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February, 2002

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Vitamin C is one of the safest, most inexpensive anti-oxidants you can use daily to protect your health.  It has been documented to help myriad's of ailments from cancer to helping chelate plaque and heavy metals from arteries.  The most recent research just released from Boston's Tuft University studied data on 472 women aged 53 to 73.  This particular study was to determine if Vitamin C had any effects on cataracts.  They found that with women younger than 60, who had a Vitamin C intake of only 362 mg. a day (about 500% of the RDA) reduced the risk of cataracts by a whopping 57% !!!  Also those who took Vitamin C supplements for more than 10 years had 60% lower odds of cataracts than those taking no supplements!  Allen Taylor, a researcher with the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts, says, "This data adds more weight to accumulating evidence that antioxidant nutrients can reduce the development of forms of age related problems."

Folks, as you know, it is hard to find good evidence about the positive use of nutritional supplements now-a-days, at least in any mainstream press.  Also we have had people report that the daily intake of Vitamin C has helped 'eye floaters'.  Vitamin C deficiency, as many of you remember, can cause a disease called Scurvy.

SCURVY DISEASE - Vitamin C Deficiency - Scurvy, disease of human beings caused by a prolonged deficiency of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, in the diet. It is characterized by progressive bodily weakness, spongy and inflamed gums, loose teeth, swollen and tender joints, and a tendency toward ecchymosis (This is the fancy-schmancy term for a bruise), or absorption by the tissues of blood from ruptured blood vessels (eye floaters, folks!) Anemia often occurs as a direct result of such hemorrhage. Lack of vitamin C in the diet prevents the formation of connective tissues that hold the body's structures together, such as tendons, ligaments, bone, dentin, and cartilage. The disease may appear in adults after about six months of complete lack of vitamin C.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), a reducing agent, is necessary to maintain the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase in an active form, most likely by keeping its iron atom in a reduced state. The precursor molecule to the protein collagen, procollagen, contains an unusual amino acid sequence in that every third amino acid is a glycine and contains a high frequency of two amino acids not found in any other proteins - hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. These later two amino acids are converted from proline and lysine, respectively, after the procollagen molecule has been synthesized. The hydroxylation of proline and lysine in procollagen is carried out by the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase using vitamin C as a cofactor.

A vitamin C deficiency results in an underhydroxylation of proline and lysine in collagen which results in a lower melting temperature of the resulting collagen fibers which causes a breakdown of the protein collagen needed for connective tissue, bones and dentin, the major portion of teeth. Collagen is a cemeting material that binds cells together, and is an essential connective tissue protein in the body. Whenever the body is wounded, collagen glues the separated tissues together to form a scar.

A lack of collagen causes the walls of the body's blood capillaries to break down and hemorrhaging occurs in cells throughout the body. When capillaries lose the "glue" that holds them together, symptoms of scurvy appear.

An affected person becomes weak and has joint pain. Internal hemorrhages cause black-and-blue marks to appear on the skin (bruising). Gums hemorrhage and their tissue becomes weak and spongy. Dentin, which lies below the enamel and is part of the root of teeth, breaks down. Teeth loosen and eating becomes difficult and painful.

Did you know that humans (primates) and guinea pigs are the only ones that cannot make their own Vitamin C???

Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel laureate and the world's foremost vitamin C proponent, entertained an overflow crowd in the Bldg. 66 auditorium with a talk on Vitamin C and Heart Disease.  Read the article at:



The Pauling and Rath theory postulates that the root cause of atherosclerotic plaque deposits is a vitamin C deficiency. Pauling called this condition "chronic scurvy." It is normal in humans, but it can not happen in most other species. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is not a vitamin for most animals in the sense that it is not required in their diet. They make it in high amounts in their livers or kidneys. The sad fact is that we humans must obtain all our vitamin C from what we eat. (Unless we supplement, our diets contain less than 1/100th of what animals make, and we lose some in the gut during digestion.) According to the Pauling/Rath theory, less than optimal vitamin C results in less than optimal collagen. Without collagen, our blood vessels deteriorate. In an acute shortage, we die of scurvy. In a chronic shortage, humans develop atherosclerotic plaques. Pauling thinks most humans suffer chronic scurvy.

