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Open letter
Marijah McCain
Hi. For all you curious people out there here is a brief bio. My educational background was originally in microbiology and I attended Ryerson in Toronto, Canada. I worked in microbiology at a company called Extendicare doing various tests in the bacti lab. I was sponsored by Phillips Petroleum Co., to study, learn and run the electron microscope for pioneering research work, but realized that the "scientists" of the time were way over the edge with the genetic obsessions and I decided that this was not the career for me. I helped develop fixative procedures that are still in use today. (Highly toxic, but still used!) I also spent years in sales learning business as well.

In 1978 my son was born and he had severe gastro-intestinal problems that lead to hospitalization. He almost died at the hands of the allopaths and I checked him out of one of the best children's hospitals in the world and took him home against doctors orders. I began my quest for alternatives using my own intuition and learning everything I could. I began with an Iridologist and a health food store clerk who showed me how to help my son. The best medical hospital in the western hemisphere would have just watched him die. Natural foods, awareness, a great deal of prayer and learning about the body's meridians saved him.

I have been actively involved in the natural medicine field for 30 years now and have studied just about every religion and alternative therapy there is, taking from them what I needed and leaving the rest. I launched the Herbal Healer Academy in 1988 from my kitchen table with a $50.00 investment. Since, it has grown to a global company with hundreds of thousands of members. I was so passionate about the results that I saw using natural medicine and alternative therapies, that I just had to share what I had learned. I am continually learning and passing on the information. I have seen just about every incurable ailment helped with natural medicine. Not all were cured, but all were helped and we do have had some "miraculous" healings on a consistent basis.

I have written and published the Herbal Healer Academy newsletters, quarterly now, for 20+ years. I personally have written and created the correspondence courses. I have hosted my own radio show, done many seminars and hope to find the time to write the 5 books I have planned. (They are not all about natural medicine, by the way!) I would like to mention, that the last 20+ years would have been impossible to accomplish if it were not for the dedication and work of my husband, Stephen and son, Jeff.

I live on an Ozark mountain farm in our hand-built home with my husband. My son lives next door. We still heat with wood. We have many animals. Currently we have 3 horses, 6 dogs, 14 cats (humane society rescues), a goat, ducks, fish, rabbits and more...

Marijah McCain's Private Microscopy Research

My hobbies?
I enjoy work and my personal spiritual studies.

My dislikes?
War, violence and allopathic medicine.

My favorite animals?
The Horse and the dog. I was a professional equestrian and you just can't beat a good dog for your best friend!

My favorite plants?
Burdock & Echinacea Angustifolia

Marijah with
Seva Chakra Award

For the Astrologers, I am an Aquarian with Leo rising and a Cancer moon. I am also born in the Chinese year of the Horse.

And for those who read auras, I've included a Kirilian photograph of my aura!

Healing Power of Sound
The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic!

Marijah's Credentials & Herbal Healer's Credentials
  • President, CEO and chief shareholder of Herbal Healer Academy Inc.
  • Winner of the prestigious 1998 Seva Chakra presented from India
  • ND - ANMCAB Board Certified Naturopath (documentation)
  • ND - Washington D.C. Naturopathic Registration since 1994 (documentation)
  • MD (AM) Medical Doctor - Alternative Medicine - Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (documentation)
  • PHD - Doctor of Philosophy - International Academy of Culture and Political Sciences - Belgium
  • DiHom - Fellow and graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy - 1994
  • MH - Master Herbalist graduate in 1985
  • Professorship - Honorary award for contribution of ecological values and achievement of scientific & educational activities. - Romania headquarters of the Dimitrie Cantemir Ecological Foundation.
  • BRI - Bradford Research Microscopist Certification - Live Field/Dark Field (documentation)
  • Fellow of the European Medical Association (documentation)
  • Member of the ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association - U.S.)
  • Member of the TNMA (Texas Naturopathic Medical Association)
  • Member of the AANC (American Association of Nutritional Consultants)
  • Member of the IFPNT (International Federation of Practitioners of Natural Therapeutics)
  • Strathmore's Who's Who -1996
  • International Who's Who - 1997
  •  Links to view actual Certificates
Herbal Healer Academy Credentials

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