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The following emails/letters are in response to a lawsuit that ended April 29, 2003 in peace and satisfaction to all concerned. These letters are archived as a permanent record of the passion, thoughts and feelings of our friends.

Responses & Support   (August 20, 2002 - August 21, 2002)
Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Will Visualize "Ask The Naturopath"!!!
Greetings Dr. McCain and Family!
My prayers are with you for your victory over this attack. I will e mail the attorney general. Let peace and love be in your spirit. I will visualize your web site up and you even responding to us on "Ask The Naturopath". I love you, appreciate you and all that you stand for. Remember, they cannot kill your spirit or take your joy without your permission. Peace & Love M.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Am Calling That Man Right Now!
Dear Dr. McCain, I am writing AND calling that man right away!!!!!!! And have already passed this on to everyone I write to on the net. My prayers are with you! From S. W. a member

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Can You Believe This???
Hi Marijah, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm not sure how much this will help but Glucosamine is prescribed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. I've been getting mine for quite some time now from (are you ready for this?), the V.A. Hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I would suggest you call the V.A. in Fayetteville to get some verification on this. Not only does the federal government actively prescribe it, but they do so in the very state that would have you believe that you cannot use it. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance.Sincerely, M. T.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
PERMISSION GRANTED!!!! Post the story everywhere!
Dear Dr. McCain, Sorry to hear that, but it is sadly no surprise. I would like to post the entirety of your letter on Rumor Mill News website, where it will be read by tens of thousands. Please give me your permission. And thanks for your products and your love, R. D

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Visualize a Peaceful Outcome
Dear Doctor Marijah
Our office will be contacting the ANMA where Michelle Palmer, ND, PhD
is an active member and see what support ideas they advise. You will be in our prayers, visualize a peaceful outcome. Warmest regards - M -Medical Esthetics

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
ND Student Writes...
I am so sorry to hear of this injustice. I send my thoughts, prayers and positive energies to you. Please do not let this discourage you from offering your wisdom...I am a ND student of yours and don't want you to discontinue your program. Please let there be a way to continue no matter what happens. Please keep us informed. Blessed Be...J.M.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Dr. McCain... "Fight Like Hell!"
Dear DOCTOR McCain,

It is disgusting and appalling what the GOVERNMENT has control over. I intend to send a personal letter to Mr. Pryor. I personally do believe in herbal medicines over the pharmaceutical as they have helped me tremendously over the years. I am truly grateful to you and your web site and especially for the 4 Herb. The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies are threatened and that really is tough crap as far as I am concerned. You would think the FDA and whoever else those idiots are would go after the tobacco companies for instance. It is so mind boggling. I feel for you and believe me I think that you will get a great response from all those that have used just even one product of yours. Hang in there and fight like hell!!!!!!!! It infuriates me how the FDA will approve of certain meds only to have them taken off the market ONLY after someone has been seriously injured. You FIGHT with all you have and keep on fighting because we all need more good decent caring people like you. Your newsletters are always wonderful and teach us (those that listen) all the dangers for instance your letter on the microwaves.........my mother got rid of hers and so did the rest of my family and we are a family of over 10. I could go on and on but I will end this by saying THANK YOU for you are truly a gift that only GOD could have put on this earth to help people. You will not fail................God bless you and I will pray for you and for all of us that need more people like you!!!!!!! You will win this fight!!!! Stay strong...........
Signed..............a tried and true believer and a loyal customer............. T.H. HHA Member since 1996!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Husband Would Have Died Without Natural Alternatives!
Dear Dr. Marijah McCain:
I was shocked, angered and horrified to find out that you are being harassedlike this. I have not had an opportunity to take your courses, but I want to. As it is, I have been taking a real
life 'crash course'.

Thanks to the articles and the links in your newsletters and site, and with the help of my local naturopath, I have successfully guided my husband from death's door four times finally to a state of restored health. Paul, like so many others, was at first so sure that his main-stream doctors would help him. I was pretty sure they WOULDN'T. During the course of our two year journey, we came to the horrifying realization that EVERYTHING his doctors were doing as 'treatment' had to be reversed or my husband would die. Were
it not for your articles and our local naturopath (who is forced to be very secretively), Paul would be dead four times over.

