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CMO Helps Arthritis!
August 2016
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am after taking my first bottle of CMO. Arthritis in my left foot was so bad that X ; Ray did not even show bones; just a white covering. I had limped along for 4 years. After 4 days of CMO I was beginning to get feeling back in my feet. After two weeks I had no more limp. Absolutely incredible product! I just placed another order and my wife will begin taking it. Thank you!
   --K.H. ~ Member since 2001



CIRCULATION PLUS Powder lowers Cholesterol
Aug 7 2015
Circulation Plus Powder has brought my husbands cholesterol readings down to make his cardio doctor happy without the use of statin (toxic) drugs. Good product!
   --M ~ HHA Member



Beta Glucans and Stroke
May 2015
Hi. Both myself and my mother have known about and bought HHA products since the early 2000s, but more recently I was turned back to what they could do after seeing REMARKABLE transformation in my mother (a 5 time stroke survivor) in a very short frame of time. I had already been implementing other herbs over the past year into her routine with pretty good success but it was Beta Glucan that changed the game! The very same day that I gave her barely two capsules I saw an immediate improvement that day.

My sharing the testimony I am really hoping that other caregivers and stroke survivors will give this a try. My mother has gone from having considerable amount of weight, swollen legs, lack of full attention, virtually in a woke coma but much has changed. Relative to HHA she is on Colloidal Minerals (2x a day between 1-2 caps full); Plant Based Minerals (4 a day); Snoreless (5 at night; her caretaker also started using these b/c o sleep apnea and she is much better sleep filled night); BrainPower (I give 3 in the morning); NeuroRecovery (I give 3 at night); As for Beta Glucan, my mother is up to 6 a day now (3 at morning; 3 at night). The dramatic improvement came with BG where now her legs are considerably less swollen, she is walking faster (she could barely move more than a slow walk before), SUPER alert, more confident, engaged with everything around her, she is dreaming more deeply, she is also now officially in Outpatient Therapy (versus at Home Health care/therapy most of the year), and most of all HER SPEECH has drasticalllllllly improved! ---- I end in really suggesting that someone do a study on strokes and at least the Beta Glucan. My mother's improvement is truly proving to be a miracle on multiple levels....even flooring the doctor who couldn't believe it was the same woman articulating herself much more clearly versus barely 3 months ago!

   --V.M.~ HHA Member



Major Health Problems Cleared Up
May 2015
I thank you for all the work, research and care you put in your products! Over a year ago I was told that I had some major health problems with my reproductive system. I started taking your female reproductive health vitamins and drinking the tea! I went to the Dr a few weeks ago and the damage is reversing itself! My cysts on my ovaries are gone, the scar tissue in my filopian tubes are shrinking and my blood pressure is perfect!! I am no longer on any prescription medications only on vitamins! Thank you for helping me get healthy and not give up on hope!!!

   --C.G. ~ HHA Member since 2014



Treatamins for Pets
June 1014
Dr Goodpet treatamins to the rescue. My senior poodle had a large area on her back where the hair was nearly gone. It was suggested by herbal healer live chat to try treatamins. I ordered them that day. On April 5th I started to give my poodle 2 treatamins per day. By mid-May lots of little hair growth started and the hair in that area is growing in nicely. I will keep giving her the treatamins as she seems to have more energy also. A big thanks!

   --W.W. ~ HHA Member since 1998



Praise for Herbal Healer
March 2014
Just some praise for Herbal Healer and all they are doing. I am one of their students as well. I have been interested and dabbled in Natural things for years. I found Marijah's site and I feel I am becoming more complete and knowledgeable! The products are nothing short of wonderful. I have family who have benefited greatly from the info and products. The 4 Herb and Colloidal Silver are just awesome. Do not fall into the mainstream medication trap until you look into natural healing options. You will be so happy you did. THANK YOU
   --G.F. ~ HHA Member since 2006



A Lupus Flare Up Healed
March 2014
Because the symptoms vary from person to person & even from time to time, within the same person, struggling to find a diagnosis & treatment for auto immune disorders like Lupus Erythematosis or Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder(MCTD) it can lead to depression & a hopeless feeling.Complaints of chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia type pain often cause physicians to treat you like you are either making it all up or crazy. I had one rhematologist whose response to my complaints of pain was to say, " I'm not ordering you any drugs for pain." That's really good because I don't take drugs for pain, I only wanted a cure; not mask the symptoms so i fired him after one visit. I know because I dealt with that for several years before a very wise & concerned rheumatologist/hematologist gave me the diagnosis of Lupus vs. MCTD 11 years ago. My lab values indicating a significant inflammatory response were startling, even to him & my internist who said, " No wonder you feel like
crap, these values are some of the highest I've ever seen". Primarily the RA Latex & Sedimentation Rate, as well as other indicators of imflammation, although my RBC & WBC were all within normal. I was told by my very wise hematologist, " We don't know what causes these auto immune disorders, so we don't know how to treat them..." except to offer a trial of anti malaria drugs which some people saw some response to within 6 months, but could cause lethal blood disorders. Hmmmm, I thought about that for a few minutes & went on line looking for better answers & found your website. THANK GOD for directing me to you & thank God for you & your dedication to healing the world naturally, in spite of having to fight naysayers & government to do it. Long story short, I followed your recommendations for Detox of Chronic Candida & all of my symptoms disappeared. When I saw my rhematologist 3 months later, I walked in very tanned from a beach trip (Lupus does not allow you to get in the sun), relaxed, happy & with high energy & no pain, he said, " What did you do?" I had it all written out for him & he said some people have good results with some alternative approaches, but I was his poster child. He wrote down everything I did ( HHA Detox candida recommendations)& told me to keep it up... but by that time I had finished the 3 -4 months of everything except the 4 herb tea which I continued for about 6 months altogether. I never had a recurrence until just recently & I was busy with life & didn't put together some hints that occured over the past few months that I was getting overgrown with Candida again - tongue a little sore like low grade thrush, tonsil pearls that smelled awful, tired easily, vaginitis ( first time in over 10 years) & "mushy" foul smelling stools.I didn't put it all together until 6 weeks agowhen I developed painful swelling in wrists & hands & redness along the tendons of my wrists. That's when I said, " OH! Now I KNOW what this is; a Lupus flare up." I immediately ordered 4-Herb Tea, Mycostat, Acidophilus-Bifidus, since I already had Colloidal Silver, Cal/Mag/Vit D & MSM.Constipation has never been a problem for me as I had at least two healthy BM's a day. As soon as my order arrived I started the program & within a week the painful joints were resolved. By the end of the month my energy had returned & all other problems resolved. AMAZING! I apologize that I waited over 10 years to let you know how much I appreciate you & all you do. When nature healed me again, following your recommendations, I just had to share my experience with your readers so anyone out there who is suffering with this will know, there IS a cure; just not in allopathic medicine. I have a wonderful internist who "indulges" my alternative approach to healing. I go to him for tests & diagnosis & he makes "recommendations" Then I go to the HHA website to order the cure.
   --F.P. ~ HHA Member since 2002



2 Blood Clots In Leg
March 2014
Not quite two years ago my husband was diagnosed with two blood clots in his right leg. This occurred when we made a quick trip to our granddaughter's wedding in FL and back in a very short time, strange vehicle, etc. Thankfully we have a wonderful MD who is also very much in to herbal/natural remedies. Initially D was given warfarin, and the Dr. commented that somehow he didn't think D would be on the Warfarin too long! He saw a wonderful book called "10 Essential Herbs" and decided to start using Cayenne and Ginger. He now has the blessings of Dr. A, but he also suggested he add Turmeric. It has worked fine for around four months and D feels better than he has in months. I hope this might be of some help to someone else.
   --K.S. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Colloidal Silver Helps Warts
March 2014
I am a hairdresser and I have problems with my hands cracking, etc....well, my hands last year had numerous deep deep long cracks in the palms of my hands. Laid open type of cracks. In this time, somehow I managed to get warts.Right where those cracks were. I had 8 total on my hands. 7 on left, and one really big one on my right index finger. I have purchased and always kept on hand colloidal silver for quite awhile now. I had tried everything for about a YEAR to get rid of them. Freezing, Apple cider vinegar, compound w, you name it, I tried it. One day I saw the bottle of silver in the cupboard and thought "well, lets try that"...Im here to shout from rooftops in 5...yes 5!!!, doses, not even every day, just when I remembered over the course of about a week and a half, I took a tsp and swallowed it. Well, in about 2 weeks, EVERY one of them is GONE. I had to cancel an appt with a dermatologist I had finally made to get $800 cream to get rid of them. I was ELATED. So, thank you thank you! I LOVE all of the products I purchase, but this one blew me away! :)
   --R.H. ~ HHA Member since 2006



March 2014
I ordered the easyak kookies and they are delicious! Am ordering another 2 dozen. Nothing like a great tasting dose of goodness in life!
   --W.W. ~ Member since 1998



HPV Helped
March 2014
my grandson 4 years old, that I have custody of caught the HPV virus(I do not know how). I noticed warts starting to appear on his face, doctors could not give me a answer) got online and found out myself what he had. Took him back to the Dr's and told them what he has and what I can do for him, there response was, "The virus has to run it course, how long I asked and they said 2 year)I told them not acceptable to have him covered in warts for 2 years. I had one removed but my little guy was not given novacain and they just cut it off from the side of his nose, (no more visits to that Dr)next Dr froze the three on his chin, nothing (no more visits to that Dr either. Through live chat I was recommended a HPV nosodes with directions how to use and how long to use it, 3 weeks later his warts stopped popping out on his face. Then I made a appointment with a surgeon and had the one on his eyelid removed ( an 8 min surgery). He is fine, beautiful and self confidence is back. I don't care what anybody say's and the education they have I will always turn to HHA for my medical issues. My grandson and I thank you so much for a quick, easy remedy.
   --C.H. ~ Member since 2002



MYOMIN Helps Get Rid Of Cyst
Aug, 2013
I had a cyst that came up on the corner of my eye. I went to the eye doctor and he told me that there was no medicine to make it go away, so it would have to be lanced. Not wanting to have this done, I immediately ordered MYOMIN from Herbal Healer and after taking it for two months, it disappeared. Six years have passed since then and it has not returned. Many thanks to Herbal Healer and to the Creator who led me here.
   --W.H. ~ HHA Member since 2004



Hoodia Helps With Weight Loss
June 2013
After I quit smoking 3 yrs. ago, I gained about 40lbs and was having a very hard time losing any weight what so ever. I found your web site and ordered some Hoodia. This is a product I'd heard about but never tried. I must share that it is working for me, and I couldn't be happier. I take 2 in the morning and find I'm not nibbling any longer and have lost 9 lbs. in a month. This is the way I want to loose. A little at a time; pounds that stay off. I know my Dr. will be thrilled because this weight gain has me diabetic now and the weight reduction is only going to be a plus for me. I hope to rid myself of type 2 diabetes,and high blood pressure all due to this added weight. Herbal Healer Academy has the easiest order system, (I had never ordered on line before)and my product came faster than I expected. I recommend this company for your herbal needs.
   --M.D. ~ HHA Member



Thank you!!!
June 2013
Its wonderful to be able to recieve great quality products at awsome prices. I thank you for all the information as well. I'm a Holistic nutrition consultant, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. I have referred many clients to you. The Essiac tea is wonderful! I have had many clients with Cancer and other health issues take this. It has helped them to have regular bowel movements and energy levels as well as helped with nausia and other symptoms. I take it regularly to control candida and as a gentle detox. I also love the Colloidal Silver. Ive also been taking the Colloidal Silver with my tea and taking the Mycostat. I never get cold sores but I woke up with one last week so I put a drop of silver on my lip several times throughout the the end of the day it was gone and had scabbed over and by the second day the scab pealed off, they say that naturally it takes 8-10 days to get rid of and mine was gone by the end of the first day. I also give the silver to my kids and myself when they start to get sick in any way. It works wonderfully!Thank you for all your work and also the informative cds and articles! I share them with every one I can!

   --N.P. ~ HHA Member



HPV Test Now Negative!!!
April 2013
Dear Herbal healer, I want to thank-you for all your wonderful products! Ive been a customer for 8 years now. four years ago I had a papsmear which came back abnormal, I tested positive for HPv virus, I had a biospy and they told me to return every 6 months for a check up.every 6 months since 2008 i had to go in and get cut because the HPv virus kept returning and my paps kept coming back abnormal. I finally contacted herbal healer Live Chat and was told to order the HPV homopathtic drops. Im happy to report this last pap came back normal and neg on the HPV virus, the first time in 4 years!!!! Thanks for your support! I also took collildad silver evryday and drank the essiac tea, I love your site! God Bless!
   --Z. G ~ HHA Member



HPV Cured
Feb 13, 2013
I visited my OB/GYN in early 2010. I had my annual examp, PAP, etc. At the end of the year, I got a call from her office saying that she was retiring but that I was positive for HPV. I didn't even know what it was and I blew off the conversation. I went to another OB GYN late last year. They told me that I was positive for HPV high grade. After hearing that I orderd the HPV Nosode homeopathic drops and started using them in early January. I went through one bottle and ordered another one, ,which I started taking last week. I went in for a Colposcopy a couple weeks ago (basically a biopsy of tissues at the entry to my cervix). On Monday they called me and told me that the tissue was negative. I was so happy! I was thanking God for guiding me to Herbal Healer Academy. I have a follow up in 6 months. I am going to finish my bottle just to continue the healing process, but I am eternally grateful for this product.
   --T.W. ~ HHA Member



Echinacea and Snake Bite
Jan. 2013
YOUR ECHINACEA & SNAKEBITES: I want to praise the high quality of your echinacea. No where have I found any quality that matches yours. It saved my husband's life from a copperhead snake bite even with major heart problems. I added some of my homemade plantain with it. It stoped all symptoms literally in seconds and the swelling left in 3 days. If the tincture does not number your tongue, throw it in the trash. Your tincture numbs the tongue, high quality. Please never lessen the quality of this herbal tincture no matter what the price, it is priceless.
   --J.W. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Women In Balance Works!!!
Dec 2012
YIPPEE! I would like to submit a testimonial for your Women In Balance that I ordered this month! I have suffered for the past 2 years with extensive bleeding and passing large clots during my menstrual cycle. The cramps were disabling, and my periods were coming later each month. I was unable to leave my home (unable to leave the restroom) during my period, due to the heavy flow (2-3 maxipads every 10 minutes for 3 days!). I tried your Women In Balance twice daily and am happy to report that my last period was very normal! I had no clots, a normal menstrual flow, and a vast reduction in cramping! I'm back to normal now! Thank you ever so much! It's like I have my life back!
   --S.E.~ HHA Member



Feeling Much Better after Women in Balance
Oct. 2012
I just had to say how happy I am and how good I feel after taking one month of the women in balance. I didnt realize how bad I really was feeling until now. Thank you so much !!
   --S.T. ~ Member since 2008



GSE Dental Gel
Sept. 2012
HHA, I have just tried your Nutribiotic Dental Gel. And found it cleans my teeth, better than any tooth paste, I have tried.
   --G.H. ~ HHA Member



Dog on 4-Herb Tea
May 2012
Thank you for your products!!! My beautiful Labrador Bri is on the 4 herb tea for over a month now...& is responding!!'!! She was found to have Liver & Lung Cancer on March far, so good!!! In addition I'm taking the Male Super plex along with the Multi-vitamin, as well as Coral Calcium & The Apple Cidar Vinegar, and me energy level is awesome!!! And am having excellent bowel movements...
Thanks again for all you do...I recommend your site as often as possible!
   --S.G. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Parasite Detox Helping
May 2012
About a year ago I returned from a year long deployment in Iraq where I ate lots of the local food and drank local water that was filtered. Needless to say I was not feeling my best when I got home and gained nearly 40lbs in about 4 months! I just didnt feel well so I ordered the parasitic cleanse. I'm in week two and am getting some good results! I have passed some stange black flecks, white little threads, and a spot on my head that has been itching like crazy for the past year is finally calming down!
You are a blessing. Thank you for having the strength to stand up for what is good and right.
   --T.K.~ HHA member since 2012



Grapefruit Seed & Olive Leaf
March 2012
all I know is when I use grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf concentrate when I have infections or flu's and cold's, it zaps what ails me fast. this stuff really works!
   --G.S. ~ HHA member since 2006



Jan. 2012
Dr. Chi's Chi-Happiness. Taken for depression as directed: 2-3 caps, twice a day for 2 months. Worked great! I took it in conjunction with a homeopathic product called Fields of Flowers by energetix. It is a flower remedy. I took 30 drops orally twice daily. Sooo much better than the allopathic drugs--no side affects whatsoever!
   --C.A ~ HHA Member since 1997



West Nile Virus in Horse
Dec. 2011
I contacted you about 3-4 weeks ago pertaining to a yearling colt I have that was dianosed with West Niles Virus. He was down for a month. You told me to use WNV Nosodes -2 bottles @ 1 Tbsp twice daily. I'm happy to report that after ALL the people telling me to put him down, he is up & around & getting stronger each day. Decubitus ulcers healing...eating & drinking. He should return to normal! Thank you so much! He is like my baby now...he has such a strong spirit & the will to live!
   --J.M ~ HHA Member



Nov. 2011
This is actually for 2 of your products. One is the Gi Chi which I use for the Chrohn's that was diagnosed 9 yrs ago. Originally I was using Digestron, but since Gi Chi was introduced I began using that. The Gi Chi along with a healthy diet, prayers answered and good drinking water have allowed me to be symptom free for over 5 years. I no longer have blood in my stool or the painful cramping.

The other product I can't say enough about is First Responder. I can shout from the top of the mountain how truly remarkable it is! We swear by it and now that my 11 year old can finally swallow a capsule, her colds are almost nil (except for when I get lazy and don't crush the pills and make her a capsule to take). I just decreased the dosage in half because she weighs 85 pds. That along with olive leaf has done wonders. Thanks again for all your advice and newsletters. Your dedication and passion are appreciated. Prayers for you and your family.
   --A.K. ~ HHA Member since 2008



Collagen Complex
Nov. 2011
I have been taking collagen complex for about two months now and it is amazing. Before I started taking this my hands and knees hurt really bad. My knees hurt so much I could barely walk.
I take one pill a day and I don't hurt. As long as I take these pills I can also eat potatoes and not hurt. Potatoes make the pain worse.
   --E.S. ~ HHA Member 2011



Colloidal Silver For Our Sheep!
Nov. 2011
Just read your latest e-mailed update, and thought you might like to know, we also use colloidal silver for our sheep! We use it in a "drench" (shooting the liquid in the sheep's mouth with a tube created for that purpose) when a sheep is exhibiting symptoms of not feeling well. We make a dill weed tea, then add tinctures of goldenseal, olive leaf, garlic, echinacea, and oregano oil, and then add colloidal silver, then put it all in a drench tube. (Follow with a drench of yogurt about a half hour later.) Along with ensuring the sheep has enough minerals, this works wonders! Just thought you might want to know.
   --E.S. ~ Member since 2004



Colloidal Silver - Great Stuff!
Nov. 2011
"Had a boil on my leg that was infected with staff. Tried all sort of meds and antibiotic creams to no avail. The boil head stood 1/2 inch high and the hard core was about three inches across. I had a bottle of Colloidal Silver that I take ever day so I decided to try it. Started filling the boil hole with it straight from bottle with the dropper. Did this twice a day keeping it covered. By the second day the head was almost gone. By the fifth day I could not tell I had ever had a boil. Good Stuff!"
   --D. W. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Oregacillin Works Like A Miracle
June 2011
I have severe problems with pharmaceutical medications, especially antibiotics. I tried HHA physicians strength Oregacillin for my sinus and other infections and it works like a miracle. I take one twice a day with food and within 3-7 days my infections are under control or eliminated completely. Being a heart patient and having my thyroid removed, I have to take Armour Thyroid daily which robs your system of calcium , so I take 3 caps of HHA Coral Calcium daily 4 hours after taking the Armour Thyroid. Always be aware of not taking medicines with vitamins and herbs, give yourself at least a 304 hour period between the two groups, thus you will not have problems with interactions. I have relied on the Herbal Healer products for over 10 years, have helped my friends with the transition to herbal medications and I thank God for Marijah McCain's dedication to helping all of us in need.
My Husband, Robbie, is a Vietnam Veteran with skin diseases caused by Agent Orange. He washes twice daily for added protection. I wash his clothes in natural detergent and rinse in White Vinegar. He also uses the Grapefruit Seed Extract, Body & Foot Powder, especially when there is high humidity. He puts this powder on his groin, which gets a severe rash and any place else that breaks out with the rash. The trick is to keep clean with natural substances and only use natural products on your body. He has been rash, Tinaversa Cola free, for over 8 years by doing this process.
   --G.H. ~ HHA Member since 2001



June 2011
Keep fighting for natural medicine! Your products and beliefs are tried and true! I have operated my own home based alternative medicine business with most of my products from Herbal Healer. I am a registered nurse by training, but alternative/complementary medicine is the only way to go!
To share my personal husband broke his lower leg in an accident. He had to have a plate and screws placed for it to heal normally. He had severe residual nerve pain from it and his walking got worse and more painful following the cast removal. This was August, by Dec he could not walk. He had a second surgery to remove the hardware in Dec. Some improvement with the hardware removal, but ongoing swelling, pain, and nerve sensations that were painful (Feb 11). I saw your report of the NuStock and thought I would try it. I also ordered neurorecovery and natural pain relief. I rubbed his foot down in the evening, covered it with an ace wrap, made him take the recommended doses of the other medications. Within thirty minutes he reported for the first time that his foot actually felt better! I repeated the whole procedure the next am and evening and by day three he was walking normally and totally pain free!! Truely amazing products! Be warned, the Nustock does get onto
everything. Our laundry, bed sheets, blankets all have that faint sulfur smell!! I recommend washing everything seperately and covering any area that has the creme on it so it does not get on everything. But it was worth it to him to walk pain free and normal again! The Allopathic doctors did not have any other solutions for him, so hurray for herbal healer!!!!!!!!!!!
   --T.H.~ HHA Member since 2003



COPD Has Been Helped by HHA.
June 2011
Were it not for Marijah's Herbal Healer I know I would be dead, an invalid, or on oxygen. I was diagnosed with COPD 7 years ago. They told me I was going to die.
I started looking into alternatives. I found Herbal Healer, and started using the products. Several times I have contacted Marijah through her online ask service. It has saved my life. I cannot tell you how wonderful the products Herbal Healer has are. I have avoided taking all medications from my regular doctor. I am not on oxygen. I am well and alive.
My doctor was enraged and dropped me. I do not have a doctor now though I have excellent medical insurance. I have actually been blacklisted. Because I would not use the prescriptions that they offered me I can not get help from a regular doctor in this area without an attitude. The medications that they offered me were worse than the COPD, pages of side effects. They refused to help me at all. I have gone through bacterial pneumonia, bird lovers flu, plurisy, a blood infection, congestive heart failure, blood clots, edema, and extensive lung damage without the help of a regular doctor. I have depended on Marijah's products and advise. God bless you Marijah! I am healing and able to do things again. I look forward to swimming this summer. A happy and healthy customer.
   --D.V. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Oregacillin Knocks Out Flu Bug
June 2011
I have many allergies including pharmaceutical drugs. There was a flu going around in Maryland that I had for about four months. I thought I got rid of it, but it came back with a vengence. Your Oregacillin knocked it out! This was the only supplement that worked with this type of flu. Thank you for being there for all of us that cannot take prescribed medications.
   --G.H. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Women In Balance Freakin' Miracle!
June 2011
Hi Hearbal Healer! For about 2 and a half months now I have been on a constant period. I have seen numerous doctors who all came to the same conclusion after tons of Tests that I have a Hormonal Imbalance. They tried putting me on Birth Control to regulate it but the bleeding only got worse. My mom is a member here and she told me to try Women In Balance. It works like a freakin miracle! I have only been on it or a week and my bleeding is practically gone! This is the only thing I have taken that has shown hope of working. I am so glad for this product and I can't wait to share the results with anyone going through the problem I had. Thank you for this product.
Signed -Very Happy Woman in Nevada
   --K.S. ~ HHA Member



Hives Cured By Parasite Program
May 2011
Hives cured with parasite program. I recently developed hives, which I'd never had before. My physician prescribed an antihistamine for the symptoms (which I didn't even get filled), but I wanted a cure, not just relief. On a hunch I did the one month wormwood tincture and Intestinal Freedom program which I had used often before from HH. Have had no recurrence since (a year ago).
   --M.H. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Colloidal Silver To The Rescue
May 2011
I am a stomach cancer survivor who has no stomach. So when I got food poisoning recently, I was completely wiped out. I took a dropperful of colloidal silver in about 5 oz of water and sipped it whenever I could. I knew that hydration was vital so I made sure I kept drinking water, even though I couldn't keep it down. I kept the silver and the water coming and in about 10 hours I was able to sleep well. 36 hours after becoming ill, I could take in food and regulate my blood sugar with fruit. The wonderful part of this is I lost all interest in any junk foods (which I could not eat but craved). I think my intestinal flora was "reset" by the illness and the use of silver. I use colloidal silver in my dogs' water once a week, and administer it if they appear ill. I also dose my family with it when they feel down. Fantastic stuff!
   --K.D. ~ Member since 2003



Chronic Bronchitis - Respir 8 & Oregacillin
Feb. 2011
I have been plagued with a constant cough for nearly 2 years. I went to a traditional doctor who told me that I had chronic bronchitis. Once or twice a year he would give me anti-biotics, prednisone, codeine cough syrup and an inhaler. It would go away for awhile but I still had wheezing and would cough at night which left me sleepless. I recently purchased Herbal Healer's RESPIR-8 and Physician's Strength Oregacillin. I just used the last of the RESPIR-8 and I have 3 more Oregacillin's to go. I am thrilled to report that my cough is gone! I can sleep at night and am breathing easier. I have purchased some for a friend with a similar problem and have/will recommend these products to anyone. Thank you, thank you!
   --D.K.~ HHA Member



Asthma Cured and She Drinks " A Little Tea"...
Feb. 2011
Thank you so much for your amazing products. You are a true blessing. I no longer have asthma. Cured! I haven't used an inhaler or steroids in 2 years. My friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast and liver cancer in 2008. The Drs call her their miracle patient. She told them she drinks a "little tea". Thanks again!!
   --L.B. ~ HHA Member



HHA Memory Power - ADHD - Life Saver
Dec. 2010
Dear **. McCain, My son is a totally a different person when he does not have the Memory Power and my concern is that he might lose his job without it. Believe me, it has been a literal "life saver" for us as he had no control over his temper and behavior until he started taking the product, Memory Power -- which actually makes no mention of helping ADHD. Believe me - it DOES!! My son is 42 and still living with this blasted ADHD problem and still living at home! More recently, he's also been taking a natural lithium product (Serenity) which has also helped his mood changes. (As he is apparently also Bi-Polar) Your prices for the Brain Products are so much more reasonable than where we previously purchased it.

Because of these two products, he has been able to hold down a job at Wal-Mart for the past 12 years. Before that, we thought we might have to have him institutionalized. I realize the state of Arkansas does not appreciate what you are doing, but believe me, you have been a life saver for us!! God Bless you and your family.
   --S.W. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Serious Looking Infection Helped!
Dec. 2010
My oldest son recently moved back home with a number of health issues. Last week his face and gums swelled up pretty badly from an infection, so we tried colloidal silver and olive leaf capsules to see if they would help in the meantime. I can't even describe how swollen his face was-- I told him that if the silver and olive leaf didn't help within a day, we would need to go to the emergency ward because obviously, there was a serious infection going on that could spread to his bloodstream. He took one dose of silver in water and kind of held the solution in his mouth for a minute or so before swallowing it. He also took six olive leaf capsules per day--3 in the morning, and 3 in the evening. The swelling began to go down the next day, and within 3 days, his face looked back to normal, with no pain. He stopped the silver after 6 days, but is still taking the olive leaf until he can see a dentist next week.

