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Have you ever seen a UFO?
Yes I have seen a real UFO 40.6% (991)
Not sure, saw something weird in the sky 22.9% (558)
No, but I know someone that has seen a UFO 7.7% (188)
No I have never seen one 22.0% (537)
No and I don't think they exist 6.8% (166)
Total votes: 2440

Will you take an implant device?
I would take the implant chip, no problem, think it's a great idea.
0.7% (8)
I would never take the implant chip for personal reasons
55.8% (649)
I would never take the implant chip for Biblical reasons, it is the Mark!
40.6% (472)
I am undecided as to what I would do about the implant chip.
2.9% (34)
Total votes: 1163

What are your views on Natural Medicine vs Prescription Drugs?
I think the right natural medicine is as good as prescription drugs 15.3% (40)
I think the right natural medicine is better than prescription drugs 69.0% (180)
I think natural medicine is a scam and will stick to my prescription drugs 15.7% (41)
Total votes: 261

Do you think that prayer plays a significant role in healing the mind and body?
Yes, I think it is the major role in healing. 77.2% (122)
Yes, I think it helps but medicine is important too. 20.9% (33)
No, I think prayer is not helpful at all. 1.9% (3)
Total votes: 158

Would you take prescription drugs if you knew they were going to alter your genetic code?
No, I would never take them. I believe my Genetic Code should not be altered. 80.4% 80.4%
Yes, I would, I have no problem with them, I think they are a great idea. 3.9% 3.9%
Yes, I would, but only if I had a life threatening or debilitating ailment, and had tried all other avenues would I be willing take them and alter my genetic code. 15.7% 15.7%
Total votes: 51

What best describes your feelings on the FLU VACCINE?
I think they are great and get as many as I am told to by my doctor. 1.6% (2)
I think they can make certain people sick, but I am willing to take the chance so I don't get the flu. 5.7% (7)
I think they pose a hidden danger that may affect my health in years ahead and I would not ever get one. 88.5% (108)
I simply hate needles and certainly wouldn't volunteer for any. 4.1% (5)
Total votes: 122

How much Natural Medicine do you use?
I use 100% natural medicine and supplements to treat all of my health problems and never take prescription drugs. 28.2% (105)
I use natural medicine and supplements most of the time and use chemical over the counter and prescription drugs only when it is absolutely necessary. 61.8% (230)
I use natural medicine and supplements about 50% of the time and use chemical over the counter and prescription drugs for everything else. 9.7% (36)
I never use natural medicine or supplements for any of my health problems, I use only the drugs prescribed by my medical doctor and pharmacist. 0.3% (1)
Total votes: 372

HHA 4-Herb Tea Survey
I have used the HHA 4-Herb Tea and found it to be very beneficial
57.9% (154)
I have used the HHA 4-Herb Tea and it cleared up my health problem completely
6.8% (18)
I have been meaning to try the HHA 4-Herb Tea one of these days, but haven't yet.
33.8% (90)
I simply cannot believe the HHA 4-Herb Tea would do me any good.
1.5% (4)
Total votes: 266

If naturopathic doctors and naturopathic hospitals were easily available to you and you were diagnosed with a chronic or serious ailment...
1. I would seek natural medicine help first, before using any conventional treatments, drugs or surgery. 54.1% (100)
2. I would seek help from natural medicine only after conventional medicine didn't work. 1.1% (2)
3. I would try and use both natural and conventional medicines and treatments. 20.0% (37)
4. I would never try natural medicine for a serious ailment. I don't trust natural doctors. 0.0% (0)
5. I would not take any chemical therapies, invasive procedures or radiation from the conventional medical field. 24.9% (46)
Total votes: 185

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