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Year 1999 - 40th Edition
The First 10 Years
What happened to the term doctor
Women Only article - bras, pads & tampons


As Donald Trump would say, "We are at the end of the beginning!" Where we go from here is anybody's guess, but we believe that the sky is no longer the limit! We are proud to say that this newsletter marks the 40th edition of the HHA news.

Marijah McCain's Herbal Healer Academy - natural - health - alternative - medicine - herbs - vitaminsHHA History in a Nut Shell: The company was started by Dr. McCain (not then a doctor) in her kitchen, at a typewriter, with a $50.00 investment. She had sent out some articles for publication and received many requests from readers to teach them herbology. The first course was born. The company expanded into a little building that was purchased for $6,000 ($100.00 per month payments). The school began to grow. Students wanted natural medicine products and supplies and demanded more courses. We continued to expand at 100% growth rate and purchased more building space and bought more land. In 1996 HHA was awarded accreditation status with the ANMCAB to train naturopathic doctors. We started our Internet presence in 1995 and have continued to expand the site. By 1997 we had shipped into 50 countries and had members all over the world. Currently HHA is located on 650 acres in the Arkansas Ozarks. Our incredible success has been due to wonderful customers and members who believed in what we are about and have supported us. The other kudos have to go to Stephen McCain, (husband) & Jeff McCain (son) who, through thick and thin, also dedicated their lives to the vision of HHA. Dr. McCain literally drove this company to success by her passion for her vision. She worked long hours, found safe products that worked and wrote all the newsletters, promotional pieces and courses. She studied not only natural medicine, but also business marketing and strategy with her Master Teachers - Jay Abraham and Dan Pena. These teachers really were the turning point for HHA as she learned from them how to really manifest the guts and know how to lead HHA to its heights. In 1997, Dr. McCain read Sam Walton's book on his life and success with his company called Wal-Mart. She took his advice and began an aggressive and costly campaign to get rid of the distributors, by private labeling HHA products and bringing the same quality products to HHA customers at a much cheaper price. HHA is adding new private label products now every week, so that we can be of better service to our customers and offer discounts for our students and professional buyers.

HHA has had its challenges. The number one problem for our company has been staff. We are in rural Arkansas next to a town with only 1200 people. Finding good help has been an extraordinary task. Then there was the $30,000 loss suffered at the hands of the U.P.S. strike (first time HHA ever had to go into debt). There was the senseless burning down of the first new clinic. We never did find out who did it. There were FDA problems and CLIA problems with the microscope. There was also a very tight financial period (second time in debt) when we decided to offer free membership catalogs and became inundated with them at an initial outlay of thousands of dollars. Oh yes, there was the time we featured Glucosamine Chondroitin on the front page of our newsletter and sold so much, that we had product on backorder for three months. The product came in and out the door faster than we could have it manufactured! Dr. McCain nearly died twice - once from food poisoning, once from being sprayed by a crop duster. Stephen battled a terrible kidney stone for months and finally passed it. But all in all it has been worth the struggle, the tears and the triumphs. We have grown to a global company that has been built on a 65% referral rate (Members telling their friends about us). This is extraordinary by most company standards.

I can not tell you how many hundreds of people I have talked to over the years that are afraid to take an herbal tea but will quaff down 6 or 7 chemical prescription drugs.  My friends this has to be a simple case of mass brainwashing.  It is simply not rational. Many people continue to believe the lies they are told and refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives.  Many believe the U.S. has the best health care in the world, but look at more JAMA stats!!!

Our Formula for Success
Passion for the Mission +
Integrity to the best of our ability +
Commitment to our customers and our products +
Tenacity to keep going, even when it got tough. 

I hope this not only gives you a little of our background, but  inspires you if  you have a dream.

1998 Calcutta, India

Dr. Marijah McCain has been chosen as a 1998 recipient of the highest honor bestowed by the India Board of Alternative Medicines, headquartered in Calcutta, India, the Seva-Chakra Award. (Seva means "Service within the Divine" and Chakra is the "Energy manifestation on all levels.") This award is presented to her in recognition of her excellence and dedication in the field of natural medicine and education on a global scale. This is a very prestigious award and has been formerly presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Morarji Desai (former Prime Minister of India), Prof. Dr. Robert Muller (Chancellor, U.N. Peace University), Lama Gangchen (President, World Peace Foundation), and now Dr. Marijah McCain (President, Herbal Healer Academy).
Rev. Mother Teresa receiving the Seva-Chakra Award, the highest honor of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine during Awards Presentation Ceremony held in Calcutta on April 9th, 1995.

