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Volume 12, Issue 2
(June, 2008)

**NOTE: The opinions and views expressed in this private on-line newsletter are from Marijah McCain
and are protected by Copyright and Freedom of Speech laws in the United States.


    Homeopathic Liquescence Liquid
    Homeopathic Liquescence Liquid


This is our annual staff vacation.  The last shipping day will be June 27th. We will reopen to ship on July 7th.  Offices and shipping department will be closed.  We will be accepting Internet orders all week. Orders placed on line will be shipped in the order they are received starting July 7th, so expect a delay if you place your orders that week.



Because Calcium is so important for everyone including children, we are introducing the new chewable chocolate flavored wafer - HHA KO KO CAL/MAG.  Delicious natural cocoa chocolate cream flavor chewable wafer. These are really good! (Remember this is a nutritional supplement, not a Reese's Pieces!)  Great for kids too!   You are going to love these.  Put one in your kids lunch box!  Keep a bottle by your computer for a daily treat!   Ingredients: Calcium (Ca Carbonate) 500 mg, Magnesium 250 mg., Vitamin D3 - 500 IU. Organic evaporated cane juice powder, natural cocoa, natural chocolate cream flavor, stearic acid and magnesium sterate.  Does contain milk and soy derivatives.  Does not contain eggs, gluten, rice, sodium, wheat, yeast, synthetic dyes, artificial flavorings or preservatives.  Chew one or two twice daily.  Reg. Price is $17.95 per bottle - 60's but we are offering an Introductory Special - Only $15.00 per bottle!

Calcium is one of the most important elements in the diet because it is a structural component of bones, teeth, and soft tissues, and is essential in many of the body's metabolic processes. It accounts for 1 to 2 percent of adult body weight, 99 percent of which is stored in bones and teeth. A dietary deficiency eventually depletes bone stores, rendering the bones weak and prone to fracture. Also, deficiency is associated with arthritis, stiffness and leg cramps.
When blood calcium levels drop too low, the vital mineral is “borrowed” from the bones. It is returned to the bones from calcium supplied through the diet. If an individual's diet is low in calcium, there may not be sufficient amounts of the element available in the blood to be returned to the bones … leading to a net loss in bone mass, a condition called osteopenia. Osteopenia can lead to osteoporosis, or porous bone. Osteoporosis is responsible for 1.5 million bone fractures in the U.S. every year. It is estimated that 80% of all Americans are calcium deficient.  Vitamin D is essential for proper calcium absorption and utilization.
A lack of calcium can cause rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. Both conditions cause softening and weakening of the bones and can result in proneness to fractures. Postmenopausal women are especially likely to have calcium deficiency because of the reduction in estrogen during this period in their lives. Estrogen helps to keep calcium in the bones. Women, particularly older ones, need to supplement their diets with calcium. Calcium and vitamin D are important for maintaining bone density and reducing the risk of fractures. In elderly, ambulatory, women over the age of 60 who were not using estrogen replacement, supplementation of calcium and vitamin D produces a significant improvement in bone density and reduction of fractures. Children and teenagers, those on restricted diets (avoiding dairy products), the elderly, vegans and those concerned about osteoporosis also have higher needs for calcium.