I just want to thank Herbal Healer and Marijah McCain for all they do to help people who are sick and in need of an alternative to traditional treatments. God bless you all.
   --T. ~ HHA Member



I Am Alive Today Because...
Dec. 2010
I am alive today because of Jesus Christ and **. McCain. Doctors left me for dead, **. McCain said, no, I would live! I did, after taking her suggestions. I told her a couple of weeks ago that I had taken all she suggested and still had a head cold/sinus every morning. She told me to get an air purifier for the bedroom and I haven't been sick since! Thank you **. McCain, as I live for tomorrow to spread the word for you and Jeusus Christ, my Lord.
   --R ~ HHA Member



Women In Balance
Nov. 2010
I am taking the Women in Balance pills - 3 per day as it says on the bottle - I can't tell you how much better I feel!!!!!!!!!!!! I was losing my memory and it's back and feeling so fatigued and depressed and that's all gone. Thank you.
   --T.U. ~ Long time HHA Member



HHA Student Goes All The Way!!!
August 2010
Dear ** McCain and the Herbal Healer Academy - Recently we returned from the ANMA convention in Las Vegas where I took my board certification exam for Naturopath - I PASSED. Your credits were accepted by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines and after a few courses and the final exam I got my ND. I now plan to take the courses required by CNHP to become certified. This all happened because of you- THANK YOU HERBAL HEALER ACADEMY AND DR MCCAIN.
   --J.H. ~ Member since 2001



Thank You For Help With My Chest Pains
August 2010
** McCain, I am one of your Naturopatic Grads and about 4 weeks ago I emailed you with a personal ailment thinking it was Angina. I have been doing Chi Lil Qi Gong and I took your Circulation powder for a month and followed your advice about taking COQ10, Olive Leaf Extract and Hawthorn Berry Extract. I had some tests ran today that included an Ultra Sound of both left and right Carotid Arteries and my stomach checking for an aneurysm, an EKG, and pressure tests on my limbs. Although these were not all that comprehensive, they all showed normal activity. The pain I have had in my chest has gotten much better to the point that I can resume my morning 1 1/2 mile walks and my martial arts training 4 nights a week. I really want to thank you so much for your help and advice on helping me recover from my ailment.
   --J.H.~ Member since 1999



Daughter's Hot Flashes Helped!
August 2010
I'm reporting that the suggestions you gave me for my daughter's hot flashes etc. has WORKED!! She feels great now and is telling others about you and your company.
   --S. M ~ HHA Member



Son Had Ruptured Appendix - Critical
July 2010
Marijah, I know in my heart and soul that the 'healers' I gave Harrison helped protect him from worse events, and that your formulas were also huge factors in his miraculous recovery. God was the first and final say in the matter, but your work is so intertwined with this harrowing experience, it compels me to let you know. I am and always will be eternally grateful to you for choosing the path you have, although it has put you through nine kinds of hell. Thank you for being a leader. I always tell people when I share your book with them that I am merely a messenger, and that I am standing on the shoulders of a giant. All of this information and timeless knowledge should be learned at mother's knee, not be locked away by a sinister government claiming ownership to our most precious bodies.
   --C.F. ~ HHA Student and Member



HHA ND Comes Out Clear On Cancer!
March 2010
I was suspected with Cancer by my GP, who then referred me to a Specialist in Onocology/Dermatology. Two of my Brothers and two of my sisters had been treated for cancer a few years back. I took HHA's ND course in 2002 (Best money I ever spent). My Appointment date to see the specialist was in 3 weeks. I placed myself on 4 grams of Vitamin C, orally, Colloidal Silver @ 500PPM directly on the spot. Vit. D3 X 3, along with the 4-Herb tea concentrate 1 oz. in 16 oz. H2O - 2 times a day, 4-Herb 4:1 caps @ 2 per day. All purchased at HHA (I trust Dr. McCain's products and her wisdom). I also chewed 4 raw apricot kernels. I took all this with a lot of PRAYER. I have always figured the shotgun approach is best. To make a long story short, when I went to the appointment with the specialist he could not fine any trace of cancer. I continue taking Vitamin C @ 3g @day. and will drop to maintenance doses of the other nutrients.
   --Dr. E. S. ~ HHA Naturopath



SUPER X For Men.
March 2010
Purchased one bottle to share with a friend. He used twice with his partner, both times successful. I shared with my partner one time. First evening was a success, second night (without taking more) was even better! So glad to be able to make healthier choices to support male performance! And the price is right! The pharmaceutical companies are outrageously priced! Thank you HHA for a great find! New customer now, committed for life!
   --L.R. ~ HHA Member 2010



Emu Oil for Ferret - 4-Herb for Dog
March 2010
I just wanted to say how well Emu Oil has worked for my ferret. We believe that she has adrenal disease, and the only opinion was surgery. She is 5 years old, so we decided against that. She lost a lot of hair from the disease, so we started rubbing Emu Oil all over her 2 times a day. She has almost grown all of her hair back! Emu Oil is amazing; it really helps grow hair back.

I also wanted to mention that we are giving 4-Herb tea 3 times a day to my 6 year old golden retriever who 8 months ago was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. We had surgery done to remove the tumor and decided against radiation. Instead we have been giving her the tea and other various holistic treatments ever since. She is very healthy and happy, and so far shows no signs of the tumor growing back. Again, I truly believe in holistic treatments, and have recommended them to everyone I know.
   --L ~ HHA Member since 2009



Husband Very Sick - Flu Like Symptoms
Feb. 2010
Dear ** McCain, I have been a customer for many years and just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. The information that I have gotten from your catalog, newsletters and website has influenced my life and the lives of others in many ways. My husband has been very sick this week. I thought he just had a cold but then he developed a cough, fever and chills. I am giving him one capsule each of oregacillin, olive leaf extract and elderberry power three times a day and one teaspoon of colloidal silver mixed into a vitamin c drink also three times a day. After only two doses he was much better and after 24 hours was able to go back to work! It is probably the most rapid improvement I have ever seen (he was really feeling bad) and I had to share. Thanks again.
   --J.H. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Overdue On My Testimonial
Jan. 2010
Dear ** McCain, I'm way overdue on sending you a testimonial. You are such an important part of our lives. I first learned of the HHA in the early 90's. My husband had colon cancer. After 3 surgeries, chemo & radiation he was barely alive & the prognoses was not more than 5 years. I don't remember how I learned of you, but thank goodness I did. I ordered the 4 Herb Tea & he took it as instructed. He improved rapidly. He has taken the tea periodically during the last 19 years. About 10 years ago his doctor did tests & said the cancer was back & he needed to start chemo in 4 weeks. He took the Essiac 3 times a day for the next 4 weeks. When he went back, the tests showed he was fine with no sign of cancer. The doctor was amazed & my husband was relieved because he refuses to go through chemo again. Naturally this made us believers in Essiac & you.
Our children have been helped much by your information & products. In 2001 I took your Herbology Course. It has been invaluable, helped many people. My daughter will be sending in a testimonial aobut how Essiac has made tumors disappear in her 20 year old cat.

Your "Ask the Naturopath" emails have been invaluable. We always take your advice & it always works. I have ordered the Nutrition & Chemistry Course & your set of Audio CDs. I'm now 80 yrs old & still in almost perfect health, thanks to you, your products & advice. It feels great to still be learning, hoping to be useful & influence others to take charge of their health & eating habits. Two women have had a big influence in my life. One was a professor, Dr. Anna Lee at Indiana State Univ., the other is YOU.

Just want you to know your hard work, stress from the establishment, etc. has helped a lot of lives!
   --C.D ~ Long time HHA Member



2X size to size 10
Jan. 2010
Thank you so much for your great products! I had practically gave up on allopathic medicine as they had done nothing for me but cause more problems. I got tired of their one size fits all with their weight loss ideas. Many people and drs believe that diet and exercise will rid everyone of obesity. I tried that. didnt work. Psych meds, hormonal imbalances and possible thyroid problems(which tests never detected but im sure are there). I eat the best I can on a fixed income. But a few years after getting off all prescription drugs I'm much better and went from a 2x to maybe a size 10 after taking the HHA 4 Herb Tea 2x a day and HHA Apple Cider Vinegar Plus and taking glandulars like Metabolic Complex 2x a day as well as experimentation with other Herbal Healer products. Didn't change my diet or eat less. Exercise some as i don't have a car. Had hypo- thyroid symptoms that Dr's refused to acknowledge because tests were "normal".
   --P.R. ~ HHA Member



Chronic Yeast Infections
Dec. 2009
HHA Mycostat and Beta Glucans are two amazing products! After suffering chronic yeast infection for the last twelve years it is all gone. The doctor just keep on giving antibiotic which made it worst. Now I am free of pain and bad odors.
   --S.D. ~ HHA Member 2009



Occular Rosacea
October 2009
About 8 years ago, my eyes became very inflammed on a regular basis. The eye doctor put me on penicillin, saying he wasn't sure why it worked. He said he was staying up at night trying to diagnose me. After taking cultures, and having to put in antibiotics and stearoids (every 15 minutes when it was very bad--he said I was a very sick puppy), he finally said it was occular rosecea. The treatment was antibiotics (for some people, the rest of their lives). Eventually, they quit working and I felt my health was in jeopardy. The doctor had told me that if the inflammation wasn't kept in check, my occular fluid would leak out and scarring would blind me.

My sister had your catalog sent to me before all this. I was skeptical and let it sit for about a year. One day I picked it up and read it. It all made sense. I did your 3-point plan for health, paying special attention to candida protocol and anti-inflammatory supplements. I quit the doctor. I felt like a new person. My eyes are not inflammed as long as I take the 4-herb capsules on a maintenance level, two a day, as soon as I get up in the morning. I cannot thank you enough.
   --T.J. ~ HHA Member since 2004



Sept. 2009
Thank you so much! I am re-ordering the HHA Flew Away and Olive Leaf because it has helped our whole family to get through our sickness without too much distress, but I'm all out now. I hope it comes as fast as it did the first time. Thank you for your integrity in providing good quality health products!
   --J.H. ~ HHA Member



Asparagus Extract - Saved Kidneys
Sept. 2009
BP (Blood Pressure) meds really poisoned me – I think almost to the point of shutting down my kidneys and the Asparagus Extract Tea literally turned me around (the ACE inhibitor that is made on the protocol of a Brazilian snake venom is the one that put me over the edge).
   --D. P. ~ HHA Member since 2006



Swine Flu Diagnosis
Sept. 2009
Tuesday night our teen came home from play practice with a sore throat. I immediately put her on Flew Away, my 2nd favorite product and placed an order(which was here yesterday-thanks!) The nurse practitoner diagnosed her with H1N1 but said to keep using our herbal supplements. She said our teen was the best looking person she had seen sick with this stuff- she looked great to be so sick. Our teen takes her supplements and believes in this approach to health. Thanks for what you do for so many of us!
   --M.K. ~ Member since 2008



New Member and the Flu
Sept. 2009
Thank you for all of your help. I LOVE all your products and your prices are so good for such great quality. Last week, my hubby who NEVER gets sick came down with flu like symptoms including high fever. I gave him your recommended protocol for flu and his fever broke within hours. He was better much more quickly then other people with the same thing. I, on the other hand, felt perfect the whole time even when I had a very slight fever. Thanks to you and your products!!
   --K.L. ~ New Member 2009



August 2009
My husband had prostate cancer and had it removed 4 years ago. He had high cholestrol problems, so I put him on the Inflazme-Forte. He went to have his PSA checked 2 weeks ago and had a reading of 0.-1. Which is really good. NO CANCER! I have had him take the 4 Herb tea off and on for the last 2 years. Thank you so much for the information in your catalogs and providing the proper products we need. I have family, friends, and even complete strangers taking your products.
   --T.M. ~ HHA Member since 2007



Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid
August 2009
I want to thank HHA for the Liquid Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D. I have no Thyroid and started experiencing tongue and lip burning, teeth hurting in the front. I knew it was my parathyroid. I took over the counter calcium nothing. My sister gave me your liquid and two days later it stopped. It is a wonderful product. I am a HHA member and never thought to order this before, yesterday I got my shipment. Thank you.
   --P.Y.~ HHA Member



Total Hysterectomy - Women in Balance to Rescue!
July 2009
About 4 months following a total hysterectomy, I began to suffer from severe psychological problems. Usually a very upbeat, happy person, I became hopeless and entertained thoughts of dying or killing myself. My daughter reocgnized the change in my personality and told me about Herbal Healer's Women in Balance. Within 2 weeks, there was a marked difference and I was completely restored to my happy personality. For five years, I have taken no hormones, only Women in Balance and it is amazing. I ran out for a month a year or so ago and the depressed, hopeless feelings returned. I will never run low on Women in Balance again.
   --K.K. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Leg Cramps
June 2009
My husband's leg cramps have eased up tremendously with your recommendations. It's been 1 solid week of not even the slightest cramps!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
   --C.R. ~ HHA Member



Ulcertating Vascular Tumor
June 2009
My 6 month old daughter was born with an ulcerating vascular tumor on her lower sacrum, and covering 80% of her bottom. This tumor is not cancerous but acts malignant in that it grows rapidly for two years. We have had trouble with it getting infected because of the constant contact with stool from her bottom. She has had to be hospitalized and see's a specialist regularly.

Her specialist only allows pure petroleum jelly (fugera) to be applied to it along with the anti-biotic cream. After recieving an information sheet from Mariah about Olive Leaf Extract with my order I decided to mix two droppers full of the extract with 1 cup of petroluem jelly. I applied it to my daughters infected tumor. Within 1/2 a day the infection looked much better. After 1 day it was almost gone, 2 days later it was completely gone. We now use this mixture daily as a preventative. We are SO IMPRESSED. This is amazing stuff. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
   --J.G. ~ HHA Member since 2003



June 2009
Just want to let you know how happy we are with your HHA Respir8. Paul was on 2 inhalers a day for his asthma. He had to take one of them twice a day. The other is called his rescue inhaler. He has been taking Respir8 for a few months now and has been off his twice a day inhaler for about 2 months. What a God send. He has been on that one inhaler for over 20 years with his asthma getting progressively worse. His asthma is better than it has been in many years thanks to Respir8. Rarely does he have to use his rescue inhaler. As you will see I have ordered 6 more bottles of it for him. Thank you for all your great medicines and hope all will go well for you in the future. Sincerely...
   --S. ~ HHA Member 2009



Bone Spurs - Dr. Chi's MYOSTEO
Hune 2009
Just wanted to let you know that my husband did follow your advice about the Myosteo for his heel spur. He took all that he ordered. Wasn't as good about the calcium, but still got really good results and has no more pain in his foot. We really thank you for that.
   --P.W. ~ HHA Member



Breathing Issues For Two Years - Gone!
May 2009
Dear ** McCain, Thank you for all of your help the last 2 years with my breathing issues. Everything you suggested helped, and after 2 years of battling shortness for breath I have finally cleared whatever it was out of my body. I used everything you suggested and bought a purifier for my bedroom. Earlier this year my chiropractor suggested I try a liquid cleanse from Genesis Pure in combination with your products which seemed to be the icing on the cake! It cleared up my lungs and my skin and helped me lose weight. I have never felt or looked better in my adult life! Of course I am still taking everything to keep building my immune system, but I wouldn't be has healthy as I am today without you!
   --S.A. ~ HHA Member



BRAIN POWER !!! Read This!!!
April 2009
You are to be commended for your passion and commitment. My friend told me about his 92 year old mother and how she was so unresponsive mentally that they were getting ready to put her in nursing home. I suggested from reading your catalogue the Brainpower , after a month she had totally recovered. She was alert and speaking, which she hadn't done in years since she had a stroke. At her birthday party a few weeks ago she was up dancing!!! Amazing, thank you for wonderful website and catalogue and dedication.
   --L.S. ~ HHA Member



** McCain, Thank You
April 2009
I LOVE you and what you do...thank you. Mom is getting over her MONO thanks to you and your products are wonderful. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs...I truly appreciate your honesty in your email is always a breath of fresh air in an otherwise insane world lately.



High Cholesterol
April 2009
My cholesterol went from 270 down to 220 with HHA Formula One - 1 tablet 3 times a day and the HHA Super Enzymes. I am now adding Inflazyme and COQ10. Thanks Herbal Healer!
   --K.A. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Cancer and Cyst on Kidney
Feb. 2009
I am a firm believer in your suggestions. When I was diagnosed with the endometrial cancer I started taking the 4-Herb Tea and I also had cyst on my kidney, so I took the Myomin and everything came back good.
   --D.H. ~ HHA Member



Asparagus Helps Lower BP
Jan. 2009
I've been using the supply of Asparagus Extract I have for the past 11 days and my BP has dropped from 179/110 down to 141/73. I should add that my BP didn't go down until I started to use it regularly twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day. Anyone who really does their homework would do well to avoid pharma like the plague, you may already know there's a study showing that not only do BP meds not work in most cases, but now it's proven they cause diabetes. I said "no thanks" to the pills, and I'm pretty sure I have to shop for a new MD now. That should be fun.
   --S.S. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Husband's Cholesterol Reduced
Jan. 2009
In September of this year, my husband's cholesterol was very high (247) and he was told to start Lipitor right away. I asked the doctor is she would mind if we tried a natural alternative first before going on the drugs (I would have anyway) but she agreed and asked to see him in 8 weeks. With the HHA Cholesterol Balance and the HHA Circulation Plus as well as a bit of dietary change we were able to get it down to 171 in 8 weeks. Awesome! Dr. assitant called after second round of blood work and said, "He's doing great, continue with the Lipitor" !!! He now takes just the Cholesterol Balance once a day for maintenance and so far so good, Yay! God Bless you ** McCain ... where would we be without you?
   --L.R. ~ Member since 2002



Out of Death Bed in One Week!
Dec. 2008
A few years ago I wrote Dr. Mccain & told her in my heart I knew within a week or two i would be dead as I was unable to even get out of bed & doctors had left me for dead as i had tumors and cyst all in my body (all caused by them giving me the wrong meds) instead of finding out what was wrong(celiac disease, candida, fibromyalgia among others) saying it was all in my head even though their test proved it to be in my body. ** McCain told me what to start taking when she called me (on my birthday). I started on her herbs immediatly & within one week I was out of bed and on my way to good health. I have been continuing since to repair what damage the doctors did to me. Thank The Lord Jesus Christ for ** McCain. We love you.
   --R$.M. ~ HHA Member



Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid Saved My Life!
Dec. 2008
I have spent 52 thousand dollars in the last seven months to try and diagnose what turned out to be a magnesium deficiency. It nearly killed me at the age of 38. 2 days of Cal/Mag and I have nearly all symptoms cleared up. Saved my life. I am positive of that.
   --S.M. ~ HHA Member



Colloidal Minerals are Awesome!
Dec. 2008
I have enjoyed your wonderful products for a few years now, and will be ordering more soon. The Colloidal Minerals that I ordered are awesome!!!! And so is the Essaic/4-herb tonic too. It completely relieved the aches in my bones and the tightness in my chest. My hair also grew thicker which was awesome too!
   --R. H. ~ HHA Member



Dec. 2008
I have a family member that is 57 she has been fighting Gangrene in her toe for 8 months .. we finally put colloidal silver on it and it healed in 3 days!
   --J.D. ~ HHA Member



I Am OFF Zoloft After 10 Years!!!
Dec 2008
I have been on Zoloft for about 10 years. I really wanted to get off of this medication but wasn't sure how. I tried "Chill Out", 2 caps twice a day and taking the 4-Herb Tea concentrate, 1 tablespoon each day. I am now after 2 months of taking these two products COMPLETELY OFF OF ZOLOFT. I am doing well considering I just moved completely cross country and had to start a new job etc. I am so, so Thankful for Marijah and all that she has done for me and my family. We have been using natural products now for many years with no side effects and great results. Thank you so much and God Bless You !!!
   --C.E ~ HHA Member since 2003



Heartburn, Bad Gas, Digestion Problems
Oct. 2008
Dear Marijah, Thank you for helping me with my problems of extreme heartburn, trouble digesting, very bad gas. They were cured by using the Thyroid Complex, Colon Enhancer and Super Enzymes that you recommended.
   --D. ~> HHA Member



Colloidal Silver, Beta Glucans ... WOW!
Oct. 2008
I've been a member almost a year now and I must say I'm very impressed! I recently ordered the colloidial silver because I was hit hard by the flu bug. Bad cough, congestion, etc. After taking the silver for 3 days now I have to say wow! My symptoms are about gone and normally I'd still be taking OTC cold medicine. Not today! Thanks Marijah! Oh, I also take the Beta Glucans with Maitake Mushroom. I don't get sick when I take them, but I had run out for awhile and wham, got sick. I will keep those stocked up from now on!
   --J ~ HHA Member since 2007



Staghorn Kidney Stone
October 2008
I wrote you concerning a staghorn kidney stone. I am still using the Dr Chi Asparagus Extract and the Kidney Chi capsules as you suggested, and the doctors are scratching their heads how something that big can be eroding. My kidney function tests are coming back normal. So thank you for that recommendation.
   --HHA Member



Dogs Tooth Plaque Clearing Up
Sept. 2008
About 2 weeks ago I began adding a tiny bit of HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract (liquid) to the toothpaste when brushing my dog's teeth. He is 12 years old and had tons of plaque. After about 2 weeks he has pearly whites and the plaque is almost entirely gone! Another week ought to do it. Can't wait for his yearly vet visit.
   --W.W. ~ HHA Member since 1998



Husbands Tumor
August 2008
Dear Herbal Healer, Thank you for speedy shipment. My husband's tumor has shrunk another 25% and all other tumors have stable. I will continue to do business with a company of integrity. Sincerely
   --S. P. ~ HHA Member



Inflazyme Forte Helps Lower Cholesterol
July 2008
Greetings, I bought InflaZyme Forte Plus a few months ago, and it worked great! My cholesterol dropped from 198 to 107 in three weeks.
   --S.M ~ HHA Member



Oral Chelate Tablets - Cholesterol Down 101 pts
July 2008
I was so exited about Oral Chelation tablets when my brother-n-law started taking them. After only two months his cholesterol went down 30 points, so I started taking the Oral Chelation tablets because I had blood work done and my cholesterol was 256 and after only six months it went down 101 points, I was so excited I was calling everyone and teling them. Thank You
   --S. P. ~ HHA Member



7 Indoor Elderly Cats
July 2008
I have a cat that was having mouth problems and I thought it was his teeth. I started giving him a few drops of the Grapefruit Seed Extract in his water dish and once I was able to take him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned. The vet said his teeth were in very good shape for an 11 year old cat. I also, add the olive leaf extract to the cats water during the winter to provide some of the greens they don't get during that time of year as well as boost their immune system. I have 7 indoor-outdoor cats, all but one, over the age of 10 yrs.
   --J ~ HHA Memeber



Apple Cider Plus Helps!
July 2008
After one week of taking Apple cider Plus I felt results. I had suffered pain in my left foot for i 1/2 years - many doctor visits, shots, medication - nothing helped. Surgery was around the corner. I noticed that I have no more foot pain after a week of taking this product and my weight dropped by 4 lbs. the first week. I notice I am not constantly hungry any longer. Thanks and God bless!
   --W.W. ~ HHA Member - New York



Wonderful Health Benefits!
July 2008
** McCain, I really appreciate all the wonderful physical benefits I am experiencing through natural medicine and Herbal Healer! I take Olive Leaf Concentrate 3x daily, plus Sinus Chi 3x daily, and no longer live with sinus infections, allergies, etc. My husband, children and grandchildren also drink the Essiac - 4-Herb tea daily and have seen numerous benefits.
   --S.D. ~ HHA Member



Acid Reflux Is Much Better!
July 2008
The severe acid reflux is due to a chronic candida infection in the small intestine. You need to work hard at clearing that out. Colon Enhancer - 3 twice a day with two glasses of extra water. cut back on large meals until you are getting cleaned out. Also add 1 Super Enzyme to the larger meal of the day to help with the digestion. You should plan on working on this for at least 3 months.

"Thank you. The acid reflux has gotten much better! Thank you."
   --J ~ HHA Member



Vocal Cord Polyp
June 2008
Dear ** McCain. A few months back I was diagnosed with vocal cord polyp. Contacted you of course. You suggested tea, Metabolic Complex and Myomin. I followed your advice. Voice has totally returned to normal. No hoarseness at all. You saved me from surgery. What a ministry you have. May God give you many more years of healing.
   --W.P. ~ HHA Member since 2007



HHA Colloidal Silver
May 2008
I just read your letter on Colloidal Silver & I am here to tell you, I have never turned gray, have healed my ear from infection-when the doctor kept supplying me with antibiotics that only gave me yeast infection, and heals my small dog of diarrhea whenever he gets it. Yours is the absolute best product on the market & I have taken it for about 12 years, nothing better!
   --M.H.~ HHA Member since 1995



Another HHA Maca Maca Baby On The Way!!!
May 2008
I just want to tell you that I believe your Maca Maca herbs played a role in my pregnancy. I have had two ectopic pregnancies (one in each tube) and three IVF treatments of which 2 resulted in pregnancies but were both lost. I have been off fertility treatments for almost 4 years and started taking Maca Maca herbs and also changed my diet slightly. We got pregnant on our own! I am 43 years old and this is such a wonderful blesssing and gift! I just want to share hope with all and to always keep hope alive because anything is possible when you have faith in your life.
   --G. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Our Little Pomeranian
May 2008
Dear * McCain, Thank you so much for all of your help in treating our little Pomeranian. She died recently, but my goodness she lived to be over 17 years old. We attribute this to your 4-herb tea, collodial silver and minerals, and glandulars. A Poms normal lifespan is 9 to 12 years.
   --C.G. ~ Longtime HHA Member



Severely Disable Son Responds Well
April 2008
I have been giving my severely disabled son Neurorecovery and Brain Power for about 4 months and am pleased to report he has made some gains in school and with his therapists. He was even rewarded with student of the month for March. He has been happier, better attention, and is really understanding words and commands. Thanks.
   --B.M. ~ HHA Member since 2007



Hair Stopped Falling Out!
April 2008
Dearest ** McCain, Thank You! I contacted you about my hair falling out and you sugguested to take, Women in Balance, Thyro Complex and Evening Primrose. I took all these products starting in Dec. and by Jan. 12th, my hair has completely stopped falling out. I had tried so many other avenues (all natural too) but, you and your products are what helped. I am so grateful to you and your willingness to help others. You are a blessing. At 43, married and a mother of 4 young children, I sure didn't want to be going bald. Thank You so much. I tell everyone about you and your products! You're In my prayers.
   --F.S.~ HHA Member since 2000



Eye Sight and Incontinence
Mar. 2008
Mom is really doing good. Her sight has come back in that one eye. Also her incontinence is gone. She is 88 years old and goes to Walmart to tell other women buying Depends to have their thyroid checked, as that was what caused her problems.
   --J.L.~ HHA Member since 2007



Losing Eyebrows and Facial Itching
March 2008
Dear ** McCain, I wrote to you about losing my eyebrows and severe itching on my face and brow area. You told me to use Evening Primrose caps and Emu oil. My eyebrows have grown back and there isn't any more itching. Thank You
   --L.A. ~ HHA Member



HHA Homemade Elderberry Tincture
Mar. 2008
Wanted to let you know of the great results I've had using your recipe for Elderberry Tincture. I made this tincture in November 2006. I had not used it during that time because there were so few reported cases of flu in our area last winter. This winter has been a different story. Several of my co-workers came down with the flu and of course I got it as well.

As soon as I realized that I had contracted the flu (I had a fever of 100) I began taking a dose of the tincture in the hopes that it would prevent my case from becoming severe. I couldn't find any information about how much to take under these circumstances but I figured I had to at least double the dose. I settled on a tablespoon as opposed to the maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon. I am happy to report that while I did have the flu and I did run a slight fever for 4 days, I did not miss work and other than a sore throat, a croaky voice and lack of stamina I made it just fine. I took the 1 tablespoon dose of tincture for a full week and have now reduced the dosage down to the recommended 1 teaspoon. I will continue with this dosage thru the rest of the flu season. I already have another batch of tincture mixed in preparation for next years flu season. Thank you for sharing this life-saving recipe.



