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The following emails/letters are in response to a lawsuit that ended April 29, 2003 in peace and satisfaction to all concerned. These letters are archived as a permanent record of the passion, thoughts and feelings of our friends.

Responses & Support   (August 21, 2002 - August 24, 2002)
Saturday, August 24, 2002
Don't Give Up Hope...
Please don't give up hope, DR. McCain! Your school is too important to be destroyed! I really feel that your unwatered down advice and natural medicines are so affective(i.e.:testimonials) that the FDA and the government feel threatened. I am sure that you know the story of Rene Caisse and her colleague. They were crushed suddenly by authorities because of their success! How frightening, that something that really works should be crushed! I am praying for you and I wonder if each one of your members donated even as little as $5.00, your lawyer fees could be taken care of!! We could all help you!!! Sincerely, P. C.

Saturday, August 24, 2002
I Hope You Listen To Your Countrymen and Women When They Speak
Mark Pryor,
I have been into alternative medicine for many years now and really have a problem when the Attorney General's office spends time and tax dollars trying to shut down legitimate hardworking businesses. I am fairly sick and tired of mainstream Doctors trying to squeeze out Doctors and alternative healthcare providers that do not go along with them. We had the same thing happen in Florida when an alternative health care nutritionist was helping cancer patients and became successful. The local Doctors became hostile and threaten her through the legal cannels if she didn't stop what she was doing and said she had to comply with them. I'm sorry to say that Doctors may have experience and education but they don't know everything and especially when it comes to each individuals body. We, ourselves are the best predictors and voices of our own bodies and destinies. Why limit us to only mainstream medicine when all over the world alternative medicine has been the norm not the exception like over here in the States. I hope you listen to your countrymen and women when they speak. Thank you, D.G.

Saturday, August 24, 2002
Thank You For Advice and Excellent Service
Thank you for your past advice and excellent service. My 13 year old German shepherd still drinks his 4-herb tea every evening and remains well able to pull me around the neighborhood on a nightly basis. Good luck in your upcoming struggles, and please know that our thoughts are with you. E.P. Member since 1998

Friday, August 23, 2002
It Is OUR Right To Choose...
Dear Sir,
Regarding your current action against Dr. Marijah McCain ND, dba Herbal Healer Academy, this action is preposterous. Anyone has the right to seek out any treatment methodology they feel is appropriate for them and their particular situation. Healthcare is one area where the "one size fits all" philosophy certainly does not apply.
Allopathic medicine is being encouraged to run amuck in this country! It is no longer the art it was intended to be. It is not practiced, for the most part, with humility and regard for the patient. I have watched it time and time again. If you do not have insurance or when your insurance benefits run out, there is nothing more they can do for you. I've had people in the healthcare profession admit that treatments, tests and medications were
prescribed in accordance with what the person and/or their insurance provider would bear and were not always necessary. Let's face it, between the healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical manufacturers, it's just a multi-million dollar business. The FDA is foaming as the mouth to gain control of herbs and supplements and it will be a very sad day for all concerned if they ever do. I am a person over fifty years of age. I attribute my excellent lifelong health to sensible, consistent everyday care, proper nutrition, exercise and preventitive measures. Yes indeed, I've had my share of cod liver oil, turpentine and sugar, and black strap molasses in my day...and there's not a thing in the world wrong with any of it. It beats all this antibiotic nonsense hands down! Antibiotics are just something they run after the illness with when it's too late and the attitudes regarding their use are far too cavalier.
Why not educate people to take care of themselves to begin with and use safecommon measures? I have several friends who are public school teachers and they tell me that even rudimentary hygiene practices such as proper hand washing are no longer commonly being taught either at home or in school health classes.
Dr. McCain and Herbal Healer Academy provide a much needed service. It is our right to access any and all information so that we can make a truly informed, independent decision regarding our health. We have the right to choose. Sincerely, M. W

Friday, August 23, 2002
Please Stand Up For Your Rights...
Thanks for the note about your problems, I have sent an email to Mr Pryor and have told him how thankful i was to have found your website. I will put you in my prayers and PLEASE stand up for your rights! You are right and they are wrong! R.P.

Friday, August 23, 2002
I Hope You Don't Mind... (Thank You Very Much!)
I hope you don't mind that I sent a letter to Mr. Pryor urging him to reconsider. Our thoughts and prayers go with you. R.H.

Friday, August 23, 2002
I Cannot Take Chemicals...Courses have helped me
I cannot take chemicals into my body. The results have always been reactions to the drugs which mostly are more severe than the original problem. I take collidial silver as well as 4 Herb concentrate. My aunt was dying of cancer and the main thing that helped her with her pain was 4-Herb con. I am taking of your courses and have learned so many things that help me daily. I will help anyway I can. You are in my prayers. We will prevail! S.W. NC

Friday, August 23, 2002
Prayers For Dr. McCain
Dr. McCain: You are in my prayers for our Father to intervene in this attack on you. I am a strict believer in natural healing methods and I know for certain that thousands are killed yearly by modern medicine, doctor and hospital errors. You never hear of anyone dying from natural treatment. Bless you as you strive to help mankind! F. C.

Friday, August 23, 2002
I Have Used Your Products On My Patient for 8 Years!
I am sorry too about this unreasonable reaction from government and attorney general. I enjoy the very educational articles through your online subscriptions and have been using HHA products as a student in chiropractic school and now in my office for my patients over past 8 years and I don't care how hard they try to discredit you or your highly recognized institute around the world, because every body is 100% behind you and all these prayers will definetley have a spiritual respond soon. love& light. V.M. DC

Friday, August 23, 2002
The Threat Is To Us All... I Will Be Praying
Dr. McCain: Just to let you know that I will be praying for you and Arkansas. I understand the threats to us all. I am so glad that I was able to access your web site(a co-worker told me about what naturopathic medicine had done for him when he had hepatitis). I have not had to take prescription antibiotics since Jan. 2000. I had developed allergies to penicillin and sulfur. By using your products, my blood pressure is the lowest it's been in 30 years. The silver has been so helpful....so many examples in my daily life. My grandson had chicken pox 2 years ago and then kept having some kind of recurring infections and ,of course, the doctor's kept giving him penicillin. It was an ongoing cycle. I finally started giving him the colloidal silver and the cycle was broken. When he's not feeling well now he asks for "silver tea".(He's 7yrs.old). All of the above is just a sample of how naturopathy has helped us and to say "Thank you for being there when we needed you". Sincerely, B.W.

Friday, August 23, 2002
HHA Is Very Important To Our Members....
I am HIV and Hep C positive now for over 13 years. The only reason I have the quality of life I have is because of your knowledge. I take your olive leaf caps 3 times daily, liver support 3 times daily, your one daily vitamin 4 times per week and drink 2 oz. of 4-Herb tea every morning. I eat a balanced vegetarian diet and excerise at a gym 5 days a week for 45 min. I have never taken any of the drugs my Infectious Disease Dr. (M.D.) offered me. He tells me every time I see him (once every 9 months) to continue what I'm doing. I'm grateful for all your knowledge. The best thing I ever did for myself and my family was to contact the Herbal Healer Academy over 10 years ago. Keep up the good work. L.

Friday, August 23, 2002
The Old Car Might Not Make It!
Hi Dr. McCain,
If you need me up there just let me know. I told my husband last nite I may have to come up there. Of course he said what for , and I told him to campaign , he said the old car won't make it. That doesn't matter, if I'm suppose to be there God will bring me. Bye for now. As Always Alice. God Bless All

Friday, August 23, 2002
AG... This Is Likely to Embarrass Arkansas If This Drags On...
Subject: Herbal Healer - Case # CV 2002 008480 Date: Aug 22, 2002 The kind of harassment that Herbal Healer is experiencing in AR was also evident in Minnesota (MN) years ago. In MN it led to an uprising of outraged citizens who caused to be enacted a MN law to protect citizen's right to choice in alternative medicine.
When you dig into this kind of case, there's a strong likelihood that you'll find special interests are desperately trying to protect their own turf from competition. It's the same old story -- You want to understand the real reason why this action was instigated? Follow the money.
In the USA we already spend 14% of GDP on "health" care; and the pricing of traditional health care is spiraling out of control. Just today I talked with a small business owner who said health insurance premiums for his employees went up 37% this year! Various forms of alternative medicine, including herbs, are a viable alternative that is safe, effective, affordable, and mostly free of side effects. Government at any level is betraying citizens when it seeks to deny them their right to alternative medicine, under the guise that a fraud is being perpetrated.
The data is widely available that over 100,000 patients die every year from legally prescribed prescription drugs. Vitamins and herbs, in comparison, have a shining safety record. The AR attorney general's office is barking up the wrong tree, wasting taxpayer money, harassing someone is offering a service valued by her customers, and is likely to embarrass AR nationally if this is allowed to drag on. R.P.

