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This is a genuinely unique formula put together to bring you the very best and effective natural supplement on the market for arteries and heavy metal chelation.

This is a powerful supplemental formula that utilizes a broad-spectrum therapeutic approach. It will help maintain a healthy circulatory system by binding to heavy or toxic metals and plaque-causing materials.  Did you know that your arteries can be over 80% clogged before you have any symptoms?  Harmful buildup of plaque in the circulatory system causes a lack of blood flow to tissues including sex organs, heart and skin.  This decreased blood flow affects the tissue and organ function and causes premature aging and in some cases death. Clearing the arteries and promoting good circulation is a major key to longevity and health.  This formula will help do that and the added bonus is that many of the heavy metal toxins that cause untold problems will also be removed.  Powerful supplement for our times!

Each Capsule Delivers

EDTA - 135 mg. (Ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid).  EDTA, an amino acid, is a chelating agent that binds metals. As an oral form it assists in preventing oxidation within the GI tract by binding the oxidizing metals.  EDTA provides protection against blood coagulation (clots).  Non absorbed EDTA in the bowel may provide benefits by reducing oxidation and binding to mercury and other metals.

DISODIUM EDTA - 35 mg.  Metals bound by the use of Disodium EDTA include cadmium, lead, cesium, iron, barium, copper, aluminum, and more...  The body does not process heavy metals and they are stored by the body and accumulate over time.  They can, over time, reach dangerous levels, causing all kinds of health problems.  Cadmium will contribute to asthma.  Mercury to nervous conditions, Lead to extreme rashes and mood swings, aluminum to memory loss, and so on.  All of which go undiagnosed by regular conventional medicine.  Due to the toxins in the environment, especially if you live in the city, it is a good idea to work at keeping these heavy metals from building up in the body.

L-GLUTATHIONE - 5 mg.   It is a critical component for the detoxifying and antioxidant enzyme pathways and it is of great benefit to the cardiovascular system.  It helps detox metals and drugs and aids in the treatment of blood and liver disorders. Aids in the breaking down of oxidized fats that contribute to atherosclerosis.

BROMELAIN -  50 mg. Derived from the pineapple plant, this concentration of bromelain enzymes acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.  Helps minimize oxidative stress damage and strengthens anticoagulant properties.  Helps break down plaque so it can be harmlessly removed from the body.

PAPAIN - 5 mg. Obtained from the papaya, this enzyme helps strengthen the blood, platelets and helps reduce inflammation.  It also helps break down plaque as well.

CILANTRO - 85 mg. (Leaf/Corriander) This herbal plant possesses hydroxycoumarins, that have anticoagulant properties.  Researchers have noticed a decrease of lead, mercury and aluminum in the urine, after patients consumed cilantro.

BUTCHER'S BROOM - 25 mg. (Root/Ruscus aculeatus)  This herbal improves venous tone and produces an electrolyte reaction at the cell wall.  Butcher's Broom is also a natural diuretic, thus helping to remove the toxins via the kidneys.

AYURVEDIC HERB SUPPORT - This specific combination of Ayurvedic herbs, has been clinically studied in India, and has proven very helpful and effective in cardiovascular support and heavy metal detoxification.

PUKSARMUL - 15 mg.  (Inula racemosa) Studied for its effectiveness in treating ischaemic and angina heart disorders.  A decrease in plasma cortisol levels has been reported with use.  It is known to produce beta blocking effects.

KUT ROOT - 15 mg. (Root/Saussurea lappa) Used in India and China for antispasmodic and blood pressure lowering qualities.  It also will move stagnant Chi.

ARJUN ROOT - 15 mg.  (Root/Terminalia arjuna) Studied for use in angina patients, hyperlipidemia, and myocardio infarction. It enhances cardiac muscle function increases circulation and strengthening the heart.

PRISHNAPARNI - 15 mg.  (Leaves/Desmodium gingaticum) Used as a blood cleanser, it is known to be a cardiotonic which also strengthens the heart and improves circulation.

GUM GUGGULU - 15 mg.  (Resin/Commiphora mukul) This has shown to reduce cholesterol.  Studies have shown a decrease in peridardial pain, dyspnea, and discomfort in 90% of treated patients.

JALNEEM - 15 mg.  (Leaves/Bacopa monniera) This is a cardiotonic and anti-inflamatory.  It assists the nervous system and studies have shown it to help increase learning abilities.  Helps blood circulation to the brain.

