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Volume 11, Issue 3
(October, 2007)

**NOTE: The opinions and views expressed in this private on-line newsletter are from Marijah McCain
and are protected by Copyright and Freedom of Speech laws in the United States.



We have just introduced two great Elderberry (known for it's flu fighting abilities) to the HHA line-up!

HHA ELDERBERRY POWER - 500 mg. 60 Veg. Caps
This is an very potent pure herbal done at a 10:1 concentrate making it much stronger than plain elderberry. Elder (Sambucus nigra) has been recognized for its high Vitamin C content, as well as anthocyanins, which are potent free radical scavengers. It also supports the immune system, and the research from Israel shows it has amazing antiviral properties. This product is very safe and should be used anytime there is flu or colds in the house. Can be taken as a maintenance dose once a day throughout the winter months too. Adult maintenance dose - 2 caps daily. Colds and Flu - 2 caps three times a day. No sugar, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

New HHA "FLEW AWAY" is an exclusive, potent, great tasting blend of Elderberry Fruit and Flower (Sambucus nigra), Echinacea purpurea root extract and Zinc Citrate. (1 teaspoon contains 5 mg. zinc) - 4 oz. bottle contains 24 servings. Adult dose: 1 teaspoon three times a day or once a day for preventative maintenance. Children give 1/2 teaspoon. Children uder the age of 3 - 10 drops in juice - 3 times a day or once a day for maintenance dose. Base is Vegetable Glycerin, so it is safe for children. An important feature about this product, besides it is 100% natural, is that it is made in the U.S.A. and is in an amber glass bottle for storage safety. No yeast, wheat, alcohol, corn, soy, milk or eggs.
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As many for you know from my previous newsletters, Elderberry has been clinically found to be effective against the bird flu. I though Flew Away was a catchy name :-). It can be supplemented with any flu virus! Note: Our new products are very potent and are replacing Sambucol. The company that owns Sambucol has been sold and we were not comfortable not being able to get the supply we needed this year, so we have manufactured our own and it is U.S. made.

Quote from article -
"Last week, Retroscreen Virology, a leading British medical research institute associated to Queen Mary College, University of London, announced that Sambucol was at least 99% effective against the avian flu virus, H5N1, and in cell cultures significantly neutralized the infectivity of the virus."
'During Mumcuoglu's research she discovered the key active ingredient in elderberry and when she tested it against the flu virus, she found it effective. On her arrival in Israel, Mumcuoglu joined the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, and continued her research.' Full Article

According to a report on Fox news recently " The deadly bird flu virus has mutated and may infect people more easily if it begins spreading from human to human, according to a new study."

Oct. 24th, 2007 - UN Expert Says World Unprepared for Avian Flu Pandemic

Flu and Cold Season Page

Just in - Homeopathic Flu Nosode for 2007 and 2008 season
Formulated specifically for this year's flu strain.
Influenzum V2-Grippe, Influenzum V76 - Grippe, Adenovirus (respiratory), Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Pneumococcinum, 12X, 30X, 60X, 100X, Influenzum Virus 2007/08 - 30X, 60X. Dose is as follows for an adult. If you are not sick with the flu take 4 drops once a day for 30 days to help your immunity against it. If you do get the flu take 10 drops under tongue twice a day to help it clear through your body faster.



Awesome Joint, Connective Tissue, Discs and Vessel Supplement.
In a nut shell, this product is for anyone who feels weaker in their body that they did a few years ago. This supplement is a great defence to help keep you strong.

Potent Nutritional Support for Joints, Vessels, Skin, Connective Tissue and Discs. This dietary supplement product is the outcome of a rational approach to nutritional support of the body's connective tissues. Connexin™ promotes connective renewal and thereby supports wound healing, blood vessel wall strength, renewal of the joint linings and the integrity of the invertebral discs.