*** Clean Quart Jar add 1/4 pound dried elderberries (Must be Sambucus nigra) see our bulk herbs section $14.50 - 1/2 pound
*** Now fill to top with vodka. Put lid on tight.
*** Store in a dark cupboard and shake once every few days.
*** Label and date your jar.
*** Let it sit for at least 30 days before you strain it.
*** You can use it without straining it too and it will just continue to get stronger. Preventative - Adult - 1 teaspoon in water once a day. Children scale back by weight.
   --R. C ~ HHA Member



GSE - Grapefruit Seed Extract Products
Mar. 2008
Any GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) products that I have used are outstanding and are very quick to work. The Germ Buster is excellent for stopping the "runs" instantly. It is also excellent to have on a camping trip as you can add 10 drops to a glass of stream (creek) water and let it set for a bit and BINGO! pure water to drink.
   --R.H. ~ HHA Member



Leg Swelling, Back Ache...
March 2008
Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your recent help with my leg problem. I have taken the kidney detoxer (Asparagus Extract) for over a month now and have wonderful results. My left leg is now normal to the right leg. I have also noticed no more back ache or right side ache as I would sometimes have. Thank you ever so much for your help. It is wonderful to know that there is someone out there who can help people like me.
   --K.W. ~ Member since 2005



Feb. 2008
I have been using Emu Oil for the past 2 months to help with the terrible terrible damage microderma abrasion did to my skin. I have tried numerous products and costly for the past two years. I had a bottle of Emu Oil that I had purchased a while back and I decided to give it a shot. I was hesistant to use it b/c of the oil. I thought it may cause it to break out. That was the last thing I needed. But it did not cause any irritation, or clogged the pores or anything. My skin peeling and dryness and the feel of tightness has improved within 2 months. I use it in the am and pm before going to bed. It is best when I step right out of the shower where the skin is moist. Incredible.MD sent steroid cream but never filled it.I am hesistant to use steroid in any form if I don't need to. I will start to use it on my heels also. What a neat product. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!! I am sold on it.
   --M ~ HHA Member



Feb. 2008
Hi there. I just wanted to say a couple things. First, I purchased the HGH Plus and I believe it's really making a difference. I feel more energetic shortly after taking it and it's a nice level energy, not the jittery kind. It may be the combination of the amino acids and the other products as well, but I do notice a difference and it's only been a couple weeks! Even my skin (my crows feet wrinkles) seem to be lightening up and look smoother. My Mom says I'm getting more hair, which has been receding for years. Last but not least, I want to thank you for your great customer service. You called me right away when UPS made a mistake and said my package was refused. You re-shipped right away and I thank you for that. I will continue placing orders for my supplements from your company for as long as your in business! I've also told family and friends about you and hope they order as well. Your products work!
   --J.S. ~ New HHA Member 2008



COQ10 helps Heart Flutterring
Jan. 2008
Dear Marijah I would like to tell you that the CO Q10 has worked wonders. I no longer have flutterings in my heart. Thank you.
   --R ~ HHA Member



Could Not Get Out Of Bed...
Jan. 2008
I sent for my medical records from Medical College of Ga. because they refused to treat me any more and claimed it was because I lived more than 50 miles away even though I know of people who live farther than me and they get treatment from them. Anyway I received my records and they showed medical problems that would have been my death so the hospital signed off on me so they would not have to foot the bill cause I was unable to pay. I wrote ** McCain cause I got so bad I could not get out of bed. She called me and told me what to start taking. I started on the 4-Herb tea, Beta Glucans along with others. I was out of bed within one week and back to my house work the next week. Thank God for ** McCain
   --R.M ~ HHA Member



Lord's Prayer Tape Sung By Marijah
Jan. 2008
I had a very stressful night at work due to a poor outcome on one of our little patients. I listened to you sing the Lord's prayer on the way home this morning. Sometimes I play it in the nursery for our preemies. They like it. Hardly any monitor alarms for awhile afterwards. I can't really describe the warm feeling I get when I listen to that lovely, power filled voice of yours. It gives me peace I think. I also feel strength. It's the voice of a great healer. Just in case you ever get the feeling we take you for granted, I want you to know I thank Jehovah God on a regular basis for the gift of you in our lives. The dedication and time you put into your special art of healing is an awesome thing to contemplate. Just saying thank you seems like such a small word when compared to what you give us.
   --N.B.~ Long time HHA Member



Parasite Program Helps Rash
Jan. 2008
I have been plagued by a rash on my chin that keeps spreading. It seemed to be something that was inside of my skin. I went to a dermatologist in August 2006 and have been going since then. I have been put on antobiotics, given steroid cream, been put on Accutane for 4 months until I could no longer take the depression. I have been a member of HHA for some time now. I read the catalogue and read about parasites and I ordered the Wormwood plus and Intestinal Freedom. My rash is going away although it may take some time because I have had this for over a year!!! Thank you Marijah for everything!!!
   --T.S. ~ HHA Member



Emu Oil Cleared Up The Chronic Problem!
Jan. 2008
I had a very odd little rash on the bottom of my foot that showed up after a trip to Mexico in the early 1980's. For many years it flared up from time to time, itchy and red, then it would calm down. A few years ago it became very uncomfortable with small blisters, peeling skin and scabbing, the itching was unbearable. I went to the doctor who prescribed an anti fungal cream. I got some relief, but not much. I read about your Emu Oil and decided to try it. WOW, within days the itching was gone, the blisters, scabbing and peeling skin were healing nicely, what a relief! I now use it for any skin problems in our family, including cold sores. It is a fantastic product. Thank you so much.
   --J.C. ~ HHA Member



Not Going To Be Without Beta Glucans!
Jan. 2008
Ran out of Beta Glucans after 3 months, came down with a nasty virus. Will never be without them!! While I took them I had not been sick with a cold, flu, allergies in over 2 years. That is a record for me!! Thanks you Marijah you have opened my eyes wide.
   --L.K. ~ HHA Member



Pain is Gone
Jan. 2008
I've been a member and student for some time now and recently started brewing the 4-Herb Tea again for some acquaintences that have various health problems. One of them is my boyfriend who is 46 and has complained of arthritis in his elbow...I have him on HHA Connexion and the 4-Herb tea along with Fish Oil, HHA Apple Cider Vinegar Pills and the HHA multivitamin...we've been doing this for several months now and he can not believe that his pain is gone...he tells all his friends about it and now they too want the 4-herb tea and whatever else I feel they need for their specific problems. What great advice and products you have...also bless you for speaking out about what's wrong with this country/world...keep up the great work!
   --J.S. ~ HHA Member



Leukemia Remission
Dec. 2007
Dear ** McCain, April this year the biopsy results showed 90% Leukemia. In July I started 'the natural program'. In September the same test showed 0% i.e. complete cytogenetic remission! Then they tested me with the finest test available called PCR by which they test 100,000 to 1,000,000 cells results are - major molecular response(remission). They'll test me every 3 months on the PCR (no more need for biopsies), to see if I've reached a complete molecular response. To put it mildly, they are not accustomed to witness such a dramatic reversal. Thank you for you guidance. With God's grace I'll be cancer free soon.
   --A ~ HHA Member since 2007



HHA Cal/Mag/Vitamin D - Helps Mom 77
Nov. 2007
Dear ** McCain, Your HHA Cal/Mag/Vit D Liquid has been a great help for my mom's (age 77) night time leg cramps (restless legs). She has tried so many different things and this is the only thing that really seems to help. She has been diagnosed with (early) osteoporosis. She is active and loves to garden. She takes one tablespoon twice a day.
   --H.S. ~ HHA Member since 2005



Carotid Arteries - Severe to Minimal!
Nov. 2007
I have been using your Oral Chelation and Circulation Plus for four months. My latest ultrasound showed the plague in my carotid arteries have gone from severe to minimal...Thank you so very much...
   --S.S. ~ HHA Member 2007



Family Shows Great Improvements
Oct. 2007
Thank you so much for helping me out. I decided that since I may have been suffering from parasites that my family may have been as well since they also had similar symptoms as I did. Well I would like to let you know that since the parasite cleanse, my mother's mobility and energy has improved greatly and she can digest her food now without having complications. However, the biggest success is for my brother, he was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and was told to change his diet, well he didn't like the food so he never followed the diet, instead we bought some digestive enzyme pills and they helped but not much, until we got the parasite cleanse, now his Celiac disease is gone! He doesn't run to the restroom after every meal! I also recommended the parasite cleanse to my relatives so they ordered some stuff from you as well!

I also would like to let you know that the Dr. Chi's Pro Metabolic capsules are working great! I have began a lower dose of my thyroid medication! I also gave them to my mother and brother and my brother has lost over 10 lbs and the Dr. just called last week on Thursday to tell us that we need to reduce his medication! It's only been less than a month since he has been taking these pills and already there is an improvement! I myself have lost 7 lbs and I have so much energy and positive attitude that I am just thankful for this!

   --T.B ~ HHA Member since 2007



Psoriasis - 80% Body Covered
October 2007
Dear ** McCain, Your suggestions SAVED my daughter's life with 80% body covered in Psoriasis. I have to get the before and after to you for others to see!
   --H.R. ~ HHA Member since 2004



Thank Your For Help So Far...
Oct. 2007
First I would like to thank you for all of your help so far. My dogs leg is now healing nicely, after she expelled the cancer from it. And my mother is feeling so good, she is going to the nursing home telling everyone, how you have helped her with her thyroid, (she is not taking any meds for it anymore), her overall health and that her incontinence has disappeared. And one of our friends has been taking the tea, and is now canceer free, much to the amazement of the doctors.(they gave him only three months to live). You have touched so many lives here in Tennessee.
   --J.L.~ HHA Member since 2007



Lump In My Son's Armpit
Oct. 2007
Just wanted you to know the lump in my little boy's armpit is gone. After adding the red clover drops to his regimen of 4 Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver it caused the lump to go from about the size of a nickel, firm and painful to the size a little bigger than a half dollar and soft. He had a marked reduction in pain and swelling within 2 days. It took about a week for it to be totally gone. He was with his cousin in the yard getting ready to throw a baseball and I heard his cousin ask does your arm still hurt? He said "nope my ** McCain stuff made it all go away." Blessings to you once again. Thank you.
   --N.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003



HHA One Daily Vitamins - the free ones!!!
Oct. 2007
I just wanted to drop you a line on some good news: since September 2006 I have been going through very severe stress and depression due to some deaths in the family and the ending of a couple of close friendships. As a result, these really took a toll on me in every way, but especially I was feeling extreme fatigue, so bad that as soon as I got home from work at 4pm, I would go to sleep and not wake up until it was time to go to work at 5am, and I was still tired. So much fatigue that I was not able to enjoy my days off from work because I was asleep. So fatigued that I could not concentrate at work and would almost fall asleep while working and while driving home from Houston to Spring. I'm 37 years old, way too young to be going through this. Even though I made much progress shaking off the depression and negative mental thoughts, the fatigue persisted. In June I had another pleurisy attach, and I took the Collodial Silver, 4-Herb Tea and Olive Leaf extra as you suggested, and it worked. You also sent me some daily vitamins. I thought to myself, "why not? just take them."

My dear ** McCain, when I started taking your vitamins, not only was I able to stay awake at work, but I didn't have the need to sleep at home anymore. I was alert and able to think clearly. I do think that I may need some additional support because I feel fatigued if I miss a day of my vitamins, but thanks to you, once again, I have my life back, and I feel closer to my old, alert, chipper self.
   --P.E. ~ member since 1997



Hoffman's Disease
Oct. 2007
Thank God for you! I was diagnose with a an autoimmune disorder called Hoffman's disease in 1993. I suffered with open bleeding painful sore on my scalp off and on going to a dermatologist. In 2006, you recommended Essiac, Colon Enhancer , Asparagus extract, and Parasite cleanse. I now have a clear healed scalp. I maintain the Essiac once daily now. Thank you! God Bless You!
   --T.F. ~ HHA Member 2007



Ringworm and Radiation
Oct. 2007
My daughter had ringworm. She used the cream from Dr. for 2 months and not even a little change in her condition. I visited and took Emu oil and Grapefruit Seed liquid. Used these for 2 days and started to see a change. Talked to a friend and she suggested Colloidal Silver within 2 weeks of using the silver her ringworm was completely gone except for a little scarring which the Emu oil is helping. My mother has recently gone thru breast cancer that went into lymph nodes. She went thru traditionl therapy chemo and radiation. I had her on supplements that really helped her get thru these and the Dr. could not get over how well she went thru her treatments. She wouldn't tell him about the natural supplements. She used the Emu oil during radiation and never had one problem only a slight reddening of the area. They kept acting amazed at how well her skin held up whenever she had an appointment. She once again was afraid to tell them what she was doing. But we knew. Thanks for all your help and your great products.
   --N.L. ~ HHA Member



Wifes Anxiety and Palpitations Stopped Totally
Oct. 2007
About a month ago, My wife and I started taking Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract on daily basis because I thought it would be good to flush our kidneys and would be a good prophylactic measure. We are also taking HHA 4-Herb capsules as a preventative measure and I'm also taking the free HHA vitamins as well a HHA Coloidal minerals. My wife has hypertension, palpitations and anxiety attacks and her allopathic physician placed her on Buspar for the anxiety but it did little good. I'm happy to report that since she has been on the asparagus extract, her anxiety and palpatations totally stopped except for a few days while waiting for our next order from HHA. During that time her palpatations and anxiety returned but as soon as she was back on the asparagus extract they stopped. My wife, once a skeptic is now totally convinced that natural cures really do work. As an aside, since I have been on HHA colloidal minerals (just over a month now), both my wife and I have noticed that my gray hair is significanly less, the color is actually returning. What a plus! Thanks again for offering such great products.
   --B.F. ~ HHA Member 2007



95 Years Old -- Eyesight Is Improved!
Oct. 2007
I have a friend who lost sight in one eye and the sight in her other eye was diminishing. I bought her three bottles of liquid taurine. After one week she could read the words in the song hymnal. She is taking it with her lunch and at bedtime. Almost through one bottle she says everything is much lighter and she can see bright colors again. She can now read 12 point bold print and see the electronic pictures her greatgrand kids are always trying to show her. This 95 year old is stoked! God bless you ** Marijah McCain. We so appreciate the light you continually shine reminding us of the body's power to heal itself.
   --Rev. M.B. ~ HHA Member



Wasn't Expected To Live Without Dialysis
Sept. 2007
About two months ago, I recommended HHA to my friend who's father wasn't expected to live another week without dialysis. Today, after taking the four herb tea, and Dr. Chi's asparagus tea, he's just fine! God bless.
   --A.T. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Grapefruit Seed Liquid Helps Plaque!
Sept. 2007
Last year I started using a drop of the grapefruit seed concentrate on the toothpaste each night when I brushed my teeth because I had a crack in a tooth and wanted to stop another abscess forming in the tooth and jaw. I hoped that the grapefruit seed concentrate would kill the bacteria before it had a chance to settle into the crack and cause the infection. It's worked wonderful for that, but I got a surprise benefit. A few months after I starting using it I was eating dinner and suddenly thought my bottom front teeth were falling apart. I ran to a mirror and checked my teeth, but they looked fine. I reached behind the teeth and scraped out some stuff that reminded me of hard water scale and realized that all the plaque buildup behind my back teeth had just flaked off. Since then I've been wondering if the grapefruit seed concentrate was cleaning the rest of my teeth as well. Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning. The hygienist found only two teeth with any kind of plaque build up, and those were very minor. She was shocked when I told her it's been over 20 years since I last had my teeth cleaned. I told her about the grapefruit seed concentrate, and she told the dentist. He was as surprised as she was. They both asked me a few questions, and could only shake their heads about it.
   --C. S ~ HHA Member since 2001



Diabetic Cat Helped
Sept. 2007
* McCain ~ Our family cat (12) was diagnosed with diabetes in May of 2006. His blood glucose levels were just shy of 600. After 8 days at the vet, it was determined he needed .09 units of cat insulin, every 12 hours, in order to survive. We use a vet who also embraces alternative practices and he gave us some homeopathic drops to give the cat. Well, I decided not to use the drops. In addition to changing his food to a meat based diet, I decided to try Colloidal Silver and 4-Herb Tea sludge instead. I wanted to see for myself if anything happened. I just had this feeling in my gut. I gave the cat a teaspoon of the sludge two times a day for about 4 weeks and he ate it up! I put 4 drops of colloidal silver on his wet food twice a day also. As of today, the cat is down to .04 units of insulin, ONCE EVERY OTHER DAY! The vet has said cats usually never get off of their insulin, but he is amazed and has said more than once "whatever you are doing, keep doing it." Thank you, * McCain, for all of your help, support, and unyielding dedication.
   --S. M. ~ HHA Member



2 Year Old With Chronic Ear Infections
Sept 2007
My two year old son had suffered from many ear infections. His doctor said he would need tubes if he got another one. I received your catalog and tried Sambucol once a day and he hasn't had anymore infections of any kind for a whole year. If he is around anyone that is ill I simply up his dose to 2-3x a day. It's been a God send. Thank you so much.
   --D ~ HHA Member since 2005



Women in Balance & Apple Cider Vinegar
August 2007
Thank you so much for these wonderful products. I have suffered so much with high cholesterol, high blood sugars and menopause symptoms and high blood pressure but now with the Apple Cider vinegar my cholesterol is 184, blood sugar 104 and I lost 11 pounds. I have been taking the Women In Balance and I now have great good mood swings and no more crying spells. I take Women In Balance 3 tabs a day. Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 tabs 3x a day. God bless you so much for all your great help. I don't ever want to be without it. God bless you and thank you.
   --E.R. ~ HHA Member since 2006



Sept. 2007
I have been puting off my next order and must do so this week as I am running out of things. My last CT scan and blood work two weeks ago show NO CANCER!!!! The oncologist also told me that the fibroid tumors in my uterus are also shrinking and I know it is from using your products. The doctors all know I went natural instead of that horrible chemo. It is almost one year since I was introduced to you and your products. Thank you for everything, God has blessed me through you and your work.
   --D.D. ~ HHA Member since 2006



HHA Women In Balance
July 2007
I wanted to thank you again the women in balance is working great for my bleeding, hot flashes, etc. I feel wonderful on this. Thank you Sooooo much.
   --P.G. ~ HHA Member since 2006



4-Herb Tea, Colloidal Silver, Emu Oil...
July 2007
I feel I just have to respond! I bought the 4 Herb Tea to begin with for my dog who has a grade 3 sarcoma. After reading several testimonials, My husband and I decided to take the tea also -- one dose a day for maintenance. My Sheltie dog is doing GREAT! She was given 6 months last July 2006....... she is running and playing like she is a 3 year old dog! I also, after reading several testimonials, bought the colloidal silver......and started putting this on my dogs tumor, it is SHRINKING !! My vet is astounded!

I recently contracted a cold.. and thought what the heck? I took the colloidal silver with my 4 herb tea (upped my dose of tea to 2x a day) and the cold was GONE on 3 days !! I'm a true believer now !! The tea and colloidal silver has helped me and my dog........... Also I would like to mention, I bought the EMU oil......WOW !! Is this stuff great! Took care of my tendinitis in 3 weeks, and is great for a host of other skin problems !! Can't say enough about it! I will never be without colloidal silver, 4 herb tea, emu oil ever again!! Ooo and I bought some olive leaf extract... which I'm sure I'll use soon !! Thank you sooooo much for these wonderful products !! We will be life long HHA members !!
   --D.A. ~ HHA Member since 2006



July 2007
Emu Oil is amazing. I know this sounds like a commercial but its the truth. I had pain and weakness in my right wrist from a camping injury. No broken bones, but I had been tormented for 2 years with this pain. Nothing worked. I read about emu oil and ordered it. When it arrived I opened it immediately and put a drop or two on my wrist and rubbed it in real felt warm and soothing...I moved my wrist and the pain was gone. I don't mean it was better, it was a miracle. Its been over a year now and the pain has not come back in my wrist. Its cured! Now I use emu oil for every ache and pain and I tell all my friends about how wonderful it is! Thank you so much for all your good products and information. You truly are a healer!
   --G.G. ~ HHA Member since 2004



July 2007
The information presented in the Live CD course is nothing less than phenomenal! As a Respiratory Therapist who has worked wiithin allopathic medicine since 1969, I can fully vouch for the statements you make about conventional allopathic medicine, and unfortunatley, they are all to true. As a Respiratory Therapist, I have given medications via aerosol that are breathed directly into the lungs and while 'supposedly' helping the lungs and breathing cause serious side effects to the heart, kidneys etc. Anyone with a basic knowledge of human physiology should know that these must all work together as one. So why on God's green earth do we want to "help" one at the expense of the others? I'm now 59 years old, and your live CD course has convinced me that it is really time to move on into naturopathy and truly help my fellow man. I plan on continuing my studies at HHA with the eventual goal of becoming a true naturopath. May God continue to bless you & the HHA.
   --B.F. ~ HHA Member since 2007



July 2007
After reading your article on Dr. Chi's chelation system, I promptly ordered it two months ago. I had tried trandermal dmps, dmps pills, edta iv, edta calcium iv, vitamin c iv, sprays under the tongue, etc. I always had devastating side effects and could not continue. When I tried Metal Flush with asparagus tea and vein lite all went well. Thank you and Dr. Chi!
   --D.L. ~ HHA Member since 2004



July 2007
Just placed second order for Dr. Chi's Super X and Super Male Plex, as well as new order for several other products. My 49 year old husband had been experiencing erection problems. We have been using the Super X situationally with *Great* results, but using the Super Male Plex on a daily basis has built his system up so much that we have been successful even without the Super X! Thank you so much for these products and for the caring and compassion of * McCain and HHA!
   --M. L ~ HHA Member since 2004



Hair, Skin and Nails, Emu and 4-Herb Tea
June 2007
Your Hair,Skin and Nails cured a SEVERE acne problem I had. I've been taking the 4-Herb tea concentrate for 6 months and went through a whole school year without any sickness. Not even allergies. I am a school teacher. Your Emu Oil has rejuvenated my skin and helped with the acne scars. God Bless!
   --M.R. ~ HHA Member 2006



Reflexology Course is Great!
June 2007
I recently sent in my work to complete the Reflexology course which I intially undertook at the suggestion of my Chiropractor. I'm so amazed at what I found with my case studies. Reflexology revealed several problems that my case study clients neglected to tell me about. This really works and I highly recommend this course to all! I plan to take additional courses as time and finances permit with the eventual goal of enrolling in the Naturopath program. Thank you D* McCain, HHA is the best! I only wish I had found you earlier.
   --B.F. ~ HHA Member since 2007



Severe Allergies Helped in 2 Days
June 2007
All of my life I have suffered from allergies running 24/7 and always look that I was crying because my eyes were watery all the time. I can't begin to tell you all the Dr's I have seen and the bills were out of this world. Nothing worked then I decieded to give you a try. WOW in just 2 days again let me say in 2 days no more running nose and the tears were gone. I will never again be without this wonderful product. I just took 3 pills morning,noon, and at bed time. You HHA Beta Glucans is wonderful even my husband was surprise on how fast it work for me. I called my, my sister and all my friends and tolded them the go news. I can't even begin to tell you what HHA Beta Glucans has done for me D* Marijah. Thank you sooooo much. Finally someone knows want their doing and I can't tell you how happy you have made me, it's like a little girl going into a candy store. God Bless you and your family.
   --S.S. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Pain In Lower Back Gone
June 2007
Thank you for the colon cleanse, all my pain in my lower back disappeared within a week. I was told it was arthritis and have been doing pain meds. and a chiropractor for 1 1/2 years and I knew there had to be another reason. I wanted my problem solved, not masked over. Thank you!
   --C.S. ~ HHA Member since 2006



HHA Hair Skin and Nail Support - Psoriasis Help
June 2007
I've been using the HHA Hair, Skin and Nail support off and on for a number of years. Often in the winter I'll get psoriasis rather severely on my head and arms and sometimes my face. I start taking the Hair, Skin and Nail support usually within three days I see a very noticiable improvement. Thanks so much. I continue to use so many of your products and try new ones regularly. It is wonderful to do business with a company with such great integrity and great customer service.
   --C.W. ~ HHA Member



Mother Left Hospice Now in Physical Therapy
May 2007
Dear * McCain, My mother is responding well to the alternative treatment that you suggested for her cancer. She's left the hospice program is now taking physical therapy which was impossible for her just a few weeks ago because of the severity of her pain. This surprised the White Coats no end. She is taking Four Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver along with Oxy-5000 and Cal/Mag/Vitamin D liquid.
   --R,M. ~ HHA Member since 2006



Colloidal Silver Helps Husband On The Way To Hospital!
May 2007
December 2006, I woke to grunting sounds. My husband had a serious throat infection and swollen glands that when I looked into his mouth, there was no passage way for him to even swallow. His throat seemed completely blocked off. He could barely talk. He wanted me to take him to the hospital. I was frightened. He had no signs that he was even getting sick.

I had a bottle of Colloidal Silver and mixed a strong batch for him, telling him to hold it in his mouth until it eventually goes down his throat. He did it. 15 minutes later we left for the hospital. I knew the Doctor would only prescribe antibiotics for him so I repeated the colloidal silver procedure, mixing two teaspoonfuls instead of one, with water. He took in during the drive to the hospital.

Believe it or not, but by the time we got to the hospital, which is less than 10 minutes away he was able to speak clearly, with very little pain. There was no grunting. To me, it was and is a miracle. The Doctor prescribed antibiotics. On the ride back home, we passed the pharmacy and he asked why hadn't I stopped to fill his prescription? I told him because we just had a miracle happen. He had a few more doses during the day and by the end of that day, there was no sign that he was even sick. Thank you HHA and Marijah McCain for providing the best products and for having this website to help others.
   --Lynn ~ HHA Member



Colloidal Silver Helps Member with Pneumonia
May 2007
My husband was hospitalized with Pnuemonia three years ago. They sent him home but he was not much better than when he went there. Our pastor told us about Colloidal Silver - THANK GOD >>> We try to never be out of this wonderful product. We share with everyone who will listen. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!
   --E.W. ~ HHA Member 2005



New HGH and HOODIA - Drastic Change!
May 2007
Marijah, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! Since I started working 3rd shift a year and a half ago, I have been fighting depression and in addition, I have not had any energy nor have I been able to focus. 3rd shift really messes with your body and mind, and I was spending more time being asleep than being awake and was constantly in a bad mood. I started taking your Hoodia in combination with your HGH formula couple of weeks ago and I have noticed a drastic change in myself. I have a lot more energy and my mind doesn't feel all scattered, even after getting only 5 hours of sleep. I am also in better spirits, thanks to you, so I really cannot thank you enough!
   --M ~ HHA Member since 2006



Homeopathic Menopause Tablets
April 2007
I wanted to thank you for your advice on the menopause tablets they work!!
   --D.D. ~ HHA Member since 2006



MS Helped By * McCain
March 2007
Dear * McCain: Thank you for helping me with my MS. I did what you said and I actually have a life now. I am still dealing with some issues but I think my health is like an onion and I have to peel away the layers.

McCains response: Yes, this is true and we will continue to work on the next set of issues.
   --J ~ HHA Member 2006



Colloidal Silver - Earache
March 2006
Thursday morning I woke up with somewhat of an earache, nothing too bad. By Friday morning it was getting a tad worse. Working in an operating room I thought I could get a dose of antibiotic ear drops to stop it before it got any worse. (I had had this happen a few years ago, by the time it got to point where I had an earache, my eardrum ruptured from a really bad infection that I never knew I had. Worse pain I have ever felt in my life. No signs of infection at all!) Anyway, needless to say, I get very worried when my ear starts to ache. At work I was told I would have to go to my PCP, because new policy would no longer allow employee's to treat even anything minor. To make a long story short, by Friday afternoon, my ear had started to hurt so bad that I could not even touch it. Now for the wonderful part, I had Colloidal Silver at home....need I say more? I got home and put a drop or two on a piece of cotton and kept it in all night, by Saturday morning I was able to actually tug on the ear a bit w/out much pain. I kept a cotton ball in my ear for the remainder of the weekend (with the silver) and by Monday morning, no pain what so ever. I also took a dose by mouth for a few days along with it. Marijah, I cannot begin to THANK YOU enough. You are truly Heaven Sent. Through your courses I continue to learn new things every day...God Bless you,and Love to all.
P.S. Just finishing the Secret Life of Plants...Totally blows one's mind!
   --L.A. ~ HHA Member and Student



Sambucol For Sore Throat
Feb. 2007
I woke up with a bad sore throat I took the Sambucol three times a day within two days my sore throat was gone! Normaly I would be sick for a week but I was able to recover. Now my family is taking Sambucol which is working. Thanks for your product. May God continue to give you the wisdom for healing. Thank you
   --A.B ~ HHA Member since 2004



ADD Is Being Helped
Jan. 2007
Thank you so much!!! My 18 year old daughter is taking the ADD Severe homeopathic drops 2 times a day, and HHA Memory Power, and Brain Power. She is doing much better!
   --P.J ~ HHA Member since 2006



Women In Balance - No Hot Flashes!
Jan. 2007
I purchased your "Women In Balance" and it is excellent. Have been using it 2 weeks and I love it. I haven't had a hot flash since the first day i took it. Thanx so much.
Info on HHA Women In Balance here - scroll down a bit
   --J - HHA Member



Infection and Severe Swelling Helped
Dec. 2006
First off I want to THANK YOU for being there for us all!
My Mother has been plaqued with skin cancers for many years now and has recently had to have surgery on a very bad one on her shin. Infection set in big time and you advised 2 doses of Colloidal Silver every day for 2 weeks. Well,(Mom is 80 years old and we worry so much about infection) after 3 seperate prescribed antibiotics( each stronger than the previous) it seemed to be getting worse, she started on the Colloidal Silver and WOW, what a difference. It did in 2 weeks what the doctors failed to do in 2 months, Amazing! She also takes the Beta Glucans, 2 a day, and her legs are no longer swelling, she cannot get over it, (she has venous insufficiency and her legs have been swelling to at least the size of her calfs) She has had no swelling at all! She is also using yew tip salve on new skin cancers that pop up and it seems heal them, she has had some just fall off. Marijah may God continue to bless you and the academy, and I thank him often for you! Love to all!
   --L.R. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Hep C, Diabetes, Psoriasis
Dec. 2006
We have been taking HHA 4 Herb Tea for 7 weeks now. My husband has Hepatitis C and Diabetes. He found out about the Hepatitis by accident after blood work in May 06, and I was tested too. I have been exposed, but don't technically "have it", but I am scared. The MD wants an ultrasound of the liver, and a biopsy, and of course, chemo and ribarin therapy. Lucky for my hubby, he lost his insurance, and I was able to give him some real help. He takes Olive Leaf Extract in his 4-Herb Tea and I have him on HHA Liver Support as well. His blood sugar counts have come down since he started the tea, and his psoriasis is gone, which shows him it works. We are waiting to see what his viral load is now, it was 4,200,000 in June. I will let you know. Thanks for all your help!
   --A.M ~ HHA Member 2006



Colloidal Silver - Psoriasis
Dec 2006
I suffered 4 years, trying everything the Dermatologist prescribed to clear up stubborn, nasty, psoriasis on my hands, elbows, knee, and feet. 3 months ago, started taking 2-3 eyedroppers of Colloidial Silver in my morning ice tea. Fantastic results, no side affects, cleared up 90% so far. Thank you HHA.
   --L.N. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Coral Calcium Ends Leg Cramps and Pain
Nov. 2006
I would like to tell you about the HHA Coral Calcium. My husband has had cramping in his arms and legs for 2 years and we just didn't know what to do. He is a logger and the pain was showing in his work and his boss said he looked like an old man. He just turned 56. He has gout too. We put him on the Coral Calcium and only after 4 days he was pain free! It has now been 4 weeks he says he feels 10 yrs younger. Everyone around him has noticed.
Info on Coral Calcium here
   --A.G ~ HHA Member since 1998



Member Writes About Zoloft
Nov. 2006
I read the article on Zoloft and must say something. For 5 days in 2004 I tried Zoloft because of severe panic attacks (due to hormones) at the begging of my husband. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I tell anyone who might listen that Zoloft takes away the little inihibitor that stops you from danger. I was contemplating suicide every hour (!)-running my car off the road, etc. I am NOT like that and never have been for 45 years. The doctor told me it would get better. It did not, it got worse! I feared for my life. I would be in class, and think, "Oh, I want to kill myself". I am very serious. The parts of your brain that say, "Caution! Danger! You might hurt yourself, you might hurt someone!" (the parts that seem to control anxiety and fear) are GONE. It felt like I was in the bottom of a black hole with no way out. I was worse than ever, and the anxiety did not go away. It got worse because I was scared I would harm myself. I went off the drug, started various herbs, progesterone cream, and massive amounts of B vits. (Pantothenic acid!) I got less anxious immediately. Just want to let someone know.
Link to Zoloft, Prozac, Luvox article
   --K. ~ HHA Member since 2003



Severe Endometriosis Helped
October 2006
I suffer from very severe endometriosis and have been on birth control and have even had surgery. Nothing got rid of the excrutiating pain and bleeding so heavy I couldn't leave the bathroom. Then my sadistic doctors (who were more concerned with covering themselves than actually relieving my pain) told me unless I took their pharmaceutical poisions they wouldn't even prescribe me any more painkillers. For two months now I have taken Women in Balance, Myomin, and HHA Primrose oil, and my cycle is almost back to normal. Now instead of taking Vicodin, which didn't even take away all my pain, I take ibuprofen and can actually have a normal routine again! No more inflammation, horrific pain, or painful cysts. Thank you * McCain for giving me my life back!
   --B.P. ~ HHA Member 2006



NEW U.T. CLEAR - Member reports
Sept. 2006
I was taking the new HHA U.T. CLEAR for a urinary problem. I took 2 capsules twice a day till 60 were gone. It took care of problem and to my suprise healed the many canker sores in my mouth that i get due to ill fitting dentures. Nothing has ever worked. to my suprise the herbal suppliment took care of two problems I had. Thank you so very much.

