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This is the best Calcium supplement on the market for quick relief from leg cramps and muscle aches. Taken daily 3 days before a period will lesson cramps. 1 tablespoon - Calcium Carbonate - 600 mg, Magnesium - 300 mg, Vitamin D (calciferol) - 120 IU and Phosporus (calcium) – 50 mg. See page 49 in catalog.

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    cal mag liquid

    Posted by Kathleen Quinn-Braue on Oct 25th 2019

    Have used it for over 15 years from Herbal Healer...helps with sleep and WORKS immediately when your legs and feet and toes start to cramp at night.

  • 5
    Liquid Cal/Mag

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 1st 2019

    I love this! I won't be without it! It works 'faster' than tablets (IMHO)! Excellent product!

  • 5

    Posted by A. F. on Nov 28th 2018

    November 28, 2018

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I bought it to take with 4-Herb tea to help with a calcium deposit in my breast. I have also been suffering with SEVERE arthritis in my right hip for the last 4 years. I don't have any health insurance, and could not afford to go to any doctors. I never thought the pain could be so bad. The pain was so excruciating it was waking me up in the night, sometimes bringing me to tears. I walked with a limp and my hip slipped when I walked. I ordered and took the Liquid Cal/Mag about a month ago. For the first week, I doubled up on dosage, and I noticed immediate relief within the same week. I am taking it now, and I am hardly limping and my hip is not slipping as much. I am so very happy. I ran out and procrastinated ordering more. This time I ordered two bottles and will not be without it anymore. I am experiencing the same great results now. It will definitely be in my medicinal arsenal from now on. I am so grateful for this product.

  • 5
    Great Cal/Mag!

    Posted by Ann on Nov 8th 2018

    This is my new favorite. It doesn't clump, tastes like strong peppermint (dessert anyone!) and provides good supplementation.

  • 5
    Liquid Cal/Mag

    Posted by Lucinda S. on Oct 23rd 2018

    I love this product! I know that I am getting the dosage my body needs without having to take loads of 'pills'. Tastes great too! (This is one mint that I don't mind.)

  • 5
    Absolute blessing!

    Posted by Ashley on Oct 13th 2018

    This product is the only thing has helped my 2 year old son with HORRIBLE cronic constipation! Nothing else worked, even other magnesium supplements. I love that this also gives him calcium. It works really well for me also, but I am able to use other things so I usually don't use this because I don't want to run low, and my son not have it. My son has had digestion issues since birth, and for a long time we didn't know what it was I have figured it out after 2 years of my own research, bcuz no doctor or specialist would/could help. They told me to use miralax, which I refuse for many reasons. No doctor would take me seriously about how severe the issue was. It was horrifying, my son would scream in pain and I would have to help him get it out while by husband held his legs open bcuz he would try to hold it in, because he was so scared. He would bleed, and have damage after it finally came out. We had to do enemas daily. I finally got the specialist to do a procedure to check his intestine with an xray. It's called a barium (cant spell) enema. He was full from top to bottom, litterally. Compacted and tons of inflammation. The stuff they use makes u poop after, which cleaned him out a bit, and the. I used castor oil orally everyday and water and castor oil enemas, to get him cleaned out. After that some herbal remedies would work a little but after a couple weeks, they stopped. I tried everything. And we give him plenty of water, no dairy, minimal gluten, he eats organic, etc. Etc. That all helps, but he has so much inflammationfrom being messed up for so long, they said it would take 9 to 12 months to get normal again. And he can't get constipated in the mean time. Well, this is the only product I can rely on! I'm working on healing his gut, which I know now is unhealthy from antibiotics and other meds the hospital gave him during & after birth bcuz they messed up my delivery. And a milk allergy - i couldn't breast feed so we had to do organic formula and the only non dairy one was soy, and that's not healthy for babies either. Once he was old enough to eat food, we switched him to coconut milk and I used garden of life nutrition powder in baby food once a day to make sure he got all his nutrients. Anyways, i know there is an underline issue, but in the mean time, this is a safe way to keep him regular. Plus, most people r deficient in magnesium (which causes constipation) and i noticed an improment in some symptoms he was having, when I started him on this supplement. Everyone should be taking calcium & magnesium in my opinion. So blessed for this product! Ibalso have had huge success with the collodial silver, for my family and my cat! It saved my 15 yr old cat's life! Thank u HHA, I love ur products and ur info on parasites & Candida yeast overgrowth has helped me and my son alot. Keep helping people!

  • 5
    Great Cal/Mag!

    Posted by Ann on Aug 21st 2018

    This liquid Cal/Mag is superior to many I've tried. It doesn't clump and pours smoothly. It has a pleasant mint taste, and best of all it works. My fingernails grow like crazy when I remember to take it! I can only imaging the benefit to the rest of my body!

  • 5
    The CAL/Mag is a great product!

    Posted by Helena McFarland on Aug 1st 2018

    This product took care of my daughters bone spur , and helping my sister with calcium deposit on her neck. I ordered 3 more bottles and taking it myself now and recommending to others.

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