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MEMORY LANE - Articles from past snail mail newsletters

HEART & SOUL OF HHA * Marijah McCain

2001 - 50th edition of HHA Newsletter
When I started HHA, my goal then was to teach people how to safely use herbs to heal themselves and their families.  I have always had a dislike for chemical anything, especially the drugs dished out by the medical field. I feel it is very important to help people re-empower themselves with God given remedies.  Since most of the real wisdom of herbology was lost or contained in remote cultures, this was a real challenge.  Not only was I to teach people, but I was also bringing back ancient knowledge to the current century.  This required a great deal of personal, family and friend experimentation.  I did not simply believe what was written in the herbal books.  I tested the herbs myself.  I made the teas, tinctures, poultices, etc... and experimented with the herbs until I knew that they were safe.  I had written a few herbal articles for some magazines (no charge) and from these there became a demand for an herbology home study course.  It took two years for me to complete that course, as everything had to be tested.  By the time I was finished I had a few hundred students.  Today Herbal Healer has a full Naturopathic program and have thousands of studying students and many graduates. 

    I want you to know that I have never introduced a new product or formula until I have personally tested it on myself or some other people close to me. There have been many money making products that I have elected not to carry.  Reasons have varied, but they were all products that I would personally not take for various reasons.   Bovine Colostrum is one of the latest money making crazes. I could have private labeled this product and undercut the market by almost half, but I do not think that this product is represented properly and I also do not think there has been enough long term research into this product to rule it completely safe.  Also, I am concerned about concentrated contamination of the colostrum: hoof and mouth disease, mad cow disease, anthrax, pesticide residues, high levels of antibiotics, etc. I would not take this product, and if I would not take it, I certainly won't sell it to you.  Understand you are dealing with a company that is truly concerned for your well being.  There is not one product that I sell that I would not take daily along with any of my members.   See if you can get your doctor to take what he prescribes for you.

  When I began selling diatomaceous earth, the material I received said it was a good wormer for animals and safe for internal use. I tested it on all my animals, dogs, turkeys, pigeons, goats, and  I took 6 caps a day for 2 weeks myself.  It had no side effects and I did find worms in the animal stools. It was especially effective with my turkeys. This kind of hands-on trial is the only real way that I can prove safety to myself and be 100% confident when I offer it for sale.  I am not guessing with my products,  I know.  Another good example is our incredible HHA Colloidal Silver.  There has been negative press about the toxicity factor of this product, so I have personally taken it everyday for the last 3 years.  My skin has not turned gray and my lab reports show no toxic silver build-up.  I have no stomach disorders, so I know it does not interfere with the natural flora in the body. 
As Herbal Healer became larger, it became easier to record the results of certain formulas because the students and members were willing to test them, and to my surprise,  many  of  them  produced  what   the conventional medical field said was impossible.  I have seen total healing's of hundreds and hundreds of so called "incurable" diseases.  I will never forget the day I received the formula for the 4-Herb Tea.  The article, as many of you are aware, stated that this formula could cure cancer.  I was very excited, but very skeptical, and I immediately decided to offer it to my students to try.  Fate will have it, my husbands aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor at that time and given only a few months to live.  We sent it to her as well as shipped it to 50 students of HHA.  By the way, Stephens aunt is still alive today and it has been years now!  (She has now passed away, but the tea helped add 10 more years to her life)  The results were staggering.

