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This page brought to you as a part of
MEMORY LANE - Articles from past snail mail newsletters

Year 2000 - 46th & 47th Edition of the HHA Newsletter
Traditional Medicine - 3rd leading killer in the US,
Human Parasites, Fungal Diseases
Rant on antidepressant drugs
J.A.M.A. admits...
Conventional Medicine Errors are the
3rd Leading
Cause of Death in the U.S. 
And you pay for this???
In a mind boggling article published by The Journal of the American Medical Association - Vol. 284. No. 4 - July 28, 2000 the research finally admits to mainstream that they are killing 250,000 Americans per year.  They estimate the figure to be low and say remember these are only the death figures, not the adverse side effects associated with disability or discomfort.  Complete article is on the web site.

12,000  - unnecessary surgery
7,000 - medication errors in hospital
20,000 - other errors in hospitals
80,000 - nosocomial infections in hospitals
106,000 - adverse effects of medications

Hey people, compare this to hand gun deaths, drunk driver deaths, air bag deaths or any other issue that takes up mainstream press time and ask yourself why this situation which kills 1/4 million of us a year, and don't forget you pay highly for this extinction privilege, isn't a serious issue!

We have taken a great deal of flack from mainstream at the Herbal Healer Academy.  We have been called just about every name under the sun and have been harassed for years.  Some of you understand this as you are even criticized by your own families for trying to help yourself and them using safe,  natural supplements.  Well folks, with Statistics like this it is plain to see who are the weird and nutty ones...  What is wrong with the American people that they are so weak minded that they will die taking toxic poison before they will take responsibility for themselves and learn about their bodies?  Are they so brow beaten by the system and their own self esteem issues that they can't say no when someone/something is going to poison them?  What is wrong with the mainstreamers that when they look up the side effects of their chemical drugs and see the side effects written in black and white in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) they still take the poison, knowing full well they are going to risk their health.  Why are they still doing this?

I can not tell you how many hundreds of people I have talked to over the years that are afraid to take an herbal tea but will quaff down 6 or 7 chemical prescription drugs.  My friends this has to be a simple case of mass brainwashing.  It is simply not rational. Many people continue to believe the lies they are told and refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives.  Many believe the U.S. has the best health care in the world, but look at more JAMA stats!!!

Of  13 countries the U.S. rankings are terrible.
(Countries in order of their average ranking - Japan, Sweden, Canada,
France, Australia, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, U.K., Denmark, Belgium, U.S., and Germany.)
U.S. ranking's are as follows:
13th (last)
in low-birth weights
neonatal mortality
post neonatal mortality
life lost excluding external causes
for life expectancy at 1 year for females
...for males
for life expectancy at 15 years for females
...for males
for life expectancy at 40 for females
...for males
for life expectancy at 65 for females
...for males
for age adjusted mortality

The poor performance of the United States was confirmed by the World Health Organization.  The press would have you believe that it is the American lifestyle.. smoking, drinking, etc., but the statistics show otherwise.  The top ranking best health care statistics are from Japan and 41% of the women smoke and 61% of the men.  U.S. stats are 24% of women smoke  and 28% men.  The data for alcohol is similar.

It is the toxic lifestyle of chemical drug use, toxic medical therapies, ingestion of environmental poisons such as pesticides, chemical additives to foods, unnecessary food dyes in most drinks, poisoned tap water that contain carcinogenic chemicals, to name a few, plus a general disregard for nature and all that is natural.  For instance, plastic commercials are aired to reinforce mainstream acceptance, but the pollution that is caused by the manufacturing of plastics is just mind boggling.  For instance, research shows that PCB's act like estrogen in the body and upset the regular metabolism making women heavier and feminizing men. Statistics show men's sperm counts have been dropping for years due to environmental impacts of the toxins.  These toxins are in the entire US water supply.  I could rant on forever about what I will call the "no-regard for sustainable life" consciousness, but I will tell you it must change and it must change very soon.

There are thousands of gifted inventors that have solutions available for all our environmental problems, but until now they have been ridiculed, prosecuted and in some cases murdered.  I hold the entire responsibility for this state of affairs with the consciousness of the mainstream thinkers. It is mainstreamers who, with their money, supported the whole tragic situation and allowed it to prosper.