Read the entire story at:

To purchase them, go to Amazon.com and put
Linus Pauling in the search field. 
1.  Cancer and Vitamin C : A Discussion of the Nature, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer With Special Reference to the Value of Vitamin C
2.  Vitamin C the Common Cold and the Flu
3.  How to Live Longer and Feel Better

Read WHY this information has been poo pooed by the conventional medical field for many, many years!!!
The ostracism of Pauling is a testament to the corrupting influence of politics in medicine and science.
Read article here:

Herbal Healer has a superior Vitamin C product to your over thecounter brands.  What makes it superior is the fact that it is time released.  The human body gets rid of Vitamin C from the body very quickly and the sustained release formula from Herbal Healer gives up to 6 hours of antioxidant protection.  These come in tablet form and are 1000 mg each.  We recommend that you take 2 in the morning and 2at night.  There is no toxic side effects at that level.  However, in higher doses like 8,000 mgs and up you can experience bowel intolerance and get the runs, so don't overdose on Vitamin C.  But for heaven's sake take some daily! The price we have on this product is amazing!  It is currently on sale for only $6.00 per bottle of 100 tablets! Vegetarian accepted: Ingredients of HHA Vitamin C - 1000 mg. plus 25 mg. of Rosehips.  Vegetable coating used to slow release to 4-8 hours. See HHA on-line Postcard Specials!

We also carry POWDERED VITAMIN C by the pound
1 teaspoon = 3,400 mg.  Should be mixed in juice.  It is VERY tart.
Cost is $38.00 per pound.

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For the Children we have a CHEWABLE CHERRY
FLAVOR VITAMIN C - and it is very good.  This is a very high quality product made by DaVinci labs for professional use. Not too tart.  Vitamin C - 300 mg. plus mixed Bioflavanoids - 30 mg, in a base of pectin, rosehips and acerola cherry.  90 chewables only $9.95  (page 35 in catalog and kids page on Internet.)

This is by far one of the most healing and body balancing formulas that we have ever seen.  It not only helps all chronic ailments like cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, etc., but has proven itself with depression, chronic acne, psoriasis,anemia, low energy and a host of other health problems.  It is the single most effective, all round daily supplement that we have.  It's action is on the liver and the blood system.  Due to hundreds of reasons the body's liver becomes toxic and by gently flushing this organ, the liver will detox and re-balance itself, producing healthy blood cells to fight just about anything you can imagine.  It is safe with all drugs and supplements.  Can be used on children, pets and the elderly.  We have been selling this product for years and have piles of amazing testimonials.

We had a good crop this year and as a Super Special to you we have reduced the price to only $13.00 per pack until April 30th, 2002.  We do reserve the right to stop the sale if our supplies run low.  Now, we want you to know that the herbs in this formula are all organic and extremely fresh as we sell a great deal of it.  It is professionally grown for us in the United States and these herbs have not been irradiated either.

Many people are simply too lazy to make up the herbs from the Bulk recipe, and this is a real shame, as this is by far the BEST and most POTENT way to use this formula. They say it is too hard.  Let me put it in a nutshell it for you.  Put herbs in pan, add water, boil, turn stove off, let sit overnight, reboil, cool and strain.  Complete recipe sent with each packet.

Also we do have the odd skeptical member who thinks that we substitute inferior herbs because we have put it on sale.  The truth is - WE DON'T!  These are the same herbs that we sell all year long for $21.95 - $24.95 per packet.  McCain slashes the prices this low as a thank you to all our supporting members and because she is so  convinced that this formula is one of the best and safest all around healing herbals that she wants as many people as possible to try it.  Once they do, they know that she is telling the truth!  We have been in business since 1988 and sell many tons of this product a year.  We are experts on this formula and it is awesome.  So if you have never tried it, now is your chance.  The price is right!  Only $13.00 makes 2 gallons.