I began to receive letters about miraculous things happening to the people who took the tea.  The first one I recall was from a Chiropractor who wrote to me and told me that the patient she had put on the tea  had suffered from psoriasis for eight years.  After only 4 weeks taking the tea, it was completely gone. Now, remember, I am looking for cancer cures, nothing else.  Then comes a letter from a woman who had lost all her hair and after taking the 4-Herb tea it was all growing back.  The miraculous part of this story is that when her hair fell out it was gray, when it grew back in it was her original color of brown.  And so on... the testimonials rolled in on so many various ailments, I was shocked.  But I was still waiting for the cancer cure.  Then it came.  There was an elderly man who lived in the Arkansas Ozarks.  He was in his 70's and had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  After taking the tea, his health improved so much, he went back to the doctor, and after some tests, it was revealed that it had disappeared.  Over the years I have read thousands of HHA member testimonials to the incredible healing ability of these simple God given four herbs.  The synergistic healing ability of this simple herbal formula seems to target the detoxification of the liver and colon, and boost the blood and immune system.  This action explains why it helps so many different ailments.  In all these years, we have had no reports of toxicity or drug interactions with our 4-Herb Tea. As you can imagine, the demand for these herbs grew quite rapidly and I found it very difficult to secure enough organic, American grown herbs for our members.  We finally had to contract planting and harvesting and to this day have had to increase the crops by 50% every year.
With the 4-Herb Tea came people from all over the globe with every ailment known to man.  I had to find natural antibiotics, antivirals, and a host of other supplements to help these people.  Every supplement we sell in the catalog was put there because it was found effective in helping our members with various health problems, or to provide a safe, natural alternative to the poisoned products being sold on today's markets.
    For the first ten years I answered the phones and did direct personal consultations.  I also had a clinic open using my live field microscope to help cure dying cancer patients.  In that time the wealth of information I learned was simply mind boggling.  It was very unfortunate for our members that the government regulations closed down my clinic.  A law was passed in the State of Arkansas, making it a crime for me to use the term doctor.  So, when you see ** in from of McCain, you now know what that stands for.  The law is so strict that it even prohibits anyone from calling me doctor (in the state of Arkansas only). To protect HHA and all its members that count on us for their supplements, I had to go off of the phones.  There was a chance that I could be set up by the government agents on the phones and I was not willing to take that chance.  I was heartbroken over this law as I had worked very hard to become a master Naturopathic Doctor.  I almost gave up. The diabolical thing is, this law was passed to stop me.  I was the only practicing naturopath in the State at the time of the legislation.  Full copy of the bill which is now law can be read on our website. 
   This next little story is a real Paradox.  Our life and experiences in the State of Arkansas have been terrible.  We were literally run out of our first home, and most of the people were simply hateful to us.  The area is very racist and since I was raised in a huge cosmopolitan city (Toronto) I could not understand this hate and way of thinking.   I love the Ozarks and the land despite these terrible things that were happening,  HHA continued to grow and prosper and demanded more and more of my time.  I know some of you folks in the cities are going to have a hard time believing this still goes on, but here a couple of backwoods examples.  To scare us off, some cruel idiot shot about 30 crows and put them in our driveway.  One really nasty neighbor would shoot into the back of our house.  Local police would do nothing.  I had purchased a building that I was going to make into  the first clinic and that very weekend it was burned to the ground.  No investigation by police, just tough beans for us!  One day the police showed up and arrested me.  I was charged with cutting down my neighbors fence.  Now people, I am too busy with my work to go out and cut down anyone's fence.  Anyway, had to go get fingerprinted and go to court.  I was found innocent, but this was very stressful and embarrassing to say the least.   This is the type of opposition that we have had here.  Would it have been worse somewhere else?  I don't know.  But I chose to stay and fight for not only my beautiful mountain land, but for my passion against the terrible atrocities that are going on in the medical field.  I also fight for humanitarian rights and the rights of animals not to be abused.  After a few years, things died down and we are no longer outwardly attacked.  The attacks come from behind the scenes, like writing the unconstitutional bill they made law or when the helicopter came and hovered over my house in December of 1999 and sprayed us with something so toxic that I had complete kidney failure and pulmonary edema.  I came very close to dying.  I did not go to a hospital and I handled this crisis with all HHA products.  In this life death case, I give incredible credit to the Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract for saving my kidneys and helping to get the fluid off my lungs.  When the kidneys failed the lungs filled up with fluid and I was literally drowning.  Conventional medicine does not have a simple solution for pulmonary life threatening edema. Secondly, the Colloidal Silver and Olive Leaf provided the antimicrobial action I needed to fight the infection and 4-Herb Tea to detox the poisons.

