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This online application form may only be used by
Naturopathic students who ARE NOT applying for exemptions.

If you have previous certificates that may qualify for exemption in the
Naturopath program, you must use the Naturopath application form in your
membership catalog. Send copies of certificates,
the Naturopath application form and your $25 registration fee by
mail to Herbal Healer Academy:

127 McCain Drive
MT. VIEW, AR. 72560

Submit this application online by pressing the submit button.
Then make sure you pay the $25 registration fee online.
Important: your application will not be reviewed without this fee.

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If yes,explain:

Previous Education and Certificates may credit to this program.
Please mail copies of your certificates for evaluation. Do not send originals.
List courses and dates certified or accredited below:

List your practical experience with friends, if any.

What are your goals as a Naturopath?

We will review this application and let you know in writing if you have been accepted to the Naturopathic Program. Allow two to three weeks. You must include the non-refundable $25.00 evaluation and registration fee with this application. This fee will be refunded only if this application is rejected. You may submit payment through our shopping cart on the next page after completing this form.

This information I have given is true and this application is made out to the best of my ability.


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