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Air Pollution

Air Pollution

We are working hard to find solutions for you for some of the most difficult environmental air pollution we have ever seen.  This problem, blankets the United States and causes severe health problems if not detoxed properly.


The substances that many of us who have been researching the chemtrail issue suspect are in the air --- ARE IN THE AIR. And coming down in rain and snow. Especially BARIUM. This devastating data points to a deliberate atmospheric release of massive quantities of material containing Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Titanium. These bleak figures also point to the possibility of a grim outlook for the humans (and animals) under this chem-bliz 'fallout', as well as the entire physical ecosystem.

The soluble salts of barium, an alkaline earth metal, are toxic in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone. 

"Today was one of the worse chemtrail assaults we have experienced. Spraying began early morning and continued until sundown, with peak trail volume early afternoon..."
If you are not familiar with what is going then take a look at the Chemtrail Archives!  This phenomenon been poisoning American Citizens for over two years now!!!  With what?  Start reading...
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