The connective tissues are the packing matrix for all the body's cells, tissues and organs. Connective tissues underlie the skin, and are the foundations for the joints, vertebral discs, walls of the blood vessels, bones and countless other supporting and hardened tissues. This network holds the cell and tissues together and provides an organized lattice within which the cells can orient and migrate. Here, the network - rather than the cells - bears most of the mechanical stress to which the tissue is subjected. Connective tissues are specialized for tensile strength and form the architectural framework of the body. Cumulative damage to the body's connective tuissues can markedly affect quality of life.

Some organs rely on their connective tissues more than others. There for connectives are the major components in the skin and bone. Connectives constitute joint surface, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, invertbral discs, walls of the blood vessels, bone matrix and countless other supporting and hardening tissues. Variations in the make-up of the extra cellular network give rise to the diversity of rock-hard structures (bone and teeth), ropelike organization (ligaments, tendons), even transparency (the cornea), but the build up of damage to the body's connective tissues can markedly affect quality of life. For example: joint and disc distortions and dysfunctions cause pain and disability to millions of people in this country.

Four capsules contain: Glucosamine Sulfate 250 mg., N-acetyl glucosamine 450 mg., Chondroitin Sulfate 50 mg., Hawthorn extract, standardized 400 mg., Proanthocyanidin flavonoids (grape seed) 10 mg., L-proline amino acid 100 m., L-lysine amino acid 100 mg., Vitamin B6/pyridoxine (as hydrochloride) 12 mg., Vitamin C/ascorbic acid (from beet) 350 mg., Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 125 IU., Magnesium (as citrate) 100 mg., Calcium (as citrate) 25 mg., Zinc (as citrate) 12 mg., Copper (as gluconate) 1 mg., Silicon (as horsetail extract 4x) 20 mg., Manganese (as citrate) 5 mg., Boron (as citrate) 3 mg., Selenium (as sodium selenite. Selenomenthionine) 150 mcg., Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 500 mcg., Bromelain, 600 GDU 25mg. Free of: yeast, wheat, corn, soy, egg, milk. gluten, rice, sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, hormones and antibiotics. Adult recommended dose: 2 capsules twice a day. Higher doses may be indicated as directed by heath care professional. 120 capsules.

Read more about it!

MRSA - (Methecillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

Many people have been asking me about what to do to help prevent this infection. I recommend the daily use of the odorless garlic capsules - Adults - 2 once a day and of course a maintenance dose of colloidal silver. Garlic has many health benefits, but's it antimicrobial properties are a real plus. Read this article - Garlic Beats Hospital Superbug - MSRA - University of East London researchers found allicin treated even the most antibiotic-resistant strains of the infection. Read Article


In the coming times ahead, when faced with any antibiotic resitant strain, it will be vitally important for you and your families to understand the powerful natural supplements that we have that do work and can save your lives.


Administration of CoQ10 improves energy output by the mitochondria of the cell. This improved energy output from CoQ10 therapy has proven to be quite valuable in treating neurologic disorders[2] such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, and strokes. While at the U. of Texas Dr. Folkers encouraged a cardiologist, Dr. Peter Langsjoen, to use CoQ10 to treat congestive heart failure with wonderful results. Dr. Langsjoen stated " The clinical experience with CoQ10 is nothing short of dramatic.
Read Article


We have an easy link you can use to report any testimonials and experiences you have with our products. All our testimonials are sent to us by HHA members and we feel it is important that you can read about other members experiences. It also helps us a great deal in determining the effectiveness of the products. A word of caution:
There is still a very aggressive movement in this country to suppress natural supplement information, especially hands-on testimonials. We know of some other companies who were forced to remove their testimonials from the websites. If this happens to us, rest assured we will make hard copies available in a book form to our members. You are free to archive and copy our testimonials for your own personal private reference. Please do not post them on other web sites without written permission. We are in the process of putting all our years of testimonials on a CD. It will be called TESTAMENT TO HERBAL HEALER and will be sent free with every order in 2008 (God Willing)


Family Shows Great Improvements
Oct. 2007
Thank you so much for helping me out. I decided that since I may have been suffering from parasites that my family may have been as well since they also had similar symptoms as I did. Well I would like to let you know that since the parasite cleanse, my mother's mobility and energy has improved greatly and she can digest her food now without having complications. However, the biggest success is for my brother, he was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and was told to change his diet, well he didn't like the food so he never followed the diet, instead we bought some digestive enzyme pills and they helped but not much, until we got the parasite cleanse, now his Celiac disease is gone! He doesn't run to the restroom after every meal! I also recommended the parasite cleanse to my relatives so they ordered some stuff from you as well!

