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Volume 8, Issue 3
(May, 2004)

*NOTE: The opinions and views expressed in this private on-line newsletter are from Marijah McCain and are protected by Copyright and Freedom of Speech laws in the United States.


Low Thyroid, is in my opinion, at epidemic proportions in the United States and millions of people suffer from the symptoms. Definition of the Thyroid Gland: Endocrine gland in the neck that produces thyroxine and calcitonin, hormones involved in the regulation of growth and metabolic rate. Metabolic function is of vital importance to a healthy body. Low thyroid is like stepping on the gas pedal of your car and the car sputters some, moves ahead, but does not run properly. Many times low thyroid goes undiagnosed and this condition can also makes other ailments worse. In my opinion there are some reasons for this epidemic, but it will never be admitted by mainstream. Radiation toxicity is very harmful to the thyroid gland. Millions of X-Rays are performed daily. There have been hundreds of nuclear tests done on this planet and the background radiation is taking its toll. Also, not mentioned by mainstream is the radiation that comes in from the sun on the extreme solar flares. We had one last fall (largest on record) that radiated 1/3 of the planet instantly. Depression, anemia, obesity, CFS, and auto immune diseases are the biggies that can really benefit from supplementation if the thyroid is low. Here are a list of some of the symptoms associated with low thyroid. Many other things can contribute to any list of symptoms, like mineral deficiency for instance, but if you have a bunch of these symptoms on this list, then you may benefit from natural supplementation.
  • Chronic recurring infections
  • Very little sweating even with exercise
  • Depression
  • Feeling Cold, even slow to heat up in a sauna
  • Brittle nails, cracked or peeling nails
  • Headaches (especially migraines)
  • Irregular periods, ovarian cysts, endometriosis
  • Accelerated worsening of eyesight
  • Palpitations or uncomfortable noticeable heartbeat
  • Low sex drive
  • Mood swings, panic attacks,
  • Swallowing problems
  • Major weight gain, difficulty maintaining weight with proper diet
  • Aches and Pains in limbs, unrelated to exercise
  • Very dry skin, cracks in skin appear spontaneously
  • Hoarseness for no apparent reason
  • Infertility
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased energy, difficulty with stamina in the day
  • Tingling and burning sensations that just mysteriously come and go
  • Low basal temperature in the morning. Under 97.6 for 7 days in a row
  • Anemia - Low thyroid can contribute to this due to the sluggish production of red blood cells and sluggish absorption of iron from the intestines.

Now what goes hand in hand with low thyroid is low adrenal's. Definition of adrenal gland: This gland is found above each kidney, and it is made up of an outer wall (cortex) that secretes important steroid hormones and an inner portion (medulla) that produces adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline. The hydrocortisone produced by the adrenal's is a natural hormone constantly used in everyone's body for health and energy. If with natural thyroid supplementation, a person does not see total improvement, then the adrenal's may need to be supplemented as well. You see when thyroid is supplemented, the resultant increase in metabolic function can accelerate a low adrenal function. Many Americans have low adrenal function and do not know it and it is never diagnosed. Note standard adrenal tests, which are very often never done, do not generally reveal mild dysfunction of the adrenal's anyway. Low adrenal's can be simply caused by the fast paced American lifestyle. Daily stress, burn out, excessive anger, poor diet, use of chemical and natural stimulants will all contribute to low adrenal's, they simply become exhausted and need to be boosted. Here is a list of symptoms for you to consider adding adrenal complex to your thyroid supplements:

  • Low energy, feeling of burn out
  • Excess mood responses from eating carbohydrates such as pasta, sugars - hypoglycemia
  • Chronic infections
  • Low blood pressure
  • Chronic allergies
  • Tired but wired feeling... Poor sleep
  • Low stamina for stress
  • Dry unhealthy skin, excess pigmentation
  • A sense of aging prematurely
  • Chronic inflammatory responses in the body - body pain
  • Irritability - chronic
The two supplements that I recommend are the Thyroid Complex and the Adrenal Complex. Adult dose: 2 daily. If you have been diagnosed with low thyroid then also add in the Pure Thyro - 2 daily to start. These products are safe, no side effects when taken in proper doses and the body utilizes the important nutritional benefits of the glandulars. As you can see the complexes can be combined. I personally take Metabolic Complex, Adrenal Complex, Endocrine Complex and Pure Thyro daily. Now remember, I work at least 14-16 hour days and I have to stay going!



