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(Matthew 6: 9-13)

Sung accapella by Marijah in Aramaic: the ancient Hebrew language that Jesus spoke and the original Hebrew texts were written in.

This is a very special 5 minute CD. It is a gift to you from Marijah (pronounced Mar -i-jah - like Eli-jah). On the CD she gives a short benediction/meditation and then shares with you the power of the Lord's Prayer for healing, sung in the Ancient Aramaic. Marijah has personally sung this prayer for many audiences and many people have had profound healings and insightful personal revelations. People have asked her to record it for years and the Spirit of God has given her the OK so here it is. This is the first cut from a new CD that Marijah is spiritually guided to do which will be called A Voice in the Wilderness.

This audio CD is designed to be listened to when you have quiet time and a space to sit and relax (headphones are excellent but not necessary). It is a healing for your Soul and an upliftment for your Spirit. You see one of the most remarkable things about sound is that it is one of the few things that is remembered over time. It can activate your cosmic memory and open up the way for your alignment with your destiny. When your soul, spirit and mental body comes into alignment, even for a short period of time, miracle healings of the body occur.

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Please feel free to write to Marijah personally and tell her your experiences with this CD.

Each day on my way to work – you accompany me. I start my day with your Lord’s prayer CD. It keeps me focused on who is doing the leading and who is doing the following. (Granted I chomp at the bit – when I am reminded that it is His timeframe not mine) I do love its peacefulness.
~ T.B. HHA Member since 2002

I own and run a wellness & massage center here in Wisconsin. I was curious to know if your "Lord's Prayer" tapes can be sold out of my small storefront? I have a resale seller permit. I have re-ordered 10 more of the tapes, as I have been witnessing many changes in the clients overall wellbeing, outside of their coming in for reflexology and other alternative treatments. God Bless you in the new year, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
~ Sincerely, C.

Marijah, I ordered your tape because for years I was looking for a tape to listen to that had Hebrew language and in the lords prayer. God lead me to your web site. The day I received it, I had a very bad stomach ache and it lasted all afternoon. I put your tape on and laid still on the sofa with my eyes closed and my hands on my stomach. Hearing your beautiful voice and music and listening to the lords prayer in Hebrew made me feel Gods healing power and I felt like one with the universe and felt that a divine power was there with me throughout the tape. I felt secure and happy, finally at last! The lords prayer in Hebrew and sung by a healing power. During the middle of the song, a tremendous warmth came from my hands into my stomach. I felt the heat under my hands touching my stomach and all of a sudden I felt so relaxed, and like all of my problems were gone and I felt like I was in peace. Marijah, it was a most spiritual healing experience and it put the belief back into my life that the power of God is still here on earth and channeling from you to me. Thank you so much for making this tape of healing, this tape will be helping so many others across the miles that need healing.
~In love and light, Linda

Dear Friends at Herbal Healer Academy,
Today I received the tape "The Lord's Prayer" sung by McCain. I had to drop a line and tell you how very beautiful it is. I cried when I listened to it, each time. It took me on a wonderful visual of her singing in a temple somewhere. It was as though angels were singing through her. Truly a blessing to have, thank you.
~Hugs, Nora

Dear Marjiah,
Your tape is truly an inspiration. I am very fond of mystical music, involved in ritual worship as I am. The Lord's prayer in the original Aramaic is certainly healing and aligning. I have already experienced great change within my soul as a result of hearing it, even the very first time. I hear it a couple of times a day, to keep my soul in tune with God and His Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for being.
~ Sincerely, in His Heart,
Father Louis A. Montelongo
Sacred Heart Traditional Catholic Church Orlando, FL 32805

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