This is not medical advice.  This is simply what I would do personally. Many people have asked me what to do if there is an outbreak of the bird flu that begins to kill humans.  Let me say that I think that the bird flu virus (H5N1) could develop into a serious threat if it jumps human to human.  However, understand that this is only one threat in a sea of microbial catastrophic possibilities. So let's take the Bird Flu as an example.   As you should know by now, Elderberry has shown very positive results against Bird Flu in extensive research done in Israel.  Flew Away is the liquid Elderberry for children and elderly, Elderberry Power is the capsules. Olive Leaf  has been a proven antiviral as well and we have both capsules and liquid.   I have used both of these products extensively to combat many different viral infections in the Winter months. Now if there was an epidemic moving through the United States and American people were dying from it,  I would immediately shelter in place (stay at home).  I would not go into any public area at all.  I would wear a mask when I had to go outside of my home, even if just in the yard.  Understand,  my home has medical air purification systems.   (I use IQAIR - http://www.purifierpro.com)  I would also shower immediately upon return.  I would keep all clothing and dishes washed in bleach water.  I would take 3 caps of Olive Leaf and Elderberry every 4 hours round the clock, for starters.  I would also take Colloidal Silver twice a day in juice or tea and the H5N1 homeopathic nosode drops - 10 drops - every 6 hours.  Finally, I would detox my liver and kidneys daily using one packet of Liver Chi and one packet of Asparagus twice a day, each in a cup of water. This is the bare minimum I would do.  Would I take the vaccine?  Never.  Note: You have an inalienable right to self medicate, which is contained in the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness outlined in the Declaration of Independence.
The best prevention of any major disease is to keep your body and immune system in great shape.  Daily Vitamins and minerals and other supplements that are personally needed by you should be taken now. Also for a month each year do a parasite detox, colon cleanse, liver and kidney detox one at a time which will take 4 months to do all four.
Take time to view the maps on this link. Click Global and Country Maps.
If an influenza pandemic appears, we could expect the following:
* Given the high level of global traffic, the pandemic virus may spread rapidly, leaving little or no time to prepare.
* Vaccines, antiviral agents and antibiotics to treat secondary infections will be in short supply and will be unequally distributed. It will take several months before any vaccine becomes available.
* Medical facilities will be overwhelmed.
* Widespread illness may result in sudden and potentially significant shortages of personnel to provide essential community services.
* The effect of influenza on individual communities will be relatively prolonged when compared to other natural disasters, as it is expected that outbreaks will reoccur.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Tracking The Next Killer Flu
In Southeast Asia a virus that kills chickens is now also killing people. The race is on to keep the bird flu from ravaging the world.

June 3rd, 2008.  Tyson Foods Inc. has begun killing and burying the carcasses of 15,000 hens in northwest Arkansas that tested positive for exposure to a strain of the avian flu that is not harmful to humans, state officials said Tuesday.

Fitch said state officials decided against announcing the infection to the general public because the birds tested positive for exposure to the H7N3 strain of the virus. The strain that ravaged Asian poultry stocks in late 2003 was H5N1 bird flu virus. That version of the virus has killed 240 people worldwide and scientists worry it could mutate into a form that spreads easily among people.
Make sure you are familiar with the products on the Flu and Cold Page.

MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

I have many people e-mail me about MRSA because it is getting worse and worse.  It was originally only contracted in hospitals, but now it is popping up everywhere.  This is an antibiotic resistant staph infection.

