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SUGAR FREE - Lemon Silver Lozenge - 40ct (Silver Cough Drop)

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  • SUGAR FREE - Lemon Silver Lozenge - 40ct (Silver Cough Drop)
  • SUGAR FREE - Lemon Silver Lozenge - 40ct (Silver Cough Drop)


The wait is over. Our popular cough drops are now available in SUGAR FREE form.

Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement. A major key in silver's ability to support oral/throat health is keeping the silver in contact with the mouth and throat for 6 minutes. It can be very difficult to gargle or hold silver solution in your mouth for six minutes? Have you ever tried it?

That's where these SUGAR FREE silver lozenges come in handy. Sweetened with Monk fruit, the sweet taste of these lemon lozenges will help your throat feel smooth all while the silver goes to work at the root cause of the problem. The SUGAR FREE Silver Lozenge, when not chewed, stays in direct contact with your mouth and throat for 6-10 minutes creating the optimal opportunity to maximize the silver's potential.

Each lozenge contains a full teaspoon of our TRIPLE Strength pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol making it perfect for daily supplementation.

Key Benefits:

  • SUGAR FREE - Sweetened with Monk Fruit
  • Convenient
  • Taste Fantastic
  • Contain a full tsp of therapeutic 30ppm silver in each drop
  • Help boost your Immune System

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