   The reason we have survived and the Herbal Healer Academy continues on to this day has a great deal to do with my faith in God and what I am guided to do.  It will be at the Hand of God that this company ever has to close and only at the Hand of God that I will move on to the other side.  Until then, I will continue to do the best I can do, to bring you the truth in natural medicine and healing.  The truth about the atrocities, the chemical poisonings and the toxic drugs.  The truth about what can really help you to become well.  It was Jesus who said. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." I believe it also keeps us free.  Freedom is what this country was founded on and it is something that must be fought for in every generation.  I am fighting the good fight, I need all of you to help.  When you are helped with natural medicine or learn of toxic products, tell others.  If you have the desire to be a healer, then get started with your studies.  If you are already a healer, then start lecturing, writing, doing radio shows, making videos, etc... We have to collectively heal the world...one person at a time... That is our mission, our Divine Purpose and it is ordained by God.  Study, teach, heal, and prosper... that is our Divine Right.

    I know many of you Herbal Healers out there have run into corruption, ridicule and in some cases worse.  I will tell you the fight is worth it. People are worth saving!  The Talmud says, "Save a life and you save the world." You must keep going and continually try to help and not let the opposition scare you into stopping.  Respect people's free will to chose conventional medicine, but be there if they want an alternative! If you have a great deal of negativity thrown at you, you must take it and transmute it into positive energy for your work.  Don't spin around in upset emotions, go back to your work and your dream. Throw all of your positive energy into it.  Walk the thin line, but do not break the law.  Be prepared to change tactics.  Don't engage with them in fighting, this wastes your precious energy and resources.   If I had listened to anyone's advice when I had the idea to start this company, it would have never manifested.  Remember, most people cannot see your dream and vision.  They only see the surface stuff and it scares them, so they react negatively.  If you are like me, then you will have an undying passion for this mission and will learn to do whatever it takes.  If that means changing plans and re-grouping then so be it, but never give up.  We are counting on you!   "No Guts, No Glory."  I have always liked that, but I don't think they had healers in mind!

   Over the last 50 newsletter editions Herbal Healer has grown steadily, year after year.  Our first year we had about 200 members and readers.  This edition will be read by over 1/2 million people!  Our success is due to the support of the HHA Members who have put their faith and trust in us and have learned that natural medicine really does work.  Special thanks to all those that have prayed for us and supported us all these years.  I would also like to thank my husband, Stephen, and son, Jeff, who have been here since the hand mailing of the first HHA newsletter in 1988.

   Here is a copy of one of the hand done newsletter headers I did from 1989.  I did not have a computer, only a typewriter so I had to draw the header.  The cost of mailing our first newsletter was about $50.00.  The cost of mailing this snail mail newsletter one is over $55,000.00. (remember that was 2001)


DRUGS, DRUGS, and MORE DRUGS...  article from Summer 2001
I saw a client who was desperate for help. She was on the following medications: Pro Cardia - high blood pressure 60mg 2 X day, Mavic - 2 mg 1 X day, Fero Folic 500 mg 1 X day, Mylan - Ranitidine - 150 mg -2Xday, Flextra DS - 500 mg for fibromyalgia, Duradrin - 1Xday, Relafen 500mg 1 - 2 times a day for pain in foot, Ziac - 10 mg, 1 daily, Glucophage, 500 mg - 2 - 3x day, Glipizide 10 mg. 2 x day, Axid - 150 mg 1- 2 x day, Trazodone - 100mg 1/3 tab - for depression!  4 different doctors - all prescription drugs.   How do you think you would feel on all these for life?  How can you assist a body in rebalancing and finding a cure, when this many drugs are being ingested everyday?  You can't. Medical doctors are making people into drug addicts for life.  It not only costs you dearly in financial areas, but it costs you in the long run with your health.  These drugs are not cures, they are drugs designed to suppress symptoms.  Each drug also comes with a long list of contraindications and side effects as well.
