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4-Herb Tea Testimonials

These testimonials are unsolicited and actual letters received by Marijah McCain at HHA. They are meant for your educational information and not as treatments. Also see what people are saying about Herbal Healer Academy, and Other Testimonials.
4-Herb Tea Cures Hep C
July 2016
My husband drank the 4-herb tea 3 times a day for 3 months as he was diagnosed with Hepitatis C. It totally cured him and we have told so many people about it.
   --D.W. - HHA Member

Complex Hyperplasis
April 2016
An Gyn exam in October 2013, where a edometrial biopsy was taken, found Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia, which is something that leads to Cancer. My Gyn Dr. at the time (no longer going to her) said I needed a hysterectomy, because I would definitely get cancer, so she recommended a specialist to discuss the options. I didn't go to the specialist right away, instead I prayed,(prayer works, trust me on that!) came here to the site, told Doc McCain (I know we're not supposed to call her "Doc", but I still do) the problem, and she recommended the 4-herb tea made from the bulk herbs and Dr. Chi's Myomin capsules, 3x a day for each, for at least 3 months. I started taking the tea, and the capsules, but the capsules bothered my stomach, so I stopped taking them. I finally went to the specialist in 3/2014, just to see what was going on, plus my Gyn Dr.'s office kept calling, and pushing the hysterectomy. The cancer specialist gave me hysterectomy options, which I toldher I did not want to do,so she took another biopsy, just so she could determine what next steps should be. The results: BENIGN! No more potential cancer!! She wanted to follow-up with a more intrusive procedure (something called a "D&C"), since the test was considered inconclusive, because not enough cells were taken. I okayed the D&C, because I knew it would be benign as well, and I wanted to make sure, however, some financial issues interfered, because insurance wouldn't pay. I didn't do anything medically until April 2015 (still was taking the tea, 2x a day, I still am), when I went to a new Gyn Dr., who took another biopsy, and told me to pray, which I did. The results: BENIGN!!!!! No CANCER!!! Praise GOD!!! If you are diagnosed with ANYTHING cancer related, or that could turn to cancer, please try the the 4-herb tea made from the bulk herbs; it works! And pray! Because that works even more. Thanks Doc McCain, for your continued help, and wonderful knowledge of God's life-saving herbs.You are truly a Godsend!!

   --T - ~ Member since 2001

Hepatocellular Carcinoma
April, 2016
My father was diagnosed in May 2013 with Stage 4 hepatocellular carcinoma with metastasis to his lungs. I prayed for a miracle. The next day I was given an order form to order the 4 herb tea. My dad was given 6months to live by one of the best liver cancer centers in the nation & told to go home a prepare his funeral arrangements. They offered him one treatment option involving a direct chemo injection to his liver. He was given a 50% chance it would slow the growth of his massive tumor that had invaded his hepatic and portal vein but NO CURE only a possible prolonged life. He began drinking the tea in June 2013 he received 2 injections over the summer. After his 2nd treatment the tumor shrank significantly in his liver & lungs. The doctors had no explanation & were convinced the tumors would start growing faster than ever but to their amazement without anymore treatment it began to shrink itself by only drinking the 4herb tea & almighty Gods power my fathers liver & lung cancer disappeared & remained in remission for over 2 years.He was able to be put on a transplant list & received a new liver on Christmas Eve 2015. They say my father is a medical miracle & one doctor commented he needed to bathe in his tea! He has become the first case of his kind at UPMC. I continue to make tea for the sick & give my testimony to others! My aunt from Omaha was diagnosed with lung cancer is also having fantastic results! Praise God & thank you herbal healer & may each of you be blessed for your diligent work to help others!

   --K.K. ~ Member since 2013

Sludge Treats Bulbous Tumor
Nov 2015
HHA Sludge Testimonial: I have a wonderful success story to share: 2 years ago, our 9 year old Rottweiler had a bulbous tumor start to grow rapidly on her side. It was about the size of a large grape when I started treatment: I shaved the area and packed it with sludge. Eventually it flattened and just became a flaccid flap that remains today. Then, again year later, she had the same type of smooth, tight skinned tumor start over her right eye. This area was hard to treat, because I couldn't shave it or bandage it, so every night, I would dip cotton balls in tea, and hold the cotton on the tumor. She is such a sweetheart, she knew I was trying to help and held still and tolerated all the tea running down her face. It did not take more than a month when, instead of being a tight skinned growth, it started to shrivel and was hanging like a raisin over her eye. Irritated with it,she rubbed that right off. Now, you would never know it was ever there. Overall, we have an 11 1/2 year old Rottweiler who is healthy and has less gray hair than either of us! (Perhaps another HHA benefit, as I mix sludge with rice into her food)

   --D ~ HHA Member

Multiple Myeloma Helped
June 2015
A 40 year-old man was diagnosed of multiple myeloma a few months ago at one of our country's teaching hospitals. After just the first dose of chemotherapy his body reacted so violently that he nearly died. When he recovered just enough to manage to walk he discharged himself from the hospital. His wife said he was so sick that she feared if he was going to survive while out of the hospital, but the experience of what happened after the chemo was so frightening that they never thought going back to the hospital. In her desperation and search for alternative therapy she was referred to us. We placed him on the 4-herb tea and a few other herbs. And just after being on the products for 10 days the man was asking me if he could return to work so he can earn a living to pay for the products. The effect of the tea was dramatic to say the least.

   --S.A. ~ HHA Member

Prostate Cancer Helped
Feb. 2015
My husband was diagnosed last September with Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer that had spread to every bone in his body. His blood count was at 6, he had two transfusions. His PSA level was 1,700 and all that the oncologist ordered was a testosterone blocker injection and bicaludamide, an oral pill to block testosterone production as well. We decided not to take the shot but he took the pills. He was sweating and in tremendous pain. They were finally able to manage his pain with 75 mg of morphine! We have been using HHA's products for at least 15 years and came here for suggestions. We used 4 Herb tea 4xs/day, Revivin,2xs/day B17,1,AM and PM; Resveretrol, Beta Glucans and he received ozone and electrical zapper treatments. Doc advised me to feed him only organic foods and avoid the obvious offenders, sugar, wheat, fried foods. He had lost over 60 lbs in 3 months. I am so pleased to report that as of January 20th, his PSA level is 11.9, his hemoglobin is up to 10.8 and he has gained 26 lbs. His appetite has returned and he has been completely off morphine for over 3 weeks. I am so grateful to Herbal Healer for their excellent products and Doc's willingness to advise me in the face of the attack that she is constantly under. I believe that God answered our prayers. My husband was steadfast in his belief that God would heal him and faithfully took all of the supplements even after many times throwing them up. After a few hours he would try again and keep them down. We added Montana Yew Tips to the tea about 6 weeks ago after reading in the Newsletter about their effectiveness on prostate cancer. I advise everyone diagnosed with cancer and written off by doctors to never give up but turn to these natural sources for healing. We plan to continue the tea and other products to keep him in remission. I give him organic coffee enemas 3 to 4 times/week and 100 mcg of Selenium daily. He attributes much of his healing to Essiac Tea, he says it is the only product that he constantly drank and I made sure we never ran out of it. Thank God for Doc McCain and HHA!
Gratefully, SLB

   --S.L.B ~ HHA Member

4-Herb Tea Helps Large Tumor in Dog
Jan. 2015
Hi. Just wanted to praise the four herb tea I purchased for my 12 yr old dog with a tumor larger than a grapefruit. She s been on the tea for three weeks now and the tumor is getting softer and smaller. I am so grateful I don't know how to express my feelings. I have spent so much money on holistic meds and nothing helped. Can you tell me how long it normally takes before it shrinks to almost nothing. Believe me I am so happy just with the results in 3 weeks and I will spread this to everyone I know that loves their animals and also family. Thank you and I will be ordering more.
   --P.R. ~ HHA Member since 2014

Dog With Lymphatic Cancer
Aug. 14th
7 year old Weimaraner dog diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. I began him on the same dosage of Essiac tea I had used for my fathers pancreatic cancer many years ago. After brewing the tea I save the sludge. Everyday I give him 2oz. of tea mixed in his dry food, morning and evening. I also mix 1 tbl. tea sludge with organic peanut butter. He loves this stuff and eats it right from the spoon. Every trip to the University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Center they cannot believe how his cancer numbers drop each week. After 2 weeks they were in the normal range. His lymph nodes have shrunk to normal size. He was supposed to be dead within 2-3 weeks. Its been 6 months and he acts like a young dog. I also brew in red clover when I make the tea.
P.S. I gave dad 8oz. 3x daily, pancreatic cancer mass (size of a large grapefruit) disappeared and he lived another 16 years cancer free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

   --C.G. ~HHA Member

Lymphoma Helped By Tea
August 2014
Just to let you know, my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in Oct 2012. He was given two months to live. When he got out of the hospital my daughter came to us with the tea. He has faithfully drank that tea for the last almost two years. He is in remission and hospice and the oxygen are gone. He is working part time and riding his motorcycle again. I really believe the tea worked.
   --HHA Member

Recovery From Colon Cancer
March 2014
I truly believe that Essiac tea helped me to recover from colon cancer. As soon as a week after I began taking it my CEA cancer levels dropped 10 or 11 points and it continued to drop. I started taking it during my second chemo treatment. (I didn't find out about Essiac until then.) I think a big key to recovery is to eat lots of fruit and veggies, increase the immunity, definitely cut out the sugar, drink distilled water, have regular bm's, excercise, and a positive attitude...doing so helps the Essiac to do it's job! I am 2 years in remission and thank God every day and thank you Herbal Healer.
   --C.M. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Lumps on Thyroid Get Smaller

My daughter, Crystal, 28 yr old mother of two, had two lumps on her thyroid. I started her on the Essiac tea, and a lot of prayer and positive thinking. A month later she went in for a biopsy, The lab tech decided to do another ultrasound before the painful procedure, and said "there must have been a mistake,because both the lumps had got significantly smaller since the first ultrasound, so she didn't even have to have a biopsy, and doesn't even have to go back for 6 months.
   --T.M.~ HHA Member since 2013

Esophageal Cancer
March 2014
   --A.D. ~ HHA Member since 2012

Amazing Testimonial
March 2014
I know I wouldn't be able to walk if it weren't for the Essiac tea. I had numbness, icy hot pain needles, and stabbing in my thigh, hip and lower back. It was excruciating to stand at the counter to prepare meals, let alone walk a block. It is virtually all gone after being on the tea, even going off the tea for a couple days makes the area on my thigh that goes numb a little larger. I can sleep on my side with no increase of numbness and pain, and can walk upon waking after. Thank you soo much.
   --T.B.~ HHA member since 2005

12 Years Since Breast Cancer Diagnosis
March 2014
It's been awhile since I've written to thank you for my life. It will be twelve years this summer they gave me the grim news of breast cancer that spread to the lymph nodes. My son who was only 2 when I wrote you in hysterics all those years ago is going on 15 now and He is handsome, strong, happy and loves his mama!LOL I still drink that precious 4 herb tea twice a day along with several other supplements....any every time I pour it into my cup I think of you and thank Almighty God for his healing herbs and everything good in my life. Hope you feel the love coming your way.
   --N.B. ~ Member since 2003

Doing Great On 4-Herb Tea
Oct. 2013
My name is Lisa and my report is on my step father he was given 2 months to live back in September of 2012 they took him off of Chemo as hopeless. My friend told me about your tea and I ordered it for my mom. He started taking it. He has been on it ever since and the transformation is unbelievable. I would share the pictures if I knew how to load them here. I have told many of my friends about this tea. I also started taking it and feel better than I have in years. Thanks for your great products.
   --L.A. ~ HHA Member

90 And Still Going Strong!!!
August 2013
Hello **McCain! I am happy to update you again on my mother! It has been almost six years now (last testimony to you was in 2008 & 2009) and my mother is still drinking the tea and doing well at 90 years old last October! She is still driving, playing dominos on Wednesdays, and church friends on Friday and church on Sunday! When she is home with nothing planned for more than a day...she is "bored"! She lives alone, shops, cooks, and enjoys life and since her diagnosis and biopsy (I tell you this so others will KNOW that REALLY had cancer!) she has never been in the bed sick at all! God sent us the information about YOU through a friend, and I cannot begin to count how many your network has helped since! I so wish you had a real count of the persons that are alive and well because of your expertise. You are in my prayers and those of my family every day and we could never ever portray how grateful we are to you and the knowledge you have and share. Thank you for all the endurance you have had in order to remain helpful to all ...."The Calling of an Angel" about Rene Cassie, had another to follow in her footsteps....Marijah McCain! Thank you....its hard to let you know how important you have been to us! You have taken time to actually speak to me on the phone and you told me....quality of life is what we want....well, we have that and as well as longevity! May God continue to bless you and your family, Billie Brown and Family and Friends that you have helped more than you could ever know!
   --B.B. ~ HHA Member Since 2006

82 Years Old Drinking Tea
June 2013
In July of 2012 my father had a huge lump protruding out of the back of his neck. After a few tests we were informed that is was a 12 cm sarcoma tumor. I have a fried that I called and he immediately told me about the Essiac Tea from Herbal Healer Academy. I ordered it the next day and my mom and I made it and had him drink according to his situation. They still suggested radiation and removal of the tumor but after being on the tea with radiation for 4 months when the surgery took place it was 8 cm. His tumor shrunk 4 cm in 4 months. He still drinks the tea til this day. It has been 9 months since he has been drinking the tea and hasn't gotten sick through flu season or anything after surgery. He is 82 years old and wants to be around many more years. Thank you Herbal Healer for your products.
   --A.M. ~ HHA Member

Aggressive Multiple Myeloma
May 2013
In 2000 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive Multiple Myeloma, I lost 3 vertabrae in my spine I was told I would never walk again which I did. I had all sorts of problems with the chemo. I started using 4 Herb w Montana yew tips and one day they told me I couldn't take chemo because it was giving me viral pneumonia too much. So I discontinued chemo and my immunity went way uo and the cancer(multiple Myeloma)regressed until it no longer showed up in my blood and all there was in my body was two very tiny traces. That was in 2006. When my Dr. learned what I had done she wanted to kill me(I'm serious)I am a survivor of crtical terminal Multiple Myeloma and I attribute that to 4 Herb tea with Montana Yew tips, lots of sunshine, RO water, organic food and daily prayer meditation so I jst want to say: THANK YOU HERBALHEALER!
   --D. B ~ HHA Member

No AIDS or HIV!!!
April 2013
My son was a meth addict and as result aquired the HIV virus and Aids. A few years ago he was released from prison and was seeing a doctor at UAMS for medication. I inquired of the doctor if he could take herbs and was told definately not. He had to have blood work done about every 2 months. I took it upon myself to make the HHA 4 herb tea and start him on it twice a day after one of his visits. After his next visit his doctor called our house and wanted to know what he was doing. The doctor said there was no sign of the HIV virus or AIDS according to his last blood work. I cannot tell you how excited we were. We had no idea what the results would be from the tea. We did not expect it to be so drastic.
   --S.H. ~ HHA member since 1998

Dad Terminal Diagnosis Cured!!
Feb, 2013
My dad was diagnosed with terminal small cell carcinoma lung cancer & only given months to live! Because he took the Essiac tea, one bottle of Revivin, and one bottle of Angiostop, watched his diet, used the Radialgin, he was compeltely CURED within 2 months! The oncologists were disappointed that he was going to live to tell the truth! We even went for a 2nd opinion to Birmingham & my mom walked out behind my dad with a "thumbs down" to the female oncologist that she'd just seen! He has felt so good & will have a few more good years (in his 70's) thanks to God up above for creating these wonderful medicinal plants and for people like YOU who have shared it with others!
   --E.C.~ HHA Member

Hospice Patient Responds To 4-Herb Tea
Jan. 2013
As my huband lay in hospice with esophagus cancer, I was told he did not respond to treatmemt. I brought him home gave him the essiac tea around the clock, within one week he was out of bed in three weeks he was no longer eating through a feeding tube gained 17 lbs and has most of his voice back. I have to believe he responsed to the tea.
   --A.D. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Thanks for 4-Herb Tea
Dec. 2012
Just wanted to THANK YOU for supplying the life-saving 4 Herb Tea and other products associated with the complete healing of my husband's small cell (oat) lung cancer. He is still cancer free after a year. Drs said he would NOT live more than 6 months tops...that was last May. We have paid it forward in that we have told everybody we see and who is receptive (God leads)about the tea and your website. Somebody said, "You should be working for HHA - the number of people you send there." I tell them NO...it is a privilege and a blessing to spread the word and to give others HOPE. This morning alone I responded to requests from FOUR friends, emailing them the HHA website and tea information. It has made Thanksgiving truly special this year. Again, God bless and thank you so much.
PS We shared our miracle with a young woman who lives here in our area who had a large inoperable brain tumor and other spots on the liver. She JUST got a new report from her Drs. The tumor (size of a newborn baby's head) has "released itself from its embedded state in the blood vessels" and became operable," the Drs said. So...she had it removed this week in Asheville NC. The spots on the liver? Well they are gone. They expect a full recovery. She has taken the tea for four weeks! Praise God for this miracle. We have had feedback from MANY we have shared with and each time, is makes our hearts leap for joy.
   --C.M. ~ HHA member

Large Lump Disappears!!!
Sept . 2012
Due to a recent stressful situation that I did not handle well, I knew that I was responsible for putting myself into a state of sickness. I was ready to battle a cold that I developed, but was surprised when I found a large lump in my breast that had not been there a month ago. With a determination to remain calm, I began taking Myomin and HHA 4 Herb Tea while watching my diet very closely. At day 5, I no longer could feel the lump!

My family and I have used the HHA products for the past 9 years with great success. Not only are the products of the utmost quality, I would give your customer service an A+. Thank you, Herbal Healer, for your commitment to health!
   --S.C. ~ HHA member

Small Cell Lung Cancer Gone!
March 2012
** McCain. I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in October, 2011. I had never smoked nor had my wife. I had never worked in any toxic environment. I was subjected to the dispersants in the Gulf Oil spill on the FL coast. Doctors said you will die within a year, get your affairs in order. I took the 4-herb tea, quit chemo after second round, and on March 6, 2011 my tests showed NO cancer. I have also taken Radial Gin, HHA daily vitamins, used the Coconut Oil to cook our foods, eaten organics, omitted sugar from diet and I feel so great! The doctors were stunned. Thank you for providing all these wonderful products.
   --R.Mc ~ HHA Member since 2009

Cancer Tumor On Spine is Gone
Dec. 2011
In the summer of 2010 My 91 year old father was admitted into the hospital for two weeks. He was finally diagnosed with a cancer tumor on his spine. His Dr. wanted to start chemo and radiation treatments asap.. He was in a lot of pain and was put on a strong pain killer. A short time later he sought out a second opinion from another Dr. The test and recommendation
were the same. I called and talked to my father about his wishes. He wanted some relief from the pain, his pain medication was not helping with all the pain. I recommended he try Essiac Tea which my wife had been taking occasionally. He said he would give it a try. I ordered him three bottles of the concentrate.He started taking it as soon as it arrived. He later told me that within a few days he noticed a reduction in the pain. Within the next few weeks the pain was barely noticable. He stopped taking his pain medication. About a month after taking the Essiac Tea he went to see his Doctor. His Dr. was suprised at how well my father looked and felt. When my father went back to see his Dr.about a month later his test results showed no sign of cancer. His Dr. told him he was an amazing guy.