I have just added a picture taken of me on Mother's Day in front of my rose bush. This one rose bush sits at the gate at Herbal Healer, is about 12 years old and this year bloomed over 1,000 roses for me on Mother's Day! Note: Most people cut their roses back, this is what happens when you don't! This rose bush was purchased at Walmart years ago, fertilized every year and let climb on the fence unpruned. P.S. For some of you that may not know this little bit of gossip, I had my 50th Birthday in February!



This is a very safe product that can be used on adults, children and pets. It is a wonderful alternative to the chemicalized sprays on the market. I do not like chemicalized pesticides, they can absorb through the skin and cause harm to the body. Not much point in saving yourself from a mosquito bite if you are going to come down with Parkinson like symptoms from pesticide poisoning is there! Check out the D'Schungle Juice, it works! http://www.herbalhealer.com/mosquitos.html



As I mentioned in the recent Spring snail mail newsletter, Grapefruit Seed Products are important to know about!!! I mean REAL important, so pay particular attention to this!!! They are inexpensive and are really very effective! The Grapefruit Seed Liquid concentrate can be purchased in Bulk containers and is a great item to have in your home preparations stash. We recommend you get the book - Grapefruit Seed Extract by Sach's - Only $10.95 - we have it in stock. You will be amazed at what you can do with this product! Members, please e-mail any testimonials you have with these products. http://www.herbalhealer.com/grapefruitseed.html

(pictures not to scale)




HHA COLLOIDAL SILVER - All Sizes!!! 500 ppm!
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Don't miss reading "IS HHA COLLOIDAL SILVER SAFE?" article from previous newsletter.



We have some new testimonials that are fantastic.

May 2004
Several years ago practically all my hair came out very quickly. My hair would not grow and remained dormant for about 8 years. I tried practically everything. Prior to my awareness of the Herbal Healer Academy, I had a hair analysis done and one scary piece of information was my exposure at some point in my life to a radioactive element called "Polonium." Apparently, exposure could have been in-utero, as a child or even recently at that time - no one could know when exactly. It is assumed my hair would naturally fall out as a result of that exposure. I consulted my friend about my hair, a physician who practices natural medicine and who introduced me to Herbal Healer Academy, and he believed my hair problem was not "nerves" nor my diet, but rather "poisoning of some kind". (He was unaware of the hair analysis at that time) He advised me to clean my system thoroughly and to take the HHA bulk 4-Herb Formula tea. I did as he advised and began to take the bulk 4-Herb Formula tea, 2 ozs. three times a day and have continued to this day. Periodically thereafter I developed tiny boils at different positions all over my scalp, one or two at a time, which by themselves, came to a head, burst and then disappeared. This continued for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. About 6 months ago it appears the last of these small boils occurred, and since then - guess what? - my hair has begun to grow back! The itchy flaky scalp which I also had has cleared completely. Prior to the tea my scalp was clean of hair on the top and sides and was stunted at the back. Now there is hair about 1/2 in. now, all over my head, it is strong and it is growing. I am very excited and thrilled! I can only thank the HHA and these amazing herbs that have detoxed my system of a poison. I haven't even mentioned the other benefits I have derived from the tea, such as my weight down by 15 lbs. to within normal limits now without even trying, with little or no exercise during this time (I'm about to start again now!), in addition to genital blisters (not herpes) which for years I would get only periodically, but I haven't had since the tea. I am extremely happy and thank my friend for introducing me to the Academy and the tea, and to you * McCain for being there for us. You are terrific! Please keep doing what you are doing.
--Name Withheld - HHA Member since 2000

