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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Why was my card charged when the transaction was declined?

Answer:  When you place an order with us and your card is declined due to an "Address or Zip Code Mismatch" your bank still releases the funds because they're available, however our processor declines the transaction because the Billing Address you entered on our website does not match what your bank has on file for your current Billing information.

PLEASE NOTE:  This will happen every single time you put in the wrong address and try processing the order.  So if you are trying to place a $10 order and it gets declined 5 times due to "Address or Zip Code Mismatch' each time you tried to process that order, $10 would be immediately pulled out of your account and be placed on hold by your bank and would not be available to you for 3-7 business days.  In order to avoid this from happening please Verify your Billing information with your bank before placing your orders.



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