A side note...For over two years I had a severe case of hand warts. My hands were covered with them. They looked and felt terrible. When my father started getting such good results I thought I would try the Essiac Tea and see if it would help remove the warts. IT DID!
After taking the tea a few days the warts started to disappear and after about a month they were gone along with the scars. I noticed in the testimonials some one else gave a similar experience as mine. My mother died a few years ago. My father mentioned a few days ago that she may not have died if they had known about the Essiac Tea. I now tell people all the time about my experiences with Essiac.
   --J.A. ~ HHA member since 2008

Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B- Cell Lymphoma
Nov. 2011
I will finish up 8 years in Dec. 2011 diagnosed from day one Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma. I got to also see my Great granddaughter born 2 years ago. I have been taking faithfully the 4-Herb Tea and also Red Clover and Montana Yew for almost 7 years now. I also started last October Dr. Johanna Budwig's Cottage Cheese/Clear Flax Seed Oil. My Oncologist has been surprised to say the least. I am 66 years old. Take no medication of any kind and still work 40 hour weeks. I haven't had a Cola of any kind in over 7-1/2 years. I will continue this Protocol the rest of my life. God's Immune System is marvelous if you just give it a fighting chance. My life story is on my little rinky dink website www.dhamilton.ws and I sell nothing. I do list certain websites like HerbalHealer.com and DrDay.com to just help people. I hope Herbal Healer Academy will allow people to visit my site. It is called the Life and Times of a Simple Man. The World has been blessed by people like ** Marijah McCain. I know she has blessed my life. I wish you folks well.
   --H.H. ~ Member since 2004

Cancer Free For 10 Years
Sept. 2011
Please send me 4 pkg of the four herb tea... This tea has kept me cancer free for over 10 years and I need MORE! God bless!
   --S.S. ~ HHA Member since 2006

This Tea Has Saved My Life
Aug. 2011
My body has missed the Yew tips! I am adding them with the 4 Herb Tea this month..this tea has saved my life..God Bless You and all your hard work....Shalom
   --J.H. ~ HHA Member since 2006

4-HERB TEA Helps Goat Lymphoma
June 2011
My 88 year old mother has been taking the 4 herb tea for 6 years. She had her stomach removed took as much treatment as she could stand and now religiously takes the tea. The left overs I dry out and mix with my goats chow. Annie has lymphoma the tea "leavings" seem to clear it up the vet was amazed!
   --S.M. ~ HHA Member

4-HERB TEA Help Golden Retriever!
June, 2011
I thank God for you daily. My golden retriever Bo was diagnosed with liver cancer at the end of December & given 2 more weeks to live. We are into 6 months & the vet cannot find the tumor, thanks to your 4 herb tea. He is amazed & said that this is the only dog in 30 years that he has seen (or heard of) that has lived this long after such a diagnosis. He now is recommending your tea to others with the same illness. Bo also has overcome anemia in record time.
   --G.G. ~ HHA Member 2011

Cancer Free!!!
May 2011
In the over ten years that we have ordered your products, we have never once had to return an item because of poor quality. I truthfully believe in the Essiac 4-Herb Tea and believe that because of this product and the grace of God that I'm alive today despite some serious bouts with cancer and two major surgeries. I continue to enjoy good health (cancer-free) at this time.
   --T.D. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Stage 3 Colon Cancer - 70 yr. old - No Tumors or Cancer Cells!
Jan. 2011
I emailed you regarding my mother in April of 2010. My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer(stage 3), the mass was removed and had spread to 1 lymph node, and chemo was recommended. She had her first treatment with very few problems, during the begining of her second treatment she loss her breath 3 times during the chemo, and 2 times in the emergency room, also with cramping hands, legs, and difficulty swallowing. I started on a mission to find out more things about the cut and burn techniques. I found out my mother should have been given a CEA test (to check for cancer in the blood) and a PET scan before Chemo was even started. Of course I was very upset when I found out this information (just another way for the allpath to make money from people being sick). After my mother's bad reaction from the chemo, the Oncologist had the nerve to tell my mother she had three options. 1st option was to continue with the chemo that gave her the bad reaction, 2nd option was to scale back the chemo treatment, and the 3rd option was to stop the chemo all together and get tested every three months (and this is with this Oncologist knowing my mother only has 1 kidney that was removed due to cancer 1 year prior). Well her first CEA test came back at 2.5 (it should be 3.9 or less for non-smokers, and 5.0 or less for smokers). She then had a PET scan, which came back as finding no tumors or cancerous cells, and she was taking the 4-Herb Tea during this whole entire process. My mother just had another CEA test in August, and surprise to the Oncologist, her test went down again to 2.0. Needless to say, my mother has decided she will never take Chemo again (she is 70 years old). Me and siblings also have pressed my mother to change her eating and drinking habits. She no longer eats sugar, no red meat, no soda, eats many fruits and veggies, drinks plenty of water, etc... Also, she is taking Vitamin D, E, A, Selenium, and a liquid Vit. ** McCain, I just want to thank you in all you do. I truly believe my mother has been cured by your herbs, 4 Herb Tea, and our prayers to our Almighty. You are a Godsend, and I thank God for you.
   --T.C. ~ HHA Member

No Cancer - Just Turned 92 and Warts are Gone!
Jan. 2011
Last year my father-in-law went to the Dr. for severe back pain. He was admitted to the hospital and the first diagnosis pneumonia, second diagnosis heart problems and I think there was a third diagnosis of something. All the while he was in the hospital.

Eventually they decided it was cancer, the pain had been a tumor in his back. He has been fighting prostate cancer for several years. The Dr's had put him on pain meds which only helped. They wanted him to do radiation and chemo.

When we found out we told him about the 4-Herb Tea. He ordered some and the pain immediately began to subside. He continued to improve, in November he went in for a follow-up exam, his Dr told him there was no sign of the cancer, and that "he was a remarkable man" I didn't mention he was 91 at the time, he recently turned 92. His energy is back and he feels great,

Also, my husband (69) had serious warts on his hands because of the work he does, and because a dentist gave him tooooo strong an antibiotic, which lowered his immune sys. (I can say that because he did not have leukemia before the antibiotic and after the antibiotic he was diagnosed with leukemia) He had approximately 20-30 warts on EACH hand. He tried every OTC, and even expensive prescriptions from the Dr. and they didn't get rid of them. So after telling his dad about the Tea he started researching it, and then decided to try it himself....well the warts are gone, I don't think he expected that, but the warts didn't know that and went away anyway, he was taking it because of the information on your website. Now the skin on his hands looks better than mine.
   --D.A. ~ HHA Member

4-Herb Tea Bulk - Tumor Gone in My Pet!
Dec. 2010
I keep the 4 Herb Tea always in my house. Most recently I treated my pet with this wonderful product. The tumor just disolved and disappeared. He does not need surgery. I love this tea. I always by the generic from HHA. (4-Herb Tea BULK) I had cancer in 2006 (two types of cancer). I keep it a habit to drink this tea several times a year and so far I am cancer free! What a miracle! Thank you Herbal Healer Academy for enriching my live with this product. I can not praise it enough. God bless and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A true believer.
   --A.M. ~ HHA Member since 2000

28 Years of Psoriasis Gone!
Sept. 2010
I have had psoriasis for 28 years across the stomach, lower back(both sides), knees, back of legs and buttocks. I have been taking flax capsules for 25 years, which stopped the itching. I started drinking HHA 4-Herb Tea - bulk (essiac tea), May 2010. In less than 2 months I noticed a clearing of the psoriasis. By the end of July it was totally gone. I drank essiac tea, twice a day, 2 oz. each time. Needless to say I will continue to drink this tea. Thank-you.
   --K.A. ~ HHA Member since 2010

Squamous Cell Lung Cancer
August 2010
Dear Marijah, GOD BLESS YOU! My wife was found with SQUAMOUS type of cancer on the right upper lobe, which was collapsed because the tumor was blocking the bronchus. On March 2010 and on APR-06-2010 she started the treatment with ESSIAC, 4 times a day. She did not do any surgery, chemotherapy or similar! And, after 9 weeks, the tumor decreased very good and the lung recovered perfect, showed on the last CT scan!!! The friends doctors, not those from KAISER(my med. insurance!) said that looks like the cancer is gone! Since my wife started the treatment she did and does excellent, by GOD grace: she feels much better than before, she looks much healthier than before and in 4 months she gained about 17 pounds.
   --V.G. ~ Member since 2010

Nodule Reduced In Size, Doctor Confirmed
July 2010
I order the 4 Herb Tea about 3 months ago, have been drinking 3 times a day. Went to the Doctor today for them to take a sample from a nodule to check for cancer. I ask the Dr. if my nodule had gone down in size since they did the first ultra sound and he said yes, it had gone down in size a lot before it was big and watery looking and now it was smaller more compact and harder. So I told him I had been drinking some tea to help reduce the size and he confirmed it had reduced in size and now I have to wait for 5-7 days to see if they found cancer.
   --F. P. ~ HHA Member

Second Opinion Is Always Good To Have
July 2010
Some weeks ago I used the Ask the Naturopath page on the website to ask you about Needle Core Biopsy which, after my yearly mammogram and followup ultrasound, I was told I absolutely needed. I wanted a second opinion and was criticized for it. You told me to start taking the 4-Herb Tea, which luckily I had in my freezer, 4 times daily and to not let the doctors scare me into going along with it unnecessarily. I brewed the tea and started on it immediately, had my appt. with the 2nd opinion doctor who was a surgeon. He couldn't find any cyst but was still advising biopsy. I was unconvinced.

I kept drinking the tea. I found a medical practice offering breast Thermography and the HALO test and decided to go there. All this time I continued taking the 4-Herb Tea as well as my usual daily supplements. These test results came back showing a benign condition which I am now under treatment for. By the way, this medical practice uses nutritional supplements to treat the hormone-related condition. I will re-test in 6 months. My condition is caused by my liver not properly metabolizing my estrogen so improving my liver function with the 4-Herb Teas is crucial. I'll be taking the 4-Herb tea all the while!

Thanks a million for your products and for the Ask the Naturopath function. It gave me courage to follow my gut feeling!
   --N.C. ~ HHA Member

Doctors Gave Husband 3 Months To Live
July 2010
We just ran out of the 4 Herb Tea and have seen the difference. The doctors gave my husband three months to live and it has been two years and five months. I give God all the glory and the herbs he has put on this earth to help heal my husband as well as other individuals. We are still believing for our miracle that God will use these herbs to make the tumors go away. Thank you for your faithfulness. Please continue on with the great work you do for so many people.
   --S.P. ~ HHA Member

9 Years And Doing Great!
July 2010
God's blessings upon you Marijah...I am doing fine, 9 years post diagnosis with breast cancer. I owe it all to Almighty God and your vast knowledge of healing.
   --N.B ~ Long time HHA Member

June 2010
I was diagnosed with glioblastoma in March 2009. They give me 3-6 months. I immediately started the 4-Herb Tea & here it is 15 months later & I am doing great. Thanks a million!
   --D.H.~ HHA Member 2009

Bettye Passed Away
June 2010
I simply wanted to inform ** McCain that my mother-in-law Bettye, died on May 6th. Doc McCain, your last email was very comforting to both me and Candy, my sister-in-law. Bettye lived a long and full life, 90 years is a special blessing. She was given a birthday party last September to mark her 90 years and it was attended by her 7 children, grand and great grandchildren and all of her church family. She was a pastor's wife for 40 years. She had no pain all the way to the end and we credit your herbs for that. My husband and her family wanted me to convey our gratitude for your support and encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here.
   --S.B. ~ HHA Member

Breast Cancer
Dec. 2009
My Aunt was diagnnosed with breast cancer as well as a growth in her back which she was to go in for further tests not until January!! She is allergic to pain killers and was in extreme pain. I ordered the 4-Herbs for her and took it to her and she has told me within 10 minutes of drinking her first cup that she could feel her pain ease up! I was amazed and so was she. When she went back to the Dr. one week later to run tests on the other breast which was not as painful for her, he told her what ever she was doing to keep doing it as everything had reduced!!! She thinks I'm the BEST and I tell her it's the TEA~~~~
   --B. E. ~ HHA Member

October 2009
Amazing testimony! My very good 66 year old friend's psa score was 5 and the doctor suggested radiation and/or chemo for prostate cancer. I ordered the 4-herbs and made the tea (and added the montana yew tips as suggested). After one month of taking the tea 3 times a day, he asked to be retested. His psa score is now 0.3 !!! He does not have a computer/email but if you want further details from him he is willing to talk to anyone who will listen.
I have been an hha member for many years and am so grateful for your products and especially this tea! Please contact me if you'd like me to put you in contact with my friend for his testimony. He has the psa/blood test score as proof! Thank you.
   --J.D. HHA Member

October 2009
This is a testimonial for 4-Herb tea, and how it worked on my very sick little dog. About four months ago, someone dumped another dog at the end of my road, that makes 11 for me. I noticed that he never had a firm stool. This progressively turned to water shooting out of him. He lost weight rapidly, and almost quit eating, It was obvious that he could not survive much longer. I thought so much of him, and not knowing his past history, took him to the vet. He did the obvious, checked for parvo, which was negative, and then went for parasites. After a $97.00 office visit and three days of pills, he was NO better. I had prayed and asked the Lord to show me what to do, and quickly remembered that I still had the herbs for a 1/2 recipe for 4-herb tea in my freezer. I prepared it as directed, but added dandelion which is suggested to add in some cases. I gave the him the dose, as written in the Herbal Healer Catalog, He would not drink it in broth, so I gave it to him orally in a syringe. I gave it twice a day, on an empty stomach and after one week the stool has formation, and he is eating normally. Actually, I just now went downstairs to let him out to use the bathroom, and his stool, for the first time since he has been here, is PERFECTLY NORMAL! I will probably continue to give the tea to him once a day for another week or so. I am so thankful for this product, and know that a Vet, would have done all sorts of tests(which we would not have had the money for) and most likely not been able to help him. I will continue to keep 4-herb tea on hand, with "colloidal silver" by its side.
   --K.A. ~ HHA Member since 1996

October 2009
Just a note to say how pleased we are with the results of 4-Herb Tea and Beta Glucan. Harold has beentaking the tea faithfully for two years and the last test show no sign of cancer for two years ago they gave him a week to a month,due to lung cancer. We are very pleased.
   --H.H. ~ HHA Member since 2008

August 2009
Love 4 Herb Tea, it has completely cleared my skin. I have had acne since I turned 30 now perfect skin.
   --A.L. ~ HHA Member

Lowered PSA
June, 2009
Testimonial for 4-Herb Tea follow-up: In Feb 2008, I wrote about my friend with prostate CA with mets. Today, he's doing great, PSA is less than 0.7, remains on 4-herb tea, beta glucans, and dandelion root. All success without chemo or radiation!! Thanks ** McCain for all you do!
   --D.L. ~ HHA Member

Diagnosed - Adenocarcinoma
June 2009
I was diagnosed last summer (2008) with having adenocarcinoma cells after I had my annual GYN physical exam. I was told to have a D&C done immediately for a biopsy to check for cancer. I decided to drink the 4-Herb tea (essiac) for about 4 months before having the D&C done. I drank it 3 times per day. After I had the procedure done, they tested the tissue (uterine lining), there was no sign of the cancerous cells anywhere. The doctor was totally surprised and requested further exams and biopsies to see why they come up with that diagnosis to begin with. The doctor did the other exams and had to admit there was nothing there, all my tests were cleared of the carcinoma cells. I attribute that to the 4-herb tea!!It Works!!!
   --N.K. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Living With Hep C for 35 Years!
April, 2009
I have been living with Hep. C for 35 yrs. Just diagnosed 8 yrs. ago as symptoms were more noticeable(digestion and stabbing liver pains).From my research, life expectancy is 30 yrs. at most after contracting it. I also noticed a couple small lumps in breast about 8 yrs. ago. Mammogram showed fibroid cysts. Nothing was recommended by Dr.'s except to wait and retest in 6 months, and start surgery and chemo after cancerous tumors appear. Well, needless to say I started looking myself for treatment to prevent it from progressing. I started taking HHA 4 Herb Tea 2-3 times a day(2 oz per cup)daily.I also add the Montana Yew tips and Dandelion root to the batch.I split the batch in 1/2: make 1 gallon at a time. I also took Dr Chi's Myomin for about 9 months (for the fibroid cysts). The lumps have since disappeared. The tea keeps my organs, especially my liver 'cleaned out' and I feel more energetic. When I run out of it, I get sluggish and I can feel the Hep.C virus getting active.(feels like flu symptoms)I have tried cheaper versions of the tea, but I don't quite get the same effect. Thanks to Naturopaths like Marijah, I have free access to quality, natural treatment. I don't care what cutbacks you have to do to continue, Marijah, keep up the good work! You will continue to have my business.
   --C.K.~ HHA Member since 2004

My Health Much Better!!!
April 2009
I am writing to thank you for continuing to provide the brew-your-own 4-herb tea, a product that has literally changed my life. I have been drinking it for about 10 months (2 cups/day). When I started, I had chronic fatigue, candida, and systemic herpes. For the latter I also took colloidal silver and Olive Leaf Extract, per * McCain's recommendations. Even though my life has had multiple major stresses this past year, my health is still better, and it continues to improve. Lower medical bills and fewer doctor visits: whoopee!! I am almost 61, and feel better than I have in many years. I hope to drink this tea for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
   --C.S. ~ HHA Member since 2003

86 Year Old Mom with Breast Cancer
April 2009
** McCain graciously spoke to me about my 86 year old mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 months ago. She chose to drink the essiac tea, take Beta Glucans with Maitaike, and Dr Chi's Revivin. She had no surgery in spite of what the medical people told us, took no chemo and no radiation. She changed her diet to fresh fruits and veg's, got rid of white sugar, white flour, and white rice.... walked more to introduce more oxygen and today the tumor is flattened to the point that we can't tell it is there and the blood tests (Cancer Marker) were all good! We were told that basically meant we "have no more cancer"! She is energetic and looks great! Thank you ** McCain and May God Continue To Bless You and all the people who help you continue your work! We pray for your continued endurance with all the battles you have to face in order to help others so much!
   --B.B. ~ HHA Member since 2008

