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GSE Nasal Spray

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Nutribiotic® Nasal Spray is useful to aiding many conditions. During allergy season it helps to moisturize the nasal passages and clean them of dust, dirt, dander and other allergens. The nasal spray is also useful during a bout of sinusitis, or inflammation/infection of the sinus passages. Also, anyone living in a dry climate or spending time indoors with either central heating or air conditioning will find the Nasal Spray to be of use. Deionized water, glycerin & GSE 10% & Sodium Acsorbate. The glycerin - Vegetable (coconut and palm) in origin. Soothing and moisturizing. Glycerin helps to lubricate the passages and provides a gentle barrier over the skin to help prevent infection. Glycerin also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture from the air and holding it against the skin. Also Sodium Ascorbate - Helps to buffer the pH of the spray. Vitamin C has also been shown to mitigate the effects of an allergy attack when taken internally or applied topically. All vitamin C is derived from corn starch. The vitamin C we bond with the sodium to form sodium ascorbate is pure and free of all protein contaminants, allergens and plant antigens. Even those with corn allergies can use it.

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