Friday, August 23, 2002
We Can Come To Testify...
My husband and I believe so strongly in naturopathic medicine and that it is virtually under attack, that we are open to coming out to testify or do anything that you can think of to keep you in business. Our hopes and prayers are with you from now on. I am a Reiki practioner so will add my Reiki as well.

To: Brian Brooks and/or Lamar Davis
Reference: Herbal Healer/ Dr. McCain

Dear Sirs:
My husband and I are members of the Herbal Healer Academy. We have had dealings with this company for the last few years have been completely satisfied in every way. In that time, we have read through the entire catalog and much of the related materials, including some of the course work and have familiarized ourselves thoroughly with the Herbal Healer website. At no time did we find false or misleading statements, deceptive trade practices or any activity that would endanger the health, safety, security or welfare of anyone, not least the people of Arkansas. We are both college graduates, by the way, and are quite capable of discerning for ourselves false or misleading advertising when we do come across it.
My husband and I have been involved in naturopathic medicine as clients for the past 25 years. We have purchased products and services from a variety of stores, multilevel marketing companies, Naturopathic Doctors and Internet websites. In our experience we have found that in the naturopathic field, and especially in our dealings with the Herbal Healer Academy, we are made more fully aware of product useages, recommended dosages, contraindications, if any, than in any allopathic Doctor's office we have ever visited. For the maintaining of our health, we would never consider returning to allopathic medicine.
I have also started in the coursework to learn Naturopathic Medicine through the Herbal Healer Academy and understand fully what my status will be upon completion, as it is stated quite clearly in every place where the naturopathic courses are mentioned. It really makes me wonder if the originators of this suit have actually read the materials put out by the Herbal Healer Academy or even looked at the website. This frivolous or badly researched lawsuit does not reflect well upon your office and looks like a thinly veiled attempt to harass Dr. McCain out of business. It is our sincere hope that the esteemed office of Attorney General of the state of Arkansas would not be party to such a contemptuous act.
In the world today, it seems that money and power have taken precedence over ethics and morality. People like Dr. McCain who offer alternatives to traditional medicine are being harassed beyond endurance as the popularity of naturopathic medicine grows and becomes more of a threat to the profits of the drug manufacturers. This becomes obvious when you look at the absolute deluge of drug advertisements on television today and the many newspaper articles regarding the huge growth in the numbers of people who are seeking out alternatives to traditional medicine. The sad thing is, is that if the limitations you propose are enforced upon Dr. McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy it would actually bring about the misinformation your office seems so eager to put a stop to.
Please believe that the eyes of the customers of the Herbal Healer Academy and the many related and sympathetic organizations are upon you should this lawsuit progress. People who are discerning enough to cut through the rhetoric of the allopathic medicine field and have the courage to take responsiblity for their own health and well being are certainly wise enough to see the truth behind any action proposed against Dr. McCain. Please reconsider this lawsuit. People all over the world are behind her and will not rest until she is fully exonerated and allowed to continue to offer the full range of products and services that any who seek true healing and vibrant health so desperately need. Sincerely, A. & J. S.

Friday, August 23, 2002
Sending Prayers and Reiki Healing
I will put you and the Academy on my altar and offer prayers and Reiki
healing each day in your behalf. Keep us posted, I can't live without
your collodial silver!! Mitakuye oyasin, E.F

Friday, August 23, 2002
Hang In There, We Know You Have The Right Stuff...
Dr. McCain, I am proud to stand behind you as I would not be here if it were not for the natural products I have used over the years. I don't care what the world says but you have the right ideas to help us people who want to stay healthy. We know the medical profession is behind it and they are the ones making the people sick. I will not use anything but natural products because I am not healthy when I take the medical products. Hang in there because we know you have the right stuff. You have never advised me on the products or anything as I can read the benefits in other magazines and buy from you as your products are better and more pure as well as healthier. Sincerely, C.B Member since 2000

Friday, August 23, 2002
I Worked 34 Years At Mayo Clinic!!!
Dear Mr. Pryor, I have never written a letter, but in recent months along with many Americans I have become angry and ashamed. I know that you and all your staff work very hard to make Arkansas a good state to live in. I am writing on behalf of Dr. McCain and Herbal Healer. My doctor is a holistic medical doctor who recommended Herbal Healer to me three years ago and said that this company in her opinion was one of the best and most knowledgeable in alternative health products. I have worked 34 years in the health profession the from 1989 to 2000 for Mayo Clinic which I hold as one of the finest health care facilities in the world. I do not choose to do prescription medication. And when my cholesterol was elevated I turned to Herbalhealer for information and advice. I have followed their protocol and have lowered my cholesterol and maintain it at a safe level. Last year Merck one of the giants of the pharmaceutical company who has been sited for some of their tactics on patent rights on Taxol went to the FDA and said that red rice yeast which their product Mevacor is derived from was also sold in health food stores all over the United States and since they produced it as a pharmaceutical that it should not be allowed to be sold over the counter. Choloestin must be taken off the market as it contains mevinolin which is chemically identical to lovastatin which is Merck's anticholesterol agent. Melvinolin is naturally found in the red rice yeast. Cholestin sells for $15 and Mevacor sells for $77. Not to mention that the pharmaceutical you must have your blood monitored for liver damage. I watch all the TV commercials these days and think who in their right mind would take any of these drugs with those side effects. Herbalhealer complied immediately with the FDA and pulled all of their red rice yeast off the market. I turned to other companies who were still selling the red rice yeast to stock up. It is now being sold in Canada and being advertised on the web. This is just one example of the power that is being thrown around these days. I will not take much more of your time except to say that I have been a loyal customer of Herbal Healer because of their knowledge, information and the quality of their products. I know that you are doing your job, and no I do not have any knowledge about the correspondence school, but your Item 3 which reads: The State also seeks to abate the public nuisance created as direct and proximate result of Defendants acts that are determined to the health, safety, security and welfare of the people of the State of Arkansas. Holistic medicine does and should have a growing place in this world. Those who seek this path believe in alternative care. I hope those who have taken his course will email you and give you insight as to how it has help them and others. Again I know you are doing your job, but Herbal Healter and Dr. McCain are not the bad guys and Dr. McCain will prove it to you but at what cost? Sincerely S.F.

Friday, August 23, 2002
An Upset HHA Member To Say The Least!
Dear Mark,
What's the problem Mark? Not getting any kick backs from DOCTOR McCAIN?? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That woman is a gift sent from GOD to help people and who are you to intervene????? I have been taking her supplements for many years WITH the approval from my own physician because he saw by my blood tests fantastic results!!!!! Results I was NOT getting from taking prescription medications, they only made me sicker. I don't see you going after the BIG tobacco companies and why is that???????? What happened to freedom of speech?? What happened to people helping people, NOT trying to prevent them from seeking alternatives??? Go after the drug dealers that are killing the children if you want to make a name for yourself. Have you ever been on CHEMO Mark?????????? You better pray to GOD that you never have to because you will be praying to him then to help save your sorry butt. Why is it that the FDA will approve medications that have resulted in certain deaths? What is DOCTOR McCAIN doing that really irks you???? Read the bible Mark and see how many times HERBS are mentioned. Ever drink a cup of herbal tea Mark??? It is disgusting and appalling that the pharmaceutical companies have so much power and control and are killing us and this woman is trying to save peoples lives. Don't you have anything better to do than go after innocents? Remember Mark, we all have to face our maker someday and when your day comes you better have a damn good reason for this nonsensical, ludicrous, ridiculous vengeance against DOCTOR McCAIN and the HERBAL HEALER. Here's a suggestion Mark, why don't you try cleaning up the environment from the pollution spread by BIG BUSINESS, dirty filthy water, unsafe air, child molesters and abusers, etc., etc. People like you that THINK they have SO MUCH POWER are pathetic. I can only hope that one day you or someone you love is in need of alternative medicine and CANNOT get it because of this "CAUSE" you have started. If I were DOCTOR McCAIN I would move the hell out of that state and as far away from ignorant close minded idiots such as yourself. I am glad I am not you. T.H.

