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Thank You For Everything!
Sept. 2012
HHA, thank you for all, my vitamins ,and all the things I need. You are the only place, I trust to get everything. You don't need to reply!
   --G.H. ~ HHA Member

Thank You For Quick Delivery
May, 2012
Thank you for the quick delivery of our order this week. We could not get over it, Fed Ex was at our door, at 9:10 in the morning. Thank you for your information and quality products. My Dad has ordered from you for years. Recently, he had a health scare(he's 89) and I asked him what treatment he would use. His very definite answer, was" I'll stick with the Herbal Healer, I trust her and her products." That says it all for me, too. Thanks again and God bless.
   --M.F. ~ HHA member since 2004

Thank You For Your Courage!
March 2012
Dear Marijah,
I just want to Thank You so much for your courage and boldness to continue your work in the face of all that comes against you!!! I am so thankful that you teach us to heal ourselves, if not, I think a lot of us would be dead! Thank You so much for all you do!
When I first came to Herbal Healer it was hard to believe that our government was so evil, but I have always stayed with what works and heals me. I have seen some documentaries lately and have seen that our government is killing us and has no value for our lives other than the financial support we continue to give through our taxes, sickness, and what ever other way they can think to keep us dependent and sick. Thank You so much for all you do!!!!!!! I am so grateful, love and prayers.
   --V.E. ~ HHA Member since 1999

HHA Still The Very Best!
Jan. 2012
I found Herbal Healer and Mariah McCain searching for the 4-Herb Tea...The Best! Many products & over 10 yrs. later, still the very Best...in quality, service, costs! The most amazing, however, is the honest, up-front brain food that Mariah constantly brings to table for dealing with our consequences that won't be found in mainstream media.
Yes, we have our works cut out for us in restoring or environment & embracing higher perspectives of Self & business, but at least I know that the Herbal Healer Crew has the backs of the bods to keep it going strong in process! Looove you much & Good Journey!!!:)
   --E.B. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Thank You!
October 2011
I just wanted to THANK YOU! For the membership, the amazing catalog with so much info, for your courage in trying to support health (especially in the U.S.) and for the order!
   --M.G. ~ Member 2011

Thank You, No One Like You
July 2011
I want to say thanks. Your newsletters are always informative and you are always on top of what's happening. I have searched the world over, there's no one like you. I want you to know how much I appreciate all the effort and passion you put toward natural health and healing.
   --Susan ~ HHA Member

Newsletter - Marijah's Rant
May, 2011
Marijah, It is a pleasure to see someone write what's on their mind without worrying about political correctness or offending the feelings of the guilty party. Good for you! Best Regards, Michael
   --M.L. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Thank You For Help and Great Products!
April 2011
I just wanted to say - THANKS!!! you all have been such a great help in getting the word out about great products to improve each owns health!!! Your products are really something to write home about. I am very happy to know this resource is available to obtain these products! Thanks to ya'll :)
   --A.J. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Pleasure Doing Business With HHA
April 2011
I just wanted to let you know that my order package just arrived and I have to tell you that I am thrilled with not only the fact that it's all there, but it was packed so well and there was no damage to any of it! Thanks so much for your spirit of excellence in doing business with your members. It's a please to purchase from you every time!
   --D.H. ~ HHA Member since 2003

10 Years We Have Been Healthy
Mar. 2011
To Marijah, You were a godsend to me and my family when I needed answers and solutions to health problems. You helped me cure a skin disease that 3 doctors on 3 continents, said was not curable; you cured my daughter who had been subjected to so many variations of antibiotics, her immune system was suppressed... we have been healthy without the need of mainstream doctors through your support for over 10 years, thank you and a speedy recovery!!
   --L.S. ~ HHA Member since 1997

God Plus One Is A Majority
Feb. 2011
Just read your latest Newsletter and wanted to say God Bless YOU for disseminating so much great information on Natural Healing methods. As much progress as Big Pharma and their cohorts have made, if it were not for you and people like you standing up for the Truth and our Rights, all natural methods would be buried by now. So many people are just not willing to believe that our govt, Big Pharma FDA, and AMA are here to "do us in" and NOT to help us! And, So many great MDs, actually wanting to help humanity, are living in total darkness about the situation. However, GOD plus one is a majority, and there are a lot more than just one of us on HIS side! God willing, and HE IS, we SHALL overcome! Evil cannot win out over GOOD, for God is ALL GOOD, and IS OMNIPOTENT!!
   --S.W ~ HHA Member since 2000

Thank you
Feb. 2011
Dear Marijah McCain, I would just like to say that I myself am grateful of you and Herbal Healer and all that you have taught so many of us you are doing good things in this world. Once again thank you and god bless you always. Scotti
   --S. P. ~ Member since 2001

Customer Since 1990's Says...
Dec. 2010
We owe a debt of gratitude to HHA. As a customer since the 1990's, this company has never failed. You just have to do the formulas right. The colloidal silver saved me from a root canal, I keep my dog's eyes without infection because I put a little in his water. There are plenty of other occasions where HHA products have helped me. If you carry out Dr. McCain's instructions to the letter her products will work. HHA has always been fair & above board. Also, it costs money to stay in business and bring the top quality products to the public!
   --J.O. ~ HHA Member since 1998

Professional HHA Member Over 10 Years
Sept. 2010
I am a clinical nutritionist for over 20 years and have been a Herbal Healer customer for over ten years. I have access to every supplement, whole food, health food, etc supplier in the country and have always found the highest quality, most effective products at Herbal Healer. These products always come with substantial educational information that is sorely lacking in our endeavor to provide actual "health care." I have referred hundreds of patients as well as my friends and family (usually footnoted with a small disclaimer, "Don't be frightened by the honesty and emotion, ** McCain keeps things real!")and will continue to do so as long as you are able to be there for me as a treasured resource. I have
wondered over the years what has kept you going despite the ugliness you have endured both personally and professionally and can only assume that it is the same heart that keeps me searching for the best our world has to offer. Though I have never met the Herbal Healer team, it has been an integral part of my professional practice and my personal growth. Warm regards.
   -- L. C ~ Long time HHA Professional Member

Thanks For Being So Prompt
Sept. 2010
Thank You for being so prompt and I think you have the fastest shipping I have ordered from anyone. Thanks again.
   --A.M. ~ HHA Member since 2007

Thank You - Fast Shipment & Care You Take
August 2010
Dear ** McCain et al: I would just like to extend a note of gratitude to you all. I ordered a very large package on Thursday and I can see that you FedExed it special so I would get it today with no extra s/h charge. I am also very appreciative of the care you all took while special wrapping all the tinctures I ordered. As always, you all are wonderful folks who have made my family's life and my life so much better. Thank you for the special care you have taken.
   --E.P. ~ HHA Member since 2006

Addicted to Seeing People Healed With Natural Medicine!
August 2010
Dear Marijah, this is not an inquiry, but a comment. I was reading your latest newsletter and started reading testimonies. Hours later, having cut and pasted and sent to 9 people info that could help them, I am now getting off. It is addicting to see people healed by natural means, through the remedies that God, in His Sovereignty had provided. Thank you so much for making them available, and for sticking to it when things got rough.
   --J.M ~ HHA Member since 2004

Healer From N.Y. Writes...
Jan. 2010
I am a healer in New York city working with some people who have cancer. It has only been a month but the doctor is amazed at the improvements in the blood and immune system from just the four herb tea alone. (Taken twice a day). Though I am a third generation healer I am learning even more from your site, I will sign up for your courses soon. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!!
   --D.S. ~ HHA Member

HHA Herbology Course
Jan. 2010
** McCain, I don't know if I ever thanked you for the wealth of information I learned from the Herbal Healer Herbology Course. It has been a great gift to myself and others. I have continued to wild craft herbs, have planted and harvested a 100'x 70' garden where I grow everything from yarrow, comfrey and tansy to veggies. I also still work with different herbal formulas to help myself and others. I tell everyone to take this course even if it's just for their own information. It has started me on a life long journey to understand Mother earth, myself, others, and how we are all interconnected. I look forward to this wounderful spiritual progression. I can hardly wait to get started on my next course.
   --K.O. ~ HHA Student

