Why we have chosen to stop selling our courses in Arkansas

I have posted the original letter from the State of Arkansas regarding our correspondence courses being sold in Arkansas and the State's new requirements. After several contact conversations with them, we were told that they were looking into the possibility of us being grandfathered in, as we had sold these courses in the State of Arkansas since 1988. We never heard back from them, and since this was a time sensitive letter we received, I chose to sign the exemption from sales in Arkansas, so as not to get fined ($5,000) and also this letter threatens jail time.

The State does not have the right to stop sales of our courses anywhere else in the world, except Arkansas. I do want to mention that in one of my conversations with their office, I was told that the State will not allow any education that advances Arkansans unless the State regulates them. This regulation process and the payment of fees to them for our courses, is something that I am not willing to do.
    ~ Marijah McCain


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