Dog With Cancer
Jan. 2009
I thought you'd like to know that I bought the 4-Herbal tea for my dog. The vets said she had cancer. Well I made the mixture and did what it told me to do. She had a big sore on her lip that is where the cancer was and it bled all the time. Well it is healed now and all it looks like is a canker sore on the inside of her mouth. I think other pet owners ought to know in case their pet ever gets cancer.
   --F. I ~ HHA Member 2008

Told Had Cancer 4 Times!
Jan. 2009
Thank you so very much. =) I LOVE your products and drink the Essiac (4-Herb) tea every day and they’ve told me I’ve had cancer 4 times now (breast cancer 2 times, liver cancer and multiple myeloma), and it’s GONE AWAY, so thank you so much for being there!!!
   --S.D. ~ HHA Member since 2006

Stage IV Non-hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma
Dec. 2008
I just started my 6th year Stage IV Non-hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma the whole time. I do a lot of natural remedies and did not do Chemo or Radiation. I have been taking the 4-Herb Tea plus the addition of Montana Yew and Red Clover for over 4 years now. I also avoid the usual poisons, Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Processed Sugar, etc. My Oncologists has been a little surprised. I am almost 65 years old and do not even take an aspirin. I still work full-time. I have been blessed beyond measure and Lord willing will see all my grandchildren grown and my 1st great grandchild April 2009. I am also a child of God and Win or Lose I still Win. Keep up the good work folks.
   --H.D.H ~ HHA Member

Healed Of Cancer
Dec. 2008
Thank You for being such a good resource for health and healing. I myself have been healed from cancer with the 4 Herb Tea and I have brought my blood count up countless numbers of times , most recently from a 5.4 to a 13.0 !!! with the HHA Iron Plus.
   --J.C. ~ HHA Member since 1999

Thank You For The 4-Herb Tea
Dec. 2008
Thank you so much for your product. We were told about the Essiac Tea by a lady whose husband was given two weeks to live (about two years ago) and I was recommended your tea by an Orthopedic Dr. The 4-Herb Tea dissolved forty spots on his liver and bought him a year with his family. He passed with a heart attack, not cancer. Thanks again, we appreciate you so much. Respectfully yours, J.
   --J. daughter of WS ~ HHA Members

X-Rays Clear - 4 Years now!
October 2008
I had "calcifications" in my left breast at one time and have had 3 biopsies and a surgery. I've been using your 4-Herbal tea after the surgery, and so far, I have clear x-rays. How can I explain that? My surgeon said that I still had other areas of concern after the surgery, and he didn't think he had taken out all of the problem areas. So far, my x-rays are clean. It's been 4 years. All I can say is Thank You.
   --J.P. ~ HHA Member

Very Grateful Member - CT Scan CLEAR!
August 2008
Thank you over and over. I had FOUR CT Scans that showed a mass in my lung that got bigger. The fourth report stated Suspected Neuroma (Cancer). I immediately ordered your HHA 4 Herb Tea and took it faithfully. After three months I had another CT Scan and they can not see the mass. It "disappeared".

I am so happy...so excited...and So VERY grateful you ** McCain and Herbal Healer Academy for saving my life from this.
   --R. M. ~ HHA Member

Stomach Cancer
July 2008
Thanks to God, Herbal Healer and other natural remedies, I am doing remarkably well after having stomach cancer. Doctors are amazed. But they do NOT want to know what I am doing. They say "just keep doing it"
   --K.D. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Knot/Tumor/Cyst - GONE!
July 2008
Marijah, I just have to tell you this. I'm so excited. My daughter-in-law recently found out that she has some sort of knot/tumor/cyst in her left breast. She found it because it had begun to give her a great deal of pain. She went to her doctor and he told her that they would check it out by doing a biopsy, and other measures and that even if it wasn't anything life-threatening, she should probably think about having it removed. You see she has rather large breasts and he (her doctor) told her that there was lots of fibrous tissue within that breast, and that it would be a good "hiding" place should the "knot" turn into something else later. Well, as soon as she told me about it, I told her that I would put together some of the 4-Herb formula and send it to her, which I did. That was about a week and a half ago. I spoke to her again today to ask how it's going. She told me that when she went for an x-ray, they could not find the "knot/tumor/cyst" at all. It is completely gone. I told her that I'll make sure she has plenty of the herbs, if she'll keep taking it for maintenance as she needs it. She agreed. I'm so happy that no surgery, or other processes are necessary. Her doctors and x-ray technicians were actually quite puzzled. I asked her if she told any of them what she had been taking. She said that she had told them she was taking an herbal blend that her mother-in-law had sent her. She said her doctor told her that he tries not to use drugs unless they are absolutely necessary and that herbs are a good choice sometimes. She took the herb at least 2x a day for the last week and a half.
   --S.C. ~ HHA Member

4-Herb Tea - Yew Tips Helps Dog
July 2008
Several years ago our dog's nose became very rough. I suspected it was a skin cancer. My wife and I were both using 4-Herb tea and started giving it to the dog. His nose improved. When our nutritionist took us off of the tea we continued to give it to the dog until we run out of product. His nose began getting rough again. It kept getting worse and then started getting puffy and pink spots begin to occur. I ordered more 4-Herb tea and put him back on it. It was not causing much if any improvement so I begin adding Montana Yew Tip tincture to his tea. His nose begin to return to a more normal appearance. No more swelling no more pink. He still has an extra rough spot on it. I discontinued giving him the Montana Yew Tip tincture but we continue to give him the 4-Herb tea twice daily. We mix 2 ounces with a little milk and he drinks it. If we forget to give it too him he reminds us!
   --J.H. ~ HHA Member

Since Ordering Your 4-Herb Tea...
July 2008
Since knowing about and ordering your 4-Herb Tea...I cannot even remember or count the people who have started using it. They lowered blood pressure, they leveled sugar, there are cancer-cured testimonials...all from just passing on your website and telling of our own experiences. My mother, 86, was diagnosed with breast cancer (from a biopsy) and you answered me not once, but twice, to tell me what to do. She is almost at the end of her six months of doing your regime - 4-Herb Tea, Beta Glucans, and Revivin...as she refused any treatment or surgery, plus eating on an alkaline diet and limiting sugar. The the size and harness of the lump is now softer and mushier. She feels great, has energy and looks so good. The doctors are "after" her to DO SOMETHING and don't want to hear her say, "I am doing my own thing"...they continue to press her and tell her negative things about her decision....but she is dedicated to her cause! Thank you from me, her, and all the others that your information has "networked" to help! We want to further be of use to "send all of your info on" and further your wonderful expertise and cause! We thank the Lord for you...
   --B.B. ~ HHA Member

4-Herb Sludge
July 2008
Used the 4 Herb sludge on a place on my face that was one half inch in diameter, turning black, growing and hurt like crazy. After 24 hours it fell out left a hole but healed up, never returned. Husband had a growth on his back that started to get bigger around day by day, after 2 weeks it fell off never to return using a 4 Herb sludge poultice.
   --M.M. ~ HHA Member

Colon Rectal Cancer
Feb. 2008
I am the one with colon rectal cancer. Been on your products over one year now. Had 6 month "look for cancer tests" last week and they found nothing. Doctor looks over my list of Vitamins, supplements, 4-Herb tea... and says "You still take all of these?" I say "Yes!" Thanks ** McCain!
   --D ~ HHA Member

4-HERB TEA Helps Clear Up Warts!
Feb. 2008
The 4-Herb tea is the best. My daughter had a total of 13 warts some on her knee and some on her toes, she was emabarrased to where shorts or sandles and suffered in the summer months at school. I had tried everything from all sorts of wart removal products to freezing them off, NOTHING worked. I had read about the 4-herb tea and was already using it myself. I started having my daughter drink it once a day and also would apply it right to the warts, within a very short time her warts disappeared and they have not come back since. Thank you so much.
   --K.L. ~ HHA Long Time Member

Prostate Cancer - High PSA
Feb. 2008
A friend of mine, 61 yrs old, diagnosed with prostate CA with metastasis to bone. PSA was over 100 (anything over 10 is indicative of cancer). Refused chemo & radiation. Started 4-herb tea, beta glucans, and dandelion root immediately. 5 months later, PSA is 9, friend is still working, no pain, feels great. Glory to God Almighty and you, ** McCain. Thanks for starting me on my journey of health!!
   --D.L. ~ HHA Member

Stage 3 Breast Cancer
Jan. 2008
I used the Essiac formula (4-Herb Tea) with my wife when she had stage 3 breast cancer and she is free and clear of cancer today and that was 6 years ago.
   --R.J ~ HHA member since 2000

4-Herb Capules Have Helped!
Jan. 2008
About 6 or 7 months ago my wife and I started taking HHA 4 Herb capsules on prophylactic basis. My wife has fibrocystic breast disease has had 3 non-malignant cysts removed from her breast in the past 10 years. In addition, for the past 3 to 4 years her gynecologist has been watching another small cyst as identified by mammography and ultrasound. I am happy to report that this year's (12/08) digital mammography was absolutely NORMAL. We can only attribute this to the HHA 4 Herb capsules as this is the only pertinent change made in her daily routine. She has been taking 1 capsule 3 times per day and she believes that the HHA 4 herb is responsible for this good news. Thank you HHA!

**McCain's note: Please understand that if you are going to use the 4-Herb Tea for cancer it must be the 4-Herb Tea made from the BULK herbs that you brew, not the capsules. The brewing process extracts the medicinal ingredients from the plants and roots.
   --B.F. ~ HHA Member

I Was Sceptical About The Tea
Oct. 2007
I must confess I was very skeptical when my husband's aunt sent us that first bag of herbs to make the 4-Herb Tea, but after reading all the testimonials and seeing first hand how much it helps with
his chemotherapy treatments, I am convinced. THANK YOU for giving us hope.
   --P.W. ~ HHA New Member

Breast Cancer
Oct. 2007
Dear ** McCain, Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am cancer free now, thanks to you, and I want to remain that way. Thank you!
   --J.S. ~ HHA Member since 2007

Hoffman's Disease
October 2007
About a year ago I wrote to you about my husband having Hoffman's disease and the breakout of boils that would appear all over his body but mostly in his head that would cause him great pain. Well the regime that you recommended to him that included the 4 herb tea has worked wonders. He hasn't had a break out since!!
   --D.F.~ HHA Member since 2006

Oct. 2007
MY STORY OF THE 3-RUSTY NAILS-One day I stepped on a board with 3 rusty nails in it. They were in a trianglar shape and went into the center of my left foot up to the bone. It imeditally turned red,swelled up so I was unable to walk on it at all. I totally refused to go get a shot from the doctor because of the near death experiences I have had in my life because of medical doctors. I prayed. I remembered the 4-Herb Tea sludge I kept in my freezer. I got about 1 teaspoon and bandaged it around the center bottom of my foot so it would stay on. Praise God I could walk the next day and at the end of the week I changed the bandage and tea. Praise God again there was NO sign of any nail sores or scares on my foot. I rebandage it again for 2 more days to ensure all posion gone from the wound. Today I have had no problems or scaring with that foot for over a year now. Even some pain I had in it has never bothered me since. Thank God for ** McCain's 4-Herb Tea and her as she has saved my life three times already repairing what damage the medical doctors have done to me. I now hang onto her every word of advice.
   --R.M. ~ HHA Member since 2000

8 Year Old with Headaches Helped!
Oct. 2007
For the past 8 months or so, my 8 yr. old daughter has been having frequent headaches, usually at bedtime, but not always. They were happening at least once a week, but sometimes 2-3 times a week, and sometimes every single day. I remembered reading that the 4-Herb Tea was a good detoxing tea, and I wondered if her problem was toxin buildup. So I started giving her the brewed tea twice a day. Her headaches stopped almost immediately, and now she only rarely gets one, unless we stop taking the tea for several days. We have had wonderful results since we started giving her the tea, two months ago. Thank you for your great products, and wonderful information.
   --H.C. ~ HHA Member

Benign Meningioma Brain Tumor
Oct. 2007
I have a benign Meningioma Brain Tumor. Marijah started me on Myomin, Adrenal Complex, and 4-Herb Tea Concentrate. I have already experienced results from these wonderful products. I also have Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, and several other ailmenets. I feel that the Meningies around my brain are less inflammed, my abdomen is going down in size, and also my digestion is so much better. I acredit Marijah for all of this. She is truly an angel and the Lord has sent her for us. The pharmacy keeps calling to come in to get my medicine but I do not go and pick them up. The medicine they prescribed did not help whatsoever! Thank you Marijah. May you continue to help others in need. Through you and the Lord, we are so very thankful. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
   --S.M. ~ HHA Member

Another Great Check-up!!
Oct. 2007
I had another great report and the Drs. even extended my check ups to yearly instead of every six months. Yes - you hear from me every six months after my checkup. I am a five year stomach/esophageal cancer survivor. When I was in the hospital for surgery, my neighbor/friend got me started on 4-Herb tea. I have continued to take it daily for five years - three to four times each day along with COQ10, Beta Glucans and B-12. Again - thank you * McCain for all you have done for me.
   --P.G. ~ HHA Long time member

Acute Liver Condition
Sept. 2007
I've been using products from Herbal Healer for quite some time and have never felt better. I was diagosed with an acute liver condition a few years ago and my Doctor told me that I would never be cured. After a month of using HHA 4-Herb tea my symptoms were gone and I'm now in "remission" (per my Doctor). Since that time, I've included my husband in the parasite cleansing as well as adding Coloidal Silver to my everyday life as a preventative measure. I can't thank you enough for helping me with my health.
   --D.Y.~ Long time HHA Member

Pancreatic Cancer
Sept. 2007
Dear * McCain: You helped our mother when she had pancreatic cancer with the 4-herb tea, and she received five additional years of life, most of it good quality, for which our entire family will forever be grateful for you and your work. Thank you very much.
   --J. K ~ HHA Member since 1999

4-Herb Tea, Yew Tips, Beta Glucans
Sept. 2007
I have some wonderful news to report! About 3 months ago my mom was told she has cervical cancer. I said to her not to worry and immediately ordered your 4-Herb Tea, Yew tips and also Beta Glucans. She saw her doctor last earlier this week and she's been completely cured! She's been overflowing with joy and praise! Her general health has also improved so much since she's started with the tea and she's felt better! Thanks for supplying us with such wonderful products! You're a blessing to us! God Bless!
   --G.S ~ HHA member

4-Herb Tea - Acid Reflux
Sept. 2007
I tried the 4-Herb Tea for acid refulx, was on Nexium for 6 years with no results as in curing. The tea worked immediately have not had any acid reflux in 6 months. Took it twice a day. Now only once a day. Haven't taken any for a week now with no reoccurance. Life's great now, I was so bad some days I could'nt hardly eat with out severe pain. I had never taken herbs before.
   --J.G.~ HHA Member 2007

July 2007
I was having bleeding from the rectum for over a year went to many Dr.s they ran all kinds of test said nothing really to worry about. They could not get the bleeding to stop. Just said something like I would have to live with it. Don't think so! So, any way I started taking 4 Herb tea bleeding stopped on 2nd day of taking the tea. And many more great things are coming about. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP.
   --L.P. ~ HHA Member since 1997

Esophageal cancer - No More Cancer!!!
June 2007
Dear Marijah: Well, another miracle story to report! I wrote you back in September, 2006 about my fiancee having esophageal cancer. For 2-3 months, I had him on the HHA 4-Herb tea (adding Montana Yew Tips) 4 times a day, with Beta Glucans, CoQ10, Vit. C, & Colloidal Minerals - You had me add Colloidal Silver and HHA Acidophilus Bifidus powder, which I did. Here it is less than one year later, he went back to the doctor last month for a complete blood work - the doctor said he could find no more cancer! He has gained back 35-40 lbs. back and still gaining - he feels great except for every once in a while (if he eats too fast) he throws up that clear, sticky fluid. the doctor started him on the "purple pill" - NEXIUM saying that his throat is probably still irritated. I does seem to help. We want to thank you so much for the 4-Herb tea. I knew
there was some kind of cure for cancer out there somewhere! Thank you so much for telling people about it. In case you notice the different name - we were married on Christmas Day last year. Because of you, we can now enjoy a long life together!!! Thank you so much Marijah - May God keep you and protect you and may you live a long life for helping so many. Love you!!!
   --P.W. ~ HHA Member

4-Herb Tea Helped Pain
June 2007
I developed severe tailbone pain 6 weeks after the birth of my second child. After multiple testing, MRI showed cyst on my sacrum. I immediately started drinking 4-Herb tea 2 times a day. Three days later, my pain was gone, my thinking much more clearer. I was breastfeeding at the time, so I drank the tea for only 1 1/2 weeks. Here we are, six months later, my pain has not returned. Thanks, * McCain and HHA. Praise and Glory to God for all you do!
   --D.L.~ HHA Member since 2007

Supplements Lower Members PSA
May 2007
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000 with a stage 6, PSA increasing from 5 in 1994 to 12 in 2000. Surgery was practically demanded by three doctors. I chose prayer and 4 Herb tea, Colloidal Silver and green tea. In 2006 my PSA had dropped gradually to 2.2. My doctor calls me an "anomaly". He acts as if he isn't please for me. I got a new doctor. I remain on those supplements along with many more you recommend. God Bless you and your work.
   --F.T ~ HHA Member since 1999

Breat Cancer Diagnosis 6 Years Ago!
April 2007
In July it will be six years that I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast that had spread to the lymph nodes. I remember being absolutely terrified when I wrote you for help. My youngest son was 2 years old at the time and all I kept thinking was how much I wanted to see him grow up. I remember that you sent me a prayer that I've read frequently over the years. As a matter of fact I have to say that anytime I've gotten any correspondence from you in the form of a return e-mail or something in one of your newsletters, it has always given me a sense of peace and well-being just to hear your words. I know I am in the care of a great healer and I am so thankful to God for leading me to your web-site. I know this is probably too long but I just want anyone out there that is looking for help and hope to know that in my opinion there is no one on this earth that compares to * Marijah McCain. Drink the 4 herb tea people! Detoxify yourself! Follow * McCain's protocol and live to see your children's children. As always many blessings to you and yours Marijah.
   --N.B. ~ Long time HHA Member

Still Cancer Free!!!
April 2007
It seems I write to you each time I have a good report. And this time is no different!! I went for another 6 month check up the middle of March and to date, which is 4 1/2 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach/Esophageal cancer, I am cancer free. I am living with 1/4 of my stomach and doing great. I have taken 4-HERB TEA, Beta Glucans and CO Q10 since I was diagnosed AND - I am not stopping!
   --P.G. ~ Member since 2002

Cancer Free and Healthy!
March 2006
I have been on 4-Herb Tea since diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2004. I am totally cancer free and healthier than I have ever been. On 11/30/06 my best friend was told she had cancer all over her body and had only 1-2 months to live. I immediately started her on the 4 Herb Tea and she is getting well, much to the amazement of her oncologist!
   --J. ~ Member since 2004

Cancer "Resolved"
Feb. 2007
I have been giving the 4 Herb Tea to a friend, and he drank since October 15th or so. He had a tumor near the trachea that would make him cough and have trouble swallowing. He chose to follow the MD's advice as well as mine. I saw him last week and he looked healthy, finally, after extra chemo and radiation he has been going through over the last few months. I even told him he looked good. Then he called from home and said the latest tests had caused his doctors to label his cancer "resolved". I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I bet it's good! I will continue to make this tea for anyone who wants it. I even ordered a personalized cancer awareness license plate--it says "ESSIAC"! God bless you all!