One Of A Kind!
Sept. 2009
Thank you so much for all the help and prompt orders. I have had absolutely NO problems with service. You are one of a kind. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated.
   --Sandy from Oregon

Thank You, Great Products, Fast Shipping
Sept. 2009
Thanks for your wonderful products and your fast shipping, as per usual. Kudos to your your Research and Development as well as all those in between your Shipping & Receiving Dept.
   --K & R ~ HHA Members since 2008

Thank You For Swine Flu Information
Sept. 2009
Just a note to say thank you very much for the information on the swine flu you included in your latest email. I always enjoy your newsletters very much, but feel that this one was particularly invaluable to me. The swine flu is already roaring through my daughter's high school here in south Alabama. My husband and I have both lost our jobs due to the economy. Going to the doctor or any hospital stay will not be much of an option for us, even if we wanted to be treated in this manner (which we don't) if we become severely ill. You don't know how much I appreciate your recommendations. The knowledge of what our natural options are is truly invaluable to me. I have come to trust your opinions, and just wanted to say thank you again! Keep up the great work and God bless you!!!
   --J.L ~ HHA Member since 2006

Thanks For Stand Against Socialized Medicine
Sept. 2009
Congratulations, cheers and AMEN on your stand against socialized medicine, Marijah. All I can say is "Good for you for your fearless stand!" and "Keep spreading the news against bigger government and socialized medicine!" May God richly bless you.
   --L.W. ~ HHA Member since 2005

E-mail Newsletters
Sept. 2009
Just read your latest email newsletter and wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your candor. We need truth and so far we still have freedom of speech so keep telling it like you see it. We're adults and can judge what we hear and see for ourselves.
   --N.J. ~ HHA Member since 2001

I Appreciate You Guys
August 2009
Just wanted to let you guys and gals know how MUCH I appreciate your company.
   --M.M. ~ HHA Member since 2006

Thank You
August 2009
Just a Congratulations and a Thank you! Your dedication and sacrifice for the sake of all of us is appreciated! May the Universe be generous with you ALWAYS!
   --J.S. ~ HHA Member since 1996

August, 2009
I just finished my herbology it was the great educational experience for me; enabling me to help educate family and friends that want to lean about their health. I have gained so........ much knowledge, I also realize this is only the tip of the iceberg on what I need to know. I'm sure it will life long learning process for me. I appreciate the hard work you put into the course it was fabulous. I will be taking other courses as I can afford them.
   --K.O. ~ HHA Student

Thank You For Standing Tall In The Gale!
July 2009
Marijah, I LOVE you for standing tall in this GALE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! If it hadn't been for YOU I wouldn't even BE here now because the AMA was bent on my destruction. I discovered you from a mailer card in 2000, told my daughter and we've been using and learning ever since! I'm thanking you DEEPLY for your work to en-LIGHTEN the World.
   --N.C. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Thanks HHA
July 2009
Thanks. I received my next batch of goodies yesterday.... took awhile to unwrap the mugs - they are wonderful - makes me feel good just to look at them. I started listening to the radio programs today -- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. How much fun. Thanks again & best wishes.
   --J. M. ~ HHA Member 2009

Thank You For Your Help!

Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions. I am a firm believer of herbal and natural remedies. I will follow you for the rest of my life time if you allow me. I really appreciate you. You have actually saved a lot of unhealthy mankind and me. May God bless you, your family and Herbal Healer Academy Inc. Love, Linda
   --Linda ~ HHA Member since 2009

Great Customer Service
June 2009
** McCain & Staff, I appreciate your fast response! Your company is and always has been one with great customer service, something that is very hard to find these days. Continue the hard work it shows! I recommend anyone I come in contact with to buy from your company and will continue to do that. I only wish you had a location here in South Florida, so that I can work for a company I truly believe in.
   --J.B. ~ Member S Florida

Keep It Up!
May 2009
Please keep up your work! The world is indebted to you! Someday everyone will know that!
   --C. T ~ HHA Member since 1998

Keep up the Great Work!
May 2009
Merely another GOOD FOR YOU. You are the greatest. I haven't had a flu shot in 20 years and my "doctor" is going nuts trying to figure out why I don't get the flu. I would gladly buy more herbal helpers
if I had more money. I always tell people to contact you when they complain about something. Keep up the GREAT work. Thanks
   --C.M. ~ Long time HHA Member

Keep Up The Good Work!!!
May 2009
Dear ** McCain, I have been a member for many years. (11 years!) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.....MANY PEOPLE HAVE BENEFITED FROM YOUR EFFORTS! Many had no one else to help them with their health problems. You will be rewarded for your efforts in Heaven. You are a GEM. Glad to see you have taken the phones down. Glad to see that you will discontinue the snail mail. You are making the necessary changes to survive in today's market. All the best. I say this sincerely........Stick to your guns...life is not about the money or sales! You are SO RIGHT!
   --K.D. ~ HHA Member since 1998

Please Continue What You Are Doing
April 2009
Hi, I read your last update. I do enjoy all the information available. I just wanted to say please continue what you are doing. I plan to take the courses you offer. I so enjoy having access to what you offer. Thank you!
   --D.D. ~ HHA Member

Keep On Keeping On!
April 2009
As an ex dispatcher, I understand pulling the phones. As your customer, anything you do is fine with me. You and your people have given me more service and information than any one else on the planet. I wish I could order more of your products, but LOM (lack of money) rules. Please keep on keeping on....I will be here.
   --B. H. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Professional and Efficient
April, 2009
Dear HHA; Thank you very much for your prompt replies. I must say that your way of doing business is very professional and efficient. I am impressed. I was worried at first, but to order with you is not as hard as I thought. Thank you.
   --S.M ~ HHA Member

Thank you HHA
March 2009
Dear Marijah and staff, I cannot begin to describe the difference, healthwise that you and the wondrous products you sell, that have made such an impact in my life and in the lives of my family and our beloved pets. We are all so much better, physically, mentally, and spiritually because of you and the products that you and only you, make available to us. May God richly bless each and every one of you. I will continue to support you as long as I am able. I much prefer to spend my hard earned income on natural products that I know are safe for me and mine, than to spend money on "prescribed medications" that may or may not work, with harmful side effects. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.
   --N.S. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Bravo HHA!
Feb. 2009
Brava to you! Way to be prepared for emergencies! (I know some folks in north central AR who were not as prepared as you and they suffered for it.) And especially thanks for extending trust to your customers. Consumers have become accustomed to being burned by big corporations and small time con artists. It's so nice to hear of a small company providing such gracious and professional service! I am glad to do business with such a great company as yours. Wishing you continued success in all.
   --K.O. ~ HHA Member since 2003

Thank You For Email Updates
Feb. 2009
To the entire staff and other support at Herbal Healer, blessings to you all for going through and enduring all that you've gone through. I will continue to keep you all in my heart and prayers! I just don't have the words to express how touched I have been by your email updates and I am very happy to have them. I will always and forever continue to send individuals to your website :-D God bless you all...
   --R.S. ~ HHA Member

Thank You For My Education In Herbal Medicine
Oct. 2008
Just a note to say Hello and to let you know since graduating from your course in 2003 I since enrolled into my Graduate school for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It is a MS.O.M and it includes board certification and licensure in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine including Chinese Herbs. When I started I was a little aprehensive because it is such a dramatic shift from the Western Paradigm of Medicine, but because of all the knowledge and awesome information I learned at HHA I have been able to maintain a 3.45 GPA with little problem and my Professors are really impressed with my knowledge of Herbal preparation and dosage techniques. Thank you again for all you have done for the Alternative Medical field and for me personally. Best Regards.
   --P.L. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Thanks For Being There HHA!
Oct. 2008
Just writing to say how valuable all the learning was that I did many years ago. The information just doesn't go out of date or get recalled by the federal government!!! Thanks for being there.
   --D.F. ~ HHA Member since 1998

