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Volume 8, Issue 4
(August, 2004)

*NOTE: The opinions and views expressed in this private on-line newsletter are from Marijah McCain and are protected by Copyright and Freedom of Speech laws in the United States.


CELLULAR MATRIX  - Absolutely Incredible  Homeopathic Cellular Support
It is of critical importance that we address the cellular levels when dealing with our health. Why? Because it is important that the smallest individual part, the cells that make up our organ systems, be healthy to make up a healthy whole of our body. Cellular Matrix professional energetic homeopathic drops were formulated to help all forms of cellular function at the subtle levels. Because disease begins at the cellular level and this is not very often addressed by mainstream or alternative medicine, I want you to have access to this because it is important for all health issues and the maintenance of good health.  Cellular Matrix can safely be taken with any daily supplement or any prescription medication.  There are no contraindications.  It can also be given to children and pets.

Homeopathy formulas work differently than herbal tinctures or herbal formulas. Homeopathy utilizes plants, minerals and animals. In some cases the actual diseases themselves. (This has a similarity to allergy shots where the actual allergen is used.)  Homeopathic remedies are diluted and potentized which creates an energetic medicine. For instance a 6X potency is actually 1 part in 1,000,000 of the original substance. The importance is the potentization as this stimulates the body on an energetic level to heal.

I graduated at the top of my class from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1996 and truly believe that homeopathy and its proper use will revolutionize conventional medicine as we know it. It is truly an amazing science. Did you know that at the previous turn of the century (1900's) there were 22 homeopathic medical schools in the U.S.  None of these schools presently exist.  The reason... allopathic medical monopoly which chooses the expensive drug and surgery approach to healing. This has got to change and we all know it!  Because it is almost opposite of allopathic medicine (large doses of drugs), and for those of you that do not understand homeopathic formulations, I recommend that you get the book Homeopathy the Great Riddle, or apply yourself to our HHA  Homeopathic Correspondence Course.

CELLULAR MATRIX Contains: All cell salts 6X, 12X, all glandulars tissues 6X, 30X, all amino acids 10X, 30X, all Krebs Cycle constituents 12X, 30X, COQ10,  12X, RNA - DNA 30X, 100X.  - 10 drops 2X a day.

Ingredient Descriptions:
CELL SALTS - The twelve Schuesslers remedies are named after the physician who pioneered their use. These remedies are known as the Biochemical Cell Salts and Tissue Salts. Dr. Schuessler postulated that when there is a deficiency in one or more of these remedies, abnormal cellular conditions arise. These homeopathic remedies help to prevent as well as support proper cell function when  illness is present.
GLANDULAR TISSUES - These are an important addition to the Cellular Matrix  formula because cellular glandular function in the body is critical to health. They regulate the metabolism. Millions of Americans have malfunctioning thyroid, adrenal's, etc. This formulation will help at the energetic cellular level, but not at the nutritional rejuvenation level like the actual glandular supplements do, so I do recommend both if you have a specific glandular need, like low thyroid.   You can see the supplemental glandulars at this link:
AMINO ACIDS - all 22 of the structural blocks of protein are provided to ensure proper metabolism. Amino acids make up proteins.  To understand the importance of the amino acids you must understand how critical proteins are to life.  It is protein that provides the structure for all living things.  Amino acids enable vitamins and minerals to perform their jobs properly.  Even if vitamins and minerals are absorbed and assimilated rapidly, they will not be effective unless amino acids are present.
KREBS CYCLE CONSTITUENTS - All parts of the Krebs/Citric acid cycle (the energy production cycle of the cell) are provided so that the power plants in the body can produce energy. Here is the medical definition of the Krebs Cycle. "In all plants and animals: a series of enzymatic reactions in mitochondria involving oxidative metabolism of acetyl compounds to produce high-energy phosphate compounds that are the source of cellular energy."  Now with that said, the bottom line is 80% of the body's energy is generated through the Krebs cycle.
RNA ribonucleic acid - transmits genetic information from DNA to the cytoplasm and controls certain chemical processes in the cell.
DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid -  for maintenance and repair of body cells and tissues. These are the genetic factors of the cell. A molecule found in the nucleus of cells as a twisted double-stranded chain that encodes genetic information. The particular sequence of 4 chemical building blocks (nucleotides) -- adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine -- that make up a DNA chain determines the unique genetic code of an individual.
COQ10 - Energy is needed to allow nutrients to enter the cell and waste products to exit. Without the energy provided by the mitochondria the cell could not function. It is at the level of the mitochondria where CoQ10 has its most dramatic effect. Through CoQ10ís antioxidant and co-enzyme effect the energy levels of the mitochondria are boosted for cellular function.