I am currently running my own very quiet campaign to educate people about cancer and how to turn it around. I refer them to your site and am supplying them with information I gleaned from the links you provided so they will understand what the various chemotherapy drugs do to harm - NOT help - them. I point out that the conventional treatment does not address or remedy the damage it causes and that, in reality, most cancer patients die of the treatment instead of the disease. My hope is to educate people and make them think. People need to know need to know the truth and that they have options. This will create public pressure against the current medical system. People are already very disheartened by the 'uselessness' of conventional approaches. All they need to know is what else they can do. As we both know, the real fight lies with the politicians who run the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. It is they who are setting public health policies in hospitals, on state and national levels strictly based on their own greed for money. C.C.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Could Not Survive Without HHA 4-Herb Tea!
I could not survive without the 4-HERB Tea herbs that I have gotten from Herbal Academy for the past 3 years for the tea to detox my system.......I was given 10% chance of one year survival when my last breast cancer recurrence metastasized to my liver with a tumor the size of a tennis ball. My chemo did not start to work reducing the size of the tumor for 2 months until such time as I heard about Essiac Tea and started drinking it................ from then on my tumor shrank.......I still have a small tumor but am alive and living a quality life, thanks to alternative medicine.................. The doctors and drug industry need to quit worrying about testamonials of people that are now healthier due to herbs and vitamins. My prayers are with you and we do need you. A.C. NC

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Another Awesome Letter to the AG!
Attorney General

Good morning, I Just wanted to say something about the situation that seems to be developing regarding naturopathic education and treatment. There are always going to be shysters out there who make false claims and distort the truth. But what I see happening is that the good and true Dr's of naturopathic and herbal disciplines are being unjustly accused and wrongly prosecuted. The System that we live under is becoming more and more greed and power motivated. This includes many of the so called approved naturopathic schools who are just trying to make money on the public need for good natural medicine. Some are politically connected so they get the approval of government agencies so that makes them right and good! Right?Wrong !!!!!!

I have been involved in naturopathic study for a long time and have quite a bit of exposure to different disciplines. Naturopathic is just that NATURAL and what our bodies need to be healthy. The treatments are not invasive and compared to the allopathic way of treatment very safe. Do some checking on your own and compare the good and bad and you will see. There are some out there that just want to make money and have no ethics, But please, don't be duped. It is of great importance that we the people have access to education and information that is accurate and real when it comes to our own health and choice. The powers that be, seem to be suppressing the truth and making the information hard to come by just so more drugs can be sold by pharmaceutical companies. It is a travesty what the allopathic medical system is doing to the people, and there is growing evidence to the fact that the allopathic way of treating illness is failing and doing more harm than good.

Please take the time to look into the differences of the people and methods being used. The Herbal Healer Academy is one of the good guys here, and Dr. McCain is one of the best in the business. I believe That you have been misguided to some extent, and I wonder where the motivation comes from for you to be suing Dr. McCain and Herbal Healer Academy. Was it a complaint from a number of people or was it from a private interest group with there own agenda, to profit from the demise of a good company and source accurate of information? Ask yourself these questions and try to find the truth. If it just comes down to accreditation and not true qualifications then that is something that I would hope you will help with and not destroy. Dr. McCain is qualified.

I think that the attorney general should be mostly concerned for the people. We need people like Dr. McCain to help us to do the right things to stay healthy and not need to be treated for illness. With the proper nutrition and good information I have been able to overcome several health problems and I have not been to a medical Dr. in almost 30 years, I am 49 years old.

Dr. McCain IS a naturopathic physician, and a good one. I have read a lot of material of Dr. McCain and used the products from Herbal Healer Academy, there is nothing deceptive about her qualifications or the Herbal Healer academy. It is of great importance that we don't lose the good doctors we have in a quest to be rid of the few shysters that are out there. It is of great importance to the health and welfare of the people.

