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Brain Power

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The following is copied directly from the American Biologics Information Brochure.
Brain Power™ is a science-based formulation aimed at supporting the functions of the healthy brain, protecting against toxic damage, and arresting or reversing age-related brain decline. This formulation provides, in highly bioavailable forms, nutrients clinically proven to support memory, concentration and the other higher brain functions. These nutrients operate through diverse mechanisms, facilitating brain oxygenation, metabolism, circuit integration, and antioxidant defense. Catastrophic brain decline: Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, other dementias-are virtually epidemic in Western societies. Among the general U.S. population, aged 65 and over, as many as 1 in 4 are likely to progress to Alzheimer's disease; of those currently aged 85 and over, 1 in 2 may develop Alzheimer's. Dementia is readily distinguishable from aging of the brain, because healthy individuals can get into their 90s with only modest loss of mental skills. Cognitive decline can be detected long before dementia becomes established, and if initiated at this relatively early stage dietary supplementation with proven "brain nutrients" can often arrest the decline and partially restore lost function.

  • Phosphatidyl Serine (PS). This is a phospholipid substance which is a building block for the brain's approximately 100 billion nerve cells. Of the nutrients proven most beneficial to the brain, PS is the most impressive for its degree of efficacy and its impeccable safety record. More than 60 human studies, including 18 double-blind trials, affirm diverse benefits of PS for memory, learning, concentration, word recall, and other cognitive measures in the middle-aged and elderly. PS is extremely safe and well tolerated very likely because it is an orthomolecule. PS is ubiquitous, present in all cells. In humans, PS is particularly abundant in the brain and in the membranes of the brain cells. The vast majority of all life activities occur on and in the membrane systems of cells. Membranes are thin, double molecular layers which provide a vast surface area on which the majority of energy exchanges and metabolic activities occur. The foundation of all cell membranes is a double layer of phospholipids, a class of complex biomolecules that includes PS. Clinically, PS is highly versatile as a dietary supplement. It consistently improves mood, and has relieved symptoms of anxiety and depression in elderly women. PS improved adaptability to stress in the elderly by revitalizing the HPAA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis). In older men, PS partially restored TSH and prolactin secretion (hormone rhythms that decompensate with additionally advancing age). PS can benefit more than the elderly. In young healthy men, subjected to strenuous exercise, PS reduced circulating stress hormones and residual muscle soreness. PS also benefited children with attention and learning deficits, as suggested from two pilot trial studies.
  • Phosphatidyl Choline (PC). This is a phospholipid related to PS. It is a nerve cell membrane building block, as well as the body's foremost biochemical reservoir of choline, a precursor for acetylcholine. Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine (PE), and Phosphatidyl Inositol(PI). These are other phospholipids that are related to PS and are building blocks for nerve cell membranes. Both PE and PI are involved in the membrane-level events that render the nerve cells optimally functional: activation of the cell interior, energy generation, transmitter action at specific receptors, synaptic integration. Their presence is intended to help synergize the actions of PS and PC on brain performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Standardized Extract, as Phytosomes. Ginkgo biloba standardized extract is proven effective at increasing blood flow to the brain and providing antioxidant protection to the brain tissue. Meta-analyses of numerous small, double-blind clinical trials indicate ginkgo has benefits for concentration and memory, particularly in subjects with poor brain circulation. This Ginkgo Biloba Phytosome Extract is 4X more bioavailable than plain Ginkgo Extract, and facilitates brain oxygenation.
  • Taurine. This amino acid is a potent antioxidant for the brain, and also has electronic homeostatic properties linked to its capacity to buffer intracellular calcium and magnesium as well as sodium and potassium. Taurine is abundant in electrically active tissues, and within the brain acts as a chemical transmitter in its own right. It also has dispersant properties and is an important digestive constituent of the bile, thereby contributing to the bioavailability of the other nutrients in this formulation. Taurine is not supplied by vegetarian diets, and is a conditionally essential nutrient for some populations. Supplementing with taurine helps conserve cysteine, which is an important precursor of glutathione, a very important intracellular antioxidant for the brain.
  • L-Glutamine. This amino acid is included in the formulation because it readily enters the brain where it can be utilized for energy and is a precursor to nerve transmitters. It is also a precursor for glutathione. Glutamine reserves can become rapidly depleted after surgery or other stress to the tissues. Glutamine is biochemically distinct from glutamate, which is not a good candidate for dietary supplementation since it has potential for excitotoxic damage to the brain.
  • L-Glycine. This amino acid participates in electronic buffering and chemical transmission in the brain. It also is a building block for glutathione.
  • Vitamin B6, as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. This vitamin is required for a number of metabolic pathways that support optimal brain function. It is required for the conversion of homocysteine to cysteine (a precursor for the antioxidant glutathione). When given together with vitamin B12 and acid, which are also included in this formulation at meaningful intake levels, vitamin B6 completes the nutrient triad necessary to efficiently recycle homocysteine, which can interfere with the brain circulation and cause stroke. Deficiencies of these key metabolic cofactors are common among elderly populations.
  • Vitamin B12, as Cyanocobalamin. This vitamin is often found deficient in vegetarians and the elderly, and deficiency symptoms can mimic dementia: memory loss, personality and mood changes, fatigue.
  • Folic Acid. This vitamin-like substance is integral to the development and on going homeostasis of the nervous system. Deficiency during pregnancy can have disastrous consequences to the fetus. Folate deficiency is detected in 15-38% of adults diagnosed with depressive disorders, and may retard the clinical response to antidepressant therapy. Brain Power provides a combination of antioxidant factors to help protect the brain against the toxic hazards inherent in modern living, along with another rational avenue of protection in the form of the electronic buffers. Nutrients are also included that generally support brain energetics and help recycle the potentially hazardous homocysteine. This formulation is safe for individuals of all ages.


Testimonial from Marijah 
"I noticed a significant improvement in the clearness of my thoughts after taking this product for two days... no kidding." Stephen says, " It seems to clear the fog and help with clarity of thinking and memory especially when I have to do a lot of multitasking." (We both take 2 daily) Sondra had recently had a car accident with a severe head injury and noticed a large improvement in her ability to think and remember things. Note: you do not have to have any brain problems to benefit from this product. It is also a great supplement for antioxidant protection of the brain.


Each three (3) capsules provide: Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) - 25 mg, Folic acid (as folate) - 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) - 500 mcg, Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) (as LECI-PSTM).100 mg, Ginkgo Biloba Phytosome Extract - 30 mg, Taurine - 500 mg, L-glutamine - 125 mg, L-glycine - 125 mg.

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