Now with all that said, I want you to understand that I personally feel that this formulation is a must for daily supplementation for everyone.  The body is faced with so many things in today's world that interfere with proper cellular function.  Many of you are not aware of the simple definition of the word cancer.  Cancer in simple terms is  mutating cells that have gone berserk from their original program.  Cancer starts at the cellular level as do other ailments.

Unlike conventional medical doctors that hold no value in homeopathics, I happen to know that they are a powerful tool for the 21st Century that do work to enhance health and healing.  I am excited to be the first in the world to present the HHA Cellular Matrix  formula on a global scale.  Homeopathy is energetic medicine for the 21st Century that will come through for you when nothing else will. 

P.S. I want you to know that I have just enrolled in a 3 year Homeopathic Veterinarian program so that I can further my knowledge to help pets and farm animals and help teach you how you can too.   Now if I can do this when I am 50 years old, running Herbal Healer Academy, answering hundreds of consultations, writing all the newsletters, being a wife, mother and grandma, taking care of a large farm, and everything else the Universe throws at me ... you can too!  You need to study and then you need to teach it.  OK?  Now Just Do It!  Be All That You Can Be!  Be a Herbal Healer and help save the people and animals.  For all you students and graduates out there, think of new ways to reach more people.



Sceptic's tests support homoeopathy. Now the challenge for scientists is to repeat it. Researchers have just published what could be the first hard evidence in a peer-reviewed scientific journal that appears to support the central idea behind homoeopathy. In summary, the study found that extremely dilute solutions can have a biological effect. In showing that high dilutions exert a biological effect, the findings seem to break the laws of physics. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/science_technology/story.jsp?story=552905



We have a limited supply back in stock, so if you would like some order now!
We have posted some testimonials at this link too.


NEW!  NATURE'S RUSH - (Reg. 21.95) ~> $17.95  or 3 @ $ 15.00 ea.

This product is for those of you out there that used the Herbal 5000 or anyone else that needs an energy boost for weight loss or just extra get up and go! This is a well balanced formula that combines the natural energy boosting power of Guarana, Green Tea, Bitter Orange Extract and Ginseng. The B Vitamins, chromium, and other herbs and supplements offer synergistic support. Adult use only - Dose - 2 caps twice daily - drink at least 2 glasses extra of pure water.

2 Capsules Contain Proprietary Blend of : Guarana Standardized Extract - (Paullinia cupana) Seed Extract has 42 mg. natural caffeine - 280 mg. - Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) - Leaf contains 8 mg. natural caffeine - 200 mg. - Bitter Orange Fruit Extract (Citrus aurantium) - 6% Synephrine - Advanta Z - 150 mg. - Panax Ginseng Root (5% Ginsenosides) - 150 mg. - Eleuthero Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus) - 150 mg. - Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 100 mg. - Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) - 100 mg. - Cayenne - 40,000 HU - 50 mg. - Alpha Lipoic Acid - 25 mg. - COQ10 - 10 mg. - Octacosanol (from Spinach) - 30 mcg. - Vitamin E (d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) - 15 IU - Vitamin B - (from Thiamine) - 10 mg. - Riboflavin - (Vitamin B-2) - 10 mg. - Niacin - (Vitamin B-3) - 25 mg .- Vitamin B-6 (Pyroxidine HCL) - Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) - 100 mcg. - Vitamin - B-5 (Calcium Pantotenate) - 10 mg - Iodine (from Kelp) - 225 mcg - Chromium (Chromium Chelavite) 200 mcg. -Potassium (Potassium Aspartate) 55 mg.

Contraindictations: This product contains 50 mg. of natural caffeine per serving (equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee) - Caution: Pregnant & lactating women, people with high blood pressure, any cardiovascular disorder, hyperthyroidism, and depression medications -are all contraindicated


NEW!  HHA RESPIR 8  - (Reg. 21.95) ~> $17.95  or 3 @ $ 15.00 ea.