Received July 18, 2007
Regarding "Cancer Resolved" written in Feb, 2007.
My friend just had complete bloodwork done again. Still no sign of cancer! All bloodwork results are normal!
   --A.M ~ HHA Member since 2006

Ted Daw's Cancer Success Story
Dec 2006
I am a survivor of three kinds of terminal cancer since 1995. I kicked it bigtime! Because a nice Lady sent me some information about an article called "The Calling of Angels" by Dr Gary L. Glum.
Now think about that title and the Drs. last name for a second, I was reluctant to read it because I expected to hear a dying mans last dreams or something of the such, but no .... in fact quite the opposite, it was instead a secret that had been hidden, an answer to everything, we are all 99.9% the same inside, we all need the same things to survive, it was indeed the light to the path back out from the swamps of death and dying, an answer, an escape back to life and hope and future.

In 1996, I had the choice, do I go to the chemo and more surgery, or study more about what the nice Lady had sent me? The MDs said I had at least a year and a half, if I followed their plan... I didn't. I listened to the nice Lady, and I have to say without hesitation the very least I can say is that this Lady certainly saved my life. That nice Lady is * Marijah McCain.

Since I have stepped into the dimension of Herbal Healing I have discovered so many wonderful miracles, and I would invite you to visit my web site and my blogs.
Ted Daw


   --Ted Daw - HHA Member

Recluse Bite... Pain... Swelling - 4-Herb Tea
Dec 2006
I have a neighbor who was bitten by a brown recluse earlier this spring, the doctor had him on several anibiotics and steroids to keep his skin and tissue from deteriorating. Although the deterioration stopped, he had excrusiating pain in his joints and muscles in that arm. I put him on 4-Herb Tea Concentrate - 1 tablespoon 2x day, within 2 weeks the pain was completely gone and he had full mobility of his wrist and elbow with no after effects of the bite. He recently went off the 4-Herb(against my recommendation). Within 3 weeks his symptoms reoccured and he had the swelling and pain back in his wrist, elbow and his tissue started deteriorating again, He then called me to go back on the 4-Herb, He has been back on 4-Herb for 2 weeks... no symptoms or pain, he swears by it and tells me he will listen next time and not stop taking it. Thank You * McCain, I have used the HHA 4-Herb on my almost 8 year old son for the past 6 years for his JRA because the Doctor had him on high dose Naproxin for the swelling in his knees and after 7 months of this he ended up with bleeding ulcers, rectal bleeding and constant vomiting. We put him on 4-Herb and it works like a dream, he takes it every day and he is good to go, if he is off it for 3 days in a row, his little knees blow up and he is quite crippled and in grave pain.... hence we keep him on it. I told this to my neighbor so that he would understand that for certain conditions you just have to take the 4-Herb as daily maintenance not as a quick cure. I wanted to let you all know of our great experiences so that maybe others with joint and other problems could benefit from this also. Again THANK YOU.
   --R.S. ~ HHA Member since 2002

We Love The 4-Herb Tea
Dec. 2006
Hi * McCain! I have been brewing the 4-Herb Tea for my husband and myself for almost 2 months already, and we love it. My fingernails are growing fast and strong, my husband's psoriasis is gone, and his blood sugar count is coming down, which insulin and metformin have been unable to regulate.
   --A.M. ~ HHA Member 2006

4-Herb Tea - Daily Dose For Health
August 2006
My husband and I have been taking the HHA 4 Herb Tea daily one dose in the morning just for wellness. Neither one of us have been sick with any type of cold or flu in over two years since we stared doing this. Any time we feel a little something try to jump on us we double dose on the tea and take some Colloidal Silver. Thanks for your comittment to ture health.
   --D.N. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Husband Crop Duster - 4-Herb Tea
August 2006
My husband is a pilot, a cropduster. His first year flying AG was last year. He has a grueling schedule, and needless to say, is exposed to many harmful chemicals. The beginning of the season last year he came home looking horrible and feeling bad. His skin was yellowish and he was dark around the eyes. I made him some 4-Herb Tea and he almost instantly started feeling better. This is his second season flying and he feels great! We are both healthy 31-year-olds but taking the 4-herb tea twice a day along with the natural detox keeps us healthy. Thank you so much for the wonderful products and service! Best Regards
   --L.G. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Stage 4 Cancer - 4-Herb Tea Saved My Life
August 2006
Dear * McCain, I was diagnosed in Feb. 06, with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. Someone told me about the HHA 4 Herb Tea, and I tried it. I also went through 5 rounds of chemotherapy. 6 months later, I am proud to say that I'm cancer free. All through the chemo, I had completely normal blood counts, which none of the medical staff could quite figure out why. I KNOW why. None of the oncologists can figure out how I responded so well to treatment. I KNOW why. I'm convinced that the 4 Herb Tea, has saved my life. I am a 43 yr. old woman, who now has a second chance at life. I will continue to drink the tea for the rest of my life, and have told many, many people about it. I know of several who now drink it also. I will tell anyone who will listen about how amazing it is. Thank you * McCain. Your tea has saved my life, and I'm sure it's saved TONS of others as well.
   --M. E. ~ HHA Member since 2005

2004 Diagnosed With MS
July 2006
I use Essiac tea myself every day, along with a few other supplements, do Qi Gong daily, and eat only totally organic food which is also toxin free. Have I ever told you that in early 2004 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and to the point of near death where my family doctor at that time said he never thought he'd see me again. The neurologist I saw is still in awe. Just so you can let others know... NO ONE ever has to stand in the box drawn by western medical science... everyone can step out of the box and get back into balance.
   --E.S. ~ HHA member since 2004

Good News - Stage 2 Breast Cancer
June 2006
In January of this year, my daughter, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The doctor decided to do chemotherapy first to see if he could shrink the 3 rather large tumors before removing them surgically. She underwent 8 chemo treatments over a period of 4 months. I also kept her supplied with 4-Herb Tea which I made and Beta Glucans which I purchased from you. She also took your immune system formula to keep from getting colds or flu. On June 14th, she was scheduled for surgery to either remove the remains of the tumors or, if necessary, a mastectomy. Prior to surgery, they did a mammogram in order to know exactly where to operate. She came out of x-ray and told me she was going home. I thought maybe she was joking or something. But when they did the mammogram from several different angles, there was no sign of any tumors at all! She has to go back in 3 months for another MRI and they are still going to do radiation treatments, but the cancer is GONE! All the hospital staff were absolutely amazed. So I know this is not a common occurence. I believe that between prayer and the herbal medicine, she has been healed!
   --C.S. ~ HHA Member since 1998

4-Herb Tea May Have Added 2 Years
June 2006
Your products are great. The 4 Herb Tea is believed to have given my friends mother an additional 2 years of life....she had been given two months to live. What an incredible gift. Best Regards.
   --C.W. HHA Member since 2004

Spider Bite
May 2006
My 10 year old son got a spider bite, which looked from what I studied out to be a brown recluse bite. He was feeling very lethargic, poor appetite, and the site was very red and had a hole in the middle with a black area surrounding it. The next day a white, infectious blister started to form. When I first saw the bite, I put gauze with apple cider vinegar to draw out the poison, I did this a couple of times. Then I gave him a small dose of 4 herb tea and also alternated with colloidal silver. Then I took the leftovers of the tea I made, and put it on gauze and covered the site overnight for about 4 nights. The site healed more and more each day and now looks wonderful with only a slight mark of where it was. After reading and seeing the pictures of what a bite usually looks like, I was very fearful for him, but after much prayer and the tea, he did not have to take antibiotics or have any surgury!

Note: HHA also provides homeopathic Brown Recluse, Tarantula and Black Widow nosodes. In severe cases, these would also be highly recommended.
   --L.D. ~ HHA Member since 2006

Prostate Cancer - PSA Negligent!
May 2006
I have been ordering 4-Herb Tea plus Montana Yew tips since last October. I ordered with a friend's recommendation when my brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. His PSA was 15 and now is below zero. The doctors called it a 'negligent' reading because it was so low they couldn't read it. I have spread the word and now have 4 others that I am brewing tea for! This is getting crazy with people stopping and asking me about the tea!
   --L.K. ~ HHA Member 2005

Salivary Gland Cancer - 4 HERB TEA
May 2006
I wanted to thank you for HHA 4-HERB tea. I was diaganosed with a rare salivary gland cancer (Adenoid Cystic carcinoma) last October and underwent radiation. All during radiation I drank the Essaic tea. I had very few side effects when compared to others that I saw.
   --S. C. ~ HHA Member since 2005

Member with Spinal Cancer writes...
March 2006
I have been taking/drinking the HHA 4-Herb Tea. My husband vrew it just as it is supposed to be brewed. He has been a fine servant to the Lord on behalf of me. I have spinal cancer, and I know if it wasn't for this wonderful tea my days will be harder to bear. Thank you for being there during my need, sincerely giving all Glory to God.
   --~S.B. - Member since 2005

Pit Bull Growth Helped By HHA 4-Herb Tea
March 2006
My 5 year old pit bull had a growth on his head,and I thought I might have to have it surgically removed. I used the 4-herb tea poultice on it for a couple months,and boom. Gone! And the growth never came back. He also drank some too. Thanks and Keep up the good work.
   --~ S.B - HHA Member since 2006

Oat Cell Carcinoma Of Lung - Metastasis
Feb. 2006
I just wanted to comment on my sister. She has been using your HHA 4-Herb Tea with Montana Yew Tips. She started this about 2 years ago, after completing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for oat cell carcinoma of the lung with metastasis to the abdomen and media sternum. She was told to get her affairs in order because this type of cancer is very aggressive, and usually returns in a short time. Today she is feeling great and remains in remission, and very thankful for each day God has given her. She believes the tea has helped to keep her in remission. She gave me the herbs to make my own tea. Now I am getting hooked. My breast cancer was 10 years ago, and she told me if there was something I could do to keep in remission that I should do it.
   --J ~ New HHA Member 2006

Lichen Planus & Ovary Growth

Dear Marijah: Thanks to God for all of your help! I had Lichen Planus for about a year or more...this skin malady is considered incurable...I have been free of it for at least two years now thanks to your 4 Herb tea! I also had a growth extending from the outside of my uterus toward my right ovary in 2005 (about 1-2 inches in length), the surgeon performed a laporoscopy to remove it and it was gone! Thanks again to your knowledge and 4 Herb Tea! With the Lichen Planus, I took one tablespoon in AM and one tablespoon in PM on an empty stomach for at least 3 months. For the growth, I took the same dosage for about a week or two prior to surgery. You have helped so many people in so many ways with your gift of healing! Keep up the good work! God bless!
   --HHA Member since 1998!

No Trace of GIST!
Feb. 2006
Hello and THANK YOU. I am using the 4-Herb Tea and have no traces of my GIST (Gastrointestinal Strummel Tumor) after 5 months of using the tea.
   --J.N. ~ HHA Member 2005

Been Using 4-Herb Tea for Years...
Jan. 2006
I received my box today with my 4-Herb Tea and my brown bottles. Just felt the need to thank you for your marvelous service. You and your staff do a superior job and I appreciate it.

We have been using the 4 Herb Tea for many years and have never had a cold or the flu since we started. While we are surrounded by friends who suffer bronchial conditions, common colds and various types of flu every winter season, we seem to sail right along without ever getting any of these ailments. We know it is the tea that does it. I wish everyone would try it, if only for this reason, never mind all the rest of the things it is supposed to do. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Lived all my life with respitory problems. All gone!
   --J.G ~ HHA Member since 1997

Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer - NO CHEMO!
Jan. 2006
I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer on Aug 8, 2005. I immediately changed my diet to that of a vegan(no meat-no dairy). I started taking 4 herb tea 3-4 times per day. I also drank liquid Colloidal Silver and took Dr. Chi's Reishi spore extract capsules, Vit. C, Beta Glucans, Revivin and Coral Calcium. I only drink ph 11 water. No caffeine or sugar at all. I had a grapefruit sized tumor and 6 inches of my colon removed along with a complete hysterectomy on 9/8/05. My ca-125 blood test was 5,000 then (a normal ca-125 is 0-35) I'm very pleased to inform the world that I now am a "5" Cancer free and without CHEMO! The doctor told me I wouldn't stand a chance without chemo but between God, prayers, my positive will to live, my families love and my husbands knowledge of Herbal Healer and all of these products, I AM alive and very healthy today January 7, 2006. I never did feel ill throughout my journey. I did however have extensive healing from the operation. I am a realtor and back to work with and healing with more energy each day. Thank you Herbal Healer Academy for letting the world know you too can beat cancer the natural way!
   --K.M. ~ HHA Member

Cushings Disease In Dog
Dec. 2005
I had sent an e-mail because my dog was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. Her liver was so enlarged the vet could feel it rather easily. She was so miserable and the prognosis was not good...but thanks to the advice of the * McCain, my Spaniel is doing well! I brew her the Essiac Tea, and give her 1 capsule a day of Pure Liver Supplement. The vet knows I give this to her and he stated laughing the last time I brought her in...her liver was no longer swollen! Brandy is out chasing squirrels again and is still around for all our hugs and kisses! Thank you so much!!!!
   --V.S. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Breast Cancer and Cancer Tumors Helped
Nov. 2005
"HI, I am a breast cancer survivor and thanks to Herbal Healer. I had a masectomy and I started taking the 4 Herb Tea and it helped me alot. It got me through chem w/out getting sick and eversince, I've been feeling great. Also my mom had just found out she had cancer tumors through-out her entire body (in her lungs, chest, all over) and the Doctor was saying that they couldn't do to much for her, but I got her taking the 4 Herb Tea and in just a few weeks later she went in to have an exray, and to their amazment the cancer tumors were gone. I thank you Herbal Healer for your tea and I thank God for his blessings!
   --C.H. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Growths In Throat Gone!
Nov. 2005
"My step-mother had growths in her throat. She drank the 4-Herb Tea 3 times a day for 3 months. When she went back to the doctor, he could NOT find any of the growths!"
   --S. M. ~ HHA Member since 2005

Update on Uterine Cancer
Nov. 2005
Hi * McCain, "I just wanted to give you an update on my friend's Mom with uterine cancer. She's been on the 4-Herb Tea since July. She went for follow-up this past week at one of the big medical centers in NYC and the M.D. was so excited she was going around getting her colleagues to look at how much the tumor had shrunk. They tell me she said it was 50% gone. She kept telling the daughter that she didn't know what happened and why it is shrinking but it is amazing. Now get this * McCain. The daughter is an internal medicine specialist but she would not tell the other doctor that her mom has been taking the 4 Herb tea. She told her she has been juicing. The daughter said, "I never told them what she was taking because I don't want them to sabotage this naturopath." She thinks it is better if this is spread by word of mouth but doesn'think people should tell their M.D.'s. This is for your eyes only * Mc Cain if you think it would be harmful to you for M.D.'s to see this. I don't know but my friend sends you a blessing and a heartfelt thank you."
   --N.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003

4-Herb Tea - Dog Tumor

I discuss every thing I take in natural supplements with my doctor and we were discussing the value of HHA 4-Herb Tea. Well, it seems one of her other patients asked her if she knew of any thing that could help her dog who had an inoperable tumor, the women was in tears over the fact that the Vetrenarian said the dog would not live long. My doctor recommened the women give her dog the 4 Herb Tea. Several months later, my doctor had to call the women about something and asked how the dog was doing; the women said, "It's a miracle, he is running around playing, eating etc. His doctor wanted to know what I was giving him and I told him the 4 Herb Tea. He wanted to do another test and could not believe the tumor was almost gone!"
If I had not been a member of the HHA and was ignorant of the 4-Herb Tea, then, I would not have been able to share, what I have learned with my doctor, she would not have been able to pass on the information, that saved a beloved pets life.
   --M. O. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Abnormal Pap Smear
Nov. 2005
I know the tea works, last year my pap smear came back with abnormal cell growth. I made up a batch of the 4-Herb Tea and doubled how often I drank it. My next test 3 months later came back normal. Many thanks.
   --C.T. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Given 2 Years - Now at 3 years and counting!
October 2005
Dear * McCain, On a great note – I had another six month checkup and there is not any cancer (had stomach cancer and surgery in 2002) showing to this date. I was given 2 years – and I am past three year mark now. Thanks for your help and I continue with the 4-Herb Tea - 4 times a day along with Beta Glucans, Fish Oil, and CoQ10.
   --P.G. - HHA Member sicne 2002

Lung Cancer ... Tumors Shrinking
Sept. 2005
I ordered your 4-Herb Tea for my dad who had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. His cancer had metastasized and he was told it was Stage 4, which is the worst stage. The doctor gave him 9 months to live, if he took chemotherapy. My mom and I did not want him to take chemo, but it was his choice. I started him on the 4-Herb tea right after his first chemotherapy. He has been taking it 4 times a day and has not been sick at all from the chemotherapy. He has not been nauseous. He has not lost his appetite. Today he had a CT scan and did not expect to get the results until next week. However, his doctor called him this afternoon to say that his cancer tumors were shrinking! The doctor must have been very surprised because this was the first time she had ever called and she had given him no hope at all. My mom and I know it is the tea. My mom just made a new batch tonight and will be placing her order for more tea very soon. Right after I ordered the tea I submitted my application for acceptance into your Naturopathic Program. I am just a beginning student, but I can hardly wait to get through all the courses and have the knowledge to help people. I am so glad I found your website. Thank you.
   --D.M. ~ HHA Member 2005

Late Stage Lung Cancer...
Sept. 2005
This is another testimonial for the 4 Herb Tea. My co-worker's cousin has lung cancer. Late stage. The tumor is so large that they couldn't remove it and it is too close to the heart. She asked me what to do because everyone knows I was "helped" by you with my breast cancer. Well she called me three weeks later to tell me that she hasn't lost any more weight. She had dropped 22 lbs. in 2 weeks. She says her appetite has increased. The cough is not as severe or as frequent and overall feels much better. I was really amazed that there was that great an improvement in 3 weeks. I'll keep you posted.
   --N.B. ~ Member since 2003

Hair Grows Back... Off Allergy Medications!
Sept. 2005
After taking the 4-Herb Tea and the Colloidal Minerals for only a month, my thinning hair on my head grew in full and strong. The hair on my arms started growing back. I was on allergy medication as well as nasal spray every day, I am so thrilled to report that I don't have any need for them anymore. I received a letter from my doctor stating that my cholesterol is excellent. The LDL is now 84, it was 142. Also that my liver and kidney function look great. I owe it all to HHA and the wonderful healing herbs! Thank You.
   --P.M. ~ HHA Member 2005

4-Herb Tea Stopped Hot Flashes
Sept. 2005
I started drinking the 4 Herb Tea last June and on the third day I stopped having hot flashes and haven't had even one since then. Thanks so much for your wonderful products and information!
   --K.B. ~ Member since 2005

Wonderful!!! --> Multiple Myeloma Remission
August 2005
Dear HHA, "For years I struggled with Multiple Myeloma, I have lived almost 5 yrs. with a cancer that usually kills you in 2 yrs. Some years ago started using herbs although they helped and kept me going this long they didn't quite do it, but after using 4 Herb Tea w/ Montana yew tips I was told by my Doctor who is very unaware of what I did that I was going into remission, all this after only two short months. Thank You Marijah McCain and to all other staff of HHA."
   --D.B. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Former Stubborn Medical Student writes...
August 2005
Dear * McCain, "Last year my dog was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma and the veterinarian advised me to have her take one of the three different types of chemotherapy (expensive, toxic, and with virtual no guaranty at all). I accepted the prescription for prednisolone, but started searching for alternatives. I found your 4-Herb Tea, via information given to me by a wonderful Ojibway man. Along with Colloidal Silver, Fish Oil and L-Arginine as part of the daily regimen, my dog survived the cancer for more than 9 months, while the vet had only given her 2 months maximum without treatment. However in the end the cancer won, but my dog was comfortable until the end.
Recently another dog of mine was diagnosed with mast cell sarcoma, another invasive cancer. I started her rightaway on the 4-Herb Tea, along with Colloidal Silver and MSM sulfur. The open tumors shrank to nothing and my dog has been tumor free for 6 months now.