Maybe it would be a good idea for the state of Arkansas to look into the licensing of naturopaths, That way you could see which are true and which are not. I believe that the intent of the law is as important as the letter of the law.
Sincerely James S. Geddes II

P.S. Please respond to this letter, I would like to think that DA Pryor will read and consider this letter.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
You Must Win!
Dear Dr Mc Cain,
I just read your e-mail .I am so sorry to hear this bad news. I will be praying for you. It is a shame that they are doing this to you. You have done nothing but good, you must win against them if it wasn't for you sick people like myself and others would never be able to get well and be dependent on these so called MD's who make us more ill, then help us get back to normal health. GOD BE WITH YOU DR. MARIJAH McCAIN - R.S.S.NEVADA

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Friend Will Be Sending Letters Today!
I will get all my friends to send letters today. Just remember you are not walking through this fire alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. S.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
What You Say is True Dr. McCain
Dr. McCain, I am truly sorry that you are being attacked. It is unbelievable that you are being singled out when so much good has come of your Herbal Healer Academy. I have been on the MSM for a few months & it does do what you say, I have been free of pain in one arm since starting it. the C. Silver is amazing. It heals just as you say. I wish there were more that we could do to help you. i will pray for you daily that God will turn this assult around to your good. M.D.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
WOW, What A Letter sent to AG - Lamar Davis
Assistant Ar. Attorney General
Lamar Davis,
I am a member of the Herbal Healer web site. Yesterday I received a letter from Dr. Marijah McCain telling me of the actions the state is taking regarding her correspondence course and statements made in her web site.
I have been an advocate of alternative health for many years and enjoy Dr. McCain's site very much. It was such a treasure to find someone with the knowledge she has in the alternative health field. I don't know her personally, but I would certainly like to know her. Her dedication to helping people who are interested and open minded enough to take their health care into their own hands, should be commended. She has opened the door for the general public to learn information regarding self care of the human body without all the terrible invasive things our current health care field does.
The "health care field" in our country is in sad shape. It is a "disease" oriented community that only offers drugs and surgery to promote and enhance disease. The current mind set is to focus on treating the disease and doing things to feed the disease process. There is nothing being done in our society to promote health. When someone like Dr. McCain, who is truly interested in helping educate the American people to take responsibility for their own health, and not buy into the garbage we are being fed by the medical field, they are always the ones being called in on the carpet and scrutinized because they have the guts and fortitude to stand up for what they believe in and tell the truth about what is really going on.
How many drug companies do you look into? I would bet not many....because they are really into the big bucks. Money always seems to talk when it comes to health care in our country. Why not check into cancer treatment? Now there's a big money maker for you. Have you ever wondered how devastated our country would be if cancer was "cured"??? It would greatly affect our country because cancer is a wonderful money maker for this country. So, if that's the case, why would the medical field announce a cure? They haven't yet, and they never will!!! Too much money in sickness and disease, that's why!
Dr. McCain is not doing her work to make big bucks. She is doing her work to educate the American people, and then, and only then, do the American people have a choice by their free will to use what they choose to use for their own health care. She's not cutting them open and removing valuable organs, she's not pumping their veins full of toxic waste, she's not writing them prescriptions and telling them they have to take a pill for the rest of their lives or they will die, at the cost of 400 dollars a month for that one pill! She's not scamming money from insurance companies to cause the price of insurance to go so sky high that I can't afford insurance and haven't been able to for years. She's not playing God and controlling the lives of people. All of this is being done in our so called "health care" industry.
I personally lost a niece last year at the hands of our wonderful health care industry. An IV was administered improperly, and it caused a blood clot in her arm. When her blood pressure was taken 2 days later, the clot was shot from her arm to her lungs and when it entered her heart, she died. This same niece, who had Down Syndrome, lost her leg when she was 16 years old, because and inept doctor shoved a long needle into her hip to remove some fluid, and severed a main artery. She developed gangrene and lost her leg a few days later. Her father, who is my brother, is in a care center right now at the age of 62 from brain damage. He had a stroke and wasn't diagnosed properly. I found him several years ago at his house, not even knowing who he was or where he was. It took me a week to get him into a hospital to get care for him. Hospitals were turning him down because he wasn't suicidal!!! They thought it was a mental problem. I screamed to a health care provider...."Why does someone have to be at a point to take their own lives before someone will listen?" My brother was on Medicaid, and his money didn't talk. It took another 2 years for me to learn that the strokes he was being treated for was actually seizures. Another wrong diagnosis by health professionals. As soon as they put him on the proper medication, Dylantin, his life turned around. The travesty in our country is that people are treated like this, and no one checks into this kind of malpractice. Why wasn't someone there willing to help me in any of the cases stated above??? The reason is because you are taking precious time investigating people who really care about the "health" of the American people, instead of investigating people who are killing the American people on a daily basis and call it "health care"!!!!
May I offer to you that you really look at this situation and possibly turn your priorities around and leave the people who are offering alternative choices to the American people, to do the wonderful work they are doing.......educating the public to what is going on in our country and offering a choice.
I will continue calling Marijah McCain DOCTOR, even though the state of Arkansas doesn't acknowledge that title. She is a far better doctor in my eyes and deserves that title because she is truly helping people. One of the definitions of doctor in Webster's is...
2 a : one skilled or specializing in healing arts
4 : a person who restores or repairs things

