 100 days off nightly treatments to make it fully disappear. I only wore the poultice at night. It took a little discipline to get into the habit of applying the poultice and band aid every night at bedtime, but after a while it was just like brushing your teeth, you just did it. Thank you for the great products and service. Marijah McCain and Herbal Healer Academy have my permission to use and keep this letter and enclosed photos.

David Jolley

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of results from beginning to end

(unretouched photos)

The Treatment
Make "4 Herb Tea" which is Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkish Rhubarb Root. Boil 10 minutes. Steep for 12 hours. Strain. Put sludge from strainer into plastic container with lid and store in refrigerator. Apply a pinch of sludge to band aid and apply over spot. Wear at night while sleeping. I did not wear band aid poultice during day. Takes 100 days. I missed maybe three or four nights.

I also drank 2 oz. of the 4-herb tea 3 times a day with water for part of the treatment period but ran out of tea long before I ran out of "sludge" so then I used the "sludge" only. I feel the main avenue of destruction was from the topical application of the sludge. I feel certain it would have been removed with only topical applications but just to stack the cards in my favor, I stopped drinking soft drinks (classic cokes) consumed more greens, fruits, vegetables, and tried to stay away from hydrogenated oils.

The Photos
The first photo was a picture taken Christmas morning. The next four pictures are self portraits taken by me with the use of mirrors. They were to be reference pictures for me to use to see if the treatment was working. Once I realized the 4 Herb Sludge was working I let my wife take the rest of the pictures.

The Results
After initial treatments the spot became slightly darker and more raised in appearance. The border became well defined. Before treatment the border was not as distinct between the "growth" and the normal skin. There was no pain or discomfort with the 4 Herb Tea Sludge Poultice treatments. There is no scar. Initially there was the very slightest indentation where the growth had been but has since filled out.


McCain's Comments
Over the years we have had many members reporting similar success with the 4-Herb Tea "sludge" for their skin problems. This is the first time we have had the pictures to prove it! Thanks so much to David for his great work in documentation on this project. As you can see YOUR member testimonials are very important in helping others, so please take the time to send them in.

P.S. It's my opinion that if the herbs and band-aid were used 24-hours a day, the healing would have been quicker.

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