My own experience and by reading the testimonials of fellow members has made me even use the 4-Herb Tea as part of a cleansing program I have started. Once I was a stubborn medical student, denying any value of natural healing and holistic medicine, but only through my experience of ever failing allopathic medicine have my eyes been opened, and have decided that I would like to apply for the naturopathic medicine program so I can help make the world a better and healthier place. Thank you for the wonderful gift!"
   --P.C ~ Member since 2003

4-Herb Tea - Scleroderma & Allergies Helped
August 2005
Dear * McCain, "Thank you for the 4-Herb Tea. I bought my mother in-law, who has systemic Scleroderma, the tea and made it with her. In three weeks time she has noticed remarkable changes. Her hands do not get cold from the Reynauds Syndrome and she says she feels hot even. Her skin color has improved, she has more energy, she is gaining weight and her face is not as tight as it was before. She also is not suffering from allergies she usually gets this time of year. I also am on the tea and my allergies are gone. Thank you for all that you do.
   --B. C ~ HHA Member 2004

4-Herb Tea Helps Eye Condition in Pet!
August 2005
I just want to thank you for your wonderful products, especially the 4 Herb Tea. I truly feel that my dog would be blind now if not for this product. She is a 5 yr. old Shih Tzu, and she started having some eye problems. Our regular vet didn't know what was wrong with her, and sent us to a veterinary opthalmologist, who diagnosed her with episcleritis, which meant that her immune system was attacking her eyes, resulting in severe redness, irritation, and lesions. She was prescribed steroids and Interferon. The steroid eye drops reduced the irritation a little, and the Interferon did absolutely nothing. I decided to start giving her the 4 Herb Tea twice a day instead, and I noticed improvement almost immediately. That was 1 year ago. Today her eyes are so much better, and the lesions have all but disapeared. She still gets her tea twice a day! Again, thank you.
   --N.S. ~ Member since 2001

4-Herb Tea Help Painful Cyst
July 2005
I recently became a new HHA member in May 2005. I read about Essiac being a cure for cancer and I read HHA's article by Glum. For most of my life, I have had a painful cyst on my left ovary. Doctors have wanted to do surgery which I never agreed to. As I became older, the cyst became more and more painful. I started taking two - 2 oz daily doses of HHA 4-Herb tea in June 2005. I had purchased several batches of the bulk tea and brewed it myself.
I'm writing this testimonial to tell the whole world that after one week of taking the 4-Herb tea, my cyst has shrunk. I no longer feel pain. I can get up with no pain. I can sit down with no pain. I am very thankful that HHA has provided this product to those of us who want to cure ourselves in the natural way, and at a most reasonable price. I am so grateful to HHA.

   --California HHA Member 2005

Small Cell Lung Cancer - GONE!
June 2005
"I have bought & made the HHA 4 Herb Tea for my mother-in-law & for us (hubby & me) to use. She was diagnoised with small cell lung cancer. It is gone!
   --C.B/ ~ HHA Member since 2002

Cat Scan Shows Improvement!
April 2005
In 1997, after being diagnosed with adinocarcinoma of the lungs, my doctor removed my right lung. I was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. I thought the worst was over when in February of 2004 a CT revealed 3 or 4 "nodules" on my left and only lung. In November of 2004 they had increased to over 20. I started taking the 4-Herb tea and CQ10. In 2 months I went back to my oncologist. He said one of the "nodules" was large enough to be seen on an X-ray and was large enough to biopsy. Since I only had 1 lung, and the risk of a collapsed lung was present, we decided not to do a biopsy. In March 2005, I had another CT and the report said I only had 1 "nodule". Praise God for 4-herb tea and doctors, it works!!!
   --P.G. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Skin Cancer Drying Up
April 15, 2005
I am 60 and been on your 4-Herb tea for about six months, twice a day. It has helped problem skin for me and my husband. He has skin cancer and they are drying up.
   --P.D. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Prostate - PSA Report - 4-Herb Tea
March 2005
My dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my family in West Virginia that don't believe in doctors or drugs gave us this site called www.herbalhealer.com and told us to order this tea called ESSIAC. Well, this is the short version. They test you for cancer by your PSA number. 1-4 is normal, 4-10 is a 25% chance of having cancer and 10 and over is likely to have cancer. Well, my dad's was extremely high, it was 292 and it has spread!!! So immediately we put him on this tea. And the doctor put him on hormone shots. The first time they retested his PSA number is was down to like 0.4 and now it has stayed at 0.1 ever since. So we don't know if it's the tea or the shots, but that first test I asked the doctor about it and they said that it doesn't normally go down that quickly and that they it was really good. So we are still doing the tea and shots. Of course we have asked the doctors, can we take him off the shots and they say no. So we can't find out for sure what is working but I think it is the tea since they seemed very impressed with those numbers going down so quickly. Thank you for keeping the Herbal Healer alive since our government won't.
   --S.C ~ HHA Member since 2004

4-Herb Helps Cold Sores - Topically
March 2005
I am prone to cold sores during menses and times of illness and stress. A few days after making my first batch of 4-Herb tea, I started to get a cold sore. I applied the 4-Herb tea to the affected area several times a day with a cotton ball. It instantly relieved the tingling and pain and the cold sore disappeared completely within 2 days! Since drinking the tea once a day I have not had another cold sore! What a wonderful remedy!
   --D.R. ~ HHA Member 2005

Non Hodkins Lymphoma
March 2005
My mother started on 4 herb tea 6 weeks ago. She has stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma and was given 2% chance to live 6 months. After 6 months of chemo we found out about the tea. the chemo killed 30%--- the 4-Herb Tea in 3 1/2 weeks took it down to 90%!!!
   --C.B. ~ HHA Member 2005

4-Herb Tea Helps Red Blood Cells!
March 2005
My Mom is taking the HHA 4-Herb Tea, and it her red blood count is so high that she hasn't needed a Procrit shot in a month and a half. (She got one or two shots every week before.) At her last appt, the doctor told her she didn't need to come back for 3 months!!
   --B.N. ~ HHA Member 2005

Member Writes... Stay On The 4-Herb Tea!

Dear * McCain, I must update you regarding my testimony about my dad who had multiple myeloma. After his cancer had been in remission for about 6 months. He got off the tea, he didn't think he needed it anymore. I tried to get him to continue to drink it, but he didn't think it was neccessary. After about 6 months, the cancer returned and then he wanted to start the tea again. We put him back on it and he did ok for a few months. However, then the doctor changed his medication and wanted him to stop the herbs which he did. (He always did everything the doctors told him, thought they knew best.) Anyway, after a few months he died. I feel I can relate to S-Mem 1999 regarding her mom. I have no doubt that if my Dad would of stayed on the tea, that he would be alive today. I urge all who have had success with the tea regarding cancer to continue drinking the tea, if only once a day for maintanance. Thanks
   --S.F. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Colon Cancer Is Gone
Feb. 2005
Dear * McCain, Thank you so much for your help when my husband had colon cancer. He takes the 4 Herb Tea 3 times a day and the supplements you suggested and everything is fine, cancer is gone and he is in good health, God bless you.
   --C.L. ~ HHA Member since 2003

4-Herb Concentrate **** Skin Clearing Up!!!
Jan 2005
Hello! I received my first bottle of the HHA 4-Herb Concentrate a little over a week ago. I have been taking 1 tablespoon 2x a day in a big glass of water, on an empty stomach. I started taking the tea because I have had mild/moderate acne since I was 14. I am 21 now and I have tried SO MANY THINGS to get my skin to clear up. Nothing has ever worked like this tea. I have always instinctively avoided harsh and harmful "medicines" like Accutane but I did plenty of experimenting with topical treatments, changes in diet, vitamins, etc, and nothing ever worked. I had small "bumpies" as I call them all over my forehead for YEARS, and I would get larger cystic pimples around my chin and T-zone every month with my period. I never had "severe" acne, but it was enough to make me feel quite self-conscious at times.

Within a week of starting the 4-Herb tea my forehead is almost completely clear. I still have some bumpies around my temples but I don't seem to be forming any NEW pimples at all -- the ones I have now are all old ones that are still "playing out" so to speak. My skin seems less irritated/inflamed overall.

I am really starting to suspect that a big part of my problem is environmental toxins, because I have never been a big drinker or smoker, I don't take any meds, and I never consume soda or artificial sweeteners or any of that awful stuff. It is so great to know that I am helping my body to cleanse itself through and through.

Thank you so much -- I feel like my face is finally starting to reflect the happiness and purity that I feel in my life. The tea is amazing and I am going to get my whole family to start taking it, especially my mom who has been on extended antibiotic therapy in the past.
   --L. ~ HHA Member

Incredible! Breast Lump Gone!
Jan. 2005
In November 2004 a lump was discovered in my breast. I was sent to a specialist by gynocologist. I immediately ordered HHA 4-Herb tea with Montana Yew Tips and started taking 2 times a day. 2 weeks later I went to see the breast specialist. He said I had many cystic and fibristic propeties in both my breasts but the lump had already disappeared. I was feeling pretty good physically. I was asked to return 30 days later for another exam. At that exam after 6 week of taking the HHA 4-Herb tea with Mountain yew tips I was informed that I no longer had the cystic and fibristic properties in either breasts. The specialist was so surprised and told me that what ever I was doing I should continue. Now my husband takes it 2 times a day. We have found we are not subject to illnesses and healing is much quicker. Thank you for your excellent products!!!!!!
   --S. ~ HHA Member

Chemotherapy and 4-Herb Tea Report
Dec. 2004
Dear * McCain, Update on my sister. She did take 3 Chemotherapy treatments and continued with your HHA 4-Herb Tea and the other things you suggested. Her Oncologist and reglular MD said they have never seen anyone looking so healthy and with as much energy on Chemotherapy. Her blood tests have been coming back fantastic and she lost her hair after the first Chemo and 1 week later her hair started growing again and is growing quite rapidly.
   --J ~ Member since 2002

Black Lab - No Lymphoma!
Nov. 2004
"My son's black lab(10) has had breast cancer, surgcally removed. Several years later one kidney was encased with a tumor and was surgically removed with a 2 month life expectancy. Then the dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, so I have been making and giving to the dog 4-herb tea and pau'd'arco tea. Yesterday the vet said the lab results must have been wrong, no lymphoma! I also give her about 5-7 apricot pits a day. Her blood work is perfect according to her vet. Now he is talking allergy instead of lymphoma. My son didn't tell him what I have been giving her."
   --K.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003

October 2004
HHA 4-Herb tea to the rescue! I shared some 4-Herb tea with one of my husband's friend who has Bronchitis & Diabetes. Within one week he told me there was improvement in mucus and bronchitis. He went to Dr & his Blood Pressure was OK, A1C for glucose monitoring went from 7.4 to 6.9, Dr's goal is 6.0. He also lost weight (from 159 to 151 lbs). He has more energy and he did not tell me of his Prostate problems which his frequent urination is almost gone, and there is no more swelling or shrinking, but is stable. Keep up the good work of helping others with wonderful cures to help people get well WITHOUT "KILLER DRUGS".
   --D.T. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Stomach/Esophageal Cancer in 2002
Oct. 2004
I was diagnosed with stomach/esophaguel cancer in 9/02. Had surgery where 3/4 of my stomach was removed and part of my esophogus. I took six months of chemo and six weeks of radiation. Also at that time of surgery, I was told about Herbal Healer and the Essiac (4-Herb) tea from a friend and neighbor. I started drinking it four times a day, also take 1/4 tsp of COQ10, and 4 Beta Glucans a day along with colloidal minerals daily. I just went for my six month tests - no cancer and the cysts on my liver that the Drs. have been watching since surgery-one is shrinking in size also. I am not about to quit the above. Thanks to *McCain and Herbal Healer.
   --P.G. ~ Member since 2002

Cervical Cancer - Test Is Now Negative!
August 2004
After two pap smears and one biopsy I was told that I had cervical cancer. I immediately started drinking the 4 Herb Bulk Tea faithfully every morning. I had my 4 month check up and anxiously waited for the results. When I received the good news in the mail that there is no cancer, I wanted to frame the letter. God Bless you * McCain for helping people learn how to use the herbs that the Good Lord provided for us. I'll be drinking the tea for my health from now on!
   --S.M ~ Member 2004

Quality Of Life. Remarkable at 88!
August 2004
Thank you! I wanted to let you know how well the 4-Herb Tea has worked for my father inlaw. He was a Prof. at U of Mich, he is 88yrs old and 1 1/2 yrs ago he was given 6 wks to 2 months to live. He was not taking any medication to address his problem(growths taking over his abdoment/possible cancerous) after 6 months a cat scan was taken and the tenicals from the growth were gone and the growth shrank. He now works out 3 days a week. He is not 100% but he's 88 so that is to be expected, but his quality of life is tremendously better. Thank you for standing up to our government... Someone needs to!
   --C.P. ~ HHA Member

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
June, 2004
My father was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and I got him started on the HHA 4-Herb Tea. All of his lymph nodes have now shrunk to their origional size. Thank you for providing him quality of life at 80.
   --S.A. HHA Member since 2002

May 2004
Several years ago practically all my hair came out very quickly. My hair would not grow and remained dormant for about 8 years. I tried practically everything. Prior to my awareness of the Herbal Healer Academy, I had a hair analysis done and one scarey piece of information was my exposure at some point in my life to a radioactive element called "Polonium." Apparently, exposure could have been in-utero, as a child or even recently at that time - no one could know when exactly. It is assumed my hair would naturally fall out as a result of that exposure. I consulted my friend about my hair, a physician who practices natural medicine and who introduced me to Herbal Healer Academy, and he believed my hair problem was not "nerves" nor my diet, but rather "poisoning of some kind". (He was unaware of the hair analysis at that time) He advised me to clean my system thoroughly and to take the HHA bulk 4-Herb Formula tea. I did as he adivsed and began to take the bulk 4-Herb Formula tea, 2ozs. three times a day and have continued to this day. Periodically thereafter I developed tiny boils at different positions all over my scalp, one or two at a time, which by themselves, came to a head, burst and then disappeared. This continued for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. About 6 mos. ago it appears the last of these small boils occurred, and since then - guess what? - my hair has begun to grow back? The itchy flaky scalp which I also had has cleared completely. Prior to the tea my scalp was clean of hair on the top and sides and was stunted at the back. Now there is hair about 1/2 in. now, all over my head, it is strong and it is growing. I am very excited and thrilled! I can only thank the HHA and these amazing herbs that have detoxed my system of a poison. I havn't even mentioned the other benefits I have derived from the tea, such as my weight down by 15lbs. to within normal limits now without even trying, with little or no exercise during this time (I'm about to start again now!), in addition to genital blisters (not herpes) which for years I would get only periodically, but I haven't had since the tea. I am extremely happy and thank my friend for introducing me to the Academy and the tea, and to you * McCain for being there for us. You are terrific! Please keep doing what you are doing.
   --Name withheld - HHA Member since 2000

Members Story About the 4-Herb Tea.
May 2004
My mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, she was low-income and had no insurance. She was American Indian, so she went to Indian hospitals and clinics. They told her she had the largest mass they had ever seen. She had to quit her job and go on hospice, after months of being refused medical care from the Indian hospital that diagnosed her. They told us she had little time left, maybe weeks. I heard about the 4-herb tea, and immediately got her on it. Her tumor within the first year, shrunk to such a small size the doctors were amazed and we were hopeful for a complete cure, she was doing so well, it was as if she did not have cancer at all. We told them she was on the 4-Herb Tea, they said to not stop whatever she was doing. She was out and about visiting people from where she used to work and enjoying the kids, (she worked at an elementary school as a teachers aide), she just felt like doing anything, shopping, visiting, it seemed she had more energy than I did. Everyone asked me what I was doing because she looked so great and they were amazed, she was not the same sick person they saw quit her job because she was dying. I told them about the 4-Herb Tea. I told everyone about the tea. Mom was standing on the crossroads of being well after two years of taking the 4-herb tea, and at this point there were no sign of cancer, when family members finally decided she was well enough that they would intervene. They decided she did not need the 4- Herb Tea (only after I asked for financial and other assistance with her care and was refused) and she decided they were right. She was feeling like she was on her way to being cancer free and did not want to put the family in chaos. So I tried to explain what the tea had done for her, but, no-one was interested in hearing it, because it would have cost them a few dollars and a little time. By the time this had spiralled out of control with all the family members (who had never helped in her recovery, and I had never asked for help before this point) and after Hospice failed to communicate the importance of this also, Mom decided they were right and opted for no hospice and no more 4-Herb Tea, or my services. Needless to say, within 6 months of not taking the tea, she passed away. I could not be there to watch her slowly die the past 6 months, but, I strongly believe that without the tea she would not have had that extra time to enjoy her life as she did, and I believe she would still be here today cancer free if she would have continued taking the tea. It was such a horrifying thing to see, everytime I saw her she was getting worse and worse and not being able to do anything for her. (I continued to buy the tea and sent it to her home, so my sisters could make it for her. But, it just sat in the boxes that were delivered.) Finally, one morning, my sister called screaming for me to get there (I lived 30 miles away) by the time I got there, she had passed on. I would like for people to see my story and feel it in their hearts, so that one day, if they happen to find themselves in the same place as I was, to get the tea, give it to their loved ones and pray, don't let go and no matter what to continue with it for as long as they can. I am grateful my mother had 2 wonderful years to enjoy her life because of the 4-Herb Tea, before she passed on. And I continue to pass on the information on * Marijah McCain and the wonderful things she has done and continues to do for her members and people that need her services. I am eternally grateful.