Feeling Great!
July 2008
Dear Marijah, Bless you & all your work with heartfelt thanks!! I am a 58 yr. old male who feels 18 yrs. old now, thanks to HHA, which should dang well replace the FDA.
   --S. P. ~ HHA Member

Thank You ... About Parasites...
May 2008
Thank you for your time and your dedication to this work and us. You are a wealth of knowledge and I trust you and your products. And I know a Doctor who backs up your claim about parasites and he has never heard of you... I know an "old school" vet that is retired from the military who makes the same claims you do about parasites, he said most of your veterinarian doctors will deworm themselves every six months. Now, why on earth would they do that, if it wasn't a health issue...or better yet why do we deworm our animals but not our children? Does that make any sense? How can we buy into that? I did, I never questioned it. I try to tell everybody what I know. I am so thankful for the information you have given to me.
   --J.S. ~ HHA Member 2008

Thank You HHA
Feb. 2008
Thank you HHA for continuing to provide potent and affordable natural cures and health maintenance. You are my favorite source for my "medicines" and I always refer everyone to you. It shows that your heart is truly in this by the effectiveness of your products and the awesome prices, which make it so much easier for the average person to buy. The fact that Marijah also accepts e-mails is very impressive. God Bless.
   --K ~ HHA Member

Despite Tornado Order Was Received
Feb. 2008
Hello all at Herbal Healer. Amongst all the turmoil and devastation of your neighbors my order came through in a quick manner. When I called the woman on the phone was extremely pleasant. I just wanted to say God Bless you and yours. I have been a customer for many years. You are an example of what people and business should be. Polite professional and make your customers feel appreciated. I just wanted you all to know how warming and comforting that is in our World today. May God bless you all be well.
   --S.A ~ HHA Member since 1999

Never Seen An MD's Office!!!
Jan. 2008
Thank you so much! Because of you my daughter has never seen the inside of an MD's office or a hospital and my family feels very empowered! We love you!
   --~ Love F ~ Long time HHA Member

Thank you
Dec. 2007
I have received my order - thank you so much. I appreciate it all, and especially your extra token of a little note book. Many blessings to you all at Herbal Healer. Merry Christmas. Be well.
   --L.W. ~ HHA Member

Thank you HHA
Sept. 2007
Thank You for taking the interest to help people with your alternative medicines. May God continue to guide and protect you. May anyone that comes to you for help fine healing and cure from all their various illnesses. May your good works have no obstacles of any nature. May God give you too good health and long life as you help people to prolong their own lives. Me and my family will pray for you and for your family and the people that believe in your medicines. We believe that God is using you miraculously and we trust in God.
   --New HHA Member 2007

I Don't Worry About HHA!
July 2007
I was in a health food store today, and the independent proprietor was on a rant about how many of the brands out there are simply shells for a single company - and that none of the products were any good. Then I thought to myself - I just need to go back to HHA and Marijah because I don't worry about what I purchase there... thank you for responding so quickly.
   --R.C. ~ HHA Member since 2004

First Order From HHA
June 2007
Thank you so much! My first order arrived today. You all are super fast and it was very well packaged. I am excited to begin learning and reading your information! I look forward to better health for me and my family! I am very pleased with my first ordering experience. Thanks again!
   --L.B. ~ HHA Member 2007

Something Special About HHA
June 2007
Marijah, Few years ago when I read your intial mailing to me, I heard actual angelic singing that came to me while sitting in quiet. I had never experienced that before. Truthfully it is something special about HHA and The Spirit around you.
   --R.S. ~ HHA Member

Fast Shipping... thanks
May 2007
I just wanted to thank you for your shipping department being so efficient. I just placed an order last Thursday and it was in my mailbox by Monday. You are all great.
   --R.A. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Thank You!!!
May 2007
LOVE the Sacred Atars best I've found anywhere!!! Also Love the liver detox Dr Chi's Liver Chi...Fab.. And I recently had Pnuemonia...Oregacillian ROCKS...God Bless and keep up the Beauty of your work. There is no better place to turn for Health alternatives!!!!! Thank You!
   --B ~ New HHA Member 2007

Thank You
April 2007
The order arrived in good condition & so quickly! Thank you for the free vitamins though my order lacked 15 cents being $50.
I will be doing business with you again.
   --J.W ~ New HHA Member

Thanks Herbal Healer
Dec. 2006
I just wanted to say thanks for a great web-site, a really great newsletter, and all your great service. Every product I have purchased from you in the past has been excellent, your catalog is a wealth of information and your products are very resonabley priced. Hoping you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Thanks again. Toksa ake.
   --W. L. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Vitamin D Helps Fight the Flu
Dec. 2006
This is an article from Vital Choices that confirms * McCain's newsletter concerning Vitamin D helping to fight the flu. I was excited to see this and wanted to share. I love Herbal Healer and * McCain. She has saved my family many times! Merry Christmas!
   --P.R. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Just Received Our Package From HHA
Nov. 2006
Good morning, We received our order over the weekend and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. We received pamphlets concerning each item we purchased so we might read a bit more on it.. You take such care and attention to each order. I am truly impressed. In this day and age of indifference, this is totally refreshing!!!!! Thank you so much.
   --L.G. ~ HHA Member since 2004

Ordering On-Line
October 2006
Hi Herbal Healer, "Just wanted to say I used you order system for the first time (usually have the wife do it), but it is very nice, easy and more convenient than others, you are looking good * McCain, God Bless."
   --T.D. ~ Long time HHA Member

HHA Newsletters Mean A Lot To Me
Sept. 2006
I just wanted to let you know how much your news letters mean to me. I have chronic lung problems and always look forward to the information you print on all health subjects. I use your products especially the 4-Herb tea. Keep up the good work.
   --P.N. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Thank You For Services Offered
August 2006
Dear Marijah, Thank you so much for providing the services you offer. I signed up for your Naturopathic school and have since discovered your newsletter and herbal catalog. You are a blessing to the world and I feel so grateful for all the information you so freely share. Please keep up the good work, even if there are those who just don't get it yet. I have faith that people will eventually wake up and realize that the healing information you provide is so much safer and ultimately more reliable than most of what they get from our modern medical system. Many blessings.
   --B.F.~ HHA Member 2006

Summer Snail Mail Newsletter
July 2006
* McCain, I have taken much time reading and thinking about your "Heart to Heart" message. (Summer 2006 newsletter) Thank you so much for your honesty, for establishing boundaries on your own lifestyle, and for not throwing in the towel, closing the doors. Because of you, your products and your courses, we have opened our own business hoping to fall in the category of "MESSENGERS" for you.
   --J.V ~ HHA Member Ohio

Naturopaths To The Rescue! McCain, Mercola and Wallach
March 2003
KUDOS FOR * MCCAIN! Have had a catalog since your very early days. I have been "disabled" for the past 5 years. Thanks to the knowledge you, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wallach have shared with me I am approximately 60 days into a life transforming experience. Because I have survived rather than thrived I have been unable to make the purchases I would have liked to or pursue the path which God has directed me. My blessings have been many this year after years of suffering. Within the next 6 months you will begin to receive regular orders from me and I will be requesting entrance into your correspondance courses. Within the next 60 days my financial worries will be no more and I will be able to pursue the path to becoming a Naturopath. God has worked through all three of you, providing me the information to heal myself. As I am healed so must I assist others in the healing of themselves. Regardless what the state of Arkansas say's you are a real *! You provide healing information and products unlike allopathic physicians. You are truly a healer doing Gods work. May God Bless you * McCain and Thank you for being my inspiration to become a Naturopath. You are blessed and I hope someday I may meet you personally. Yours in Health.
   --B. P. ~ Lifetime Member HHA

Massage Therapist writes...
March 2006
I have been a member now for a few years. I have never been disappointed in any of the results of the products received from Herbal Healer. As a Massage Therapist, I encounter many people, most looking for a more natural way of health and healing, and ALL frustrated by allopathic health systems and being told to "live with the pills and problems." All who have earnestly expressed interest and thirst for knowledge, I have sent to you, Marijah. I tell them I cannot tell them what to take, (I am about to apply for the Naturopathic program) but, I can tell them WHERE to get more information. They credit me with helping them find a better way, I credit HHA & themselves for listening. I am only a messenger. May the world listen to you also, to it's better health.
   --M.J ~ HHA member since 2001

