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Natural Detox

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This product helps not only gently detox the liver, kidneys and lungs, but also provides protection from toxic chemicals and radiation exposure. It is recommended that this product be taken daily due to the severe condition of our toxic environment. 90 caps


MILK THISTLE - 160 mg. One of the most potent liver-protecting herbals known. It helps prevent free radical damage and stimulates the production of new liver cells. It also protects the kidneys and adrenal glands. 
OREGON GRAPE ROOT - 150 mg. Purifies the blood and cleanses the liver of residual toxins.
DANDELION ROOT EXTRACT (4:1) - 200 mg. Cleanses the blood stream and liver and increases the production of bile. Reduces serum cholesterol. Improves kidney, spleen and stomach function. 
RED CLOVER EXTRACT - (4:1) -250 mg. Natural antibiotic, blood and lymphatic cleanser. One of the only herbs that helps detox the lymph. Also aids in healing the lungs.
BEET ROOT POWDER - 250 mg. Powerful blood purifier and immune stimulator. Helps remove obstructions from liver and spleen (immune system).
BLADDERWRACK - 300 mg. High in Iodine, which is excellent, as this stops the absorption of radioactive bi-products and helps the glands, particularly the thyroid, to stay healthy.
CHLORELLA - Broken Cell Wall - 500 mg. This is an amazing healer that pulls heavy metals out. This is very important as heavy metal toxicity is a contributor to many cellular malfunctions such as cancer, mood swings, depression and bipolar. It also protects against ultraviolet radiation. Excellent source of protein which is needed to keep you strong.
SODIUM ALGINATE (from Kelp) - 500 mg. - Pay attention here folks! This prevents the absorption of radioactive Strontium 90, which is a byproduct of above ground nuclear testing. It accumulates in the bone tissue. Since the nuclear accidents at three Mile Island, Chernobyl and God knows where else, Strontium 90 toxicity has been linked to Hodgkin's Disease, leukemia and bone cancer. McGill University revealed that it also inhibits the absorption of Barium, Plutonium and Cadmium. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends that you ingest 3 ounces of Kelp per week or take a daily supplement of Sodium Alginate! That is a conventional mainstream recommendation! THEY know the planet is toxic!!!
MSM SULPHUR - 250 mg. Maintains the body's critical acid/alkaline balance. Is a natural antibiotic and detoxifier. It also helps rid the body of certain parasites. Cleans up intestinal and urogenital tracts.
MANGANESE (Amino Acid Chelate) - 10 mg. - Needed for correct metabolism, healthy nerves and immune system. Helps reduce cholesterol, tooth-grinding, tremors and more.
COPPER (Amino Acid Chelate) .5 mg. - Helps prevent osteoporosis. Essential for the formation of collagen, one of the fundamental proteins making up bones, skin, and connective tissue. It also helps anemia, baldness, graying hair, and skin sores. Aids in the formation of red blood cells.
ZINC (Amino Acid Chelate) - 5 mg. Helps protect the reproductive organs. Prostate and ovarian problems have been linked to zinc deficiency. Has powerful antioxidant & antimicrobial properties.
SELENIUM - 70 mcg - Vital antioxidant. Protects the heart. Much of the heart disease and many cancers are linked to a selenium deficiency. Helps prevent the formation of free radicals and tumors. Important for pancreatic function and tissue elasticity.
This is just a brief overview to give you an idea. The ingredients actually do a great deal more to help you detox and stay healthy. The planet is in trouble, but natural medicine, as always, will help provide the answers you need to survive and be healthy. Recommended maintenance dose is 3 caps daily. Detox dose is 3 caps 2-3 times daily. Increase distilled water intake by two to three glasses if you are detoxing. Never allow constipation - use HHA Super II if needed.
Proposition 65 - Labeled for California. 
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