It is my hope that someday we will truly see an end to this insane drugging of our citizens, but it really all starts with you and your willingness to take control of your life.  Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your health.  You are responsible for your health and you can control what happens to you.  You are not a victim of random disease that mysteriously just manifests.  There is a cause for every ailment and there is a cure, but it is up to you to search out the cause that has contributed to your ill health.  Many times it is simple.  Overeating, the sin of gluttony, is responsible for so much suffering and illness.  In my opinion it ranks number one in contributing to failing organs, diabetes, heart disease and cancers.  Many ailments, especially cancers can be caused by the use of toxic pesticides, garden fungicides, and other environmental poisons like polyurethane paints and many cosmetics.  Toxic chemicals added to your foods, food dyes, MSG, Aspartame and hundreds of other additives all contribute to failing health.  Are you still spraying your lawns with these carcinogenic agents?  Are you dying your hair with products that carry warning labels about possible blindness?  Are you poisoning yourself and your home with toxic termite sprays?  Are you using tampons that warn they may cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?  Are you eating foods that carry ingredient labels of chemicals you can't even pronounce?  Then who is to blame for your illness?  In many cases, you are. You bought and used them. Simple. You have to learn to stop poisoning yourself and find alternatives that are safe for you and your environment if you want to remain healthy and drug free.  You cannot rely on any government assurance of safety, as they have lied to protect industrial profits.  DDT, Thalidomide, leaded paints, now banned pesticides, radiation testing, ad nauseum...  were all approved at one time as completely safe.
Herbal Healer Academy is dedicated to finding safe, healthy alternatives and cures, so you do not have to be dependent on drugs for life.  But the choice is still up to each and every one of you and you must take total responsibility for your health.
Added 2010 - With the Internet available at your fingertips it is very easy to research things that are toxic.  Use your google search engine.  Look up the side effects of prescriptions drugs.  Try MSG toxicity and see what you get.



"We have just relocated to a neighborhood in Jerusalem called Neveh Yacov. We did live just outside the Old City, over by Damascus Gate, where a Jewish man was stabbed this week. As you may already know, the Damascus Gate area is entirely Arab, so we feel much safer in Neveh Yacov. I and my husband are attending Hebrew language classes, and after that, I will attempt to open my own Herbal Healer shop. This type of thing would be a blessing to the people, as the medical system here offers their patients either natural or allopathic remedies for their ailments.  My husband and I are so glad that we met you, and were able to pass through your hallowed halls of learning. My husband said "God bless Dr. McCain; she has really added to our quality of life." Even from such a distance we are still blessing the day we met you. May the Lord richly provide for you protection, love and all that you need." YHWH Yireh (The Lord will provide) --Dr. D.G. Graduated in 1999 - Member since 1997

"I just want to THANK YOU! For all the information you sent me. I received my order today of the Beta Glucans and HHA 4-Herb Tea concentrate. A friend who had breast cancer two years ago refused chemo/radiation and opted for Essiac and today is cancer free. She is the one who turned me on to HHA and I in turn am telling everyone I know about HHA and Essiac. I don't have (at least I hope I don't) cancer but have refused mammograms because I don't trust them and feel they are the cause of why so many women are coming down with breast cancer. I know five so far that were perfectly healthy before starting mammograms and on the fifth year all came down with breast cancer. Makes me wonder. So, I am taking these supplements as a preventive. Thanks again for being there!" --A.T - HHA Member since 2000
"The Four Agreements is a wonderful book. I have given four copies of it to family members to read and then to pass on when they are done. So far they've all loved the book too. I am truly enjoying putting the agreements to work in my life." ~D.D. Member since 1999
Here is a wonderful testimonial from one of our members, who sent in 12 wonderful pictures showing the amazing results he got from using the 4-Herb Tea "sludge" (herbs left after straining the 4-Herb Tea). NO scar, NO pain, just healed! Twelve incredible testimonial pictures are posted on our web site! Over the years we have had many members reporting similar success with the 4-Herb Tea "sludge" (herbs left after the tea is strained) for their difficult skin problems. This is the first time we have had the pictures to prove it! Thanks so much to David for his great work in documentation on this project. As you can see YOUR member testimonials and documentation are very important in helping others, so please take the time to send them in.