HHA Note: This is an awesome formula. NEW! U.T.CLEAR - 60 caps The U.T. CLEAR is an exclusive HHA herbal formula with traditional herbs used for their antiseptic, diuretic and astringent action on the urinary tract. This product is helpful when dealing with UTI's. Therapeutic dose for adults - 2 caps 3 times a day - 10 days (1 bottle) This product can be used as a detoxifier for chronic problems with the urinary tract - Adults - 2 caps twice a day for 4 weeks. Drink 3 extra glasses of water a day to help with detoxification process. Contains: Cranberry Fruit 200 mg., Bearberry - 200 mg., Three leaved caper 150 mg., Buchu 150 mg., Echinacea 50 mg., Couch Grass 50 mg., Clivers 50 mg.
   --L.B. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Irregular Heartbeat - HHA COQ10 & Hawthorn
August 2006
Just wanted to say Thank You. The HHA CoQ10 and Hawthorn Berry Tincture worked, I was able to work at my new job without my irregular heart rate, and my pain is decreased. Ordering more.
   --D.A. ~ HHA Member since 1998



Parasite Detox
August 2006
I am halfway through a parasite detox and am already thrilled with the results! Besides just feeling better, the results are visable. I use to be embarrased by my gnawed and broken finger nails. Sometimes I would chew them bloody and no amount of will power could make me stop! Today, for the second time in a week I have to cut my nails. They are strong and feminine like I always wanted. As a life long country girl, I am positive that this is the first time in at least 20 years my body has been parasite free! Thank you so much!
Parasite Page

   --C.P. ~ HHA Member since 2005



EMU OIL Helps with pain!
August 2006
I just had to write about my experience with Emu Oil. Many falls off my horses have caused nagging pain in both hips, especially if I sit too long and when I walk. Received my oil today and with doubt rubbed some into the skin over both hips. Call it a miracle but within minutes the pain in both hips was gone...not even a trace. I am so excited!
Emu Oil page
   --J.L. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Dr. Chi's DEBILE
August 2006
I bought the Dr. Chi's - DEBILE for the Gall bladder...just wanted to say 'I Love It'...wrks. wonders. Loyal Member
See article in archived newsletter on Debile.
   --G.R. ~ HHA Member since 2006



EMU OIL - Great Product!
August 2006
Testimonial for Emu Oil. I had some type of rash with large bumps along the front of my chest that kept spreading. Everything I tried gave me temporary itch relief but after two weeks of spreading and itching to the point of pain... I re-read the emu oil uses. I covered the entire itch area with first application. After several hours I applied it to a minor area that began itching. That evening again I spread it over the entire area. Woke up the next morning with the rash hardly visible and the itch gone. It has been over a week now and the rash is still slightly there as if it keeps trying to come back.I use the Emu Oil once a day over the original area. No more itch! My son had a heat rash over half of his chest and I immediately told him to apply the Emu Oil. He got immediate results as well! Please note that due to a sensitivity to the odor of the oil, I added bergamont to make it pleasant. Thank you for such a wonderful product that I am recommening to everyone!
   --C.R. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Colloidal Silver Works When Nothing Else Did!
July 2006
I got sick 5 weeks ago with a strange respiratory illness that my neighbors were also getting and we hadn't been in contact with each other. (I know where it came from and so does she) I finally remembered that I had some colloidal silver that I had gotten from HHA months ago but only had two doses left. I didn't think if it earlier because this illness causes you to have a sort of "brain fog". I took it this past weekend and I am now almost well, FINALLY! This illness started with a terrible sore throat that woke me in the middle of the night it hurt so bad and then 48 hrs later, the "cough" started. It was a VERY productive cough that would not go away. I lost nights of sleep and missed a week of work which I never do. My neighbors are finding this illness equally hard
to get rid of. Some of them have been to doctors and are now on their 3rd round of antibiotics and it has done no good. This illness does not seem to be contagious as some people are getting and their spouse does not. Anyway, I just wanted her to know that the HHA Colloidal Silver worked when nothing else would. (I had tried every herbal remedy that I knew of). Thank GOD for the Internet and Marijah!!
   --D.M ~ HHA Member since 2005



Health Continuing to Improve!
June 2006
I would like to say that every month I'm finding improvements in my health. I've been overweight for 8 years. Now, I have tried every diet, every exercise program. I would lose for a while but then go back to same size and be more tired. So, one day I found the Herbal Healer website. From that time on, I've been detoxing parasites and using the 4-Herb Tea. Let's just say I have found myself healing inside and out. My weight is going down, my skin is clearing up and my metabolism has increased and I'm burning fat cells. I'm also using the Emu Oil. This oil is a miracle worker! I had not been able to bend my left knee for some time since I fell down 2 years ago. Now after using the Emu Oil for just 1 week, I can bend it and kneal down. I must say everytime I come to the web page I find more and more herbals to heal me. I have passed this miracle healing onto so many of my friends and family members. They have also found the light of natural healing. God has shown me how to help my friends and family even more. Thank you Herbal Healer. Please don't stop the research. Keep up living healthy!
   --L. A. ~ HHA Member since 2004



Olive Leaf - The Gold Standard!
May 2006
Olive Leaf extract has been the most awesome product we've ever used for illness...of any kind so far! It was recommended to me by another loyal user of yours. I have an almost 3 yr old, that has never been on an antibiotic! Even through ear infections, fevers etc., Olive Leaf is the Gold Standard.

My husband had huge white spots all over his throat and his uvula was so swollen that it looked like a balloon full of water and was lying on his tongue. I gave him a large direct dose Olive Leaf that day and by the next day all evidence of illness was gone. He continued the treatment for several days to be sure the infection was out of his system.

I am convinced that it has done wonders even on bacterial infections.
I recommend it EVERYONE!! "HERBAL HEALER.COM, don't buy it anywhere else" Thanks for the confidence I can have in your products, knowing your standards makes me feel very good about buying only from you.
   --L.W. & Family - HHA Members from GA



Planter's Wart - Colloidal Silver
May 2006
TESTIMONIAL: My daughter had a Planters wart. The doctor removed it. It came back. I told her about HHA Colloidal Silver. She used it and the wart went away. She is now a believer!
   --N.C ~ HHA Member since 2001



15 Month Old - SAMBUCOL Helps!
May 2006
My 15 month old daughter started daycare at 7 months old and has had horrible snot problems ever since. About 3 weeks ago I got the Elderberry syrup stuff - SAMBUCOL (children's) and started giving it to her 2x day. Her nose cleared up in 1 week and has been clear ever since. I have been taking the adult syrup, and my sinuses have hardly bothered me during this allergy season!!!! LOVE it! THANKS!!!
   --~C.H. Member since 2002



Amazed At SAMBUCOL!!!
March 2006
Dear * McCain, "I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I have severe upper respiratory infection(s), sinus, ear, and bronchitis. I had been sick a week before I finally went. I have been unable to breathe through my nose, and coughing so much I can't sleep at night. They gave me an antibiotic of course, which I have been taking. I had ordered more 4 herb tea, and the Sambucol, which I had never used. I started taking the Sambucol right away. I AM AMAZED. I was able to sleep through the night with NO coughing, and my sinuses are much better. This was after taking only 4 teaspoons, 2 in the afternoon, and 2 right before I went to bed. Also, it is very pleasant tasting. Much better than the nasty cough medicine the doctor prescribed. I will definitely be keeping this on hand. Thank you again for all of your wonderful products."
   --N.S. ~ HHA Member since 2001



5 Month Old Son... I Trust * McCain
March 2006
Dear * McCain, "I can't tell you how thankful I am to you for providing "Ask the Naturopath. A couple of weeks ago, I asked you what I could give my five month old son to naturally treat bronchealitis. You told me I could give him the following: 3 drops of the Olive Leaf Extract in a little juice two times a day, Colloidal Silver, 3 drops in a little juice or forumula three times a day. You also said Sambucol could be used. This is how I administered it; I combined the Olive leaf and Colloidal silver together, 3 drops of each in a couple ounces of diluted juice or in his forumula. Three days before I started giving him the supplements, he was very lethargic although he did not have a fever, his eyes kept watering and had a mucous discharge coming out of them, he was very congested and stuffy, so it was hard for him to breath. On top of all of that, he was teething. By the third day, he sounded and looked so much better. I followed up with the doctor to make sure there was no infection in his ears and to make sure his lungs were nice and clear. The doctor said his ears looked good and his lungs were nice and clear. I knew the Olive leaf would help my son because I use if for sinus problems. All I needed was the proper dosage. I hope this information helps someone out there. * McCain really knows what she is talking about. You know what's funny. I've never met * McCain face to face, but I trust what she says more than my own doctor whom I've known for years. Wish there were more people like you out there. Keep up the good work!
   --N. W ~ HHA Member since 2001



Myomin For Fibroid Cysts +
March 2003
"I have been taking Dr. Chi's Myomin for some time because of fibroid cysts which had to aspirated from time to time. I have not had to have this done since I have been taking Myomin. Also, I am taking COQ-10 and other herbs for my high blood pressure. It works! My blood pressure stays at a much lower number."
   --M.S. ~ HHA Member since 2004



Olive Leaf Helps Jaw Swelling
March 2006
Dear Marjiah: I have on hand various vitamins and herbs that I take and have some for "just in case" I need them... I usually will experiment on myself without telling anyone becausse I don't want to hear false expitations...about a couple of months ago I developed an abcess in my side of my jaw started to swell...that all started on a Thursday evening and I knew I had to do something I took Olive Leaf once that night 2 on Friday, Saturday and that Sunday evening it was on Monday morning I finally told my husband about the whole thing and he said he thought that my face did look a little swollen on one side but didn't say anything because it didn't the same thing happened to him and now not only does he believe me, but he keeps a bottle of Olive Leaf for himself as a backup!
   --~C.V. - HHA Member since 2005



HHA Member since 1997 writes...
March 2006
My daughter had choking episodes from birth. The doctors would ask if she was blue in the face yet, if not, not to worry. Up to the age of 3, she had repeated ear infections and given numerous antibiotics. She became so sick, she lost her appetite and had major sinus/allergy symptoms. A herbal doctor told me to stop taking her to doctors who had compromised her immune system with antibiotics. From her age of 3, I have depended entirely on Collodial Silver (for ear aches, colds, flu); Olive Leaf and Coral Calcium for both of my children, as supplements and preventative measures (1 of each daily). My daughter (now 11) has outgrown her allergic symptoms (sounded like whooping cough) and any ear aches caused by sinus drainage is cleared up in a couple of days with collodial silver. Thank God for * McCain, I praise her to everyone I meet, Thanks.



Eyebrow Bald Spot Grows In!
Feb. 2006
I started using HHA herbs/vitamins last summer. I am currently taking daily: Cats Claw, Sea Cucumber, Beta Glucans, Essaic tea, Organic Iodine, and Bee Pollen in a protein drink. I don't know which to accredit this to, but as a 51 yo female I have had thinning of my eyebrows the past few years with an actual "bald spot" in the middle of my left eyebrow. This morning I went to put on my eyebrow pencil and was shocked to realize the bald spot has filled in and my eyebrows have thickened and darkened. I'm delighted!
   --K.T ~ HHA Member since 2005



Blood Pressure - Aspargus Extract!
Jan. 2006
Just wanted to tell you how amazed I am at Dr. Chi Asparagus Extract. I am a 59 year old and have had blood pressure of 145/95 for a few years. Doctors always want to put me on Atenolol which I didn't want. Tried the Asparagus Extract (and 4 Herb concentrate) and in less than one month my pressure is now 117/78 and I feel wonderful. The best part is not worrying about it anymore! I take care of 4 grandchildren every day (6 yr old, 2-4 year olds and a 2 year old) and needless-to-say I needed something for high blood pressure!!! Thank you * McCain - you've helped me again.
   --D.R. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Apple Cider, Asparagus, 4-Herb Tea...
Jan. 2006
Greetings and a Blessed, Prosperous and Healthy New Year to all. I cannot begin to say enough good things about all of the products I have ordered and used faithfully from Herbal Healer. Beta Glucans, Vitamin C time release formula, Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract and most importantly the Apple Cider Vinegar tablets. I have weight to lose, but these tablets do more than just truly, help you lose weight. They give you an overall feeling of well-being and you can feel your body thanking you for feeding it a product so healthy. I noticed my skin improved, my eyesight improve, my stomach was not gaseous (as I am feeding my family healthy, lots of nutritous legumes, fiber-filled beans etc. The Apple Cider Vinegar tablets eliminate the bloated feeling and definitely are the cause of healthy everyday BM's. Truly, I call them my miracle tablet. I placed my 17 year old daughter on them and she too experienced clearer healthier skin, no acne and gradual healthy weight loss. Vinegar (apple cider) has long been touted by sages of old as a miracle cure for everything! I have been to hospitals (I am a caregiver) and I watch sadly as people place so much faith in those expensive chemicals that are slowely hurting their bodies. I took care of a 75 year old woman and slowly, with each visit to the doctor's office, watched the medical community place her on at least 1 or 2 pills each visit. They worked on her from 1 pill to a total of 12 pills. I asked the doctor, who's down there in her digestive system directing each pill where to go? He answered me back with "Good question"???? Now I ask you!! This is a free country, but everyone should be at least willng to try the apple cider vinegar tablets - you've nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am sure there are many other products from HHA that will help you. My oldest daughter loves the HHA Essiac Tea. We have tried it and found it to be very refreshing and will be ordering more of that too! I could go on and on but truly with HHA products believe that the Lord Jesus wants us to use these natural herbs that He left us a long time ago while putting Creation in place - remember after all the bushes, trees, leaves nuts and berries were created He looked over all and said IT IS GOOD!!!! From that day to this day, His Word has never changed. Thank you for such wonderful, natural products that leave you with your sanity, good judgment and the overall feeling that you truly are doing something good for your mind, body and soul. God bless, a faithful believer and HHA member.
   --J.D.~ Longtime HHA Member



Gynogest - For Women
Dec. 2005
I am 51, and still have regular periods. I tried your Gyno-gest and the results have been just dramatic, and immediate. I feel like myself again, happy, interested in life again, and no longer desire to kill my husband. Thank you so much for this product.
Gynogest can be found on the Just For Women products page
   --HHA Member since 2002



Ask The Naturopath - A Priceless Service
Dec. 2005
I can't thank you enough for your quick reply to my questions. I will heed your advise and order as you recommended. I have been so ill for so long and refusing the toxic drugs from doctors that would have further put my organs at risk. I have always believed in natural remedies for I know that the good Lord gave us all that we need on this earth for our well-being. I just didn't know where to begin. You are an angel and I thank God for you and the educational support that you offer. I look forward with hope for once to a recovery that not only gives me back my life but the control to make sound decisions about my health and body. God bless you Marijah and thank you. Thank you again. I'll keep you informed on my progress and success and look forward to your further suggestions for help and maintenance.
   --D.M ~ HHA Member 2005



GFS, Renal Glandular and Beta Glucans!
Nov. 2005
Hello * McCain, I have to let you know how much we enjoy GFS Green Food Supplement. It does help ones well being. Also my boarder who eats like a moron takes them and is finding relief from migrane headaches! Also it seems it curbs the appetite. Taken a few hours before bedtime. Also I take Renal glandulars for my lower back(kidney ) pain and as I figured it went away! I take beta glucans with maitake and my vision has inproved!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I talked to you once on the phone, You where wonderful! May Jehovah God bless you! Much love.
   --C.M. ~ HHA Member since 2005



Dr. Chi's Eyes Drops
Nov. 2005
I wanted to put in a testimonial for Dr. Chi's eye drops. I am very pleased with the improvement in my eyes in general. I don't get up in the morning all blurry and puffy anymore and my eyesight is better when I have to be on the computer for long periods of time. This had been such a strain on my eyes. I originally got the product because my eye doctor said I had a cataract beginning and I wanted to stop it before it was a problem. I don't go back to the eye doctor for a little while yet, but I'm sure this problem has improved considering my eyes are doing better, anyway. Thank you very much for carrying this product.
   --J.G. ~ HHA Member since 2005



Emu Oil Helps Again!
Nov. 2005
I had been diagnosed with a type of rosacea (extremely dry flaking skin around nose and above eyebrows on forehead). I have tried just about every over-the-counter moisterizer but never really had a satisfactory result. I tried EMU OIL and I immediately saw good results. I probably should use it everyday but I only use it when I see a problem.
   --B.B.~ HHA Member 2005



Thank You - Report From A Member
Nov. 2005
Dear * McCain,
"I am truly overwhelmed with emotion for all that you have helped me with over these past several months. I have fibromyalgia and in June I decided to try the candida detox. Oh, my did that help with the foggy thinking that goes with fms! The MSM is a blessing for my joints. Then I decided to try to get to the bottom of things, so I sent in a hair analysis. I just received my results yesterday and I have to tell you what a relief it is to really know what is going on with my body. I did not realize that you could have too much of the wrong kind of calcium in your body! It was starting to affect the bones and joints in my hands. I also have a very high amount of manganese in my body. The report said that neurological symptoms of nervousness and anxiety with Parkinson like symptoms would exist at much lower levels than is measured in this patient. I don't have the nervousness but did have anxiety from worry about my health. I do feel that the HHA supplements that I am taking (B-100s, Omega 3, MSM, Beta Glucans, Vitamin E, Neurorecovery, Grapefruit Seed Plus, One Daily Vitamins, 4 Herb Tea, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Minerals, Cal/Mag/VitD & Acidophilus Bifidus) are the reason I haven't gotten to that state. I also have a higher amount of aluminum. I appreciate the thorough report and explanation of every metal, trace metal and metal ratios, dietary suggestions and supplement recommendations. I ordered the new supplement recommendations as soon as I finished reading the report.

What a gift you have given to me! The stress of not knowing was very much affecting my health! When my health had started to decline in February, I prayed to God for answers. He kept sending my back to you and Herbal Healer Academy. Even while I was waiting for the results of the analysis I would pray, and he would keep showing me a cross as to be patient and trust Him. I knew he was sending me to the right place. God Bless You Marijah McCain! I hope one day I get to meet you! Thank you for all of the time and dedication you and your family give to everyone!
   --J.L. ~ HHA Member since 2003



Herpes-Zoster Helped With Montana Yew Tips
Nov. 2005
I have had Herpes Zoster since I was five years old on the right cheek of my face. I would break out almost every year until I changed my diet in my 30's which lengthened the period of time between break-outs. I found out first of all that Vit.C liquified applied to my face before the break-out would heal the nerve endings and stop the process. If if broke out before I was aware, I would use Vit.C to contain the rash. I used this method for many years. I would still have the symptoms with Herpes Zoster- swelling of my face and around my eye, pain, burning, itching and feeling like needles sticking in my face.

This last outbreak, which I am treating at this time, has been easier to deal with as I read about Montana Yew Tips extract and salve, which I had ordered prior. I started taking the extract 2-3 times a day and using the salve on the rash area. Within three days my symptoms had lessened and my cheek started the healing process of the rash. After a week, there is a small area where the rash was and the swelling and soreness has gotten better. I usually have to deal with the symptoms 2-4 weeks before they were all gone. I am so glad I found Montana Yew Tips to help with this problem. We are very appreciative of your concerns with health and helping us to stay healthy. Thank You.
   --Z.O. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Colloidal Silver Helps Head Injury
Nov. 2005
I ordered Colioidal Silver for a friend. Her husband suffered a head injury, and was unable to get it to close. After 4 days she suggested your he use the colloidal silver. She put it on according to your instructions. After about 4 hours she was able to notice a difference in the wound. After a couple of day it was healed over. She has asked me to please order her more. I will not ever be without this. We travel a lot and I am never without.
   --F.M ~ HHA Member since 2001



CS and 4-Herb Save My Dog AGAIN!
Nov. 2005
Several years back I wrote to tell you about the cyst on my dog’s eye that disappeared after using diluted colloidal silver drops into the eye for about a week. This saved us $300+ in vet bills for surgery.

Well, now the dog is 14 years old and he developed testicular and prostate cancer. He was having a hard time standing up or lying down and you could just tell he was in pain. His coat was very dry and most of his hair had fallen out. The vet of course wanted to operate but I would not allow it. I was worried that with him being an old dog that he probably would not make it through the surgery. Since he has been with us for so long I wanted him to die at home. When I got home, I gave him 1/4 teaspoon colloidal silver in a bowl with a beer. He has always loved beer, and I wanted to make sure he drank all of the silver. He did and the beer seemed to help him with the pain and he was able to lie down and get some sleep. I continued this treatment once a week for three weeks. Also, I made 4 Herb Tea from the bulk herbs, and was going to throw the left over herbs in the compost. But the dog started eating it before I could put it on the compost pile so I put it right on his food. He seemed to love the taste of it. After about a month, the swelling in his testicles was completely gone, he was no longer limping and wanted to play like he was a puppy again. Now after about four months he has completely grown a new shiny coat and continues to act like a young pup. I believe the cancer is gone. I almost can’t wait for his annual shot time so we can show off for the vet. Your products do so much for our whole family, thanks so much!
   --L.H. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Natural Medicine Works When RX's Fail
Nov. 2005
Dear * McCain, The stuff you suggested for my coughing problem did clear it up, when four doctors and all kinds of RX's failed to do so for over one year........and you can print this testimonial........
   --M.J. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Member from Japan Writes...
October 2005
Thank you for everything! My son's teachers at the International School tried to get me to put him him on Ritalin (from the States since it isn't available here), but I noticed that he also was having leg cramps every night and constantly fighting off cold sores, so I started him on Liquid Calcium/Mag, ADD Severe, and Lysine and after three weeks he's incredibly improved!!! He's even learned to tie his shoes after five years of not being able to do it. I can't thank you enough. May God continue to richly bless you and Herbal Healer Academy!
   --G.P. ~ HHA Member since 2005



Bone Spurs Helped in 9 year old German Shepherd
Sept. 2005
* McCain, "You suggested Myosteo for my 9 yr old German Shepherd with bone spurs on her spine (I saw them on x ray) She had NOT 'shook' (as dogs always do when they get up after being down) After 2 bottles she IS shaking when she sits up! She feels better, more playful! Thank you to a VERY special lady!!!!!!
   --K.F. ~ Member since 2000



Myosteo for Bone Spurs Works!
Aug 2005
I just wanted to give you a testimonal on Dr. Chi's Myosteo, I had a heel spur, could not walk in bare feet at all without extreme pain. As long as I had shoes on I still had pain but tolerable. I got an x-ray and you can see the spur, it looked like a needle in my heel. I took the Myosteo like you suggested and it went away. It is 2 years later and I am still pain free thanks to you.
   --B ~ HHA Member since 2001



E. Cayce's AURA GLOW Helps Sunburn
August 2005
I have very white skin and often get burned when I stay in the sun too long and because I do not use sun blocker it happens fast. After one day of being out to long I was burnt bad on my neck and upper arms and grabbed the oil that I purchased from you last month called Aura Glow and covered the burn two times a day and I was very surprised to find that I did not peal or blister! WOW! I tell you this is a first! but I did peal on my ears because I did not know they were burned. Thank you very much for this great product.
Edgar Cayce products on this page
   --E.S. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Homeopathic Anxiety Drops For Dogs
August 2005
Just wanted to let you know about the Homeopathic Anxiety Drops for dogs. They worked wonderfully on my Toy Poodle who had separation anxiety. She stays calm and doesn't howl when I leave her. Thank-you.
Read about our products for Pets here
   --M.C ~ HHA Member since 1996



July 2005
"I want to tell you how much better I feel since I have been taking the Asparagus Extract and the HHA Circulation Plus Powder. For a whole year, my blood pressure stayed around 180/110, I took these products and went to the Doctor last week and my blood pressure was 100/70! I never believed those testimonials from HHA members, but now I do. I am placing another order. Thank God tot he people who make these products. Please do not stop making them, because people's lives depend on them." Thank You.
   --E.E. ~ HHA Member since 2003



EMU Heals Severe Eczema!
July 2005
I have struggled endlessly with severe eczema. For years I have been given cortisone, drugs like Eledel and others. Sometimes they helped, but they never worked well and required higher and higher dosages to be useful. About three months ago I tried Emu Oil ... Holy cats! Inside of three days cracked and damaged skin (that had been that way for YEARS) started to heal. In a week 50% of my eczema was gone. After three weeks I was COMPLETELY CLEAR. So many people cannot understand the difficulty of this problem, it feels horrible, it looks horrible and there little help from mainstream medicine. I followed your recommendations while my condition was current and now use it once a week after I shower to keep clear. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thanks to your product I feel comfortable in my own skin again.
   --J.M ~ HHA Member since 1999



Helped My Depression
June 2005
Dear * McCain, "I wrote a couple of months ago about depression because my brother had committed suicide the stuff you had offered me has done wonders. There is still some anxiety and depression there but for the most part it's gone. I need to get some more 4-Herb tea though so that will be soon. Thank you so much, you have been more help than I can ever thank you. You have changed my girlfriend's and my life forever."
   --HHA Member - name withheld for privacy



Sinus Chi Working And I Can Smell Things!

"I am taking the Dr. Chi's Sinus Chi capsules and my sinus is draining like Niagara Falls! AND for the first time in 25 years, I am beginning to smell things!!
   --C.B. ~ HHA Member since 1998



Sea Cucumber Helps Pain Quickly
June 2005
Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I have learned so much from your catalog and website. Your products have helped so much. I love the HHA Sea Cucumber. I've taken it for 2 days and I already notice improvement in my joint flexibility and my arthritic pain has disappeared.
   --G.S. ~ HHA Member 2005



HHA Glandulars - They Work!
June 2005
Your glandulars have given me relief from symptoms of menopause! I'm now sleeping through the night (without taking tons of melatonin). And, I'm off pharmaceutical and over-the-counter hormones, as well. They work!! I'm taking Ovarian Complex, Pituitary Complex, Thyro Complex, and Pure Adrenal.
Read about our Safe and Pure New Zealands Glandulars
Also you can read a past on-line newsletter an article about the Thyroid and the Adrenals.
   --C.B. ~ HHA Member since 2004



EMU OIL Clears up 10 years of bleeding feet!
June 2005
I have had cracked, scaling & bleeding feet for almost 10 years. I missed running around barefoot in the summer because of this. I read the information about the Emu Oil & decided to give it a try. PTL! In less than a month they are completely healed! I use 2-3 drops per foot only once a day. I am buying a bottle for my youngest son, who is also suffering from this. Won't he be surprized?! My husband was so impressed & loves the feeling of my feet rubbing against his legs again! Thanks so much for this wonderful product!
   --T.S. ~ Londstanding HHA Member



Parasite/Fungal Salve
June 2005
More than a year ago I rescued a Siberian Husky from a lonely life of being tied outside to a pole after his original owner could not care for him. Two weeks after having the beautiful friend he started losing his hair on his ears. By the third week he almost had no hair on his ears. I called the vet he told me he would probably need a steroid shot and a exam costog about $100.00 dollars. Being broke I picked up your book you sent me free and I ordered your parasite/fungus salve. Two weeks later he had all of his hair back on his ears. This has been a long overdo thank you (less than $20 total) (KEEP UP THE CAUSE )PLEASE USE FULL NAME GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU. THIS IS THIS SALVE I USED IN YOUR COURSE.
   --Jeffery Williams



Shrunken Fibroids!
June 2005
THANK YOU!!! I'm getting so many requests for the 4 Herb Tea that I'm having a hard time keeping up. I have two cases of shrunken fibroid tumors. One woman, my daughter, was taking only the tea and Maca Maca, the other girl was taking tea, Maca Maca, Myomin, and Beta Glucans. Hers shrunk much faster: in four weeks. One fibroid was the size of an orange and it disappeared, the other has shrunk in half. They are both also taking the Vitamins, Colloidal Minerals and Calcium. Thanks so much.
   --S.B. ~ HHA Member 2004



HHA Colloidal Silver
May 2005
I had to let you know what the colloidal silver has done for my father-in-law. After waking up one morning with blurred vision and weakness, and after several MONTHS of going from one doctor to another, he was finally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. As this was a type of auto-immune disorder, and nothing prescribed for him seemed to be helping, I took a bottle of colloidal silver to him to try. I figured that since his doctor had him on immunosuppressants, if nothing else it would help to keep him from picking up any stray viruses he happened to come in contact with. He took the colloidal silver every day, at the suggested dosage, and after about 3 weeks his vision cleared up, his color improved, and he was much stronger. Up to that point he was barely able to get around with a walker. He seldom uses his walker now, and is telling everyone he runs into about how wonderful he is feeling. The difference is truly amazing. It's been almost a year now, and he seems to be back to almost normal. Of course, when he mentioned the colloidal silver to his doctor, it was pooh-poohed as useless, and even dangerous to use. But the proof is in the way he feels, and he will continue using the colloidal silver for life. Thank you so much for all the information you provide. Without it, we truly believed we wouldn't have dad around much longer. Hope has been restored.
   --L.E. ~ HHA Member since 2002



HHA Colloidal Silver
May 2005
I had to let you know what the colloidal silver has done for my father-in-law. After waking up one morning with blurred vision and weakness, and after several MONTHS of going from one doctor to another, he was finally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. As this was a type of auto-immune disorder, and nothing prescribed for him seemed to be helping, I took a bottle of colloidal silver to him to try. I figured that since his doctor had him on immunosuppressants, if nothing else it would help to keep him from picking up any stray viruses he happened to come in contact with. He took the colloidal silver every day, at the suggested dosage, and after about 3 weeks his vision cleared up, his color improved, and he was much stronger. Up to that point he was barely able to get around with a walker. He seldom uses his walker now, and is telling everyone he runs into about how wonderful he is feeling. The difference is truly amazing. It's been almost a year now, and he seems to be back to almost normal. Of course, when he mentioned the colloidal silver to his doctor, it was pooh-poohed as useless, and even dangerous to use. But the proof is in the way he feels, and he will continue using the colloidal silver for life. Thank you so much for all the information you provide. Without it, we truly believed we wouldn't have dad around much longer. Hope has been restored.