Read about HHA 4-Herb Tea here:


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Feb. 2002
Dear McCain, "My daughter, age 12, contracted chicken pox. We started her on the Colloidal Silver 1/2t. once a day and rubbed the comfrey/goldenseal ointment on the pox. 4 days later, the pox were almost gone and she never had any other symptoms. On day two, we gave her a ginger bath followed by a chamomile rinse. (this really helped with the itching) Last year, my husband went to Argentina for 28 days and took the Colloidal Silver (1/2t. once a day) every day as a preventative. He never had any illnesses, foodborne or otherwise. We credit the Colloidal Silver and wouldn't be without it. Thanks McCain for staying in the fight for us." --B.A. - HHA Member since 2001


Jan. 2002
Dear McCain, "Last summer, my 8 year old daughter came down with a series of symptoms that baffled several doctors, 2 hospitals, and even a neurologist. She woke up one day with a headache, stomach ache, pain in her upper arms, upper legs and the back of her ankles. Nothing gave her any relief, just constant pain day and night. After a month, the back of her neck and lower back started hurting as well. I took her to our chiropractor and he put her on silver three times a day. She felt a little better but she was still in constant pain. After 2 months of this, I decided to try the HHA 4-Herb Tea out of desperation. I gave her 2 T. diluted with a little water twice a day and after being on it for just 2 days, all symptoms disappeared totally!! She finished that batch in 2 weeks and after being off it for 2 days, all the symptoms came back! I brewed another batch and after being on it for 2 days, all the pain left again!! This time when she finished the batch, the pain did not come back! None of the expert doctors could ever tell us what this mysterious illness was. All I know is that the 4-herb tea is a miracle worker and helped my precious child!!"

McCain's comments: Thank you for your testimonial. By the description and reaction to the tea, I would think that this was some type of poisoning she had. Could have been pesticides, chemicals, or something similar. The 4-Herb tea helps flush the toxins out of the liver. It is great you did this as the regular medical doctors would have continued to miss this. This tea is non-toxic so it can be taken whenever needed.

Additional follow up e-mail from L.K.
Thank you for answering my testimony! We had been wondering if my daughter might have come in contact with some Sevin Dust my husband had put out for fleas. I called poison control at the time and they assured me she did not have symptoms from that kind of poisoning. However, I have a strong feeling you are right and they were wrong! After all, it was your wonderful product that helped her while they could do nothing!

Jan. 2002
Dear HHA, "My dad is 79 years old and has suffered with a chronic skin condition for 50 years. In the past 7 years this became worse and he battled with major outbreaks of scaly, red, bleeding and excessively itchy skin. The itchiness would drive him to distraction. In addition he has had problems with diarrhea for at least the past 20 years. Since my dad moved here 3 years ago I've been taking him to a variety of doctors and dermatologists trying to do anything to help his suffering. We would have small periods of "success" (meaning that he could at least live with the condition although he was still uncomfortable) and then a recurrence of everything with increased force. In October at least 75 percent of his skin was in a severe outbreak and he could hardly sleep at night because of the itching, pain, and general discomfort. I wrote McCain who replied that he had a severe candida infection. She prescribed the following: Mycostat caps - 1 twice a day in two weeks increase to 2 twice a day, 4-Herb tea liquid concentrate - 1 tablespoon in water or juice once a day for two weeks and then increase to twice a day, Colloidal Silver 500 ppm- 1/2 teaspoon in any liquid (full glass) TWICE a day.

This was simple enough for even my dad who gets confused easily. He immediately noticed an improvement. The healing just kept getting better and better. Today he says he's like a new man. He can't believe that he feels better at almost 80 than he did 40 years ago! No more bowel problems. Also, his depression, moodiness and general mental fogginess have disappeared. It is truly amazing. None of us ever expected such incredible results with such a chronic problem. This is the first candida program that I've seen REALLY work. Even though I'm 100 percent for alternative health (and McCain!)  I was skeptical about the results my father might experience because I knew what bad shape he was in and how many different things both alternative and allopathic we had tried. However, just the program outlined above did it! This is really a minor miracle in our family and we can't thank McCain enough. It is a daily relief to no longer have to try to figure out what to do for my dad. When I think of all the money, time, and effort we expended on "experts" who weren't able to help and how gentle, kind and effective McCain's programs are I'm just awed at the blessing this has been in our lives. Thank you again for all your earnest work!" --G.W. HHA Member since 1999

This page has turned out to be the number one hit page on our web-sitefor a very good reason.  We have information here that you will not find on the mainstream news, but is very important for you to know. Awesome Articles to read.  Check back there often.  Please feel free to share any of the Breaking News with your friends.  Articles may be copied. 

* EPA OK's Half-Billion Dollar Hudson River PCB Clean-Up
* New Chip Could Create Hundreds Of Clones At A Time
* Chemtrails Over Los Angeles - Pictures too
* Mental Difficulties Can Persist Long After Chemotherapy

Read them all here:

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