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Information contained on this page is the opinion of Marijah McCain and is for membership educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose any health problem. See also McCain's Private Microscopy Research

Woman Contracts Parasitic Worm In Her Brain From Pork Taco
ABC News reports April 10th, 2001

Myself and a handful of others, like Dr. Hulda Clark, have spent years trying to bring the parasite issue to the forefront of preventative & curative medicine. The good news is the medical field is slowly training their doctors once again on the health risks of parasites. Here's a quote from the 1997 edition of Diagnostic Medical Parasitology. "During the past few years, the field of medical parasitology has seen some drastic changes, including newly recognized parasites and an overall increased awareness of parasitic infections. We have seen organisms, like the microsporidia, change from "unusual parasitic infection" to being widely recognized as one of the most important infections in a compromised patient."

I am looking at a medical textbook with over 900 pages describing all the different human parasites that people can get. I am going to list the subcategories here so you will get the idea of just how big and serious this issue is. Most Americans carry parasites and this is currently a serious health issue. Parasites are not meant to kill you, they just sit inside you and steal your nutrition. But, when a person gets weakened from another ailment the parasites can take hold and become life threatening. This is why EVERYONE with any health disorder should do an anti-parasite program at least once a year. Twice a year if you live with animals. People interested in maintaining good health should also do routine parasite cleansing.

GIARDIA - infection rates - 2-15% in various parts of the world
Cryptosporidium - Waterborne outbreak in Milwaukee, Wis. in the water supply in 1993 infected 300,000. Data indicates there are 500 million cryptosporidium infections worldwide.

Genital Protozoa
*TRICHOMONAS - (5 million women and 1 million men in U.S. infected)

Nervous System Protozoa
* NAEGLERIA FOWLERI - Closely resembles bacterial meningitis but is a protozoa found in moist soil and fresh water. Acute suppurative infection of the brain and meninges.

Tissue Protozoa
*ACANTHAMOEBA - These organisms invade the adrenal's, brain, eyes, kidney, liver, pancreas, skin, spleen, thyroid, and uterus. * PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII - Recognized in recent years as an important cause of Pneumonia, particularly in AIDs patients. *TRICHINELLA SPIRALIS - From ingestion of raw or poorly cooked pork, bear, walrus, or other carnivores. They go through the lymphatic system to the muscles and invade the diaphragm, tongue, jaws, neck, biceps and gastrocnemius. These create cysts which are encapsulated by the host. In some cases calcification of the cysts occurs. This also causes weakening of the muscles.
Blood Parasites* MALARIA - 300 million people per year infected. Blood born parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. It is not epidemic in the U.S. but is still considered a life threatening ailment for travelers. * BABESIA SPP. First discovered in Texas cattle in 1888 and is now recognized as the cause of Texas cattle fever transmitted by ticks. Severe outbreaks have occurred in the northern U.S. The organism like Malaria infects the Red Blood Cells. This is potentially fatal.

Intestinal Nematodes

*ASCARIS LUMRICOIDES - Largest of the nematodes - Can go up to a foot in length. "The number of people infected in the world with this parasite is only second to the number infected with pinworms." Eggs hatch in stomach and the larvae invade the intestinal walls. Then they go to the lungs. Worms may migrate due to stimuli such as fever, general anesthesia, or other abnormal conditions. This migration can result in intestinal blockage and infestation of vital organs.
*E. VERMICULARIS - The common pinworm. In most people the only symptom is an itchy anus, irritability and insomnia. These are very common and a quote directly from the text reads "You had this infection as a child, you have it now or you will get it again when you have children".
*TRICHURIS TRICHIURA - Known as the Whipworm. These are about an inch long. They are rarely seen in the stool as they are attached to the intestinal walls. These contribute to anemia as they suck blood and also cause dysentery.
*HOOKWORMS - Globally 900 million people have these. These little guys steal valuable iron. They can cause both mental and physical retardation.
*TRICOSTRONHGYLUS SPP. Found in herbivores throughout the world. Grazing areas are constantly reinfected. Human infection of S. steroralis is acquired by skin penetration of the filariform larvae from the soil.

Liver & Lung Trematodes or Flukes

*Clonorchis, Opisthorchis and Fasciola are tremadodes that parasitize the biliary ducts and gall bladders of humans. Over 40 million people have acquired food borne trematode infections. Infections occur from Raw fish or uncooked water plants. Carried by dogs, cats and other fish eating animals.
*PARAGONIMUS SPP. - Found in the lungs of carnivores and humans first detected in 1828. Light infestations are asymptomatic, although lung lesions may be noted on X-ray examination. Sometimes mistaken for cancer of the lungs. Eventually chronic cough develops with blood tinged sputum and vague chest pains. Estimates are 22 million people worldwide have these.
Blood Trematodes or Flukes
*SCHISTOSOMES have infected more than 200 million people worldwide. The spleen can become congested and increase in size. These can travel all over the body to most organs and can even cause seizures when they get into the brain. They have been reported to invade the spinal cord.