This is a potent Respiratory Support Formula. It is packed with an antioxidant punch, which helps the body clear out any free radicals that may have been caused by the infection. It also has traditional herbal support to help facilitate healing after an infection in the lungs and chest area. Can be safely taken by people suffering from asthma to help add nutritional support to the lungs. Also a bottle of this should be taken during and after any major chest cold, flu with respiratory problems and influenza. Serving Size - 3 tablets. This product can be given to children and the tablets can be crushed if needed.

3 Tablets Contain - Proprietary Blend of : Quercetin - 800 mg. - Nettle Extract - 500 mg. - Bromelain - (2000 GDU) - 500 mg. - Licorice Extract - 200 mg. - Vitamin C - 500 mg. - Vitamin B6 - 20 mg. - Pantothenic Acid - 100 mg. - Magnesium - 40 mg. - Zinc - 10 mg.




HHA OLIVE LEAF CAPSULES   60 Caps - Pg. 118 in Catalog (Reg. $16.95) ~> $10.00!
#1 Supplement to have on hand for any viral outbreaks.  Daily supplement for chronic viral infections.  Stock this up for the winter of 2005!

HHA APPLE CIDER PLUS  180 Caps - Pg. 24-25 in Catalog  (Reg. $15.00) ~> $10.00!

DR. CHI'S - Asparagus, Vein lite, Chi Energy & Liver Chi - Pg. 50 in Catalog  (Reg. $32.00) ~> $25.00!

HHA CMO -  180's - Arthritis - Give this a try for 30 days!  Pg. 42 in Catalog  (Reg. $59.95) ~> $45.00!
Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) is a modified fatty acid ester that is vegetable derived. As a dietary supplement, take 2 softgels three times a day. This product should be tried for at least 30 days if you have arthritis or joint pain.  It is one of the natural supplements that you can notice an improvement within 30 days if this product is going to help you.  This is a one month supply.  Note: Softgels are large.  Ingredients:  2 softgels contain: CMO - Cetyl Myristoleate Oil Complex - 1670 mg.  Cetyl Myristoleate (min 12%) - 200 mg., Cetyl Oleate (min. 27%) - 450 mg., Other Mixed Fatty Esters - (min. 38%) - 630 mg. Vegetarian Source.

HHA COLON ENHANCER   - 250 caps   Pg. 70 in Catalog  (Reg. $21.95)   ~> $18.00!
Gentle, but very effective colon cleansing formula. 3 caps twice daily - recommended for 3 months. This is the greatest and should be taken by people with colon problems, colon cancer and poor nutritional absorption.
Ingredients: WOW! What a formula! 6 caps - Bentonite - 150 mg., Citrus Pectin - 90 mg., - Organic Wheat Grass - 60 mg., Cascara Sagrada - 78 mg., - Lactobacillus Acid. and Bif. - 4 billion/gm., Barley Malt - 60 mg., Buckthorn - 60 mg., Golden Seal Root - 60 mg., Black Walnut Hulls - 60 mg., Psyllium Seed Husks - 3600 mg., Vitamin C - 20 mg. Contains - no soy, yeast, milk, sugar, salt or artificial anything.

HHA MUSCLE CALM -  90 capsules  - (Reg $18.95)   ~> $12.00!
This product is going up substantially in 2005. Excellent alternative to chemical muscle relaxers, excellent to help promote sleep. Adult dose: 2 as needed.  Many members have reported this also helps with restless leg syndrome and muscle pain.  Ingredients: Valerian Root - 125 mg., Wild Yam - 85 mg., Wood Betony - 75 mg., Passion Flower - 45 mg., Scullcap - 30 mg., Cramp Bark - 25 mg., Hops - 15 mg., Black Cohosh - 15 mg., Calcium - 50 mg., Magnesium - 50 mg.

HHA CAL/MAG/VIT D LIQUID - 12 oz. bottle  (Reg. $15.00) ~> $11.00!
# 1 Calcium Liquid on the market. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon - Calcium Carbonate - 600 mg., Magnesium - 300 mg., Vitamin D (calciferol) - 100 IU and Potassium Bicarbonate - 25 mg.