   --L.E. ~ HHA



HHA Maca Maca herbal caps
May 2005
HHA Maca Maca is wonderful! For several years I have had spotting for up to 10 days before my period. My doctor just dismissed it as aging/perimenopause. After just one cycle of two capsules daily, NO SPOTTING. I am now taking just one capsule daily. An added bonus has been far fewer PMS symptoms - less irritability, less cramping. This stuff is great. Don't rule it out just because you're over 40.
Read about HHA Maca Maca Herbal capsules here
   --withheld ~ HHA Member since 2004



Hard To Heal Area Responds To Emu Oil
May 2005
* McCain, "I want to thank you for calling me about my breast and the healing benefits of the EMU oil. It is healing it much better and only have one area that still keeps bleeding a little. But the big area is pretty well healed."
Read about Emu Oil here
   --~ Name withheld - HHA Member since 1998



MACA MACA BABY AGAIN!!! We have had a bunch!
April 2005
I just want to tell you that a friend and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for three years. Her Dr. says they both are able, just keep track of the days. I bought her three bottles of the Maca Maca. She got pregnant on the first bottle. She is so grateful.........
Read about HHA Maca Maca Herbal capsules here
   --P~ HHA Member since 2004



EMU OIL - Fixes Skin Problems!
April 2005
About two weeks ago, I received the Emu Oil that you are offering now. I have been plagued with problem skin for all of my life.(I just turned 50 this year) I use a wonderful skin care line, but the past two years, my face has done a continual peel. It feels raw nearly all the time. I am self conscious about it, as my nose and chin are always a sight. Well, after only a week of using the Emu Oil at night and before I put on makeup in the morning, my skin feels and looks healthy and normal. I cannot get over it. I know my face looks better and the constant pimples and other skin irritations are nearly completely gone. My skin looks new! I also get a rash on the inside of my forearms occasionally. It burns and looks dreadful for a couple of weeks until the lessions crust and then heal. That is a bit graffic, but the other day, when they first began to break out, I put the emu oil on them and forgot about them. I looked later on in the day and my arms look normal, no rash, no small scarring, nothing! Thank you * McCain for you continued efforts in bringing us good products that do what they are designed for. You are the real deal.
May you have many years of uninterrupted prosperity in your business. As you prosper so do we all. This is my newest trial of one of your products and I have not yet used one that hasn't performed beyond expectations. Thank you again.
Read about Emu Oil here

   --R.H. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Muscle Calm Helps Pain - Amazing!
April 2005
I have been on Skelaxin - 800 m.g 3 times a day for 4 yrs. I have been on your HHA Muscle Calm for 2 wks. I had relief from the pain in 48 hrs. have been almost pain free since. I gave some to my father-in-law and it has helped him. I also put my 13 year old dog on Homeopet Joint Relief. He is a changed dog. He is back to running and playing with my younger dog. Thank you.
   --P.S. ~ HHA Member 2005



April 2005
* McCain suggested I try taking Grapefruit Seed PLUS capsules for recurring rosacea which was not responding well to Colloidal Silver. I took 2 caps 3 times a day for 2 months. It not only cleared up the rosacea, but I have not had another outbreak. I continued to take the Grapefruit Seed Plus caps - 1 cap 3 times a day to prevent further outbreaks with this ADDED BONUS! I had a nail fungus on ALL of my toenails for 13 years which the doctors could not clear up with topical prescriptions. Last resort was a drug which could be very hard on your liver. I refused it. After taking the Grapefruit Seed caps for 2 months I noticed all of the toenails on my smaller toes had grown out and were now FUNGUS FREE!!! My big toes had a horizontal ridge on them. The area farthest from the base still had the fungus, but the nail closest to the base of toe was thinner and fungus free! I am taking the Grapefruit Seed caps until they grow out completely! I cannot tell you how wonderful this makes me feel!!! Thank you * McCain for all of your help!

HHA Adds: Grapefruit Seed Plus capsules contain: 125 mg of grapefruit seed extract, equivalent to 12-15 drops of NutriBiotic GSE liquid concentrate, combined with the extracts of Echinacea Angustifolia Root - 200 mg. and Artemisia annua - 200 mg.
Grapefruit Seed PLUS available here
   --A.F. ~ HHA Member since 2003



EMU OIL - Helps Aches!
April 2005
I love this emu oil! One of my friends took my bottle on vacation with her because the doctor told her she had some kind of tendonitis and she was in tears because she could barely walk and just knew her trip would be ruined. Well it wasn't. She came home all better. I personally had a swelling in the front of my ankle and it was very tender. I don't know what it was but it started in the middle of the night because it woke me up. The oil got rid of the pain in about 10 minutes and the swelling was gone by the second day. My daughter now tells anyone that complains of an ache. Tell mom! She'll grease you up with bird oil! Marijah you have truly been a blessing in our lives. I am very thankful to God for you. You have helped me so much.
   --N.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003



No More Albuterol !
April 2005
Thanks for all your help, I used the mold homeopathic with my son. No more Albuterol, he is breathing well!! Thanks!
(Page 61 in catalog)
   --J.T. ~ HHA Member since 2003



Cholesterol Lowered - Lost 8 pounds!
March 2005
My husband used the Circulation Plus powder, 1 teaspoon in juice daily and gradually increased to 1 tablespoon in a period of two weeks. He also took the Metabolic Complex - 2 caps twice a day and the Dr. Chi's Prometabolic - 2 caps once a day for high cholesterol.

After approximately four weeks his cholesterol went from 301 to 225 and his HDL went from 235 to 164. His good cholesterol went up and his bad cholesterol went down. During this time he had surgery to remove his adenoids and discontinued for a week due to concerns about his blood being thin during surgery. Even with that he still dropped 76 points and lost eight pounds.
   --I.B. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Stops Biting Nails! ~ Parasite Detox
March 2005
Started taking the Intestinal Freedon and the Wormwood Plus tincture on Feb 19,2005. I notice that I stop biting my nails on the 3rd day. Also I sleep better at night.
Read about HHA parasite detox here
   --S.G. ~ HHA Member 2005



Incredible Testimonial for Memory Power!
Feb. 2005
I would like to talk to everyone who has experienced a severe headache, that never leaves you. My husband was the first surviving victim of a severely diffused cerebral with a leaking venous angioma. Now a angioma is a blood clot that leaks in the vein structure of the brain, most of the time this is only seen with the cause of death, post death. Terry, my husband had a severe onset headache that wouldn't quit. After two weeks our doctor ordered a MRI with contrast. The only way to see this. Not one single health care professional knew how to treat Terry. I started researching every where, and every article I could find. Nothing. With this Terry started to loose the fuctions of a normal heart rate, memory, muscle functions, etc... I went to * McCain, and tried the product HHA Memory Power. Wow, we had normal again. To this date Terry is the longest survivor of this disorder venious angioma, and now within the world there are three persons. When a world known neurosurgeon asked us what we used too keep him alive this long, I told him two things, one was a good multivitamin with minerals, the second was a product through Herbal Healer called HHA Memory Power. I am a retired Physican with the Department of Health and Human Services, myself and our family doctor believes highly in unification of all areas of medicine harmoniously to help enhance life. We also know personally, and professionally that all medicine begins with nature first, and the respect that is due. Please take care of yourselves, eat right, exercise, and nutritionally listen too a wonderful person * McCain.
P.S. Marjiah you are now in the medical journals with your product.

Read about HHA Memory Power capsules here
   --Doctor N. L. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Dog - Home Treatment For Tetanus!!!
Feb. 2005
Just wanted to let you know that the home treatment I gave my dog for Tetanus worked wonderfully.. I took her into the vet b/c the muscles in her face were agitated and was told she had Tetanus and would need a series of Antibiotics. I have never given those to my own children, and I was not about to start with my pets. I started her out on Sunday night with 1 dropperful of Colodial Silver and 1 of Wormwood twice a day. By Saturday of the next week all symptoms were completely gone. I just cannot get over the impact that herbs have in my family's life and what 1 thought outside the "norm" can do to make a difference.. Keep up the good work!! * McCain Rocks!
   --C.K. ~ HHA Member since 1999!!!



HHA Colloidal Silver
Feb. 2005
I am prone to recurrent bladder infections (sensitive skin inwardly and outwardly) and the Colloidal Silver is a miracle to me! I wish I had known of it years ago and saved months of trying to get my "innards" back on track after courses of antibiotics that cured one thing and caused problems with others (bowel imbalances, yeast, etc.)--what a vicious cycle! Thanks for a wonderful product that fixes what's broke and doesn't cause problems worse than the original problem!
   --K.H. ~ HHA Member since 2001



Cat and Tarantula! Olive Leaf to the rescue!
Feb. 2005
I have a cat that managed to get a hold of a tarantula, and ever since her upper lip has been swollen. So, I mixed some Olive Leaf Extract with water and gave it to her twice a day orally (using a needless syringe). I have been doing this for about a week and half, maybe two weeks and now her lip is almost back to normal. Her nose had also turned black from the tarantula, and now it is back to a healthy pink.
   --D.P. ~ Member since 2004



Sea Cumber - Natural Anti-inflammatory Helps Stop Pain
Jan 2005
I would like to sing the praises of HHA Sea Cucumber. I've torn the cartilage in my right knee 3 times and have had 2 surgeries and have been in constant pain, even taking Celibrex which I stopped last year. A month ago I was in so much pain that I could hardly stand, my mother's package came in which I ordered the HHA Sea Cucumber, I hadn't eaten all day so I waited a few hours in much pain. I couldn't stand it any longer so I ate a snack and took one!!!!!!!!! capsule, and about 3-4 hours later I had no pain!!!!!!! whatsoever. Two weeks ago I sprained my knee again and it swoll up like a balloon, I took 2 capsules and I haven't had any pain since. I will take this as long as I live, the doctors want to do another surgery and I won't let them as long as i have HHA Sea cucumber! I'm a city bus operator on a heavy bus line. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
   --A.R. ~ HHA Member



Saved From Surgery ! - Cal/Mag/Vitamin D
Jan. 2005
I believe that the HHA Cal-Mag-Vitamin D liquid has saved my husband from having surgery. Several years ago he hurt his shoulder throwing a football. It has nagged him over the years but lately had gotten to where he couldn't move it without great pain. He began to talk about surgery. I gave him the Cal-Mag 2 tablespoons at bedtime and he felt a great improvement by the 5th day. He takes 1 tablespoon now for maintenance and feels great. He still has a little twinge every now and then but he says nothing that would even make him consider going under the knife. Thank you so much * McCain for all you do for us.
   --N.B. ~ HHA Member since 2003



Lupus & Fibromyalgia - 3 Point Plan
Jan. 2005
Dear * McCain, "My daughter has been on the 3 month detox program and all symptoms from Lupus and the Fibromyalgia are gone and she is getting around so good and even loosing weight. It has saved her sanity. God Bless You all!"

HHA Note: 3 Point Plan is listed in the HHA Catalag.
   --D.B ~ HHA Member 2004



Serious Osteoarthritis - One Week Shows Improvements!
Jan. 2005
My father is taking Colloidal Minerals, HHA CMO, Sea Cucumber, Liquid Cal/Mag/Vitamin D, and Glucosomine/Chondrotin for serious osteo arthritis in his hands. He hasn't been able to make a fist in years. He has taken these supplements for one week, and he can make a fist!!!!!!!! (without pain meds also.) Thank you so much for the work you do, and for helping us like you do. Me, my husband, and our three children have not used traditional antibiotics or other RX for 2 years now. Thank you so much!
   --T.P. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Wow! Read This! 4-Herb, Parasite Detox...
Jan 2005
I just want to tell you the main reason I do business with you is because your products work. I am now starting to get my family and friends involed with your products. Just a side note: I have a friend that was really struggling with his health. We talked about his major issuses, tired, no energy, grey hair and stomach problems. First, he started on the 4-Herb Tea tea, which I made. The Colon cleanse followed with a parasite program. Today he has energy, passed a tape worm two feet long and feels so much better. In addition, he has lost about 15 pound and his hair is even turning black again. We were talking the other day and he was women were even noticing him. WOW what a change. All the information I have used I got from your Herbology Course. Your training is great and your products work great. The proof is in the results.
   --W.W. HHA Member



HHA Bright Eyes - No Need For Glasses!
Jan 2005
Dear * McCain, I have placed another order for your HHA Bright Eyes. My 16 year old son Marcus was prescribed glasses at his last eye test in July, which he wasn't at all happy about. The glasses were prescribed for distance vision, he would have to take them off when reading or doing anything close. This proved to be an even bigger inconvenience to him. In addition he has been getting periodic and sometimes severe headaches. He asked me to get him a bottle of HHA Bright Eyes 3 weeks ago. Well, it has been 3 weeks and both he and I are very excited his eyesight has improved and he no longer has a problem with his vision and he doesn't need his glasses at all anymore in addition the headaches have completely stopped!!! I believe the headaches were caused by eyestrain. He asked me to send you his thanks and to let you know that he really appreciates all your hard work! I do too....

* McCain replies - FANTASTIC! HHA Bright Eyes - Ingredients: Contains: Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 10000 IU., Riboflavin (B2) 10 mg., Bilberry Fruit standardized extract 25% anthocyanidins - 80 mg., Carrot Powder - 300 mg., Citrus Bioflavanoids - 40% hesperidin -100 mg. Dose: 2 caps twice daily. 50 caps - $14.95
   --J.C ~ HHA Member since 1999



Women In Balance
Dec. 2004
I would like to take a quick moment to thank you for your Women in Balance formula. It has helped me very much, and I am quite aware when I let myself run short of it before ordering again. I am on a fixed income and sometimes finances are tight, but I try not to be without it. Thank you and blessings.
   --E. ~ HHA Member 2003



We Are Feeling Much Better!
Nov. 2004
My husband and I are both responding very well to your products. He and I have been on the HHA 4 Herb Tea for a month and also started the HHA Colloidal Minerals. He reports that he has been able to sleep well for the first time in 10 years, while I am needing less sleep. My chronic back pain is subsiding, and my energy level is up! Yea!
   --~ C.I. New Member 2004



Long Time HHA Member Reports...
October 2004
Dear Marjiah McCain and HHA,
"We think you are wonderful and so are the products you sell. Just wanted to tell you our family has used your products with great sucess and give a few testimonies for HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract and the HHA Concentrated Four Herb Tea. I had upper lobe pneumonia and my family and the Dr. insisted I take the antibiotics so to humor them I took the antibiotics and they did nothing but give me a lovely yeast infection and left me feeling even more miserable. For a week after I gave the antibiotic a chance to kick in and still nothing. If anything I was worse. I had ordered 3 bottles of the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract and found them in my cabinet. I started with two drops twice a day and my coughing eased and within a few days I was feeling much better. My husband also started coughing and I started him on the extract. He was really impressed. My mother called and asked how we were and was so impressed as to how quickly it worked she asked me if she could buy a bottle of the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract from me. She had bronchitis for four months and had been on several antibiotics, none of which had helped her. She started on the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract taking two drops twice a day and her coughing eased up and within a few days she was starting to feel like her old self. She stayed on the extract until all of the symptoms were completely gone. Then lowered the dose to one drop twice a day for a few more days just to make sure. She was so relieved to be over it she told everyone. My aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. Now everyone wants the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract before the flu season gets here. It doesn't taste so bad if you put it in juice.

And I love the HHA Concentrated 4 Herb Tea. If you don't have time to make the tea this stuff is great. I used it to get rid of the very painful cysts in my breasts. The doctor was very concerned and thought they would have to be surgically removed because they were extremely large and painful. I started on the tea concentrate and the cysts slowly started to shrink and the pain diminished. I lost two cup sizes after the cysts shrank. And I have no more pain. I can't wait for my follow up appointment so the doctor can ask what happened to the cysts."

"I used the HHA Concentrated Four Herb Tea on my newborn granddaughter. When she was born there was a dark gray haze over her iris's. My daughter had problems during her pregnancy and every week she ended up in the emergency room and they would give her a shot to stop her contractions. We asked the doctor about the baby's eyes because we were concerned that we couldn't see her pupil or the color of her iris and he said he sees this more and more in newborns and wasn't worried about it. I knew that the baby had been exposed to the toxins from all of those shots my daughter had been given and started the baby on the HHA Concentrated Four Herb Tea. I gave her 5 drops a day plus her liquid vitamins and minerals in some juice and it started to clear up my grandaughters eyes. After several weeks the haze was gone and she has really pretty blue eyes.

Then came her first baby shots which I tried to talk my daughter out of but the doctor talked her into, telling her that the baby could contract these diseases and die and it would be her fault. How rude. The shots reacted to my grandbaby and she immediately broke out in a severe rash that started around the shots and continued to spread all over her body. Her face and head were the worse and her hair started falling out where the rash got really nasty on her scalp. I had never seen a rash like this before. We took the baby to the doctor and he said the baby just had eczema and said that all of the babies her age were coming in with the same rash. What is the matter here? Does he need to be a rocket scientist to see the connection. If he gave them shots and they all came back in with the same kind of rash then I think someone needs to wake up and admit there is a problem. Even the health department said they tell the mothers to contact them if there is any kind of reaction around the site of the shot. This doctor sent the baby to a dermatologist. The dermatologist told my daughter that the baby would have this rash for the rest of her life. My daughter was beside herself. The rash covered the baby from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.
Her sweet little head and face were the worse. And my daughter now blamed herself for letting the doctor give the baby the shots. She came to me and asked me to please help her. Again the HHA Concentrated 4 Herb Tea came to the rescue. I bathed the baby using the tea to wash her with then applied the tea externally all over her after she was dried. I also gave the tea to her internally slowly increasing the dosage to as much as 10 drops and made sure the baby's bowels were moving. I reapplied the tea several times a day and I also gave her liquid minerals and vitamins. Slowly the toxins from the shots were removed and the rash disappeared. Her hair came back in and we have a very beautiful baby again. I make sure she continues with the tea and liquid vitamins and minerals and make sure her bowels are moving as her iris's now have brown blotches and still show signs of toxins built up in her system.

Thank You so much for your wonderful products. And my daughter said to Thank You for both of them. It has made believers out of several family members who used to make fun of me. Now the witch doctor and vodoo jokes have stopped and they are slowly realizing that these herbs really do work. Thanks Again and Have a Great Day!
   --S.S. HHA Member since 1996



Organic Liquid Iodine Helps Food Cravings

Marijah, "I recently ordered the HHA Organic Liquid Iodine that you talked about in your last newsletter. Three of my friends wanted some too. I just started it and what I have noticed is I have lost my craving for sweets/carbs. And also very importantly I'm not hungry all of the time. I've been taking 1 drop a day with my liquid minerals in a little bit of juice. I don't ever remember feeling like I could go from one meal to the next without eating something in between. Thank you again for your expert advice. P.S. I have turned MANY people on to Colloidal Silver for various different reasons. Keep up the good work. You are wonderful."
   --G.W. ~ HHA Member since 1996



Chronic Abscessed Tooth
Sept. 2004
I am very pleased to say that after taking 4-Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver, my abscessed tooth is gone away. I have been trying for years with poultices and paks to make it go away so I would not have to pull my tooth. About 3 months ago I went to the dentist to just go ahead and get it pulled. She said no, because there was an infection around it. She gave me an antibiotic prescription and I threw it away....after reading your testimonials I said something natural has to work. The Bible says herbs are for healing of the nations. It worked!!! Thanks Marijah for your persistence in finding cures!!!
   --D.V.T. ~ HHA Member



August 2004
I have been taking the Myosteo for the spurs I had on my heels. It has worked great. I can not thank you enough for it. I was in considerable pain and now it is practically gone.
   --K.T. Member since 2001



July 2004
Dear HHA, "Nov. 03 I was diagnosed w/Lupus. I had a horrible rash from my neck to my feet(itched,burned,red yuck). I was in tremendous pain in my joints and mucles, could hardly walk. The doctors wanted to put me on steriods for a problem with no cure according to them. I said no way. I started taking HHA Mycostat Complex caps 2 twice daily, Colon Enhancere 3 twice daily. 4-Herb Tea concentrate 1 time a day, 1/2 tsp. Colloidal Silver twice daily, Acidophilus/Bifidus powder 1/4 tsp. in milk 1 time daily and Super II laxative 2 a day.

How do I feel? Like a million bucks! The rash is completely gone and my pain is very mimimal. Sometimes I still have pain in my legs but not often and not bad either. No steriods would have done for me what these herbal treatments have. They are wonderful. Don't let a doctor tell you that steriods are the only hope.
Not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope this helps anyone with lupus to have hope. One more thing; the montana yew tip salve works wonders on the lupus rash and other skin problems too I have learned. May this info be of great help to others!!!!!!!!!

   --P.N ~ HHA Member since 2002



Diabetes - No Insulin Needed!
July 2004
Hi HHA, "Just wanted you to know a friend of mine is able to control her diabetes with diet now. Her docs were going to start her on insulin. She started supplementing with chromium and vanadium. She says she feels great. Had been feeling really terrible on the medication. I've referred so many to your web site and most of my friends were skeptical at first but (we're all in the medical field!) after seeing my great results with your care, (I had breast cancer in 2001) they ask me questions constantly about what to do for this and that. I tell them to ask * McCain! Go to her web site and stay away from our drug pushing colleagues unless you have a broken bone.
   --N.B. ~ Member since 2003



Apple Cider Caps - Lost 3 Pant Sizes!
July 2004
Dear * McCain, "Have droped 3 pant sizes using HHA apple cider vingar and walking two miles a day!"
Read about Apple Cider Vinegar capsules here
   --B. C ~ HHA Member since 2001



Debilitating Chest Pain Helped!
July 2004
For several years I have suffered from chest pain, tightness, debilitating discomfort. I started taking COQ10 and got almost immediate relief. In the past year pain has returned with a vengeance. In march I started the HHA Formula One for 3 months, as of a week or so ago, absolutely no more chest pain!!! I am swimming, walking, exercising and currently taking the HHA Oral Chelate tablets, as well as other supplements...this is nothing short of a miracle! My chest feels normal. I have more energy, less fatigue. I feel 10 yrs younger...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you..other family members have also been greatly helped, thanx to the weekly wed. online consultation and purchasing necessary products...i cannot say "thank-you" enough..I thank God for HHA and Marijah's work and efforts.
   --J.P. ~ HHA Member since 2002



I Was Bedbound...
June 2004
Your products and information have helped me go from being bedbound 5 years ago to a working happy not in pain person today. I was told by the rheumatologist that i would never get better.. Well with a dark outlook like that I guess I never would have. Thank you for the health information on your site.. and I really miss all the info that you used to be able to publish until the rotten bastards that are messing with you started their reign of terror over the people. Thank you for fighting for us all...
   --K.B. ~ HHA Member since 2000



May 2004
Several years ago practically all my hair came out very quickly. My hair would not grow and remained dormant for about 8 years. I tried practically everything. Prior to my awareness of the Herbal Healer Academy, I had a hair analysis done and one scarey piece of information was my exposure at some point in my life to a radioactive element called "Polonium." Apparently, exposure could have been in-utero, as a child or even recently at that time - no one could know when exactly. It is assumed my hair would naturally fall out as a result of that exposure. I consulted my friend about my hair, a physician who practices natural medicine and who introduced me to Herbal Healer Academy, and he believed my hair problem was not "nerves" nor my diet, but rather "poisoning of some kind". (He was unaware of the hair analysis at that time) He advised me to clean my system thoroughly and to take the HHA bulk 4-Herb Formula tea. I did as he adivsed and began to take the bulk 4-Herb Formula tea, 2ozs. three times a day and have continued to this day. Periodically thereafter I developed tiny boils at different positions all over my scalp, one or two at a time, which by themselves, came to a head, burst and then disappeared. This continued for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. About 6 mos. ago it appears the last of these small boils occurred, and since then - guess what? - my hair has begun to grow back? The itchy flaky scalp which I also had has cleared completely. Prior to the tea my scalp was clean of hair on the top and sides and was stunted at the back. Now there is hair about 1/2 in. now, all over my head, it is strong and it is growing. I am very excited and thrilled! I can only thank the HHA and these amazing herbs that have detoxed my system of a poison. I havn't even mentioned the other benefits I have derived from the tea, such as my weight down by 15lbs. to within normal limits now without even trying, with little or no exercise during this time (I'm about to start again now!), in addition to genital blisters (not herpes) which for years I would get only periodically, but I haven't had since the tea. I am extremely happy and thank my friend for introducing me to the Academy and the tea, and to you * McCain for being there for us. You are terrific! Please keep doing what you are doing.
   --Name Withheld - HHA Member since 2000



I CAN BREATH AGAIN!! - Sarcoidosis!
May 2004
Thank You Herbal Healer and * McCain for all the help you have giving to myself and so many others. I was diagnosed with an illness called sarcoidosis (a disease most often found in the black race but not exclusively). Sarcoidosis can be fatal and effects a person in many ways. In Aug. of 1999 I started with flu like syptoms accompanied by a slight cough. The cough got worse, my whole body ached and I ran a low grade fever almost daily. Not long after that I started getting small cysts about the size of a pea all over my body. I couldn't lay or lean on my left side as I couldn't get enough air into my lungs. I went to the doctor and had all kind of test done and was told that x-rays showed a dark mark on my left lung which was probably another cyst. Within a short time I was so sick that I had to stop working. I couldn't walk more then 50 feet without having to sit down because I was so weak from not being able to breath and the cough was constant. I couldn't sleep but for a few minutes off and on all night. It got to the point where I was coughing up blood and coughed so hard that I broke the same rib twice. This went on for about six months. The doctors wanted to put me on steroids but I worked for years in nursing homes and hospitals so I knew the terrible side effects of steroids. I refused to go that route. I decided to look for another alternative and found HHA webpage. I wrote to * McCain and she responded to me the next day (which I am so thankful for). She had me stay on MSM which I had already been using however she upped the dose. She also suggested for me to use Colloidal Silver, Beta Glucans with Maitake, Olive Leaf Liquid and Dr. Chi's formula for cysts (Myomin). Within a few months I could tell the difference. The cough was less and less, the cyst started going away and within a years time I could lay on my left side again without feeling I was going to suffocate (which I would have if I had every passed out on my left side) I was living in Atlantic City at this time and was within a five minute walk from the boardwalk so I started walking daily and in no time I went from not being able to walk 50 feet to walking 8 miles. OH! and I had another problem that I wasn't even thinking about when I wrote to her...eczema. I had suffered with this since I was 9 years old, (I'm now 50.) I was told by several "Drs." there was no real cure for eczema...well that's gone too. I haven't had it for the last 4 years and now I don't have to be ashamed of my skin.