I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!! - Sarcoidosis!
May 2004
I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!! Thank You Herbal Healer and * McCain for all the help you have given to myself and so many others. I was diagnosed with an illness called sarcoidosis (a disease most often found in African Americans, but not exclusively). Sarcoidosis can be fatal and effects a person in many ways. In Aug. of 1999 I started with flu like symptoms accompanied by a slight cough. The cough got worse, my whole body ached and I ran a low grade fever almost daily. Not long after that I started getting small cysts about the size of a pea all over my body. I couldn't lay or lean on my left side as I couldn't get enough air into my lungs. I went to the doctor and had all kinds of tests done and was told that x-rays showed a dark mark on my left lung which was probably another cyst. Within a short time I was so sick that I had to stop working. I couldn't walk more then 50 feet without having to sit down because I was so weak from not being able to breath and the cough was constant. I couldn't sleep but for a few minutes off and on all night. It got to the point where I was coughing up blood and coughed so hard that I broke the same rib twice. This went on for about six months. The doctors wanted to put me on steroids but I worked for years in nursing homes and hospitals so I knew the terrible side effects of steroids. I refused to go that route. I decided to look for another alternative and found HHA webpage. I wrote to * McCain and she responded to me the next day (which I am so thankful for). She had me stay on MSM which I had already been using, however she upped the dose. She also suggested for me to use Colloidal Silver, Beta Glucans with Maitake, Olive Leaf Liquid and Dr. Chi's formula for cysts (Myomin). Within a few months I could tell the difference. The cough was less and less, the cyst started going away and within a years time I could lay on my left side again without feeling I was going to suffocate (which I would have if I had ever passed out on my left side). I was living in Atlantic City at this time and was within a five minute walk from the boardwalk so I started walking daily and in no time I went from not being able to walk 50 feet to walking 8 miles. OH! and I had another problem that I wasn't even thinking about when I wrote to her...eczema. I had suffered with this since I was 9 years old, (I'm now 50.) I was told by several "Drs." there was no real cure for eczema...well that's gone too. I haven't had it for the last 4 years and now I don't have to be ashamed of my skin.

Also, my daughter went to the doctors just a week ago with what she thought was a sty on her eye. The doctor told her that it was a clogged pore which happens in darker skinned people because we produce more oils in our skin. He told her that it usually takes a few months to go away but if it didn't she would need surgery. Well I gave her some of my Colloidal Silver and told her to soak a small cotton ball or tissue with it and lay it on her eyelid along with a warm compress several times a day. Well it has only been 4 days and she called me to tell me it is almost all gone. Never let doctors tell you that there is no cure or that the only way is surgery. God made us, and I believe that He's made something for our every need including cures. Thank You God and Thank You * McCain. I have and will continue to tell everyone about you both.
--T. ~ HHA Member since 1999

May 2004
My mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, she was low-income and had no insurance. She was American Indian, so she went to Indian hospitals and clinics. They told her she had the largest mass they had ever seen. She had to quit her job and go on hospice, after months of being refused medical care from the Indian hospital that diagnosed her. They told us she had little time left, maybe weeks. I heard about the 4-herb tea, and immediately got her on it. Her tumor within the first year, shrunk to such a small size the doctors were amazed and we were hopeful for a complete cure, she was doing so well, it was as if she did not have cancer at all. We told them she was on the 4-Herb Tea, they said to not stop whatever she was doing. She was out and about visiting people from where she used to work and enjoying the kids, (she worked at an elementary school as a teachers aide), she just felt like doing anything, shopping, visiting, it seemed she had more energy than I did. Everyone asked me what I was doing because she looked so great and they were amazed, she was not the same sick person they saw quit her job because she was dying. I told them about the 4-Herb Tea. I told everyone about the tea. Mom was standing on the crossroads of being well after two years of taking the 4-herb tea, and at this point there were no sign of cancer, when family members finally decided she was well enough that they would intervene. They decided she did not need the 4- Herb Tea (only after I asked for financial and other assistance with her care and was refused) and she decided they were right. She was feeling like she was on her way to being cancer free and did not want to put the family in chaos. So I tried to explain what the tea had done for her, but, no-one was interested in hearing it, because it would have cost them a few dollars and a little time. By the time this had spiraled out of control with all the family members (who had never helped in her recovery, and I had never asked for help before this point) and after Hospice failed to communicate the importance of this also, Mom decided they were right and opted for no hospice and no more 4-Herb Tea, or my services. Needless to say, within 6 months of not taking the tea, she passed away. I could not be there to watch her slowly die the past 6 months, but, I strongly believe that without the tea she would not have had that extra time to enjoy her life as she did, and I believe she would still be here today cancer free if she would have continued taking the tea. It was such a horrifying thing to see, every time I saw her she was getting worse and worse and not being able to do anything for her. (I continued to buy the tea and sent it to her home, so my sisters could make it for her. But, it just sat in the boxes that were delivered.) Finally, one morning, my sister called screaming for me to get there (I lived 30 miles away) by the time I got there, she had passed on. I would like for people to see my story and feel it in their hearts, so that one day, if they happen to find themselves in the same place as I was, to get the tea, give it to their loved ones and pray, don't let go and no matter what, to continue with it for as long as they can. I am grateful my mother had 2 wonderful years to enjoy her life because of the 4-Herb Tea, before she passed on. And I continue to pass on the information on * Marijah McCain and the wonderful things she has done and continues to do for her members and people that need her services. I am eternally grateful. --S

