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"Herbal Healer Academy is a teaching organization dedicated to helping you re- empower yourself in understanding, knowledge and healing. The power of reading and studying the following books and adding them to your library to share with others can not be understated."
~Marijah McCain

Many of these books are in stock, however sometimes we have to order them in. This takes a week or so extra. When books are ordered with other products, and we do not have them in stock, our policy is to ship your order and send the books to you when then arrive. We never hold natural medicine orders waiting for books. If the book has recently gone out of print, we will refund you and send you a note via mail. Also, all HHA books are non-refundable. All these books have been hand picked by McCain and they all contain valuable educational material. Enjoy! McCain's advice, "Spend more time reading and less time watching T.V."

10 Essential Herbs
Paperback 384 pages by Lalitha Thomas

10 Essential Herbs, the expanded second edition, although out of print for many years, is now back. Heralded as THE HERB BOOK FOR THE SELF SUFFICIENT, it is everyone's handbook to health. It can be used in many ways,for daily use, for travelers, for pets, and it is ideal for hundreds of ailments. It is written in clear and concise terms. Lalitha takes the guesswork out of herbs. The book is a gem for consumers. Botanical medicine in this country will benefit from this book for years to come. It is already a classic.

10 Essential Herbs Book

FROM HELL TO WELL - My Journey Back From Multiple Sclerosis
Paperback 178 pages $23.95 by Elaine Silverman

Elaine has been and Herbal Healer Academy member and student since 2004. Elaine outlines how she has regained her health after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This book serves as a shining example of a person who listened to her body and experienced the joy in hearing her body respond. In short, she took charge of her own health and life, and ultimately, urges others to do the same. Toxin-free living is essential. Her story begins with terror as the crippling disease known as multiple sclerosis runs through her system, tranforming her into an invalid in a few short weeks. She struggles with conventional allopathic medicine...until she realizes that she can and must take responsibility for returning to wellness.

From Hell to Well:
My Journey Back from Multiple Sclerosis
$ 23.95

Homegrown Remedies Book
An expert reference for anyone wishing to create their own natural, home grown remedies.

Have you ever wanted to grow your own remedies, but wondered how you would go about it, or what equipment you would need? Now with Homegrown Remedies, you can learn how to grow herbs in pots and use your plants to create natural remedies to treat a variety of health complaints and common ailments.

Home healing doesn't have to be about expensive ingredients or large gardening spaces. Make the most of your windowsill, balcony or patio and grow all the herbs you need to make natural, inexpensive remedies. Each of the 40 recipes contain step-by-step instructions showing how even the most novice of herbalists can make a variety of cures, including tinctures, poultices, juices, teas and more.

Homegrown Remedies Book
$ 16.95

The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook - $22.99
Writing in a delightfully personal and down-home style, Green emphasizes the point that herbal medicine-making is fundamental to every culture on the planet and is accessible to everyone. So, first head into the garden and learn to harvest your own herbs, and then head into your kitchen and whip up a batch of raspberry cough syrup, or perhaps a soothing elixir to erase the daily stresses of modern life. Packed with insights on how to extract herbs, make tinctures, and apply them properly.

The Medicine Makers Handbook
$ 22.99

The Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine - $26.95
The two-thousand-year-old discipline of traditional Chinese medicine has much to offer Western readers who have an interest in the healing arts. The authors, both professors at Shanghai Medical University, explain the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, how and why it works, and its various therapeutic methods. This comprehensive survey includes all the essentials: a brief history, the concepts of yin and yang and the five elements, the internal organs, the relationship between human beings and nature, the causes of disease, common diagnostic methods, and the principles of the treatment, including traditional herbs, acupuncture and moxibustion, tui-na massage therapy, and qigong breath therapy.

The Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine
$ 26.95


All medicinal supplements that you will read about are easily available for you at the Herbal Healer Academy.

pp indicates pages and paperback
pHB indicates pages and Hardback

Many of these books are in stock, however sometimes we have to order them in. This takes a week or so extra. When books are ordered with other products, and we do not have them in stock, our policy is to ship your order and send the books to you when then arrive. We never hold natural medicine orders waiting for books. If the book has recently gone out of print, we will refund you and send you a note via mail. Also, all HHA books are non-refundable. All these books have been hand picked by McCain and they all contain valuable educational material. Enjoy! McCain's advice, "Spend more time reading and less time watching T.V."

The Four Agreements:

