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The following emails/letters are in response to a lawsuit that ended April 29, 2003 in peace and satisfaction to all concerned. These letters are archived as a permanent record of the passion, thoughts and feelings of our friends.

Responses & Support   (September 2, 2002 - September 20, 2002)
Friday, September 20, 2002
Ninth Amendment of the Constitution Reads...
Hi, I read your letter and the US constitution addresses the subject that service offered or received is a right retained by the people, and it is not a power given to the government. The Ninth Amendment reads: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." I hope this information is helpful in proving your case. God Bless you.

Thursday, September 19, 2002
Mark Pryor... Have You Read Your Bible Lately?

Thursday, September 19, 2002
Letter to AG - Please Drop All Charges...
My name is Dr. P., and I am an associate of Dr. Marijah McCain. I ask you to please leave Mrs. McCain alone regarding the case you have against her, because she has not done anything wrong in any way whatsoever. She has never ever said that she is an MD. She has always stated the fact that she is an ND, and she ALWAYS stresses the fact immediately after that the ND title is not valid in Arkansas. However, it IS valid in the rest of the United States, she has studied hard for her degree, and it is her right--her first amendment right--to use the title Dr. in her name, just as I use the title Dr. in my name because I have a Doctor of Philosophy degree. When a person says that they are a doctor, that often means that they have a doctorate degree in whatever field they studied in, it does NOT necessarily mean that they are a medical physician. Mrs. McCain has never said that she was a medical physician, only a natural health specialist, which has NOTHING to do with conventional medicine whatsoever. Also, there is a MAJOR difference between a naturopathic doctor, who does not use drugs, prescriptions nor surgery, and a naturopathic physician, who does do these things. Do some research, and you will have much clarity about the two.
As for her correspondence courses, the same rule above applies to that as well. She gives guidance in natural studies, NOT medicine, hence she is NOT training medical doctors, just people who love nature and its benefits.
Dr. McCain (*not using the title Dr. to apply in Arkansas, but everywhere else in the United States of America) has loved and helped so many people in her lifetime. She helps anyone who asks it. She always has a listening ear, and she is very kind and understanding. To do this to her, especially since she has helped the citizens of Arkansas and has brought much positive review to your state from all over the world is a terrible thing to do, and is a great violation of her first amendment rights (believe me, much of the world does not see Arkansas in a very positive light. Many people do not recognize Arkansas at all. But Dr. McCain has changed all of that for you. If you've seen an increase in any area, such as tourism, positive press coverage, telecommunications, preserving and enhancing your natural habitat, or anything else, you can best believe that she was a major reason behind them all. )
Please drop all charges against her, and allow her to work in peace. One day, she will be by your side to help you in your greatest hour of need. Don't burn your bridges. Sincerely, Dr. P

Thursday, September 19, 2002
This Will Blow Over Dr McCain...
Dr. McCain, you have brought so much good to others please trust me when I say that this will all blow over and you WILL come out victorious. You have helped me, my family, and my animals with all of your assistance and if needed I would gladly testify in your honor. Recently I started my 3 year old son on 4-Herb concentrate as he had horrendous stomach problems from the medication that he was on to treat his Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has been 1 month now and he is symptom free and riding his horse again and running and playing with no pain, as well he is now able to extend his knees and there is no swelling. R.S.

Thursday, September 19, 2002
I Am Outraged... HHA Member Since 1999
I am outraged by this baseless, and frivolous lawsuit perpetrated by the Arkansas Attorney general's office. A letter has been sent on my behalf letting them know that I am a tax paying, law abiding citizen and I do appreciate having my right to seek alternative healthcare taken away! C.C. HHA Member since 1999

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Why Can She Not Give Her Valued Opinion?
Dear Mr. Pryor: It has come to my attention that there is a lawsuit against Marijah McCain regarding advice she may have given out over the internet. Considering all the training (credentials, diplomas, etc.) that she has had, why can she NOT give her valued opinion? She has helped my family and me greatly over the years and we are in much better health because of her expertise. There are so many charletans and scam artists in existence, why not go after them instead of someone who does as much good as she does? Please, please, PLEASE drop these charges and allow her to continue helping those of us who have faith in her. She does nothing but good. D.W.

Friday, September 13, 2002
Dr. S ~ HHA ND Graduate Speaks Out To The AG
Dear Dr. McCain: Here is a copy of an email I sent to the attorney general's office in support of you and HHA.
I am a graduate of the Herbal Healer Academy N.D. program. I am board-certified by the ANMCAB, and listed as a naturopath in Washington D.C. I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and am licensed in my home state (Iowa) as a psychologist and massage therapist. Iowa does not license naturopaths at this time. I feel that the suit brought against Dr. McCain is frivolous and baseless. Dr. McCain does not state that the HHA program graduates naturopathic physicians, rather, doctors of naturopathy. The difference between the two terms is important. Naturopathic doctors do not use invasive techniques, as alleged in the suit. In fact, the essence of naturopathy is healing with nature, not with surgery or toxic drugs. Those who call themselves naturopathic physicians have often forsaken the base of their field of study. It is also a fact that these "physicians" seek to discredit all other N.D.s by attempting to restrain their ability to educate and advise individuals about natural healing modalities. Naturopathy involves many modalities that work with the innate healing propensities of the body.
Dr. McCain does not state that HHA will give one a two-week crash course leading to an N.D. degree. A close examination of the curriculum reveals a comprehensive approach that will take the student quite some time to finish. Throughout, the student receives personal consultation and feedback on his/her progress. This is no diploma mill. HHA is recognized by the American Naturopathic Medical Association and it is required that graduates be tested before being given board certification. There seems to be a renewed effort in various parts of the country to discredit legitimate programs which give knowledge about alternative methods to the mainstream, Western medical view. The official stance is protection of the citizens, but the underlying reason is often protection of a guild that is trying its best to keep valuable information out of the hands of the common citizen. Look at the statistics. More and more Americans are paying out their own pockets for the information and assistance provided by alternative practitioners. The reasons are simple. Western medicine is failing more of its patients and costs for care are skyrocketing. Prescription drugs are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Ordinary people frequently feel powerless regarding their own health. Dr. McCain and other alternative practitioners offer empowering information and hope. Certainly there are frauds in the realm of alternative healing. There are many frauds in mainstream medicine as well. Dr. McCain is no fraud. She is straightforward and honest. She can be "in your face" when she needs to be, but she is so only when she is backed by facts and the desire to help others.
Please desist from what amounts to persecution of someone that is only trying to help. Those who deal with Dr. McCain are fully informed about the courses and products. She is honest and sincere. To pursue this suit would be a grave injustice. Respectfully, Dr. S. ~ N.D. Ph.D., LMT
Keep up the fight, Marijah! It's just one more sad chapter in the fight to give people choice and information about their health and the oppression of alternative healers by the mainstream, Western medical guild.

Friday, September 13, 2002
Trinity Graduate Writes HHA...
Dear Dr. McCain - My prayers are with you and the rest of us who diligently strive to help ourselves and others overcome the illness and dis-ease we all face every day. I have just received my N.D. degree from Trinity School and have taken correspondece and tape courses from your academy as well. Your classes are excellent and have taken me to deeper levels of understanding of healing in a holistic way. I vow to do my part to stand up for what you have done by writing to the folks in State of Arkansas as well as New York State, where I live. The expression "if you don't stand for anything, you will fall for everything." We must stand strong together - I believe those of us in the holistic healing community have been put here on earth for the purpose of helping people get well using what God has given each and every one of us. May God bless you and keep you strong. C.A. ND ~ Blessed By Nature

Friday, September 13, 2002
Letter From An HHA Student and Member to AG
Dear Sir: I wish to let you know my feeling toward the Herbal Healer Academy. I have taken several courses through them and learned a great deal and by using their natural healing ideas my health has improved 100%. I have also ordered many products from the Herbal Healer Academy and have been very satisfied with all of them.
I hope you leave the Herbal Healaer Academy in business and doing things as they are now. Marijah McCain is a very knowledgeable Natural Healer. I regard her very highly. I believe that Natural Medicine is the healing technique going to be used more and more in the years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this note.
Sincerely, G.E.

Friday, September 13, 2002
AG Pryor, How Can You Possible Say Naturopathy is...
Attorney General Pryor, After reading the article on your website entitled: " Attorney General Mark Pryor files suit against individuals posing as naturopathic physicians" I am disturbed by your apparent lack of facts. How can you possibly claim that naturopathy is "detrimental to the health, safety, security and welfare of the people of the State of Arkansas." Are you aware that the number three killer in the U.S.A. is certified allopathic physicians? Doctors that are licensed by and within your state? Will you be filing charges to hold them accountable for their lack of ability to successfully treat and cure disease?
I urge you to reconsider your actions - if you are really a representative of the law and determined to follow this course, then you must also prosecute the allopathic doctors in your state who fail after representing themselves as able to treat and cure disease. Natural medicine is often a viable alternative to conventional treatment. In a time when virals and other health threats are becoming more virulent and resistant to antibiotics we need to encourage research and alternative treatments, instead of wasting
taxpayer dollars on modern day witch hunts. Disdainfully, E.P.