We were recently harassed by the Dept. of Agriculture in Nebraska for our website presence of the natural dog and cat flea collars, pyrethrum powder and diatomaceous earth.  They were hammering us with FDA pesticide laws and demanded that we not allow the sale of these products to the people in Nebraska.   The email was very aggressive and folks we are talking about an essential oil flea collar and non toxic herbs and prehistoric dust!   This is how out of balance the mainstream is...  What about the article that was just released showing research and evidence that the use of home chemicalized pesticides causes Parkinson's disease!!!  Here's the latest on that...

The study lead by Loreen Nelson, a neuroepidemiologist, at Stanford University's School of Medicine, is the largest ever of individuals with newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease.   The study findings were presented in May 2000 at the American Academy of Neurology's 52nd Annual Meeting in San Diego and a full report is expected to be released in 2001.  They found that people exposed to in-home pesticides were 70% more likely to develop Parkinson's than those with no exposure.   Exposure to garden insecticides increased the risk by 50%.  Herbicides increased greatly with the factor of exposure.  30 days exposure - 40% more likely - over 120 days - 70% more likely... So if you use insecticides in the house and herbicides in the garden seems like your chances of getting Parkinson's is statistically pretty high. In light of this new research we would encourage anyone with this diagnosis to use the HHA 4-Herb Tea to help detox the liver, the Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract and also the Homeopathic ADDEX (detox pesticides) drops.

The point I am making here is the natural medicine industry is continually harassed over and over again on small insignificant issues and we certainly haven't killed 250,000 people this year nor do we poison them... It is time the harassment issues were reversed.

Our company, like many other grass roots organizations, works very hard at not only supplying natural supplements and medicines that work, but we also play a large role in bringing awareness to people.  Unfortunately changing consciousness and spilling the beans on the status quo can be a rough task.

"Unrighteous doctors dealing drugs that will never cure your ills" 
Bob Dylan, songwriter, singer



Myself and a handful of others, like Dr. Hulda Clark,  have spent years trying to bring the parasite issue to the forefront of preventative & curative medicine.  The good news is the medical field is slowly training their doctors once again on the health risks of parasites.  Here's a quote from the 1997 edition of Diagnostic Medical Parasitology. "During the past few years, the field of medical parasitology has seen some drastic changes, including newly recognized parasites and an overall increased awareness of parasitic infections. We have seen organisms, like the microsporidia, change from "unusual parasitic infection" to being widely recognized as one of the most important infections in a compromised patient."

I am looking at a medical textbook with over 900 pages describing all the different human parasites that people can get.  I am going to list the subcategories here so you will get the idea of just how big and serious this issue is.  Most Americans carry parasites and this is currently a serious health issue.  Parasites are not meant to kill you, they just sit inside you and steal your nutrition.  But, when a person gets weakened from another ailment the parasites can take hold and become life threatening.  This is why EVERYONE with any health disorder should do an anti-parasite program at least once a year.  Twice a year if you live with animals.  People interested in maintaining good health should also do routine parasite cleansing once every 2 or 3 years.

