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Liver Chi

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  • Liver Chi
  • Liver Chi


In Depth Information

(Liver & Common Cold) - If you will take this at first sign of a cold or flu, it will help you recover quickly. Liver Chi is beneficial to liver cell protection as well as liver membrane function as reported through Japan and China clinical research. In vitro lymph cells activate and increase antibody action, activating phagocytosis and increasing T-helper cells. Lowers liver enzyme SGPT levels back to normal in those with hepatitis. Liver problem marker: red or black spots at back side of tongue, dry mouth, bitter taste. Used in the treatment of hepatitis, all kinds, alcoholism, chronic ulcers, tuberculosis, diabetes, serious anemia, and too much fat in liver. Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of – Bupelurum chinensis, Schisandra chinensis, Smilax glabra. Very effective!

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