a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
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BEST SELLERS at Herbal Healer Academy!
ALL WOMEN ARE HEALERS - Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing (pb Book)
(Diane Stein) This well-known healer has compiled a comprehensive resource book of natural, alternative healing methods and techniques which focus specifically on the needs and problems of women. 425pp.
$ 19.95
AROMATHERAPY - An Illustrated Guide
(Walters) An ideal introduction to this unique and natural way of restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. Offers sound advice for self-help on all levels. Includes a visual profile of 36 essential oils, step-by-step sequence showing how to practice a simple aromatherapy massage and a comprehensive reference of ailments and their treatments. 144pp
(Theodosakis) This ground breaking book describes the medical miracle that can halt, reverse or even cure osteoarthritis without drugs or pain killers. Two supplements, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, are at the core of this program. Illustrated. - 224pp
BACK TO EDEN - (Kloss) Revised Edition-300 pages of new material-large (pb Book)
(Jethro Kloss) Revised - Keepsake Edition - Easy read type, contains all of the original text plus 300 pages of new material. - 1077p PB
BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION with CD Rom- Patrick Quillin (Vitamin & Nutritional support) (pb Book)
(Patrick Quillin - Herbal Healer member) Using clinically proven and easy to follow nutritional methods, cancer patients can bolster their immune systems to fight the cancer, slow down cancer growth and lower the risk of recurring tumors. - 206pp Revised; comes with CD.
(Elkins) - The latest information. Nutritional and detoxifying properties of these green wonderfoods. - 32pp
CARROTS LOVE TOMATOES -Secrets of Companion Planting (L. Rioette) (pb Book)
(Riotte) An A to Z compendium of the secrets of companion planting for successful gardening. This book describes the plants that assist each other to grow well. 226pp
(Ley) Over 50 different conditions of illness or injury may be beneficially treated with external applications of castor oil packs. Edgar Cayce recommended this and so does Marijah McCain . 34pp
CMO - Cetyl Myristoleate (pb Book)
(Elkins) - CMO is a fatty acid and seems to fight osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other joint disorders. This product is available at HHA - see catalog. 32pp
COLON HEALTH HANDBOOK - (Robert Gray)Important reading for healers (pb Book)
(Gray) Presents a complete program for rejuvenating the entire body, and reviving ailing health through colon cleansing and nourishment. 78pp
CREATIVE MENOPAUSE - (Sharon) (pb Book)
(Sharan) Physical, spiritual and transformational issues surrounding menopause are embraced by a beautifully written and inspirational book that encourages women to connect with their healing powers and inspire harmony in their relationships. 185pp
CURE FOR HIV & AIDS (Clarke) pb
(Hulda Clarke) This book posits that the human intestinal fluke, a parasite, is the source of the HIV virus. Exact instructions on cure and demonstrating 70 case studies. 433pp
(Dr. Walach) Explains the importance of colloidal minerals. Highly recommended. Paperback.
This book provides an in-depth discussion of how eastern and western medical practices are effectively combined in Chiís herbal protocols for different health conditions. This updated edition covers a wider variety of conditions and organizes them into distinct categories. More scientific studies and more anecdotal reports are detailed in this latest edition. It even provides readers with a guide to using Chi herbal supplements with conventional medicine.

(Dr. Chi) A guide to determining health by looking at the fingernails and the tongue. You will not find this information anywhere but in this book.

In the past,it was standard for doctors to ask patients to stick their tongues out for examination. Over the years, the prevalence of this practice has faded with the emergence of new technological diagnostic equipment. What people don't realize is that the tongue as well as the fingernails provide an important insight into our health conditions. This book aims to educate individuals on how to effectively use physical signs such as teeth marks and lunulae (moons on the fingernails) in determining the status of our health. You will be amazed at how accurate these physical signs are!

Dr. Chi has lectured extensively on the subject of Fingernail and Tongue analysis to healthcare professionals all over the United States. The following is a list of some organizations that sponsored his lectures:
American College for Advancement in Medicine - Florida, May 1999
Alaska Chiropractic Society Annual Convention (approved for 4 Continuing Education (CE) credits) - May 1999
Parker Chiropractic College approved in 48 states for 12 CE credits) - Texas, October 2003
American Chiropractic Association Council on Nutrition (approved for 4 CE credits) - Texas, April 2005

(Michael Murray) This guide provides the answers needed to treat the whole person and take control of blood sugar metabolism by using natural, healthful methods. 164pp
Easy to use herbal remedies available today and how they can improve the way you work, play, feel and heal. 269pp
FOOD ADDITIVES - (Farlow) Quick Reference (pb Book)
(Farlow) A shopper's guide to what's safe and what's not. handy booklet contains over 600 of the most commonly used food additives. 59pp
(Baginski & Sharamon) practical handbook for using grapefruit seed extract to heal infections, allergies. Provides dosages and procedures and research. 152pp
LEFT FOR DEAD - HERBS AND THE HEART - (Dick Quinn) (pb Book)
(Quinn) This is a rebellious autobiography of and herbs product manufacturer with serious heart problems and his battle with the FDA. Contains straight factual information about herbs that can prevent and treat cardiac and pulmonary problems. Used in HHA study program. 200pp
LET'S PLAY DOCTOR - (Wallach)A Must Read (pb Book)
(Dr Wallach - "Dead Doctors Don't Lie) This book describes many fallacies that modern medicine promote and offers unconventional treatment alternatives. "Dr. Wallach and his wisdom, saved my life a few years ago" Marijah McCain - This book is a must read. 203pp
SCHOOL OF NATURAL HEALING - (Dr. Christopher) Herbal Med. Ref. Book (hb Book)
(Dr. Christopher) Comprehensive reference volume on herbal therapies and formulations. Protocols for ailments and recipes for all of Dr. Christophers herbals included. Good reference for students. 724pHB
SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS - Required Reading for Herbology Course (pb Book)
(Tompkins) This books tells of the research that has been done with plants and shows the reader that plants can feel. Amazing experiments. It is a fantastic book that everyone, including vegetarians should read. It is the only mandatory text for the HHA Herbology Course. 373 pp
ST JOHN'S WORT BOOK - (Hawken) (pb Book)
(Hawken) Beyond treating depression, this herb is being targeted as a possible treatment for AIDS, cancer and nervous disorders. The herb is also an antiviral and antibacterial agent.

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