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Ordering, Shipping and Return Policy


Payments by credit card only on-line. Please make sure your credit card is good before placing an order. At any given time we have 20 to 30 orders that members have placed and their credit cards have been declined. We spend hours on the phones trying to track you down to get a good credit card. We would appreciate it if you would make sure your cards can hold the amounts that you order.


MAIL IN a completed order form or write what you would like clearly on a piece of paper and mail your name, address, phone and payment to:

Herbal Healer Academy
127 McCain Dr.
Mtn. View, AR. 72560


FAX in your order on our 24 hour fax line



Minimum shipping charges on merchandise is NOW $13.00. (Ships 1-3 pounds U.P.S.). On larger packages, correct shipping charges will be added at the time of your order,
depending on the weight and location it is being shipped to. Shopping cart automatically adds $13.00 and for smaller packages; this is usually sufficient.

All mail-in orders must include $13.00 shipping.
Simply add $1.50 per $100.00 in items to cover insurance and any additional shipping cost.
Orders received without shipping will be returned to you.

1 or 2 Herbology lessons and SINGLE ITEMS are $6.00 shipping for current members. All new members are charged $13.00 shipping.

Check your customs before ordering. Please understand the following before you order. We will not be responsible if your country refuses to let the package in for any reason. If this should happen and the package is returned to us we will refund the purchase price less the shipping. Currently we are not shipping to Germany, Guana, Italy, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand, Peru or Britain. For problematic countries, we recommend that you have your order sent to a friend or relative in the US and they send it on to you as a gift. This will also save you customs charges in many countries. Shipping to China, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Taiwan, Ireland, is OK. We have had no problems.

HHA Colloidal Silver is a waterbase product and will FREEZE if not sent to an indoor Post Office in the winter time. Colloidal Silver orders must be made separately and shipped to an inside P.O. Box. Check your local weather and if the temperatures are below 32 in the day time anytime in the next week, it can not go on a Federal Express truck (they are not heated). Now we have people in the southern states who need to understand that it FREEZES in Arkansas (where we ship from) and we can not put it on the delivery trucks here. We will NOT be responsible if this product freezes and breaks. We did not have one break last year, so we want the same 100% this year!  

Personal check, company check (We use Telecheck to verify funds), money order, We take all 4 major credit cards - Master Card, Visa, Discover and AMEX. We Also Take 1 oz. Silver Eagles and 1 oz. Gold Eagles - Check with us for current value.

Read This Before Ordering
Unlike most companies we do not sell returned items. Every item you get from us is brand new and been under our quality control. Most other companies just restock items and in our opinion this is not good. People depend on our products and when they have been in someone else's house we cannot guarantee the conditions they have been in. Also we have the contamination problem or virals and bacteria on the bottles themselves. Because we have such a strict policy on this, we do not take back any opened bottles of anything. Bulk herbs are not refundable and that includes the 4-Herb Tea. If we have made a mistake on an order, it will be immediately corrected. If you have ordered the wrong product, it must be returned to us unopened within 5 days. We do not accept unauthorized returns and there is a 10% restocking fee on all returned items. There are no refunds on any correspondence lessons, books or videos.
We do reserve the right to cancel a membership if we feel that the member is not compatible with our company, our views and our policies. Our company works very hard at bringing you the best in Natural Medicine, Supplies and Information and we simply will not tolerate what we deem unreasonable verbal or e-mail abuse. We are a global company with very liberal views that encompass everyone and their belief systems. We do not discriminate against any race, religion or lifestyle preferences. We are concerned with healing not religion, so please understand that. If you feel that we are not compatible with you, please do us the courtesy of asking to be removed from the mailing list.
Herbal Healer never sells or exchanges your name, address, or e-mail information with anyone or any other company. We have a very strict policy on this and are approached all the time to sell our mailing list, but we never have and never will. We also do not keep any of your personal information on an Internet computer. It is read or printed out and deleted. No one can access any of your records or credit card information from us. When you place an order with us, your credit card is not charged on-line. We print out the order and f everything here by hand. Our computers do not keep a record of everything you buy, we have this information on hard copy and it is safely stored. We have taken strict measures to protect you and your information at Herbal Healer Academy, so you can do business with us with confidence.  
Wholesale on the HHA products is available for health care practitioners who are experienced with the use of natural medicine and also all our advanced students and Naturopathic graduates. Application is on-line. Products must be for resale and not personal use.
We're human! Despite our best efforts, an occasional error in the text or shopping cart of our system may slip by us. We reserve to right to make corrections when this occurs. You will be contacted prior to filling your order if a significant error is discovered.

Beginning January 1, 2008, state, county, and city taxes are based on where the purchaser takes receipt or delivery. Our shopping cart will show a flat 7% tax, which will be adjusted according to the tax rate for your residency.

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Minimum shipping charge is $13.00. (Ships 1-3 pounds FedEx ground).
For larger packages, correct shipping charges will be added in our office at the time of your order,
depending on the weight and location.

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Herbal Healer Academy
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