Herbal Healer is no longer allowed to provide you with our Specific Ailments page that contained valuable information regarding the use of supplements to help specific ailments.

This page did contain recommended natural supplements for cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, candida, lupus, depression, infections, diabetes, thyroid problems, heart and arterial plaque problems, and so on...

This page has been removed due to the FDA letter received Jan 20, 2004

Certified Mail
Jan 14, 2004

Marijah McCain
Herbal Healer Academy

From - Department of Health & Human Services
Food and Drug Administration - FDA

"We note your web site offers products for the following 'ailments" or "disorders" which cause the products to be drugs under section 201 (g)(1) of the Act: arthritis, cancer, Candida, lupus, fibromyalgia, cholesterol reduction, colds, bacterial/viral infections, depression, diabetes. hepatitis C, parasitic infections, and systemic yeast among others. Furthermore, the FDA has no information that your product is generally safe and effective for the above referenced conditions and therefore, the products may also be a "new drug" under section 201(p) of the Act [21USC 321(p)}. New drugs may not be legally marketed in the U.S. without prior approval from the FDA as described in section 505(a) of the Act [21 USC 355(a)}. FDA approves a new drug on the basis of scientific data submitted by a drug sponsor to demonstrate that the drug is safe and effective."

Do you have an email address where I can protest the censorship of your right to publish information on the web? Our government allows all the pornography and hate sites to flourish -- protected by their rights as citizens -- but a health site that can and does help people is censored and almost shut down! What is the government trying to hide? This is like Nazi Germany where they burned all the books, this website is my book of knowledge and I don't appreciate my government burning it down in "my best interest". Who are they to tell me what is my best interest. Don't they mean THEIR BEST INTEREST!!! The hypocrisy amazes me. Who do they think they are. Anyway, I'd like to tell them what I think. Thx .
S - HHA Member since 2000

I wanted to add my own voice of outrage to the growing number of people who are furious over the gestapo tactics of the FDA.  It is time for more than outrage -- it is time for an outright counter attack on this most vicious of governmental agencies.  Those of us who know the clear benefits of homeopathy and naturopathy, who can document the lives both saved and enhanced by alternative medicines must unite and speak out and take decisive action against the FDA NOW.

I was personally involved and witnessed the event when my brother's father-in-law was diagnosed with STAGE 4 colon cancer and sent home to die by the medical establishment.  The FDA and its parasidic drug companies had nothing to offer.  Essiac REVERSED his conditions and WIPED OUT STAGE 4 CANCER to the extent that the stunned doctors sent the lab work back FOUR TIMES to the testing company and enraged them because they took it as suggesting that they weren't doing their jobs correctly!  His system was CLEAR OF CANCER!!  BUT WE AREN'T ALLOWED TO TELL ANYONE THAT ESSIAC WORKED, BECAUSE IT MIGHT UPSET THE FDA??

No, it's time for more than protest....it's time for decisive and aggressive action.  Letters to congressmen.  Letters to the FDA and demonstrations on their steps.  DEMANDS for change.  The law is set up with traps that allow these bullies to interpret any information about a natural substance as a declaration that a "new drug" has been introduced.  ENOUGH!!  It's time to draw a line.

It's also time to use "testimonials," internet links to established sites that sell nothing, and whatever information exchanges are necessary or required to subvert the FDA's lines of accountability in information exchange, play the technicalities, and GET THE WORD OUT ON THE LIFESAVING AND LIFECHANGING FACTS OF NATUROPATHY.

It's time to FIGHT BACK, and screw them at their own game.  The FDA is government at its worst, as many people including Kevin Trudeau have directly experienced.  The harassment of natural healers and people of vision like Marijah McCain must be STOPPED, NOW.  Marijah cannot do this alone.

I must echo the sentiments of another HHA member, who has pointed out that the government blinks and looks the other way as PORNOGRAPHERS dominate the internet (according to the Wall Street Journal, upwards of 60% of all internet activity is porno) and hate mongers promote their warped views.....but when an experienced professional like Marijah McCain puts 16 years of research into the hands of people who desperately need her expertise, SHE HAS COMMITTED A CRIME?

The madness must stop, and I'm calling on all HHA members to join together with others walking the natural path to health, and tell the FDA -- BACK OFF!!!  Laws and perceptions must be changed.  I WILL NOT be silenced in my testimonies about Essiac and other homeopathic remedies, no matter what the FDA says or does. 

Marijah's voice must be returned to her and this grievous wrong must be addressed in the most aggressive way possible.  God bless this brave woman for what she does every day to improve the lives of suffering people.
R.T - HHA Member since 1996

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