"Thank you for the bulk HHA 4-HERB tea. I used the 4-HERB Tea "sludge" as a poultice with a Band-Aid to remove a growth on my temple. It took 100 days of nightly treatments to make it fully disappear. I only wore the poultice at night. It took a little discipline to get into the habit of applying the poultice and band aid every night at bedtime, but after a while it was just like brushing your teeth, you just did it. Thank you for the great products and service. Marijah McCain and Herbal Healer Academy have my permission to use and keep this letter and enclosed photos."  "Make "4 Herb Tea" which is Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkish Rhubarb Root. Boil 10 minutes. Steep for 12 hours. Strain. Put sludge from strainer into plastic container with lid and store in refrigerator. Apply a pinch of sludge to band aid and apply over spot. Wear at night while sleeping. I did not wear band aid poultice during day. Takes 100 days. I missed maybe three or four nights."
Dear Dr. McCain, "You said to use garlic oil mixed with vegetable oil for my dogs ear mites, it worked great! ** McCain's comment: Use 2 tablespoons of any kitchen oil and open and add 3-4 caps of garlic oil. Swab or pour really well deep into the ears. Leave in overnight and then wipe ears with paper towel and clean the dead stuff out with a Q-Tip. Repeat if necessary." ~J.S. Member since 1999
"Dear ** McCain, Aloha. Almost six years ago my son had sarcoma and he has been on the 4 Herb Bulk tea since then. Thanks to the Good Lord and you he is 23 yrs old now and travels alot." ~ P.A. Member since 1995
Dear ** McCain,  "I want to thank you for your advice on using the colloidal silver, oregano oil capsules, and olive leaf capsules to help my husband rid himself of a bowel infection with constant diarrhea that he suffered with for two months until we sought your advice. The doctors we had gone to were no help at all--they told him to take Imodium AD to stop the persistent diarrhea. What a joke!! That definitely didn't work, and the doctors did not offer any help beyond this. He had never had anything like this before--normally he is pretty healthy. We thought he had the flu at first and then later contracted food poisoning at a restaurant. I tried garlic capsules which did not seem to help either. It was only after taking your advice that he got better. Within a week he had much improved and is now back to normal. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to send you our questions for advice! ~ K.J. HHA Member since 2000
"I just found out about your products three months ago when my stepfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily, my parents heard about your HHA 4-Herb Tea and my mom began making the tea with your herbs, faithfully. Three months ago, the doctor gave one shot of chemotherapy, to reduce testosterone production. Today, my step-dad received some great news! Originally his PSA count was 8.1 - today (3 months later) it is only .1 (point one). He also had a digital exam, and the left tumor was completely gone and the right tumor was reduced from 1 1/2 centimeters to 3 millimeters. It could be the 4-herb tea, or the colloidal silver, or both. Funny, when Mom asked the doctor if this progress was good, the doctor said it was "typical". (The doctor has no knowledge of their alternative treatment). I say "baloney!" If that sort of progress is "typical", we wouldn't have prostate cancer, would we? My awareness of cancer has heightened, since my stepmother had a double-mastectomy last year. I wish I had known about the tea when she was diagnosed. I just ordered my first course on herbology.  Thanks for helping to save people's lives." ~ C.G. Member since 2001
Dear ** McCain, "I have some good news. The lump that I had told you about is considerably smaller since I have been taking the 4 Herb Tea and the Shark Cartilage and in just four and a half weeks!!! Thank you so much. I take the 4 Herb Tea three times a day and six of the Shark Cartilage capsules--3 twice a day. You don't know how relieved I am!! Again, thank you , thank you, thank you. God Bless You!" ~ C.A. Member since 1997
Dear HHA, "The Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid works so well. I know I don't get enough calcium so I needed a non-dairy supplement. I take 1 TBSP every night before bed. A week before my period starts, I start taking 2 TBSP's before bedtime and while I am on my period. I sleep like a baby and have no PMS cramping. It is very effective. The other product I use is the Super II (all natural herbal laxative). Let me tell you, that stuff works and is not hard on my system at all. I've had irregular bowel movements all my life. I started out with one Super II in the morning and 1 before bed and increased the dosage like the instructions on the bottle tell you. In addition, I drank lots and lots of water (distilled) which helped greatly. I would recommend these products to everyone."  ~ L.W. New 2001 Member