They Can't Censor Us...
March 2006
Dear * McCain, I read the last newsletter you sent and I am very moved by the sacrifices you have made for the whole holistic health care community. The frustration you feel is well founded and I, for one am very grateful for what I have learned from you. Please know that the censorship from the establishment cannot work, too many of us have been exposed to and use the teachings of the Herbal Healer Academy. They can try whatever they like in an attempt to keep us down, my response is that they are wasting their time. You have my heartfelt thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. With brightest blessings.
   --~J.C. - HHA Member since 2001

Just Found Herbal Healer
Feb 2005
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found Herbal Healer Academy. It is just what I have been looking for. I am so much looking forward to taking the courses and I expect to soak up everthing! I knew there was something that could help me and my children besides doctors and medicine. I guess I just didn't know where to look. I suppose God brings it all around just at the right time. Thank you for all you do.
   --D.M. ~ New HHA Member

Thank You from Tennessee!
Dec. 2005
Hi * McCain, "I am soooo thankful for HHA!! You have been a tremendous help to me and I am very pleased with every product I use. I am also really enjoying the herbology course and can't wait to take more! Thank you for all that you do and for everything you stand for in the world of natural health."
   --HHA Member 2005

Thank You HHA
Nov. 2005
"I just want to say it is a privilege to purchase from Herbal Healer.
Thank you for your support throughout the year, and your timely email tips for living in good health. I am healthier as a result. Please have a wonderful Holiday season to all at HHA. We love you out here!"
   --S.J. ~ HHA Member since 2005

Member For 9 Years Writes...
Sept. 2005
Hello Marijah. I am a long time customer, for the past several years ordering through *****, who I turned on to Four Herb Tea for her friend, who was then miraculously healed of cancer.

Debbie is alive and well, remarried and living in England with her younger husband. It is a miracle that she is alive as she was at death's door. I have turned so many people onto Herbal Healer through the years that I've lost count. Once they try your products, they join and order without even telling me!

I'm writing to say I support Herbal Healer even in the trying times ahead. At least the administration is now exposed! Who's taking care of the homefront, the poor people, the disenfranchised? You are, that's who. Herbal Healer has always worked to keep your prices down and don't think it's gone unnoticed.

I am thinking of you. I work in the mainstream world and I'm very serious about your products, and continuing success of herbal healer, even if prices and shipping go up.

Your heart and your spirit are powerful. You are protected by God and I know you will continue to perservere.
   --J. Member of HHA since 1996

Thank You for Your Quality and Service
August 2005
Thank you for your services. I have never called or written you in our orders, but I feel like my family has a friend in Arkansas. Your quality is exceptional and your service is unmatched. Keep up the good work. I am certain with all the legal pressure on you from western medicine it must be a challenge sometimes for you not to throw your hands up and say, "To **** with it!" Just know how much your work is apppreciated by a small family in Spokane, Washington. Thank you again.
   --Member is Spokane

Thank You For Being There!
Aug. 2005
Dear Marijah, I have been using your site for several years. Every item I have received has been exactly what I expected. I have always had great satisfaction from my business with your site and I would like to thank you for being there and for offering alternatives to toxic pharmaceuticals.

I have been using the skills I have been developing in my Energy Training as a Doctor of Energetic Healing and learning more all the time. I really appreciate that you are a resource I can send clients to for more information. Thank you for being there!

Your Products Are...
July 2005
You're products are life changing and awe inspiring!!!! Bountiful Blessings To You!!!!!!
   --P.H. ~ HHA Member since 2005

Thank You - Member for 4 Years Writes...
June 2005
Hello, I want to say, I simply Love & Trust your Products, your newsletter and your insight. I have been a member now for almost 4 years I have started your herbology class which I love. Thank you for your devoted commitment to the people.
   --P.H. ~ HHA Member

Apple Cider Helping and Thank You
June 2005
I just wanted to tell you that the work your doing is so great helping so many. May God continue to bless you. I tell everyone I know of this great place. The HHA Apple Cider is really helping my weight problem. May people continue to learn of this great Herbal Healer. Thank You
   --J.D. ~ HHA Member since 2001

Thank You ... I Love Herbal Healer!
April 2005
I really do try to thank all of you when I order. The last time I ordered I told your staff thank you, and can you imagine the jewels in your crown when you get to heaven?!?!?!?! Thank you so much for all that you do. I truly hope out of everyone, you prosper. You are truly awesome. I love HERBAL HEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   --R.G. ~ HHA Member since 2002

Thank You Note

Good Day, I pray these words find you & your loved ones in the best of health, mind & spirit. Bless You for your work, Thank you for letting Love & Care for people lead your life and not greed like the Pharmaceutical companies. Ever since I have stumbled across your site I have been telling everyone I know about what your doing and how good it is, Myself and many other people here in San Antonio, Texas give you our full support, And I plan to start ordering at least one product a month to help your cause.
   --R ~ HHA Member from Texas

Stumbled On Your Web Site...
Feb. 2005
Thanks for everything you do. I stumbled onto your website through a link and I thank God that I did. I purchased HHA Herb tea for my father's best friend who had cancer and looked to be on his last leg. Well it's been a year now and his condition has improved. He continues to take the tea and says he will for life. You are a true angel.
   --L.F. ~ Member since 2004

Thank You
Jan 2005
Thank you for sending the items I had ordered and for being so fair on the prices.

   --S ~ HHA Member since 2003

Customer Reports
Dec. 2004
Hello, Marijah's Lord's Prayer tape is AWESOME. I am so pleased with my order! Thanks so much for the speedy delivery, the eye-catching package with your stickers, the yummy snack bar sample, etc. Blessings of the season.

Thank You Herbal Healer!
Nov. 2004
Words can not express how grateful I am for you and your life saving products. I used to get bronchitis 2-3 times a year, with a bout of pneumonia every now and then, sometimes requireing hospitalization. I have had a mild cold or two since I started on your wonderful remedies. I tell every one I know about you. Again, thank you all.
   --N. S. ~ HHA Member since 2001

New Member Writes...
October 2004
Hi: Today is 10/12/04 and I just signed up to become a member of HHA. Recently a dear friend of mine gave me some of your liturature to read and I went on line to sign up. After reading the info and looking at the web site I just wanted to tell *Marijiah McCain that she truly is an angel on this earth. I have several health problems to inquire about from her knowledge of herbs on Wed. But for now I send her my heartfelt prayers for God's Blessing Always. Please THANK HER for me.
   --I.J.M. ~ New HHA Member

Home Based Business Taking Off!
Sept. 2004
Hi Marijah, Just wanted to touch base and let you know that my small home based business primarily of your products has started to take off in the last few months! Not enough to quit my full time job as a nurse, but I believe people are seeing the results of the products I recommend! So thank you for all your great information that I have learned so far in the courses. Many more to go! On a personal note, the Herbal Healer Maca Maca herbal caps have done there job, I am due in early December with my 2nd child.
   --HHA Member - Nurse

Naturopath Graduate Reports...
Sept. 2004
Dear Herbal Healer Academy,
I graduated as a Naturopath this January, but I really did not have any patients yet. Therefore, i started taking care of my family. A very close family member was diagnosed several years back with cronical Laryngitis, and she had surgery also. Not to long ago, I put her on specific supplements and changed her diet. We waited for a while, and she told me that it was time for her check-up again. She then prepared herself to hear bad news. Unfortunately, I was not with her to see her face when she walked out the doctors office. She just smiled and seemed surprised. ( So i was told ) She called me that night and was very happy. She does not need surgery, and the lumps in her troat, are now half the size they have been before. I think it is just wonderful! ( Can't wait until her next visit to the doctors office.) "Wonderful news from Europe"