Friday, August 23, 2002
Letter From The Ukraine
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It seems as if it isn't AMA, it is not anything. I dissagree, we need more like you who help solve not cover up symptoms and illnesses. We are with you, Be strong and know youy are right, THEY ARE WRONG!!!! Julie M.~Ukraine

Friday, August 23, 2002
Give Them A Good Fight!
I'm so sorry you have to go throught this!! That's the government for you. Whats happen to our freedom? Who really has it? So many unfair things happen. Of course you will be in our prayers. Best of luck, Give them a good fight. God Bless you and keep you safe. Sally

Friday, August 23, 2002
What Happens To You, Happens To Us...
Dear Dr. McCain,
I have been sadly aware of the type of harassment ALTERNATIVE health , your are experiencing for a decade, to others both in this country and in Canada. We must ask ourselves why a government of the people would not want healthy people and what group will this afflict the most. A healthy person is an independent person. I will pass your letter on. I will pray for you with diligence. I hope you can continue to communicate with may of us who care about the services you provide with honesty and integrity and who also uphold the constitution and our rights, although they are removed by the stroke of a pen daily, to chose our preferred health enhancement. For what happens to you happens to us. If not now... then soon. Dr. Gwen C.

Friday, August 23, 2002
Cease The Persecution...
This email is to urge you to cease the prosecution of the Herbal HealerAcademy. This woman has dedicated her life to helping people. All of her credentials are valid. She had done nothing to deceive and has attempted to abide by the letter of the law.
It is evident you are doing this to build up your own personal
reputation. It is also evident you know absolutely nothing about
natural healing. Do not lump this group in with others in your state who may or may not be ethical. Please, stop your campaign of self aggrandizement by destroying those to seek to help others. P.L. Texas

Friday, August 23, 2002
Personally Received Benefit from Naturopathic Medicine..
Dear Sir,
It has been brought to my attention that you have taken issue with Dr. Marijah McCain over her naturopathic remedies. Having personally received great benefit from naturopathic medicine, I urge you to reconsider your hositility toward her practice and to focus the valuable time of your agents on more important matters, namely the prevention of corporate fraud, larceny, and violent crime. Thank You

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Drop Your Legal Suit Against Dr. McCain...
Dear Attorney General Pryor:

Your efforts to protect the public from fraud and misrepresentation in the areas of public health and medicine are encouraging. However, I feel your pursuit of Dr. Marijan McCain to be in error.I have subscribed to her newsletter for two years , and consider her information and products valuable to individual and public health. Dr. McCain provides a valuable service to the public.
I've been interested in alternative medicine for more than 30 years, and find that the type of information that Dr. McCain disseminates to be of great value in both preventative and healing care. The American public has a right to a diversity of information. The allopathic medical profession is but one facet of a diverse field of knowledge. I've read thousands of magazines, books and articles, health and supplement ads, as well as TV commercials, and I have found nothing in Dr. Mccain's reviews and discussions of nutritional, herbal and other products, the product usage and related benefits that is inconsistent with current scientific and anecdotal knowledge and claims associated with these products and their applications.
Her associations of specific herbal and nutritional substances with human biological systems are based on scientific research, and in many instances backed up by anecdotal evidence and case histories. My own experience has given me more confidence in these products and suggested applications than in most of the informationally vague and highly exaggerated claims made by the allopathic medical system and the pharmaceutical industry for their creations.
Recently, I sent one of Dr. McCain's e-zines to my brother, an AIDS victim who is under the care of one of Arizona's topnotch MDs. He had been having some severe problems with fungal sinus infections, and had been under treatment for more than 2 years, a treatment which included both special drugs and remedial surgery. Some information that Dr. McCain printed helped him recover from the infections that had been plaguing him for two years. This was information that could have and should have been available from his MD, but was not!
I find nothing deceptive about Dr. McCain, her organization, products, or her information. Her website and her literature is straight forward, no frills, no embellishments, no pie in the sky. She offers no miracles, just the grounded truth that the human body is a self-healing organism capable of returning back to wellness, when the right combination of environmental and nutritional elements are present.
While I do not have privy to her credentials as a health professional, neither do I with any other doctor or specialist whose office I have personally entered (except to view certificates on a wall). It is clear that Marijah McCain is knowledgeable about her subject and has a passion (and a responsiblity as a naturopathic physician) to help improve the health and well being of those she serves, and to educate others (legally, since 1988) in her field.
The FDA's scathing harassment of products and services rendered by those outside the conventional medical and allopathic medical system is both shortsighted, harmful and unconstitutional.
Therefore, I encourage you to drop your legal suit against Dr. Marijah Mccain, so that she can continue the service she so skillfully renders. My prayers are with her, and may all beings benefit from her work. Cordially, K. R.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Thoughts and Prayers Are With You...
Our thoughts and many, many prayers go out to you, you and the web site are such a help to me. Thank you for all you do. Charlene

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Another Wonderful Letter... Thank you again everyone
Dear Mr. Davis,
I am writing in response to your filed lawsuit against Mariah McCain and Herbal Healer Academy. I find it very disturbing that your office is compelled to, in my opinion, waste its time on a case such as this. In a society faced with such corruption, fraud, and crime, I am convinced there are far more meaningful civic violations to protest, that would greater assist the majority of your Arkansas population. I personally believe in herbal/holistic healing, however sadly most of the U.S. population does not. So as a taxpayer, all being not an Arkansas taxpayer —but a U.S. taxpayer, I am appalled that state funds are being apportioned to battle a cause so minuscule, on the grounds of “my best interest.” I would venture to bet that not even ten percent of the Arkansas population would ever even think of utilizing holistic healing. This is certainly not a wise allocation of state funds which are so often in shortage when need to prosecute “real crimes.”
Besides, Ms. McCain has always footnoted that her credentials and her organization is void in accordance to Arkansas law, which to me is an atrocity to the first amendment, but that is another issue. And in no place does Ms. McCain or the Herbal Healer Academy state that by taking her correspondence courses would anyone ever be a Naturopathic “Physician”. Her courses train people to become a Naturopathic “Doctors”. The difference—a Naturopathic Physician is an allopathically trained medical caregiver who chooses to also utilize natural, be it herbal, homeopathic or other holistic forms of healing in their practice. A Naturopathic doctor is a healer, trained in all aspects of holistic healing, encouraging patients to a lifestyle of healthy living, based on proper diet, exercise and if need be, herbal, homeopathic or hands on healing. My response to your suit, don’t go to see a naturopath if you don’t believe in it. I don’t smoke cigarettes because I don’t want to, I don’t see a lawsuit from your office to the tobacco companies saying that they must stop producing cigarettes. Why? —because that would be a violation of the first amendment…case in point. Secondly, no place on the HHA syllabus is their any indication of time restrains, limits or suggestions for completion of the course load. Since there are 13 required courses, and 2 electives required to complete the program, I cannot believe anybody could complete that work in 14 days. One of the courses, the HHA Herbology course, has 22 lessons and requires 5 additional books be read in accordance and reported on. Believe me, it is quite a lot of work…my hat is off to a person who can complete all that is a two-week time frame and get a passing grade!!!
If citizens of Arkansas wish to be sheltered from the world, and not allowed to see or hear things other than what you would like them to be privy to—then I am scared of these people, but so be it. As I stated, I am not an Arkansas citizen, so, Mr. Davis, you may not take away the freedoms that I respect and have the rights in which to partake. Perhaps you should not allow the people of Arkansas onto the internet, because I assure you there are far worse atrocities out there, than a company selling herbs and classes on natural living. If government continues to shield the public from the truths, then soon there will not be a public to protect, because I assure you, chemicals, microwaves, preservatives, genetically modified foods, and yes your sacred medical infrastructure will be the end all some day!
Mr. Davis, for all the elderly who are “taken” by Medicare frauds, all the employees who are jobless and penniless after their companies go bankrupt, all the pyramid schemes, all the telemarketing frauds and so on, I beg you to look at the grand scheme of the matters and continue to focus your attention and especially your dollars on these far more worthy causes. To utilize the time and money from your office on a case that affects so few, your opinions of holistic healing aside, is simply just bad business—especially since, in my opinion, no “crime” has been committed. Sincerely, J. E. M.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Natural Remedies Have Changed My Life...
Dear Attorney General,

I am responding to the fact that you are currently suing several of the naturopathic doctors in your state. I realize that I am not a citizen of your great state but I have always liked my stays in Arkansas.