SHANKHPUSHPI - 15 mg.  (Leaves/Convulvolous pluicaulis) This relaxes muscle contracture that can be problem in cardiac and blood vessel tissues.  Strengthens the blood vessels.  This herb also enhances parasympathetic action to relax cardiac and smooth muscle action by potentiating the neurotransmitter acetycholine.


VITAMIN  A - (Retinyl pamitate 100%) 2000 IU - Aids in the strengthening of capillaries, arteries and mucous membranes. Powerful free radical scavengers.  Helps to destroy carcinogens (cancer causing toxins) helps guard against heart attacks and strokes.  Also shown to help lower cholesterol levels.
VITAMIN  C - 100 mg.  (Ascorbic acid/Zinc ascorbate) - Proven heavy metal and plaque chelator.    Protects against harmful effects of pollution. Helps protect the brain and spinal cord as well as helps increase immune response.  See February archived newsletter about Vitamin C.
MAGNESIUM - 55 mg. (Magnesium aspartame/Magnesium malate) - Vital catalyst in enzyme activity. Helps strengthen muscles including the heart muscle. This essential mineral helps protect the arterial lining from stress and sudden blood pressure changes.
ZINC - 4 mg. (Zinc ascorbate) - Zinc has antioxidant properties. It aids in the absorption of Vitamin A. Helps glandular and reproductive function. Increases taste and smell.   It is needed by the body for proper maintenance of Vitamin E in the blood.  High cholesterol has been associated with zinc deficiency.
SELENIUM - 12 mcg. (Selenium ascorbate) Very important for strong heart.  Research has shown that many heart attack patients are deficient in selenium.
POTASSIUM - 35 mg. (Aspartame citrate) Helps regulate heart rhythm. And decreased potassium is linked to circulatory damage and high cholesterol.

Rice Flour and MCT's (Medium chain triglycerides) - MCT's are added to assist the blending of this product and are naturally found in the body having an anabolic effect.

This product contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, additives, no corn, wheat, dairy or yeast derivatives.

1-2 capsules three times daily.  Those who would benefit from chelation and want to remove the heavy metal should use the higher dose for 3-4 months.  Suggested maintenance and prevention dose is 1 capsule 2-3 times a day.

NOTE:  People who are anemic (low iron) would need to supplement HHA Iron Plus (one tablet per day with a meal) while taking this product.   Since this product does remove metals and some minerals, it is a good idea to also supplement the HHA Colloidal Mineral Liquid once daily.  1 ounce in juice or other drink once a day.  This product is excellent for you even if not taking the FORMULA ONE!  When doing any form of detox, you should not allow your body to be constipated  (Use HHA all natural SUPER II laxative if needed) and you should increase purified water intake by at least 2-3 glasses daily.

Reprinted from the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 2, Numbers 1/2, Spring/Summer 1989, pages 213-226.

*** 800,000 people per year dying in the United States alone from *atherosclerosis and its complications, despite the best of high-technology hospital and surgical care that is available.
* hardening and thickening of the walls of arteries narrowing and decreased blood flow.

*** The American Medical Association, in its official journal (JAMA), admits that 44% of all coronary artery bypass surgery is done for inappropriate reasons. (Winslow CM, Kosecoff JB, Chassin M, et al: The appropriateness of performing coronary artery bypass surgery. JAMA 1988;260:505-509)

*** Research into the use of EDTA in the treatment of atherosclerosis and its complications stopped after 1960, until the mid 1980s, was because of an active and vicious campaign of misinformation and unjust harassment of physicians who used EDTA in their practices.

*** With the development of enormously profitable coronary artery bypass surgery and angioplasty, however, not to mention peripheral and carotid artery surgery, it is obvious that many influential groups in organized medicine and the hospital industry would suffer greatly if EDTA chelation therapy, administered in physicians' offices at approximately 10% of the cost, became widely accepted. That now seems to be the most significant reason for ongoing attempts to suppress the practice and clinical investigation of EDTA chelation therapy.

*** The welfare of the American public is often pushed aside by the industrial quest for profits and pressures to suppress competition. Every industry wants a monopoly, if that can be achieved. Mainstream medicine has come very close to that goal. Scientific arrogance is commonplace. Physicians consider themselves to be experts in their own field. If a majority of physicians do not endorse a new therapy, they collectively rely on public recognition of their own "expertise" to discount a new concept that they themselves have not yet embraced.

Legal Disclaimer: This product is not a drug, but a supplement for special dietary use pursuant to applicant Federal Laws. No statement made shall be construed as offering this product for the diagnosis, cure,  mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease.  <--- We have to put this by law, but McCain doesn't agree.

Large 180 capsule bottle
Reg. $43.95
McCains Formula One - 180 caps


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