   --A.M ~ HHA Member overseas

Thank you * McCain
Sept. 2004
Dear * McCain,
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and concern. I just received a reply to an email that I sent this morning. I know you are busy and I'm sorry if I'm taking up your time giving you thanks. However, I can not afford medical insurance and my daughters are on Medicaid, and I have not been happy with this service and advice we have recieved from the conventional doctors. We live an isolated life in Alaska. We have recieved bad to indifferent medical advice in the past. I contact Herbal Healer with any physical or emotional complaint that truely concerns me. Lately, as I have been under great stress, I contact you about once a month,and you have always replied. Your advice has always helped as well. Thank you. I have lost any faith in allopathic medicine. Their medicines have torn up my stomach and prevented me from eating some of the foods I love. I know you have faced adversity, but I, and my family members, will always be on your side. Thank you, * McCain, and I deliberately and proudly use the term *, for you are a true healer. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."
* <- censored by AR Attorney General in 2003
   --V in Alaska - HHA Member since 2002

If You Need An Activist...
Sept. 2004
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I am listening to your program and I've studied alternative health for about 10 years. I want so much to do what you are doing someday and be a healer, but I have 2 kids and work full time. I just want you to know that you are inspiring me so much!! and to thank you for what you are doing to help the population. God help things to change... If you need an activist, sign me up! I'm already playing your tapes for my family members, and spreading the word.
   --J. D. ~ HHA Mamber 2004

Great Improvement In My Life!
September 2004
"Thank you for all of your great products. You have certainly made a
great improvement in my life."
   --J.O. ~ HHA Member since 1998

Your Courses and Products

"I am a chiropractic graduate and a HHA Naturopath graduate. I have a thriving practice with much success using HHA's various products. My patients are all doing well because of my naturopathic education that I had received from your correspondence program along with my chiropractic degree. Your products are perfectly formulated which has given me much success with my patients. My practice continues to grow thanks to you. Sincerely,
   --Dr. D ~ HHA Member since 1996

I Love You Guys!
July, 2004
I love you guys sooooo much. The lessons are great and I have referred 10 people to your site already. I hope I can help to make you even more popular because you guys have a real sincere and loving and caring staff and company.
   --B ~ New HHA Member 2004

Thanks For All The Great Information Too!
June 2004
Thanks for your response. My order arrived yesterday in the late afternoon. I am very excited about all the great information I received with my order. Thank you again. Sincerely yours
   --C.S. New member 2004

May 2004
Thank you for filling my order. I found the herbs beautiful and of excellent quality!
   --L ~ HHA Member

Your Service...
May 2004
As always..your service is the best of ANYBODY I ever do business with. You always amaze me! Thank you so much for making your customers feel appreciated.
   --M.B. ~ HHA Member since 1995!

Message From Hawaii Customer :-)
March 2004
Thank's for your great service, in getting orders out with no B.S.!!! Aloha's
   --G - HHA Member

Thank You Very Much!
March 2004
No inquiry, just a THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I received my order at 9:10 this morning and immediately took a little of everything and it already started easing my pain. Thanks to the terrific shipping department for putting a rush on my shipment and, of course, to * McCain for her knowledge. Regards,
   --D.B. ~ HHA Member 2004

Great Site!
Feb. 2003
Great site! I am taking the herbal course and love it!! Learning alot. I just wanted to send you a thank you for your site! I love your products, your super fast shipments. I was browsing your site today and came across Sambucol. I was so excited. Our local health food store carried it a couple of years ago. My youngest daughter gets sick alot with allergies. I had found and tried the Sambucol and it worked great. It was the best thing I had found so far for her. But, alas....the health food store quit selling it and I haven't found anything since that worked that good on her. So....I was very excited to find it on your site! Thanks a million!!
   --HHA Member

Your Products Are Great!
Jan. 2004
I just wanted to say I think your products are great. My wife and I use them and know how much they help.
   --F.C. ~ Member since 2003

Weathered the Flu Season...
Jan. 2004
M. McCain, "Just wanted to say I still think you are all wonderful and I am so grateful that you are tenacious and outspoken! My family (my 79 yr. old parents, my husband, my children and I) weathered the flu season around here relatively unscathed thanks to First Responder, Sambucol and Silver. I thank God that you had this calling and I wanted to thank you for heeding that call."
   --C.S. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Love What You Are Doing!
Jan. 2004
You people doing all of this is so wonderful. My mother got me started reading your material, and it is so wonderful, I wish that I can afford to give money, so you can do so much more research. Because I know that you can come up with cures for everything. Love what yall are doing!!!!!

Keep Your Catalogs
Jan. 2004
I just want to thank you for notifying us that your site information will have to be limited, per that email from the FDA. I am all the more grateful that I have your 120 page paper copy catalog in my files. The only real help I have gotten with my various health issues over the years have been that which I found for myself in the natural alternatives field. It is angering and scary to have access to this vital information threatened.
   --P.K. ~ Member since 2001

Great Website!
Jan. 2004
Thank you so very much for the catalog and information packet you sent to me over the holidays. Your website is AWESOME!!! I have been reading about your products as well as the testimonials you receive. Congratulations on the positive outcome with the Attorney General.
   --L.R. ~ New HHA Member 2003

Thank You For Your Reply
Jan. 2004
Dear * McCain, "Thank you so much for your reply and so quickly when I know you must have so many demands on your time. I will certainly follow your suggested protocol. You are so kind to have given me your good, experienced, and professional advice - have been guiding other family members to your site and will be signing up for your courses. Bless you for what you are trying to do and holding strong in the adverserial climate that all the natural healers are being subjected to so unfairly. So great that you won your case!! With best regards."
   --D.H. ~ HHA Member 2003

Love All You Offer!
Jan. 2004
Love all you offer. You have the best herbal information and herbs I've seen! Not only that, your web site is very exciting, colors, motion, graphics and well written! I would like to add you as a link to my new web site. My aim is to offer an insightful and educational group of links....not the regular group of links. I am looking forward to making a large order from your company and also taking many of your educational programs, too. One of my clients gave me one of you flyers. Since, I've been sharing your site with many of my friends and clients. What a lady Mrs. McCain is!
   --~ P.M. - HHA Member since 2002

Appreciate Your Response Time!
Dec. 2003
I received your order on Friday, Dec. 26th. That was so quick. I truly appreciate your response time. Thank you so much. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Nov. 2003
HHA, "I want to tell you how wonderful the products I have received from you have been. I am using the liquid calcium, one daily, super fem plex, and I am doing the parasite detox. The detox is great! I have noticed huge improvements. Most especially, my eyes that were once blue had turned green with gold overtones, I am happy to say that they are almost blue again. Thank you for all of the products you provide; and more than that, all of the valuable information. I am looking forward to taking the herbology course.
   --A.B. ~ HHA Member 2002

Just Got My Membership Packet!
Nov. 2003
HHA, I just got my packet of stuff!! WOW!! That Essiac formula sounds truely fantastic!! I'm so glad there are people like you at the forefront of the on going herbal conflicts. Here in southern Oklahoma, there are quite a few who believe in alternative healing and we help those we can. My husband & I do many types of healing. I can't wait to take your herbology courses, I've studied herbs for years, but one needs that little piece of paper ya know! I just wanted to drop you a line & let you know that I think what you do is great & keep up the good work!! B
   --B. from Oklahoma

HHA Herbology Course
October 2003
I would like to say that I am almost finished with the Herbology Course and have found it to be wonderful. You have provided a great deal of information and the basis for a solid foundation. I am looking forward a great deal to completing the Naturopath training with all the wonderful courses you have to offer. Thank you very much for putting all this together and helping us to have more trained naturopaths in this country.

Thank For Being There
October 2003
I simply want to say that today is my first day at your site and I very much like it. You have a lot of good products. You don't hide anything. You have reasonable prices. I like your style. Thanks for being there.
   --P.T. ~ CA.

Thank You
Sept. 2003
Dear Herbal Healer: Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply. It is a great comfort to know that you are in the world, and that we're not "adrift on an iceflow" as far as health is concerned. I will definitely be ordering the products suggested.

I Have Learned So Much...
August 2003
Dear M. McCain, "I became a member last June...I have learned so much from you! Your products are of the highest quality and I am so thankful for your will and determination to keep on educating people about natural health. I have been a Nurse for over 2 years and the whole field makes me sick! Because of what I've learned from you and just the first 8 lessons of the Herbology course I have decided to become a Massage Therapist and have my own clinic...your catalogs will be all over it! You are so blessed to have such a calling! May God continue to bless you and your family and HHA!"