Also, my daughter went to the doctors just a week ago with what she thought was a stye on her eye. The doctor told her that it was a clogged pore which happens in darker skinned people because we produce more oils in our skin. He told her that it usually takes a few months to go away but if it didn't she would need surgery. Well I gave her some of my Colloidal Silver and told her to soak a small cotton ball or tissue with it and lay it on her eyelid along with a warm compress several times a day. Well it has only been 4 days and she called me to tell me it is almost all gone. Never let doctors tell you that there is no cure or that the only way is surgery. God made us, and I believe that He's made something for our every need including cures. Thank You God and Thank You * McCain. I have and will continue to tell everyone about you both.
   --T. ~ HHA Member since 1999



Dead Doctor's Don't Lie Book
May 2004
"Loved "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Never really thought about why all my animals are so much healthier than I am!"
Recommended reading for all HHA Members! Book info. at bottom of the page

   --M.B. ~ HHA Member since 1995



4-HERB TEA - Gum Disease
May 2004
I've been using the 4 herb tea for the past three months using it three or four times a day. I have been diagnosed with gum disease, and was being treated for it, well the last time I went to my dentist I didn't have to have the treatment to the last quadrant of my mouth because it was ok. My dentist asked what I had been doing and at first I just said I had been brushing and flossing regularly, then later I remembered I had been drinking the 4-herb tea. I am going to continue to use it and see what else it helps.
   --S.H. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Grapefruit Seed Extract
May 2004
Thank God for * McCain and the HHA! My testimonial is for the wonderous Grapefruit Seed Extract. I had a black lump on the inside of one of my toes. I had no idea why or how it got there. I was already aware of the power of this product internally, but now was my opportunity to use it topically. One drop directly on the area rubbed in with water to dilute. After a few days the lump became soft and was able to be scraped away little by little with no pain. After 2 weeks the lump is gone and the affected area is starting to close! My girlfriend noticed the lump at its worst and she cannot believe the lump is gone. However, I never had a doubt that it wouldn't work! Having this lump on my toe prevented me from having my feet washed at church prior to Easter Sunday. I didn't want to be embarrased. I wish I would have started with Grapefruit Seed Extract sooner!! May God continue to bless the HHA and * McCain!!
Grapefruit Seed Extract Products listed on this page
   --D.M. HHA Member since 1998



7 Year Old Grandaughter Doing Better
April 2004
M. McCain "Thanks for your tape and literature regarding my 7 yr old grandaughter and her eye problem that they claimed could not be treated due to alleged ADD. Your recommendations are now underway concerning diet and immediate improvement is noted... Thanx again for your courtesy and expertise in this matter."
Marijah McCain's Audio tapes are listed on this page.
   --H.F. New member 2004



Hight Blood Pressure Under Control
April 2004
The HHA Oral Chelate & Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract has helped tremendously with my HBP. It is under control by just taking these!Thank you so much. You have been a blessing.
   --M.M. ~ Member since 2003



Great Dane's Cyst Almost Gone!
April 2004
I have a Great Dane that has a cyst right above it's eye and he has been on the HHA 4-Herb Liquid Concentrate and the HHA Colloidal Silver for 2 weeks and it is almost gone!!!!
   --M.B. ~ HHA Member since 2002



March 2003
A skeletal red dog on the side of the road caught my eye back in early February. My husband and I pulled the car over, whistled, and she hopped in - she looked like a little fox or a red wolf. We took her home, cleaned her up in the tub, and saw patches of raw skin, bloodied and infected from exposure to the elements. I mixed a couple drops of grapefruit seed extract with olive oil and applied the salve on her sores. The Herbal Healer catalogue mentioned MSM is safe for animals. I gave "Rosie" one capsule of mine, sprinkling it on her food, three times a day. After a month and a half, her red fur is thick and soft, her sores are completely healed, and she gained 16 pounds. (She's still a little under ideal weight). She eats solid dog kibble too, which she could not chew at first because her teeth were so weak. Our vet thinks she's a pure breed Shiba Inu. The vet is certain Rosie was used to breed, and then was thrown out after her last batch of puppies. (We spayed her immediately). What a sweet little dog she is, we just love her. The knowledge and wisdom you generously share in your catalogue proves itself true again. Thanks so very much for teaching me how to heal one of God's creatures. Sincerely,

Note from Marijah: Many of our animals that we have at HHA are abandoned and left to die when we get them. They have made some of the most loyal and rewarding pets and protectors. I work directly with the local human society to take cats that are sick or abused and non-adoptable. It may take months, but I work with them so that they can have a healthy, safe, no more suffering quality of life.
   --R & J - HHA Members



March 2004
"Singing the praises of Olive Leaf Extract! This past winter our 8 year old son became sick with the flu. At the first signs of illness I began administering Olive Leaf Extract in his juice. His only symptom was a high persistant fever that lasted for 2 days. The doctor ran a few test to confirm that what my son had was truly in fact the flu because he was completely amazed at his lack of other symptoms (ie: cough, sore throat, ear ache etc. etc.) and secondly was perplexed at the length of time that he was sick. In most cases he's been seeing a 5-7 day duration of symptoms. Our son's was only 2 days. We were greatly pleased with the results of the HHA's Olive Leaf Liquid Extract! But that's not all...because his immune system had been weakened from this experience I kept him on the Olive Leaf three times daily for 7 days total. At the end of this time we were treated to an unexpected benefit of the Olive Leaf's miraculous healing powers. My son had 6 warts growing on his big toe. One that was causing his nail to split and protrude. They were scheduled to be removed within the week but thanks to the Olive Leaf we were able to cancel his appointment. The warts are completely gone thanks to the antiviral properties of the Olive Leaf Extract Formula!!!
   --R. ~ HHA Member



Homeopathic Allergy Liquid Really Helps!
March 2004
"I ordered the Allergena Mold Mix recommended, and I wanted to let you know it didn't take 3 days to work, it only took 36 hours. For the last two years, it has rained intensely in our area. We live on a clay base and water doesn't drain through the soil - it sits and molds. For the last 3 years my husband and I have been sick from November through May. We have spent more on antihistamines, antibiotics and cough medicine that I care to add up. Nothing helped. But the Allergen Mold Mix sublingual cleared me up immediately. Both nostrils were swollen shut and I had to breathe through my mouth - after taking the sublingual drops, the drainage quit, my sinuses normalized and I feel so much better. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can't say it enough. No wonder they want to shut you up - you could probably put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. Too bad money runs things, and not the care for human life."

HHA Note: The Homeopathic Allergena products are listed in the HHA Catalog. They are not on-line at this time.

   --C.H. ~ Member since 2002



CONGRATULATIONS!!! Another HHA Baby On The Way!!!
March 2004
"I have miscarried 8 times, always between the sixth and eighth weeks. I had given up, and was taking colloidal silver and chill out tabs for another condition. I had also cleaned up my diet and reduced my allopathic meds since the natural herbs were helping me. Then, I became pregnant again. I am now at my fifth month and the doctors say the baby is in excellent health and growing very well. I know the reason I have not lost this one is due to the changes and natural methods of healing myself that Marijah McCain recommended. I recommend her highly. I am an example myself of what can happen if you take care of yourself and rid yourself of man made chemicals. Thank you Dr. McCain. It would not have been possible without God's will and your advice. May God bless you in all your endeavors.
   --D.G. ~ HHA Member Since 1999



Shrinking Mass
Feb. 2004
Hi * McCain, "I have been following the cancer protocol since just after the New Year's day with great results (shrinkage of mass!)"
   --J.E. ~ HHA Member since 2002



Great News On Hepatitis C Report
Feb 2004
I've been taking the 4 Herb Tea Concentrate since last Thanksgiving, approx. 3 months now. I've also been taking the Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Minerals over the same period. Since I was diagnosed as a carrier of Hep-C, I take the HHA Olive Leaf caps, HHA Beta Glucans, and HHA Liver Support, and I will continue to do so indefinately.

I had my blood taken last Christmas Eve for a life insurance policy and was turned down because I tested positive for the Hepatitis-C antibody. I had my own doctor test my blood again and it came back positive as well. He subsequently referred me to a GI specialist, who basically told me that I had an incurable and progressive viral disease that would eventually damage my liver if it hadn't already. She scheduled another blood test to determine the viral load and genotype, a precursor to a liver biopsy. She said that I was most likely a candidate for chemotherapy, a multiple drug treatment using Interferon and Ribavarin. This would last 6 to 18 months depending on the genotype and viral load, and that I could expect some very unpleasant side affects: nausea, depression, muscle and joint pain, lethargy, and possible suicidal thoughts. I said to her, "Well, that's just dandy; you plan on poisoning me huh?"
Anyway, I had the blood test and the results were amazing. There was no detectable viral load whatsoever. She was astonished and simply said to come back in a year for another blood test. Needless to say, I ordered two more bottles of the 4-Herb tea today.
   --~ G.B. - HHA Member since 2003



Wonderful Report on SUPER X
Feb. 2004
Dear Marijah Mc Cain, "My husband and I have been happily married for 25 years. A couple years ago, my husband began experiencing difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection during our intimate times together. After his annual checkup with his doctor, Viagra was recommended. Thinking this was the answer to our dilemma, unfortunately it was not. Our insurance would not cover his prescription because his 'blood levels' did not warrant the use of Viagra. We checked with all of the local pharmacies (50 mile radius) for the best price on his prescription. Amazingly enough, the best price for his 5 Viagra tablets was $118!!

Lucky for us, I received a newsletter from you and found SUPER-X capsules in it for men, so checked out some of the testimonials regarding its use!! I immediately ordered 6 bottles!! My husband and I have a renewed sex life (similar to that of when we were first married!!!) THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! My husband takes the recommended dosage according to the directions! Sometimes the dosage lasts several hours afterwards! (Double the pleasure!!) I have always believed the good Lord put remedies here on Earth for all of our ailments and you are confirming my idea! Keep up your wonderful work and research!!"
Read more about Super X and other natural and safe supplements for healthy sexual function.
   --~ HHA Happy Member!



MS and Bell's Palsy
Feb. 2004
Greetings * "Thank you for getting back to me.... You have helped me knock out the MS that attacked me and helped me to help someone else whom is now a loyal member deal with their Bell's Palsy."
   --J. ~ Longtime HHA Member



New Experience For Me...
Feb. 2004
"I have been following your advice re: Essiac tea (4-Herb), Colloidal Silver, and Liquid Iodine. Thank you--I already feel better. I was coming down with a cold and took First Responder, which seems to have allowed me to kick it before it took hold! This is a totally new experience for me, and Thank You.
   --K.R. ~ New HHA Member 2004



Not Losing My Balance....
Feb. 2004
Dear Marijah McCain, "I want to thank you for recommending Olive Leaf Extract, Liquid Cal/Mag/Vitamin D, Memory Power. I have been taking them for a month and the first thing I noticed was that I am not losing my balance, my brain functioning is much better and even though I am still getting spasms in my legs they are fewer and much, much father in between. Again I want to thank you, for the first time in a long time I feel that I have truely taken my health and healing in my own hands."
   --D.F. ~ HHA Member since 2003



Depression and Headaches
Feb. 2004
I have been on Wellbutrin and Topamax for almost a year for depression and headaches. Wellbutrin was my third anti-depressant I have been on. I am now drinking the Essiac Tea 3 times a day, taking Colloidal Minerals, Women In Balance and some Enzymes. I also am taking 5-htp 3x's a day. I felt like a new person within a week of stopping my prescription drugs and starting on these Herbal products. I have learned so much from the Herbal Healer web site and reading the Testimonals. I gave up on my Doctors and finally decided that I needed something different. Nothing they were doing was helping me. Making me worse in fact. I went to a Naturopathic Doctor in my area and I am so glad I did. She lead me to Herbal Healer products and I am like a new person. Even people I work with and my family have noticed a huge differance in me. Thank You so much for your products.
   --A.M. ~ New HHA Member 2004



Endometriosis Helped!
Feb. 2004
My granddaughter had endometriosis extremely bad. The doctor said only relief for her was a hysterectomy. I ordered Dr. Chi's Myomin, HHA Evening Primrose and the Zinc caps. My granddaughter went to the Doctor after 30 days treatment. There are no cysts or blood clots! What a true blessing. She is almost totally pain free now and feels wonderful. God Bless you and your wonderful Academy.
   --C.F. ~ HHA Member since 2000



Family Doing Really Well!!
Jan. 2004
I am writing to let you know that over the past few months I have started using many of your products - all which have made amazing changes in the health of my husband, children, and me. The Sambucool helped our children with colds and allergies that would not leave. My husband can breathe thanks to the Beta Glucans and I am finally loosing weight due to the Prometabolic. Thank you for being willing to take time to give advice and help; and for all of the information you post. There hasn't been a product we are dissapointed with yet and we have tried lots of them!!! With thanks
   --A.B. ~ HHA Member



Throat Cancer
Jan. 2004
My husband was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer in early December 2003. Only 2 percent of all throat cancers are this type. They know little to nothing about it. We started on the HHA 4-herb tea (2 oz + 2 oz water 4x daily) and Beta Glucans (8 daily) on December 8th, 2003, and Colloidal Silver (one-half teaspoon twice daily). So far the lump in his throat has become about one-third smaller in size and the pain he was having is not so bad. We refused radiation and chemotherapy, due to the fact we don't believe in it and they would not even tell us the statistics on whether it was going to be helpful or not. As it was they misdiagnosed it as a sinus infection for 3 months and $12,000 later in tests, some not necessary, they decided to let us know it was cancer.
We started the anti-parasite program on January 23, 2004, with the Intestinal Freedom and Tincture. We have more hope in the herbs than we do these doctors.
Each time we would tell doctors about his heart condition he has had since November 5, 2001 and that he is on all herbs for it now and no prescriptions, they basically ignored us. It was unimportant to them that his heart also would play a role in any therapy for cancer. Only 28% of his heart is functional, already my husband is at a disadvantage. The initial drugs the doctors had put him on in the first year and a half for his heart condition kept him asleep and in bed and he walked with a cane. Thanks to our own research and medicinal herbs he no longer needs a cane and only takes two naps a day.
Since we started the 4-herb tea he has more energy and stamina. While working on this cancer, we continue to also work on his heart. If it were up to the medical professionals, he would probably be dead right now.
   --T.R - Long time HHA Member



He Had Little Time Left To Live
Jan. 2004
I have a friend who had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. He started to take a few of the HHA products along with Coral calcium. His tumor is no longer present. I have read many many healing stories and would have never believed it had I not seen it for myself. He had little time left to live. Now he leaves the house without his O2 and goes ice fishing by himself. This is a miracle in my eyes!
   --D.N. ~ HHA Member



Made It Safely Through The Flu Season!
Jan. 2004
Hi, Just wanted you to know that I got through the flu season without even a sniffle! Everyone around me has been sick. I just kept up with the colloidal silver and asparagus extract, the herbal tea ect. My oncologist recommended the flu shot because of my depleted immune system. I just laughed and said my immune system isn't depleted any longer. I feel better than I have in years! She looked at me like I had 2 heads. God Bless You for all the wonderful work and research that you do.
   --N.B. ~ HHA Member



Fight With Breast Cancer
Jan. 2004
* McCain, "I want to first thank you and the Herbal Healer Academy for all the research you have done throughout the years. Truly, it is a blessing for all who have been touched by this knowledge and wisdom. I ran across your website the week before Christmas in search of a cure for my mom's 2nd fight with Breast Cancer. The first time she was diagnosed in 1995 she had allopathic treatment (Lumpectomy and Radiation Therapy). Well, after a mentally and physically long hard therapy and 7 and 1/2 years later my mom presented with a second tumor in the same breast. Because she had radiation previously....we knew that she would have no other choice but to have a total masectomy. My mother decided that if there was no other choice available then of course she would opt for surgery. We believed that God had another method of treatment for we waited and searched while being treated with a natural medicine combination by another Herbal Doctor that was not working too well. When we found your web site and rearched the herbs and read the testimonials we knew that we where headed in the right directions. My mother started on the herbs within a week of finding the web site and she has been on them now for about 1 month. The tumor that was in her breast was about the size of a half started off about the size of a dime. After being on the combination of herbs mentioned in your web site, (HHA Note: FDA has since made us remove the Specific Ailments Page with this information), her tumor is no longer palpable. Her energy level is alot better, her breathing is no longer shallow and her over all appearance is remarkable. * McCain, thank you for allowing God to use you in this remarkable because of this testimony, I have a lot of my friends and family on this herbal combination just for the overall benefit of these herbs. My profession by trade is a Radiation Therapist for 18 years. I know by experience the devastion that a lot of cancer patients experience through both radiation and chemo....This is why I could not allow my mother to experience this method of treatment anymore. For the last 5 years I have been praying for God to lead me into a new career...something that would Glorify him. Well as of Jan. 2004 I truly believe that God wants me to become a ND under the Herbal Healer Academy, I am now officially enrolled. God Bless you Dr. McCain and know that the Lord will keep you and protect you even through your presecutions!
   --LAM - HHA Member and Student



Your Stuff Works!
Jan. 2004
Dear Herbal Healer: Your stuff works and this is my testimonial:
My pickup truck spun out on black ice back in March 2003. My right clavicle split in two places. My left hip's bone was shaved to replace my left knee cap. Two neck vertebrae shattered beyond repair - I have metal at C2 & C3. My liver, spleen, and both kidneys were bruised, banged, lascerated. The Doc told my mother I'd never use my right arm again (Mom said I gave him the 'Solitary Solute' with my right middle finger - before surgery and seemingly unconscious)! Either God saved me or the Devil threw me back. After major surgeries the Doc prescribed tons of antibiotics &
painkillers. (I never took anything stronger than coffee in my life). A friend turned me towards HHA products. I hated the drugs. I started taking MSM, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil, Liver & Kidney detox herbs, and Vitamin C. I am back in action; married a fine gentleman the first of the year; took my place at the office again, and continue to raise the Solitary Solute to anyone who disregards God's gift of nature's healing. Sincerely.



Less Muscle & Joint Pain...
Jan. 2004
I recently started the 4-Herb tea. I added the dandelion root as I am Hep C positive. I also have Fibromyalgia and arthritis . I have noticed already that I have less muscle and joint pain and have more enery since taking the tea 3-4 times a day. An unexpected bonus is that I dream every night. The dreams are happy, in color and leave me with a wonderful sense of well-being.
   --J.O. ~ New HHA Member 2003



Recommendations Helpful
Jan. 2004
I just wanted to thank Marijah for the products she reccommended, because they helped considerably, and "fixed" other things in the process. I told her I was feeling tired all the time, that it felt like "something was in my chest", that I had a cough, and wasn't sleeping well at night. She said I might have a chronic low grade infection, and possibly allegies. She suggested the 4-herb tea, 2x a day, colldial silver,1/2 tsp.2x a day for 2 wks.,then 1x a day for another 2 wks, muscle calm, 1x a day for sleeping and the HHA Iron, 1 w/dinner. Within 2 days I felt better. I had more energy(the tea), the cough went away (coll. sil.), and I was sleeping like a baby(muscle calm). Not only that, I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist, which was very painful(forgot to tell Marijah about that), and the Dr. was going to send me to a specialist if the pain persisted (she didn't do, or prescribe anything, just the specialist) that went away after a wk. of the tea and coll. sil. I was so shocked! I didn't even take them for that!! Thank you Marijah! You are a godsend,and may God continue to bless you.
   --~ C.B. - HHA Member since 2001



HHA Colloidal Silver
Jan. 2004
I just wanted to say that I am sure glad I bought some extra Collidol Silver recently. My 15 yr. old daughter Tasha has been sick for the last week with either mono or Strep throat. Her glands on the side of her neck, just below her ears have been swollen up and she has a very sore throat with lots of mucus and drainage. I was giving her the Colloidal Silver, but it just didn't seem to be working, then I decided to up the dosage to about 4 teaspoon a day spread out over the day and she is finally responding and today feels better than she has in a week. I think that in another day or so she will be back to normal. She might have had some flu with it, just not sure. The whole family has been taking some of it to keep from getting what she has, so it has been very beneficial to have a good supply on hand. Thanks again and may your life and your business prosper and grow according to His divine will.
   --~ T.E. - HHA Member since 2000



Thanks For Wonderful Products
Dec. 2003
"I have been using Herbal Healer products for about 18 months. I have partial paralysis in my legs due to a spinal cord injury. The first product I tried was the colloidal silver, which I thought might help me with recurring urinary tract infections caused by the spinal injury. The rapid relief from these infections by using HHA silver is truly amazing. I haven't had to use any expensive antibiotics since I started with the silver. About a year ago, my brother had a very large hernia repaired. The surgery went well, and he was discharged from the hospital the same day. By the next evening he was running a fever of 103, and had massive swelling and inflamation in his scrotum. We live way out in the country, and are two hours from the nearest hospital. I started him on the silver; giving him a dose every six hours around the clock. Within three hours his fever had returned to normal, and by the following morning the swelling and infection were greatly reduced. He continued taking colloidal silver for a week; gradually decreasing the number of doses per day. All traces of what was obviously a very bad staph infection completely disappeared! We have a lot of snakes in the part of Texas where we live, and our five dogs regularly get bitten by copperhead and water mocassin snakes. The bites never kill the dogs, but they always swell at the site of the bite, and they sometimes get infections as a result of the bites. We discovered that by squirting half a teaspoon of silver concentrate in their mouths, the swelling disappeared within 12 hours! My various doctors have been telling me for about a year that my blood pressure is way too high (160/110) and wanted to put me on medication to lower it. I don't like to take prescription medicines, and research into the various drugs used for hypertension revealed that they often don't work, and can have serious side effects. About a month ago I ordered Dr.Chi's Asparagus Extract and HHA Circulation Plus powder, and began using them as recommended. Last week I had to spend a day in the hospital for a contrast C/T Myleogram of my thorasic spine, which was done to help plan the removal of a large disc compression of my spinal cord -- caused by my injury. My blood pressure was taken four different times during the day and each time it was 120/80 or lower! Needless to say my doctor was amazed. All the members of my large and extended family are now members of HHA, and are using various supplements with great success. God bless you for all your wonderful products!"
   --~J.P. Member since 2002



Colloidal Silver helps Chronic Sinus Infection
Dec. 2003
HHA Colloidal silver is amazing stuff!! I began getting sinus infections 3 years ago. I would suffer for 5 to 7 weeks with them. I tried your colloidal silver on my last one, I took 1/2 t. twice a day. It knocked that nasty sinus infection out in 4 days!!! God bless you all for your company!
   --M.D. ~Member since 2001



Asparagus Extract - Please Read This One!!!
Dec. 2003
"About a month ago, my gynecologist advised me that I needed a partial hysterectomy due to Adenomyosis. I had been suffering with lower back pain for over a year. My family physician had ordered x-rays, MRI, and lots of medications along the way. I still got very little relief and didn't like taking the medication. I kept wanting to get to the root of the problem.
Several of my family members have been cured due to your advice and products; so my faith in you and HHA has been growing day by day. I decided to contact you by e-mail and get your opinion and see if you had any product for Adenomyosis. To my surprise, you suggested a cup of warm Asparagus tea before retiring to bed at night. You felt a lot of doctors were not connecting back pain with toxic kidneys. Who would of ever guessed that after only a little over 2 weeks on the tea, I am now pain free. It all seemed too simple compared to surgery, recovery, etc. I'm still bewildered. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!"

HHA adds : Asparagus Extract can be found on this page.
ASK THE NATUROPATH is open for e-mails on Wed. 10 - 1 CST



HHA CHILL OUT - Helps Daughter
Nov. 2003
My daughter is autistic and struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder. Several months ago I started her on 3 tablets of "Chill Out" daily. The results were great, but the obsessions did still occassional "rule" her. About 4 weeks ago we increased her "chill out" to 4 tablets a day. She has been so much more able to organize her thoughts and stay on task, she seems much more comfortable in her own body.
   --J.B. ~ Member since 2001



Hospitalized... Colloidal Silver Helps Again!
Nov. 2003
In early October my son became ill with a virus.I had started him on colloidal silver 1/2 tsp 4 times a day, used sambucol and olive leaf extract. His symptoms would improve some, but his temp kept spiking. After 4 days of this he began to dehydrate in spite of our efforts. They found some infection in his spinal fluid and was hospitalized. They started antibiotics with out much improvements at all. The next day I had my husband bring the colloidal silver up to the hospital and began to give him 1 tsp every four hours. Within 2 days his temp was back to normal and he was discharged. They believe it was west nile virus. Thank God for colloidal silver. Thank God for you.



Colloidal Silver & 4-Herb Tea Helping My Dog!
Nov. 2003
My dog has a huge tumor on her foot and the vet wanted to amputate it. I've been putting silver in her water and also pouring some on the tumor, and also giving her 4-herb tea, and it's shrinking! I've been spending all this money on hard-core antibiotics that did nothing, until a friend recommended your web site. I am so grateful!
   --J.Z. HHA Member 2003



HHA IRON PLUS - Excellent Formula

Dear HHA, "Once again, your products have proven to be very effective!
My wife had been having problems with anemia for years. She started taking your Iron Plus about two months ago. Her lab tests from this Monday showed her blood count had returned to normal. They doctor was amazed! She had given him a copy of your catalog and he is now going to order some of your products for his own health care! Thanks again!"

HHA IRON PLUS - 100 small tablets. Anemia, depression and anyone with low energy, chronic candida, dizziness upon rising, etc. 1 per day with largestmeal. Ingredients: Vitamin C - 50 mg., Folate - 200 mcg., Vitamin B 12 - 50 mcg., Iron Ferrochel - 27 mg (150% RDA), Don Quai Root - 100 mg., Red Raspberry Leaf - 100 mg. $8.95 - 100 tabs.
   --R.L. - Member 2003




My daughter is using the HHA Super Enzymes that you suggested for her absence of a Gall bladder and is having good results. She is happy with it.
My Uncle had an emergency surgery last April, and had so much wrong with him, cause he never went to any kind of Dr.s, and ended up with a tumor (the size of a grapefruit), and they took it out because he had a lot of blood passing, and had a hard time urinating. They 'lost' the tumor, before they could get a biopsy! Imagine that! Then he had to go back into surgery to get some scrapings to see if he had any cancer. Yes, he had cancer cells contained in the bladder and they had not penetrated outside of the bladder. Well, he was on a high costing drug and it only made him sick and I had to take him off of it. I immediately put him on HHA Colloidal Silver, Acidophilis, high dose Vitamin C, and the HHA 4-HERB Tea. He had his last diagnosis which the Dr's can't understand where the cancer went! It's gone! Guess what? They never asked me how!
   --G.C. Member since 1998



My Wife Feeling Much Better.
October 2003
Dear * McCain, "Thank you for answering all my previous questions. I have had my wife on the 4 Herb Tea, the Colloidal Silver and the HHA Iron Plus for about a month now and she is very pleased with the results she has had, more energy less joint pains and we are both shedding pounds since eliminating most of the sugar from our diets. I am also experiencing the same results as her.
   --R.J. ~ Member since 1999



HHA - ONE STOP SHOP !!! Member is a Nurse!
October 2003
Dear HHA, "Hi, my family as well as myself are all in the process of detoxing all systems. About a month in so far, I am glad to report a HUGE difference in my own energy levels as well as general well being. My husband has a history of hypertention, of unknown etiology, according to the allopathic docs. His high blood pressure is now down to normal ranges and he no longer takes any blood pressure meds, mostly due to the asparagus extract. Also his severe tendonitis in his elbow has quit hurting, he was considering surgery due to the severe weakness and pain in the elbow, now mostly gone! He has recently roofed 2 houses, had a little soreness, but no severe pain. All of us are making and drinking the 4 herb tea 2x day, asparagus extract, colon enhancers, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, and now starting the myostat caps, then on to the parasites!! I have found my one-stop shop for all my needs! Thank You! I am a registered nurse, and have applied for your naturopath program, with my intention to help teach the world!"
   --T.H. - Member 2003



Colloidal Silver 500 ppm
October 2003
Dear Marijah, "I just want to say how happy I have been with the effectiveness of your colloidal silver. I have used it to eliminate bouts of prostatitis, sore throats, acne, ear infections, and the flu. I hope your 500ppm formula is always available to us. It is truly amazing. All the best.
   --P.L. member since 2003



Homeoet Nose Relief Helps Cat
October 2003
Dear HHA, "We used the Homeopet Nose Relief for one of our cats who has suffered since kittenhood from a continual upper respiratory infection. We tried it and within two weeks we could notice a difference. No more sneezing and very little watering from the eyes. He seems to be breathing better too. We reduced the dosage from two a day to one and it is maintaining his symptoms fine. Thanks
Check out HHA's Great Products For Pets!
   --R. L - Member 2003



October 2003
Dear HHA, "I was skeptical when ordering the Super X, but have extremly happy with the results. The effects from one dosage last for 4-7 days. It puts the little blue pill to shame."
Read about SUPER X on this page!!!
   --R - Member since 2000



Sept. 2003
Dear HHA, Thank you for your edifying work. A friend of mine suggested HHA Colloidal Minerals to me because of my need to maintain optimal energy reserves as a psychiatric care worker. I am 59 years old - (my friend a psychiatric nurse of 60 plus years, by the way) - both of us can attest that we have never felt better in our lives!!! I wish that these Colloidal Minerals could be ordered for the patients with whom I work, for my belief is that a lack of minerals in the brain could very well result in self abusive behavior and brain chemistry imbalance. These people's salvation could be readily available and less toxic than medications by using the HHA Colloidal Minerals.
Read about the HHA Colloidal Minerals. Everyone should take these daily!!!



Sept. 2003
I found a bald spot the size of a dime on top of my 8 year Daughters head. To just look at it you saw nothing out of the ordinary other than no hair. I had just received my order of Colloidal Silver (with information). I applied it to the spot on a Wednesday night, (I was then able to see it was a large raised circle and it itched her.) I applied it 3 times a day and gave her 2 tablespoons of the 4 Herb Tea daily. By Friday it was drying up very nicely and had gone down in size alot. By Sunday it was almost gone. Hopefully the hair will grow back. Thank you so much Marijah McCain. Without the knowledge you share as well as your fantastic products I would not have had the slightest idea how to handle this on my own. May God continue to Bless you and yours.




Testimonial: My blood pressure was 135 over 95. The Dr. gave me a diuretic and blood pressure medicine. I didn't even get the scripts filled, instead I ordered the HHA Vegetarian Calcium, and the Oral Chelation that also reduces heavy metals. (Formula One with Edta). When I went back to Dr. in one month, my BP was 124 over 82. I will not take those drugs from the Dr., with all the side effects that make you sick. Thanks again!
Read about the HHA Formula One with EDTA
   --J. G.