Intestinal Protozoa - Amebae, Flagellates, Cilates, Coccidia and Mocrosporidia
Examples: GIARDIA - infection rates - 2-15% in various parts of the world
Cryptosporidium - Waterborne outbreak in Milwaukee, Wis. in the water supply in 1993 infected 300,000. Data indicates there are 500 million cryptosporidium infections worldwide.
Genital Protozoa
TRICHOMONAS - (5 million women and 1 million men in U.S. infected)
Nervous System Protozoa
NAEGLERIA FOWLERI - Closely resembles bacterial meningitis but is a protozoa found in moist soil and fresh water. Acute suppurative infection of the brain and meninges.
Tissue Protozoa
ACANTHAMOEBA - These organisms invade the adrenal's, brain, eyes, kidney, liver, pancreas, skin, spleen, thyroid, and uterus.
PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII - Recognized in recent years as an important cause of Pneumonia, particularly in AIDs patients. 
TRICHINELLA SPIRALIS - From ingestion of raw or poorly cooked pork, bear, walrus, or other carnivores. They go through the lymphatic system to the muscles and invade the diaphragm, tongue, jaws, neck, biceps and gastrocnemius.  These create cysts which are encapsulated by the host. In some cases calcification of the cysts occurs.  This also causes weakening of the muscles.
Blood Parasites
MALARIA - 300 million people per year infected.  Blood born parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. It is not epidemic in the U.S. but is still considered a  life threatening ailment for travelers.
BABESIA SPP.  First discovered in Texas cattle in 1888 and is now recognized as the cause of Texas cattle fever transmitted by ticks. Severe outbreaks have occurred in the northern U.S. The organism like Malaria infects the Red Blood Cells.  This is potentially fatal.
Intestinal Nematodes
ASCARIS LUMRICOIDES - Largest of the nematodes - Can go up to a foot in length. "The number of people infected in the world with this parasite is only second to  the number infected with pinworms."  Eggs hatch in stomach and the larvae invade the intestinal walls. Then they go to the lungs.  Worms may migrate due to stimuli such as fever, general anesthesia, or other abnormal conditions. This migration can result in intestinal blockage and infestation of vital organs.
E. VERMICULARIS - The common pinworm. In most people the only symptom is an itchy anus, irritability and insomnia.  These are very common and a quote directly from the text reads "You had this infection as a child, you have it now or you will get it again when you have children".
TRICHURIS TRICHIURA - Known as the Whipworm. These are about an inch long. They are rarely seen in the stool as they are attached to the intestinal walls.  These contribute to anemia as they suck blood and also cause dysentery.
HOOKWORMS - Globally 900 million people have these.  These little guys steal valuable iron.  They can cause both mental and physical retardation.
TRICOSTRONHGYLUS SPP. Found in herbivores throughout the world. Grazing areas are constantly reinfected. Human infection of S. steroralis is acquired by skin penetration of the filariform larvae from the soil.
Liver & Lung Trematodes or Flukes
Clonorchis, Opisthorchis and Fasciola are tremadodes that parasitize the biliary ducts and gall bladders of humans.  Over 40 million people have acquired food borne trematode infections. Infections occur from Raw fish or uncooked water plants. Carried by dogs, cats and other fish eating animals.
PARAGONIMUS SPP.  - Found in the lungs of carnivores and humans first detected in 1828. Light infestations are asymptomatic, although lung lesions may be noted on X-ray examination.  Sometimes mistaken for cancer of the lungs. Eventually chronic cough develops with blood tinged sputum and vague chest pains.  Estimates are 22 million people worldwide have these.
Blood Trematodes or Flukes
SCHISTOSOMES have infected more than 200 million people worldwide.  The spleen can become congested and increase in size. These can travel all over the body to most organs and can even cause seizures when they get into the brain.  They have been reported to invade the spinal cord.

Believe me, I have spared you the real gory details.  This is just a small sample of human parasites that are common. Many parasites are passed back and forth from your pets and livestock, so it is important to worm them as well.  Other parasitic infections you pick up from contaminated water, food, insect bites, walking on the ground... They are just everywhere and something you have to understand as a reality.  They simply need to be detoxed on a regular basis (once a year at least) if you want to stay healthy.

Many diseases in this country are misdiagnosed and treated without the first thought that there may be a parasitic connection.  This, in my opinion, should be the first problem treated in all patients.  To be fair here, I do have to explain that because our current medical system is not designed to treat anything without a clinical/laboratory diagnosis, it is virtually impossible at this time for the lab work to be done on all the various parasites. I originally worked in parasitology years ago and checked parasites in stool samples for the Department of Immigration in Canada.  Stool testing is very labor intensive and requires a technician to spend at least 1/2 hour per sample.  There is simply not the man power to do this on a large scale.  To make things more difficult, many parasites can not be found in the stool.  Liver flukes, blood born, etc. simply will not show up that way.  So this has been a real problematic issue for the conventional medical system.  The other problem the conventional medical field has is their treatments.  When I was in lab technology there was no known drug available for tapeworms due to the fact that they are so well suited to our body that you literally have to kill the patient to get the worm.  They did have a treatment that aggravated the tapeworm and we were on call to check the stool everyday to see if the head had come out.  So, the drugs they have to kill parasites, in most cases, have to be at such a high toxic level that the risk is not worth it, especially in a patient that is already sick. 