HHA VITAMIN C - 1000 mg. 100 tabs -  Sustained Release.  (Reg.$9.95) ~> $5.00!
This is the BEST Vitamin C for all day delivery.  Maintenance dose through cold and flu season - 1 tablet up to three times a day.  Also should be taken with all gum related problems.



We have some new testimonials that are fantastic.

I have been taking the Myosteo for the spurs I had on my heels. It has worked great. I can not thank you enough for it. I was in considerable pain and now it is practically gone.
--K.T. Member since 2001

Dear HHA, "Nov. 03 I was diagnosed w/Lupus. I had a horrible rash from my neck to my feet(itched,burned,red yuck). I was in tremendous pain in my joints and muscles, could hardly walk. The doctors wanted to put me on steroids for a problem with no cure according to them. I said no way. I started taking HHA Mycostat Complex caps 2 twice daily, Colon Enhancer 3 twice daily. 4-Herb Tea concentrate 1 time a day, 1/2 tsp. Colloidal Silver twice daily, Acidophilus/Bifidus powder 1/4 tsp. in milk 1 time daily and Super II laxative 2 a day. How do I feel? Like a million bucks! The rash is completely gone and my pain is very minimal. Sometimes I still have pain in my legs but not often and not bad either. No steroids would have done for me what these herbal treatments have. They are wonderful. Don't let a doctor tell you that steroids are the only hope.
Not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope this helps anyone with lupus to have hope. One more thing; the montana yew tip salve works wonders on the lupus rash and other skin problems too I have learned. May this info be of great help to others!!!!!!!!
!--P.N ~ HHA Member since 2002

Hi HHA, "Just wanted you to know a friend of mine is able to control her diabetes with diet now. Her docs were going to start her on insulin. She started supplementing with chromium and vanadium. She says she feels great. Had been feeling really terrible on the medication. I've referred so many to your web site and most of my friends were skeptical at first  (we're all in the medical field!) but after seeing my great results with your care, (I had breast cancer in 2001) they ask me questions constantly about what to do for this and that. I tell them to ask * McCain! Go to her web site and stay away from our drug pushing colleagues unless you have a broken bone."
--N.B. ~ Member since 2003

Dear * McCain, "Have dropped 3 pant sizes using HHA Apple Cider Vinegar and walking two miles a day!"
--B. C ~ HHA Member since 2001
GOOD NEWS!  You can try HHA Apple Cider Vinegar - 180 caps for only $10.00 each!

For several years I have suffered from chest pain, tightness, debilitating discomfort. I started taking COQ10 and got almost immediate relief. In the past year pain has returned with a vengeance. In March I started the HHA Formula One for 3 months, as of a week or so ago, absolutely no more chest pain!!! I am swimming, walking, exercising and currently taking the HHA Oral Chelate tablets, as well as other supplements...this is nothing short of a miracle! My chest feels normal. I have more energy, less fatigue. I feel 10 years younger...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you..other family members have also been greatly helped, thanx to the weekly Wed. online consultation and purchasing necessary products... I cannot say "thank-you" enough..I thank God for HHA and Marijah's work and efforts.
--J.P. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Your products and information have helped me go from being bed bound 5 years ago to a working,  happy,  not in pain person today.  I was told by the rheumatologist that I would never get better.. Well with a dark outlook like that I guess I never would have. Thank you for the health information on your site.. and I really miss all the info that you used to be able to publish until the rotten bastards that are messing with you started their reign of terror over the people. Thank you for fighting for us all...
--K.B. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Thank you!  I wanted to let you know how well the 4-Herb Tea has worked for my father-in-law. He was a Prof. at U of Mich, he is 88 years old and 1 1/2 yrs ago he was given 6 wks to 2 months to live. He was not taking any medication to address his problem (growths taking over his abdomen/possible cancerous) after 6 months a cat scan was taken and the tentacles from the growth were gone and the growth shrank. He now works out 3 days a week. He is not 100% but he's 88 so that is to be expected, but his quality of life is tremendously better. Thank you for standing up to our government... Someone needs to!
--C.P. ~ HHA Member

