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Audio CDs

Audio CDs

Marijah McCain's Audio CDs

now available on compact disc

These audio CDs are live and express the intense and convicted views of McCain. She expresses her views in a candid manner and she really hits hard on some issues. Case studies and callers are also part of the show. There is a great deal of information on these CDs and we know you will benefit from the education they impart. We recommend that you listen to any of these CDs that may pertain to your illness or that of a loved one.


Dear *. McCain,

The information presented in the Live CD course is nothing less than phenomenal! As a Respiratory Therapist who has worked wiithin allopathic medicine since 1969, I can fully vouch for the statements you make about conventional allopathic medicine, and unfortunatley, they are all to true. As a Respiratory Therapist, I have given medications via aerosol that are breathed directly into the lungs and while 'supposedly' helping the lungs and breathing cause serious side effects to the heart, kidneys etc. Anyone with a basic knowledge of human physiology should know that these must all work together as one. So why on God's green earth do we want to "help" one at the expense of the others? I'm now 59 years old, and your live CD course has convinced me that it is really time to move on into naturopathy and truly help my fellow man. I plan on continuing my studies at HHA with the eventual goal of becoming a true naturopath. May God continue to bless you & the HHA.

B. F. 
~ HHA Member since 200

Dear Marijah McCain -

Last night, as I was alone traveling for 12 hours and I had the opportunity to listen to you on tape. My outrage and anger towards the allopathic industry was so intense that tears were pouring down my cheeks. Often, I had to stop the tapes in order to process the entirety of this serious problem, this evil overtaking our nation and other parts of the world. I am now part way through the herbology course, and I have been moved and awakened by those lessons. However, hearing your own outrage and words heightened my awareness even more.

I do intend to become an ND, an activist and an educator. I had been searching for the right program, never feeling right about National College or Bastyr. Last night, I knew for certain that your program is what I have been searching for.


~ S.L.

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