Dear S,
I am so sorry to hear the story, as I know it must have been terrible to watch this and know that she may have benefited by the tea. I see this all the time. It is just terrible. I watch people send the tea back because it's too hard to make, while they watch their husband or wife die. (Too lazy to make the tea to try and save the life of a loved one???) I have seen them die because they won't take it "because it tastes bad" and on and on... On the other hand I have seen and heard miracle after miracle healing with this tea. The one thing that I know in my heart and I have learned after over 20 years in natural medicine is that God gave us all Free Will Choice to decide what we do with our lives and our bodies and I have learned to honor that choice that people make, even if it is not the one I would have chosen. I am glad she had the extra time and I appreciate your letter and will post it on-line and in the fall newsletter (Summer already written and gone to press). God Bless You for what you did and continue to do for others.

* Marijah McCain

I am just in tears at this moment after reading your reply, mainly because you replied in just a short amount of time which I did not expect, because you are so needed by so many others. And because I did speak with you while my mother was trying to overcome her cancer, and you were so quick to respond then and was amazingly accurate as to what I should do for her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the wisdom God gave me to look to you for help in her healing. I resent that I didn't have the courage to fight as much as I needed to fight to keep her on the 4-herb tea. But, as I said, she was feisty, she always told me and everyone that "I will go, when I get ready", so I guess she did just that. But, I wasn't ready and I still say, she should be here today with all of us, on Mother's day. Thank you, so much for your reply to my letter. S.
   --S ~ HHA Member since 1999

4-HERB TEA - Helping Gum Disease
May 2004
I've been using the 4 herb tea for the past three months three to four times a day. I have been diagnosed with gum disease and was being treated for it. Well, the last time I went to my dentist I didn't have to have the treatment to the last quadrant of my mouth because it was OK. My dentist asked what I had been doing and at first I just said I had been brushing and flossing regularly, then later I remembered I had been drinking the 4-herb tea. I am going to continue to use it and see what else it helps.
   --S.H. ~ HHA Member since 2002

No Sign Of Cancer!
March 2004
M. McCain, "I was diagnosed in 9/02 with stomach cancer. At that time I wrote you - and I started the 4 Herb Tea 4 times a day along with COQ10 and Beta Glucans. I am still taking all of the above. I drink the tea 3-4 times a day , 4 beta glucans and 1/4 tsp of COQ10. I just went for my six month check-up and there is no sign of cancer anywhere!!! The Oncologist was AMAZED. Thank you for your website and all that you offer."
   --P.G. ~ HHA Member since 2002

4-Herb Tea and Acne
March 2004
   --C.M. ~ Member since 2001

No More Migraines!
Jan. 2004
   --C.M. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Colloidal Silver & 4-Herb Tea Helping My Dog!
Nov. 2003
My dog has a huge tumor on her foot and the vet wanted to amputate it. I've been putting silver in her water and also pouring some on the tumor, and also giving her 4-herb tea, and it's shrinking! I've been spending all this money on hard-core antibiotics that did nothing, until a friend recommended your web site. I am so grateful!
   --J.Z. - Member since 2003

Cancer in Remission From Stage 4!
Nov. 2003
Just a Thank You! My Dad is now in remission from stage 4 cancer of the lung and adrenal glands. Thanks for this wonderful site and 4 Herb Tea---God Bless you!!!! Have given your address to 28 people in the past two months --Again, Thank You!

Diagnosis Prostate Cancer - Now Cancer Free!
October 2003
You are God's gift to all of us. My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago and wastold to get his things in order. He now takes the 4-Herb tea 3 times per day and is cancer free. They say he is one in a million, but we know the truth. Thank you. - Love J
   --J. ~ HHA Member since 1998

Amazing Account Of Battle - Colon Cancer...
Oct. 10, 2003
Dear * McCain, My father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer last February. He had surgery to remove a foot and a half of his colon as well as 2 tumors on his messentary. A golf ball sized tumor on his liver was left behind for treatment with chemo. His gastroenterologist told the family that he was terminal and that we were in denial and needed to "prepare ourselves". I told her that we were well aware of his condition and that we were preparing ourselves...to fight like hell! I got him on 4 Herb Tea for the six weeks between surgery and the start of chemo. I also put him on megadoses of vitamins A, B, C, E, and 90 mgs of zinc daily for metabolizing the vitamin E. He was put on a strict sugar free diet heavy on chicken and fish for protein, lots of dark colored veggies, and for a rare sweet treat, berries for their phytochemicals. There is a test called a CEA test [carcinoembryonic antigen] that measures a marker in the blood produced by the cancer. His first CEA showed a level of 4.3. 0-5 is the normal range! His doctor was very surprised. At the beggining of the second round of chemo, the level dropped to 3.8. At the end of the second round, he demanded a PET scan be done. We got the results today. "No hepatic abnormalities, no uptake anywhere in body". NO CANCER!!!!! During the 6 weeks that he was off chemo leading up to the scan [PET scans can give inconclusive results if the patient is undergoing chemo] his CEA level rose to 5.1, but this can be explained as a rebound effect and elderly persons and smokers tend to have a higher level [he's 81 years old]. For now, we are done with chemo. He will continue with the tea, vitamins, and diet. He will monitor his CEA level monthly. We give a lot of credit to the 4 Herb Tea for his amazing recovery. Although the doctor said he was "very surprised" by the scan results, he never asked if we had done anything but the chemo. When my father in law first went to this clinic, the dietician he consulted with didn't warn him that sugar was the enemy. She even recommended ginger snaps and ginger ale [with 42 grams of sugar per can!!!] for nausea. She gave him a handout sheet on alternative treatments that refered to vitamin therapy as "quackery" and under "ESSIAC", listed the 4 herbs used, followed by the words "Atropine poisoning". A quick web check found a few isolated cases of atropine poisoning from ESSIAC mixtures concocted by amateur herbalists who mistook belladonna [the medical source for the drug, atropine] for burdock root. The two plants look VERY similar. ESSIAC contains NO atropine. When I called the dietician and informed her of the inaccuracy, I was met with huffy indifference and eyerolling you could hear through the phone. How dare I question an "expert". I suspect that she is still handing out lies and inaccuracies. I recently told a neighbor who has stage 4 lung cancer about the tea. She has sent me an e-mail to tell me that the pain in her shoulder that first alerted he to the cancer went away 3 days after she started taking the tea. She is undergoing toxic chemo too. She just had a spiral CT scan and reports that her lung tumor has shrunk dramatically! She has also gained 3 pounds after losing 16! Thank you so much for making this amazing concoction available to people for a reasonable price! I will sing your praises to anyone who wants to learn! My father in law says to tell you that God has a special spot in heaven for you!

Sept. 2003
I am so excited. I just left my Dr.s office and he gave me some very good news. The 4-herbs capsules that I have been taking for my Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia has WORKED. I started taking them about 4 months ago after I read about them in your catalog. I thought "What the heck, it is worth a try." My Dr. can't see the calcifications in my right breast that were there just six months ago. He laughed when I told him I would continue taking my Herbs. Let him laugh. I am the one who will have the last laugh if I continue getting the same results back every year. Thanks for making these Herbs available for the people who need and want to use them. Thank You.

4-Herb Tea - Doctors are baffled!
July 2003
Dear Marijah, "Thank you so much for responding so quickly!!! I want you to know that the doctors are baffled, and very pleased as well, his immune system is great, his blood tests came back ABSOLUTELY normal, his blood pressure is the best it has ever been and he is no longer having acid reflux, thanks to the tea. You are doing something very wonderful, we thank you and may you be blessed in all your efforts."
   --G.S. - New HHA Member

Advanced Liver Cancer... She Is Feeling Better!
July 2003
Just to let you know, my mother-in-laws sister has liver cancer advanced stage I got her family out in Ohio to get the 4-Herbs from you and make the tea, at first they got the tea already made from the health food store and I told them to make the tea themselves, they did give her the tea since they had already bought it and then they started making it and after a few days she says that she is feeling better, I have not (except for the written testomonies) known anyone personally who it has helped for cancer but it looks like I do now! My friend has a pot belly pig santuary out in Illinois and one of the pigs had cell cancer and they are thinking about putting her down I called her immediately and told her to call you and get the herbs for the essiac (4-HERB TEA) and get it into the animal, pigs can be sensitive but I don't think the herbs would harm her at this point. Thanks again.

Dr. Said "Cancer Count Was Normal"
July 2003
Dear Marijah,
I wanted to let you know about another case where the Essiac tea has performed a miracle. We have a friend in Colorado that was diagnosed for the sixth time with cancer. She recieved the news approximately at the end of February. Her cancer count ( I don't claim to understand exactly what this is ) was well over 100! My mother told me that they were giving her a 30 to 40% chance of recovery with chemotherapy! There was also talk of calling in Hospice, which is usually for the comfort of the dying! I told her about you and the Essiac tea (4-Herb Tea). They ordered the tea from you and she also received the chemo and much prayer! She said that she drank the tea three times a day! About two weeks ago we phoned her from our home here in Miami, FL and she sounded great! She told us that she had just seen her doctor and that her cancer count was as normal as any other healthy person! She said that she would drink this tea for the rest of her life! Praise God for herbs ( Psalm 104:14 "and herb for the service of man" ) and for herbal healers like yourself Ms. McCain, and for answers to prayer! Sincerely

Psoriasis Helped By 4-Herb Tea.... Again!
July, 2003
This is a testimony/thank you. I developed psoriasis approximately 4 1/2 years ago. I have had very thick scale on my knees, elbows, back, shins & scalp. My worst areas were my shins which were covered with ugly scale and my scalp which had huge chunks of scale always. My mom, has been a customer of yours for some time, had me read the testimonies from your site and I said well it can't hurt. I have spent literally thousands of dollars over the years on medicines, not to mention the Dr's bills and UVB treatments. Never have I seen it go away I just kept it from getting worse. I tried the concentrate 4-Herb Tea & with in 3 weeks my skin is almost completely clear, and there is little left on my scalp. This is literally a miracle for me, I really had just decided that it was somthing I would live with for the rest of my life and then all of a sudden it is gone. All of my friends and family are completely amazed. I wish I had before pictures so I could truely show you the miracle, I am so happy to be rid of the ugly and itchy scale. I will tell everyone I know about your tea. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have made my life so much better. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU

April 2003
I want to thank you, Marijah McCain. My cat had been very sick for over a month and I was sure she wasn't going to make it. I didn't take her to a vet because I knew they would advise putting her to sleep. I ordered the 4-Herb Tea with more than a few doubts that it would work for her. I stayed up all night to go through the process of making it, following the directions exactly. I gave it to her in the wee hours of the morning. After only her 2nd dose, I noticed a big difference in her. And now, only 2 weeks later, she is back to normal. Running, playing and getting into trouble. My husband, can't believe it. She was so sick, that she wasn't eating, drinking or even responding to anything. Thank you so much! I will tell everyone about you and the good you do.
   --K.L. - 2003 HHA Member

More 4-Herb Tea Miracles!
March 2003
I have personally witnessed the 4-Herb Tea working wonders with severe Diabetes in another friend, and a woman I know had a very rare form of lung cancer. I recommended the Tea and had her call the hotline - she had a lung removed 80% chance of dying. She is alive and well and back to teaching 4th grade at our elementary school! And the Diabetic friend is totally insulin free! Yipee!
Click here to read the HHA 4-Herb Tea (ESSIAC)
   --R.J. HHA Member since 1999

4-Herb Tea and 19 Year Old Cat
Jan. 2003
Dear Marijah McCain, I want you to know about my 19 year old cat. Several months ago she developed a mass on her left shoulder. I took her to our vet and was told that there was a good deal of this being seen in older animals, due to the way some vaccines were made several years ago. He said that these were usually cancer but slow going. He had to be away for a month and then would take this off her shoulder when he got back. During this time I treated her twice a day with 4-herb tea which I have taken for several years. When he returned we did the surgery & to his amazement neither of the 2 tumors had any tenacles or roots. I told him about the mixture & gave him a book on it. She, to this date has no sign of a re-occurance of the tumors. Needless to say I will take 4-Herb till I die, as well as other of your products.
   --P.W. and Kitty...

Chronic Rash is Helped in a Week!
Jan. 2003
Dear Marijah McCain, I wanted to thank you for the relief from my rash. I have a hot tub and suspect that using bromine instead of chlorine allowed the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria to survive. It can create a slim coating that protects it from bromine. The doctors had me on steroid pills and creams as I battled this ailment for about a year. I progressively got worse and it itched like hell! I decided to try the 4 Herb Tea, Mycostat and Colloidal Silver. Within less that 1-week 95% of my rash had disappeared. No more itching and I am enjoying the hot tub again. I continue to tell people about your products and I hope that you can continue forever.

   --G.B. - HHA Member 2002

HHA Member Writes About Variety of Products...

I am a member of HHA since 1999. During all that time Marijah McCain provided me with lots of very useful information regarding natural healing. Also, she provided me with very high quality products. I use them to improve my own health, and my family members’ health. In particular I use HHA 4-herb bulk, which provides amazing results for following health conditions: -hemorrhoids (stop bleeding, dissolve piles, and cancel the surgery necessity) -energy levels(increase) -menstruation cycles (restore) -cancer (reduce the pain, increase immunity, and prolong the life span) -diabetes (type 2) improves blood sugar control -resistance against any infections (increases).
I use Coenzyme Q-10, which provides very good results for heart disease, and any other problems related with heart. I use Colloidal Silver and Grapefruit extract. Both of these supplements are very helpful against common cold, sore throat and flu. Also, I use Evening Primrose oil, which very useful for skin problems, diabetes, energy deficiency and depression. In addition I and my family members use “Intestinal Freedom” against parasites and worms with great success. S.M. from Los Angeles, California
   --S.M. from LA, CA

I Now Make The 4-Herb Tea For About 20 People!
Nov. 2002
Dr McCain, I will try to make this note as short as I can. I have now been on the 4-Herb Tea for about 8 months and I have yet to get sick or even catch a cold. The 2 times I felt like I was getting sick I took an extra dose of the tea for a couple of days and that was the end of that. I feel like a new man.
Now for the rest of the story, I told one person at work about the 4-Herb Tea he has now been on it for about 6 months and his Dr has taken him off his high blood pressure, he told another man at work how well the tea worked for him and he tried it. This man had real bad pimples under his chin he has now been on the tea for about 4 months and his neck has cleard up! He says it is so nice to be able to shave in the morning and not cut his neck when he shaves. Well on person told one person and I now make tea for about 20 people. Everyone has told me it has help them very few who try the tea stop taking it.
For those of you who have always said one day I'm going to try the 4-Herb tea do not waste anymore time it DOES work! Thanks again Marijah McCain you are the greatest!

Helped After 14 Years!
Nov. 2002
Hello, Dr McCain. I am writing you this letter on behalf of a serious illines that I have had - chronic fatigue. I have had this for fourteen years, and the doctors could'nt find what was wrong with me..test after test. They thought becouse I was feeling depressed often - they said that is why. Well thanks to you I am doing a lot better now. I am taking the 4-herb tea and have been taking the herb tea now for four months now. I am a diffent person now! My energy is back, I don't feel weak, and I don't feel depressed like I used to! Keep up the work. GOD BLESS YOU!
   --H.P. Member since 2002

Refuses Surgery and Coughs Up Cancer Polyps!
Nov. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, After taking the 4 herb tea for 2 months I noticed a decrease in my blood pressure from 145/110 to 130/90. I had experienced dizzy spells before I started taking the 4 herb. I am only 50 and thought these things were for the over 60 crowd. So after I tried the 4 herb I thought this is pretty good stuff. I talked with my old rock and roll friend K who is 46. He was having throat polyps removed the following week and said that this is the second time in 2 years he has had cancerous polyps removed. First time he had radiation and chemo and was told after the removal of the 3 on his larynx he would have a hard time singing again in the band. He had a very low voice and was very scared of this second surgery. Whoa baby....... do you want the surgery done? He said he wasn't going to and was just going to die a slow death. I gave him the 4-Herb tea and after a week of daily dosaging 3x, he coughed up a polyp at the dinner table. He called me on the phone ecstatic that this happened and his voice was already better. I felt very proud to know that this herb could help him. It has been 4 months now and all polyps have disappeared and his voice is back to normal. Also no more docs to tell him it was the radiation 2 years ago that healed him. He knows better and is telling everyone who will listen to him about his cure.
   --A.M. HHA Member 2002

I Am Feeling Great.. Low Grade Chronic Infection Gone..
October 2002
Hi folks, Getting ready to make an order for the winter for myself and my family. Last time Dr McCain offered her consultation services, she gave me a protocol to follow to boost my immune system and support the reproductive system. (4-Herb tea, Olive Leaf, Beta Glucans, Maca Maca). I am feeling great. The chronic low grade infection that seemed to keep returning is gone and my energy is much better.
   --I.B. Member since 1995

Mother Chooses No Chemo...
October 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, You are an Earth Angel and May Allah Bless you and all your staff abundantly and may this work earn you an esteemed place in paradise.
My daughter was diagnosed with Acute Mygelongeous Lukemia on August 1. 2002. The Oncologist assigned to work with my daughter told us very morbidly that if my daughter did not take Chemotherapy that she would be dead within two to four (2-4) days...My soul was over whelmed and I could not fathom giving my 21 year old freshman college student daughter chemo. I rejected the offer and called the Herbal Academy and ordered an herbal protocol. When she was admitted her white blood cell count and platelet counts were almost none existent. Full well knowing the harmful effects of the chemo and radiation protocols I just could not subject her to this horror. She was literally carried into the emergency room on that day and about three and 1/2 weeks later she walked out of the hospital thanks to prayers to the almighty, your wisdom and guidance and the existence of the Academy and the availability of the natural medicines my daughter's health is stabilized. She currently has to have transfusions of blood and platelets (which does concern me), but the wonderful news is that she initially had to have them about every two weeks and I am elated to say the transfusion she had on thursday was the first transfusion of blood she had had in over six weeks. All of the medical staff are amazed that she is doing so well without the chemo. Her white blood cell count is around 1.4 and her hemoglobin is 11.4 and her platelets are around 29...low... but her quality of life is excellent. The oncologist inadvertently stated out of resentment and frustration one day during her hospital stay that, "oh, she won't die from the Leukemia, she'll die from some other opportunistic disease!" (I have so much more to say....My heart is so full of gratitude for your stuggle in creating viable health options for humanity). She has been on her initial protocol for ninety days as of tomorrow (November 1, 2002) and we are slowly building up the white Blood Count and Platelet count. She will be starting on a few new supplements for the leukemia and will remain on the Essiac, Revivin, Colloidal Silver, Beta-Glucans and Asparagus Extract for maintainence. She also takes the Grapefruit Seed Extract, Iron and HHA Daily. It is my intention to start her on some of Dr. Chi's Herbals also.