Been Taking HHA Products for 4 Years Now...
May 2003
My husband David & I have been taking your products for close to 4 years now and have not had a cold, flu or illness in that time. I am a massage therapist and will continue to recommend to my clients your great website. Keep up the good work. We Love You and will continue to keep you in our prayers. I am so grateful for your great service and products. Many blessings for continued growth and success. P.T. LMT, New Mexico.
   --P.T. - LMT

I Can Work--Thanks To Your Products!
May 2003
Your products have meant so much to the good health of my wife and I. I am so glad you are still around!!!!!!! I can work--thanks to your products!!!!!
   --~ J. C. - Longtime HHA Member

I Have Never Felt Better...
May 2003
Thank you for providing such a wonderful site and resource for natural care. You and your work are truly amazing. I have never felt better in my life than I have since I started using your products and your advice from your catalog and newsletters. Sincerely,
   --J.P. - Member 2002

You Beat Everyone By Far!!!
April 2003
I have really checked high and low for other online courses and herbal products and you beat everyone by far. I have really enjoyed your courses.
   --J.W. ~ HHA Member since 1997!

Natural Medicine The Best Thing That Ever Hapened To Me...
April 2003
Marijah McCain, You are wonderful! Over the last few months I have learned a world of info from your newsletters that I never knew existed. It's a shame how conventional medicine makes us guinea pigs to make millions. I will do everything I can to help you make the world a healthier place. I will write letters to the gov't on mine & your behalf. Natural medicine is the best thing that ever happened to me and the world. They just haven't realized it yet and they probably never will? I have a family member on Risperdol and I can't stand it! Some of my family have died of Ovarian Cancer. I just wished that I had known about the ESSIAC so I could have saved them. I'll be in touch real soon for some collodial silver for the SARS epidemic!
   --A.B. ~ HHA Member since 2000

Friends Notice I Am Doing Better!
Feb. 2003
Dear HHA: I received my order today & want to thank you for the way you do business. I have been ordering from you for about 18 months & have always received my order within 3-4 days unless there was a problem. I recommend you to my family & friends although many of them think I'm a little "over the edge". They have noticed, though, that I'm not as sluggish as I was, my memory is better, & I don't get sick much. Hopefully they will get the message soon & get away from the drugs & microwave foods. Thanks for all you do to educate us in the natural ways to take care of ourselves. I am forever grateful.
   --S. J.

Thank You!
Feb. 2003
Hi- I just wanted to thank you all for my last order. You sent it 3 day air and I didn't even ask for or pay for it. I've noticed on a couple of occasions over the past couple years that has happened. Maybe you treat regular customer's to that once a year or something...but regardless, I wanted to thank you and let you know I really appreciate it. Not to mention all the wonderful work Marijah and all of you do on a day to day basis regualarly. Hats off to all of you at HHA...keep up the good work!! Sincerely, K.M.

   --K.M. HHA Member since 2000

Received My Package Today...
Jan 2003
Dear HHA, Thank you so much for your quick response... I received my
package from HHA today and I was pleasantly surprised to see the free
vitamins along with my order..

I think your product line is excellent and will recommend to my girlfriend to ask her friends at The Herb Shop (where she first purchased the Essiac Tea Concentrate) to keep more of your products on the shelves... My girlfriend said she will also spread the word of your great products to her many friends online that suffer from chronic ailments and chronic pain... Thank you for your help and we shall continue to be steady customers of HHA...Take care and God bless.

   --A. E & E. B. New HHA Members

HHA Member in Kawait Writes...

Thank you very much I receive my order today, you don't know how much you make me happy with all the information and newsletter you send me, its really a good information. Thank you again and believe me I will never again order from any where but HHA ..:-)
   --D. A. From Kawait

August 2002
"I just wanted to say I recently became a new member. I recieved your catalog in the mail just a few short days after I requested it. I was in awe! I had never seen an herbal catalog that convenient. I love how you put descriptions next to everything, so there is absolutely no confusion. Your catalog has helped me immensely! Thanx a bunch and please keep up the great work!"
   --A.H. ~ HHA Member since 2002

June 2002
"I just got lessons 1-11 in your Herbology course and the Chi Lel Gong. I just had to tell you how wonderfull they are and what peace they give me. Thank you so very much for being the extraordinary person you are Marijah McCain. God smiles upon you!!!!
   --S.W. - HHA Member 2002

June 2002
"Thank-you for your recent quick delivery of my order once again. Your shipping department is on the ball. Please pass along my compliments and thanks to your staff."
   --N.U. - HHA Member 2002

May 2002
Dear HHA, "I have been searching for 2 years for correspondence courses. I ran across your newsletter in the waste mail. I thought to myself what a shame to waste such information! To make a long story short, I decided to inquire about your courses; I was impressed with what I saw, and have been a student ever since. God has a way of sending information to us. You must remain open to all possibilities. I have not been a student long, but I have learned so much from you. I chose your school because you treat your students like human beings instead of a number. God Bless You."
   --S.Y. HHA Member since 2000

May 2002
Dear HHA, "You all are awesome. I can’t tell you how much better I feel after trying your products. I have a cousin who has been diagnosed with cancer. I will be placing an order for her soon. Thank you for the wonderful gift of health and prosperity that your company provides. I wish you all great success, and all of my future business will be yours!"
   --HHA Member 2002

Personal Care, Super Service and Great Shipping!

Dear Marijah McCain, "Thank you sooo much for the wishes! I am so happy doing business with Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. I have purchased "natural" products from many "mail order" companies, but none compare with H.H.A., Inc. The gentleman who answers the phone (usually Jimmy) is always so helpful, knowledgeable, polite and professional. The packing of the products is unbelievable.... such care is taken with each order! I applaud your "packing/shipping" crew. I am so impressed and have gotten such good service the short time that I have done business with your company, that I am advertising for you anytime anyone is talking with me about "natural" healing products. (I live in Florida and there are many senior citizens here.) I am personally a FIRM believer in trying the "alternative" route. I mentioned in an earlier email that my cough is already some better, not totally gone, but much better since I started the protocol recommended by your company. I have had this cough since November, had antibiotics twice, 2 months of another prescription and was still coughing quite hard when I started your protocol, the cough is MUCH better. I thank you and your associates very much. I regret that this surgery on my foot may slow my progress down for a little while, but as soon as you recommend, I will resume the "detox" treatment. I can't begin to tell you what it means to me, that YOU contacted me. It proves that you do care, that you are not just interested in just "selling" the product and that you are indeed "a woman on a mission". I thank you again.
PS. I also want to tell you that I listen to your "Lord's Prayer" tape almost every day...usually 3 or 4 times..it is awesome!"
   --M.M.M. - HHA Member since 2002

April 2002
Dear HHA, "Just wanted to say how grateful I am to be getting the HHA on-line newsletter. I have MCS, CFS, Fibro and your latest info is worth trying. Thank you so much."
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April 2002
I just wanted to say I saw your ad in Magical Blend Magazine and love your website! Thanks.
   --~ M.R.