I also would like to let you know that the Dr. Chi's Pro Metabolic capsules are working great! I have began a lower dose of my thyroid medication! I also gave them to my mother and brother and my brother has lost over 10 lbs and the Dr. just called last week on Thursday to tell us that we need to reduce his medication! It's only been less than a month since he has been taking these pills and already there is an improvement! I myself have lost 7 lbs and I have so much energy and positive attitude that I am just thankful for this!
--T.B ~ HHA Member since 2007

Psoriasis - 80% Body Covered
October 2007
Dear ** McCain, Your suggestions SAVED my daughter's life with 80% body covered in Psoriasis. I have to get the before and after to you for others to see!
--H.R. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Thank Your For Help So Far...
Oct. 2007
First I would like to thank you for all of your help so far. My dogs leg is now healing nicely, after she expelled the cancer from it. And my mother is feeling so good, she is going to the nursing home telling everyone, how you have helped her with her thyroid, (she is not taking any meds for it anymore), her overall health and that her incontinence has disappeared. And one of our friends has been taking the tea, and is now canceer free, much to the amazement of the doctors.(they gave him only three months to live). You have touched so many lives here in Tennessee.
--J.L.~ HHA Member since 2007

Lump In My Son's Armpit
Oct. 2007
Just wanted you to know the lump in my little boy's armpit is gone. After adding the red clover drops to his regimen of 4 Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver it caused the lump to go from about the size of a nickel, firm and painful to the size a little bigger than a half dollar and soft. He had a marked reduction in pain and swelling within 2 days. It took about a week for it to be totally gone. He was with his cousin in the yard getting ready to throw a baseball and I heard his cousin ask does your arm still hurt? He said "nope my ** McCain stuff made it all go away." Blessings to you once again. Thank you.
--N.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003

HHA One Daily Vitamins - the free ones!!!
Oct. 2007
I just wanted to drop you a line on some good news: since September 2006 I have been going through very severe stress and depression due to some deaths in the family and the ending of a couple of close friendships. As a result, these really took a toll on me in every way, but especially I was feeling extreme fatigue, so bad that as soon as I got home from work at 4pm, I would go to sleep and not wake up until it was time to go to work at 5am, and I was still tired. So much fatigue that I was not able to enjoy my days off from work because I was asleep. So fatigued that I could not concentrate at work and would almost fall asleep while working and while driving home from Houston to Spring. I'm 37 years old, way too young to be going through this. Even though I made much progress shaking off the depression and negative mental thoughts, the fatigue persisted. In June I had another pleurisy attach, and I took the Collodial Silver, 4-Herb Tea and Olive Leaf extra as you suggested, and it worked. You also sent me some daily vitamins. I thought to myself, "why not? just take them."

My dear ** McCain, when I started taking your vitamins, not only was I able to stay awake at work, but I didn't have the need to sleep at home anymore. I was alert and able to think clearly. I do think that I may need some additional support because I feel fatigued if I miss a day of my vitamins, but thanks to you, once again, I have my life back, and I feel closer to my old, alert, chipper self.
--P.E. ~ member since 1997

Hoffman's Disease
Oct. 2007
Thank God for you! I was diagnose with a an autoimmune disorder called Hoffman's disease in 1993. I suffered with open bleeding painful sore on my scalp off and on going to a dermatologist. In 2006, you recommended Essiac, Colon Enhancer , Asparagus extract, and Parasite cleanse. I now have a clear healed scalp. I maintain the Essiac once daily now. Thank you! God Bless You!
--T.F. ~ HHA Member 2007