Friday, September 13, 2002
HHA Is An Answered Prayer...
Dear Marijah McCain, ND, I am so sorry to hear about this outrageous law suit (s). I am thankful for all of the information I receive from HHA, that gives me the knowledge to make healthy choices. I trust you and the testimonies people give you, as well as my own experiences.
I do not want to loose access to the supplements because all of a sudden, the FDA decides to market it and say it's a drug to be prescribed only; because they undeniably work, or because of somebody's jealousy. My Prayers are with You and All Concerned in this matter, in that God made perfectly already what our bodies need to remain healthy and has imparted the knowledge to those of us who do care and want to help. I also pray that society realizes this and that we are not trying to take anything away from them but to work hand & hand with Allopathic Medicine to heal and apply treatments that work without destroying other parts of the body. Thank you for all of the wonderful knowledge you have given me. It is an answered prayer. Sincerely L.

Friday, September 13, 2002
LPN Questions... Who Is the Fraud???
Dear Sirs: I am a member of the institution listed above and I have also been an LPN since 1993. With the coming trend of a holistic approach toward patient care, as well as the general public excerizing their right to choose whatever forms of therapy they wish, I have started to see a trend in naturopathic care being nationally recognized as valid in many well known publications (i.e.: The New England Jounal of Medicine), as well as insurance companies (Medicare included) beginning to pay for such services. The fact that Marijah McCain provides educational materials to the public in order for them to be more enlightened medical consumers is a boon. Not a one of us "has" to "take her word" for any of the material we are presented with, there is other research and documentation available from a wide variety of sources. Just because FDA research isn't being, hasn't been, or was faultily done, doesn't mean research has not been done. The problem here is that allopathic medicine has forgotten it's Hippocratic Oath. Allopathic practitioners by-in-large consider themselves God and the patient is not to question what the doctor orders. The Hippocratic Oath states "to heal without harm" and that just isn't this case in this day and age when multimillions or should I say, billions of dollars are at stake. When I see the FDA passing through things like Olestra and Aspartame with the outrageous number of serious side effects present, and then I see that the FDA wants to ban usage of the herb Stevia Rebaudnia because of adverse testings (an inhibition in cell respiration that is actually wanted in some forms of liver poisonings) then all I can see is the green lining someone's pockets. Health care is not supposed to be about money. It is not supposed to drain a families resources of everything and more while not doing a thing to heal a sick individual. It is not supposed to be about doing absolutely "everything known to modern medicine" for the wealthy, highly insured patient and "we've done everything we can" for the indigent. Health encompasses more than a body, it is mind and spirit as well. Education is our right and informed choice is our responsibilty. I would say, sirs, that perhaps a bit more education on your part should have gone into your choice in leveling these accusations. Cases in point, #1 Naturopathic Doctor and Naturopathic Physician are two separate classifications, #2 The ANMCAB does indeed exist and offers ND as well as NMD certification, #3 Marijah McCain has received a Congressional Gold Medal Award for being one of Arkansas top business leaders and enterpeneurs and has been appointed to the Business Advisory Counsil as a representative of said state, #4 The only misleading claims I have seen between Marijah McCain's publications and your publications have been the allegations coming from your office. I believe that this type of harrassment is nothing short of the Inqusition of old, a way to persecute people trying to live a simpler more healthy and informed life by the choices they make in where to live and how to care for themselves. I, for one, sirs, am totally offended be the inferrence that I am too uneducated to know that a fraud is being perpetrated before me. I see the fraud as plain as the nose on my face and it is coming from the Attorney General's Office. S. LPN

Friday, September 13, 2002
This Is An Unhappy Arkansas Camper!!!
Mr. Pryor: I will personally do everything in my power to stop you and this stupid attack on alternative medicine. I know the people you accuse falsely in your suit. You are way off base and need to research your facts! I have sent out letters all over the state letting people know what you are trying to do. If you proceed with this waste of tax payer time and money, you won't even be able to get elected dog catcher. This is a issue of our right to choose what WE want for our own health not yours! I have sent Senator Hutchinson thousands of letters against what you are doing. I have also asked him to be our voice. Just wait till the TV and radio ads come out about this issue. You will be toast as far as any government office ever. Be looking for the full page ad in the Arkansas Gazette. You have gone way to far this time. Arkansas Resident and Tax Payer.

Friday, September 13, 2002
I Know Personally....
Dr.McCain, This is the letter I sent to the Attorney general.
Mr. Brooks, I cannot believe you do not have anything else on your "agenda" that has to be more important than harrassing Ms. M. McCain. Why is it that when we, as Americans find something worth while to focus our energy and money on that is very beneficial to our health (which is priceless) someone like you tries to take it away???
I'm not all that much into politics and it is because of people like you. The majority of them I know of are lying anytime their lips are moving. I don't mean to offend, but that is how I feel. You people "say" what you THINK the majority wants to hear. Well, you are VERY wrong in this case. Ms. McCain is a compassionate woman, has integrity, and has done more for people than ANY politician I know, as well as many "doctors". And she does it out of the goodness of her heart. She has a true "calling" from God and you are trying to take that away from her and all of the people who KNOW what she is doing is for the good of ALL concerned---even you if you came to her. Can YOU say that with total truth---that what you are doing is for the good of all concerned???? I seriously doubt it. There are MANY of us who know first hand what her products can do--we are speaking from personal situations, not hear-say.
Why do you think she is such a "threat" to you? Or is it because you are getting badgered by your so called "supporters'???? You know, the ones who support YOU and where your money comes from for your campaigns, etc. Well, you know, "what goes around, comes around". I truly feel sorry for you when that happens, and it will because that is a Universal Law---no escaping it! I will pray for you because my God says to pray for our enemies, and what you are trying to do to her has made you an "enemy" to many. I don't think you have the slightest clue just how many people she has helped--- who TOTALLY support her!
This is AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! We should be allowed to CHOOSE the type of "medical" care we feel is right for us! There is nothing illegal going on here, and she does not mislead anyone in anyway. I know personally she will go out of her way to help people--that is her mission in life! I thank God each day for her and giving her this knowledge, because it all came from Him. God put something on this earth for each ailment we have---we call them 'herbs"--"natural medicine. If you research it, most medicines on the market are simply a synthetic form of herbs---the difference being they are FILLED with toxins/chemicals. But people have become too greedy, it's a huge money making thing to the people in the medical field. Just like the tobacco companies---WHY have they not been "put out of business"---MONEY!!!This is so redundant to me!!!!!!!!!
A doctor/dentist friend of mine actually told me that in medical school they are TAUGHT to do half the work one day, and have the patient come back to finish it up. WHY??? To make more money using the "office call". If you go to the doctor for what turns out to be a cold, they want you to come back the next week. Why??? A cold runs it course in a week anyway in 99% of the cases! It is to get more of the "almighty dollar"!!!!!!!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!
Please use your time and the taxpayers money to go after the REAL criminals. This is a free country---if you don't like natural medicine, fine, that's YOUR choice, but let us be able to make OUR choices, too.
Also, what about all the over- the- counter medicines that have been approved by the FDA??? You know---PPA, Phen- Fen...on & on...Lawyers & everyone are getting rich off this garbage! And I speak from experience as I had a stroke at age 26 from an approved over- the- counter diet pill! I was naive, I thought it HAD to be OKAY...my government said it was safe. Please get on you knees and realize what you are doing! Sincerely, K.

