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I love these Silver Rounds, so I bought some to share with you. I think that not only is this silver round an excellent investment for you because it is a pure 1 ounce piece of silver. Better still, this particular coin will grow in numismatic value, that I believe will be much higher than the single ounce price of silver. Read about numismatic value at Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numismatics

Silver is an excellent investment for the future as its destiny is to go much higher in value. These would make exceptional gifts for your friends and loved ones too.

I have a limited amount of these in stock for $29.95 each. (Similar to the price of a US Silver Round Eagle.) Silver is on the rise, so the price will change when I order the next shipment. These are shipped in a small bag which will be stapled to your invoice in the box.

This is a Good Luck coin too! Gave one to my son to take with him to his first poker tournament and he placed 4th and won $500.00!!! The coin comes in a hard air tight plastic coin container ($1.00 value) that protects the coin and displays it well.

Here is some history about the coin prints:

"Don't Tread on Me" Rattlesnake
Boston Tea Party

In 1754, Benjamin Franklin first popularized the rattlesnake as a symbol of national unity during the French and Indian War. By 1774, it had become the formal symbol of the Freedom Revolution when Paul Revere added it to the masthead of his newspaper, The Massachusetts Spy, and showed the snake fighting a British imperial Dragon. In 1775, Continental Colonel Christopher Gadsden incorporated a coiled rattlesnake with thirteen rattles (symbolizing the colonies) above the motto "Don't Tread on Me" on an early American flag.

Historians believe Franklin anonymously published the following of several arguments why the rattlesnake should be chosen as the symbol for America (rather than the eagle, which he amusingly opined was "a bird of bad moral character"). "She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage... she never wounds 'till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her."

In 1773, hardliners in the British government imposed a symbolic but much-hated "stamp tax" on the restive American colonies. And while the Stamp Tax was small in comparison to today's massive load of taxes imposed from Washington, it quickly became the rallying point that animated and inspired the Sons of Liberty. On December 17, 1773, after 7,000 angry colonists milled around the Boston wharf where British merchant ships were to unload imported tea, a smaller group of 200 chose to act. The Sons of Liberty, some dressed as Indians, forced their way onto three British ships and unceremoniously tossed 342 crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

This small act of clever defiance -- coupled with the rattlesnake -- became twin icons of Americans' yearning for Freedom in the face of distant, corrupt, and non-responsive government.

Benjamin Franklin's humorous but powerfully symbolic approach to tweaking officialdom is as infuriating to those who wish to control others now as it was then. The spectacle of modern-day defenders of Freedom proudly emulating and popularizing the Boston Tea Party and related symbols is deeply embarrassing to Washington, DC's ruling class.

Thank you for offering these coins to us. As a Disabled Veteran, living only on a monthly pension, I almost gave up hope on trying to buy any type of silver or precious metals. With the future uncertain, I am blessed you are out there looking out for all of us and our health, too. Now, I too can put away for my future too. I will purchase more from you in the future, when I can save up to. 'God bless you!'

Don't Tread on Me - 1 oz. Silver Coin
comes with Airtight Plastic Container

$29.95 each

Exactly 1 troy oz. - .999 silver

Orders under 1,000.00 will ship FEDEX. (Limit for insurance on silver coins and bullion is $1,000) FEDEX ships to a street address and someone must be there to get the package. They can't be lefgt on a porch for someone to steal! Orders over 1,000.00 will ship Registered Mail via the post office. This take about a week in transit time as the package is tracked the entire route. P.O. Box is best for this, but we can send it to your main address via the post office.


"For When You Have To Get Out of Dodge"

Protect and prepare for any oncoming crisis when you own “divisible” 1-oz. Stagecoach Silver bars. This portable and tradable silver bullion is perfect for when you need to get out of Dodge fast! .999-fine silver bar is scored into four pieces, giving them the potential to be split up should the need arise. Stock up and be ready with this barter-friendly bullion today.

For Times When You Need to Make Change
With these silver barter bars and rounds, you’ll carry change in your hand. Should the need arise, the changeable nature of Stagecoach Silver will enhance your flexibility in any financial or trade scenario. Each is scored into four pieces. The obverse shows a stagecoach racing out of town and the text “When you need to get out of Dodge.” The reverse displays a “1/4” symbol.

So let's say 1 oz. of silver goes to $100.00 an ounce, then you can break these apart and have $25.00 pieces!!! I love these!!!

Stagecoach Silver 1 oz. Bars
$53.60 each



Herbal Healer is pleased to make available the highly popular American Silver Eagle, produced by the U.S. Mint. Since 1986, the United States has minted these one-dollar silver coins. Like our bullion rounds, the Silver Eagle contains a minimum of one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. These Silver Eagles are the year 2011.

Most Popular Bullion
The Silver Eagle has become the most popular bullion coin in the world because of its beauty, quality and the assurance of content by the U.S. Government. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of silver, is 99.9% pure and is legal tender.

U.S. Government Guarantee
The American Eagle is uniquely the only silver bullion coin whose weight, content, and purity is guaranteed by the United States Government. Requiring no assaying, American Eagles are easily converted to cash at any time.

The design is based on Adolph A. Weinman's 1916 "Walking Liberty" half dollar, widely considered one of the most beautiful American coins ever minted. Although they are more expensive than regular silver rounds, Silver Eagles are also easy to buy and sell at most coin, precious metal, and brokerage companies. Every Silver Eagle is a work of art, minted to exacting standards by the United States Mint. These classic coins are among the most affordable ways to own government minted bullion coins. On Sept. 30th the U.S. Mint Raised Premiums Dramatically! (Premiums are the price that has to be paid over the going price of silver) The Silver Eagles tend to go up faster than the price of silver because of their neumismatic value for collectors. Saw some on Ebay - from year 2000 and they were asking $199.00 each. The coin comes in a hard air tight plastic coin container ($1.00 value) that protects the coin and displays it well.