Husband's Bipolar Problem
Sept. 2003
Thanks for your help. I wrote to you several weeks back about my husband and his Bipolar. Since then, I have started him 4-Herb tea, colloidal minerals and colon enhancers (will get Brain formula next pay check). His mood, or depression, has improved greatly. He even notices the difference himself. Still have a ways to go, but this was a huge step in itself. Thanks again. Have a blessed day. !!!



August 2003
I have a testimonial.. I'm currently using the Apple Cider Vinegar Plus pills and they are great. I been taking it since April 2003 and I have lost 27 pounds. I have a seizure disorder and hypoglecemia and, I haven't had any bad side effects. I believe that the Apple Cider Vinegar Plus is a miracle. I still have 53 more pounds to go but, I believe that I have made a good choice taking these pills. I am lucky to had found a pill that doesn't make your heart race or have any bad ingredients in it.
HHA Apple Cider Vinegar Page
Complete Weight Loss Products Offered By HHA
   --T.H. ~ HHA Member



Total Stranger Helps Out With Natural Remedies...
August 2003
Dear * McCain, Yes, you are a * and the creeps will not stop me from addressing you as such! I had what they call stage 2 breast cancer and went through chemo and radiation before I ever had the brains to begin researching natural medicine. I am a nurse by profession and was trained of course to look upon herbal\natural medicine with disdain. An acquaintance gave me Maitake mushrooms and some kind of Barley Grass drink. We had just met at a friend's house and she felt sorry for me because I looked so bad. My blood counts and fighter cells just weren't recovering from the chemo and the doc's had been concerned. In a month's time I was 100% better. I had also been having terrible arm and leg pain which M.D. Anderson said were side effects from taxol. They told me to apply for disablility because it would probably never go away. I would have to live with it. This same dear lady gave me Chlorella tabs. I was cured of the extremity pain in about 2 weeks. In February, M.D. Anderson found a suspicious mass on my ovary and proceeded to schedule me for a total hysterectomy because of that and heavy bleeding. I walked out of there and didn't go back. I took the HHA 4-Herb tea twice daily. I took 3 caps of Coral Calcium Plus three times daily (9 total). Three days after starting the calcium the bleeding stopped. In May my O.B.\gyn talked me into letting him scan my abdomen because he knew what was found at M.D. Anderson. Guess what? After three months nothing was there. Do you know what he said? Maybe they made a big mistake. I said no I've been doing some alternative therapy. Then he says, don't tell me what you are taking, just keep on taking it! So now I am a member and order my own stuff. I thank God everyday that this lady decided to come to the aid of a total stranger without knowing what kind of reception she would get. I feel my future may be bright. Thank you * McCain for all the good you do for us. I'm spreading the word!
   --N.B. HHA Member



August 2003
Dear HHA, Your Super X is incredible! The only way to describe it is... Oh My God! Started with 1 bottle, also gave to my friends, everyone experiencing the same results. Now getting 6 bottles at a clip for me and my friends. I know it says the results last 24 hours, but we are getting 7-10 days out of it! Thanks for introducing this product!!!
SUPER X can be found on this page
   --HHA Member from New York



July 2003
Dear HHA, "I have been either drinking the 4-herb tea or taking the capsules for about three months now. I would like for everyone to know just how good they really are. I started to drink the tea to help in my Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia that I was diagnosed with a year ago. I will go back to the Dr. in August to see if that is working, but I want you to know just how much better I feel since I started to take this remedy. I have so much more energy, I don't feel tired all of the time. I sleep better than ever, and when I get up in the morning I feel like I could "Whip the World." Thank you so much for making this product available to those of us who know it is helping us to live a much more productive life.

I have also been taking the Maca Maca for two months and "oh my what a difference" it has made in my libedo. I had a Hysterectomy in 1998 and thought that my sex life was over. Your Maca Maca has changed all that too. Thank You.



Hair Is Changing Color Back From White!
July 2003
Dear HHA, I often wonder if supplements are really doing anything. I have been on Coral Calcium for a short while...yes, I do feel better. BUT, LISTEN TO THIS...I sport a mustache and a goatee...all head and facial hair had been totally white for years. But, but, mustache is changing colors...patchy as yet ... back to my original color. The little indent thingy between the middle of your nose and upper lip---it looks as if I do not have hair there now due to the color change as one example!!!!! Is that wild, or what?
   --H.A. ~ Member since 1988



Advanced Liver Cancer.. She Is Feeling Better!
July 2003
Just to let you know, my mother-in-laws sister has liver cancer advanced stage I got her family out in Ohio to get the 4-Herbs from you and make the tea, at first they got the tea already made from the health food store and I told them to make the tea themselves, they did give her the tea since they had already bought it and then they started making it and after a few days she says that she is feeling better, I have not (except for the written testomonies) known anyone personally who it has helped for cancer but it looks like I do now! My friend has a pot belly pig santuary out in Illinois and one of the pigs had cell cancer and they are thinking about putting her down I called her immediately and told her to call you and get the herbs for the essiac (4-HERB TEA) and get it into the animal, pigs can be sensitive but I don't think the herbs would harm her at this point. Thanks again.



Dr. Said, "Cancer Count Was Normal"!!!
July 2003
July 2003
Dear Marijah,
I wanted to let you know about another case where the Essiac tea has performed a miracle. We have a friend in Colorado that was diagnosed for the sixth time with cancer. She recieved the news approximately at the end of February. Her cancer count ( I don't claim to understand exactly what this is ) was well over 100! My mother told me that they were giving her a 30 to 40% chance of recovery with chemotherapy! There was also talk of calling in Hospice, which is usually for the comfort of the dying! I told her about you and the Essiac tea (4-Herb Tea). They ordered the tea from you and she also received the chemo and much prayer! She said that she drank the tea three times a day! About two weeks ago we phoned her from our home here in Miami, FL and she sounded great! She told us that she had just seen her doctor and that her cancer count was as normal as any other healthy person! She said that she would drink this tea for the rest of her life! Praise God for herbs ( Psalm 104:14 "and herb for the service of man" ) and for herbal healers like yourself Ms. McCain, and for answers to prayer! Sincerely



Psoriasis Helped by 4-Herb Tea... Again...
July 2003
This is a testimony/thank you. I developed psoriasis approximately 4 1/2 years ago. I have had very thick scale on my knees, elbows, back, shins & scalp. My worst areas were my shins which were covered with ugly scale and my scalp which had huge chunks of scale always. My mom, has been a customer of yours for some time, had me read the testimonies from your site and I said well it can't hurt. I have spent literally thousands of dollars over the years on medicines, not to mention the Dr's bills and UVB treatments. Never have I seen it go away I just kept it from getting worse. I tried the concentrate 4-Herb Tea & with in 3 weeks my skin is almost completely clear, and there is little left on my scalp. This is literally a miracle for me, I really had just decided that it was somthing I would live with for the rest of my life and then all of a sudden it is gone. All of my friends and family are completely amazed. I wish I had before pictures so I could truely show you the miracle, I am so happy to be rid of the ugly and itchy scale. I will tell everyone I know about your tea. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have made my life so much better. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. ~ T.J.

McCain's note: One of the very first testimonials we received years ago from an HHA Member was that this 4-Herb Tea cleared up their patient's psoriasis that they had for 8 years!



June 2003
"I just joined and order the childrens' Sambucol and tried it for the first time with my 8 year old daughter who gets sick from time to time due to not liking vegetables except canned and very little raw fruits. She'd had a cough for several days along with a sore throat and being stopped up. After only 2 doses, the 1st only being 1 and a half tsp., she did not cough all day the following day and even had a long day going on a field trip out of state!! She made the comment to me that she felt back to normal already!! Thank you * McCain and I look forward to giving you my personal testimonial as soon as I start on my tea!"
Click here to go the the JUST FOR CHILDREN'S PAGE and Sambucol.
   --E.C. New 2003 HHA Member



Acne Helped - Teen Daughter
June 2003
Thank you is for the suggestion of using colloidal silver along with the HHA 4 herb tea to help with acne. My daughter is 17 years old and in the past has been given anitbiotics which did not help that much if any at all. She has been drinking that mostly every day (she sometimes forget - you know teenagers). Her acne has cleared considerably and that has made her extremely happy especially with her senior prom being this Thursday. Thank you for all that you do.
Sincerely D. M.
   --D. M - New Member 2003



May 2003
I am so very grateful for HHA Beta Glucans. I am so amazed that it has really, really helped prevent illnes this past 7 months. ! J.A.
Click here to read about HHA BETA GLUCANS!



Chromium Herbal 5000 Helps A Member With Mood Swings...
May 2003
Thank you so much for the CHROMIUM 5000 Formula, in my case it worked wonders for stabilizing my mood swings, adversarial attitude edginess and over all woriies early in the morning, this formula is much more than a weight loss preparation it goes where CELEXA would not go and has no side effects, PLEASE NEVER STOP PRODUCING IT and PLEASE Dr. McCain always try to keep PRICES AFFORDABLE. Thank you. G DS.

Note: Chromium Herbal 5000 can be seen on the web site on the Buy 1 Buy 3 Specials Page. Please read carefully as this product does contain ephedra. This product is 100% safe when used in recommended doses. Purchases restricted to 18 years and older.



April 2003
I want to thank you, Marijah McCain. My cat had been very sick for over a month and I was sure she wasn't going to make it. I didn't take her to a vet because I knew they would advise putting her to sleep. I ordered the 4-Herb Tea with more than a few doubts that it would work for her. I stayed up all night to go through the process of making it, following the directions exactly. I gave it to her in the wee hours of the morning. After only her 2nd dose, I noticed a big difference in her. And now, only 2 weeks later, she is back to normal. Running, playing and getting into trouble. My husband, can't believe it. She was so sick, that she wasn't eating, drinking or even responding to anything. Thank you so much! I will tell everyone about you and the good you do.
   --K.L. - 2003 HHA Member



More 4-Herb Tea Miracles!
March 2003
I have personally witnessed the 4-Herb Tea working wonders with severe Diabetes in another friend, and a woman I know had a very rare form of lung cancer. I recommended the Tea and had her call the hotline - she had a lung removed 80% chance of dying. She is alive and well and back to teaching 4th grade at our elementary school! And the Diabetic friend is totally insulin free! Yipee!
Click here to read the HHA 4-Herb Tea (ESSIAC)
   --R.J. HHA Member since 1999



Feb. 2003
I was skeptical about coral calcium, but after hearing many radio ads I decided to try it out for myself. Having been a regular buyer of HHA products and trusting Marijah McCain to fully check out any products she sells to make sure they are safe, I ordered some from HHA. I have suffered recently from pain left over from a case of epiditimites. When I received the coral calcium in the mail I immediately started taking a therapeutic dose of 2 three times a day. Within two days the pain was gone. Also, I was suffering from a sinus infection brought on by second hand smoke. That condition cleared up also. I can only guess that HHA Coral Calcium assisted my recovery, it was the only change I had made to my regular heath routine. God Bless HHA!!!
Click here to read about the HHA OKINAWA CORAL CALCIUM!



4-Herb Tea and 19 Year Old Cat
Jan. 2003
Dear Marijah McCain, I want you to know about my 19 year old cat. Several months ago she developed a mass on her left shoulder. I took her to our vet and was told that there was a good deal of this being seen in older animals, due to the way some vaccines were made several years ago. He said that these were usually cancer but slow going. He had to be away for a month and then would take this off her shoulder when he got back. During this time I treated her twice a day with 4-herb tea which I have taken for several years. When he returned we did the surgery & to his amazement neither of the 2 tumors had any tenacles or roots. I told him about the mixture & gave him a book on it. She, to this date has no sign of a re-occurance of the tumors. Needless to say I will take 4-Herb till I die, as well as other of your products.
   --P.W. and Kitty...



Chronic Rash is Helped in a Week!
Jan. 2003
Dear Marijah McCain, I wanted to thank you for the relief from my rash. I have a hot tub and suspect that using bromine instead of chlorine allowed the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria to survive. It can create a slim coating that protects it from bromine. The doctors had me on steroid pills and creams as I battled this ailment for about a year. I progressively got worse and it itched like hell! I decided to try the 4 Herb Tea, Mycostat and Colloidal Silver. Within less that 1-week 95% of my rash had disappeared. No more itching and I am enjoying the hot tub again. I continue to tell people about your products and I hope that you can continue forever.

   --G.B. - HHA Member 2002



I Am Almost Recovered From...
Dec. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain. I am a member of the Herbal Healer Academy and the products and similar products that I got from other sources saved my life. Allopathic doctors would have killed me. I am almost recovered from a rheumatoid disease combined with mercury poisoning and a mycoplasma fermentans infection. Thank you. Kirk



HHA Member Writes About Variety of Products...

I am a member of HHA since 1999. During all that time Marijah McCain provided me with lots of very useful information regarding natural healing. Also, she provided me with very high quality products. I use them to improve my own health, and my family members’ health. In particular I use HHA 4-herb bulk, which provides amazing results for following health conditions: -hemorrhoids (stop bleeding, dissolve piles, and cancel the surgery necessity) -energy levels(increase) -menstruation cycles (restore) -cancer (reduce the pain, increase immunity, and prolong the life span) -diabetes (type 2) improves blood sugar control -resistance against any infections (increases).
I use Coenzyme Q-10, which provides very good results for heart disease, and any other problems related with heart. I use Colloidal Silver and Grapefruit extract. Both of these supplements are very helpful against common cold, sore throat and flu. Also, I use Evening Primrose oil, which very useful for skin problems, diabetes, energy deficiency and depression. In addition I and my family members use “Intestinal Freedom” against parasites and worms with great success. S.M. from Los Angeles, California
   --S.M. from LA, CA



I Now Make The 4-Herb Tea For About 20 People!
Nov. 2002
Dr McCain, I will try to make this note as short as I can. I have now been on the 4-Herb Tea for about 8 months and I have yet to get sick or even catch a cold. The 2 times I felt like I was getting sick I took an extra dose of the tea for a couple of days and that was the end of that. I feel like a new man.
Now for the rest of the story, I told one person at work about the 4-Herb Tea he has now been on it for about 6 months and his Dr has taken him off his high blood pressure, he told another man at work how well the tea worked for him and he tried it. This man had real bad pimples under his chin he has now been on the tea for about 4 months and his neck has cleard up! He says it is so nice to be able to shave in the morning and not cut his neck when he shaves. Well on person told one person and I now make tea for about 20 people. Everyone has told me it has help them very few who try the tea stop taking it.
For those of you who have always said one day I'm going to try the 4-Herb tea do not waste anymore time it DOES work! Thanks again Marijah McCain you are the greatest!



Helped After 14 Years!
Nov. 2002
Hello, Dr McCain. I am writing you this letter on behalf of a serious illines that I have had - chronic fatigue. I have had this for fourteen years, and the doctors could'nt find what was wrong with me..test after test. They thought becouse I was feeling depressed often - they said that is why. Well thanks to you I am doing a lot better now. I am taking the 4-herb tea and have been taking the herb tea now for four months now. I am a diffent person now! My energy is back, I don't feel weak, and I don't feel depressed like I used to! Keep up the work. GOD BLESS YOU!
   --H.P. Member since 2002



Refuses Surgery and Coughs Up Cancer Polyps!
Nov. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, After taking the 4 herb tea for 2 months I noticed a decrease in my blood pressure from 145/110 to 130/90. I had experienced dizzy spells before I started taking the 4 herb. I am only 50 and thought these things were for the over 60 crowd. So after I tried the 4 herb I thought this is pretty good stuff. I talked with my old rock and roll friend K who is 46. He was having throat polyps removed the following week and said that this is the second time in 2 years he has had cancerous polyps removed. First time he had radiation and chemo and was told after the removal of the 3 on his larynx he would have a hard time singing again in the band. He had a very low voice and was very scared of this second surgery. Whoa baby....... do you want the surgery done? He said he wasn't going to and was just going to die a slow death. I gave him the 4-Herb tea and after a week of daily dosaging 3x, he coughed up a polyp at the dinner table. He called me on the phone ecstatic that this happened and his voice was already better. I felt very proud to know that this herb could help him. It has been 4 months now and all polyps have disappeared and his voice is back to normal. Also no more docs to tell him it was the radiation 2 years ago that healed him. He knows better and is telling everyone who will listen to him about his cure.
   --A.M. HHA Member 2002



I Am Feeling Great.. Low Grade Chronic Infection Gone..
October 2002
Hi folks, Getting ready to make an order for the winter for myself and my family. Last time Dr McCain offered her consultation services, she gave me a protocol to follow to boost my immune system and support the reproductive system. (4-Herb tea, Olive Leaf, Beta Glucans, Maca Maca). I am feeling great. The chronic low grade infection that seemed to keep returning is gone and my energy is much better.
   --I.B. Member since 1995



Mother Chooses No Chemo...
October 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, You are an Earth Angel and May Allah Bless you and all your staff abundantly and may this work earn you an esteemed place in paradise.
My daughter was diagnosed with Acute Mygelongeous Lukemia on August 1. 2002. The Oncologist assigned to work with my daughter told us very morbidly that if my daughter did not take Chemotherapy that she would be dead within two to four (2-4) days...My soul was over whelmed and I could not fathom giving my 21 year old freshman college student daughter chemo. I rejected the offer and called the Herbal Academy and ordered an herbal protocol. When she was admitted her white blood cell count and platelet counts were almost none existent. Full well knowing the harmful effects of the chemo and radiation protocols I just could not subject her to this horror. She was literally carried into the emergency room on that day and about three and 1/2 weeks later she walked out of the hospital thanks to prayers to the almighty, your wisdom and guidance and the existence of the Academy and the availability of the natural medicines my daughter's health is stabilized. She currently has to have transfusions of blood and platelets (which does concern me), but the wonderful news is that she initially had to have them about every two weeks and I am elated to say the transfusion she had on thursday was the first transfusion of blood she had had in over six weeks. All of the medical staff are amazed that she is doing so well without the chemo. Her white blood cell count is around 1.4 and her hemoglobin is 11.4 and her platelets are around 29...low... but her quality of life is excellent. The oncologist inadvertently stated out of resentment and frustration one day during her hospital stay that, "oh, she won't die from the Leukemia, she'll die from some other opportunistic disease!" (I have so much more to say....My heart is so full of gratitude for your stuggle in creating viable health options for humanity). She has been on her initial protocol for ninety days as of tomorrow (November 1, 2002) and we are slowly building up the white Blood Count and Platelet count. She will be starting on a few new supplements for the leukemia and will remain on the Essiac, Revivin, Colloidal Silver, Beta-Glucans and Asparagus Extract for maintainence. She also takes the Grapefruit Seed Extract, Iron and HHA Daily. It is my intention to start her on some of Dr. Chi's Herbals also.



Doctor Said "She Would Just Have To Live With It"....
October 2002
Dr. Marijah, I wanted to thank you for your help with my daughter. Wow, it was one year ago that I e-mailed you for help. Time flies. My daughter had sluggish digestion, Excema in the inside corners of her eyes, and is a picky eater. After taking her to the Dermatologist, (who tried steroids and a steroid topical cream on her) declared that "she will just have to live with it". I was not satisfied that my 9 year old girl would have to "live with it". I knew that her system needed cleaning out, but was uncertain what to use. You suggested Colloidal Silver, Mycostat capsules, and Acidophilus/Bifidus powder. When I finally got the money together and ordered this, it was nearly Christmas. She had been having a rough time with a cough that sometimes caused her to vomit. When this happened, the blood vessels around her eyes popped and the excema grew worse from the strain. Usually it would take up to two weeks for the discoloration and excema to clear up. The order came to us two days before Christmas. I had told her that she will take this to help her out. (Remember, she is picky.) Well, as bad as she felt she took this help, and the next day I could see the blood vessels had returned to normal and the dicoloration around her eyes had cleared. The second day, of taking this help, her excema had totally cleared up. I took her to the mirror and said, "Is this proof enough that these natural things can help?" Now if she notices the excema returning she asks for more for a few days. She knows that she needs to keep drinking water, eating healthy, and getting good rest. But she still likes chips and snacks. Oh well, at least I got a good back up to my nagging. Thank you again, and I recommend your web sight to all who want Natural Alternatives to the allopathic pill-pushers.
   --M.J. HHA Member and Concerned Mother



Oct. 2002
Dear HHA, As a teen, I suffered from severe acne. Now my 12 year old daughter has started to have skin problems, too. I took her to a dermatlolgist last year and after spending $250 on Dr. appt and medication, which our insurance did not cover. I did see a slight improvement, but once the meds ran out, I decided to give your colloidal silver a try as a topical, directly on the skin and also having her drink it in water once/day. I must say, at first, she broke out a bit more and I panicked, but my mom, a HHA member told me to stick with it, that it was probably a result of the silver clearing out the toxins in her. Well, we gave it a few more days, and what a difference! I am pleased to say that her skin looks great! I even tried it myself and I have never seen my skin looker better. In my 40's and this is the first time in years, no decades, that I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Thank you! P.
   --P. ~ HHA Member 2000



Oct. 2002
Dear HHA, 5 yrs ago my 19 yr old son was diagnosed manic depressive..he was on Prozac for months, then St. John's Wort..he constantly battled depression, fatigue, foggy thinking..he was not getting better, couldn't keep a job...
In July Marijah McCain recommended HHA 4-herb Liquid Concentrate, 2 tbsp/day to remove toxins and correct chemical imbalance; HHA Chill Out (to heal nerves, 2/day); HHA Iron Plus; HHA Daily Vitamin; and Colloidal Silver to treat low-grade infection..within 1 week of beginning regimen he reported to me more energy, clear-headedness, no fatigue...Thank-you, Marijah McCain for giving me back my son..and thank-you for speaking out loud what needs to be spoken...I love you
   --J.P. New HHA Member 2002



Another Use For Maca Maca - Asthma!
Sept. 2002
I read here at HHA that Maca Maca was also used for tuberculosis. So I decided to try it for asthma. This is GREAT STUFF! I was using my inhaler 6+ times a day. After taking Maca 1 - 2X day, I only use my inhaler once or twice, a day. When I do get more Maca I will try 3 a day and maybe dispose of my inhaler. I got immediate results, and got my brother hooked on it for his asthma. I am reluctant to pass on this information because the Pharmacueticals and FDA will make up lies how it is unsafe so they can put their patent on it and cheat the people again!
Click here to read about Maca Maca Herb
   --V.B. HHA Member since 2001



Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
Sept. 2002
Last September I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia compounded with chronic fatigue. At the time I could have slept around the clock and not felt less fatigued. And the pain was horrible. It was all I could do to just go to work, then come home and not be able to do anything. Even eating was too much effort. I was taking a ton of pain relievers and they didn't help much at all.
The last two weeks I've been taking Essiac tea (4-Herb) and Collodial Silver on a daily basis and from the second day I could tell a difference. I feel NORMAL again! Praise the Lord! I have my get-up-and-go again. I'm sure doing a lot of catching up but I'm glad I can do that. Thank you for all that you offer us! Thank you for helping.
   --M.C. - HHA Member



August 2002
I am HIV and Hep C positive now for over 13 years. The only reason I have the quality of life I have is because of your knowledge. I take your olive leaf caps 3 times daily, liver support 3 times daily, your one daily vitamin 4 times per week and drink 2 oz. of 4-Herb tea every morning. I eat a balanced vegetarian diet and excerise at a gym 5 days a week for 45 min. I have never taken any of the drugs my Infectious Disease Dr. (M.D.) offered me. He tells me every time I see him (once every 9 months) to continue what I'm doing. I'm grateful for all your knowledge. The best thing I ever did for myself and my family was to contact the Herbal Healer Academy over 10 years ago. Keep up the good work. L.




Dear Marijah McCain, "My 7 year old son developed 2 small impetigo lesions on his face. I began giving him Colloidal Silver internally 3 times a day and placed a drop externally on each leion 3 times a day. The lesions were completely healed in 3 days.Thank you for your knowledge and assistance in all things natural."
   --M.K. - HHA Member since 1997




"Folks, for those of you who are skeptical about the candida epidemic, PLEASE get more educated! My 28 year old son has suffered with a "rash" for going on 3 years! He went to several medical doctors & dermatologists. This has been a revolving nightmare! The medical doctors would give him Prednisone & anti-biotics which made it worse, to say the least. The last doctor put him on Methotrexate (try reading & digesting those side effects)! The Prednisone & Methotrexate would deplete his immune system which created other problems---abcesses that would have to be lanced & drained...very painful & expensive! I FINALLY talked him into taking the candida de-tox protocol in the HHA Newsletter. (This is what he is taking -- HHA Super II, HHA Mycostat, HHA Acidophilus-Bifidus Powder, HHA 4-Herb Tea, HHA Colloidal Silver). It has been just 4 WEEKS & the results are remarkable! By the way, the top of his feet looked like they had been "scalded". The rash is going away & he feels better than he has in a LONG time, and he has lost 20 lbs.!! He has changed his diet---no sugar or yeast. He will stay on this program at least 4 months to make sure the candida is gone!
When he mentioned "candida" to the doctors, they thought he was "crazy"...cannot be... they said. It is really sad that the medical field care more about their "pocket book" than our health! I cannot thank you enough Marijah McCain!
Click here to read about the Candida Detox Protocol
   --K.M. HHA Member 2002



July 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "This past winter in Hawaii I began to have a problem with a spot on my nose that bled and would not stop. Upon arriving home it began to bleed again. After about a month I went to my Doctor. He advised that I had a skin cancer on my nose and recommended surgery. The appointment was made for two weeks later. I went home, got out my Herbal Healer materials and read what was recommended. I had four herb tea on hand and began drinking the tea four times a day. I made a poultice with the tea stock which I placed on the open sore each day for a month. I applied collodial silver to the spot several times a day. Within about ten days I visited by Chelation doctor who examined the spot and said, I can't see anything. I canceled the surgury appointment. I saw the doctor who had diagnosed the cancer. He examined the now healed sore. He said, well if it was cancer your herbs would have done no good. There is none so blind as he who would not see." R.P. HHA Member since 1996

Marijah McCain's comments: "Fantastic!"
Click here to read about HHA 4-Herb Tea



July 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "HHA Women in Balance is great stuff! I am a 42 year old female who has been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (most likely as a result of thyroid problems). In addition to infertility, I am experiencing symptoms of premature menopause. I started taking one capsule of HHA Women in Balance in December, 2001. In less than 2 weeks, my hot flashes and night sweats were gone. Within one month, my menstrual cycle was back to normal. Recently, I increased my dosage to 2 - 3 capsules a day and found that my vaginal dryness was gone." HHA Member

Dear Marijah McCain, "HHA Women In Balance has virtually eliminated all my perimenopausal symptoms and I am so grateful. Best to you" D. ~ HHA Member

Dear HHA, "I just wanted to let you know that I've been on the Woman in Balance just 3 weeks and I cannot believe the difference it has made! I just simply feel better! It's like all the internal organs of reproduction are in balance now and even though I'm pre-menopausel I feel ready to face the second half of my life!" C.W. ~ HHA Member since 1999
Click here to read about the HHA Women in Balance Formula.




June 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Thank you! You saved my dog's life! On September 1, 2001, my dog had emergency surgery to remove a 7 pound tumor and his spleen. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma,cancer of the blood vessels. The vet gave him 3 to 6 months to live because this form of cancer normally moves to another large organ such as the liver or heart. After reading your article on Essiac that came with the catalog, I ordered the 4 Herb capsules and starting him on 3 per day. In april 2002 his physical exam showed nothing, his x-rays showed no new tumors and his blood test showed no signs of cancer! The veterinarian had the pathologist rechecked his tumor to make sure they had not made a mistake when he was diagnosed with cancer. They had not! I can't thank you enough and am so glad we found Herbal Healer."
   --W.W. - HHA Member since 2000



June 2002
"Marijah McCain, you loveable maverick, you did it again with your wonderful tea! I saw my urologist 6 months ago and he said if your prostate gland gets worse you will need surgery. I'll let you go and review it in 6 months. Marijah McCain, your tea in 6 months knocked my count down to 1 and my enlarged prostate had shrunk to the point where it had almost disappeared. The Dr. said, see you in 2 years! Thanks alot again!"
Click here to read about HHA 4-Herb Tea
   --C. H - HHA Member since 1997



May 2002
Dera Marijah McCain, "My husband and I just completed the Anti-Parasite program. I felt some changes immediately. There was pressure and aching in the area of my liver for three days but then that ended. I felt that my liver was being cleansed. After three weeks on the program I realized that my ankle which had been hurting me for ten years had stopped hurting! What a surprise! I expected some improvement in my general health after using the program, but never expected the pain in my ankle to go away! Those little suckers must have settled in that area after I had injured my ankle! I thought I had arthritis in the joint, but now I think it was just a bunch of terrible little parasites! I couldn't rotate my ankle at all without intense pain. Now I am able to rotate my ankle completely with no pain at all! Thank you for this wonderful surprise!"
Click here to read about the HHA PARASITE DETOXING SUPPLEMENTS!
   --C.B. - HHA 2002 Member



May 2002
Marijah McCain, "I just have to tell you how grateful I am to have had the knowledge to know what to do when my 87 year young mother called me one evening a couple of weeks ago very ill. She complained of severe nausea, sore tonsils and excruciating pain. (My mother is never sick and has no aches or pains, so I was very concerned). I happened to have some ginger-ale and gave her some of that to get her stomach calmed down. Then I gave her liquids, jello water and oregano oil. We decided that the sandwich spread she had purchased from the local grocery had given her food poisoning. She had become ill shortly after eating a sandwich. Mom was very weak for a few days, but is now nearly back to normal. "She tells everybody that 'Dr. K took care of her.'" Without the small amount of natural medical knowledge I have acquired from the herbology class I am currently enrolled in, I'm sure she would have spent some time in the hospital. God Bless You, Marijah McCain."
   --K.S. HHA Member since 2000




   --D.M - HHA Member



May 2002
Dear HHA, "I have been sharing what I have found with your Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with friends and co-workers. My Wife and I have both lost weight and inches since we began using the Apple Cider Vinegar Plus... and, here's one for you... I recently lost my wedding ring... it just fell off of my finger... guess where I found it??? In the box containing my last HHA order... it fell off into the "peanuts" when I was removing my order... Something just told me to look there!" A.B. Member since 2002

July 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "I have been taking the Apple Cider Vinegar HHA tablets and have noticed immediately within the first 24 hours that my circulation improved and pain that I have been having in my limbs and lower back has vanished. Now, after 48 hours the pain that I have in the bottoms of my feet has gone. I haven't lost any weight but I sure feel better in the first 48 hours!" D.G. HHA Member since 1998
Click here to read about the HHA APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PLUS for weight loss.