Friday, September 13, 2002
I Ask You... Who Are The Experts...
Attention: Mark Pryor, I do not understand this latest kick in the rear by one of the many facets of our goverment. I do understand that this lawsuit is unjustified and unwarranted. Whoever has perpetrated this scheme against Herbal Healer; shame on you! This is a fight against social injustice, and Marijah McCain, ND is caught up in age old battle between good and evil. Good will triumph in the end, and so will Herbal Healer.
Today is the anniversary of the horrific events of 9-11. This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? This is also a land where we have a choice and a right to treat ourselves and our families to the very finest of naturopathic doctors and to gain access to some of the purest natural supplements that are available and AFFORDABLE!
I also take the correspondence courses and I have never perceived or misinterpreted anything that Marijah McCain has taught in the lessons to be deceptive or fraudulent. I am also enrolled in a Paralegal program in college and my field of expertise will be human rights, discrimination and social injustice. It sounds to me, Mr. Pryor that you are the one who needs to be sued! Marijah McCain, N.D has shown the entire world her credentials; therefore, I ask that you show us your credentials and qualifications, so that we may judge you, sir!
My three year old niece is dead due to allopathic medicine and its physicians. My mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my grandfather all perished prematurely due to FDA approved drugs! Are you aware that the human body has the capacity to live 120+ years? Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. You are uneducated in the field of natural medicine and you pale in comparison to the success and humanitarian efforts of the Herbal Healer Academy, and its founders.
I have been a member of Herbal Healer for just over 2 years. Perhaps if I had known about them sooner my niece would still be alive today. Bless her soul; she had a mysterious illness which caused seizures in her brain. The allopathics tested her for epilepsy, cancer, brain tumors and other rare disorders of the brain. No "physician" could identify the source of her seizures nor were they able to diagnose her with any disease, so they began to experiment on her using various medications. The worst one being depacote, which, is a highly toxic chemical drug used to treat dimentia in Ahlzheimer patients; hence when used on the wrong person will rapidly destroy the liver, causing irrepairable damage. She then had to have a liver transplant, they (the allopathics) put an infected liver with hepatitis B in her body. Without informing the mother they continued to treat her with depacote and steroids. In addition, she was allergic to the anesthesia and was comatose for 6 weeks after the transplant. She then was subjected to five other surgeries; the end result, on a cold December morning her mother took her off life support because she could not watch her baby suffer any longer. To add insult to injury, the hospital responsible never handed over the medical records for fear of a lawsuit.
My niece perished due to the FDA chemical drugs. How dare they lie to the American public! How do they have the audacity to claim these medicines are safe, when an overwhelming amount of the medications cause horrible side affects in the very animals they are testing? We are being exposed to biological/chemical terrorism by our very own goverment, this is not a lie! Do your research Mr. Pryor. A charging bull falls headfirst in the arena! Do not pursue this frivolous lawsuit for it is not in the best interest of the American people and its consumers, it will only further divide this great country. I do not support war, disease, death and destruction. Perhaps the four horseman are pounding the earth as we speak but we will not allow our God given rights to be taken away from us by any individual, group of individuals, or any organization who are narrow-minded in their values and beliefs. Herbal medicine is as old as the face of time, so deal with it!
The earth is like the Garden of Eden. If we strip her of all of her natural resources we will be the only ones to blame for our demise. I will not go back to using allopathic medicine; however, I do see a physician and he supports my family's right to choose, after all that is what freedom stands for!
In closing, I have an Autistic child. The same neurologist who put my niece on depacote put my then 2 1/2 year old son on Prozac. He was only on it for 6 weeks, but the negative side affects changed my mind about giving this drug to my child. Three years later, this spring I found out that Autistics should not be taking Prozac. So I ask you, "Who are the experts?" Certainly not you or the FDA, and as I believe not even the accredited Allopathics. So, why don't you stick to seeking out real crimminals and terrorists; you should maybe watch America's Most Wanted and put your job to good use. Leave the innocents alone! I also challenge you to take the classes to further your education. Keep in mind that you are an elected official, so remember, chew, chew, chew! Disturbed in Minnesota, CMC and JWR and our children.

Friday, September 13, 2002
You Go Girl....
You, Go Girl! ..and remember, you are not alone. My heart and energy go out to you. Keep your same attitude and focus, and let the momentum build, in these trying times. We will have to practice some of those universal laws of attraction, intent and connectedness. It seems so simple and "they" have to go and make it so difficult. Be strong. Be safe. Peace & Love, LAD

Friday, September 13, 2002
I Am Shocked At The Allegations...
Dear Herbal Healer: I just wanted to let you know that I e-mailed the attorney general in your state. I never, ever send complaining messages, but this time I sure did. I was very upset to hear about your ordeal. I have been a semi-inactive member since 1997, but I always read the e-mail newsletters and I keep up with the latest news regarding your company. I am shocked at the allegations against your organization and feel that there are obviously some people in the department at the attorney's general office who are not capable of understanding the written word. Everything I have read from your company has clearly stated the obvious (amount of work, etc.) about your program and all that is required to obtain a degree. I took one half of the herbal classes and they were very extensive and informative. What are these people thinking? I would like you to know that I hope everything goes well with your company and that you get through this stronger and better than ever. Take Care!! C.M.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
88% Of Americans Accept Alternative Medicine!
Dear Attorney General, I write this in defense of Dr. Marijah McCain and all Americans who have been touched by alternative medicine and the kind spirit of Marijah McCain. I am a member of Herbal Healer Academy and a new student. Interesting, how your claims do so conflict with reality. I did ask the question on first signing up for classes the approximate time to finish them. My answer was certainly not 2 weeks, it was individual study and depending on your background and committment a minimum of 2 years. And once I got my lessons I realized what a silly question I posed. Immediately, you see that this is a lifetime process of learning and caring for people and plants and respect for nature and the grandness of all living things. We see and feel how we are all connected.
What becomes so obvious with this lawsuit is that the law teaches us how NOT to take responsibility while Marijah McCain teaches us how to be responsible for ourselves and our actions. So it is difficult for me to understand why you are making these claims? This lawsuit appears to be an organized plot created by politicians, influenced by the lobbyist of big business. In todays environment, CEO's have to take responsibility for their financials, it seems proper that politicians and attorneys need to be accountable, personally, for their irresponsible actions, too.
In a nation where 88% of the population (Natural Science Foundation Biennial Report, April 2002) accept alternative medicine it would seem a frivoulous, self indulgent lawsuit. There must be some other motivation or benefit for you to take such action on what will prove to be a very unpopular position. What next? It is time to take a stance, when in America, land of the free, the dandelion growing in your backyard is becoming a threat to MD's and pharmaceutical companies. The people make up the home of the brave and they will stand up and draw the line in the sand. I used to be a proud American, I am now a very sad American for what we are becoming. Please reflect on your actions here and what your real motivation is. A wounded nation is watching you. A people whose freedoms are being lost daily to the powers that be will not allow their freedom of choice to be swept away and sacrificed to big business and politicians. Collectively, we are inspired to fight this one all the way and I believe we can show are strength is 88% of the populace. Respectfully, L.D.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
I Will Write and Write and Write...
Dear Dr. McCain, Finances are tight but I will send something. I want you to know I have been told many times I should start a service of writing letters for people with problems....I always get results, so I have taken on your cause. I am sending lettes to Atty General and to the Judge and God knows everyone else I can think of even the President....hey, you never know which squeeky wheel gets oiled.....
.......and making sure all my friends in to alternative medicine know about YOU and your site.... God Bless M.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Inquisition Of The New Millennium!
The charges leveled against Marijah McCain are absolutly ludicrous! In reading what is alleged, I had to laugh at the comment regarding the NPLEX exam. Obviously these people have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. That exam is for Naturopathic Pysicians and as we all know, this is not the training Marijah is offering. I am getting fed up with people in governmental power trying to "save" the lowly consumer from evils they feel we are too uneducated to see, when basically what they are showing us is that they wish us to stay in a state of spoon-fed (by them) ignorance and fear. A person who is afraid is much more easily controlled, however, an educated person makes a hellacious opponent. I have sent letters to the Arkansas States Attourney General's Office as well as to my representatives here in the state of Oregon. I, as a medical professional in more ways than one, as a student of Marijah's, as an informed consumer and as a citizen of the Untied States (which is supposed to protect my freedom of choice), I intend to make my voice as loudly heard as possible in the fight against what I can only begin to describe as the Inquisition of the new millennium. S.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
As Free Citizens Of The USA, We Will Find A Way To Keep Dr. McCain...
Dear Sir: It has come to my attention that you are in the process of charging Dr. McCain with fraud. I am a fibromyalgia patient and have been of over 10 years. Never in my years of being afflicted with this disease have I been helped as I have been with the help of Dr. McCain. My own personal M.D.s in the state of Ohio are very impressed with my recovery through the advice of Marijah McCain. I have an aunt who was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. She is being treated in the state of Pennsylvania and the doctors that are caring for her are aware of the natural remedies she has chosen to use. They are all in shock because not only is she still alive long past their 9 month deadline, but also by the fact that she is on her way to a full recovery!
Now I ask you Mr. Pryor, who are the frauds? The medical profession as we know it, give out a bill of death daily because of their choice not to learn of alternative ways, which do not cover over symptoms but cure, YES cure, people of their terminal and chronic health problems. If you choose to go along with them Mr. Pryor you very well may be cutting off knowledge that will help someone you love. The choice is yours because as FREE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES we will find a way to keep Dr. McCain in the business of Healing us. No matter what you decide, we will prevail. T.G.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
We Will Stand Behind Her 100%...
This is a letter that I emailed to Mr. Pryor and I will write more to the judge and other representatives. I will also be making a contribution to your legal defense fund to help in that end. What they are trying to do to you infuriates me. When are people going to wake up and see that each and every day they are trying to take our rights away and this is just another example of the stupid people running this government. My prayers are with you and if you need anything you have my support.
Dear Mr. Pryor,
I have been a member of HHA for two years now and am taking the correspondence course that is offered for my own EDUCATION and personal knowledge. It is my right as an American citizen to do whatever I choose to do, as long as I harm no others in the process. The charges you are bringing against Marijah and her organization are ludicrous, obviously the money hounds are putting pressure on you so the coffers can be full when you run for the senate office. I realize that can be quite expensive. Before you proceed, perhaps you should consider your constituents needs and wants, who after all, is who you are suppose to be representing. They were the ones who put you there and believe me they will take you out too once this boondoggle mess becomes public. Ms. McCain has done nothing but help thousands of people all across the United States and in other countries by educating them and giving them a choice. I find it so sad that the American Medical Association is run totally for money and when others disagree with them they are railroaded, and usually these are the brightest and most inventive people in the states. A case in point was Dr. Rife, who had the cure for cancer 60 years ago that was suppressed and he was made a laughing stock and needless to say the American Medical Association banned the machine which could have saved millions of lives. Of course we all know there is a much more money to be made on the chemotherapy and radiation. I have had the opportunity to know several people that have chosen this method and EVERY ONE of them died and on their death bed said if they had it to do over they never would have chosen that method. I have seen the results of drugs given to people, and more drugs given to cure the side effects of the first drugs. I don't know if you are a moral man or not, or if it is all about money, but I think if I were you I would reconsider the facts in this case and drop it. Marijah has many supporters and we will stand behind her 100% by writing letters like this and helping financially to fight the bureaucracy to the bitter end. You cannot morally or ethically believe the charges you have brought against this woman because NONE of them are true and you will lose this fight. Righteousness will always prevail. Sincerely,K