MRSA - THE NEW AIDS - CNN Video - 3 minutes
MRSA - The Ticking Time Bomb Trailer - 1 min.
Even on their own, infection with either influenza or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can lead to a grave situation. But now, health officials are keeping an eye out for an even more harrowing threat -- simultaneous infection with both diseases. And they say that, in children at least, these cases of co-incident infection appear to be on the rise.  So far, what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has learned about the potential link between flu and MRSA in young patients is disturbing.  According to an official health advisory issued Jan. 30, between Oct. 1, 2006, and Sept. 30, 2007, the agency received a total of 73 reports of child deaths due to influenza. In 22 of these cases, the children were also infected with some form of the staph bug, mostly MRSA.
MRSA - SUPERBUG Found In Canadian PORK Products
Canadian researchers have found antibiotic-resistant Staph bacteria in pork products purchased in retail stores across the country – a discovery that raises questions about how the contamination occurred, how frequently it happens and whether it has implications for human health.
"My main concern is: if there's MRSA on the surface of a pork chop and someone's handling it and then they touch their nose, could they transmit it from the pork chop to their nose?" noted Weese, a veterinarian based at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. But he wondered whether people handling meat with MRSA on its surface would end up inadvertently "colonizing" themselves. People who carry the bacteria on their skin or in their nostrils are at greater risk of going on to develop a Staph infection, which can range from a hard-to-heal boil to pneumonia to a potentially deadly bloodstream infection.
Marijah's Note:  I would say you could bet this is the case in the U.S. as well.  Would also explain why this MRSA has jumped out of hospitals and is appearing everywhere.
First let me say again, that a healthy immune system is very important. 1 or 2 Beta Glucans a day can help boost up your body's immune response and this will help clear out any low level pollutants you may carry.  Also antioxidants used daily will help the body clear out free radicals that weaken the immune system. Many of you take Vitamin C which is great.  Another good one is the Grape Seed capsules - this is an exceptional antioxidant.  Britain has been researching garlic to fight MRSA.  Before I go on, I want to tell you of my personal experience with garlic as a topical healer. I was bitten by a Brown Recluse at the base of my nail on my hand.  There was no pain from the bite, but a small hole developed and a clear fluid began to come out.  Then the hole began to get bigger.  This seemed to get worse by the minute. This toxin ate the nail right off the finger. I mean the whole nail was gone leaving damaged tissue underneath it.  At this point  it was very painful.  This was moving so fast, I thought I might lose the finger.  My main concern was getting a secondary infection on this, so I broke open an odorless garlic capsule and put it on a Band-Aid and kept it covered.  I changed this 3 times a day.  I noticed that the pain did decrease when I did this.  Of course, I had started on the Recluse Homeopathic drops, was taking 3 garlic internally 3 times a day along with Colloidal Silver twice a day.  Understand that I have many things that I could have applied, but because of my research, I chose the garlic.  Today, my nail has grown back and my finger is perfect.  Garlic... don't leave home without it!  I bet some of you are wondering... Did she see an MD? No is the answer.  I walk my talk.
The ingredient which gives garlic its distinctive smell is the latest weapon in the battle to beat the hospital "superbug" MRSA.  University of East London researchers found allicin treated even the most antibiotic-resistant strains of the infection. MRSA (Methecillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) causes an estimated 2,000 deaths in UK hospitals each year. Researchers are now testing allicin products in a six-month study. Dr Ron Cutler and his team discovered the effectiveness of allicin in laboratory tests five years ago. They found it can cure MRSA within weeks. It is even effective against the newer strains which cannot be treated by the "last line of defence" antibiotics Vancomycin and Glycopeptides.
Get some garlic in the ground people!  Plant as much as you can.  In the meantime HHA Odorless Garlic is tops in my book because I know it works.
With topical MRSA I would use the garlic topically and colloidal silver internally as well as a liver detoxifier like 4-Herb or Liver Chi.  If the skin lesions were really bad I would also mix in a little powdered goldenseal with the garlic and apply.
I have recently spoken with a nurse who has been using colloidal silver on patients that have systemic (in the blood stream) MRSA.  She told me the dose she uses of the 500 ppm is 1 tablespoon in liquid every 6 hours for at least 7 days and then begin to reduce over the next 2 weeks.


I have put up a page that will tell you what is most important to me to have on hand.  Everyone is different, so many of you will have other supplements that you prefer.  Oregano Oil capsules are very good at fighting infections and so is the Grapefruit Seed liquid and tablets,  but these are just not my top choices, so the list on the medicine page may not be complete for you personally, as you may have some things that you would not be without.


While supply lasts.
As many of you know we have discontinued the Sambucol products because there were changes in the formula from natural ingredients when the company was sold, and we did not approve of that here.   We do have some of the ORIGINAL - all natural Sambucol for Kids left in stock and we will be selling it out for $10.00 per bottle.  Expirations vary from this fall until next spring.  If kept unopened they will be good for at least a year after expiration date.  Remember Elderberry helps with all types of flu, especially odd ones like the Bird Flu.  We have a limited supply on hand, so if you want some, get it now!  Special sale page here:
To replace the Adult and Children's Sambucol we now have the HHA Flew Away - Elderberry syrup and the HHA Elderberry Power capsules.