I do not know about some of the names you have listed but I have been in correspondence with Marijah McCain for some time now and have read much if not most of her newletters, website etc. She states clearly that her dear home state does not recognize her right to be referred to as "Doctor" and all other suggestions and information has proven itself to be accurate over and over. I have used many of her remedies and they have changed my life. There is a great need for members of the community who are "experts" in their field, particularly herbs, to help those of us who want to know more but are not experts so that we do not misuse or misunderstand how these natural items are to be used.

I expect that you are not a Bible believer, but if you were, you would be well aware that the Creator of this universe that you are priveledged to be a member of gave the herbs for our use. I see no references to unnatural drug use. There has been a far greater time passage for the use of natural remedies than there has been for our current self-appointed "medical" experts. We would have to consider ourselves quite arrogant to think we know a better way than God Himself knows. Or perhaps we are just being bought off by large sums of money. Money, of course, God has stated is the root of ALL evil.

I do not know you so do not know who you allign yourself with but I do know that Marijah has helped many many people get well and live normal lives who otherwise would not have done so, would you like it on your resume that you kept these people and others from CHOOSING this method? Perhaps our Constitution is not of importance in your value system also.

I hope that you will understand that the spirit of this letter is not to be arrogant myself or to be rude but sometimes it is hard to state the hard truth of a matter without appearing so. I would hope that your desire to uphold Arkansas residents' constitutional freedoms would out weigh your need to harass someone who has not hurt anyone and whose claims you make against her are false.

Please also understand that Dr. McCain (I title her that out of respect whether you find it "lawful" or not) knows nothing of my letter to you so I hope that I don't hurt her cause but I am very disappointed that one so loving and caring would have to undergo the stress that you have imposed upon her and her family.

Perhaps your time would be better spent to go after those who kill millions of babies each year. Or those who kill patients by the hundreds of thousands through traditional medicine. I know I would move to Arkansas just to have the privelege of voting for you and supporting you if you would take a stand on that. Thank you for listening. C.M.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Support Letter From Arizona
Dear Mr. Pryor: (edited)
I am writing this on behalf of myself and my elderly parents, aged 81 and 88, who reside in the great state of Arizona. We are appalled at the action taken recently by your office on behalf of the citizens of the State of Arkansas against Marijah McCain, N.D. Are you truly representing the citizens of your state or the big money pharmaceutical companies?
If you are truly interested in representing the citizens of Arkansas, you should rethink the assumptions used in bringing this action against Herbal Healer.com and Marijah McCain. Her online business model is sound, she operates a highly ethical and useful business and provides Arkansas with a glimpse into the future of American business. Please stop the persecution of an honest business which does things the old-fashioned way (the American way) by delivering high-quality products to men and women around the world in search of relief from medical ailments by way of totally natural supplements proven over thousands of years to bring relief. Practicing herbal medicine should not be a crime! Doesn't the State of Arkansas have any bigger fish to fry? Any white collar corporate crime going on in Arkansas? Any terrorist activity? Just checking. Mr. & Mrs, E. M. & Mr. & Mrs. J.M.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Been Into Natural Medicine for 17 Years...
Re. Herbal healer- Case No. CV2002008480
YOU are a PUBLIC NUISANCE. FRAUDULENTLY spending the tax payers money. INTERFERING with the peoples lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! DECEIVING people - that you are doing your job! If you want to do something useful, check into your own doctor's tactics, his fraud his inept practices. I have been into alternative medicine for 17 yrs. I know for a fact that this works! I have been cured of cancer. I have cured my family and dogs of many ailments using alternative medicine! WE THE PEOPLE know that you and your cronnies are getting brownie points from the AMA. In a sense you are defending the crookedest entity in the USA.,The AMA, the Pharmaceutical Co. and the FDA. (who are all in bed together). They make Enron and Worldcom look like choir boys! They MURDER hundreds of people every week. They CHEAT thousands of people out of MILLIONS of dollars everyday! What are you going to do about that? NOTHING! WE THE PEOPLE know the truth! WE THE PEOPLE do not want you or any government official telling us what is GOOD for us. WE THE PEOPLE want alternative medicine! WE THE PEOPLE want Marijah McCain to lead us to a healthful life! When one of your close family members gets a life threatening disease that YOUR doctor cannot cure, don't go crying to Marijah, or any other Naturopathic Doctor with her training and intelligence. I have never met her personally, but she cares more about peoples health than any doctor I have ever known!!! YOU had better read your BIBLE (if you have one) before you procede with this case! It is better that the AMA, Pharmaceutical Co. and FDA. are angry with you than the ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Letter from"Doc" Shillington ND
Dear Dr. McCain,
I know that many of my Herbal_Remedies members at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Herbal_Remedies/ are supporting you
right now. Some of your students are members of this group of which we have over a thousand members, and many are professional naturopaths. We will support you to the end on this one. We are with you. Much love, Ian "Doc" Shillington N.D.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
HHA Member from Arkansas Writes...
Though you would like to see the correspondence sent regarding this matter. My thoughts and prayers are with you-- I am more than willing to help publicize this nonsense in any way that might help-- I cannot help but feel our constiutional righs are being violated.

To whom it may concern,
I am a member of the Herbal Healer Academy. My decision to purchase any correspondence course was based on research and comparison between those offered at HHA and other schools of Natural healing in other states. Those courses offered by HHA are comparable to others I researched, at about 1/10th the cost. A major deciding factor for choosing HHA was that my money remains in the state in which I am a resident.I was completely aware that nothing taught here is accredited OR recognized by the governmental powers that be, BEFORE I purchased anything. HHA makes this quite clear, more so than the other more expensive institutions.. What do I hope to gain from these courses? Well I already have an AA degree, a BS degree and am finishing up an MS degree so I guess it would be personal enrichment and the ability to take charge of my own health and that of my family. Last time I checked that was still legal. As an Arkansas resident, I am apalled that you would choose to spend my tax dollars in this manner. In my opinion you are harassing a private citizen, as you have passed laws that forbid Marijah McCain the title of Doctor in this state. Be assured that as a registered voter, I WILL be watching closely all proceedings in this matter and will see to it that other citizens are made aware of what amounts to a modern day witch hunt. The only thing missing is the white sheets-- or do you just save those for special occasions? T. G.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death... What a Letter!
Dear Mr Pryor:
The statement "...give me liberty or give me death" is just as relevant today as it was when expressed by Patrick Henry. The persecution of Dr. Marijah McCain and The Herbal Healer Academy is obviously part of the government's blatant attempt to destroy alternative medicine. Consigning us to allopathic medicine is consigning us to death by often long, slow, torturous and expensive means. Have you ever watched loved ones die in agony, sir, after having had chemotherapy and radiation treatments? Have you watched a patient affected by a simple ulcer develop major heart problems because of pharmaceutical drugs as I have?
There is no fraudulent, misleading information or deception attached to The Herbal Healer Academy except for your false accusations. Her company provides excellent and honest products and customer service. As for public nuisance, kindly examine the closest mirror. As for educational qualifications, I have two university degrees and completed graduate studies with well-known universities. I assure you that the title Doctor is more suitable to the good Dr. McCain than to many of the charlatans I have seen practice allopathic medicine. Indeed, her qualifications are far superior.
As for 'protecting the public'. It is now well recognized that this is often a euphemism for control. In fact, this is rather insulting to the intelligence of the individual and denial of individual responsibility and the right of choice. You are aware, I am sure, that the British Royal family uses alternative medicine and that the Queen's mother did not ever accept medical treatment from allopathic doctors. Dr. McCain has been recognized by governments and institutions from around the world -surely the people of the state of Arkansas and other corporate slaves are entitled to the same alternative medicine if they so desire. (corporate slave reference: Gerry Spence- "From Freedom To Slavery")
As for the qualifications of the Department of Education, is this, sir the same agency that promotes pornography, homosexuality and Islamic studies in the nation's schools? Is this the same agency that produces students who are often illiterate when they enter college and even when they leave college? With such as this, the noble profession of natural medicine would indeed be decimated.
I have noted that a pharmaceutical company recently donated $280 thousand dollars for a family health center. Is this an election year for you? May I request, sir, and with all due respect, that you publish a list of all the individuals and corporations which have contributed to your coffers. This might assuage any strong belief that one might have that your major supporters are the AMA, the American Cancer Society, pharmaceutical/petrochemical companies, medical insurance companies and/or other related entities. I look forward to seeing such a list on your web site in the very near future.
In one of the greatest books in the world, the Holy Bible, one may read "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord". I do hope, dear sir, that when you or one of your loved ones becomes very sick and allopathic doctors have nothing to offer but cut, poison and burn and to no avail, you will remember the part you played in your attempted destruction of alternative medicine. Sincerely, N.M.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Wonderful Letter to AG
You may use this any way you see fit. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the Attorney Generals Office, I hope this helps in some way. We have got to stand up and fight. I just started the courses and hope these people will see the light. We need our Natural Cures or we are doomed. God Bless and Good Luck