American Eagle Silver Coin
Comes with Airtight Plastic Container

American Eagle Silver Coin - First Strike
This is the most beautiful American Silver Eagle. Incredible collectors item. First Strike and PCGS graded the perfect MS70! This coin is in a permasealed case.

These coins are collector items. According to govmint.com page 5 issue 83 - Perfect graded eagles MS70. The prices realized at auction for some earlier perfect graded Silver Eagles - 1996 Silver Eagle MS 70 - $11,995, 1988 Silver Eagle MS70 - $3,995 and 1994 Silver Eagle MS70 - $3,700! No one knows what the value of these perfect graded 2011 Silver Eagles will be in the future, but they will continue to accrue value with age. 2010 PCGS First Strike are now selling for $179.00 at the govmint.com

American Eagle Silver Coin
First Strike




The 10 ounce pure silver bars are used either as an investment asset or as an industrial product – thanks to their easy-to-store larger size. Although not as practical for day-to-day bartering or as highly liquid as Silver Eagles or one-ounce bullion rounds silver bars are widely recognized throughout the world. Meanwhile, like other .999 silver bullion products, they can be legally held in a precious metals backed IRA account, and they are especially practical for this purpose. These bars are from NTR Metals. The NTR Metals mint utilizes only the finest precious metals from our Commercial Refining Division to create pure bullion products. Designed for the precious metals investor, all NTR Metals bullion products are guaranteed for purity, weight and quality.
10 oz. Silver Bars




Investing in hard-asset precious and/or base metals is an excellent move in today's world situation. Many people regret not buying Silver at $3.00/oz a few years back. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to buy Copper BEFORE it sky rockets more than it already has. It's moving higher already, up over 40% in the past year! Industrial demand for copper worldwide, and in particular in China, (the world's largest user of the metal) is expected to gain as much as 12 percent this year as all the BRIC countries push their industrial & consumer growth at rates unlike we've seen in world history. Unprecedented industrial and investment demand for dozens of base metals are driving prices higher. For the first time ever, demand is outstripping production every year in many metals, especially Copper.

Since 1982, the U.S. Lincoln one cent penny has been made using 97.5% ZINC, and plated with only 2.5% COPPER. The entire penny (including zinc) weighs 2.5 grams. Therefore actual copper content in a modern penny is 2.5% of 2.5 grams, or .0625 grams of copper. Our one ounce Lakota rounds weigh a full 28.35 grams each, of pure 999 fine Copper. Divide 28.35 grams by .0625 grams, and that tells you that each Lakota copper round is equivalent to 453.6 Lincoln pennies in actual copper content. Based on THAT comparison, each Lakota round is worth $4.54 in USD!!! What a HUGE difference! Any "price" or "value" comparison between a penny and our copper bullion is just apples and diamonds.

Copper is just the next logical step, to be followed by MANY other metals that are in limited world-wide supply. Just like Oil, they aren't making any more, but our global population is booming, and demand for these metals is about to become unimaginable.

Ore to More
(The History of Copper)
This video is amazing to understand the how and why's about copper
watch the video

LAKOTA COPPER ROUND is one full ounce of pure copper - bright mirror like shine. These copper Lakotas are beautiful. Copper Prices are on the rise so these are a great way to store your money and preserve your savings. They have reeded edges and are completely .999 investment grade copper! These are great rounds to own and would make the perfect addition to any collection or a great gift to anyone even slightly interested in coins and rounds!

The coin comes in a hard air tight plastic coin container ($1.00 value) that protects the coin and displays it well.

Condition: Uncirculated
Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated Matte
Material: .999 Copper
Product Year: 2010
Product Size: 39 mm
Weight of Each Round: 1 AV oz (28.35 grams)

Lakota Copper 1 oz. Round
comes with airtight plastic container
20-pack with Plastic Coin Tube



WOW!!! ---> Full 1/2 pound bars 99.9% PURE COPPER. These are assorted designs and we will ship what we have available. Excellent investment now at rock bottom prices.
These are beautiful - Limit 10

1/2-Pound Copper Bars


Airtight Plastic Silver Holders
All our Silver Coins all Handled with Cotton Gloves. It is important to understand that silver coins will tarnish when left out in the air and also handling them can discolor them a little due to oils on your fingers. This is easily handled with a silver cleaner, but the airtight containers we sell will keep them in very nice condition. The coins that we ship are all handled with gloves. They are removed from the mint boxes and placed carefully into the bags or plastic containers. We do encourage you to keep your coins in these containers. These protect them, but they can still be handled and looked at by everyone.

Holders are manufactured (injection molded) using acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent, producing a two piece, snap together, friction fit cover and base. The holders are highly durable and scratch resistant.

We will put your silver rounds in these holders for an additional $1.00. The Silver "Don't Tread On Me's" look fantastic in these and they really make a wonderful gift.

Airtight Plastic Silver Holders - $1.00 each
This is an order for the plastic holders only.
If you want the silver coin too, order them above!


Minimum shipping charge is $8.00. (Ships 1-3 pounds FedEx ground).
For larger packages, correct shipping charges will be added in our office at the time of your order,
depending on the weight and location.

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