Dr. McCain offers information on one restoring and repairing themselves and she is skilled and specializes in the healing arts........not the disease arts. I will honor her knowledge and expertise at a much higher level than 90% of the so called doctors out there in our world who are only going through the motions of their "practice" for the wrong reasons. After all, it is called the practice of medicine. When they perfect it and have all the answers, then and only then, are you truly entitled to go after people who don't fit your definition of doctor. You just never know.....the people you are going after just may be right!!!!!!
Thank you for reading my letter, and I certainly hope you will give my message some thought. Sincerely "Sam"

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Holy Names Mission Prays For Us
We are dismayed to hear of this latest challenge to Dr. McCain and to so many of us who have taken responsibility for our own health.

Know that we're standing together in an awesome circle of concerned people who wish the planet and all its inhabitants well - we are a strong (and healthy) group, and our belief that the time has come for humans to no longer be totally at the mercy of their doctors (and pharmaceutical companies) is unwavering. This petty endeavor to hinder the right practice of helping others will not ultimately succeed (other than to serve greed through the legal system - is this what it's really about?)

We are praying that Dr. McCain is consistently supplied with all the strength, courage and resources she needs to do her part, and that you will be guided to proceed with the highest integrity and wisdom. These are large doings, and the best we all have to bring to the situation is what is called for. In Spirit and in Truth -
C. V - Holy Names Mission

Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Am A Lawyer...
Dr. McCain,
I am appalled to hear about the lawsuit against you. I am an attorney, and I would be more than happy to assist in your legal defense in any way I can; although I am not licensed in Arkansas, I may still be able to help your attorneys there with research and drafting. No charge, of course - helping you beat this lawsuit is in
my own best interests! Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Sincerely, J. Mc. HHA Member since 2000