With that aside, I would like to say that doctors simply denying the health risks of parasitic infections have been a huge mistake. They should have looked to natural anti-parasite formulas along time ago.  Parasites are the cause of hundreds of misdiagnosed ailments.  Diabetes complications have been closely linked to a parasite from cattle that infects the pancreas. Many asthmatic patients actually have lung worms. Many liver diseases are actually liver fluke infestations.  Some heart problems are actually due to heart worms.  Yes humans can get heart worms!

Fortunately throughout the clinical research work in Mexico with American Biologics and also Hulda Clark, we have natural remedies that are non-toxic and effective against most of these parasites.

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS?  In the U.S. diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites is the third leading cause of illness.  Gas, diarrhea, chronic constipation, bloating, fatigue, skin rashes, nail biting, mood swings, insomnia, dry skin, brittle hair, bad breath and muscle cramping are a few common symptoms. Because parasites can occur anywhere in the body, the symptoms can as well.  Parasites contribute to major diseases including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and rheumatoid symptoms, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and others.
DO I NEED TESTING - Because the formulas we carry are safe and because of the large percentage of people that have these infections, we at Herbal Healer see no reason to spend money on expensive testing.  Many of the conventional doctors will laugh you out of the office if you even suggest it anyway.   Just do an anti-parasite program once a year.

INTESTINAL FREEDOM - All natural herbal formulation.  - Clinically tested in Mexico and at HHA, it has been found to be very safe and effective.  Side effects can be a sudden onset of diarrhea, but this is viewed as a positive sign and the bodies way for helping to get rid of the dying parasites.  It is also easy to take.  Adults under 200 pounds take 2 caps 1/2 hour after lunch and 2 caps 1/2 hour after dinner.  Take this for 30 days - 1 bottle has 120 caps.  The reason it's taken after a meal is this is when most of the parasites become active and feed. Children over 8 - take 1 cap twice daily.   Do not do a parasite program if you are pregnant.

HHA ANTI-PARASITE TINCTURE * FRESH GREEN BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD COMPLEX - Should be taken as well - Adults only.  This is formulated from the herbs recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark.  She has done extensive research with parasites and patients and published a few books, the most popular being the Cure for All Diseases - available at HHA. This tincture is made from fresh green walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves and tastes terrible, but it is is highly effective and safe. 

WORMING CHILDREN & ELDERLY - Ages 1 year and up.  I do not like to use any strong herbals, especially wormwood, on children.  They respond very well to homeopathic formulations.  You can safely use our NEW - HHA PARASITE DETOX Homeopathic Formula.  Safe and effective.  Ages 1-3 - Use 3 drops under tongue or in a little water twice daily.  Ages 4 and above - Use 5 drops twice daily.   Severe cases - 4 X  a day.  $17.00 for a 2 oz. bottle.

WORMING YOUR PETS - This must be done twice a year, whether your vet says so or not.  All pets and livestock carry parasites and are re-infected from their environment.  Until we find a well researched natural alternative I would recommend that you use the conventional pet wormers available over the counter at your local feed store or at your vet.  They are relatively safe and effective.  Do not worm an animal if it is very sick.  I use a product called Tasty Paste from the local feed store on all my big dogs and it has proven non-toxic over the years.  We do carry a Multiple Potency homeopathic parasite detox that I recommend for small dogs and cats.  It assists in the treatment of and prevention of round, pin, hook, tape and thread worms.

Diatomaceous earth can be added to dry bird and livestock feed as a preventative and also is helpful with some parasites.  Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of dry grain.  Safe for all birds, goats, horses, etc.  Anything that eats grain.


In order to really make some progress with the healing of candidiasis and other opportunistic fungal infections we need to understand some basic facts. The following statements are taken from Medical Microbiology, a text book used in the training of doctors and microbiologists.

