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HHA First Responder!
HHA Noni Fruit
HHA Omega 3 Oils

The reason I have called this FIRST RESPONDER is that this formula is one of the most well balanced anti-infection, immune system stimulators on the market! A First Responder is a person that is skilled at handling a crisis (in this case biological) and is the first one on the scene to handle the problems. They know what to do to save lives. This product has the same characteristics! It should be the FIRST thing that is used when there is ANY sign of infection or if you have a sluggish immune system due to chronic low grade infections or toxicity. If you have any type of chronic viral infection: herpes, hepatitis, HIV, or lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy due to unknown reason, or any other chronic ailment this is for you. It can be safely taken with the HHA NATURAL DETOX formula as well. They do two different things. The HHA NATURAL DETOX gently helps your body get rid of stored toxins and protects the organs and the FIRST RESPONDER boosts the Chi, boosts the immune system and fights infections.

Look at the Ingredients - This product is amazing!!! It is an expensive formula to manufacture, but it contains some of the most potent natural supplements needed for a FIRST RESPONDER! We have kept the price as low as possible! Anti-microbials, anti-oxidants and immune system helpers! VEGETARIAN FORMULA! One tablet contains:

Bee Propolis - 100mg.
Garlic Extract - 100mg.
Ginger Root - 100mg.
Oregon Grape Root - 75mg.
Digezyme (enzyme blend) - 62.5mg.
Ech. Angust. Root Ext (4% echinacosides) - 50mg.
Elderberry Extract 10:1 - 50mg.
Olive Leaf Ext (18% Oleuropein) -50mg.
Shitake Mushroom Extract 4:1 - 50mg.
Reishi Mushroom Extract 15:1- 50mg.
American Ginseng Root (5% ginsenosides) - 50mg.
Licorice Root Extract 8:1 - 50mg.
Quercitin - 50mg.
Goldenseal Root - 37.5mg.
Cayenne Pepper - 25mg.
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) - 2,500 IU.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)- 250mg.
Potassium (Citrate) - 10mg.
Zinc (Citrate) - 7.5mg.

Awesome immune defense - 19 of the best immune enhancers. Can be safely taken daily

Dose: Maintenance daily dose - 2 tablets per day
Low immune system and tonifying - 2 tablets twice per day
First Response when acute illness develops - 2 tablets - 3 times per day
This product is safe and is not contraindicated with other supplements.

60 Vegetarian Formula Tablets (Reg. $19.95)
Member Special

This is a pure natural freeze dried fruit. It is known as Morinda citrifolia and grows extensively throughout the South Pacific, and was at one time the most extensively used medicinal plants in the region. This plant has been found to be high in caprylic acids, Vitamin C and alkaloids, thus making it exceptional for working with chronic candida infections. Since the reintroduction of Noni Fruit Juice came to the US markets sold primarily by multi-level companies ($40.00 quart and up), the testimonials of the benefits of healing using this fruit have been staggering. Thousands of people have reported life-changing health improvements from increased healing from surgeries, cancer remissions, improved eyesight, ADHD improvements, relief from tendinitis, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol and a host of others. The U.S. Military has studied the Noni plant and determined it to be useful in dealing with infection and inflammation. On the bottle you will see that the NONI contains proxeronine, a precursor to xeronine. Xeronine plays a key role in encouraging proper cell function and growth, as well as helps enlarge the pores in the walls of human cells to enable nutrients to enter the cells more easily. Nutritional utilization of the cells for proper health is essential. Many people take handfuls of supplements, but when we do a hair analysis on them, we find they are not absorbing the nutrients and their body is still showing the deficiencies. NONI FRUIT helps with this absorption, which could explain its miraculous healing properties. Xeronine levels are greatly depleted in the body by disease, stress, trauma and injury.

Many of these so called miracles that happen to people that take natural herbals, fruits and roots, are not miracles at all. Their bodies are finally supplied with much needed nutrition at a cellular level and when the right nutritional ingredients are given to the body it can heal itself. We have had similar results with our HHA 4-HERB tea. It has healed a wide variety of ailments. Understand that nature will and does provide us with the necessary solutions for our ailments, we need just take them. Remember as the Bible has said, God provided the herbs and the fruits for the healing of mankind. We are seeing this in action now! Many natural medicinals in their healing simplicity (no side effects, no laboratory preparations, inexpensive) are outclassing even the highest priced pharmaceutical drugs in their ability to help and heal many ailments.

The body handles this fruit powder like food so it is not contraindicated when taken with any allopathic or naturopathic medicines. The powdered capsules are convenient and can save you a great deal of money!

Suggested Dose: 2 caps twice daily on empty stomach followed by glass of water.
90 Vegetarian Capsules - 450 mg. (Reg. $23.95)
Member Introductory Price Special - $18.00!
HHA NONI FRUIT -90 VegCaps - 450 mg.

HHA OMEGA 3 - Fish Oil
You need GOOD FAT!!! That's right, many Americans are being brainwashed into giving up all fats, as the "health authorities" lump all fats together and tell you to reduce all fats. This is wrong! Some fats are good for you and essential for a healthy body! Since people have been tested for high cholesterol, we are finding an alarming number that have readings that show the good fats are way too low and this puts them at the same risk if not higher than the high cholesterol! Not enough good fat in the diet can contribute to imbalanced hormones, skin dryness, poor hair growth, arthritic type conditions, depressed brain function as well as a host of others.

Body Builders generally reduce all fat intake because they are trying to get rid of body fat. A recent studies showed a significant correlation between testosterone production and total energy from fat. Since hormones, like testosterone are created from cholesterol, it seems reasonable that a very low fat diet may impair testosterone production.

Also numerous studies have been done on the indigenous people in the cold northern climates that live primarily on fish and oils - large consumptions of whale blubber, etc. These people were found to be virtually free of Americas number one and two maladies: cancer and arthritis and for the most part were disease free. How could that be if all fats simply are bad for you? Cod liver oil has been used as a cure for arthritis for years!

TWO softgels contain: Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 600 mg - as EPA (Elcosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahaxaenoic Acid) - Fish Oil Concentrate, Vit. E. Used to bring up good cholesterol, helps arthritis too. Screened to assure no contaminants. Dose: 1-2 daily. It is made from fish oils of salmon, sardines, anchovies and mackerel fish. It is manufactured under strict controls and is screened to ensure the absence of potentially harmful contaminants. These are large capsules and can be chewed if you like the taste of fish! McCain chews them like candy!

Dose - 2 caps daily
100 softgels - (Reg. $9.95)
HHA OMEGA 3 - 100 softgels


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