Oct. 2002
Dear HHA, 5 yrs ago my 19 yr old son was diagnosed manic depressive..he was on Prozac for months, then St. John's Wort..he constantly battled depression, fatigue, foggy thinking..he was not getting better, couldn't keep a job...
In July Marijah McCain recommended HHA 4-herb Liquid Concentrate, 2 tbsp/day to remove toxins and correct chemical imbalance; HHA Chill Out (to heal nerves, 2/day); HHA Iron Plus; HHA Daily Vitamin; and Colloidal Silver to treat low-grade infection..within 1 week of beginning regimen he reported to me more energy, clear-headedness, no fatigue...Thank-you, Marijah McCain for giving me back my son..and thank-you for speaking out loud what needs to be spoken...I love you
   --J.P. New HHA Member 2002

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
Sept. 2002
Last September I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia compounded with chronic fatigue. At the time I could have slept around the clock and not felt less fatigued. And the pain was horrible. It was all I could do to just go to work, then come home and not be able to do anything. Even eating was too much effort. I was taking a ton of pain relievers and they didn't help much at all.
The last two weeks I've been taking Essiac tea (4-Herb) and Collodial Silver on a daily basis and from the second day I could tell a difference. I feel NORMAL again! Praise the Lord! I have my get-up-and-go again. I'm sure doing a lot of catching up but I'm glad I can do that. Thank you for all that you offer us! Thank you for helping.
   --M.C. - HHA Member

July 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "This past winter in Hawaii I began to have a problem with a spot on my nose that bled and would not stop. Upon arriving home it began to bleed again. After about a month I went to my Doctor. He advised that I had a skin cancer on my nose and recommended surgery. The appointment was made for two weeks later. I went home, got out my Herbal Healer materials and read what was recommended. I had four herb tea on hand and began drinking the tea four times a day. I made a poultice with the tea stock which I placed on the open sore each day for a month. I applied collodial silver to the spot several times a day. Within about ten days I visited by Chelation doctor who examined the spot and said, I can't see anything. I canceled the surgury appointment. I saw the doctor who had diagnosed the cancer. He examined the now healed sore. He said, well if it was cancer your herbs would have done no good. There is none so blind as he who would not see." R.P. HHA Member since 1996

Marijah McCain's comments: "Fantastic!"
Click here to read about HHA 4-Herb Tea

June 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Thank you! You saved my dog's life! On September 1, 2001, my dog had emergency surgery to remove a 7 pound tumor and his spleen. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma,cancer of the blood vessels. The vet gave him 3 to 6 months to live because this form of cancer normally moves to another large organ such as the liver or heart. After reading your article on Essiac that came with the catalog, I ordered the 4 Herb capsules and starting him on 3 per day. In april 2002 his physical exam showed nothing, his x-rays showed no new tumors and his blood test showed no signs of cancer! The veterinarian had the pathologist rechecked his tumor to make sure they had not made a mistake when he was diagnosed with cancer. They had not! I can't thank you enough and am so glad we found Herbal Healer."
   --W.W. - HHA Member since 2000

June 2002
"Marijah McCain, you loveable maverick, you did it again with your wonderful tea! I saw my urologist 6 months ago and he said if your prostate gland gets worse you will need surgery. I'll let you go and review it in 6 months. Marijah McCain, your tea in 6 months knocked my count down to 1 and my enlarged prostate had shrunk to the point where it had almost disappeared. The Dr. said, see you in 2 years! Thanks alot again!"
Click here to read about HHA 4-Herb Tea
   --C. H - HHA Member since 1997

4-HERB TEA - Thank You!
April 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "After listening to your show on the Jeff Rense show for soooooooo many times I thought I would give the 4-herb tea a try. I have now been on it for 10 days and I can truly say I feel alot better. It seems to me my thought flow smoother than they did before. I know this souds strange but my breathing also seems much easier and smoother. I did have a small headache for 1 day but that passed. Thanks so much for your radio show if not for that I would never have known about this site. I have already ordered 2 more packs of the tea!"
   --R.P. - HHA Member since 2002

April 2002
HHA, "Thank You, thank you. My step-mother took your Correspondence Course in Herbal Preparation & Usage. God rest her soul (she was killed by a drunk driver last year). My dad was diagnosed with cancer Jan. 19, of 99 and given only 6 to 8 weeks to live when his cancer was found. He took no chemo or radiation. Mary gave dad the the HHA 4 Herb tea and Colloidal Silver along with other supplements and his cancer was gone by the end of the year. He took nothing for pain and did not suffer, as I have seen so many do with conventional medicines. Dad still takes the 4 Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver on a daily bases as a preventative along with the whole family. We are all now beleivers. Dad is now 75 and lives alone, has a hugh garden every year, drives his-self any where he wants to go and has more energy than I do. As a matter of fact dad and mom came up to see me just last week a 2 1/2 hour drive. Once again, THANK YOU."
   --B.H. Member since 2000

April 2002
I just wanted to thank Marijah McCain and the staff for their timely delivery of all my herbs.... without you I would not still be here.
I use the 4-herb religiously and my kidneys are functioning at almost 100%. Yeah!!!! All of my carcinomas are almost completely gone! My tendonitis is gone! I am 30 and recently had to have a hyterectomy from a constantly prolapsing uterus..... the doctor said I was an absolute miracle the way I healed in 2 weeks. I was out of the hospital in 1 day and needed no narcotics or pain relievers as I felt no pain and I credit that to the 4-herb. My stallion fractured his cannon last Feb. and chipped his medial sesimoid. I put him on the 4-herb and shark cartilage and we are back competing in our Search and Rescue missions. My vet is amazed and his wife wants to take Marijah McCains courses so that they can implement natural healing and herbal medicine in their vet practice.... THANK YOU MARIJAH MCCAIN!"
   --R.S. HHA Member

April 2002
Dear Marijah McCain. "Hello, I wanted to report that my sis-in-law called this morning to say that she believes that the HHA 4 Herb Tea has given her more energy. Yesterday being Easter, she and my brother-in-law got up early, and started to get ready for the day. She said that she is hardly able to get one room vaccumed at a time because it usually hurts her shoulder. She told me she swept the whole house, got the cooking done for the family that was coming, then cleaned up after they left and still felt good. She also has a place on her back that they have been putting the "sludge" on. She said she has had it for at least 20 yrs. and it was about the size of a nickle. The Drs. told her not to worry about it. She started using it about the 19th of March and it has decreased in size to about 1/2 the size of a dime. Her one son has had 2 surg. for cancer and she is going to get him on the 4 herb tea, ASAP!

My husband, who has emphyzema, has been taking the 4-Herb Tea since the 21st and he has more energy. This is a much better way to health, than the chemicals the doctors want you to take ! Thanks to our neighbor who put us on to HHA and thank you for being there for all of us."
   --J.B. HHA Member 2002

April 2002
"Finally have a minute in my day here (almost midnight, so it's still the same day, right??).... Wanted to say a huge thank-you from my son! His acne had gotten out of hand, and he'd tried everything... Most of the over-the-counter stuff, including ProActiv which is ridiculously expensive and still didn't work. He promised to give the 4-herb tea (liquid concentrate) a month before he gave up on it, it's only been about a week and we're both totally amazed at how well it's working! I truly wish I had taken pictures before so you could see the difference." ~ J.M.

Marijah McCain's comments: "The skin is used as an eliminatory organ but used as a last resort by the body when the liver can't filter and process the blood toxins. So with acne, we know the liver is toxic and so is the blood. The 4-Herb tea is a liver tonic that helps the liver detox. In severe cases the blood is actually contaminated with a bacterial infection and that is why antibiotics are often used, but unless the liver gets cleaned out acne very often comes right back. We use the Colloidal Silver supplement instead of conventional antibiotics. Most of the time if you see a chronic skin rash, acne, etc... the liver needs to be cleansed. Unfortunately the medical doctors only know how to give more drugs which many times makes the body more toxic."

Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Last summer, my 8 year daughter came down with a series of symptoms that baffled several doctors, 2 hospitals, and even a neurologist. She woke up one day with a headache, stomach ache, pain in her upper arms, upper legs and the back of her ankles. Nothing gave her any relief, just constant pain day and night. After a month, the back of her neck and lower back started hurting as well. I took her to our chiropractor and he put her on silver three times a day. She felt a little better but she was still in constant pain. After 2 months of this, I decided to try the HHA 4-Herb Tea out of desperation. I gave her 2 T. diluted with a little water twice a day and after being on it for just 2 days, all symptoms disappeared totally!! She finished that batch in 2 weeks and after being off it for 2 days, all the symptoms came back! I brewed another batch and after being on it for 2 days, all the pain left again!! This time when she finished the batch, the pain did not come back! None of the expert doctors could ever tell us what this mysterious illnes was. All I know is that the 4-herb tea is a miracle worker and helped my precious child!!"

Marijah McCain's comments: Thank you for your testimonial. By the description and reaction to the tea, I would think that this was some type of poisoning she had. Could have been pesticides, chemicals, or something similar. The 4-Herb tea helps flush the toxins out of the liver. It is great you did this as the regular medical doctors would have continued to miss this. This tea is non-toxic so it can be taken whenever needed.

Additional follow up e-mail from L.K.
Thank you for answering my testimony! We had been wondering if my daughter might have come in contact with some Sevin Dust my husband had put out for fleas. I called poison control at the time and they assured me she did not have symptoms from that kind of poisoning. However, I have a strong feeling you are right and they were wrong! After all, it was your wonderful product that helped her while they could do nothing!
Click here to HHA 4-HERB TEA page
   --L.K. - HHA Member since 1999

Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are. I have several cats and it seems someone in the neighborhood has been taking shots at them with a pellet gun. The first cat I had thought got into a cat fight and had a puncture wound on her neck which got rather nastyly infected a week later my other cat came home with a puncture wound on her back flank, I treated both of them with collodial silver and 4-herb tea both externally and internally, within one week both cat's wounds were healed completely!!!

Also, I've been brewing the 4-herb tea for several friends who have cancer or their loved ones have cancer, my first testimonal came from my neighbor who's wife has cancer, but she refuses to drink the tea because her doctor advised her not to, but to make a long story short, the husband has been drinking the tea now for 2 months, he told me that after 3 weeks a putrifying sore on his scalp, that nothing else seem to help, had cleared up completely and he showed me the new beautiful pink skin where the sore was. This stuff is amazing and it is terrifying what our government is trying to do in the matters of our health... Thank you for what you are doing and the information you provide to others for their wellbeing. God will truly bless you and yours...
   --J.S. - HHA Member since 1999

Nov. 2001
I have HepC but your recommendations are working! My last liver enzimes were almost normal. Thank you.

Marijah McCain supplement recommendations for Hep. C
1. 4-Herb tea made from the bulk herbs. 2 oz. in a little water three times a day. This helps detox the liver and blood and boosts the immune system and energy levels. It also helps detox toxic drugs.
2. Colloidal Silver 500 ppm - 1/2 teaspoon in any liquid (above tea OK) twice a day for at least 90 days.
3. Olive Leaf Extract - natural anti-viral - Take 2 or 3 twice a day from now on until you get tested again.
4. Beta Glucans - 3 twice a day
5. Multi-Vitamin - one daily with dinner
6. HHA Liver Support caps - 2 twice a day
   --T.T. Member since 1998

Nov. 2001
Dear HHA, "I have used the HHA 4 HERB tea for 2 1/2 years and feel better than I have in years. I had squamas cell carcinoma 5 years ago and the Drs. told me it would return but so far am cancer free. I take the collidal silver and I believe it is the greatest antibiotic available anywhere, very fast acting. I also am taking the HHA Beta Glucans and find them to be benefical."
   --R.S. HHA Member since 1998

Oct. 2001
Dear HHA, "We, my sister and I, have eliminated all traces of parasites by usng the HHA parasite detox program. It worked extremely well. Since we have had pets for years, we felt this was a necessity. Thanks for your development of this great program. Both of us are also on the HHA 4-herb tea since she was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago and has been free of it since starting to take the tea. ( one tablespoon daily in water) Overall, we find the supplements from HHA are not only the least expensive, but the highest quality obtainable anywhere. Our sister is also on the 4-herb tea as a maintainence program. We use the beta glucan and the colloidal silver (1/2 teaspoon daily) to protect our immune systems - both have helped us avoid colds, flu (no flu shots for us), even allergies. Our hope is that this company will continue to grow and reach thousands more people because we are a sick nation desperately in need of alternatives to the burn, cut, and poison programs allopathic medicine resorts to for most illnesses. Keep up the great work."

   --H.H. Member since 1995

Sept. 2001
Hello to all, I'm here to tell all Herbal Healer members, that thanks to natural health I'm still here to tell you about it. October of last year I was told I had 2months to a year to live if I did chemo the whole time. I did 6 treatments and my body said no more thats when by the grace of God natural health came in to my life. I still have health issue as I'm healing my body from 11 years of letting MD's poison me with chemo and radiation also letting them cut out anything they wanted. I will always drink HHA 4 Herb Tea. Thank you.
   --B. W - HHA Member since Feb. 2000

Sept. 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "My friend consulted me about a natural approach for her mixed breed dog after he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He is 10 years old. The vet said he had about a month to live and if she chose amputation of his leg he could live about a year. The growth is very large and located on his hock. We began giving him 4 herb tea right away, he recieves half an adult dosage. She administers the tea through a suringe twice daily. Also the dog was put on a raw food and bones diet with a few other supplements. It has now been 6 months and he is doing well. The growth has reduced in size very little, but the dog is happy and does not appear to be in pain. He is now energetic and playful, he was not 6 months ago! We only hoped for the best and at least the quality of the duration of his life is not miserable and drugged up. Thank you Marijah for your work. You touch so many lives in so many ways!"

   --S.N. HHA Member since 2000

August 2001
Marijah McCain, "I had an experience with your Essiac Tea (actually HHA 4-HERB tea bulk) that I haven't seen reported yet. I believe it has helped my non-functioning thyroid. Since 1989, I have taken the same daily dosage of thyroid hormone replacement. For 12 years, my yearly blood tests never changed so the dosage stayed the same.
Recently, I completed your last herbology lesson which instructed me to make a batch of Essiac Tea. I wanted to test the tea so I took 2 oz mixed with 2 oz of warm water daily for a week. I took this tea in the morning approximately 1 to 1 ˝ hours after taking my thyroid replacement pill. At the end of one week, I started to get heart palpitations. Within a few months, I started experiencing all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (nervousness, irritability, headaches, joint pain, unexplained weight fluctuations.) I went to my doctor and had a thyroid blood test. The test revealed that my medication was too high and had to be lowered. As I mentioned, I have taken the same dosage since 1989. Yet, one week on Essiac allowed me to lower my dosage. I don't know what the Essiac Tea did but I plan on taking another batch in a few months to see if I can get my medication even lower.
At your recommendation, I added Dr. Chi's Pro Metabolic capsules and Beta Glucans (since my thyroid condition is a form of anti-immune disease). I just ran out of the products but I plan on ordering more since I really felt very good when taking it.
Thank you for everything you do to educate us on the wonders of natural medicine.
   --K.K. HHA Member sinnce 1999

August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "My Dad was diagnoised with Multiple Myeloma in November 2000. The doctor wanted to do a stem cell transplant and also IV chemo. Dad did not want to be sick as it would have made him. And then there was no positive diagnois for the future. I was told about the HHA 4-Herb tea by a friend whose husband also had M.M.(Whose cancer is also in remission). My Dad, 74 year ls old, has been drinking the tea 3 times a day and also taking Beta-Gluten 6 a day. 6 months later, his cancer is now in remission, he feels great and is very active. He still drinks the tea daily and takes the Beta Glucans." Thank You.

   --S.F - Member since 2000

August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "On October 15th my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adendocarcinoma, primary site colon. He had NONE of the standard symptoms, and this was first diagnosed at the time of our adoption physical. The initial prognosis was, 4-6 weeks if he chose to do nothing and possibly 6 months with intensive chemotherapy. Thank the lord that we have a close relationship to our massage therapist that gave us our first batch of 4-HERB TEA (Essiac) tea and the phone number for the Herbal Healer. On his CT scan before he began treatment, he had 75-80% total liver involvement and was well on his was to dying. Tumor sizes ranged from 16.5 cm (canaloupe size, 12,8, 6 cm and too numberous to count. From the time he first started feeling ill to the diagnosis....a whopping 2 weeks! After searching for a compassionate and nationally recognized oncologist, we began our journey. Armed with Essaic Tea, Beta Glucons and Milk thistle combined with the new Sloan Kettering colon cancer protocol he had his first round of chemotherapy on November 1st. On that date his tumor marker was 770= extremely active cancer. The first 4 months of chemotherapy was sheer hell. He faithfully took his 4-Herb Tea/Beta's/and Milk Thistle every day, except when he was too sick. Even then he managed at least one dosage a day. From the first of February thru his last round of chemotherapy, his tumor marker has been within the normal range. (In July it was 0.6 measuring less than a person with a cold!!!!!) This means that the cancer is no longer active. At his last CT the largest tumor was 3.3 cm down from 16.5. Some of the smaller ones that were too numberous to count, are now gone! His next CT is scheduled for Aug. 6th and he swears that it will be even better because he has been experiencing some liver specific pain, that the oncologist states are the tumor masses breaking up and small hemotoma's being formed to heal the liver. The oncologist has told us, "Please do not change what ever herbals you are doing, esp. the Essaic.Buy law I can not tell you to take it, but I can tell you do not change anything." I will also tell you that when he is able to fully dose his Essaic, he doesn't have very many side effects from the chemo. Within 2 days he has bounces back to normal. His progress notes have been reviewed by oncologist at Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, St. Louis University, Stanford, The Hutchinson Center, and National Cancer Institue. They are all at a loss as to why he has responded to the new chemo drug without any of the side effects and after 10 months appears to be at the same level as a patient 18 to 24 months into treatment. Maybe we are close to the day that the medical community will recognize that homeopathic/natural medicines, spiritual and traditional medicines are the answer.
   --D.T ~ member since 2001

August 2001
"I just want to THANK YOU! For all the information you sent me. I received my order today of the Beta Glucans and HHA 4-Herb Tea concentrate. A friend who had breast cancer two years ago refused chemo/radiation and opted for Essiac and today is cancer free. She is the one who turned me on to HHA and I in turn am telling everyone I know about HHA and Essiac. I don't have (at least I hope I don't) cancer but have refused mammograms because I don't trust them and feel they are the cause of why so many women are coming down with breast cancer. I know five so far that were perfectly healthy before starting mammograms and on the fifth year all came down with breast cancer. Makes me wonder. So am taking these supplements as a preventive. Thanks again for being there!"
   --A.T - HHA Member since 2000

4-Herb Tea "Sludge" Heals Skin Anomaly!!! Pics!
July 2001
Here is a wonderful testimonial from one of our members, complete with 12 pictures showing the amazing results he got from using the 4-Herb Tea "sludge" (herbs left after straining the 4-Herb Tea. NO scar, NO pain, just healed!
Click here to read the incredible testimonial and see the 12 pictures!!!