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
HHA Student Responds
Dear Dr McCain,
I am appalled to hear about what the government is doing to you, yet at the same time am not surprised. I am one of your students. I want to say one reason that I got into Naturapthic medicine is because I know first hand that it works. I am part Native American, and I remember my grandmother would always fix things naturally she was the neighboorhood doctor in her earlier years, and I know she would be steaming to hear of this. I also attend a village council of proud Native people who believe strongly in nature's way. Many of today's doctors are very ignorant it is ashame that our country has turned out this way, I would rather suffer than to be treated by the doctors at my local hospital. You have my full support, you will be in all of our prayers. Your friend, J.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Absolutely Outrageous!
Dear DOCTOR McCain...
You have helped so many people...I can't believe this is happening!
It's just absolutely outrageous what "they" are trying to do to you.
Along with this email...I am sending love and hope to you, your family
and everyone else there at HHA. But above all...I am sending my prayers! Sincerely, L.A.N.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Member Since 1994
I have been a member of the Herbal Healer Academy for a few years now and although finances have not been conducive to buying as much as I would like, I still stand behind you and the academy for the good work and information you supply. I am so tired of Government interfering with the rights of the people. What is wrong with people researching and helping themselves and their health!? It would make a better and stronger society. In my opinion, Government has been interfering in human rights way to much of late. I sign petitions for our National parks and the rights of animals and people if you were to start such a petition I would be more than happy to sign it. And so would a lot of people I know. Wish I could be of more help other than moral support. You are definetly in my prayers! Good luck, C.P. Member since 1994!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Our Prayers and Help Are With You
Dear Dr. Mccain,
I knew this was coming. My prays and heart go out to you and yours. Know matter what they do God will prevail and you and yours are apart of God. I know this is a very trying time but, always realise and think especially when times are toughest that you have helped and will continue to help where-ever the need is. I send this to you with my heart and hands extended. Tell me what I and mine can do and we will do this. My prays and energy go with you and yours. A.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Our Personal Rights Are Being Violated!
Dear Dr. McCain,
We are just stunted by your e-mail. I feel like OUR personal rights are being violated because we are being deprived of the wonderful knowledge that you have and want to share. I KNOW that your herbal products saved my own life and the courses I have taken are wonderful. I am feeling so much better that I planted a garden along with some of the herbs and have spent the summer canning and freezing and drying along with my full-time job. Last summer I was just barely alive.
You have our thoughts and prayers and if there is a way that we can help, please send an e-mail and let us know what and how. I can pray, but when it comes to all the legal stuff I don't know much. I hope you have a really good lawyer. Very Sincerely, H & E. W

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
You Have Friends Dr. McCain!
Dr. McCain, I am only a mommy, and have no formal education, though I have been eating up everything I can on Naturopathy for all my life. I am writing to give you some moral support concerning your recent attacks by the AG. There are many people on your side, so when you get down about it, just read this again - you have friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Am Poised For The Attack!
Dr. McCain, I just recieved this terrible news. They are insane. I have a lot of loved ones who depend on this for their very life, and I depend on this for continued good health. My sister Sharrie and myself believe in God above all and all that he sends us, including one Dr. McCain whom we love. I will do anything in my power to help you, but I am not sure how. I am going to e-mail this Mark Pryor and write him a letter, in fact several. My sister and I have spread your message far and wide and now we are going to call on these same people to join our cause. I have printed your e-mail you sent me and will give one to everyone I know. Please tell me what else I can do. Please do not hesitate, I realize the importance of the matter.I am poised for the attack. It is my pleasure. I am behind you 100%. You are in my prayers. Truly, J.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Sent My Letter....
Dr. Marijah McCain ND,

I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble you are in. I sent a letter to the AG today. I hope he doesn't come after me also after he reads it. (if in fact he ever does read it).

Here it is:
Mr. Mark Pryor,
Your web site has an article entitled: " Attorney General Mark Pryor files suit against individuals posing as naturopathic physicians." Let me say, they are not "posing" as naturopathic physicians anymore that you are "posing" as Attorney General. You are the AG and they are naturopathic physicians.
You claim that what they are doing is "detrimental to the health, safety, security and welfare of the people of theState of Arkansas." Do you realize that the number 3 killer of people in the U.S. are certified conventional physicians? Doctors that are licensed with your state? Do you do anything about that? I think not!
Here are good people who have helped untold numbers of sick people get well and you are trying to shut them down. WHY? Take an honest closer look into what good these naturopathic physicians do for people and you will see that you are headed in the wrong direction.
If you want to really help your residents, why not do the right thing and leave these naturopathic physicians alone. Trying to stop the good they are doing is only preventing many of your residents and many around the world from receiving physical help that the conventional doctors cannot or are not allowed to give.
One day, you or your loved ones may need their help and it won't be available if you shut them down. Please reconsider what you are about to do. A Concerned U.S. Citizen