All our testimonials are sent to us by HHA members and we feel it is important that you can read about other members experiences.  It also helps us a great deal in determining the effectiveness of the products. A word of caution: There is still a very aggressive movement in this country to suppress natural supplement information, especially hands-on testimonials. We know of some other companies who were forced to remove their testimonials from the websites. If this happens to us, rest assured we will make hard copies available in a book or CD form to our members.  You are free to archive and copy our testimonials for your own personal private reference.  Please do not post them on other websites without written permission.
Feb. 2008 - I am the one with colon rectal cancer. Been on your products over one year now. Had 6 month "look for cancer tests" last week and they found nothing. Doctor looks over my list of Vitamins, supplements, 4-Herb tea... and says "You still take all of these?" I say "Yes!" Thanks ** McCain! --D ~ HHA Member
Feb. 2008 - The 4-Herb tea is the best. My daughter had a total of 13 warts some on her knee and some on her toes, she was embarrassed to wear shorts or sandals and suffered in the summer months at school. I had tried everything from all sorts of wart removal products to freezing them off, NOTHING worked. I had read about the 4-herb tea and was already using it myself. I started having my daughter drink it once a day and also would apply it right to the warts, within a very short time her warts disappeared and they have not come back since. Thank you so much. --K.L. ~ HHA Long Time Member
Feb. 2008 - A friend of mine, 61 yr. old, diagnosed with prostate CA with metastasis to bone. PSA was over 100 (anything over 10 is indicative of cancer). Refused chemo & radiation. Started 4-herb tea, beta glucans, and dandelion root immediately. 5 months later, PSA is 9, friend is still working, no pain, feels great. Glory to God Almighty and you, ** McCain. Thanks for starting me on my journey of health!! --D.L. ~ HHA Member
Jan. 2008 - I used the Essiac formula (4-Herb Tea) with my wife when she had stage 3 breast cancer and she is free and clear of cancer today and that was 6 years ago. --R.J ~ HHA member since 2000
Jan. 2008 - About 6 or 7 months ago my wife and I started taking HHA 4 Herb capsules on prophylactic basis. My wife has fibrocystic breast disease and had 3 non-malignant cysts removed from her breast in the past 10 years. In addition, for the past 3 to 4 years, her gynecologist has been watching another small cyst as identified by mammography and ultrasound. I am happy to report that this year's (12/07) digital mammography was absolutely NORMAL. We can only attribute this to the HHA 4 Herb capsules as this is the only pertinent change made in her daily routine. She has been taking 1 capsule 3 times per day and she believes that the HHA 4 herb is responsible for this good news. Thank you HHA!
**McCain's note: Please understand that if you are going to use the 4-Herb Tea for cancer it must be the 4-Herb Tea made from the BULK herbs that you brew, not the capsules. The brewing process extracts the medicinal ingredients from the plants and roots. --B.F. ~ HHA Member
May 2008 - I just read your letter on Colloidal Silver & I am here to tell you, I have never turned gray, have healed my ear from infection-when the doctor kept supplying me with antibiotics that only gave me yeast infection, and heals my small dog of diarrhea whenever he gets it. Yours is the absolute best product on the market & I have taken it for about 12 years, nothing better! --M.H.~ HHA Member since 1995
May 2008- I just want to tell you that I believe your Maca Maca herbs played a role in my pregnancy. I have had two ectopic pregnancies (one in each tube) and three IVF treatments of which 2 resulted in pregnancies but were both lost. I have been off fertility treatments for almost 4 years and started taking Maca Maca herbs and also changed my diet slightly. We got pregnant on our own! I am 43 years old and this is such a wonderful blessing and gift! I just want to share hope with all and to always keep hope alive because anything is possible when you have faith in your life. --G. ~ HHA Member since 2002
May 2008 - Dear * McCain, Thank you so much for all of your help in treating our little Pomeranian. She died recently, but my goodness she lived to be over 17 years old. We attribute this to your 4-herb tea, colloidal silver and minerals, and glandulars. A Poms normal lifespan is 9 to 12 years. --C.G. ~ Longtime HHA Member
April 2008 - I have been giving my severely disabled son Neurorecovery and Brain Power for about 4 months and am pleased to report he has made some gains in school and with his therapists. He was even rewarded with student of the month for March. He has been happier, better attention, and is really understanding words and commands. Thanks. --B.M. ~ HHA Member since 2007
April 2008 - Dearest ** McCain, Thank You! I contacted you about my hair falling out and you suggested to take, Women in Balance, Thyro Complex and Evening Primrose. I took all these products starting in Dec. and by Jan. 12th, my hair has completely stopped falling out. I had tried so many other avenues (all natural too) but, you and your products are what helped. I am so grateful to you and your willingness to help others. You are a blessing. At 43, married and a mother of 4 young children, I sure didn't want to be going bald. Thank You so much. I tell everyone about you and your products! You're In my prayers. --F.S.~ HHA Member since 2000
Mar. 2008 - Mom is really doing good. Her sight has come back in that one eye. Also her incontinence is gone. She is 88 years old and goes to Walmart to tell other women buying Depends to have their thyroid checked, as that was what caused her problems. --J.L.~ HHA Member since 2007
March 2008 - Dear ** McCain, I wrote to you about losing my eyebrows and severe itching on my face and brow area. You told me to use Evening Primrose caps and Emu oil. My eyebrows have grown back and there isn't any more itching. Thank You. --L.A. ~ HHA Member

Mar. 2008 - Wanted to let you know of the great results I've had using your recipe for Elderberry Tincture. I made this tincture in November 2006. I had not used it during that time because there were so few reported cases of flu in our area last winter. This winter has been a different story. Several of my co-workers came down with the flu and of course I got it as well.