Dear S,
I am so sorry to hear the story, as I know it must have been terrible to watch this and know that she may have benefited by the tea. I see this all the time. It is just terrible. I watch people send the tea back because it's too hard to make, while they watch their husband or wife die. (Too lazy to make the tea to try and save the life of a loved one???) I have seen them die because they won't take it "because it tastes bad" and on and on... On the other hand I have seen and heard miracle after miracle healing with this tea. The one thing that I know in my heart and I have learned after over 20 years in natural medicine is that God gave us all Free Will Choice to decide what we do with our lives and our bodies and I have learned to honor that choice that people make, even if it is not the one I would have chosen. I am glad she had the extra time and I appreciate your letter and will post it on-line and in the fall newsletter (Summer already written and gone to press). God Bless You for what you did and continue to do for others.
* Marijah McCain

I am just in tears at this moment after reading your reply, mainly because you replied in just a short amount of time which I did not expect, because you are so needed by so many others. And because I did speak with you while my mother was trying to overcome her cancer, and you were so quick to respond then and was amazingly accurate as to what I should do for her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the wisdom God gave me to look to you for help in her healing. I resent that I didn't have the courage to fight as much as I needed to fight to keep her on the 4-herb tea. But, as I said, she was feisty, she always told me and everyone that "I will go, when I get ready", so I guess she did just that. But, I wasn't ready and I still say, she should be here today with all of us, on Mother's day. Thank you, so much for your reply to my letter.
S. - Member since 1999

May 2004
"Loved "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Never really thought about why all my animals are so much healthier than I am!" --M.B. ~ HHA Member since 1995 Recommended reading for all HHA Members! Book information at bottom of the Colloidal Mineral page.

May 2004
I've been using the 4 herb tea for the past three months using it three or four times a day. I have been diagnosed with gum disease, and was being treated for it. Well, the last time I went to my dentist I didn't have to have the treatment to the last quadrant of my mouth because it was ok. My dentist asked what I had been doing and at first I just said I had been brushing and flossing regularly, then later I remembered I had been drinking the 4-herb tea. I am going to continue to use it and see what else it helps.
--S.H. ~ HHA Member since 2002

May 2004
Thank God for * McCain and the HHA! My testimonial is for the wondrous Grapefruit Seed Extract. I had a black lump on the inside of one of my toes. I had no idea why or how it got there. I was already aware of the power of this product internally, but now was my opportunity to use it topically. One drop directly on the area rubbed in with water to dilute. After a few days the lump became soft and was able to be scraped away little by little with no pain. After 2 weeks the lump is gone and the affected area is starting to close! My girlfriend noticed the lump at its worst and she cannot believe the lump is gone. However, I never had a doubt that it wouldn't work! Having this lump on my toe prevented me from having my feet washed at church prior to Easter Sunday. I didn't want to be embarrassed. I wish I would have started with Grapefruit Seed Extract sooner!! May God continue to bless the HHA and * McCain!!
--D.M. HHA Member since 1998
Grapefruit Seed Extract Products listed on this page http://www.herbalhealer.com/grapefruitseed.html

April 2004
M. McCain "Thanks for your tape and literature regarding my 7 yr old granddaughter and her eye problem that they claimed could not be treated due to alleged ADD. Your recommendations are now underway concerning diet and immediate improvement is noted... Thanx again for your courtesy and expertise in this matter."
--H.F. New member 2004
Marijah McCain's Audio tapes are listed on this page. http://www.herbalhealer.com/audio.html


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