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Pray For Your Enemies...
Dr McCain, I just want you to KNOW you will prevail! If your work & company were not for the "GOOD" of all people---"One person at a Time", no one would be harrassing you. You know Satan never wants good to prevail over evil, and he is working overtime on this one! I know what you did for my son when no one on the medical field could...after 3 years!!! He is now cured--after 3 months of being on the candida detox protocol! Hang in there! Do not let all of this get you down! You & all your staff are doing a great job, and you have the grace of God with you and the knowledge & determination He has given you to be able to help so many people!!! Someday the Arkansas A.G. may need your help--or a family member. And I know you are the type of person who will do it with grace and concern. Pray for your enemies.. K ~ Texas

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Upset Member From New Jersey
This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!! I live in NJ but anything I can do to help you I will. We are suppose to have free choice in this country to chose what kind of treatment we want, what has happened to this?? Why can't these people just leave you alone and let you help others as you have been doing for years, what do they hope to gain by this. I just don't understand!! (Sounds like the nurse they gave so much trouble to over Essaic ) G.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Member Speaks To Brian Brooks At Attorney General's Office
Dear Marijah McCain, Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the attorney general and the judge just thought you might be interested. You take care don't worry too much I do believe there is a higher being that will intervene and everything will be just fine.
To all this may concern: My name is K. and I actually spoke with Brian Brooks awhile back in regards to the case against Marijah McCain #CV2002 008480. I am actually shocked by your allegations towards Marijah McCain, I have personally been a customer of hers for several years and have recently become a student since I was so happy with all the help and results I had gotten from herbal remedies. I think there is more education needed in the medical field, FDA etc. when it comes to herbs and their purposes and obviously you don't have that type of knowledge. This to me is very sad that instead of taking the time to educate yourself and others on the subject you just jump in full force with bogus accusations. This woman Marijah has never hurt anyone, she has never put anyone at risk for anything she has done nothing but help people that have needed the help she has wonderful products 100% safe unlike the pharmaceutical companies all around the world that are killing people daily.
You asked how I would feel if she killed a child? Recently, in our town, a young boy age 9 had surgery to remove his tonsils and was in so much pain afterwards that a Doctor and MD prescribed a pain patch for him and by the end of that day he lay dead in his mothers home due to an overdose of pain medication. Now excuse me for disagreeing with your allegations here but to me this is criminal what happened here to this little boy and this is only one of many instances that has happened and I am sure many more.
The work that this woman Marijah McCain is accomplishing should not be judged by you if you are not interested in healing then look the other way and seek your so called medical professionals. But I like many others prefer healing over temporary fixes and at that very dangerous temporary fixes and we should be left to decide what we want in our lives not you or anyone else. Marijah has never deceived anyone like you claim that she is frauding I scoff at that. She has put everything out in the open and very clearly to understand for everyone except obviously you Mr. Brian Brooks. When I spoke with you Brian Brooks a few weeks ago you had informed me of much wrongful information. You had stated to me that there was no such thing as the ANMA or the ANMCAB well I believe sir you are so very wrong. They very well do exist and I think you should take the time to get educated on these things before stirring the pot. I didn't appreciate the deceiving things you told me like "I have you on the speaker phone Mrs *** and I have my lawyer present" Are you not the lawyer? Aren't you in charge of this messy investigation???? Also asking me what my profession was? Would it have mattered whether I was the Homemaker that I am or some rich wealthy lawyer or something? Anyway I stand behind Marijah McCain 100% and I do believe that she has done no wrong and this is just a farce. I believe that there is someone somewhere in that town that has a grudge or a vedetta or something of that nature to want to pull something like this on a wonderful caring woman like Marijah McCain. When this is all said and done you will see you have made a terrible mistake because she is not the kind of person you are making her out to be. As far as the correspondence courses go, I believe once again that they are very well put together and legally she has put all the information for her students that is needed. She has not tried to mislead one bit. It says that you have to be certified and licensed where needed and it tells us how to go about doing that and that is through the ANMA and ANMCAB that you are not familiar with. As far as what she has written in regards to the products she sells I believe there still is a freedom of speech in effect isn't there? Or has someone removed that out of the constitution also? Sincerely, K.

Monday, September 9, 2002
Another Great Letter To The AG...
Gentlemen: It is bad enough that our rights and freedoms are being stolen at the federal level by traitors who bought the White House with corporate funds, most specifically oil money, and no doubt a good portion from the medical arena. However, this crime is compounded when the states follow suit in catering to corporate criminals. We are all aware of the long battle that ensued between the AMA and Chiropractors. Although their professional integrity was nearly destroyed, the chiropractors finally won. The AMA has proven its corruption and the medical insurance companies are in collusion by denying certain kinds of coverage. Government medical protection for citizens is an astronomical expense because allopathic doctors regularly defraud the system. My 87-year-old neighbor went to the doctor a few years ago because of a little blood on her toilet tissue (possible hemorrhoid) -- the blood was not in the stool. The doctor put her in the hospital, brought in every specialist for every sort of test -- even a "lung" doctor -- and on the last day allowed (nearly two weeks) by Medicare coverage, the doctor went to her and said, "You have to go now." My neighbor never experienced any pain. She was given an aspirin once. By the end of the allowed period of hospitalization, they had run up a bill of close to $20,000. They did not "treat" her; nor did they find anything to "treat."
If you find more "ethics" and "proper care" in this kind of thievery, then maybe your harassment of naturopaths can be logically explained. Your personal character is defined by those you stand with, as is your professional integrity.
The difference between a naturopath and an allopath is that the naturopath uses the healing agents as God gave them to us. The allopath uses what the drug companies have distilled out of the healing plant in order to secure patents for profit -- and in the process have created drugs that may help one aspect of dis-ease, but cause multitudes of painful, and sometimes deadly, side-effects. At the very least, the naturopath practices the Hippocratic Oath that first demands -- DO NO HARM. An alarming number of people are killed today by their allopathic doctors -- legally.
Your actions are playing into the crushing of the rights and freedoms of the American people. One hopes that you will switch sides and stand up for your nation. R.H.

Monday, September 9, 2002
Not Respecting The Public's Right To Choose...
I just wanted to let you know that I just sent the following letter to the Attorney General AR office. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I would like to submit my opinion of the case against Herbal Healer Academy: I do not feel I have been mislead in any way with my dealings with HHA. It has been made clear that the correspondence courses she offers is for PERSONAL education and healing, but if you feel you would like to sit for the board certification you can. She also makes it VERY clear that you need to get educated on the laws of your state so you will not run into this very problem of being sued because you are different. Members of my family have experienced cancer, lyme disease, infertility, obesity, FMD and many other ailments that "Physicians" could not figure out, misdiagnosed or could not help with, but through education and alternative medicine we hope to be better off in the future. How can you take that choice away? If you watched someone you love be slowly and painfully killed by perscriptions, or become grossly disfigured from surgeries, you may have different thoughts on it. You are dealing with an educated public. I feel as American's we have the right to make choices for our own lives but need to respect the wishes of others. Would I tell someone they were wrong just because I disagreed? NO!! It is my right as an American to disagree, but my RESPONSIBILITY TO RESPECT OTHERS!!!! So, in closing I would like to say that I strongly disagree with what you are doing with this law suit because you are not respecting Dr McCain, her family, her friends, the members of HHA, or the public's right to choose for themselves what they can do with their own bodies and lives. Respectfully, T.L.

Monday, September 9, 2002
Battle For Truth...
Dear Marijah, I want to say I am sorry for your struggles you are having right now. You are standing at the for front of the battle, the battle of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS. You tell the truth about your products., not just because you believe in them, but because the have worked to heal not only yourself, but I am sure, many, many other individuals and their pets and livestock. This I might say includes myself and my family and our pet. Thank You, Marijah. You do this not for fame or and glory's sake, but I believe you do it for the well being of the human race as I believe Almighty God has called you to do. PRAISE HIM. When we stand, at the forfront of this battle and we speak the TRUTH and it is, for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake (helping others), there will always be trials and struggles to endure. Embrace them, because, as I have come to learn, it is these struggles and trials that WILL, make you STRONGER!! PRAISE HIM. I will pray for you Marijah. God Bless and keep you, as I know He will, because we need you.. Sincerely, K.G.
P.S. I will do all that is within my power to help you.