Dr. McCain was also awarded the Gem of Alternative Medicine Award this year at the ANMA convention. It was presented by Dr. Agarwal. She also received MD (AM), (Medical Doctor in alternative medicine) status which means she can legally practice in India. Dr. Agarwall and Dr. McCain entered into a reciprocal agreement for the students of each respective organization. For Herbal Healer Academy students, this means that you will be entitled, once you complete and graduate our ND program, to apply for certification in India and vice verse for the Indian students. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine has a membership of over 35,000 practitioners committed to the development and propagation of alternative, traditional and natural forms of healing and treatment. Activities include: conferences, seminars, and symposiums. I.B.A.M. conducts degree, diploma and post graduate courses in various systems of Alternative Medicine through distance education and regular classes at its training center. A variety of alternative medical instruments and diverse books are also available. http://www.altmeduniversity.com

A.N.M.A. Code of Ethics for Naturopaths
*First, do no harm
*Practice the healing power of nature
*Identify and treat the cause
*Practice prevention - this is the best "cure"
*Absolutely not discriminate race, creed or religion
*Abide by all State & local laws
*Promise not to exceed my scope of practice
*Strive to be objective in the treatment of my clients
*Recognize the rights of all persons
*Recognize my limitations * Treat the whole person
*Clearly represent myself as a Naturopath
*Dedicate myself to my chosen profession

2010 UPDATE - In 2002 after the settlement of a lengthy lawsuit we agreed to drop the term doctor from any documentation sold or viewed in the state of Arkansas and also from the naturopathic doctor program.  We were no longer able to give out the ND certification and also changes happened with the accreditation. The certificate is now simply, Naturopath and I am referred to as a Naturopath and prohibited from using the term doctor in the State of Arkansas.  The history, settlement and archived letters from our members who went to bat for us are at this link.  Click the link at the bottom of the page, there are some amazing letters from HHA Members.


Why is it that natural medicine and supplements continue to help people when all the allopathic doctors, drugs and technology can't help and they simply give up?  When you understand naturopathic principles, you will find that they are antonymous to allopathic ones.  Naturopaths simply view and treat healing completely differently.  Allopathic medicine's specialty is treating symptoms.  They have spent billions of dollars on research and awarded countless grants to support scientists that keep coming up with more names for diseases.  These are not really diseases, they are symptomatic information bundles. Pharmaceutical companies rush to the patent offices to secure the rights to more drugs and in the larger picture, the situation is simply getting worse.  No cures, no safe breakthroughs, just treating symptoms of more ailments with more drugs.  Many of us understand this is a money game of power with little regard for human life and dignity.  Now, naturopathy views the body completely differently.  We view it as a whole and thus treat it as such.  A good example of my point  is high blood pressure.  This, in many cases, is linked to the kidneys and their malfunction due to toxicity, but the allopathic doctors do not make that connection as most are either specialized in heart and circulatory or specialize only  in the kidneys themselves. They don't make the link.   Non-specialization is of great  advantage to the naturopath, as we are not limited to a particular area of the body as a specialty and can work with the entire body to bring about results.
I would like to say  that there is a myth about the allopathic laboratory tests.  Even with the best technology available, they can not find parasites, heavy metal toxicity, systemic yeast and virus in the red blood cells (cause of some forms of leukemia) on routine testing.  So please understand that when you say you have had all the tests, and they are negative, and you are still sick, it is because they don't have tests for everything.  Usually at this point the allopaths will recommend ProzacTM because it must be all in your head! 
As naturopaths, we understand that there are two basic causes of disease.  We also understand that if we can't eliminate the causes, we can't cure the disease.  These two causes are quite simple.  Infection or poisoning of the body will cascade disease and so will simple malnutrition!  These are it folks! Simple. Now infection is generally from bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites,  all  of  which  can be safely and effectively handled with natural medicine, provided you know what to use and use potent medicine. 
I would like to mention that we go to great lengths to make sure our products are potent and are the best available.  We use liquids and capsules when we can. Many of the pills on the market are coated with toxins, that you may not be aware of.  These cause more harm than they do good.  One example is a leading manufacturer of Ginkgo for the mass market who makes them in tablet form.  The coating on these pills are not good!  PEG: polyethylene glycol!                                             
HHA Ginkgo is in capsule form with no toxic coatings.  Make sure you are using safe medicinals.  Not all natural products are the same, especially now that the pharmaceutical companies are jumping on the natural bandwagon.  They still don't care about toxicity and additives, they only care about hype and dollars.
Poisoning is a little more complex.  Pesticides, radiation, hydrocarbons, heavy metals like copper, aluminum, lead, and cadmium have to be detoxed using liver cleansers and homeopathic medicine that is specifically targeted at the problem.  A skilled naturopath knows the symptomatic picture and by using hair analysis, live field microscopy and extensive questionnaire sheets on life history, they can easily determine which are the best remedies to use.  Once the cause of the disorder is removed, the body will naturally re-balance itself and heal.  As you can see by my point here, many diseased bodies are toxic with infection & poison.  The organs have been stressed to their maximum and the immune system has failed.  How in the world can you ever expect to really cure an ailment if you continue to inject and poison it with more chemical drugs and radiation?  These forms of treatment are simply still treating the symptoms, not the cause, of the disease. In  cases of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, in some instances tumors will shrink, but the damage to other organs is, in many cases, fatal.  I have seen many people in remission from these treatments, only to find out months or a year or two later, the disease is back with a vengeance.  The cause was simply not addressed by conventional medicine. Understand that the body at a cellular level is programmed to heal, not to destruct.  It is a miraculous biological machine, still well beyond the scope of man's understanding.
Next is the malnutrition issue.  This is hard to get through  to  everyone,  as many  of you think that you couldn't possibly be malnourished. Chronic constipation leads to build-up in the colon and the colon simply doesn't work to absorb nutrients from your food like it should.  Chronic digestive disorders are a main contributing factor to malnutrition. Parasitic infections (chances are if you have never been wormed, you have them!) steal needed nutrition from your body leaving the cells depleted and not able to function properly.  Poor diet and lack of proper enzymes is also a major contributing factor in malnutrition.  Malnutrition simply causes cell death!  When the cells can't reproduce normally they either die or mutate.  If they mutate they are known as cancer.
We can get phenomenal results healing and overcoming "incurable" diseases when we apply these two basic principles.   This is one of the reasons the use of the 4-HERB tea is so important in healing.  It gently flushes the liver and helps boost up the blood system.  Most diseases have caused severe toxicity and by cleaning this away the body will respond.  We have thousands of testimonials on this product alone.  Not just for cancer, but for psoriasis, diabetes, acne, chronic rashes, and more...
Our ten years of hands-on research have given us a tremendous knowledge into what works, what doesn't and  why.  We have always been fighting an uphill battle against mainstream medicine, but the time is coming where people will see that we have been right all along.  To cure disease, you have to cure the cause.