"I get UTI's (Urinary Tract Infection) frequently, so I keep test strips on hand. When I tested my urine the strip automatically turned pink without waiting for the required 60 seconds. I began taking HHA Colloidal Silver 1/2 tsp. twice a day in liquid on a Monday. I decided to check my urine again on Friday, and the test strip was white, my infection was gone. I plan to stay on colloidal silver indefinitely. Never again will I go to a Dr. for treatment of a UTI. Thank you ** McCain for your wonderful products." ~ J.D. HHA Member since 2000
Dear ** McCain, "I have been writing to you now for 2 years on behalf of my mother who *had* pancreatic cancer.  Not a sign of it (cancer) and she is doing very well all things considered. On June 21st, she will be living 2 years from the onset of cancer.  Amazing, isn't it? Thank you for all your beautiful work and your efforts to help all of us. No one could benefit more from it than myself as I have received 2 years more of life being with my Mother and that is a gift and blessing that is the best in the world." ~ J.K. HHA Member since 1999
** McCain,  "For 10 years, I have had a cold sore that would break out of my outer lip during periods of stress. Originally, I did nothing because I did not know how to treat it. They usually lasted 10 days. Then I started reading about natural ways to alleviate it. I tried soaking my lip with milk for 15 minutes a day--that helped the sore feel better for a while, but  it was messy, embarrassing to do in front of others, and didn't necessarily shorten the duration. Then, I tried HHA's HRPZ drops!!! What a terrific product--it really works!!!! I use it two ways: I swallow about 10 drops 2-3 times a day in tea or other liquid. But also, and I think this works faster, I apply a drop or two of the liquid with an eyedropper directly on the sore as often as I have time for--usually 3-4 times a day. It works immediately in fighting the infection. The pain is much less, and the sore is gone in 5 days rather than 10. If I apply the liquid at the first day or sign that the sore is starting, I don't even get a sore--at most just a few tiny blisters that don't even break open and the sore is gone in 3 days!! I also believe that since I have started using the HRPZ drops, the sores are much milder and less frequent. I am convinced this product works--I will not bother trying anything else. Thank you for offering this product for sale!!!!"  ~ K.J. HHA Member since 2000
Dear ** McCain, "I am writing for my dog "Samantha". She is a Newfoundland and my best friend. When she was spayed she became incontinent and had hot spots. She has been miserable for the last 2 & 1/2 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on drugs including steroids (which I am against). I saw your page for homeopets natural meds. I sent for the Leaks No More and Miliary Eczema (Female). In three days she had improved. She is no longer whimpering all night from the hot spots and she hasn't had a urinary accident for over two weeks. This just reinforces what you teach. We have to help the body heal itself, not mask it with a Band-Aid. God Bless your work! ~ C.F. , HHA Member since 2000
Hello ** McCain, "I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for the info & advice you have provided over the years. I always look forward to your newsletter. About 2 or 3 years ago you helped me get rid of a skin tumor on my forehead with a skin cream of which I can't recall the name, but ma'am, it worked great and fast. THANK YOU! ~ B.G., HHA Member since 1999. ** McCain's comment: "The Bloodroot/Poke Root Salve - in catalog"
** McCain, "Thanks to you, I no longer suffer from fatigue, or acid reflux....your suggestions are always right on!!!  --- PS keep doing what you do, we need more like you. My daughter would be on 4 Asthma meds if I would have listened to the "specialists" she's not on any, again reading your catalog and advice helped!!!" ~ A.J., HHA Member since 1998
"** McCain, my old mare with melanoma is doing very beautifully now. Tumors are shrinking (very, very slowly) but if you didn't know she was 22 you'd never guess. She looks fabulous. Not bad considering I was going to put her down a year ago because she looked so awful. Love that 4-Herb Tea!! Thanks for everything. I'm really learning a lot through Herbal Healer and hope to be an Naturopath one day. Already helping people since taking the herbal course. ~ A.K. HHA Member since 2000
Dear ** McCain, "My mother (also a member of HHA) is taking the 4 herb tea for multiple myeloma, which is almost in remission. Her oncologist asked her what she has been doing and she told him about the tea. He said to continue because it's working." ~ T.P. HHA Member since 1999.