Any fungal infection is called a mycosis. Mycoses are generally chronic (long-lasting) infections because fungi grow slowly.  Our concern here is with the group know as systemic mycoses or fungal infections deep within the body and bloodstream. These systemic fungal infections are caused by saprophytic fungi that live in the soil, air and the body.  Inhalation of spores is the common route of transmission; these infections typically begin in the lungs and then spread to other body tissues.  For instance, Histoplasmosis superficially resembles tuberculosis. X-rays show lung lesions in many people who test negative for TB. The lungs are the first place of infection, however it can become progressive and the organism can cause lesions in all organs of the body.  Many times this is misdiagnosed as cancer, especially in the lungs.

I had a patient once who had his lung removed from a simple X-Ray diagnosis and then was treated with chemotherapy.  By the time he came to see me, doctors had given him just a few weeks,  his heart was ruined from the chemo drugs, but the fascinating fact was that with my microscope I was not able to find a cancer profile. None of the cancer indicators were present. In my opinion, he never had lung cancer, he probably had lesions caused from a fungal  infection.  He did report to me that this all started with a cough and flu that did not respond to antibiotics!  Of course not. Antibiotics do not get the fungals. Folks, how many other people are given chemotherapy, radiation and surgery when it was never cancer? I would estimate that there are thousands!   Why?  Ignorance, corruption and greed!

Coccidioidomycosis and other pulmonary fungal infections do virtually the same thing, with symptoms of chest pain, sometimes low grade fever and coughing.  The chest pains are also in many cases misdiagnosed as heart problems and many heart by-passes were performed that were unnecessary!

Many other opportunistic fungi can cause serious disease symptoms, particularly in immunosuppressed people where there is exposure to massive numbers of spores.  Aspergillosis is transmitted easily from decaying vegetation. These systemic fungal infections can be very dangerous, particularly invasive infections of pulmonary aspergillosis. Predisposing factors include impaired immune system, cancer and diabetes.

Here you have it folks, right from the medical books.  Fungal infections always need to be addressed with cancer and diabetes!  Do the medical people treat you for fungal infections? Not normally... Guess what! Penicillin is a fungus and is a known cause of fungal infections in the body.  It is a known fact that when women take these fungal based antibiotics, like Penicillin, they can develop a "yeast" fungal infection!  Well, women are lucky, they have a way to get it out of the body with vaginal discharge.  Men are not so lucky.  The fungal now infects the organs.  That's right, the very medicine you took to help a bacterial infection has just started you on a road of declining health!  By the way, all the immune suppressant drugs also pave the way for systemic fungal infections.

One of the more common human infectious fungi (there are over 100)  is Candida albicans.  Understand that this is a NORMAL flora of the mucous membranes in the respiratory, gastrointestinal and female genital tracts.  Candida may produce bloodstream invasion, thrombophlebitis, endocarditis, or infections of the eyes and other organs when it is in the blood stream.  Candida ferments glucose and maltose, producing both gas and acid; produces acid from sugar and does not digest lactose.  These represent some of the  early symptoms of an infection;  Gas, bloating, no longer can digest cheese, or milk products.  In my professional opinion,  this candida infection is the cause of the new disease known as GERDS, or  REFLUX disease!  Another tidbit you probably didn't want to hear is that Candida is also spread by human to human contact. Textbook predisposing factors to C. albicans infections are: diabetes mellitus, general debility, immuno- deficiency, indwelling urinary or intravenous catheters, intravenous narcotics abuse, administration of antimicrobials (antibiotics - which severely alter the normal bacterial good flora), and corticosteroids!  Also not mentioned in the medical texts are the following: increased radiation toxicity on this planet contributes significantly to the epidemic we see with chronic candida.  Microwaves that are continually bombarding the body's immune system causing weakened conditions in the body, chronic constipation, poor dietary eating habits, especially consuming severe excesses of sugars and breads, lack of environmental cleanliness, parasitic infections in many cases go hand in hand with systemic candida infections,  poor air ventilations and toxic air for that matter to name a few more. 

I had to tell you this one.  The Medical Microscopy book clearly states that orally administered Nystatin (allopathic drug) is not absorbed, remains in the gut, and has no effect on systemic candida.  This is one of the number one prescribed drugs for vaginal yeast infections!  Why, can you tell me, is it written in the Medical Microbiology book that it doesn't work and yet it is prescribed to millions of women? I heard your answer - Money and corruption.  Thank you!