March 19, 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "I placed an order yesterday before noon, and I requested rush delivery. I received it today at 10.30 am. You are # 1 and your staff deserves my thanks, you are a great team."
   --Y.Y. - HHA Member since 1996

March 2002
Marijah McCain, "Thank you and Joey who kept on calling me back. You guys have a great customer service. I'm happy to deal with a company like yours in this new world of horrible customer care. This comes from a Marketing Major. You can't call anyone anymore and when they make a mistake they want you to take care of it. (Bank, phone companies, etc..."
   --HHA New Member 2002

Jan. 2002
Dear HHA, "You've got the BEST damn website I've ever encountered!!!! EASY to load, EASY to find and navigate, EASY to order. In my opinion whomever designed your website is the BEST in the business!!!"
H.H.A. note: Thank you! Technical Wizardry is by Joyce at Web-Magik, Design - Marijah McCain.
   --Bee Bee

Jan. 2002
"I am totally thrilled with the quick delivery of my order, I'm feeling healthier already! I am very excited about discovering your organization and expect to have a very long, and healthy relationship with you!"
   --New member 2002

Jan. 2002
Dear HHA, "This isn't an inquiry but a complement and praise for what you are doing. Even with God on our side the fight against the allopathic heirarchy is going to be tough. Keep fighting for our rights and know there are mnay of us working with you to change the laws and allow ND's the right to practice! God bless you and your family."
   --C.S. - HHA Member since 1998

Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "I just read your latest "rant," and I, too, am sick to death of our government trying to take control of our lives bit by bit. I hate allopathic medicine. Last year I almost died from kidney failure due to all the wonder drugs prescribed by allopathic doctors. It wasn't until I took charge of my life, quit all medications, and looked toward nature and natural remedies that I began to get healthy again. The pain in my joints and weakness in my muscles has almost completely disappeared. People who knew me last year are amazed at the change. What happened to the "free" in freedom? I fear someday our reading material will be censored as well as our medical choices. Where does it stop? You are doing a wonderful job of staying out in front. I admire your work and want to be a naturopathic doctor some day."
   --J.L. - HHA Member since 2001

I Appreciate the Newsletters!
Jan. 2002
dear Marijah McCain, gosh i just love you! i appreciate your newsletter and all the wonderful, valuable, livable information you give to me as a person. bless you for always! love and hugs to you also.

Dec. 2001
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your products have made an extreme improvement in my health and God Bless You for allowing people to be able to live normal healthy lives without the extreme pain caused by modern medicines that sometimes have horrific side effects."
   --R.S. HHA Member 2001

Dec. 2001
To HHA and All, I have been studying under the guidance of some of the "teachers", listed on MiguelRuiz.com .... and, am getting ready to undergo training on an "on-line" apprenticeship program, and have been more than merely blessed by these simple, but such very profound agreements. I found out about HHA thru the Jeff (RenseRense.com) program, and, after I ordered my free membership, and received my materials, and read what Marijah McCain said about the Four Agreements, I decided The Spirit had shown me to the Naturopathic courses I had been seeking. My life has been very "full" since that time. Thank you for your life and teachings Marijah McCain, you have been very powerfully Blessed by The Living God. Thanks again, HHA member & Correspondence Course student
Click here for information on the book FOUR AGREEMENTS - A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
   --E.M - HHA Member - 2001

Thank you
Dec. 2001
Thank you for your wonderful Newsletter. Your information has been just a WEALTH of information. I have learned so much and my husband is so grateful that I enrolled in your classes that he jokingly calls me "Doc K" now. He's probably just a Tad premature with that, but I rather enjoy his confidence in me. I'm realizing there's so much out there to learn, and I'm a little disgusted with myself that it took so long for me to become aware of just what our GOOD LORD has provided for us out there that we all need to be taking advantage of very quickly I feel, before it is taken away from us.
   --K - HHA Member

Nov. 2001
Thank you Marijah McCain for making CMO affordable. I tried the 15 day supply from another other company and thought a full month dosage would work better but I dreaded the $99.00's then I saw it here. Thanks!

Compare - Herbal Healer CMO - 500 mg. 180 caps - Buy 1 - $59.95 or Buy 3 and save - $50.00 each!
   --C.R.A - HHA Member since 1988

Nov. 2001
Dear HHA "I just read my e-mail news letter and justed wanted to thank you!, You are wonderful!!! We love you guys!"

HHA on-line monthly newsletter is FREE. Click here for the FREE on-line newsletter sign-up and also to read the archived newsletters!

   --B.M and Family - New 2001 HHA Members

Oct. 2001
I want to thank Marijah McCain & her dedicated crew for all the hard work that goes into providing such a great service to all the members. Since using Herbal Healer products, I have not been to a doctor (over 4 years) and I feel better than I had when seeing the allopaths by at least 100% ! Thanks again, and may you all be blessed.

   --K.A. HHA Member since 1997!

Keep Growing Herbal Healer!
Oct. 2001
Dear HHA, "We, my sister and I, have eliminated all traces of parasites by usng the HHA parasite detox program. It worked extremely well. Since we have had pets for years, we felt this was a necessity. Thanks for your development of this great program. Both of us are also on the HHA 4-herb tea since she was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago and has been free of it since starting to take the tea. ( one tablespoon daily in water) Overall, we find the supplements from HHA are not only the least expensive, but the highest quality obtainable anywhere. Our sister is also on the 4-herb tea as a maintainence program. We use the beta glucan and the colloidal silver (1/2 teaspoon daily) to protect our immune systems - both have helped us avoid colds, flu (no flu shots for us), even allergies. Our hope is that this company will continue to grow and reach thousands more people because we are a sick nation desperately in need of alternatives to the burn, cut, and poison programs allopathic medicine resorts to for most illnesses. Keep up the great work."
   --H.H. - Member since 1995

Thank You and Keep Up the Good Work!
Oct. 2001
"Thank you; keep up the good work." I signed up for the free offer you currently have on the website, and I'm looking forward to getting all those nice benefits from your amazing company! I heard about your company through a friend and started getting your snail-mail version of the newsletter a couple of years ago, but only now got on-line. I just wanted to tell you that I love what you're doing here and believe that it can (and is already) making a huge difference. Bless you one and all!
   --John H

Really Enjoy The Site
Oct. 2001
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the site. I’m a
Biology/Chem major/minor who has had her head buried in the sand for too long. Thanks for all that you do. You’ve changed my life and many of my friend’s lives too!! God Bless.
   --L.B. HHA Member since 2000

Sept. 2001
Glowing thanks. I ordered one day - had pkg the next-how did you guys do that? You're the greatest (course I've always known that!) Only wanted to tell you that you ALWAYS reaffirm my faith, in so many ways. Thanks for being there, for being who you are, and for propping us all up while we keep on seeking answers!
   --M/K. - Member since 1995

August 2001
Thank you as usual for this great newsletter. I learn so much from this as well as your courses. If we could only get more people to read this we could save more lives. Have a great and healthy day. God bless you in your work. ~ J.S. HHA Member since 1998

Another one:
"Thank you so much for this newsletter. It is the first one I have received. You have a believer/follower/user here in Houston."
Please...keep up the good work. P.L.

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August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "You are WONDERFUL! Thank you for doing the work you're doing, lessening suffering and improving the quality of life for so many people! I learned of HHA from my aunt who used your products to extend the life of her husband for over 7 extra years of "togetherness time"--much to his doctors' surprise and amazement! Recently I have enjoyed using your products myself, and have even ordered products for my mother who swears that HHA helped her lower her cholesterol dramatically in only one month!"
   --R.S.. Member since 2000

GREAT SERVICE - I am impressed!
August 2001
Last week was my first time for ordering from HHA.......I am a major skeptic on ordering anything from off the internet but was very pleased to have received my products within 3 days of ordering. Also, I had ordered the 4-herb tea and had a question on preparing it.......I sent my email on Friday after hours figuring I wouldn't receive a response until Monday however, something prompted me to check my email approximately an hour after sending it and guess what????? A response from your customer service area was sitting in my mailbox! This is exceptional service! I am very impressed.
   --M.D. - New Member 2001

Herbology Lessons and Teaching
July 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "I recently completed the first 11 lessons in the Herbology Course and I am truly grateful for the time and energy that you have put into these lessons. I have been a student of chinese herbology and medicine since I was eight years old and I absolutely love how you have brought this knowledge to the world by helping others learn and spread it too. I feel that you have not only "given the man a fish which feeds him today, but you have also taught him to fish which will feed him all of his life." In Shaolin, when someone gives knowledge the are considered truly great, but when they allow others's to have this privelege as well, they become supernal. Thank you again for providing this truly noble and compassionate service to all that will partake. Bless you."
   --P.L. Member since 2000