Believe me, I have spared you the real gory details. If this is not enough for you, I have some great links at the bottom of this page you can explore for more information and pictures! This is just a small sample of human parasites that are common. Many parasites are passed back and forth from your pets and livestock, so it is important to worm them as well. Other parasitic infections you pick up from contaminated water, food, insect bites, walking on the ground... They are just everywhere and something you have to understand as a reality. They simply need to be detoxed on a regular basis if you want to stay healthy.

Many diseases in this country are misdiagnosed and treated without the first thought that there may be a parasitic connection. This, in my opinion, should be the first problem treated in all patients. To be fair here, I do have to explain that because our current medical system is not designed to treat anything without a clinical/laboratory diagnosis, it is virtually impossible at this time for the lab work to be done on all the various parasites. I originally worked in parasitology years ago and checked parasites in stool samples for the Department of Immigration in Canada. Stool testing is very labor intensive and requires a technician to spend at least 1/2 hour per sample. There is simply not the man power to do this on a large scale. Now many parasites can not be found in the stool. Liver flukes, blood born, etc. simply will not show up that way. So this has been a real problematic issue for the conventional medical system. The other problem the conventional medical field has is their treatments. When I was in lab technology there was no known drug available for tapeworms due to the fact that they are so well suited to our body that you literally have to kill the patient to get the worm. They did have a treatment that aggravated the tapeworm and we were on call to check the stool everyday to see if the head had come out. So, the drugs they have to kill parasites, in most cases, have to be at such a high toxic level that the risk is not worth it, especially in a patient that is already sick.

With that aside, I would like to say that doctors simply denying the health risks of parasitic infections have been a huge mistake. They should have looked to natural anti-parasite formulas along time ago. Parasites are the cause of hundreds of misdiagnosed ailments. Diabetes complications have been closely linked to a parasite from cattle that infects the pancreas. Many asthmatic patients actually have lung worms. Many liver diseases are actually liver fluke infestations. Some heart problems are actually due to heart worms.

Fortunately throughout the clinical research work in Mexico with American Biologics and also Hulda Clark, we have natural remedies that are non-toxic and effective against most of these parasites.

Do not do a parasite program if you are pregnant

In the U.S. diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites is the third leading cause of illness. Gas, diarrhea, chronic constipation, bloating, fatigue, skin rashes, nail biting, mood swings, insomnia, dry skin, brittle hair, hair loss, weight gain, bad breath and muscle cramping are a few common symptoms. Because parasites can occur anywhere in the body, the symptoms can as well. Parasites contribute to major diseases including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and rheumatoid symptoms, diabetes, some heart disease, asthma and others.

Because the formulas we carry are safe and because of the large percentage of people that have these infections, we at Herbal Healer see no reason to spend money on expensive testing. Many of the conventional doctors will laugh you out of the office if you even suggest it anyway.


I ordered the detox program for parasites removal. I started on Friday the 25 of this month I went through a heck of a time in the wee hours of the morning asthma kicked up had to use the inhaler instead of the asthma pills. A lot of the parasites came out that morning and still today I'm expelling parasites. (It's quite disgusting.)
~ T.G. HHA Member since 2006

I am halfway through a parasite detox and am already thrilled with the results! Besides just feeling better, the results are visable. I use to be embarrased by my gnawed and broken finger nails. Sometimes I would chew them bloody and no amount of will power could make me stop! Today, for the second time in a week I have to cut my nails. They are strong and feminine like I always wanted. As a life long country girl, I am positive that this is the first time in at least 20 years my body has been parasite free! Thank you so much!
C.P. ~ HHA Member since 2005

I've been on the parasite cleanse for just 2 weeks now and I must tell you of the thing that happened in just the first 5 days. I have been having a rash that I attributed to heat, that alway showed up on the inside of my arms at the elbows. Well, it is no longer there!!!!! I also had this heat rash on the under side of my breast and it to has disappeared. And I've noticed that some of the other skin abnormalities that I have had are disappeaing too. I can't say enough about this cleanse so far it is just the thing that I've been needing to make me feel like a million bucks. Thank you for your keeping these products available for all of us.
~ A.M. HHA Member since 2003

Started taking the Intestinal Freedon and the Wormwood Plus tincture on Feb 19,2005. I notice that I stop biting my nails on the 3rd day. Also I sleep better at night.
--S.G. ~ HHA Member 2005

"I work in *****, ***** for a medical transcription company, and if you use this info, please keep the location confidential. I am the QA manager and was reviewing an emergency room report in which the young male came in with seizures. He was found to have cysticerosis, a condition in which the larvae of particular parasites invade the tissues such as subcutaneous tissue, brain, eye, muscle, heart, etc, etc. This patient, who is an immigrant from Mexico, worked in a restaurant. His condition was so severe that he had to be admitted to the hospital. I have, naturally, told every one I know, but people still do not understand the severity of the problem. I am taking my HHA parasite tincture now, and probably will do this every three months or so, given this information and the fact I eat out a lot!"
~ Name withheld by request. HHA Member

1 bottle of Intestinal Freedom (120 caps) and 1 Bottle of HHA Anti-Parasite Tincture
You will need one bottle of each per adult for 30 days.