It's the least I could do for you. I hope all turns out well for you. C. L - Member since 1999

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Have Been A Member For Several Years Now...
Dear Dr. McCain,
I received your email tonight and I want you to know my prayers are with you. I can not see how this can happen. I have been a member for several years now, and I think your web site and information is very informative and straight to the point. I think our government and the different organizations should be looking into other people and places,where there is actually harm being done to our people. Again Dr. McCain, my prayers are with you 100%,and I know the Lord will intervine and take charge. Love and God Bless You, D. S. Member since 1997.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Will Gladly Write the AG Office!
Hello Dr. McCain,
I am truly sorry for all the harrassment you are subjected to by the State. As you asked, you are in my prayers. I will be glad to write to the Arkansas attorney general on your behalf as well. I pray that everything works out for you, Dr. McCain.
I for one know firsthand that natural remedies work and that there is a definite need for its use. If I had not been informed about natural medicine's effectiveness when I was pathetically ill, I do not believe I would be here today. My candida was out of control causing horrible symptoms to literally every part of my body, blood pressure was high, and etc. At my worst, I was totally sick but medical doctors could not diagnose my sickness. Take Care. God bless you. C. B.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Send A letter and Will Write My Senators!
I can't believe this is happeneing to you and the attorney general is using it for publicity on his website! I am beyond shocked! I wrote his office a letter, but I think I'll write to my Senators here in New Jersey and ask for their intervention.
Your products cured me from a chronic ear infection that I had had since childhood! Now I can fly with out being in excruciating ear pain....in fact there's no pain! My ears naturally adjust to the pressure change and don't even "pop!" It's wonderful! God bless you and hang in there! R. F. Member since 1998!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
You Guys Have Touched the Lives Of Many...
Dr McCain
I'm so sorry for your pain when we all realize your only trying to do right & good. I think the bottom line is your hurting accepted medicine and making to many people realize there are better more natural ways of doing things. I commend your efforts and I'm thankful for your advice and instruction. I know this does little to ease the burden your carrying but it may help to know you have touched the lives of many people and I'm sure I'm not alone in expressing these sentiments. Best of luck to you and prayers that you will come out above all in the smokescreen being painted. There are major dollars at stake to be lost by todays medical Dr's should the world turn to our type of medicine. Thank you for all the good you have done. Member, R. S.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Am Very Distressed To Hear This!
Dear Dr. Cain:
I am distressed to hear of your recent discrimination and groundless attacks. Of course we will remember you in our prayers. How else can we help? I would suggest that you immediately form a legal defense fund, if you have not already done so...the government is bottomless in their reserves for fighting ...you will need as much (OR MORE) to beat them. Unfortunately legal services are not free and not cheap either. I know you already know this...but if you have such a fund, please give me the address and I will be glad to make a donation to your defense. Our prayers are you, Dr. McCain and I know that you will prevail. I know plan A is to fight...but could plan B possibly be moving to a more receptive location? Remember that you are NOT a tree...and you can move. I would support that decision with my contributions as well. The world may need you, but maybe arkansas does not. How much before enough is enough is enough? I send you love and light and prayers and will look forward to hearing of your victory. S.S.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Member That Took Courses
Dr. McCain, you have my prayers and thoughts. The Attorney General's
office must be crazy. Your correspondence classes are wonderful! You
have never claimed that we could be a naturopathic doctor if we took
your courses. You simply provide us with structured information that allows us to gain the knowledge we need to understand alternative medicine. If we choose, we may then take a naturopathic exam. You have NEVER misrepresented yourself. We understand you cannot certify us naturopathic doctors. You are a wonderful source of information and I have learned so much from you, your courses, and your web site. Please continue to fight -- for you, for me, and for all of us who believe in you. I feel bad that all I can offer you are my prayers. HHA Member and Student