Subject: Dr McCain
What is the matter with our government today???? Why can't they leave people alone that are helping people through natural means. All people should have their own choice as to their medical treatment. Why do you people not want natural cures that really help people instead of killing them off. Has everything to do with money, right? I am a cancer suriver of 12 years after removing both of my breasts and then to find out later I could have just had the little lump removed and probably been fine. I had it done at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Good thing I come from a health minded family and knew some things about the horrors of mainstream medicine or I probably would not be here today. They come around like a bunch of salesman to your room to try to get you to sign up for radiation and chemo, not just one time but several times, knowing what is going to do to you.
I have seen so many people around me suffer and die from these things, plus spend every dime they have. Is this what you would want for your own family knowing there are natural treatments out there that will let them live or will you let them suffer and die from all these chemical treatments?????????? I want you to answer this question! I'm sure I know which route you would take, secretly I'll bet.
My Father years ago went to Mexico for the Laetrile treatment for cancer. It took away all his pain and helped him for a long time. He did die but was pain free and not medicated right up to the end. There, sitting in the waiting room was a crowd of people milling around like the crowded lobby of a movie theater. Going back every day for a week you get to talk to a lot of people and there were Doctors from the US there with their loved ones, some of them were there for their yearly treatment that had been given up in this country. Now isn't this sad that they will not let our Doctors treat with these things in our country?? We may be ahead of Mexico in economics but they have got us beat when it comes to curing people with things that are not harmful and getting them well when given up by our so called Medical experts. Wake up! Don't you want these things for your family?
I realize there is a real need for our Doctors in certain areas, and they do many good things also, but it does nothing to heal the body. Emergency surgery, broken bones and those kinds of things they are amazing at, I have seen this side also, but lets not pick on some one like Dr McCain who has spent the biggest share of her life trying to help people get well and has. What is it you people are afraid of? Again I'm sure it is money. I'll bet as Attorney General you are taking your orders from someone else and if you stood up for Dr McCain you would soon be looking for a different job and probably not a very good paying one either I'll bet. I don't mean to be rude but it is about time American people start to stand up for these things that are so important to our freedom. You yourself must have family you love and would want to see them have these things and all this natural knowledge available to them as I want for my loved ones.
Looks to me like the witch hunts of times gone by are still going on. Dr McCain is not the first on the list to be targeted by our government, there have been many before her. Why don't we make it the last of these foolish things that you people bring up.
One last thing in closing, My sister, who is now in her 50's and doing well was given up by 3 leading clinics as being a wheel chair patient in 5 years. That was over 30 years ago, she was lucky enough to come across a Dr such as Dr McCain who treated her naturally and brought her back to health through herbs and diet. If she would have listened to the Doctors at that time she would not be here today, her husband had to even carry her to the bathroom. Her advise was to take so many pain killers a day and that was all they could do for her. She is alive and well and still teaching school. Thank God for all the natural things he has given us to make our bodies well and people like DrMcCain who has the knowledge and know how to use them and trying to give us all the know how so we can pass it down to our loved ones after she is gone. What is the matter with people teaching people how to be well without any harm done to them, every one has the right to choose what to read and then make up their own mind.
I know what your answer will be. It will be that what I have written you about is not the issue, that the issue is about some law that should have been thrown out the window years ago that Dr McCain is supposed to be breaking. Knowledge is progress. I would rather be treated by someone who has studied herbs and natural healing no matter where they got their information than to be treated with chemicals that ruin some other part of our body. You're making a big mistake on this one for the generations to come. Better throw away your books on this one and not hers (Dr McCain's) Hers will help humanity a lot more than yours will. I feel for the younger generation being deprived of the things that FDA and AMA want to take away from us. They have way to much power, but they are also being controlled by big money. C.R.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Been Involved In Naturopathic Medicine for 25 Years...
Hi Dr. McCain!
My husband and I have been ordering from you for some time, but just took a trip to Oregon and back last week, during which we (finally) listened to your taped radio show audio tapes. We were both very impressed with what you had to say and agree whole heartedly with your views on the current situation where drug companies are virtually waging war against alternative medicine. We have been involved in naturopathic medicine as clients for the last 25 years.
We were so impressed with your tapes that we just placed orders for your products to detox from yeast, radiation, parasites and your three month plan. When we called to place these orders we were very distressed to learn about the lawsuits pending against you. We will be adding our voices to those of so many of your other clients who are outraged by this unconscionable act on the part of the attorney general's office. (Title does not deserve to be capitalized!) We will forward our e-mail letter to that office on to you when we have finished composing it. Please keep us all aware of your progress so that we can contribute whatever support that is necessary to
assist you in winning this battle. It is crucial for all of us that you remain in business!

P.S. I have just started lessons 1,2 and 3 of the Herbology course and plan to continue with the lessons as well! We hope to have you back giving out advice on the internet soon. There are so many people who desperately need this service! Best wishes and all our hopes! A. & J from Montana

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Proud To Do Business With You
I admire your faith. I am proud to do business with you, even though my business is small in comparison to others.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Naturopathic Healing Has Been Life Saving!
I am appauled and believe if we don't speak out it will start with you and move on to other states and practices. I have encluded a copy of the email I sent to the Attorney Gerneral today. I will keep you in our prays and claim victory ours! God Speed

To whom it may concern,

It is with great concern that I address your office on this issue. I am have been dealing with Herbal Healer Academy for over 5 years and have found the representation of their products and services to be one of the few public forums (the government included) where the word is honored and stands for the truth in which it stands! I have found that naturopathy healing has been life saving and rewarding for myself and my family. As a matter of fact, it is a natural healing life style that has saved my life from the toxic effects of FDA approved and recommend practices and drugs!!! Your article states a lot a gray but does not site any factual evidence of harm done to the public through the education or use of alternative healing practices. It simply leaves me to believe what many Americans are now coming to see....Big-Money-Drug-Pushing-Industry-is losing out on a dollar! The same entity that is funding your witch hunt, I assume. To sit quietly while you and others like you begin to attack my freedoms. Today Arkansas, tomorrow the world!

Give me the facts! How many people have over dosed on education? Knowledge? non-toxic vitamins and minerals? What is the body composed of? Not Prozac, FDC Red, Blue & Yellow cancer causing dyes (used in over 90% of our children's food) or Modified Corn? And how many have over dosed or been poisoned in your state this month alone on FDA tested and approved household cleaners, over the counter drugs and prescriptions! Stop your witch hunt and serve your public more effectively! Keep Pray in your schools, prosecute child molesters to the fullest extent, educate on terrorism and balance the budget!