Candida can appear in the body in a number of ways.  Mouth infections known as thrush or white patches, common in babies; Female Genitalia known as vaginal yeast infection; Skin where the infection generally occurs in the warm, moist areas, such as the intergluteal folds, groin and neck.  It is very common in obese and diabetic individuals. These areas become red and weeping and many develop vesicles.  Nails also become thick, with severe cases causing the loss of the nails altogether. Lung and other organs are also key areas of infection, especially when another pre-existing ailment is present. Fungal lesions can occur in many organs particularly causing damage to the kidneys, lungs and liver.

The thing that really ticks me off in this day and age is the doctors out there denying that there is even such a thing as a systemic yeast infection.  It has been in the text books for years.  They KNOW it exists, but why do they deny it?  I found all the cancer, fibromyalgia, GERDS, lupus, and GWS patients to ALL have systemic fungal infections in their blood.  I used a Bradford Live Field Microscopy system in my research.  I also found that when the fungal infection was treated using natural medicine they all showed remarkable improvement, even though they were diagnosed with different diseases.

Folks, the days of the one pill drug fix is gone forever.  As you can see fungus is with us, can cause severe disease symptoms, even death and it needs to be seriously addressed.  It can never be treated with a killer drug.  That is the great mistake of allopathic medicine.  They have the "kill" consciousness and they generally kill you in the process.  All infections, especially the fungals must be brought back to safe levels in the body without causing other damage and side effects.  You can never get rid of all the fungus.  It is impossible!  It lives in the soil, the air and in you.  But the good news is you can get the stuff under control so it is not killing you.  But, the caveat here is it is not a pill that will do it.  We have some great natural products at Herbal Healer that are safe and will help, but this is a call to change your lifestyle as well.  That's right, YOU have to learn to quite putting poisons and excess into your body.  You have to keep your body clean, inside and out.  You can not allow chronic constipation.  You have to drink pure water, use air filters, use bleach on your clothing and dishes and live a different lifestyle.  By changing your lifestyle and using natural medicine you can cure many of these ailments that have been misdiagnosed and will never respond to conventional allopathic killer drugs.  You must also learn and cultivate respect for these microbes.  They have been on this planet a long time and will continue to be here long after you are gone.  Learn to understand them and you will be a much healthier individual.

In conclusion, my findings and research have shown that fungal infections are one of the leading causes of disease symptoms in Americans and that this issue is not being handled properly by the medical establishment.  Futhermore, people are being  misdiagnosed, incorrectly medicated with killer drugs and in many cases killed.  You know I'm right.  You must educate yourselves and kick the codependent habit on these doctors that have set themselves up as gods.

God is my Witness, this Corruption Must End!
I recently read an article (remember this is 2000) that was so disturbing to me that I have to ask all of you to get involved in this issue!  This article was written by Dr. Ann Tracy, who has specialized for 10 years in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications.  She is the executive director of the International Coalition of Drug Awareness  and author of the book PROZAC:PANACEA OR PANDORA . There is also some helpful tapes and information on their website available to help people get off these terrible drugs. 

I want to start out with the most alarming information that I know you are not aware of.  This information is NEVER told to the public. Understand that the North American doctors have written prescriptions for over 50 million of these antidepressant drugs.  Prozac is the first one in a long line of clones... ProzacTM, CelexaTM, PaxilTM,  ZoloftTM, LuvoxTM... What in heaven's name is going on here... "This country has witnessed extreme increases in suicides, murder/suicides, domestic violence, mothers (parents) killing children, road rage, school shootings, bankruptcies, divorce, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, & fibromyalgia, since these serotonergic drugs have become so popular."