This information has not been verified by the FDA, nor is it likely to be.  It is the opinion of Dr. McCain
I have been saying this for years and it has just been scientifically verified in Switzerland!  Women that wear wire bras or tight bras are 5  times more likely to get breast cancer.   That means if 1 in 3 women in the U.S. get breast cancer, if they simply would throw out these harmful bras, then only 1 in 15 would be at risk!   At least 70% of all my breast cancer patients have worn these bras for years.  Now it is important to understand that the lymph flows under the arms and when you cut the circulation off to your breasts for 12-15 hours everyday, you are causing problems with the lymph flow.  These lymph nodes start to fill up and get infected and bingo, you get mutating cells: cancer!   Sound too simple... You had better wake up on this one!  Dr. McCain only recommends sports bras with very large underarm bands and only if you have to wear one. For you smaller women, just forget them altogether!   If your bra leaves a mark on you when you take it off, it is too tight.  Try strapping your arm up all day and see how it feels... do it for a month or so and it will fall off!  Your breasts need proper circulation.  In countries where bras are not worn, breast cancer rate is low.
NEXT.... Tampons
Throw these out too!  This is a no brainer, if you think about this at all.  First, I would like to say that all tampons have a warning written in the package that says that the use of these tampons may cause a fatal disease - TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). This means women have already died from using tampons!!!   Now, your body is designed to cleanse at the time of your period and that means it is trying to get rid of the toxins and uterine lining.  Now if you plug yourself up and let the tampon sit in there for a few hours what do you think happens?  Pathogens start to build up. Now you're in a hurry, can't change the tampon, urinate, and let it rot some more. Now you put one in and sleep in it over night, what do you think is happening in there?  This is the time the cervix is open and ripe for infection and guess what, it gets infected!  It not only gets infected once, but chronically over months and months when you do the same thing. 
Now here's the next twist to these toxic darlings!   Tampons contain two things that are potentially dangerous: rayon (used for absorbency) and dioxins (a chemical used in bleaching the product).  Dioxins are carcinogenic (cause cancer) and are toxic to the immune system.  They have been linked to endometriosis.  The EPA (Environmental protection Agency) reported that there is no set "acceptable" level of exposure to dioxin.  The danger is in repeated use.   Rayon leaves fibers behind in the vagina and these can become infected. This also can lead to cervical cancer, uterine cancer, chronic yeast infections and a host of other problems.  When I was 15 years old, I went to my GP for a vaginal infection, he told me right there the horrors of tampons and told me never to use the them.  He also told me never to douche, because it upsets the bodies natural balance. (That's when we had great doctors that cared about our health!)  The reason for many of your smelly vaginal problems is because you have low grade chronic infections.  You should not have any bad odors.  Your body's hormone system is designed to give off pleasant odors to attract the opposite sex!   If you have any discharge besides a clear one half way through your cycle, you need to work at clearing out the chronic infection.  If you have problems with mood swings, or menstrual cramps, you can try Women in Balance or Evening Primrose Oil capsules..  Many women don't know that a clear, sticky discharge is a natural body function around ovulation.  This is perfectly normal.  It is time many of you learned about your feminine parts and took responsibility for them, looked after them and paid much closer attention.  Between using tampons, douches and FDSTM you can cover up a great deal, which only will prove harmful for you in the long run.    SOLUTION?  Use pads!  Optimum - pure cotton if you can find them.  If not, regular pads (non scented) are the best option, even though many are still bleached,  until we change the industry to safer treated products.
Toilet Paper and facial tissue are another problem, but this industry has just had a break through.  "Pure Cotton" brand have no inks, dyes, or perfumes, no dioxins and are hypo-allergenic.  These have just hit the market.   Cotton  toilet paper can save millions of trees!  You can find these by using google.
It is time we really took some steps in choosing environmentally safe health practices and put pressure on the manufacturers to make us safe, environmentally friendly products.  You are the one that can change the world...one person at a time!


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