   --David Jolley - HHA Member since 1997

July 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, Aloha. Almost six years ago my son had sarcoma and he has been on the 4 Herb Bulk tea since then. Thanks to the Good Lord and you he is 23 yrs old now and travels alot.
   --P.A. Member since 1995

June 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I have some good news. The lump that I had told you about is considerably smaller since I have been taking the 4 Herb Tea and the Shark Cartilage and in just four and a half weeks!!! Thank you so much. I take the 4 Herb Tea three times a day and six of the Shark Cartilage capsules--3 twice a day. You don't know how relieved I am!! Again, thank you , thank you, thank you. God Bless You
   --C.A. Member since 1997

Chemotherapy Choices
May 2001
Marijah McCain,
Excellent information on Chemotherapy Choices. Thank you for keeping us well informed on chemical treatments that may have taken us years to research on our own; and save many from being badgered into health depleting choices.

Note: read article here: http://www.herbalhealer.com/newsletters/n0501.html
   --A.H. HHA Member since 2000

My Mare With Melanoma
May 2001
Marijah McCain, my old mare with melanoma is doing very beautifully now. Tumors are shrinking (very, very slowly) but if you didn't know she was 22 you'd never guess. She looks fabulous. Not bad considering I was going to put her down a year ago because she looked so awful. Love that 4-Herb Tea!! Thanks for everything. I'm really learning a lot through Herbal Healer and hope to be an ND one day. Already helping people since taking the herbal course.

   --A.K. HHA Member since 2000

Oncologist Says Stay On The 4-Herb Tea!
May 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
My mother (also a member of HHA) is taking the 4 herb tea for multiple myeloma, which is almost in remission. Her oncologist asked her what she has been doing and she told him about the tea. He said to continue because it's working.
   --T.P. HHA Member since 1999.

Herbal Healer Web Site Posted in Oncologist Office!
April 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
My husband is the stage 4 colon cancer pt. that is responding beyond everyone's wildest dreams! His last tumor marker was down to 1.1 from 770. If it stays below 3 for 3 months and if his CT scan show no further development, and after a PET scan, it shows no further mets...he will be considered remission. Beats the 4-6 weeks he had to live in November!!! He is drinking his 4-Herb tea daily, takes his Beta Glucans, and Milk Thistle. The Dr. still asks us if he is drinking his Essaic (4-Herb Tea) . When he says yes, he tells him not to change anything! Your web site is now posted in the oncologist office! We are making a difference! Thanks for being there to walk us thru this unknown scary territory!
   --D.T. HHA Member since 2000.

Cancer Not Found!
So Glad I Took The Herb Course
April 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
Report on the latest CT scan for husband with cancer 28 months now. The doctors say they can find NO abnormal lymph nodes, and NO mass can be found. 28 months ago they operated and found he had lymphoma and could not remove it and sewed him back up. The day he returned from hospital I put him on the 4-herb tea, with yew tips and red clover as you advised and he has gotten better and better every day. He is 74 now and does a big garden, cuts wood and helps son with his work. His pain stopped within 10 days of treatment and has never returned. The doctor never would say this time the cancer was gone, he just said they had done a good job of removing it, we know the truth, and sing the praises of the natural route everywhere we go. Most people lack trust in the herbs but for us it's the only way to go. I'm so glad I took the herb course it has saved lives, and I highly recommend this course for all who desire a more natural way. Thank you Marijah McCain for all the years you have put in, it has and will help mankind. God's speed to you all. A thankful student.
   --M.B. HHA Member since 1996.

March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
You guys are doing a great job! I now have two friends on 4-Herb Tea with cancer and their cancer count is so-o-o-o low the doctors can't believe it.
   --E.B - HHA Member since 1998

March 2001
Marijah McCain
Simply a short reply to say that my wife's second pap smear two weeks ago came back as "normal". Good news. I like to think that three months of the supplements (especially 4 Herb) had something to do with her favorable report! Many thanks.
   --G. J. HHA Member since 2000

March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I wrote to a few weeks ago after returning from my onocologist with the news that my breast cancer might have recurred. After giving me instructions for additional CT scans and a MRI and a follow-up appointment for 3/21 to give me an answer as to whether my cancer had returned - needless to say I was terrified.

You told me to take 3 - 2 times a day Beta Glucans w/Maitake and Olive Leaf Extract. (4-Herb tea 2 oz 3 times a day and Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid 1 tbs at night. I was in pain when I wrote you - skin on sternum so tender I could stand for anything to touch it. Pain in my neck on the left side (nodes swollen also). Pain under each my arms. I was on painkillers which I could not take at work - they made me too groggy. So I took 4-6 extra strength Tylenol each day to take the edge off the pain.

Once I started taking the herbs the pain in my neck went away first I could move it freely. I feel 90% better. I didn't have to take any tylenol all day and yesterday was even better. I'm still am in some discomfort but it is getting better and better everyday. Another side benefit is I have fibroids and as a result have very painful periods (painful cramps and large clots). My last two cycles have been pain-free!!!!!! I barely even realized they were there. Sorry to go on so long but - THANK YOU!!!! I don't think I'm cured of cancer - yet:)!!! But when I get the results from my doctor I will let you know to see if I should stay on the same program or make any modifications.
P.S. I am taking 8 oz of 4-Herb Tea a day instead of 6 oz.
   -- Initials withheld. ~ New Member in 2001

March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain: I am writing to tell you about my Dad, who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 10/01/96. The tumor was large, 6 cm., and he was given only months to live. He endured 6 weeks of 5FU chemo and twice daily radiation. However, only days later, he began retaining fluid in his abdomen which later spread to every area of his body below his rib cage. The oncologist thought the cancer was "out of control" but tests proved that instead the tumor had shrunk by nearly 50%. Instead they realized the radiation had damaged his lymphatic system, causing the backup of fluids. He had begun drinking HHA 4 Herb Tea shortly after the chemo ended, and then coupled that with red clover blossom to aid in clearing out the lymph system. Well, although the ascites (fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity) never fully receded it is barely noticable now. (There was a point when he was having up to 11 litres of fluid drained off weekly!) We switched oncologists last spring, and finally allowed a new CT scan to be performed. (Prior we had refused since they said they would not be able to operate because of the ascites.) The oncologist was floored! Not only is there NO tumor, there is no sign that the tumor was ever there! He used the word "miracle" freely, and for the first time "remission". When we told him of the tea he did not scoff; he said he could not dispute its effectiveness since my Dad's survival is unbelievable. The best news was that if Dad presented with a new cancer today, he would treat him just as aggressively as someone who had never presented with cancer before! Dad still drinks the 4 herb tea, and never hesitates to tell people he credits it with saving his life. (In fact, when he used to attend support group meetings, the doctors in attendance would half-jokingly urge him to give SOME of the credit to their treatments, too.) On behalf of my entire family, thank you for making this product available.
   --R.W. HHA Member since 1997

HHA 4-HERB TEA - Cancer Gone!
February 2001
Marijah McCain
I had a call from a good friend yesterday. Her 85 year old father had melanoma, metastasized to a lung. Doctors said they would not treat because of his age, health. He was given HHA 4-Herb tea over an extended period, he now has no sign of cancer--total remission. Doctors mystified, of course. My friend is one of several referrals I have made to HHA, over time.
   --D.B - HHA Member

Mycostat, Olive Leaf - 4-Herbs Tea - Heals Chronic Yeast Infection
December 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
Thank you for your Mycostat,4 Herb Concentrate, and Olive Leaf Extract products. I have had low grade chronic yeast infections since 1974. The companies that make yeast infection fungal medications made a small fortune off me. Also, when I finally went to a gyn doctor for this problem, she recommended that I use a jock itch cream for nine weeks until my infection was gone. This did not work. Also, no questions were asked about my diet, (you recommended not to eat sugar, or lots of starches). I have a very low opinion of gyn doctors now. The Mycostat, Olive Leaf Extract, and 4 Herb Concentrate did it! I have been using all three products for the last six months, and have been healed. Thank you for your help, God bless you.
   --J.O. - Member since 1999

October 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
I thought you might like to know of a success story, due in part to 4 herb tea. In April 1998, my dad was diagnosed with late stage, islet cell carcinoma of the pancreas. At the time of diagnosis, he had liver and lymph node metastasis. He was told it would kill him, and at best, with chemotherapy, had a 50/50 chance of a remission, which might give him up to 1 year. My dad was a heavy smoker and worked around metal all of his life. He tried the chemo, the strongest dose possible we were told, once a month for three months. After three months another ct scan revealed the liver was full of tumors. It had spread even worse than before the chemo. He started on the HHA 4 Herb Tea ( bulk herbs ) along with many other supplements, including large doses of CoQ10 enzyme, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin c, a, e, beta carotene, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, to make a long story short, today he is still taking the 4 herb tea, still from bulk, and has cut out most of the vitamins, except c, and takes the CoQ10 along with large doses of transfer factor. He still works, and works out every day, including a 2 or 3 mile walk every day. He used to walk 5 or 6 miles a day. What was supposed to be a very painful, relatively quick 12 months has turned into a very productive, active extension of life for my dad. He still has the cancer, but it's not taking over. He does not even go to the cancer doctor anymore, because the doctor told him he was crazy to try taking all the stuff he's taking. So, he doesn't bother. (the doctor probably thinks he has died) the doctor even once told my dad that if it were a family member in his own family, he would NOT give them chemo for this type of cancer. Does that make any sense to you? Thanks for making the 4 herb tea, and other products available. My dad has told many people about the tea, and they all take it for many health problems. P.S. I also believe that prayer to the Lord had a lot to do with this.
   --S. L. Member since 1998

September 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
Thank you so very much for the quick respond. I truly love your program, my mother has been on the tea, the first 10 days her cancer shrunk more than half. She was on chemotherapy and there wasn't any improvement until I gave her the tea. (non Hodgkin's lymph). I also gave the tea to three other friends who are diabetic, today one is completely off his medication after 2 weeks and the other has a big drop in his blood sugar. My father was the third and he will be tested tomorrow. This experience has made me realize what I want to do with my life. I enrolled in your ND correspondence course program. May God continue to bless you.

September 2000
I had to write and let you know what your HHA 4-Herb Formula has done for a friend of mine. He was diagnosed with PYODERMA GANGRENOSUM a few years ago. This is a skin disease where sores and excessive bleeding are caused by the slightest bump to your arms, hands or wherever. He has worn long sleeves for years because of this. He started drinking the tea (made from bulk herbs)on July 14, 2000. On August 25, 2000, he told me he hasn't had an outbreak since he started drinking the tea (6 oz daily). He has fingernails for the first time in years. He also says that this is the first time in 3 years that he's been able to work without gloves. He loves to work in his shop/garage. He says it's wonderful to be able to work with his hands again without gloves and without the worry that he's going to bump them on something and get the bleeding going again. His arms are discolored from years of sores and bleeding, but now, there's no sores. He's no longer using the topical ointment that he was using either. There just aren't words to describe the change this has made in his life. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.
   --D.S. TX - HHA Member since 1995

August 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
I called you last December telling you about my son, he had been diagnosed HIV+. We started him on the 4-Herb Tea and Olive Leaf extract every day. I had him to take the Chaparral for one month. His viral load went from 45,000 to below 400. Anything under 400 is undetectable. We know he is not cured (yet) but he is doing very well. Thank you for all the work you do and may God bless you a thousand times over for what you have done for my family. The Herbology course I took has changed the way we look at life as well as our health.
   --Thank you. ~ Love P.F.

July 2000
Dear Marijah McCain.
My Mom is 72 and my dad is 81 they are very healthy but I started them on the 4-Herb 1 once a day and they feel the difference already, they have taken the tea for 5 days now and they have so much energy.
   --L.L. HHA Member

Testimonial HHA 4-HERB TEA helps cancer patient (again!)
July 2000
Marijah McCain, your Academy has had a very large impact on our lives, especially through the HHA 4-Herb Tea (Essiac), which I credit in part for saving my mother's life from breast cancer. She has been cancer free for over 2 years, after the removal of a 2 cm. primary ductcell carcinoma she carried for a year because an incompetent doctor thought it was a cyst.

Despite overwhelming probabilities of major lymph invasion, we believe that Essiac prevented and even eliminated cells in the lymphs, and when Sentinel node biopsy was performed, it confirmed our best hopes -- no lymph invasion! Her breast was saved, a lumpectomy was performed instead of a mastectomy (as scheduled), and the 4-Herb Tea even gave her the FIRST normal liver tests in five years!

So thank you for your persistence in getting the message out that naturopathy works! Given the fact that the orthodoxy talks out of both sides of their mouths -- slamming herbals' effectiveness while, at the same time, trying to corner the market -- I think people are starting to figure out where concern for their health ends and concern for the almighty dollar begins.

You have always put people first, and as you know, there are special blessings waiting for people like you. Keep on fighting the good fight!
   --Best Wishes R.T - HHA Member

Testimonial - 2000

Dear Marijah McCain
Thank you. I knew I could count with you. You don´t have an idea of the change that you have done into my life. I feel very confident and that shows to my patients and colleagues. Besides, your course of Herbology is great, it has been the best designed that I have ever found. The knowledge of Reflexology and Massage has been of great help with my chiropractice. At the beginning I was not so convinced with Death & Dying but, it has proved of great help with my cancer patients (by the way the 4-Herb Tea is working fantastically). There is no way that I could express my gratitude.
   --L.L. ND Graduate 2000

June 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
The herbs, Colloidal Silver, Essiac that you told me to give my daughter for her bad acne (that ALL the dermatologists could not help) did wonders in less that two short weeks. Her forehead looks beautiful. Thank you for teaching me something new.
   --T.N. HHA Member since 1999

Cancer Not Found!
April 2001
Dear McCain
Report on the latest CT scan for husband with cancer 28 months now. The doctors say they can find NO abnormal lymph nodes, and NO mass can be found. 28 months ago they operated and found he had lymphoma and could not remove it and sewed him back up. The day he returned from hospital I put him on the 4-herb tea, with yew tips and red clover as you advised and he has gotten better and better every day. He is 74 now and does a big garden, cuts wood and helps son with his work. His pain stopped within 10 days of treatment and has never returned. The doctor never would say this time the cancer was gone, he just said they had done a good job of removing it, we know the truth, and sing the praises of the natural route everywhere we go. Most people lack trust in the herbs but for us it's the only way to go. I'm so glad I took the herb course it has saved lives, and I highly recommend this course for all who desire a more natural way. Thank you McCain for all the years you have put in, it has and will help mankind. God's speed to you all. A thankful student.
   --M.B. HHA Member since 1996

Herbal Healer Web Site Posted in Oncologist Office!
April 2001
Dear McCain,
"My husband is the stage 4 colon cancer pt. that is responding beyond everyone's wildest dreams! His last tumor marker was down to 1.1 from 770. If it stays below 3 for 3 months and if his CT scan show no further development, and after a PET scan, it shows no further mets...he will be considered remission. Beats the 4-6 weeks he had to live in November!!! He is drinking his 4-Herb tea daily, takes his Beta Glucans, and Milk Thistle. The Dr. still asks us if he is drinking his Essaic (4-Herb Tea) . When he says yes, he tells him not to change anything! Your web site is now posted in the oncologist office! We are making a difference! Thanks for being there to walk us thru this unknown scary territory!"

   --D.T. HHA Member since 2000

October 2000
Dear McCain:
Warm greetings and Blessings to you! I have written to you in the past on the behalf of my mother who has had pancreatic cancer. You will be very pleased to know that she now has lived 16 months using the Essaic Tea. They (my mother and father) will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on Nov. 6th. We never thought we would see this special day in their lives, or be able to celebrate it with the, but here we are. To my knowledge, she has not suffered or been in pain during these months, and has enjoyed every day of her life, especially her meals, which is quite amazing, and still she has good quality life. We just had a physical done (requested by the nursing home) and the Dr. wanted to know who & how her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was made, as she does not have any of the typical signs of cancer in her body. Pretty amazing isn't it!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are truly experiencing a miracle, and we are all so grateful for every day we have to share time together. Note: Mother is 84.
   --J.K - Member since 1999

April 2000
Marijah McCain: In November I had my regular pap-smear exam. My gynecologist called me in to let me know that abnormal cell were found. So I asked her what she was going to give me to combat them. She said nothing. Just to come back in three months to see how bad the condition had gotten, and that I probably would need some surgery. She gave me a pamphlet which explained all the different stages of cancer of the cervix. I got home and told my daughter about it. She has been a member of the HHA for quite some time. She immediately order me the 4-Herb Tea. I prepared it as the instructions say, and have been taking it ever since. I take it religiously, that's the first thing I take every morning. On March 16, 2000 I went for my follow up check up. Even before the doctor examined me, she said. "Well I guess I need to remove your uterus", and I said, "Why?" She said because of the problem you have. I said first do the examination. She did, and I left. I was so upset that she was ready to take my uterus out even before doing my examination. Well, about four days later, the nurse called me to let me know the results were normal. I told her that I had very high hopes that they were going to be o.k.. I asked her for the doctor e-mail, but she said, the doctor did not have any e-mail. I said, then I will write to her pony express. So I wrote to my gynecologist a nice card. I told her thanks for being my doctor, and she had been my doctor for about 18 years, even though she had the tendency to jump to conclusions because the last time I had been in her office she was ready to take my uterus out when I was there for a follow up pop-smear. I told her that I was very confident that the results this time were going to be fine because I was doing something about it, not because she had prescribed any medicine for me. She called me at work, inquiring what I had taken so that she could recommend it to other patients. I will continue to take the HHA 4-Herb tea because I know it does wonders.
McCain's added comments "Fantastic, this tea continues to work miracles!"
   --Sincerely, Y. M. HHA Member.

March 2000
Dear McCain I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was the 4-Herb Tea.
   --C.S. HHA Member

March 2000
Report on husband with cancer since Jan. of 99, is being treated with herbs only - No Chemotherapy. He returned to doctor the 7th of Feb. They said he was doing so well the doctors must have removed all when they operated. I had them look at the file and they removed none of the cancer, so he had no explanation for the weight gain, the feeling good and over all health. Good Job all around for the HHA 4-Herb Tea, The Colloidal Silver and host of supplements.
   --M. B. HHA Member


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