My father was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and I got him started on the HHA 4-Herb Tea. All of his lymph nodes have now shrunk to their original size. Thank you for providing him quality of life at 80.
--S.A. HHA Member since 2002

Several years ago practically all my hair came out very quickly. My hair would not grow and remained dormant for about 8 years. I tried practically everything. Prior to my awareness of the Herbal Healer Academy, I had a hair analysis done and one scary piece of information was my exposure at some point in my life to a radioactive element called "Polonium." Apparently, exposure could have been in-utero, as a child or even recently at that time - no one could know when exactly. It is assumed my hair would naturally fall out as a result of that exposure. I consulted my friend about my hair, a physician who practices natural medicine and who introduced me to Herbal Healer Academy, and he believed my hair problem was not "nerves" nor my diet, but rather "poisoning of some kind". (He was unaware of the hair analysis at that time) He advised me to clean my system thoroughly and to take the HHA bulk 4-Herb Formula tea. I did as he advised and began to take the bulk 4-Herb Formula tea, 2 ozs. three times a day and have continued to this day. Periodically thereafter I developed tiny boils at different positions all over my scalp, one or two at a time, which by themselves, came to a head, burst and then disappeared. This continued for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. About 6 months. ago it appears the last of these small boils occurred, and since then - guess what? - my hair has begun to grow back? The itchy flaky scalp which I also had has cleared completely. Prior to the tea my scalp was clean of hair on the top and sides and was stunted at the back. Now there is hair about 1/2 in. now, all over my head, it is strong and it is growing. I am very excited and thrilled! I can only thank the HHA and these amazing herbs that have detoxed my system of a poison. I haven't even mentioned the other benefits I have derived from the tea, such as my weight down by 15 lbs. to within normal limits now without even trying, with little or no exercise during this time (I'm about to start again now!), in addition to genital blisters  which for years I would get only periodically, but I haven't had since the tea. I am extremely happy and thank my friend for introducing me to the Academy and the tea, and to you * McCain for being there for us. You are terrific!  Please keep doing what you are doing.
--Name withheld - HHA Member since 2000


This page has turned out to be the number one hit page on our web-site for a very good reason.  We have information here that you will not find on the mainstream news, but is very important for you to know.

"This looks like a case of hidden mass medication upon the unsuspecting public,' Baker said. 'It is alarming that there is no monitoring of levels of Prozac and other pharmacy residues in our drinking water. Experts say that Prozac finds its way into rivers and water systems from treated sewage water. Some believe the drugs could affect their reproductive ability. European studies have also expressed disquiet over the impact of pharmaceuticals building up in the environment, warning that an effect on wildlife and human health 'cannot be excluded".  Read full article

A Sydney researcher has unlocked the mystery of the miraculous healing powers of honey, adding to the calls for its use as a first line defense against serious infection. Honey not only possesses significant antibacterial activity, it has also been shown to actively promote healing, regardless of the infection status of the wound. This study found that honey, but not sugar, directly stimulates human cells that are important in the immune response and in wound healing. Although further investigations are needed this stimulation begins to explain some of honeys therapeutic benefits.

"During the study, conducted on a group of British three-year-olds, parents said their children were markedly more active, inattentive and short-tempered when fed a diet heavy in food additives and noticeably calmer when their diet was stripped of additives. "These findings suggest that significant changes in children's hyperactive behaviour could be produced by the removal of artificial colorings and preservatives from their diet," Dr. Warner said. According to the British Food Commission, about 40 per cent of food and drinks marketed to children contain these additives, in doses similar to those added by the research team..."

Material Costs of Medical Compounds Investigative Research Reveals the True Costs of Drugs. By Sharon Davis and Mary Palmer - US Department of Commerce. Here are some examples, but read the article too!

Celebrex 100 mg 
Consumer price (100 tablets): $130.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.60
Percent markup: 21,712%
Claritin 10 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $215.17
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.71
Percent markup: 30,306%
Prevacid 30 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $44.77
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.01
Percent markup: 34,136%
Prilosec 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $360.97
Cost of general active ingredients $0.52
Percent markup: 69,417%
Norvasec 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $188.29
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.14
Percent markup: 134,493%
Prozac 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) : $247.47
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.11
Percent markup: 224,973%

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