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Help From New York
Dear Dr. McCain:
Of course you have my prayers. I work for a large law firm - main office is in Texas - you need some heavyweights on your side. While I'm only a secretary, I work for a top-guy in New York and I could find out who you could contact to defend/represent you. Please let me know ASAP if that is what you need. Your good work must not come to an end. Keep the faith. Yours sincerely, E. K - New York

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Can't Get Along Without HHA
Dearest one:
I use your products and do not feel I can get along without them. I have sent your email to all of my friends in our lightworkers community here in Houston, TX. They in turn are sending it onto their friends all over the US. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on progress. God bless you....we hold you in our hearts. P L - Houston

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Keeping You In Our Prayers!
I will keep you in my prayers. Your herbal supplements help so
many people I can only hope and pray that you will be able to
continue your good work for others. I can tell you are a wonderful caring person and the lord will be with you each step of the way.
God Bless: Barb

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Will Write the Attorney General
Good Morning, I still have a hard time understanding where the motivation comes from to do the kind of things that people and governments do. All just greed and control, I hate it, I think you are one of the best around and the products you have are great. I'll support you as best that I can and will pass this along to others that I know. I will write the attorney general and tell them what I think In as nice of a way as I can. My hope's and Prayers are with you. Jim Geddes Doctors Choice nutritional

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I Can Write Letters!
I cannot help you with money but I can write for you! If we don't help each other thru all this big government and medical police we
will all be victims! J.O.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Mr. Pryor - Please Reconsider
Dear Mr. Pryor,

My name is Lisa Blair and I am writing you from Tennessee. I have been a member of the Herbal Healer Academy for a couple of years and I am shocked to think that in this free county people don't have the right to get information from a source and decide for themselves whether or not they will use a product, service, knowledge, etc.
Dr. Marijah McCain is in a position of giving folks that opportunity by offering information that is, not only helpful, but delivered in a way not to make you think it is a miracle, but simply informative.
With pornography, weapons of war, abuse, legal and illegal drug selling and everything else on the internet at anyone's desire, how can it be possible to remove a good person that wants well people and animals. What is the crime in that?
I am appreciative of your reconsideration in this matter and pray that the good and honorable things will be done.

Thank you for your time and attention.
With respect,

Lisa Blair

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
MD Says Start Class Action Lawsuit!
I would like to help you in your fight with Arkansas AG and FDA. I am MD and have similar fight with Kentucky. Who is your lawyer? We need to start a class action suit against the AMA and state governments. J. J. MD,DABR

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Prayers Being Sent!
I am sorry to hear what has happen. Be asured, I will send this out to as many as I can,and we will pray,that's the only way. Herbs were given to us out of the garden of our great God,and he will help us all. God bless you, H. from Lafayette,IN.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Peaceful Greetings
Peaceful greetings -
We are also dismayed to hear of this latest challenge to you (and to all of us...) - thanks for letting us know.
It's so crazy to hear the nature of the claims when all these weight-loss ads are so shockingly fraudulent - the current issue of "Energy Times" has scary Xenadrine ads and one for the "proven effectiveness" of Good'nNaturals' X-Treme Lean product that is virtually guaranteed to hurt somebody with all its ephedra and guarana...

Know that we're standing with you in this awesome circle of concerned people who wish the planet and all its inhabitants well - we are a strong (and healthy) group, and our belief that the time has come for humans to no longer be totally at the mercy of their doctors (and pharmaceutical companies) is unwavering.

Only Good can prevail in this situation, as anything other than the truth will simply dissipate in the Light. We pray that you are consistently supplied with all the strength, courage and resources you need to do your part, and that you feel deeply the assurance that you may stay deeply peaceful and will be rightly guided. These are large doings, your service is valuable, and all will be well - one step at a time...

We are with you, in Spirit and in Truth -
Holy Names Mission

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Attorney General Mark Pryor:

WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? Do you not have any criminals to persue so that you have resorted to Civil Harassment suits against hard working citizens?

