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Arabian Wild Rose Attar

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1 dram bottle (small) - Sacred Attars - There are no scents more heavenly than these... Pure & Healing! Simply rub a drop or two in your hands or place a drop where healing is required. These work on all three levels: body, mind and spirit. They help cleanse negative energies and aid in protection and healing. Arabian Wild Rose - Known as the Mother of Scents. This oil is the finest in the world, one drop and you will agree! It is the utmost symbol of Truth, Love an dBeauty. P.E. - Entire head, especially eyesight. All respiratory ailments. Good for heart. M.E. - Cleansing negative masculine thought forms. Opening up stifled energies. Enhances one's inner beauty. S.E. - Helps in realization of the balance of the Feminine Aspect of the Godhead.
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