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Asthma & Lung Problems

  • Black Mold Fungi Detox


    Black Mold Fungi Detox

    Detoxification Homeopathics - 2 oz. Adult Dose: 10 drops under tongue once or twice a day. Normally only one bottle is needed. Very safe with all other supplements.

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  • Germanium

    Dr. Chi


    - Pure organic. Used for leukemia, all cancers and cataracts and asthma. Helps increase natural interferon and oxygen in the body according to Chinese research. See Dr. Chi's page. Dose: 1-2 caps daily - 100 mg.

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  • Oregacillin

    North American Herb & Spice


    This will help clear out chronic infection and especially fungals that cause chronic lung and breathing problems. This product has helped hundreds of members. Take 1 twice a day for 2 months

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  • Oxypower

    Dr. Chi


    This is an exceptional formula to bringing oxygen into the body especially for the lungs. When I spoke to Dr. Chi about this he said it is a must for smokers to take daily to avoid lung damage. It also is for any lung problem where there is difficulty...

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  • Respir-8



    This is a potent Respiratory Support Formula. It is packed with an antioxidant punch, which helps the body clear out any free radicals that may have been caused by the infection. It also has traditional herbal support to help facilitate healing after an...

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  • Wheezing/Coughing

    Standard Homeopathic


    SPECIAL HOMEOPATHIC COMBINATION FORMULA Safe, no side effect, can be taken with all other supplements 500 tablets

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