As soon as I realized that I had contracted the flu (I had a fever of 100) I began taking a dose of the tincture in the hopes that it would prevent my case from becoming severe. I couldn't find any information about how much to take under these circumstances but I figured I had to at least double the dose. I settled on a tablespoon as opposed to the maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon. I am happy to report that while I did have the flu and I did run a slight fever for 4 days, I did not miss work and other than a sore throat, a croaky voice and lack of stamina I made it just fine. I took the 1 tablespoon dose of tincture for a full week and have now reduced the dosage down to the recommended 1 teaspoon. I will continue with this dosage thru the rest of the flu season. I already have another batch of tincture mixed in preparation for next years flu season. Thank you for sharing this life-saving recipe.


*** Clean Quart Jar add 1/4 pound dried elderberries (Must be Sambucus nigra) see our bulk herbs section $14.50 - 1/2 pound
*** Now fill to top with vodka. Put lid on tight.
*** Store in a dark cupboard and shake once every few days.
*** Label and date your jar.
*** Let it sit for at least 30 days before you strain it.
*** You can use it without straining it too and it will just continue to get stronger. Preventative - Adult - 1 teaspoon in water once a day. Children scale back by weight.
--R. C ~ HHA Member

Mar. 2008 - Any GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) products that I have used are outstanding and are very quick to work. The Germ Buster is excellent for stopping the "runs" instantly. It is also excellent to have on a camping trip as you can add 10 drops to a glass of stream (creek) water and let it set for a bit and BINGO! pure water to drink. --R.H. ~ HHA Member

March 2008 - Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your recent help with my leg problem. I have taken the kidney detoxer (Asparagus Extract) for over a month now and have wonderful results. My left leg is now normal to the right leg. I have also noticed no more back ache or right side ache as I would sometimes have. Thank you ever so much for your help. It is wonderful to know that there is someone out there who can help people like me. --K.W. ~ Member since 2005
Feb. 2008 - I have been using Emu Oil for the past 2 months to help with the terrible terrible damage microderma abrasion did to my skin. I have tried numerous products and costly for the past two years. I had a bottle of Emu Oil that I had purchased a while back and I decided to give it a shot. I was hesitant to use it b/c of the oil. I thought it may cause it to break out. That was the last thing I needed. But it did not cause any irritation, or clogged the pores or anything. My skin peeling and dryness and the feel of tightness has improved within 2 months. I use it in the am and pm before going to bed.  It is best when I step right out of the shower where the skin is moist. Incredible.MD sent steroid cream but never filled it. I am hesitant to use steroid in any form if I don't need to. I will start to use it on my heels also.  What a neat product. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!! I am sold on it. --M ~ HHA Member
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This is an area on our website that is open on Wednesdays for questions directly to me.  The number of e-mails I receive weekly is mind boggling and this takes me many many hours a week to answer them all.  Sometimes it takes me a few days to get them all. There are a couple of things that you need to understand before e-mailing me.  I work with people, not disease names.  I want to know the age, symptoms, medications and condition of the person that I am asked to make a recommendation for. Make sure you tell me what medical therapies they are using, like chemo or prescription drugs.   I have 25 years experience in long distant healing and I do not always recommend the same thing for a specific illness.  It depends on the person, so don't just ask me what to do for a disease name.  Also when asking about your children or pets include the ages and weights so I can give you the proper doses.  Keep your e-mails as short as possible but do include the details I need.  I do not want a complete history since you were born.  Also do not send attachments, as I do not open those.  Send me only one e-mail a week.  My answers are short and to the point.  I do not chit chat, but I do appreciate all the kind words and prayers that you do send me.  Use your catalogs to research what I have recommended.  Also, I do have a very special gift of healing and when I make a specific recommendation it is based on my 25 years experience and my Spirit guidance for you.  This combination is very powerful, so please give what I suggest a try.

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For those of you that need prayer for healing this is from my heart to yours.
"May the Immeasurable Power of the Light of God bring a Miracle of Healing and Restoration to your mind, body and spirit.  May my Spirit touch your Spirit and bring you hope, strength, healing, and the fortitude you need.  And may you find it in your heart to help others who are suffering, by bringing them knowledge and hope."

Love Marijah McCain
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Since 1988
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