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Arterial Plaque

  • Formula One


    Formula One

    Heavy metal and arterial plaque chelator. Recommended for 2-3 months then switch to the Oral Chelate caps for long term maintenance and gradual chelation and arterial health. We do recommend the use of HHA Colloidal Minerals - 1 oz. in a little juice...

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  • Inf-Zyme Forte

    American Biologics

    Inf-Zyme Forte

    Exceptional enzymatic action. Taken on an empty stomach this product helps break down cholesterol fat in the blood stream and will also help clean up other debris. Used for two weeks prior to starting Oral Chelation. Also used for people with weakened...

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  • Oral Chelation


    Oral Chelation

    Helps take the plaque out of the arteries. Must be used for a few months - work up to six tablets daily. One-daily vitamin is NOT necessary when taking this product. If cholesterol is high use Circulation Plus Powder for one month first. Contains no...

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  • Vein Lite

    Dr. Chi

    Vein Lite

    (Improves Circulation/Memory Enhancer) - Improves Oxygen to the cells. This outstanding formula of Chinese herbs has been proven by China and Japans' Health Departments to have the capacity to improve blood circulation and cellular oxygen levels. It...

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