Grass root movements are on the rise. D.B. HHA Member

Thursday, August 22, 2002
An Herbalist Writes The AG
Dear Sir:
I am an herbalist in New Mexico. I grew up in Oklahoma and traveled extensively through out the world. I have emergency medical training from the Air Force and I am in the process of obtaining a medical degree. I have attended many courses in alternative medicine. I have used the products from Herbal Healer. They are of excellent quality. The information I had received from Dr. McCain was also excellent. It was accurate and very informative. I am appalled that you would consider her to be a fraud. Dr. McCain is an excellent naturopathic doctor. We need free access to this information. This is an infringement on my right to choose the correct health care that is needed. I have seen many incidences that people were harmed by DRUGS..DRUG INTERACTIONS, ETC. Allopathic medical doctors rely on the drug companies' information. Now do you think the drug companies will tell the truth about how much harm is truly being done to people? I have seen the motivation of doctors who receive bonuses from these companies for prescibing these "medications". I lost my parents to the ineptitude of these physicians twenty years ago. Drugs and health care costs would not be so high today if the AMA had not been able to monopolize healthcare. In the past, the United States had colleges that specialized in herbal and holistic medicine. AMA lost their law suit and cannot refer to chiropractioners, osteopractioners, etc as quacks or as frauds. All of this has to do with money. The American people need Dr. McCain. We need more access to information (like what is offered by Dr. McCain)..NOT LESS ACCESS. It is not easy to become a naturopathic physician. If a person thought just taking a class would make that person a doctor..PLEASE!!...The process of passing the naturopathic boards is similar to the boards that professionals in the health field have to pass. I am going to write the President, Congress and your state representative about the laws and unfair, biased practice that is happening in Arkansas. Thank you for taking the time to read this. C.M.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Dear Mr.Pryor,
It is with respect that I am contacting you regarding the lawsuit filed against Dr. McCain. I am doing so without her knowledge; she doesn't even know me. I am merely one of many customers that purchases products from Herbal Healer Academy on a regular basis. I am not familiar with the other people mentioned in this lawsuit, but as far as Dr. McCain, "...engaging in fraudulent,intentionally misleading and deceptive advertisements and business activities", I can only say that I have never experienced this at all. My wife and I have found her products to be of the highest quality AND best prices of any available, anywhere. That's a heck of a combination for any business and, I feel, reflects very favorably on Dr. McCain, both as a professional and as a human being. You stated, "The suit also seeks to abate the public nuisance that has been created as a result of the defendants' acts, which are detrimental to the health, safety, security and welfare of the people of the State of Arkansas." I certainly am not attempting to represent "the public"; I am simply one of, hopefully, many voices that wishes to be heard. Dr. McCain's "acts", as I have experienced them, have included, in addition to the selling of the aforementioned high quality/low priced products which have improved, and continue to improve, the quality of life of so many people (I can only guess how many lives she has SAVED), the continuing education for those of us who have chosen to seek information and answers beyond the "traditional" scope of our Western trained doctors. Both types of healers have their legitimate place in our medical world, and I would certainly agree that we, the people, should be defended from quacks and frauds by honest, well meaning politicians and Attorneys General. Not knowing you (I am not a resident of Arkansas), I can only give you the benefit of the doubt that you are, in fact, such a man. It is my sincere feeling, based on experience, that Dr. McCain is not a "fraud", but a highly trained practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine with a truly caring spirit for her fellow human beings.I hope my words have not fallen on deaf ears, and I assure you that mine are always willing to listen to the truth.Thank you for your time and consideration.Yours truly, S. B.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
It has come to my attention that the State of Arkansas is suing Dr. McCain. I want you to knowthat you are going after the wrong people. Dr. McCain is the only person in the medical profession that I would trust to give me medical advice. Her organization, Herbal Healing Academy, is doing a great job in helping the population of the United States stay well and out of Nursing Homes. If everyone would stop taking prescription medication that has numerous side effects and begin taking natural products, which Dr. McCain recommends, we would have less health care cost at the State and Federal levels.

The people who you should sue are the big Drug Companies and the people in the FDA. The FDA will take six or seven years to test various drugs, which cost the manufacturer millions of dollars. If the drug is approved and put on the market, the mfg. then must charge exorbitant prices to help get back the dollars spent in research and cost of drug testing by the FDA. In most cases every drug approved by FDA has bad side effects. Notice their ads on TV where they show what may happen if you take the drug advertised.

We all should be using the Natural Herbal Medications. In the Bible the Lord says: "I have put every Herb bearing tree on the earth for the good of man." I believe the Bible, and that we should seek out these Herb bearing plants and trees and use the natural healing properties GOD has put here for us.

I have experience with one drug my wife was given to lower her cholesterol. She took the drug for two months. During that period she began suffering with severe a back ache. She thought it was bone cancer and went to an orthopedic Dr. He sent her for MRIs. They took MRIs from three different positions. When we got the negatives, they were almost an inch thick, there were so many of them. Now think of the cost to our Insurance Co. for all of these? We took them to the Dr. for him to read. He could not find anything wrong with her bones. When her regular Dr. took her off the medication for cholesterol, the back pain stopped. Later we saw on TV a notice that if anyone had taken that drug to call an 800 No. and join in a class action suit against the Drug Mfg. We did join and got a small amount of money for our medical expense. Blue Cross/Blue Shield went up on her rates because of so many cost associated with the various test.

So, you see you are after the wrong people. Dr. McCain has never had anyone complain about pain or side effects associated with the products she recommends and sells. We buy most of our Health Food Supplements from Herbal Healing Academy. We don't know what we would do if she was not allowed to practice and put out her newsletters. Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. W. D. R.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Sent My Letter Today!
I'm praying for you and your fine organization. I did send a letter to Pryor. You will receive a copy of it shortly in the mail. J.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Thank You Melody!
My name is Melody Poole. I am a member of The Herbal Healer Academy. I am extremely upset by the action against Dr. M. McCain & The Herbal Healer Academy. I am sending a Cc: of this email to MY Kentucky Rep Robert Damron.

Let me tell you why this upsets me so much. In 1998, I turned 30 years old. One Month after my 30th Birthday I was in the hospital having Open Heart Surgery. Triple By Pass to be exact. I TRUSTED my Dr's they were supposed to be some of the top in the US! Surgery gave me a Heart attack which cost me a part of my heart!

My family has a very strong history of Heart, High Cholesterol, weight & eye problems (Gloccoma (sp?)) . My Dr's put me on Lipitor & Colestid among a whole pharmacy of other over priced man/lab made perscriptions that had many, many MAJOR side effects. I refuse to take any of them. Why you may ask? For Example, Lipitor doesn't work that well for me even taking the 80's that I was prescribed. The 80's, as I call them, are the highest dose a Human being can take. While "they" pray the Lipitor doesn't destroy MY Liver!!!! Another Just peachy side affect of Lipitor is Gloccoma! Remember above I said "Gloccoma runs very strongly in my family".

This action against the people who provide the HERBS & other Natural products that actually help me stay ALIVE & healthy is like saying You think its just fine and dandy that the perscription RX out there will kill me as much as I'll die without using my All Natural way. Yet if I use my Natural Herbs I am perfectly healthy. My Lord, I thought there were enough CRIMINALS to keep you busy in your job without attacking those that help & otherwise do good & wonderful things. If you proceed, in trying to ensure the deaths of Many, Many American Citizens & others world wide, you will be regarded the same as those MONSTERS that made 9-11 a GLOBAL date of sadness.

