Marijah McCain was trained by Dr. Bradford to use the Live Field/Dark Field microscope. She does on- going research with this machine to determine problems that go undetected by conventional medicine. Marijah McCain has a background in microscopy and used to work on an electron scope. Here are some interesting private research statistics we thought you would be interested in. The 30 people in the study were not really sick but had small complaints that they simply lived with. This research is private research, and should not be taken as FDA approved information.

30 People Tested
93% - 28 people had a heavy metal toxicity profile - these metals, aluminum, lead, cadmium, etc. accumulate in the body and upset the cellular functions, as well as cause other health problems such as asthma, mental disorders, anxiety, ADD, some cancers, etc. We use a heavy metal detox tablets along with homeopathy to help clear out this problem. (Protocol in catalog) Hair Analysis is recommmended to pinpoint the metal.

83% - 25 people had various stages of systemic yeast infections in their blood. This means that the fungus is flowing everywhere throughout the body. This causes joint pain, stomach upset, allergies, reflux, and many other disorders that are misdiagnosed by conventional medicine. We have a natural protocol that will help you detox this problem. It does require strict dietary changes to really get this under control. My reseacrh has shown that all my fibromyalgia patients have this problem.

80% - 24 people had internal parasitic infections. Parasites are normally not life threatening, but they are bad for you because they steal valuable nutrition and eventually make the body toxic. We use Intestinal Freedom, HHA anti-parasite drops, bowel cleanser or laxative as needed.

77% - 23 people were anemic. Low iron in the red blood cells. This is a large percentage!!! This is a serious problem and can be easily remedied by using our Liquid Iron+B supplement. (Located on kids page in catalog) The patient is very low energy and in severe cases when they stand up they will feel dizzy. They panic, go to the doctor and hundreds of costly tests are run and drugs are administered for some other problem and the health of the person is shot. I have heard over and over from members who have had actual blood work done at their medical doctors and the tests show anemia and the doctor says that it is nothing to worry about. It is something to worry about. It ruins the quality of your life. The red blood cells must be strong in order for you to be strong and healthy. I see anemia a great deal with vegetarians and men.

60% - 18 people had cholesterol plaque floating in the blood stream like barges. this is dangerous, because these can actually block up the arteries and contribute to stroke or death. We use Inflazyme Forte on an empty stomach. The enzymatic activity has been shown to reduce this problem rather rapidly. Many people with plaque are experiencing joint pain, misdiagnosed as arthritis. The blood vessels literally have to swell up so that the blood will keep going through. The swelling causes the pain. The Oral Chelation is recommended.

53% - 16 people had chronic bacterial infections. the interesting thing here is that they had no cold or flu symptoms, just low energy and a general malaise. This worries me, because undetected systemic bacterial infections not only may be highly contagious, but weaken the immune system and may cause more serious complications. Colloidal Silver used for 2 weeks with a maintenance dose daily of Olive Leaf Extract. (Both are natural antibiotics)

50% - 15 people had a malabsorption problem and were not assimilating their nutrients properly. There are many causes for this. Stagnant colon, chronic constipation, parasites, other infection like yeast, viral or bacteria, hormonal imbalances, stress, etc. This requires a whole profile to check and find the area's that need correcting. This is serious as it leads to cell mutation also known as cancer.

33% - 10 people had uric acid crystals present. This is a sign of a real arthritic condition linked originally to the kidneys. Dietary changes, arthritic protocol and kidney flush are indicated here. A safe kidney flush and spleen booster is Dr. Chi's Asparagus extract. Taken in the evening it will help strengthen the kidneys and clean them out. Glucosamine/Chondroitin and cal/Mag/Vit D liquid supplementation.

10% - 3 people had blood parasites. In my research people with blood parasites (visible) have been out of the U.S. This seems to be characteristic of overseas travel. We use Dioxychlor, Olive Leaf Extract, Intestinal Freedom and Olive Leaf. These little guys are hard to get and adapt very well to the body.

Marijah McCain 's research information is protected by copyright and we would ask you to not copy or reproduce this page.


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