Dear ** McCain, "My chronic yeast infection of 17 yrs.. is gone thanks to the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract, 2 drops a day for 2 1/2 weeks with every other day of colloidal silver for same amount of time. I also took acidophilus capsules and ate a few yogurts! Now this is amazing to me cause there's not even an ITCH! Ever since the birth of last child, have had yeast infection every since. I have been to a few doctors and even a study just for this and you know what the doctor said>>>WOW are you full of yeast, as if I didn't know!!!  Any how I love everything you do and am a student who has a little way to go and want to say THANKS!!!!! ~D. Member - 1998
Dear ** McCain, "Just wanted to let you know that Herbal Healer just saved me $200+ for an operation on my dog. My 10 year old dog had a cyst in his eye lid that kept getting larger. The Vet wanted $200 in order to remove it. I made the appointment but then canceled it when I started thinking that maybe he would not make it through the surgery. Or maybe they would mess up and injure his eye. And there was the possibility that the cyst would just come back. I happened to be looking over one of the HHA newsletters and it mentioned Colloidal Silver was good for cysts in dogs. So I made up a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of Silver. I drank most of it myself for an ear ache that I had but gave the last 1/4 of the glass to my dog. I put some of it on the cyst itself by just pouring it in his eye and the rest he drank. I did this three days in a row, on the third day it had shrunk considerably. It continued to shrink and it is totally gone today. Thank you so much for your good works, it is priceless. And my ear ache is gone as well, but that was no surprise, been staying healthy on Colloidal Silver for about two years now. No flu, colds or other viruses stand a chance in our house!" ~ L from TX
Dear ** McCain, "My husband is a stage 4 colon cancer patient that is responding beyond everyone's wildest dreams! His last tumor marker was down to 1.1 from 770. If it stays below 3 for 3 months and if his CT scan show no further development, and after a PET scan, it shows no further mets...he will be considered in remission. Beats the 4-6 weeks he had given him to live in November!!! He is drinking his 4-Herb tea daily, takes his Beta Glucans, and Milk Thistle. The Dr. still asks us if he is drinking his Essaic (4-Herb Tea) . When he says yes, he tells him not to change anything! Your web site is now posted in the oncologist office! We are making a difference! Thanks for being there to walk us thru this unknown scary territory!" ~ D.T. HHA Member since 2000.
CANCER NOT FOUND! So Glad I Took The Herb Course 
Dear ** McCain, "Report on the latest CT scan for husband with cancer 28 months now. The doctors say they can find NO abnormal lymph nodes, and NO mass can be found. 28 months ago they operated and found he had lymphoma and could not remove it and sewed him back up. The day he returned from hospital I put him on the 4-herb tea, with yew tips and red clover as you advised and he has gotten better and better every day. He is 74 now and does a big garden, cuts wood and helps son with his work. His pain stopped within 10 days of treatment and has never returned. The doctor never would say this time the cancer was gone, he just said they had done a good job of removing it, we know the truth, and sing the praises of the natural route everywhere we go. Most people lack trust in the herbs but for us it's the only way to go. I'm so glad I took the herb course it has saved lives, and I highly recommend this course for all who desire a more natural way. Thank you ** McCain for all the years you have put in, it has and will help mankind. God's speed to you all. A thankful student." ~ M.B. HHA Member since 1996.
Dear ** McCain, "I took the Oregano Pills for gas I had after eating beans. I take 1 three times a day if I need them. No after taste. They really work GREAT!!!! Much better than gas-X or Tums!! And much safer. Please never stop making them."~ J.
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