July 2001
Dear Herbal Healer Academy,
I recently purchased your Vibrational Healing course for my wife, Rosario. It is GREAT! I am really impressed with the quality and completeness of the course. I enrolled in the Trinity College of Natural Health long before I discovered the HHA and recently graduated from Trinity with an N.D. degree and Master Herbalist diploma. There is no comparision between the Trinity material and what I have seen of the HHA's material (I assume that the one course that I have seen is representative of the other courses). The HHA material is much, much better. (This comes from a Ph. D. with 20 years experience as a college professor.) I feel that I would have learned a lot more had I enrolled in the HHA. Oh well. My solution is going to be to take some of your courses as well. I will be sending in an order for the Flower Remedy course and Marijah McCain's Audio Cassette course once I decide what else I need to order. The other courses which were not covered at all at Trinity were Chronic Diseases and Basic Business so I expect to enroll in them in the future. Better to find the HHA late than never.
   --Dr. D. M - HHA Member since 2000

June 2001
I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful family. I appreciate everything you do and have to offer to the world.
   --S. L. HHA Member since 1999

June 2001
I just wanted to say that the courses which I've taken in the ND program have been so super. I was able to upgrade my hypnotherapy practice with the information from the Nutrition course, and I have had a lot of success with integrating Flower Essence Therapy into my practice as well. The herbology course is super -- every lesson gives me something I can use right away.
   --M.G. HHA Member since 1998

June 2001
I just want to let you know that all of the Body Energy Machines have arrived in beautiful condition, they all work just fine, and we are having lots of people ask about them, wanting to know how to get one! I will be certain to pass on your contact so that they can get in touch with you.
Click here for to see the machine - On Sale Now!
   --J.D. ~ HHA Member from Mexico

May 2001
Dear HHA. & Marijah McCain,
Thanks for all your help over the years...with your help and great products. I have always been able to help heal other people and guide them to your website! I am a true believer and have had so many great results with your advice and products.
   --D.P. HHA Member since 1997

February 2001
I love you guys and your website!! I will continue to send your website to everyone I know!! Keep up the good work......... :-)
   --K, Lifetime Member

January 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, N.D., M.D. (AM), Ph.D.,

Gramercy for all the wonderful, fact-ful healing Herbal Healer Academy News you have sent us.

ALL YOU SAY IN THE HERBAL HEALER ACADEMY NEWS IS TRUE. It is very sad to see the anavic, heinous opposition that disallows your use of title Dr. which you are in the truest/fullest meaning of the word. And not allowing you to use the lifesaving $35,000 microscope and make antibiotic claims is again anavic (criminal behaviour) protocol which in my opinion should be grounds for incarceration in a home for hypophrenics or the criminally insane for those who enforce those asuric laws.

The corrupt/morally deficient Allopathic profession kills over a million people/victims every three (3) years. When are the sleeping, unconsciousness people going to wake up?

You deserve the Nobel Prize in medicine. We humbly pray almighty God bless you for all your truth (rant) spewing. You are the kind of divine soul mankind needs to survive among all the laws/legal/official mental crap that surrounds us...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And again God bless you.

   --Swami Baba Nataraja

January 2001
Dear Marijah McCain:
It was a pleasure to receive my first HHA News Update and read about your efforts. I have a very small business, just starting out, and your situation made me realize I have to stock up, "Just in case." I live in a small town on the East Coast with two power plants within a two mile radius of my home, yet there are times when there are power outages. Like you, I feel the events in California are a wake-up call to the nation. I only hope folks listen.
   --M.W. HHA Memb

January 2001
Just wanted to say a great big THANKS for all of your efforts to get the product in and out during these inclement weather conditions. I look forward to every newsletter and have been SERIOUSLY interested in the use of herbs (having used many myself successfully) and thinking I should become actively involved in spreading the word about our herbs. Love you and your work.
   --V.M - HHA Member

Dec. 2000
Thank you for being there when my family needed you the most. Our standard of living healthy has improved ten fold since taking Herbology through HHA.
   --P.F, Member since 1997

October 2000
My complements on your website. It's one of the best I've seen so far. It's not just informative but very eye appealing. My kids even love it. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS you all.
   --Mrs. St.James

July 2000
Thank you for the Herbal Healer cup! Your products make all the difference in my work. Even those who pu pu natural products are finding HHA products do what they are supposed to!
   --Dr. Joanie Goodman. HHA Member since 1997

June 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
This is a resounding Thank You! I've been with you about 8 years and haven't been to an allopath for 15. I'd been horribly ill for 2 weeks, I thought I had bronchitis, and for the first time, my self diagnosis and dozen anti-viral/bacterial herbs were not fully working. I finally discovered I had histoplasmosis, a fungal disease! It was those cute chicks I'd brooded for the first time (at age 46). I immediately asked Marijah via computer what to do. The very next day she responded and I placed my order. Two days after starting Oregano Oil caps and Dr. Chi's Asparagus I got my sense of smell and taste back (after 8 days of nothing!) What a huge relief that was! This is the 4th day and I awoke with a lot of my physical strength back. For the first time in 3 weeks I could do routine chores without collapsing after each one! The major symptom of this is frequent convulsive coughing up "junk" from the lungs (and the total fatigue). Anyway today I only coughed 1/3 as much. I'm very proud of my body for being so ready to heal, but wow, it sure needed your help! Bless you all...especially Marijah's quick response. It's obvious I got exactly what I needed! I'm sure this drastic ordeal will be over with soon.
With great admiration,

August, 1999
Dear Marijah McCain,
I am PROUD to be on the "same side" with you. (Re: Marijah McCain on a Rant - summer newsletter) GUTS OF STEEL ... That's what we ALL need. Heart of GOLD and GUTS OF STEEL!!

Sept 14th, 1999
Dear Marijah McCain,
I receive your monthly newsletters and save each one. What is going on in the medical world and, especially, in hospitals disgusts me. I am a registered nurse in a local hospital and I HATE giving patients the medications and treatments that doctors order. We have one patient (32 years old) whose doctor talked him into "a simple surgery" to relieve years of diverticulitis. This young man has just undergone his 5th major abdominal surgery in a month - each one a "revision" of the previous one. He now has a permanent colostomy and is in ICU with congestive heart failure. He is, also, being treated with massive doses of intravenous antibiotics to "cure" a terrible infection throughout his entire abdominal cavity. He is only one of thousands of patients like this, I'm sure. I am NOT to talk about alternative methods to any of the patients and must continue to torment these people with the medical system's money - making treatments and medications. I am searching for an area of nursing where I can still "take care of" people but not be a part of this "mess". I WILL find something in my area, I'm sure! Please keep telling people what is going on out there! People in this country have been brainwashed into trusting their M.D.s and believing that doctors have patients' "best interests" in mind when prescribing treatment & medications. It's NOT TRUE!!! It all comes down to $$$$$$$$$$ - for doctors and for drug companies. And "ordinary people" are the victims. Thanks for "listening".

August 10, 1999
Dear Marijah McCain,
I just received your Herbal Healer Newsletter - August 1999 and read about the travesty in the true human health practice of Naturopathy. I work in a rural hospital engaged in radiology/nuclear medicine practice for our patients. I am of the same mind set as you are in the underhanded dealings with the American health system! There is a big reason that people are ill or diseased; the medical profession needs them sick and unhealthy to make a buck! When the people are in good health, there is no money rolling in to fund the medical scam that is to help the individuals maintain health and wellbeing. Well, all I can say is BULLSHIT! I have been in the medical industry for 26 years and I have not seen any improvements in the health of people. Oh yes, we have made strides in technology but nothing as to maintaining our health and well-being. Well, Marijah McCain, I want to get back on track and reiterate that I know and believe that you and your new class of naturopath's will be doing a better service to the people of this nation than what I have seen with the rest of the medical world. I will stand by you and offer my support in your quest for naturopathic healthcare. If I could help you in this endeavor, please let me know. The best to all of you at Herbal Healer.
God's Peace.
   --J.C. MS/DD

August, 1999
Dear Marijah McCain,
I am PROUD to be on the "same side" with you. (Re: Marijah McCain on a Rant - summer 2001 newsletter) GUTS OF STEEL ... That's what we ALL need. Heart of GOLD and GUTS OF STEEL!!


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