I believe God gave us Herbs & other Natural resources to use to keep his children alive & healthy, Thats US! I see this as Not only you infringing upon my right as an American Citizen to use my FREEDOM of CHOICE to use Natural Products & find information on how to best use them; But also you are infringing on my Freedom to practice my religous beliefs! You DO NOT represent ME so How Dare You think you have the right to infringe upon my FREEDOMS as stated in the Constitution! Please go back & read the American Constitution & the rights of each & every Citizen! If you don't like Holistic Medicine fine! Just leave those of us who do alone!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Dear Mr. Pryor
Mr. Pryor,
I am writing you to let you know how I feel about Marijah McCain, Herbal Healer Academy, and the wonderful work that is being done through that website.
Three and a half years ago, after giving the “Medical Community” twelve years to diagnose the cause of my debilitating migraines and systemic yeast infections, they threw there hands up in the air and said there is nothing more we can do for you. At that point I was feeling very lost and couldn’t imagine living, if it meant dealing with the ongoing pain I felt on an almost daily basis.
It was at that point that I asked my sister, who herself had always taken vitamin supplements and herbs, if she knew of an alternative health care professional that I could contact. Indeed she did, and I began corresponding with him over the phone and traveled 3 hrs. to seek treatment by him. In order to purchase items he felt would help me, he gave me the Herbal Healer Academy website so I could purchase them directly.
This connection Herbal Healer Academy and Marijah McCain has proven to me to be a very reliable and trustworthy source of natural products. I do not understand how you can state, as in Item 3, that what she offers is a public nuisance. If it weren’t for her and the products she offers, I would not be free of migraines and yeast infections that riddled my body for 12 years. I am completely well and the Medical Doctors are amazed and ask me what it was that caused my problems and what I took to heal myself. (so they can pass it on to other patients) If that’s being a nuisance then I think we need more nuisances in the world.
If you are going to her website, then you are obviously looking for a natural alternative to what the medical community offers. No one forces you to go there or to buy anything, it’s all about choices. Marijah is there for people like me who are looking for choices, especially when Medical Doctors have given us none.
There will always be people who don’t get the results they expect from anything they take, then point the finger at the person trying to help them. Natural products do take longer than medicines, and finding the write product takes time too. But they do work and there are no side affects as is not the case with medicines. They actually can create more problems than what you started with, as was the case with me. Years of antibiotics created so much yeast in my body, if untreated it surely could have taken my life.
Please do not limit Marijah’s work, without testimonials and product descriptions, it would make it impossible for those of us looking for those choices to know which to choose and for what. If anything, I feel her work should be applauded and expanded upon. I miss being able to communicate with her because of the restraints put on her…it’s like a lifeline has been cut off to all of us.
I pray for and look forward to the day that the Medical Community welcomes with open arms, and works along side with, the Naturopathic Community. Only then, will we have available to all humanity, the best of both worlds. Sincerely K.M.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Doctor & Chiropractor Said Your Courses Were Great!
I am terribly disturbed and at a total loss as what to say. I wish I could wrap you in my arms and make it all go away. Your company and products mean so much to me and my family. Stupidity regiens supreme in government. Please accept my prayers and total support. I will do anything to help. I am going to start your school this next
month. I can't believe what they claim. I had a doctor and a chiropractor tell me this week that you and your course were great and they were thrilled I would be enrolling. Please don't give up! We need you.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Am Glad For Products and Information You Have...
I have used some of your products and have been very pleased with the results. I am an Adult and I don't need the Government to tell me what I can or can not take for my health. I believe I have the right to heal myself in the manner I want. I am so glad the information and products you have are available to me and others like me who want to heal ourselves in a natural way. Thanks and May God keep you out of harms way, J.L.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Another Letter sent to the AG today
I cannot believe you are treating Dr. McCain this way. She is one of the most sensible and responsible people I have had the pleasure to meet. I, my family, my friends use her web site to order herbs that really work. No side effects. No toxic shock they are gentle and work. You have families also. It would do you well to look into what she is teaching. I seen my mother-in-law die a horrible death due to doctor ignorance. I was given medications that nearly ruined my life. I could fill pages on medicines and doctors who KILLED and nearly ruined people I know. Herbal medications DO work. I have not been to a regular doctor in 10 years. Why? Because I know what to take and what to do. NO side effects. She is not a fraud, nor a fake. My grandmother, Ruby Ford did not go to the doctor for 33 years! Why because she knew what to do and what to take. Traditional medications can be dangerous and have many side effects. Check it out for yourself. You do not have children and family? What about yourselves? There are better and gentler and safer ways. That is what Dr. McCain teaches. If that is wrong then there is prayer we need for our nation. I stay healthy because Dr. McCain offers a gentler and safer medication. Sincerely D.V.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Will Write Mark Pryor!
Your products are great and they have helped a lot of people. I will write to Mark Pryor and tell him he is wrong for sueing you! We need to stick together or they will railroad us into only using prescription medicines.Keep up the good fight! Sincerely, J.B.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Writing the AG from Canada!
Dear HHA,
My thoughts, prayers & reiki will be coming to you non-stop......you are a blessing from the Good Lord himself - great information, great products & all the BS gone......thank God for you all...... I will be writing the Arkansas Attorney General's office about the blatent WASTE of tax payers dollars.....and bogus charges, etc. If there is anything else I can do - from Canada - please don't hesitate to let me know. B.D. PS God is with you in this battle.....

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Brian Brooks, Asst. Attorney General
Brian Brooks, Asst. Attorney General:

Please be advised that I am a supporter of Dr. McCain of the Herbal Healer. I am asking that you do all in your power to allow us as citizens to continue to make choices based on our own level of intellengence. It is our Right as American Citizens. Dr. McCain has been a source of comfort and support for me and a lot of my family and friends. There are a lot of other issues that are actually causing harm that would keep your office extremely basis. Again, please do all that you can to support Dr. McCain. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Sincerely, M.H.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Read This - Another Case in Iowa!!!
Dear Dr. McCain,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. You might find it interesting to know that another favorite website of mine, petmedicinechest.com, is also under attack. The State Attorney General from Iowa is up for re-election this year and has attacked them for "misleading the public" regarding homepathic treatments for pets. This is apparently the year that the politicians are feeling the pressure from the AMA, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and now the American Veterinary Association as well. You have been a godsend of information. Please keep us informed of the situation, and best of luck to you. N.W.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Dear Mr. Brooks, Mr. Davis and Judge Plegge
Dear Mr. Brooks, Mr. Davis and Judge Plegge,

I am a member of the Herbal Healer web site. Yesterday I received a letter from Dr. Marijah McCain telling me of the actions the state is taking regarding her correspondence course and statements made in her web site. I was appalled that your state is taking these actions against a very caring, naturopathic doctor who has helped so many people. Even though I do not know Dr. McCain personally, I feel I do from listening to her tapes on various ailments and how we can cure ourselves of these diseases. She is the first naturopathic doctor I have known that is so caring and passionate about her work. She offers those of us the alternatives we deserve to get to cure us, not just control symptoms, like the allopathic doctors do. She does not deserve the treatment that you are handing her. All she wants to do is HELP PEOPLE, not kill them with drugs!

I have been using her 4 Herb tea for several months and Asparagus extract tea and feel real good. I have also done her parasite cleanse and am in the middle of her heavy metal cleanse. We, the patients, deserve to be able to choose whether we want to take a drug or use a natural product. Our ancestors many years ago did not use drugs...they used herbs to heal themselves. We are entitled to the same choice they had. Thank you for reading my leter and I certainly hope you will give my messge some thought. P. from Michigan

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Better leave out the A***** word in your letters to AG!
I have just read about your problem with the A****** General. I WILL sign any and all petitions you need. For all of your efforts I owe it to you. You are the only DOCTOR I know that really cares!!!!! I will pray for you and I will E-mail them. Stay strong. With all of the prayers for you, You will see MIRACLES happen. V.B.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Letter to Mr. Pryor
Thought you might like to see the message sent to Mr. Pryor. If I can help in court, email me! I will be up the FDA'S rear also. Thanks for all you have done for me and my family!

Dear Mr. Pryor,
I am appalled by the outrageous claims against DR. McCain. Why don't you leave this woman and her business alone! She has done nothing but good things for people. I will back her any way I can. You can't stop people from learning about alternative healing. I can't help but wonder which pharmaceutical company has you in their pocket? How about all the other naturopaths? You should be thankful and proud that you have DR. McCain on the forefront of alternative healing, teaching great things to people all over the world. Thank you for you time. R.V.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Amazing Letter Sent to the Attorney General
Dear Dr. McCain,
Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the State Attorney General. I had to act, I really believe in your company and all of the good you have done over the years. I seems that as the AMA and drug companies get more powerful in the quest for a buck, the public is the one who loses. You are in my prayers, all the best.

To: oag@ag.state.ar.us

Your Honor;

As an RN I see more and more patients who are seeking alternative medicine to relieve suffering that allopathic medicine cannot. These patients need practitioners who are trained in herbal healing methods and not be left in the dark to fend for themselves. Walk into your local pharmacies and you will see that a myriad of herbal remedies abound, and are increasing daily. A few of these remedies can be harmful if mixed with other over the counter and prescription medications, but I have seen many patients who mistakenly believe that since these supplements are "natural" they are not harmful. I urge you to research the programs at Herbal Healer Academy (HHA) with an unjaundiced eye and see that the information and training is accurate and timely.