Monday, September 9, 2002
Please Do Not Waiver In Your Stance...
I am a new member although I've been using herbs for healing & food
since the late 70's. It is my opinion, in viewing the "world" around me, that there is no money to be made by machinery that runs well. Look at some of the things that were manufactured during the 30's and the 50's - they are still running today. There is no money to be made from items that last & there's no money to be made if no one took the man-made garbage they call medicine (drugs-legal or otherwise). Someone once said that money made the world go around.
I wonder "whose world" is that & why does it take money & not integrity, honor, courage & love?? I believe the government (local, state or federal) has long since forgotten that they work, live, breathe & move because of us--We The People--the question now is when are we going to wake up & do something about it?? It's a shame that the powers that be see fit to cause someones life to be filled with grief just becasue they think that's what needs to be done. I was under the impression that this was the land of the free where I have a right to get medicine from whatever source I desire--not who they determine. I bid you many blessings & endless faith go with you in your struggles with authoritive powers--please do not waiver in your stance for we stand with you!!!! A.

Monday, September 9, 2002
Thank God For You And Herbal Healer...
Dear Dr McCain, After forty doctors, clinics, labs, the Mayo Clinic finally diagnosed me with advanced neuropathy. After some blood exchanges, they released me to allow my body to accept or reject the treatment. I can say my experience with the medical profession was horrific. Always being into alternative medicine, I turned to Herbal Healer products: 4-Herb Tea, Collidal Silver, Olive Leaf, Beta Glucans and Vitamins. Thank God for you and Herbal Healer. After being incapacitated for three years, only after taking the HHA products have I returned to normal living and back in the work force. Once again I want you to know, that without people like you a lot of us would be known only by a tombstone. Thank You so much for caring! By the way, I was so impressed with my acupuncturist and the results that I took the HHA Acupressure course so I could continue to help myself. Keep up the good work!! M.S.

Monday, September 9, 2002
A Satisfied Customer...
Dear HHA, I just want to say a huge thanks to Dr. McCain for her steadfast resolve to bring to us, quality products and prices that are as good as one could find them anywhere. I just wonder why the major cereal companies can sell advertising on the major networks, selling cereal that 'may lower your cholesterol' and no one bats an eye. Yet, if an alternative health product promoter sells something and tells what it can be used for with varying results, the watch dogs of state governments bite on that one like a bone. I have used collodial silver and olive leaf extract for my children's ills, because antibiotics make them sicker, and have watched with great satisfaction and thanks to see them get well. I love what you represent Dr. McCain ... Perhaps the men and women at the Arkansas State Attorney General's office could find something more worthwhile to spend their time doing. You don't deserve to be maligned by these people and they should get another hobby. Respectfully ~ R H ... a satisfied customer.

Monday, September 9, 2002
I Have Been Buying From HHA For 6 Years...
Hello Mr. Pryor, I would like to know why you are trying to shut down the Herbal Healer Academy. I have been getting supplements for my health from her for the last 6 years and plan on taking her classes within the year. She has never misled me or my family when it came to supplements that would help our health & I think it is disgusting the way you are trying to railroad her! Do you have some big plans to be President or are you just running for Senate in the next election? You would be MUCH better served by going after medical doctors that don't bother to find out what other medicines or even foods that their patients take, giving them some drugs that don't mesh & make them sick, give them cancer or kill them. I hope you will take my letter into consideration before you advance on your silly lawsuit! Thank you for your time, M.H.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
HHA - A Lucrative Business for the State of Arkansas!
Dear Mr. Pryor, It is a sad day indeed for the people of the United States when their state governments waste their tax dollars and their time trying to get rid of our only real chance at health through alternative health products instead of going after the real culprits--the big pharmaceutical companies that are not only eating up our incomes but also our health. You'd have to work for the "regular" health organizations i.e., doctors, to see first hand the "drug
pushers" these companies are sending with "incentives" and bribes for these doctors to recommend their products to their patients at an exorbitant Price/cost to the patient. The side effects of these drugs are worse than any possible negative effect the herbs from alternative health could possibly incur. I hope you'll reconsider your actions against Herbal Healer and others like them, drop your lawsuit and start looking into the real culprits of our health...but would you dare? it would take a lot of guts and more than guts-- ethics! The very least you could do is drop your lawsuit and do us all a favor and save your state a lucrative business. Sincerely, F. C.
Herbal Healer Academy Inc. adds... in the year 2001, HHA paid over $100,000 to the State of Arkansas in TAXES!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2002
My Life Has Changed Since Finding Herbal Healer...
Dear Dr. McCain: I just made a donation for the defense fund. I will send more. You will certainly be remembered in my prayers. My life has changed so much since finding Herbal Healer & completing the herbology & the acupressure courses. The lives of everyone I'm in contact with has changed...for the better. I've learned how to control seizures in my older dog without ever having to put her on phenylbarbitol. She has the energy of a puppy. My 86 year old grandfather had prostate surgery two years ago. He had the urinary tract equivalent of a colostomy. Due to taking the proper herbs for so long prior to his surgery--there was no cancer; and one year after his surgery due to again taking the proper herbs & acupressure--he had reestablished his muscle tone to the point that he was able to have the bag removed and urinate naturally again. That is virtually unheard of in someone his age. We celebrated his 88th birthday yesterday. He still lives by himself, takes care of himself, drives himself and has sworn by natural medicine and nutrition all his life.
My own sight was saved I'm certain by HHA supplements and what I've learned through HHA. You have two of my testimonials. I guess I'm telling you all this because I can't imagine what a frightening time this must be for you. I'm frightened for you and for all of us.
I can't imagine the hell it could be not to be able to help people and animals who need help for fear of political persecution. I am scared! Politically, truth can be silenced and anyone who doesn't think so has forgotten Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. I'm not saying we're at that point yet--but freedom is most commonly lost with baby steps. I can only remind you of what you did for me and I'm only one of many. And what we are doing for others. I hope this will give you the courage to endure this persecution. God Bless You and God Help Us All. Your sister in this fight, B. HHA Member

Sunday, September 8, 2002
I Have Copied Your Letters...
I have copied your letters for the use of the general public in the area in which I live, hopefully they will respond to help you as I will. GOD BE WITH YOU, as HE did "CREATE A PLANT FOR EVERY NEED."A.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
Your Herbs Have Been The Best...
Dr. McCain, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is very sickening who ever is trying to stop you. They will not succeed. People like them will self destruct. Thanks to you I have been able to get rid of my Cancer, with out the help of the Doctors or the Pharmacies who I believe are behind all of the toro poopoo. Your herbs have been the best, and all the help you provide to others, God Bless you. M.(with cured Cancer) using HERBS. Please keep me informed.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
If This Matter Makes It To Court, I Will Be There!
Dear Sirs,
I am writing once again in respect to the charges against Marijah McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy. Who is it that has done your research for you regarding this matter? Who ever it was should be fired because they obviously did not do a very good job. You have only to go to the website and read for your self, anyone with a moderate amount of intelligence can see that these charges are frivolous and not based on fact. I am an Arkansan and lived at one time near Little Rock and graduated from UALR. It amazes me that you feel my tax dollars are better spent harrassing this good woman than in dealing with crime in your own back yard! In our state capitol I have seen prostitutes on the sidewalks in broad daylight, been stalked inside a Walmart by a woman so drugged out she did not even know her name, along with being very careful which streets I drove on in fear they were gang turf. Why don't you deal instead with street crime, gangs and the illegal drugs? My guess is that represents a battle so big you don't think you can win it. Instead you go after the people who are doing good things in this state? How can that possibly make any sense? My family has lived in Arkansas since BEFORE the civil war. My paternal great-grandfather's name is on the civil war memorial on our courthouse square, my maternal great-grandparents homestead is a national monument in the Buffalo National River area. My roots are very deep in these Ozarks. But if the unforseen happens and you accidentally prevail in this matter I will be convinced once and for all that big business really does own our state government, I will hang my head in shame, sell my farm and leave this state! You have however obviously misjudged the value that I and all the others who have written you place on our Constitutional freedoms. I intend to be very active in showing my fellow voters just what kind of man we have in office! If by some stretch of the imagination this matter should go to court, I will be there and am willing to bet I am not alone. T.G.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
I Have Worked In Health Care For 14 Years And Have Seen...
To Whom It May Concern:
Maybe Mr. Pryor or his family members have never been ill enough to know how helpless and disappointed they feel when they go to "Physicians" for healing and get nothing but weaker. Pharmaceutically funded Medical schools train these "Physicians" who are trained in surgical repair of broken bones or other emergency type situations, diagnosing disease and prescribing pharmaceuticals that treat Symptoms - not the cause - they are not trained to prevent disease or claim to be healers. Once Mr. Pryor or his family is faced with serious health problems and learns what those of us who have been through the nightmare have learned (that the treatments are usually so invasive or destructive that recovery is almost impossible) maybe he will change his way of thinking and abolish those silly Arkansas laws that are causing Dr. McCain and those like her this problem. Dr. McCain is a great educator and fantastic healer. She has been trained to know how the body works to heal itself by using natural products which promote health - not destroy it. She not only provides high quality products but takes great care in teaching her customers and students how to use them correctly. My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer 1 1/2 years ago and went through 10 months of radiation and Chemo therapy that really weakened him and his immune system. The "Physicians" of course were then suggesting surgery. The radiation caused so much damage to his throat that it became too painful to eat so he refused any further treatments. He takes only the supplements Dr. McCain has suggested to increase his immune system and his health has returned along with his weight. He feels better than ever. The oncologist is puzzled about his progress and just tells him to come back in 3 months. I have worked in Healthcare for 14 yrs, 9 of which as a Licensed Physical Therapist Asst. and I see on a daily basis what our current medical system has to offer. I have also watched as my 19 yr. old son experienced kidney failure 8 yrs ago from a strep infection and learned from his physicians that the only treatment, other than dialysis, was a kidney transplant. I feel confident that had I heard of Dr. McCain back then, things may have turned out differently. If Mr. Pryor and others like him continue to attempt to snuff out natural solutions to disease, I am afraid he will find he has ultimately hurt himself and his own family. For the welfare of all of us, I pray that his lawsuit fizzles out. Good Luck Dr. McCain. My prayers are with you. CB