Ringworm and Radiation
Oct. 2007
My daughter had ringworm. She used the cream from Dr. for 2 months and not even a little change in her condition. I visited and took Emu oil and Grapefruit Seed liquid. Used these for 2 days and started to see a change. Talked to a friend and she suggested Colloidal Silver within 2 weeks of using the silver her ringworm was completely gone except for a little scarring which the Emu oil is helping. My mother has recently gone thru breast cancer that went into lymph nodes. She went thru traditionl therapy chemo and radiation. I had her on supplements that really helped her get thru these and the Dr. could not get over how well she went thru her treatments. She wouldn't tell him about the natural supplements. She used the Emu oil during radiation and never had one problem only a slight reddening of the area. They kept acting amazed at how well her skin held up whenever she had an appointment. She once again was afraid to tell them what she was doing. But we knew. Thanks for all your help and your great products.
--N.L. ~ HHA Member

Wifes Anxiety and Palpitations Stopped Totally
Oct. 2007
About a month ago, My wife and I started taking Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract on daily basis because I thought it would be good to flush our kidneys and would be a good prophylactic measure. We are also taking HHA 4-Herb capsules as a preventative measure and I'm also taking the free HHA vitamins as well a HHA Coloidal minerals. My wife has hypertension, palpitations and anxiety attacks and her allopathic physician placed her on Buspar for the anxiety but it did little good. I'm happy to report that since she has been on the asparagus extract, her anxiety and palpatations totally stopped except for a few days while waiting for our next order from HHA. During that time her palpatations and anxiety returned but as soon as she was back on the asparagus extract they stopped. My wife, once a skeptic is now totally convinced that natural cures really do work. As an aside, since I have been on HHA colloidal minerals (just over a month now), both my wife and I have noticed that my gray hair is significanly less, the color is actually returning. What a plus! Thanks again for offering such great products.
--B.F. ~ HHA Member 2007

95 Years Old -- Eyesight Is Improved!
Oct. 2007
I have a friend who lost sight in one eye and the sight in her other eye was diminishing. I bought her three bottles of liquid taurine. After one week she could read the words in the song hymnal. She is taking it with her lunch and at bedtime. Almost through one bottle she says everything is much lighter and she can see bright colors again. She can now read 12 point bold print and see the electronic pictures her greatgrand kids are always trying to show her. This 95 year old is stoked! God bless you ** Marijah McCain. We so appreciate the light you continually shine reminding us of the body's power to heal itself.
--Rev. M.B. ~ HHA Member

Wasn't Expected To Live Without Dialysis
Sept. 2007
About two months ago, I recommended HHA to my friend who's father wasn't expected to live another week without dialysis. Today, after taking the four herb tea, and Dr. Chi's asparagus tea, he's just fine! God bless.
--A.T. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Grapefruit Seed Liquid Helps Plaque!
Sept. 2007
Last year I started using a drop of the grapefruit seed concentrate on the toothpaste each night when I brushed my teeth because I had a crack in a tooth and wanted to stop another abscess forming in the tooth and jaw. I hoped that the grapefruit seed concentrate would kill the bacteria before it had a chance to settle into the crack and cause the infection. It's worked wonderful for that, but I got a surprise benefit. A few months after I starting using it I was eating dinner and suddenly thought my bottom front teeth were falling apart. I ran to a mirror and checked my teeth, but they looked fine. I reached behind the teeth and scraped out some stuff that reminded me of hard water scale and realized that all the plaque buildup behind my back teeth had just flaked off. Since then I've been wondering if the grapefruit seed concentrate was cleaning the rest of my teeth as well. Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning. The hygienist found only two teeth with any kind of plaque build up, and those were very minor. She was shocked when I told her it's been over 20 years since I last had my teeth cleaned. I told her about the grapefruit seed concentrate, and she told the dentist. He was as surprised as she was. They both asked me a few questions, and could only shake their heads about it.
--C. S ~ HHA Member since 2001


Breast Cancer
Oct. 2007
Dear ** McCain, Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am cancer free now, thanks to you, and I want to remain that way. Thank you!
--J.S. ~ HHA Member since 2007