I have taken courses from the academy to increase my knowledge about herbs and natural healing. The materials clearly state that the training can lead to certification as a naturopath, but each student must check on the laws in his or her state regarding the practice and licensing requirements for Naturopathic practitioners. It seems that Arkansas is joining the ranks of the minions of the AMA by depriving the public of valuable information provided by the Herbal Healer Academy and Dr. McCain, who is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician.

I live in Oregon, and we do have a so called "College" of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I toured the facilities while a nursing student at Oregon Health Sciences University, and I was appalled at the facilities, and down right terrified by the lack of training given to the students. They had upper classmen teaching courses, which may be appropriate if it were a graduate student teaching a freshman college course, but not in this instance. Listening in to an anatomy class being taught was as if they weren't even talking about human beings. The teacher wasn't even able to answer a simple question about physiology. I felt it would be a crime to allow anyone from that school to be called doctor.

Your honor, again I urge you to fully research all sides of the debate regarding the certification and licensing of Naturopathic practitioners. People are turning to alternative medicine and their needs to be quality practitioners available to fill the void. Herbal Healer Academy is not a diploma mill. Dr. McCain is teaching well written, informative courses in herbal and natural healing. I believe that if you research all the facts before you engage in a witch hunt you will see this for yourself.

Katrina Thomason, BSN, RN
1996 Suma Cum Laude Graduate, OHSU

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
We Will Win Somehow!
Dear Marijah:
I'm so sorry to hear this, you are a wonderful teacher and I have recommended so many people to your courses. My prayers will be with you and your staff and I will add you to our prayer chain also. I know these remedies work too, I have been using alot of them on myself, friends, clients for about 25 years. We will win all these government battles somehow. If you have any kind of petition that I and friends can sign we would be glad too. Your a fine healer and great teacher. Blessings. V.H. ND

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Better Say A Prayer for Mark Pryor...
Hey Mark,
Why are you suing Dr. McCain? Have you lost your mind? Do you have
nothing important to do with the state of Arkansas' money? Marijah
is an Angel of Light and I assure you that if you do not repent of
this egregious sin, my God will cut you down like a blade of grass.
It's not too late to save your soul, my God is a loving God, full of
grace. If you continue on your present course, you should be afraid,
very afraid. Drop this course of action immediately. I know that in
your heart, you know this is very, very wrong. Do not bow to the
pressures put upon you be the corrupt powers that you serve. Be a
man, take a stand, do what's right, and nobody gets hurt. i'll say a
prayer for you. In His Service, R. P.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
God Used HHA In My Healing...
Letter sent from "Hoot", I would like to inform you people of some things I've learned in the last 8 months or so. I was diagnosed with colon cancer on Oct. 31, 01. After much prayer, thought and asking of questions--the Lord Jesus Christ healed me of everything wrong with me on Jan 12, 02. My heart was healed immediately and I have the proof of it. He also brought to my attention the Herbal Healer Academy from Arkansas. I was told by Him [ Jesus Christ] to start using the Four Herbal Tea. I immediately started it and I want to tell you folks that it is entirely everything I envisioned! The Colon Cancer is drying up and will be totally gone in another 5 to 6 months. I will continue to take it for maintance for as long as I live. I have noticed some total healing of other problems I once had. Skin cancer was healed in Feb of 02 and it was God using the four herbal tea. I also have proof of that too.

Now, my question to you is---just where will I be able to get this same product if you guys shuts down the HHA or punishes them with a big lawsuit and a huge loss of money to appease somebody who is wanting to cause many people a bunch of problems? I was never promised anything and no claims were made to me by Dr McCain. I believe that Almighty God will protect these folks at HHA from anything brought against them. If anybody is angry with them---that's their right to be. It is also my right to have these products available to me for the health of myself, my wife, sons and friends! I don't get radical nor am I a "nut case". I AM healed by the power and might of Almighty God. He has used HHA in that healing too. Don't limit Him and don't shut us out from these products. K.G.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Believe In HHA
Good Luck! I still believe in you and this wouldn't stop me from ordering another class. Its all POLITICS, your in my prayers. S.H.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
You Can Count On Me!!!
Dr. Marijah McCain ND:
You can count on me!! This is an outrage. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT HERBS AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES WORK. I know first-hand about the healing powers of herbal and botanical products. I have been doing my own research and making my own products for several years. I and my family use them daily.
I spent 25 of my 55 years running back and forth to medical doctors. I placed my trust in their expertise and diagnosis, only to end up racked with pain from failed surgeries and misdiagnoses, and wrong mediations. They injured my spine and nervous system -- the list could go on. I suffered so much I tried to end my life several times. Many days I could not even get out of bed, I could not walk because of the pain and staying in bed worsten it. NO PAIN MEDICATION ever worked, neither did beta blockers - nothing helped. Then in May 2000, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and practically ordered to take chemo and radiation poisioning. I was sent to a shrink when I refused -- the shrink was baffled by my refusal to let them kill me. They say to save my life and extend my days. Now, that was scary. I talked it over with God and decided realized that only God knows the number of our days and ONLY God can extend my days.
So, I prayed and asked God to heal me and to lead me to the herbs, leaves, and medicine HE speaks of in the Bible. I studied the benefits of herbs and how to use them. I practiced on myself with my potions. Within weeks, I was up and about. Most of the problems went away, but if I stopped taking "my herbs" the pain returned fast.
THEN I CAME ACROSS YOUR SITE. What a relief. Your web sited is so informative, clear, and concise. Most of my questions were answered and confirmed. I learned so much more from the detailed information. I studied your site carefuly before joining and ordering the products. I continue to take my homemade products knew that I needed something else. PLEASE KNOW THAT since I began taking the 4-HERB team, Yew Tips, colon cleanser, vitamins, colloidal silver, and other products, I never felt better. It has been 2 years since my diagnosis and I am alive and well. As long as I continue, and I shall, to take herbals and other alternative medicines (the Bible calls them medicine), I will live a healthy and longer life. I have already proven the doctors wrong (even Johns Hopkins doctors). But my friend and mother-in-law who took chemo and radiation are already dead. They seemed to have many years left until they allowed those "CONVENTIONAL, CHEMICALLY TRAINED, QUACKS" to administer that poison.
I do not fear the FDA. Soon, it will be clear, the truth will prevail. The FDA is afraid of the Natural medicinal benefits of what God the Creator has given humankind, because people are healed. The FDA and the "quackery" society, including the chemical pharmaceuticals stand to loose ALL government funding. They will not be able to continue with their blind studies and false studies that enable them to use human genia pigs -- and they sicken, allow to die, or even kill many unsuspecting individuals. WHAT A SHAME AND WHAT A CROCK!
BOTTOM LINE: I will cool down first, and then I will write a letter on your behalf and on behalf of the truth.
That is why they are afraid of your web site and the testimonials -- it will get in the way of their own fraud and deceit. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I must tell you, I am red-hot mad. If they get away with this, then many will suffer and many will die.
I will pray for your and HHA daily. Let us trust the Lord together. You provide a truthful and much needed web site. We need to win on this and by the grace of God, we will. A.

P.S. As soon a I am financially capable, I want to take the ND course. I want to learn as much as I can. These products are miracles from God. They work and they work all the time. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Yikes! Read This and Panic! This Is The Time To Speak Out!!!!
All the best with your fight against the establishment. In the UK they are forcing 3000 herbal supplement and natural healing stores out of business. Your problems stem from the big drug companies. Their attack on you is just the pre-amble to what they intend, a complete ban of natural drugs and health supplements. The last thing they want the public to know is that their poisons are not the be all and end all to health. Good on ya. Graham

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
What I Was Told About The ND Program When I E-Mailed
Dr. McCain,
I have never met you, spoke with you, or with any one who has, but I want you to know that you have my prayers and support. I do not feel that I have been mislead in anyway. When I sent an e-mail asking about what your course did offer as a "legal" education it was made very clear that it was for my own personal use and knowledge and not recognized in any other way. I was very happy with the upfront honesty about what you offer and plan to order my first lesson very soon. I learned about your company in my search for better health for myself and my children and I think that is what most of your members have done. I agree with you on most points about the way the world is working and the fact that money is running the government and the medical industry, not people. You have my permission to use this e-mail in anyway it may help you. I wish I could offer more, but right now my heart is all I have. Take care of yourself and your family, this will pass as all troubled times do. May God Bring Peace To You Now And Always. Theresa Lane

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