"Some of the cases you may be familiar with are: Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hartman (ZoloftTM); ProzacTM was found in the van of Mark Barton, the Atlanta day trader, who recently killed his family and others on a shooting spree before killing himself; Neal Furrow, the LA Jewish school shooting, was reported to have been court ordered to be on ProzacTM along with several other medications; the Salt Lake Family History Library shooting & school shootings in Littleton, Colorado (LuvoxTM); school shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, Springfield, Oregon and Caldwell Idaho (ProzacTM); another boy in Pocatello, ID in 1998 who in seizure activity from ZoloftTM had a stand off at the school; 15 year old Chris Shanahan (PaxilTM) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman; the shooting at the lottery in Connecticut last spring by Mathew Beck (LuvoxTM) that left five dead in a murder/suicide; the New York City Subway bombing by Edward Leary (ProzacTM); little 10 year old Timmy in southern Florida (ProzacTM); Nick Mansies (PaxilTM) in New Jersey who was convicted of killing a little boy who was selling cookies door to door; in Orange County, CA, Dana Sue Gray (PaxilTM) who co-workers described as a caring nurse killed several elderly people; Officer Stephen Christian (ProzacTM), one of the finest officers on the Dallas Police force, who ran into a police substation shooting fellow officers and was killed; 12 year old Chris Fetters (ProzacTM) in Iowa who killed her favorite aunt; David Rothman (ProzacTM) killed two co-workers and himself at the Dept. of Agriculture in Ingelwood, CA.;  William Evans (ZoloftTM) shot one co-worker at the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services before shooting himself in Columbus, Ohio; Winatchee, WA where 43 people were wrongfully imprisoned in a false accusation of sexual abuse 'witch hunt' fury started by a child under the influence of ProzacTM and PaxilTM; Christopher Vasquez (ZoloftTM) killed Michael McMorrow in Central Park; Megan Hogg (ProzacTM) duct taped the mouths and noses of her three little girls and took a handful of pills; Vera Espinoza (ProzacTM) in Randolph, VT, shot her small son and daughter before shooting herself; and elderly man (ProzacTM) in Layton, UT axed his wife and daughter to death; Margaret Kastanis (ProzacTM) used a knife and hammer to kill her three children before stabbing herself to death; an elderly man (PaxilTM) in Dallas, TX. strangled his wife before shooting himself twice in the chest; Larramie Huntzinger (ZoloftTM) blacked out and ran his car into three young girls killing two in Salt Lake City, UT; Mary Hinkelman (ProzacTM) a nurse in Baroda, MI shot her two small daughters and her sister before shooting herself;  Lisa Fox (ProzacTM) shot her small son and her dog before shooting herself in Brighton, MI; Debi Louselle (ZoloftTM) shot daughter and then herself in Salt Lake City; a father in Wyoming shot his wife, daughter and baby grand-daughter then himself after only days on PaxilTM... the list goes on and on.  Here is an article for you to read.
A few additional famous victims: Princess Di (ProzacTM), Monica Lewinsky (ProzacTM, ZoloftTM, EffexorTM, SerzoneTM and Phen-FenTM), President Clinton's ex-partner Jim McDougal (ProzacTM) and more...

The latest figures (pre 2000) show that there have been 44,000 adverse reports filed with the FDA, and 2500 deaths mostly suicides and murders.  The pharmaceutical manufactureres have been sued, but make huge, out of court settlements to keep this all out of the press.

People, this is very scary stuff - 50 million North Americans on this crap!  No wonder it isn't safe to go outside!  The government is trying to make all these tragedies look like a gun control issue.  In my opinion the Million Mom march should have been on this drug issue.  How many of them are on these drugs and allow their children to be drugged with Ritalin and the likes... Why would a government want all its people drugged like zombies?  Easier to control I should think.  Easier to get them into the "computer census system", easier to snow them with their lies on the news...  People, stay awake and don't take this poison.  Get a copy of the book and read the article on this website.

Do you want to leave your children in day care when the person in charge is taking this stuff?  We as a people have got to stop this and how we stop it is to say NO and don't take the crap.  Flush it down the commode.  These medical people actually have the nerve to tell you these drugs are addicting and you have to take them for life. Addicting? I thought there was a war on addicting drugs in this country!!!  Nice money maker for them, wouldn't you say...  I know many people who have cold turkeyed these drugs.  You can do that or you can reduce the dose a little each day, but no matter how you do it, or how you help your friends, neighbors and loved ones to do it, get them off this stuff. It is pure poison not just for the body but in my opinion it is deeper than that, it blackens the soul. These drugs can influence a person to do some terrible things that they would never have done on their own.  Their soul will pay the price.  It's time to rally America and get involved!
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