Sunday, September 8, 2002
I Believe In You And What You Are Trying To Accomplish...
Dr. McCain, I myself take your vitamins, colloidal silver, colloidal minerals, and use Essiac about every three months to help cleanse my system. The main thing is: I BELIEVE IN YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. Having been given the right to choose what we as individuals wish to do in the way of sex, religion, etc., by our own government, I feel you have a strong case based solely on our own Constitution and Bill of Rights. Keep plugging away and sending out your letters to your students and fans and I'm sure we will all do our best by way of support. Sincerely, M.B.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
I Sent Out Many Appeals To Colleagues...
Dear Dr. McCain, I sent an e-mail to the Attorney General's office to add my two cents worth. You are very gracious to take time to reply like this. I appreciate it. We must all stick together when confronted like this, if we are to succeed. I sent out many appeals to colleagues all over, have no way of knowing how many contacted the AG, but it should be considerable. The situation here in the US is ridiculous, but some places are worse. We have been delayed marketing our assessment programs in Europe because of various laws governing use of Doctoral titles and degrees, so it is not just here.
Thanks for keeping in touch. A good friend of mine can attest to saving her father from cancer using the 4-Herb tea protocol, etc. I am sure you will come out OK, after all is said and done. D.B.

Friday, September 6, 2002
Mark Pryor Running For Senate...
Dear Dr. McCain,
I have just recently started checking into alternative medicine and stumbled across your site about a month back. I am truly sorry about the lawsuit pending against you in Arkansas. I did do a quick search on google for more information about Arkansas' Attorney General and seems he is running for senator this year. Seems kind of odd that he would get something like this lawsuit started when he is running for a different office and wouldn't be finishing what he starts. I just thought I'd pass that along. Here is the web site in case you are interested. M.

Friday, September 6, 2002
The Truth From A Member Who KNOWS!
The Honorable Judge Plegge et al

My daughter was MUTILATED, BURNED, POISONED and INJECTED WITH HUMAN URINE before she died at age 43 of Ovarian Cancer. She had been given LESS than a year to live, but with the help of an Herbal N.D., lived TWELVE MORE years and was in remission, was lively and had hair to her knees. She was on the road to recovery UNTIL the STATE of TEXAS and the AMA ran her Doctor out of the state.

NOW, my husband has BLADDER,PROSTATE,KIDNEY and URETER CANCER, and was in Stage 4(OF4) when diagnosed by his UROLOGIST in MAY. Being a Christian NATIVE AMERICAN with much knowledge of THE CREATOR'S HERBAL MEDICINES, I have been treating him myself, with many of the Herbs from HERBAL HEALER ACADEMY. His latest Lab work was PERFECT(NO more blood in urine either) and the CAT SCAN shows the ONY MASS left is in the bladder(site of the origional MOTHER TUMOR). His UROLOGIST was AMAZED and wants a LIST of the Herbs and Doses I use to help his other patients. Also, there is NO MORE ENLARGEMENT of the PROSTATE GLAND which is something NO ALLOPATH out there has medicine to do. All this in just THREE MONTHS!!! He has NO PAIN, is AMBULATORY and is GAINING WEIGHT. Only ARROGANT, GREEDY men ASSUME they know better than THE CREATOR of the human body AND the NATURAL HERBS to HEAL it with. HE said, "Behold, I have GIVEN YOU the FRUIT of the tree for food, and the LEAVES THEREOF FOR YOUR HEALING." LUKE, the physician, was an HERBAL HEALER!!! MY PEOPLE have used Herbs and taught your ancestors to use them for centuries. I am a MEMBER of HHA, and will expand my knowledge through them, and may the CREATOR guide you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and DROP these FALSE CHARGES against HHA & Marijah McCain, & DO NOT TRY TO DENY US OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO CHOOSE. We are ADULTS NOT CHILDREN. WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL get rid of any and all ELECTED officials who OPPOSE our FREEDOM of CHOICE, and put the AMA, FDA and ALL others who VOWED to DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE who ELECTED them, OUT OF OFFICE!!!. MEMBER of HHA and AARP

Thursday, September 5, 2002
White House Commission on Alternative Medicine - 2000
This web link was sent to us and we thought some of you might find it interesting to read. CAM stands for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

We thought these points were of interest, especially #4 & #7
1. A wholeness orientation in health care delivery. Health involves all aspects of life-mind, body, spirit, and environment-and high-quality health care must support care of the whole person.
2. Evidence of safety and efficacy. The Commission is committed to promoting the use of science and appropriate scientific methods to help identify safe and effective CAM services and products and to generate evidence that will protect and promote the public health.
3. The healing capacity of the person. People have a remarkable capacity for recovery and self-healing, and a major focus of health care is to support and promote this capacity.
4. Respect for individuality. Each person is unique and has the right to health care that is appropriately responsive to him or her, respecting preferences and preserving dignity.
5. The right to choose treatment. Each person has the right to choose freely among safe and effective care or approaches, as well as among qualified practitioners who are accountable for their claims and actions and responsive to the person's needs.
6. An emphasis on health promotion and self-care. Good health care emphasizes self-care and early intervention for maintaining and promoting health.
7. Partnerships as essential to integrated health care. Good health care requires teamwork among patients, health care practitioners (conventional and CAM), and researchers committed to creating optimal healing environments and to respecting the diversity of all health care traditions.
8. Education as a fundamental health care service. Education about prevention, healthy lifestyles, and the power of self-healing should be made an integral part of the curricula of all health care professionals and should be made available to the public of all ages.
9. Dissemination of comprehensive and timely information. The quality of health care can be enhanced by promoting efforts that thoroughly and thoughtfully examine the evidence on which CAM systems, practices, and products are based and make this evidence widely, rapidly, and easily available.
10. Integral public involvement. The input of informed consumers and other members of the public must be incorporated in setting priorities for health care and health care research and in reaching policy decisions, including those related to CAM, within the public and private sectors.

Thursday, September 5, 2002
Member 10 years Challenges Mr. Pryor to Take Courses...
Dear Mr. Pryor:
I was absolutely appaled to find out that there is presently a civil suit in process against Marijah McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy. I am a student of HHA, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arkansas and hold National Certification.
This is still the land of the free and home of the brave is it not? HHA has done nothing wrong and is in full compliance with the law. I have been a member for ten years and without the help of HHA, would have never recovered my health after being poisoned by pesticides and developing Chemical Sensitivities among other problems. Herbal Healer Academy has never prescribed or diagnosed anything. They do not diagnose disease. Nor do they punch out Medical Physicaians after two weeks of study. They do not punch our Medical Physicians at all.
Don't you think you should check out your sources before you file some frivolous lawsuit that WE the public have to pay for? Don't you think you should check out the accusations? Have you even looked at Herbal Healer's website to see if the accusation's are true?
We the public have a right to education. We the public have a right to ANY complimentary or alternative treatments and education that we care to pay for. I am required to take continuing education classes every year to keep my license. Nurses are required, chiropractors are required. Medical Doctors of course are not required. Why is that? We have Medical Doctors practicing the same old outdated medicine that they learned back in the "50's," and yet they are not required to learn anything new.
If you insist on proceeding with this suit, I have no choice but to become an activist. My God through his word (the Bible), tells me that the herbs of the field are my medicine. A headache is not a Darvon deficiency!!!!! Modern medicine is the TRUE ALTERNATIVE medicine. It didn't come on the scene until the last century. Up until then all we had on this earth was natural medicine. If you don't believe in it "that's your choice," by the constitution and bill of rights. But you have NO RIGHT to take it away from the rest of us.
Believe you me, if you don't drop this, you will be HISTORY. You will not win an election of any kind in this state, EVER!!! Unfortunately, I voted for you. But make no mistake, you go on with this and I will call in the forces that avail themselves to me.
I challenge you to take the 14 course Naturopath program offered by Herbal Healer Academy, and finish it in two weeks. T. ~ Arkansas

Thursday, September 5, 2002
I Am Sick and Tired of Frivilous Laws...
To whom it may concern: This lawsuit is ridiculous. When are the Citizens of America going to be free from greedy allopathic capitolists? This is a new day and a new generation is coming forth to claim their political power. I for one, am sick and tired of the frivilous laws that our own "beloved" FDA and local government officials are using to restrict the things that are our God given right to exercise. In the case of Dr. McCain and many others who are brave enough to go foward with the TRUE information and honest facts, I believe that they are being persecuted in an unjust and un-constitutional way. This is a free country which includes the right to free speech and the right to practice "whatever" as long is it is not harming anyone and no fraudelant claims are being made. As far as my political mind can see, there has and is no harm being done here. ONLY GOOD has been done here. Don't you agree, we could all use some of that? Sincerely, A naturopathic supporter.

