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Mycostat Complex

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Helps change PH in bowel and interferes with candida growth. Not harmful. For bowel control of intestinal yeast and control of fungus overgrowth. Normally safe for long-term use. Grapefruit - 10 mg, Propionic Acid - 100 mg, Caprylic Acid - 250 mg, Undecylenic Acid - 100 mg, Sorbic Acid - 100 mg, Potassium - 30 mg, Magnesium - 30 mg, Biotin - 300 mcg, Vitamin E - 5 IU, Calcium - 30 mg. Contraindications for long term use is arthritis due to the high acidity content, but safe to use for a couple of months if you do have arthritis. Dose: 1-2 tabs twice per day.

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