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Herbal Healer Academy is open to offering reciprocal links to this page, provided they are in line with the HHA energy and approved by Marijah McCain . Your web site must be earth friendly, non competitive with HHA and not MLM. If you are interested in putting us on your web site and being here on this page, e-mail us a special request to view your Web page, and please leave a phone number for contact.

Smile Train
Each year I make it a point to donate to organizations that I personally feel are important. Over the years I have helped many children by helping to fund the surgery needed to change their lives for the better. Please take a moment to look at what Smile Train does. Marijah McCain

Uri Geller
I have been a fan of Uri Geller for many years. I heard about him bending spoons when I was a teenager. Recently I mastered spoon bending myself and not only that was able to teach it to my 6 year old grandaughter on the first try. Spoon bending is not a hoax and this is the man that started it all. Hugs to Uri from Marijah

Vaccination Liberation
Tremedous information site to explore vaccination options, how to apply for exemptions and very informative articles

Cedar House Inn & Yurts
Bed and breakfast located in the heart of the north Georgia wine country and mountains.

Dr. Schoen
Dr. Schoen's new book, "Kindred Spirits"explores how natural healing is revolutionizing his veterinary profession and shares heartwarming stories of animals and their caretakers who deeply enrich each others lives. Dr. Schoen offers specific retreats for veterinarians as well as others for individual animal caretakers. The retreats are created as a way to take a break from our busy lives to reflect on our connection to our animal friends and our time on planet earth together.

Rainflower Essence Online Boutique
Pure Vibrational Energy From NatureThat You Can Use To Shape Your Life. These flower essences complement and can be used safely with any medications or healing methods including: drugs, surgery, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic and herbal therapies. This is due to the unique healing effects of flower essences. Special prices available for Health Care Practitioners and Store Owners.

Mother's Eve Caring Candles
All Mother Eve's Caring Candles are hand poured in a base of the 'Biblical Frankincense'. Caring Candles have a beautiful label on the cover and under the cover a special message, prayer or affirmation.. Caring Candles are an interactive candle, the message comes alive when the receiver lights the candle. Use our greeting candles to express your appreciation, wish someone happy birthday or tell someone you love them. Utilize our powerful prayer and affirmation candles for yourself or someone in need. Check out the holiday candles for the newest in upcoming holidays and special occasions. Mother Eve's also carries a variety of special candles. For you or for that unique gift.

Great Midwifery Site - This is a great site with lots of information and links for anyone interested in Midwifery. Magazines, articles, how to become a midwife, water births, home births and much more.

Crossing Over with John Edward
John's new series is currently airing on the Sci-Fi channel. Check your local listings to find out what channel Sci-Fi is near you and what time Crossing Over is airing. It's on twice a day. John Edward has brought a fresh, honest and thought provoking attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. As a psychic medium, author and lecturer, he has, over the last fifteen years, helped thousands with his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side. We carry his book "One Last Time"

Unusual and Provocative News
Jeff Rense This is the web site to check out for the breaking fringe news. UFO's, cover-ups, contrails, environmental issues, earth changes and reports, and tons of daily weird news. Take what you need and leave the rest!

Contrails Over America
The is the site to monitor for the updating of the contrail/chemtrail issues. If you are not familiar with the spraying of the U.S. for over a year you should spend an hour or so on this site.

If you would like to know what REIKI is, are interested in receiving REIKI healing or you are interested in a home study course in learning to use this hands-on healing energy, this is the website to check out.

When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat
Our friend John Harricharans is not only an excellent writer, but a very gifted person in his personal intuitive telephone consultations. His book "When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat" is an excellent read. Check out his site. If you are interested in a personal consultation with John, e-mail him from his web site.

Don't Let Cancer Kill You
This is a great little book and testimonial to the power of natural medicine, prayer and faith in overcoming cancer. McCain recommends it for all those in need of this information. Check out the web site.

Adopt a Grandparent Program
Nonprofit, grass roots organization based in Taos, New Mexico coordinating people and resources from all over to assist needy Native American Elders. Wonderful program. Yearly supporting membership and if you chose to, you can adopt an Elder of your choice. They send a detailed list of available candidates.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines
Based in Calcutta, India, this organization is a wonderful supporter and educational resource for alternative medicine. Dr. Agarwal - President


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