Thursday, September 5, 2002
Highest Regards For Your Life's Mission and Work...
Dear Dr. McCain,
That is the way that I honor you, on a personal level, as I have the highest regards for your life's mission and work.
10 months ago the medical profesion took out what they termed a cancerous tumor from the inside of my bladder by lazer. They wanted to take out my bladder. I said not only no but HELL NO. I have been on 4-herb tea and the recomended herbs and vitamins suggested by Dr. McCain, plus H2O2 water for these last ten months. I have had NO problems with my bladder or body functions, whatsoever! My health and my body is working perfect at this time. I will try to send you some money in the next few weeks. D. ~ Arkansas

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
Member Asks Some Serious Questions!
To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in regard to your case against Herbal Healer Academy and Dr. Marijah McCain. (CV 2002 008480). I have been a member of HHA for almost two years now and I owe her my very life. I have known from the very beginning that she was not recognized as a naturopathic doctor by her home state of Arkansas. I had done enough studying in the herbal field to take ONE look at her catalog and know that it wasn’t Dr. McCain—but it was the state of Arkansas that IS fraudulent. ANYBODY THAT KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT HERBS CAN TAKE ONE LOOK AT HER CATALOG AND TELL THAT SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING, THAT SHE IS DEDICATED TO FINDING CURES AND IS OUT THERE TO HELP HEAL PEOPLE. My first thought was: “What kind of a state is Arkansas anyway?” She isn’t deceiving anyone. This smells to me like a personal vendetta or blackmail—somebody can’t stand her success and dedication—either they are crazy or so money greedy they can’t see past their own nose.
Let me tell you something—it is too late to end Dr. McCain’s work. She has touched and helped so many people just like me. I have taken some of her courses and they are wonderful. They do not make me a doctor—but they sure do give me knowledge about the God-given herbs out there that we can grow and use. Her work will go on. It is in our hearts and in our minds.
You know something—you are messing with God’s Plan here. He put these herbs on this earth for our medicine and Dr. McCain has dedicated her life to learn about them and is sharing it with anyone that wants it. Besides that, you are messing around with my personal right to go to her for help and her products. You want to stop her---what if the good Lord says you have done enough and lets you have one of these so-called incurable diseases----maybe you should find out what it is like to crawl on your knees to her for help.
WHAT KIND OF A STATE IS ARKANSAS ANYWAY? This sounds more like Communism. I live in America—in the state of Minnesota and I have NEVER heard of such craziness or harassment. Don’t worry—I won’t bother to visit your state except to see Dr. McCain.
Dr. McCain is NOT fraudulent in any way. She tells it like it is. Maybe that is what gets to you—I am sure that you have played a part in making her what she is!!!
Which one of these three things is it? Is it something personal against natural herbs or Dr. McCain? Or is it plain greed on someone’s part? Or is it so-called medical dictatorship? You are highly educated people. We are from the grass roots heartland of America—and we have never heard of anything like this. You should be proud to have a lady of this caliber in your state. Sincerely, H.& E.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
It Totally Ticks Me Off That MY FREEDOM...
sent to: oag@ag.state.ar.us - "I have been doing business with Herbal Healer Academy for years. I have never been mislead by them. Obviously, Mr. Pryor's reelection is being backed by the pharmaceuticals. Why don't you spend some time chasing after REAL criminals? It totally ticks me off that my freedoms as an American are slowly eroding away. If I choose to use herbs instead of antibiotics - is that your business? If I couldn't buy herbs from HHA (or any other company), I would be picking and drying them in my backyard. Do you think you could stop that? Is this even a democracy anymore?" ~D.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
God Does Answer Our Prayers For the Highest Good...
Dear Dr McCain...Please know that I am holding you and HHA in my prayers and thoughts of a good and just outcome to the Arkansas AG situation. Please keep the Faith and do not doubt for a moment that God does answer our prayers for the highest outcome of any need we may have when we ask in humility, totally believing that God knows our needs and will provide for us. Be Strong and of Good Cheer...AND remember..This too shall pass...IT has not come to stay. Blessing. Rev
C.C., HHA Student.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
I Find Nothing Deceptive about Dr. McCain...
Dear Attorney General Pryor: I appreciate your efforts to protect the public from fraud and misrepresentation in the area of health care. However, you are impugning an innocent individual, in the case of Dr. Marijah Mccain. I have subscribed to her newsletter for two years now, and consider her information and products valuable to individual and public health. Having perused many health and supplement ads, magazines, books and articles, as well as TV commercials, I have found nothing in Dr. McCain's reviews and discussions of products, product usage and related benefits that is inconsistent with current scientific and anecdotal knowledge and claims associated with these products and their applications.
Her associations of specific herbal and nutritional substances with human biological systems are based on scientific research, and in
many instances backed up by anecdotal evidence and case histories. Which gives me a lot more confidence in these products and suggested applications than in most of the informationally vague and highly exaggerated claims made by the pharmaceutical industry for their creations.
I find nothing deceptive about Dr. Mccain, her organization,products, or information. The literature is straight forward, no frills, no embellishments, no pie in the sky. She offers no miracles, but only the grounded truth that the human body is a self-healing organism capable of returning back to wellness, when the right combination of environmental and nutritional elements are present. While, I do not have privy to her credentials as a health professional, anymore than I do with any other doctor or specialist whose office I have not personally entered, it is clear that Marijah Mccain is knowledgeable about her subject and has a passion to help improve the health and well being of those she serves. Therefore, I encourage you to drop your legal suit against Dr. Marijah Mccain, so that she can continue the great service that she is rendering to us all. Sincerely, C.H.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Products Sold By Herbal Healer Do Work...
Dear Mr. Pryor, I am writing with regard to the suit you have brought against Marijah McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy. I think it is perfectly ridiculous that you are pursuing this action. First of all: the products sold by Herbal Healer do work. I have used several of the items and found them to be of excellent quality. More importantly, my sister (who may also write to you) had serious and chronic sinus infections for years that allopathic doctors were unable to treat. She was finally told to get her affairs in order; they believed that the ongoing systemic infections would likely kill her. After my sister began taking some of the supplements and items from Herbal Healer, her infections cleared completely and have not returned. Secondly, I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to pursue this action. If you are just interested in protecting the public, perhaps you should begin your investigations with products that you are CERTAIN do not work, such as “miracle” exercise products like the “Ab-Doer” (that are purported to create “six-pack abs” through electrical stimulation). Finally, you seem to assume that the public in general is incapable of making a rational decision. I have a Master’s degree and am working on a PhD. My sister is a career teacher who graduated college with a 4.0. We are not stupid or uneducated, and we have examined the Herbal Healer items and found them to be useful to us and helpful to our health.
You could perhaps better direct the time, funds, and energy of the State of Arkansas to an effort such as banning the smoking of tobacco: a substance that is universally accepted to destroy the health of its users. If you want to save people from themselves, go for tobacco first! I hope that you will seriously consider my comments. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the numbers above if I can provide any further information. Sincerely, M.B.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
I Am In Control Of My Health And Want To Continue To Be...
I want to state that I am fully aware that Marijah McCain is not a medical doctor nor have I ever been mislead in any advertising to that regard. I believe in self-healing and using natural supplements and want to continue to be able to access this cost effective methodology of caring for myself and my family. I have a medical doctor who I go to who is also of like mind and whom I use when necessary. However, I am in control of my health and want to continue to be. I want to be able to continue to purchase cost effective supplements (herbs, vitamins, etc.) and to be able to obtain more knowledge on the use of these. I have taken some of HHA's correspondence courses and find them very good. Since I took my entire high school program via correspondence, graduated Magna Cum Laude from college in a technical field, and have worked at a major corporation for over 20 years, I believe that one can achieve learning via correspondence. I have never believed that HHAs courses did other than provide information for personal use and prepare one to take a recognized exam for a naturopathic doctor - and I know the difference in that term and a medical doctor, ie, physician. In summary, I want to be able to continue to freely obtain knowledge and use cost effective herbs and supplements as I deem necessary for my own health and healing - and I hope that the state of Arkansas and whomever else is behind this lawsuit will cease in their attempts to restrict my choices in these matters. A.B.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Natural Healing is the Future of Our Health...
Dear Dr. McCain, I would like to say, please count me as one of your supporters. I have found your catalog and information very helpful and NEVER misleading. May God watch over all of you. NATURAL HEALING is the FUTURE of our health and our lives. Blessings, P.P.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
cc: Local TV, Local Newspaper, Attorney...
Dear Sirs, As you must have realized by now, you have opened a can of worms that is going to damage your careers. You may have the big bucks of the pharmaceutical companies behind you, but the people who vote are NOT behind this frivolous lawsuit you have instituted. We have the right to choose our health care methods and providers and many of us choose Alternative Medicine and Dr. McCain.
Dr. McCain is fully qualified to use that title and provide the wonderful services that she does so competently. Have you checked her credentials? If you had this lawsuit would never have happened.
I have benefited from her advise, also the products that she sells and would happily testify to that. Conditions that Physicians have found impossible to cure or successfully treat have been improved immensely by her products and services.
I lived in your area until January of this year and wish I still did so I could take part in voting you out of office. I suggest you rethink your decision to pursue this course and go back to prosecuting real criminals that harm people and break laws. Sincerely,
B.B. / Cc: Dr. McCain Cc: file Cc: local newspaper Cc: local television station Cc: Attorney K. Crosby