LAY OFF of Herbal Healer Academy and Marijah McCain. If you continued doing ANYTHING which results in my having difficulty or added expenses in obtaining natural supplements from this FINE LADY, I personally promise to band together a large group of her customers and file a class action suit against YOU PERSONALLY.

I have a constitutionally guaranteed right to buy natural, safe substances that I deem healthful. Woe be unto ANYONE who would DARE to try to interfere with the free exercise of my rights.

Marie Winston

c.c. Dr. Marijah McCain ND
Marijah, Feel free to copy this email to your entire mailing list as
incentive for them to take a similar stand.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Letter to Attorney General
Dear Ms. McCain:

I am enclosing a copy of an email that I sent to the Arkansas AG's office addressing Mr. Mark Pryor. Just to let you know that there are those of us out here that appreciate what you are doing and will go to bat for you if ever you need us to. Thank you for your work and help.

The following was sent August 20, 2002

To the Honorable Mr. Pryor:

This letter is to beseech you on behalf of the Herbal Healer Academy and Marijah McCain. The castigation that this woman has had to endure is outrageous. The Attorney General of the State of Arkansas is on what appears to be a witch hunt. Ms. McCain has every right to speak her mind on her standards and beliefs regarding the healing capacities contained within our earth. She is not a quack, a wacko, or a witch-doctor. She is a well read and respected naturopathic practitioner. Her only crime, sir, is that she has actually helped many, many people in her life to overcome ailments that traditional medicine can only glaze over. Rather than bore you with the details of how she has helped me suffice it to say that she and her knowledge of herbal and natural treatments have given me a new lease on life. I had been given up on by traditional doctors preferring to tell me that my ailments existed only in my head when their methods of treatment failed miserably. Ms. McCain not only guided me to the right herbal components she has explained that naturopathic medicinals are unlike traditional treatments. Because she uses the earth (much as my ancestors the Native Americans) and the earths' fruits to suggest a course of action for someone does not make her a practicer of medicine without a license. Hell, if that is the case then I guess I need to be arrested since I myself have told many close family and friends to use alternative treatments for baffling ailments. I think that you will discover by continuing to go after Ms. McCain the way that the AG's office is will only find yourselves in a position of having to explain and defend outrageous misconduct. Whom exactly is it that you are trying to protect, sir? Your own career or perhaps guarding the larger contributors (read: pharmaceutical companies) investments? This country is embroiled in a frightening battle against terrorism right at the moment as well as a groundswell of inner simmering unrest as the population is encountering tough economic times. You and your office need to take a good long hard look at what it is that you are trying to accomplish by effectively eviscerating Ms. McCain. Perhaps your states taxpayers would be better served by an office of the AG more interested in counteracting terrorism than by spending their hard earned taxpayer dollars going after law abiding US citizens such as Ms. McCain. This is a battle that you cannot win, sir. Those of us in this country that are sick of being treated like so much chattel by a medical community more interested in profits than our true well-being will remember this come election day and beyond. Furthermore you will not be able to shut her up because too many of us are willing to come to her defense. If you manage to obliterate her assistance then we will have to become her mouthpiece and we will let the whole world know who is responsible for effectively shutting her down. Just what exactly are you afraid of, sir? Perhaps Ms. McCain is a threat to you somehow? Since you are in the public eye and a politician you might find yourself a target of one of the many wackos that are running around this country engaged in this stupid Jihad. Just to be on the safe side, sir, you might want to consider making Ms. McCain an ally. I certainly truly hope that you are never targeted by terrorists but ..... just in case....I would keep her close because you just never know. We certainly have a lot of faith in Ms. McCain's knowledge of naturopathy in this household. These religious wackos are everywhere and are using our own systems against us. We are not taking any chances and I hope that you and your family won't either. I mean you absolutely no disrespect, sir, and in fact admire your public service whether I agree with you politically or not. Ms. McCain is not the enemy here not by a long-shot. She has helped and is helping many, many people when all other options fail. Let her be, she isn't hurting a fly. Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards,

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