All natural herbal formulation.(Ingredients:Black Walnut Hulls 225 mg., Black Walnut Extract 45 mg., Ficin (Fig Enzyme) 45 mg., Pau D Arco 45 mg., Bromelain 45 mg., Papan 45 mg., Cascara Sagrada Bark 45 mg., Sage 45 mg., Male Fern Leaf 45 mg.) Clinically tested in Mexico and at HHA, it has been found to be very safe and effective. Side effects can be a sudden onset of diarrhea, but this is viewed as a positive sign and the bodies way for helping to get rid of the dying parasites. It is also easy to take. Adults under 200 pounds take 2 caps 1/2 hour after lunch and 2 caps 1/2 hour after dinner. Take this for 30 days - 1 bottle has 120 caps. The reason it's taken after a meal is this is when most of the parasites become active and feed. Children over 8 - take 1 cap twice daily. Reg. $24.95


HHA WORMWOOD PLUS (formerly Anti-parasite tincture)
Should be taken as well - Adults only. This is formulated from the herbs recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark. She has done extensive research with parasites and patients and published a few books, the most popular being the Cure for All Diseases - $21.95 available at HHA. This tincture is made from fresh green walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves and tastes terrible, but it is is highly effective and safe. Use 1 dropperful in a small amount of liquid twice a day until bottle is gone. 2 oz. Reg. 16.95



Safe for ages 1 year and up. I do not like to use any strong herbals, especially wormwood, on children. They respond very well to homeopathic formulations. Ages 1-3 - Use 3 drops under tongue or in a little water twice daily. Ages 4 and above - Use 5 drops twice daily. .2 oz. bottle

This must be done twice a year, whether your vet says so or not. All pets and livestock carry parasites and are re-infected from their environment. Until we find a well researched natural alternative I would recommend that you use the conventional pet wormers available over the counter at your local feed store or at your vet. They are relatively safe and effective. Do not worm an animal if it is very sick. I use a product called Tasty Paste from the local feed store on all my big dogs and it has proven non-toxic over the years.

You can use the HHA Homeopathic Parasite Detox for your small dogs and cats. It assists in the treatment of and prevention of round, pin, hook, tape and thread worms. Dose: Pets under 1# - 1 drop. 2-10# - 3 drops. Over 10# - 10 drops. Given 3 times daily. Also see Diatomaceous Earth article below. Reg. $20.00

** 50% OFF ALL BOOKS! **
CURE FOR ALL DISEASES - Book (623 pages)
CURE FOR HIV & AIDS (Clarke) pb Book
CURE FOR ALL CANCERS - (Hulda Clark) (Parasites as a cause of cancer) (pb Book)
RASCAL - 100 caps
L ORNITHINE - 60 caps
L ARGININE - 100 caps

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH has been right under our feet for eons, waiting to be discovered as a safe, effective control for garden pests. For relief of flea and tick problems with pets and for the elimination of parasites in livestock. Diatomaceous earth is mined from fossilized deposits of shells formed by tiny diatoms. These are single celled plants of the sea that are millions of years old. According to National Geographic reports, "Death comes within 12 hours after insects venture into the D.E. They pierce their skins or waxy shells on the sharp edges of the diatoms siliceous shells and die of dehydration."

This product is completely safe to use and because of it's trace mineral content it is good for the animals, plants and the environment. We have tested D.E. at the Herbal Healer Academy. Roses: 1 cup to 2 gallons water in a sprayer. Or it can be dusted directly on all plants. For turkeys, chickens, quail and pheasants, use 1 tablespoon per gallon of feed. You can give this product to horses; it adds minerals to the diet, helps kill intestinal parasites, and keeps the flies down in the manure. D.E. can be added to your storage food to keep out the weevils. When applied topically on dogs and cats, you will find that it takes a few days to kill all the fleas. Dust animal and then all the bedding and outside the front door. Will not harm your carpets, but will leave a white dust to vacuum up. Note: If used outside and it rains and washes the D.E. away you must re-apply to be continually effective.
Diatomaceous Earth can be added to stored grains: 1 ounce per bushel, or 1 teaspoon per quart, will keep the bugs out for indefinite periods, doing no harm to the grain! Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to use and kills fleas and pests. The only contraindication is not to breath too much of the dust into lungs as it can irritate the lungs.
by the pound (in bulk bags)

1 pound

2 pounds

5 pounds

Not for the squeamish!

Korkmaz's Parasitology Resources
Scientific directory provides an archive of parasite images, plus links to related societies, journals, departments, and institutes.

Parasites - Public Health Concerns - Library of Images

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