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Member Since 1993 writes...
Dear Attorney General: I have been a member of the Herbal Healer Academy since 1993. I have used many of their products and read Dr. McCain's Newsletter. She provides a valuable service to those of us who want to use natural alternatives to modern medicine. I suffer from allergies and chronic sinus headaches. I have been using MSM successfully for several years now. There are no side effects and I get blessed relief. Please do not shut down Herbal Healer Academy or any other alternative medical avenue. We are Americans and want the freedom to choose what type of medical treatment we use. Medical Doctors don't have all the answers and few will even spend the time to discuss illnesses and choices in treatment. Thank you. R.S.

Monday, September 2, 2002
Your Have Lost This Citizen's Vote... You Are Wrong...
Sir: I am totally against this suit. This is a waste of tax payer money and your time. I have personally used Marijah McCain, ND products and have been a member of her organization for a number of years. She has NEVER stated that she was a physician nor has she, or her organization, stated that she is a medical doctor. In the catolog that she publishes, there have NEVER been any stated falsehoods that a natural item should be taken instead of what a physician wrote a script for nor has there been any false claims about any product. Marijah McCain educates the individual and lets the individual decide what to do. She does not "bully" the person or try to persuade the person with passive threats as MDs do. Her educational material is vital to the public and should not be restrained in any way. An example of her methods are: If you come to her and say that you do not want chemotherapy (for it IS poison and WILL kill you) and ask her what else can be done,she will educate the person about natural methods. The choice is the person being affected. NOT YOURS. Arkansas does not recognize Naturopathy; in my opinion, the state should. It is my life, not the states and certainly not yours. You have lost this citizen's vote and I will ensure that everyone that I know will understand that you are removing their freedom of choice. You are wrong in doing this, completely wrong. Stop now. A. ~ Hot Springs, Arkansas

Monday, September 2, 2002
I Guarantee I Will Have Swayed Many By Election Time!!!
Dear Honorable Sirs of Attorney Generals office, I have, until now, never felt compelled to contact this office for any reason. Much less for attempting to take away some of my and my fellow Arkansan's rights, but this thing with Dr. Marijah and the Herbal Healer Academy really takes the cake. I can't help but wonder just how much money the mainstream/chemical drug companies are kicking in for this election year! I will tell you this. If I choose to use alternative medicines for me and my family, I will do just that regardless of what
comes down from this office. To be sure...where would I be today had it not been for my own Grandmother's alternative healing methods gathered from the fields and woods. Sorry to say but, which knowledge I have totally lost for today. Was this also your so-called "voo-doo" medicine?!? Oh that I could regain just a fraction of that knowledge and woodlore! And now, the one place in this state that I might have an opportunity to do just that is coming under attack by the very man which I have chosen to support since the inception of his political career. From what happened on more than just one occasion I can tell you that I would not be here alive and kicking today if not for Grandma's knowledge of these things, believe it or not!
In addition, hear this, if I want to smoke a cigarette, drink a cold beer, or fire off a gun, and fly the Rebel "Stars and Bars" next to "Ole Glory" on my own property I also will do just that. What I'm saying Mr. Pryor is this. You may make some certain idiotic rulings on things such as these but you can NEVER take away my right and Freedom to make the choice!
There is though, one thing that I absolutely will NOT do now ...and that is vote for Mark Pryor in the next election. Nor will he ever again have my vote in any endeavor of his. He just lost me as a supporter and I have always supported him in every office that he has ran for. As a matter of fact, I've been considering changing my political party affiliation and this will probably be the one thing that pushes me over! In addition I am informing all of my family members, acquaintences, and people who I meet on the street about this travesty against Herbal Healer Academy and it's Dr. Marijah. I don't think Mr. Pryor himself realizes just how many Arkansan's lives he is affecting by his skullduggery with the mainstream drug companies. I guarantee, I will have swayed many by election time.
Sincerely, D. ~ Arkansas

Monday, September 2, 2002
20 Year Medical Experience... I Say Thumbs Up To Dr. McCain!
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is a letter written in support of Dr. McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy. I have personally benefited from the information and products I have obtained from the Herbal Healer Academy as well as some of my friends and acquaintances. I feel that HHA should be allowed to continue doing their business as usual indefinitely. It was my choice to use them and the choice of many others. This information and the products are helping people stay well which will help to cut medicare costs, medicaid costs,etc. It is in the best interest of you and I to enjoy this type of
wellness care.
I feel strongly that it is the right of the individual to obtain the health and wellness advice and products of their choice. If others do not choose to use them, it is their choice and their right. But I also have a right to use them as it is my choice. As a person with a medical degree and over 20 years of experience with patients in several medical institutions including oncology research at Mayo Clinic, I say THUMBS UP to Herbal Healer Academy and Dr. McCain!Sincerely, C.M.

Monday, September 2, 2002
The People Of The State Of Arkansas Have The Right...
To Whom It May Concern: I am outraged and livid that the state of Arkansas has apparently determined that the good people of that state are either too uneducated or too ignorant to decide for themselves the manner in which a personal illness or ailment is to be treated. I am speaking here of the pending lawsuit against Dr. Marijah McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy in Mountain View. It is apparent to me that the ELECTED officials of the state have little to do but intimidate those whose views are out of step with traditional medical practices. If those same ELECTED officials would take the time to visit the website of Dr. McCain and check the requirements of her credentials, they would learn that she is imminently qualified to educate those who feel that the role of traditional medicine is one of enriching the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry, while weakening the body's natural ability to fight disease and encouraging a dependence on the synthetic products produced and marketed by that industry.
The people of the State of Arkansas have the right to decide for themselves the appropriate and most comfortable manner with which to deal with personal issues such as health and illness. They certainly have the option of calling upon traditional medicine, and Dr. McCain has given them an alternative to the harsh, engineered chemicals that many companies (consider television advertising for these products) have manipulating the public into believing are as natural a part of life as washing one's face or locking the front door upon leaving.
Dr. McCain's credentials are recognized worldwide; her reputation is beyond reproach. She does not mislead or misguide anyone. Testimonials she receives each day from real people communicate volumes about her efforts. It would serve those ELECTED officials well to take the time to educate themselves about other ways one may choose to treat illness than the methods television and large corporations force on us in the comfort and privacy of our own living rooms.
It is my belief that people with different values and levels of education can exist and work together for the benefit of all. It is when one group feels that it can control others through manipulation and intimidation that all lose something. I urge the Attorney General to reconsider his pending actions and take the time to review the facts surrounding Dr. McCain and her contributions to the health and well-being of people around the world. D. T.

Monday, September 2, 2002
She Is The Rene Caisse Of The USA...
I am supporting Dr McCain all the way! I have always been advised that when purchasing anything, the rule of thumb is "buyer beware"; thus, I am offended by the accusations of ignorance of the general public being vomited out by the AR AG. I believe this is a PRIVATE matter, and the government should keep it's over-regulating nose out of it. One thing is certain, Dr. McCain is outspoken about her research and clinical experience (which is blowing the whistle on certain government hush-hush practices) and apparently is being targeted! She is the Rene Caisse of the USA. My husband and I support you and will DEFINITELY be taking YOUR courses as we continue our education in the holistic health field (I am a future Nurse Practitioner). Blessings to you and your family and staff!! With God, nothing shall be impossible!!!!! P. :-)

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