Hoffman's Disease
October 2007
About a year ago I wrote to you about my husband having Hoffman's disease and the breakout of boils that would appear all over his body but mostly in his head that would cause him great pain. Well the regime that you recommended to him that included the 4 herb tea has worked wonders. He hasn't had a break out since!!
--D.F.~ HHA Member since 2006

Oct. 2007
MY STORY OF THE 3-RUSTY NAILS-One day I stepped on a board with 3 rusty nails in it. They were in a trianglar shape and went into the center of my left foot up to the bone. It imeditally turned red,swelled up so I was unable to walk on it at all. I totally refused to go get a shot from the doctor because of the near death experiences I have had in my life because of medical doctors. I prayed. I remembered the 4-Herb Tea sludge I kept in my freezer. I got about 1 teaspoon and bandaged it around the center bottom of my foot so it would stay on. Praise God I could walk the next day and at the end of the week I changed the bandage and tea. Praise God again there was NO sign of any nail sores or scares on my foot. I rebandage it again for 2 more days to ensure all posion gone from the wound. Today I have had no problems or scaring with that foot for over a year now. Even some pain I had in it has never bothered me since. Thank God for ** McCain's 4-Herb Tea and her as she has saved my life three times already repairing what damage the medical doctors have done to me. I now hang onto her every word of advice.
--R.M. ~ HHA Member since 2000

8 Year Old with Headaches Helped!
Oct. 2007
For the past 8 months or so, my 8 yr. old daughter has been having frequent headaches, usually at bedtime, but not always. They were happening at least once a week, but sometimes 2-3 times a week, and sometimes every single day. I remembered reading that the 4-Herb Tea was a good detoxing tea, and I wondered if her problem was toxin buildup. So I started giving her the brewed tea twice a day. Her headaches stopped almost immediately, and now she only rarely gets one, unless we stop taking the tea for several days. We have had wonderful results since we started giving her the tea, two months ago. Thank you for your great products, and wonderful information.
--H.C. ~ HHA Member

Benign Meningioma Brain Tumor
Oct. 2007
I have a benign Meningioma Brain Tumor. Marijah started me on Myomin, Adrenal Complex, and 4-Herb Tea Concentrate. I have already experienced results from these wonderful products. I also have Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, and several other ailmenets. I feel that the Meningies around my brain are less inflammed, my abdomen is going down in size, and also my digestion is so much better. I acredit Marijah for all of this. She is truly an angel and the Lord has sent her for us. The pharmacy keeps calling to come in to get my medicine but I do not go and pick them up. The medicine they prescribed did not help whatsoever! Thank you Marijah. May you continue to help others in need. Through you and the Lord, we are so very thankful. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
--S.M. ~ HHA Member

Another Great Check-up!!
Oct. 2007
I had another great report and the Drs. even extended my check ups to yearly instead of every six months. Yes - you hear from me every six months after my checkup. I am a five year stomach/esophageal cancer survivor. When I was in the hospital for surgery, my neighbor/friend got me started on 4-Herb tea. I have continued to take it daily for five years - three to four times each day along with COQ10, Beta Glucans and B-12. Again - thank you * McCain for all you have done for me.
--P.G. ~ HHA Long time member

Acute Liver Condition
Sept. 2007
I've been using products from Herbal Healer for quite some time and have never felt better. I was diagosed with an acute liver condition a few years ago and my Doctor told me that I would never be cured. After a month of using HHA 4-Herb tea my symptoms were gone and I'm now in "remission" (per my Doctor). Since that time, I've included my husband in the parasite cleansing as well as adding Coloidal Silver to my everyday life as a preventative measure. I can't thank you enough for helping me with my health.
--D.Y.~ Long time HHA Member

Pancreatic Cancer
Sept. 2007
Dear * McCain: You helped our mother when she had pancreatic cancer with the 4-herb tea, and she received five additional years of life, most of it good quality, for which our entire family will forever be grateful for you and your work. Thank you very much.
--J. K ~ HHA Member since 1999



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