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Supplements for Brain

Supplements for Brain

Many of our members are reporting memory loss, foggy thinking, depression, and other symptoms associated with possible brain toxicity. The important thing to understand is that the brain controls the body and it is of primary concern to have the brain functioning properly, especially when dealing with any type of illness. In addition to our Memory Power, we are adding two new professional formulas that we believe are two of the best currently available. These two new formulas are professionally formulated by Parris Kid - a leading cellular biologist and manufactured by American Biologics, a company who has been a successful leader in the field of alternative medicine for years and operates an alternative hospital in Mexico. AB uses the very best in high quality raw materials for purity and effectiveness. 

  • NeuroRecovery

    American Biologics


    NEURO RECOVERY™ NeuroRecovery™ is based on the latest clinical research on rebuilding peripheral nerves and the central nervous system. This formulation is optimized to support nerve tissue renewal and remyelination following...

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