Dear Marijah McCain, "In September 2001,I began developing an unsightly & uncomfortable facial rash on my chin & around my nostrils. I changed my diet to healthier foods & no change. I finally went to my dermatologist in December 2001. She diagnosed me with peri-oral dermatitis which is caused by stress and hormonal imbalances. There was nothing I could do except to take oral antibiotics or Metro cream for 6 weeks. I opted for the topical cream which only made the rash spread, redder, flakier, & burn more than before use. Finally, I ordered MSM Sulphur from Herbal Healer in January 2002. The first dose the large red patches were 1/2 gone and my whole face was completely cleared in two weeks! I now take a daily dose for maintenance. I highly recommend MSM Sulphur because it does work wonders on severe skin problems! Thank you!"
   --M.W. - HHA Member since 2001



4-HERB TEA - Thank You!
April 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "After listening to your show on the Jeff Rense show for soooooooo many times I thought I would give the 4-herb tea a try. I have now been on it for 10 days and I can truly say I feel alot better. It seems to me my thought flow smoother than they did before. I know this souds strange but my breathing also seems much easier and smoother. I did have a small headache for 1 day but that passed. Thanks so much for your radio show if not for that I would never have known about this site. I have already ordered 2 more packs of the tea!"
   --R.P. - HHA Member since 2002



April 2002
HHA, "Thank You, thank you. My step-mother took your Correspondence Course in Herbal Preparation & Usage. God rest her soul (she was killed by a drunk driver last year). My dad was diagnosed with cancer Jan. 19, of 99 and given only 6 to 8 weeks to live when his cancer was found. He took no chemo or radiation. Mary gave dad the the HHA 4 Herb tea and Colloidal Silver along with other supplements and his cancer was gone by the end of the year. He took nothing for pain and did not suffer, as I have seen so many do with conventional medicines. Dad still takes the 4 Herb Tea and Colloidal Silver on a daily bases as a preventative along with the whole family. We are all now beleivers. Dad is now 75 and lives alone, has a hugh garden every year, drives his-self any where he wants to go and has more energy than I do. As a matter of fact dad and mom came up to see me just last week a 2 1/2 hour drive. Once again, THANK YOU."
   --B.H. Member since 2000




Dear Marijah McCain, "You have my testimonial regarding "HHA Bright Eyes". You know how sometimes when you get something straightened out, you begin taking it for granted? Foolishly, I did this, & for watever reason, I had stopped taking it daily for about a year. I had to go to the eye doctor. My prescription hadn't changed, but I found out that I have a cataract due to an old eye injury. When they were checking the cataract, I'd found out that my eye pressure had gone back up (I have been battling Glaucoma for a long time). My pressures were up to 26 & 28 (high is 20). I had to come back in 5 days for additional tests. I immediately began taking Bright Eyes again on a daily basis. When she re-checked the pressures--they were down to 16 & 18 after JUST 5 DAYS of taking HHA Bright Eyes. I'm never making that mistake again. I knew that I'd had alot of success with it in the past, but I didn't realize that it was keeping my pressures down. As I'd suspected the eye doctor didn't want to hear this." I plan to send in an order for HHA Bright Eyes for some of my Glaucoma clients to try out. I will let you know what I find" God Bless."
   --BJO HHA Member & Student



April 2002
I just wanted to thank Marijah McCain and the staff for their timely delivery of all my herbs.... without you I would not still be here.
I use the 4-herb religiously and my kidneys are functioning at almost 100%. Yeah!!!! All of my carcinomas are almost completely gone! My tendonitis is gone! I am 30 and recently had to have a hyterectomy from a constantly prolapsing uterus..... the doctor said I was an absolute miracle the way I healed in 2 weeks. I was out of the hospital in 1 day and needed no narcotics or pain relievers as I felt no pain and I credit that to the 4-herb. My stallion fractured his cannon last Feb. and chipped his medial sesimoid. I put him on the 4-herb and shark cartilage and we are back competing in our Search and Rescue missions. My vet is amazed and his wife wants to take Marijah McCains courses so that they can implement natural healing and herbal medicine in their vet practice.... THANK YOU MARIJAH MCCAIN!"
   --R.S. HHA Member



April 2002
Dear Marijah McCain. "Hello, I wanted to report that my sis-in-law called this morning to say that she believes that the HHA 4 Herb Tea has given her more energy. Yesterday being Easter, she and my brother-in-law got up early, and started to get ready for the day. She said that she is hardly able to get one room vaccumed at a time because it usually hurts her shoulder. She told me she swept the whole house, got the cooking done for the family that was coming, then cleaned up after they left and still felt good. She also has a place on her back that they have been putting the "sludge" on. She said she has had it for at least 20 yrs. and it was about the size of a nickle. The Drs. told her not to worry about it. She started using it about the 19th of March and it has decreased in size to about 1/2 the size of a dime. Her one son has had 2 surg. for cancer and she is going to get him on the 4 herb tea, ASAP!

My husband, who has emphyzema, has been taking the 4-Herb Tea since the 21st and he has more energy. This is a much better way to health, than the chemicals the doctors want you to take ! Thanks to our neighbor who put us on to HHA and thank you for being there for all of us."
   --J.B. HHA Member 2002



April 2002
"Finally have a minute in my day here (almost midnight, so it's still the same day, right??).... Wanted to say a huge thank-you from my son! His acne had gotten out of hand, and he'd tried everything... Most of the over-the-counter stuff, including ProActiv which is ridiculously expensive and still didn't work. He promised to give the 4-herb tea (liquid concentrate) a month before he gave up on it, it's only been about a week and we're both totally amazed at how well it's working! I truly wish I had taken pictures before so you could see the difference." ~ J.M.

Marijah McCain's comments: "The skin is used as an eliminatory organ but used as a last resort by the body when the liver can't filter and process the blood toxins. So with acne, we know the liver is toxic and so is the blood. The 4-Herb tea is a liver tonic that helps the liver detox. In severe cases the blood is actually contaminated with a bacterial infection and that is why antibiotics are often used, but unless the liver gets cleaned out acne very often comes right back. We use the Colloidal Silver supplement instead of conventional antibiotics. Most of the time if you see a chronic skin rash, acne, etc... the liver needs to be cleansed. Unfortunately the medical doctors only know how to give more drugs which many times makes the body more toxic."



March 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "I take the HHA Olive Extract in liquid form every day, usually four droppersful in total~this product has kept my immune system strong. I have really noticed a difference. Thank You!!
Also the Women in Balence cleared up big clots I was having during my period."
Click here to read about HHA Woman in Balance and the New Olive Leaf Liquid!
   --A.S. - HHA Member



Feb. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "My daughter, aged 12, contracted chicken pox. We started her on the Colloidal Silver 1/2t. once a day and rubbed the comfrey/goldenseal ointment on the pox. 4 days later, the pox were almost gone and she never had any other symptoms. On day two, we gave her a ginger bath followed by a chamomile rinse. (this really helped with the itching) Last year, my husband went to Argentina for 28 days and took the Colloidal Silver (1/2t. once a day) every day as a preventative. He never had any illnesses, foodborne or otherwise. We credit the Colloidal Silver and wouldn't be without it. Thanks Marijah McCain for staying in the fight for us."
   --B. A - HHA Member since 2001



Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Last summer, my 8 year daughter came down with a series of symptoms that baffled several doctors, 2 hospitals, and even a neurologist. She woke up one day with a headache, stomach ache, pain in her upper arms, upper legs and the back of her ankles. Nothing gave her any relief, just constant pain day and night. After a month, the back of her neck and lower back started hurting as well. I took her to our chiropractor and he put her on silver three times a day. She felt a little better but she was still in constant pain. After 2 months of this, I decided to try the HHA 4-Herb Tea out of desperation. I gave her 2 T. diluted with a little water twice a day and after being on it for just 2 days, all symptoms disappeared totally!! She finished that batch in 2 weeks and after being off it for 2 days, all the symptoms came back! I brewed another batch and after being on it for 2 days, all the pain left again!! This time when she finished the batch, the pain did not come back! None of the expert doctors could ever tell us what this mysterious illnes was. All I know is that the 4-herb tea is a miracle worker and helped my precious child!!"

Marijah McCain's comments: Thank you for your testimonial. By the description and reaction to the tea, I would think that this was some type of poisoning she had. Could have been pesticides, chemicals, or something similar. The 4-Herb tea helps flush the toxins out of the liver. It is great you did this as the regular medical doctors would have continued to miss this. This tea is non-toxic so it can be taken whenever needed.

Additional follow up e-mail from L.K.
Thank you for answering my testimony! We had been wondering if my daughter might have come in contact with some Sevin Dust my husband had put out for fleas. I called poison control at the time and they assured me she did not have symptoms from that kind of poisoning. However, I have a strong feeling you are right and they were wrong! After all, it was your wonderful product that helped her while they could do nothing!
Click here to HHA 4-HERB TEA page
   --L.K. - HHA Member since 1999




Dear HHA, "I just want to let you know that I have had depression all my life ever since my period. My Mom knew that it was my hormones. I have tried anti-depressants for the last years on and off and they don't work. I just tried the HHA Women In Blance for one week and feel the difference. I am on the road to recovery! I want to thank God for making a doctor heal me and my daugher J. for introducing me to you."
Click here read about the New HHA Women In Balance Formula!"
   --R. A. HHA New Member



Jan. 2002
Dear HHA, "My dad is 79 years old and has suffered with a chronic skin condition for 50 years. In the past 7 years this became worse and he battled with major outbreaks of scaly, red, bleeding and excessively itchy skin. The itchiness would drive him to distraction. In addition he has had problems with diarrhea for at least the past 20 years. Since my dad moved here 3 years ago I've been taking him to a variety of doctors and dermatologists trying to do anything to help his suffering. We would have small periods of "success" (meaning that he could at least live with the condition although he was still uncomfortable) and then a recurrence of everything with increased force. In October at least 75 percent of his skin was in a severe outbreak and he could hardly sleep at night because of the itching, pain, and general discomfort. I wrote Marijah McCain who replied that he had a severe candida infection. She prescribed the following: Mycostat caps - 1 twice a day in two weeks increase to 2 twice a day, 4-Herb tea liquid concentrate - 1 tablespoon in water or juice once a day for two weeks and then increase to twice a day, Colloidal Silver 500 ppm- 1/2 teaspoon in any liquid (full glass) TWICE a day.
This was simple enough for even my dad who gets confused easily. He immediately noticed an improvement. The healing just kept getting better and better. Today he says he's like a new man. He can't believe that he feels better at almost 80 than he did 40 years ago! No more bowel problems. Also, his depression, moodiness and general mental fogginess have disappeared. It is truly amazing. None of us ever expected such incredible results with such a chronic problem. This is the first candida program that I've seen REALLY work. Even though I'm 100 percent for alternative health (and Marijah McCain!) I was sceptical about the results my father might experience because I knew what bad shape he was in and how many different things both alternative and allopathic we had tried. However, just the program outlined above did it! This is really a minor miracle in our family and we can't thank Marijah McCain enough. It is a daily relief to no longer have to try to figure out what to do for my dad. When I think of all the money, time, and effort we expended on "experts" who weren't able to help and how gentle, kind and effective Marijah McCain's programs are I'm just awed at the blessing this has been in our lives. Thank you again for all your earnest work!"
   --G.W. HHA Member since 1999



CATARACTS - Dr. Chi's Eyedrops
Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Wanted to let you know how my Mom is doing since taking Dr. Chi's Cataract eye drops. Taken since April of this year, My Mom was diagnosed with macular degeneration in her right eye, the left eye has a cataract. Saturday the eye Doctor examined her eyes and said the vision in the cataract eye had improved, so much that if she went out to take a road test for driving she would pass. We laughed because my Mother has never driven a car in her life. She is 88 years old."
Click here to DR. Chi's Chinese Products

   --HHA Member



Jan 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Your Asparagus Extract packets (Dr. Chi) has worked miracles for me. I had had chronic back pains since the delivery of my first child 28 years ago. Chiropractic care brought some relief. Your wonderful catalog show me there was possibly another way to live. My back is pain free because I took a leap of faith and ordered your product."

Marijah McCain's comments: Many people suffer from chronic low back pain that is misdiagnosed (many think it is pulled muscles because that is what it feels like) and medical treatments offer no relief except pain pills. Much of the lower back pain experienced is due to KIDNEY toxicity. Using the Asparagus Extract for a few months will help tone the kidneys and this product was also proven as an anti-cancer product in medical research done in China. P.S. Sometimes a leap of Faith is what it takes to get well again!
Click here to DR. Chi's Chinese Products
   --C.T. HHA Member since 2001



Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "I recommend The Four Agreements to some of my patients, the ones that I intuitively feel can benefit best from its innate wisdom. I find for myself that the Toltec principles ring true in a simple but such a profound way and that they have added immeasurably to my own life and relationships. I really love don Miguel's books!" Marijah McCain's comments: "This book can be an invaluable asset to anyone who is ready to hear the message."
Click here to read about the FOUR AGREEMENTS BOOK
   --I. C - MD - HHA Member since 1998



Jan. 2002
Dear Marijah McCain, "Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are. I have several cats and it seems someone in the neighborhood has been taking shots at them with a pellet gun. The first cat I had thought got into a cat fight and had a puncture wound on her neck which got rather nastyly infected a week later my other cat came home with a puncture wound on her back flank, I treated both of them with collodial silver and 4-herb tea both externally and internally, within one week both cat's wounds were healed completely!!!

Also, I've been brewing the 4-herb tea for several friends who have cancer or their loved ones have cancer, my first testimonal came from my neighbor who's wife has cancer, but she refuses to drink the tea because her doctor advised her not to, but to make a long story short, the husband has been drinking the tea now for 2 months, he told me that after 3 weeks a putrifying sore on his scalp, that nothing else seem to help, had cleared up completely and he showed me the new beautiful pink skin where the sore was. This stuff is amazing and it is terrifying what our government is trying to do in the matters of our health... Thank you for what you are doing and the information you provide to others for their wellbeing. God will truly bless you and yours...
   --J.S. - HHA Member since 1999



I'M PREGNANT!!! HURRAY! Maca Maca does it again!
Dec. 2001
"I just wanted to thank Marijah McCain for her advice. I wrote to her Oct. 16th regarding my fertility problems. She suggested the 4-Herb Tea and the Maca Maca. I ordered these items and the Yam Serum(since my problem was related to low progesterone) before I had wrote to her. These items came shortly after she wrote back to me on Oct. 20th. I started taking them immediately. I had a miscarriage last year and have had problems ever since. I was ready to give up on getting pregnant again. The only different I did was take these herbs and I just found out last week I am pregnant! Thank you again!"
Marijah McCain's comment: "CONGRATULATIONS"!
   --L.H. - HHA Member since 1998



Dec. 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "I'd like to thank your for an immediate response for the Maca Maca which my daughter was in dire need of because of lengthy periods which seem to never end.. She had an immediate response and was elated as well as relieve to know there was another answer other than taking birth control pills that only made matters worse. Thank you again."
Click here to read about HHA Maca Maca.
   --R. H. - HHA Member since 2001



Dec. 2001
Dear HHA, "I just wanted to let you know about another benefit to Sambucol. We were trying to fight the off the beginnings of colds with my four children using Sambucol. My oldest (12 yo.) has always been plagued with canker sores and had a bunch starting as we began giving everyone the Sambucol. The next morning my son reported that his canker sores no longer hurt and were healing rapidly! Thank God we have a natural, painless way to get rid of those nasty sores. Thanks again."
Sambucol is an Elderberry Liquid Extract that we have available for adults and children. Here is some information about the Sambucol for children.SAMBUCOL - BLACK ELDERBERRY EXTRACT, ECHINACEA AND PROPOLIS
For Children. This product was developed by a Virologist expert. It is Marijah McCain's 1st choice in supplementation for her granddaughter with a viral or respiratory infection. (She also uses Colloidal Silver and or Olive Leaf Extract along with it) This product was found to also be affective in treating West Nile Virus! Also a great supplement to help protect and boost the immune system. Great for kids in day care. Contains: Elderberry Extract, Echinacea, Propolis, Glucose Syrup, Raspberry Extract (berry), honey, citric acid, natural flavor. This product is Certified Kosher.
Click here to find Sambucol on our cold and flu page.

   --C. K. - HHA Member




Dear HHA, "I have contracted Lyme disease 7 times in the past 5 years. I was prescribed antibiotics (doxycycline) each time, but after the 6th infection, I was left with aching knee joints.The last time I was infected, I opted to use your 500 ppm Colloidal Silver. I had already been taking Beta Glucans and HHA vitamins; I simply added CS to my daily regimen. Within 3 days, my symptoms were gone. I stopped taking the silver, but the symptoms returned (not as bad this time). I began taking CS again & continued for 10 days. The results were more than I could ever have hoped for — no more pain.I am absolutely sold on the natural herbals and mineral supplements you provide. Since my experience with CS, I have used other HHA herbals to ward off viruses at the first sign of a cold. I prepare 4-herbal tea for my family and we drink it each day. We are all wonderfully healthy thanks to your products and the good nutritional habits I've established. I just began your course in herbology and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the array of natural remedies that God gave all of us. Thank you so much — and may God bless you always, keeping you on the path of truth, beauty, goodness, and robust health."
   --D.W. - HHA Member since 2000



Nov. 2001
Dear HHA, "I had my first baby in September. When he was 2 weeks old he developed thrush. My midwife said it was very common especially since I was breastfeeding and had a natural childbirth. She prescribed Nystatin for him to take by mouth and Nystatin cream for his diaper rash. He only really had it showing on his bottom and not his mouth. I struggled with this rash till he was about 6 weeks. The antibiotics didn't do anything and I was not going to put him on more. I emailed Marijah McCain about it and started giving him 3 drops of Colloidal Silver and 1/16th of a tsp. of HHA Prodophilus
(acidophilus/bifitus combination - very safe for babies) am and pm. I was taking these as well. After three doses it was completely gone. He has been rash free ever since and he is 11 weeks now. Thank You Marijah McCain." Marijah McCains note: Always add your Colloidal Silver to liquid - do not give it straight from the bottle. Also HHA Acidophilus/Bif. powder - 2 oz. is $16.00 and needs to be kept in the fridge upon arrival. This goes along way as dose is very small.
   --Y.M. - HHA Member since 2001



Nov. 2001
I have HepC but your recommendations are working! My last liver enzimes were almost normal. Thank you.

Marijah McCain supplement recommendations for Hep. C
1. 4-Herb tea made from the bulk herbs. 2 oz. in a little water three times a day. This helps detox the liver and blood and boosts the immune system and energy levels. It also helps detox toxic drugs.
2. Colloidal Silver 500 ppm - 1/2 teaspoon in any liquid (above tea OK) twice a day for at least 90 days.
3. Olive Leaf Extract - natural anti-viral - Take 2 or 3 twice a day from now on until you get tested again.
4. Beta Glucans - 3 twice a day
5. Multi-Vitamin - one daily with dinner
6. HHA Liver Support caps - 2 twice a day
   --T.T. Member since 1998



Nov. 2001
I just wanted HHA to know that I went off Celexa with the help of HHA Chill Out tablets and I am fine. I was on the Celexa for almost two years. I take two HHA Chill Out tablets morning and afternoon. I have not felt this good in a long time. I must admit I was scarred to try to got off the Celexa but I was tired of the side effects. Thank-you Herbal Healer. Keep up the fantastic work of being there!

FYI - HHA "CHILL OUT" - Contains: Thiamine (B1) - 15 mg., Niacin - 25 mg., Pyridoxine (B6) - 25 mg., Folic Acid - 300 mcg., Vitamin B12 - 250 mcg., Pantothenic Acid - 25 mg., Magnesium - 50 mg., Zinc - 7.5 mg., Manganese - 4 mg., St. John's Wort Extract - .3% hypericum - 200 mg., Kava Kava Extract - 30% Kavalactones - 35 mg., Valerian 4:1 Extract - 25 mg., Gaba - 125 mg., L-Taurine - 125 mg., L-Tyrosine - 125mg. 90 tabs $21.95 each or Buy 3 at $19.00
   --K.G. HHA Member 2001



Nov. 2001
Dear HHA, "Colloidal silver does it again! My boyfriend developed a serious redness in his right eye shortly after a routine eye exam. He went to two different eye doctors (who gave him two different diagnoses). He spent loads of money on the doctor's visits and the steroid drops that he was prescribed. The drops did nothing to help; in fact, they made the condition even worse. The second doctor said what he had was iritis (an imflammation of the iris), but I'm not entirely sure he was correct. Over a two week period, his eye became so red and swollen, with pain behind the eye, he couldn't even stand indoor light. I started calling him the "Cyclops." Anyway, I emailed Marijah McCain and she said to take the colloidal silver. He took 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day for 2 weeks, then reduced it to the same amount 2 times a day. The pain went entirely away in 3 days and in a week the redness almost completely cleared up. This was amazing; I couldn't believe the results! No more sensitivity to light or any pain--that all went away the first few days. Oh, I dilluted the colloidal silver in more than 8 oz. of water or in his coffee. The actual redness took a little longer to go away. He is now the two-eyed monster again and eternally grateful to Marijah McCain, and we will always have a steady supply of colloidal silver in our home. One more thing: I've been using the deodorant stones and they work great, even when I work out and sweat considerably. Thanks to Marijah McCain to opening my eyes on so many things! :-)
   --D.C. HHA Member since 2000



Nov. 2001
Dear HHA, "I have used the HHA 4 HERB tea for 2 1/2 years and feel better than I have in years. I had squamas cell carcinoma 5 years ago and the Drs. told me it would return but so far am cancer free. I take the collidal silver and I believe it is the greatest antibiotic available anywhere, very fast acting. I also am taking the HHA Beta Glucans and find them to be benefical."
   --R.S. HHA Member since 1998



Oct. 2001
Dear HHA, "We, my sister and I, have eliminated all traces of parasites by usng the HHA parasite detox program. It worked extremely well. Since we have had pets for years, we felt this was a necessity. Thanks for your development of this great program. Both of us are also on the HHA 4-herb tea since she was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago and has been free of it since starting to take the tea. ( one tablespoon daily in water) Overall, we find the supplements from HHA are not only the least expensive, but the highest quality obtainable anywhere. Our sister is also on the 4-herb tea as a maintainence program. We use the beta glucan and the colloidal silver (1/2 teaspoon daily) to protect our immune systems - both have helped us avoid colds, flu (no flu shots for us), even allergies. Our hope is that this company will continue to grow and reach thousands more people because we are a sick nation desperately in need of alternatives to the burn, cut, and poison programs allopathic medicine resorts to for most illnesses. Keep up the great work."

   --H.H. Member since 1995



Sept. 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "Thank-you so much for helping me to overcome my inflammation illness. Please tell me what can I do to repay you and show my gratitude, as I literally owe you my life."

Marijah McCain's response: "This e-mail is good enough, may God continue to Bless You."
   --P.E. - HHA Member since 1997



Sept. 2001
Dear HHA, "I have suffered with a chronic ear infection for more than three years, with severe irritation and foul smelling yellow discharge. I started using vitamin C - 3 grams per day and 480 mcg of Zinc from Oyster extract, the symptoms reduced somehow after one week, but when I added the HHA First Responder 3 tablets a day for one week achieved dramatic results. I feel that I am completely cured of the infection. Thank you for a great product."
Click here to read ingredients list of HHA First Responder.
   --N.A. - HHA Member since 2000



Sept. 2001
Hello to all, I'm here to tell all Herbal Healer members, that thanks to natural health I'm still here to tell you about it. October of last year I was told I had 2months to a year to live if I did chemo the whole time. I did 6 treatments and my body said no more thats when by the grace of God natural health came in to my life. I still have health issue as I'm healing my body from 11 years of letting MD's poison me with chemo and radiation also letting them cut out anything they wanted. I will always drink HHA 4 Herb Tea. Thank you.
   --B. W - HHA Member since Feb. 2000



Sept. 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "My friend consulted me about a natural approach for her mixed breed dog after he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He is 10 years old. The vet said he had about a month to live and if she chose amputation of his leg he could live about a year. The growth is very large and located on his hock. We began giving him 4 herb tea right away, he recieves half an adult dosage. She administers the tea through a suringe twice daily. Also the dog was put on a raw food and bones diet with a few other supplements. It has now been 6 months and he is doing well. The growth has reduced in size very little, but the dog is happy and does not appear to be in pain. He is now energetic and playful, he was not 6 months ago! We only hoped for the best and at least the quality of the duration of his life is not miserable and drugged up. Thank you Marijah for your work. You touch so many lives in so many ways!"

   --S.N. HHA Member since 2000



September 2001
I called last week to ask about what to do for my sick son (2 1/2 yrs old) who had a horrible cough (on either Tue or Wed). I think it may have been her who answered the phone because she sounded like she knew right away what to give him and how much. (Yes, it was Marijah McCain) I took my son to the doctor Friday morning just to quiet relatives up who thought I was doing nothing because I was using natural meds. Friday morning when I took him to the doctor he wondered why I brought him in! He had no fever, throat was clear, lungs sounded great, ears fine! lol IN ONLY 3 DAYS!!! He still has a little cough at night but just made me laugh as I told all my relatives what the doctor said. They all kept begging me to take him in and to stop the meds I was giving him that Marijah McCain reccommended....telling me I was not going to help him any. I LOVE this woman!!!
Thanks for publishing my testimonial. What I forgot to mention (and you may want to add) is that even though my son showed no signs what-so-ever of any bad cough/cold/flu the doctor was going to give him a steroid shot!!! My husband and I refused it!!! He said it was "just in case" he had any more problems in the future or in case the cough came back!!! He thinks he may have had bronchitis or croup based on what we told him. But, a steroid to a 2 year old?!!!! I hate allopathic doctors!!!
   --S.G - Member since 1997




Hey Jeff, I wanted to thank you so much for telling me about Herbal Healer Academy!!!!!!! As I was diagnosed with diabetes just over a month ago I had been looking for a cure. Everyone I know with diabetes is on insulin. My doctor called me today and told me my sugar levels are almost normal! He asked me "How did you do that?" I told him I had a vitamin deficiency and that my blood needed to be detoxified. Thanks again. Who put a Stop Payment on my Reality Check?

Marijah McCain did a 3 hour International radio show on Jeff Rense, on Sept 7th. If you have Real Player or Real Audio capabilites on your computer, you can listen to it for free.
Click here to listen to the show.
Scroll down to Sept. 7th - Marijah McCain and don't forget to turn up your speakers!

   --J. P. Listener from the Jeff Rense Radio Show.



Sept. 2001
Hi, Marijah McCain. "The collodial silver and olive leaf extract is working wonderfully on the inflammation pain that I told you about. Who would've thunk that after 12 years of going to doctors, hearing them say that they dont know what's wrong (yet give me medicine that didn't work and paying them money anyway),I talked to you and you help to get rid of my pain in 2 days? I've been taking the supplements about 3 weeks now. This is so amazing I almost can't believe it is happening. Now I am able to concentrate and submit to you my herbal final exam, and, if finances improve, I will continue on to earn my ND degree. That's the least I can do to show you how much what you have done means to me. Also, I feel that I should at least send you $50 consultation fee this month, because you don't ask for money in return for a consultation, but I feel that it is worth that and more. I love you always, my great mentor."
   --P.E. HHA Member since 1997



August 2001
Marijah McCain, "I had an experience with your Essiac Tea (actually HHA 4-HERB tea bulk) that I haven't seen reported yet. I believe it has helped my non-functioning thyroid. Since 1989, I have taken the same daily dosage of thyroid hormone replacement. For 12 years, my yearly blood tests never changed so the dosage stayed the same.
Recently, I completed your last herbology lesson which instructed me to make a batch of Essiac Tea. I wanted to test the tea so I took 2 oz mixed with 2 oz of warm water daily for a week. I took this tea in the morning approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours after taking my thyroid replacement pill. At the end of one week, I started to get heart palpitations. Within a few months, I started experiencing all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (nervousness, irritability, headaches, joint pain, unexplained weight fluctuations.) I went to my doctor and had a thyroid blood test. The test revealed that my medication was too high and had to be lowered. As I mentioned, I have taken the same dosage since 1989. Yet, one week on Essiac allowed me to lower my dosage. I don't know what the Essiac Tea did but I plan on taking another batch in a few months to see if I can get my medication even lower.
At your recommendation, I added Dr. Chi's Pro Metabolic capsules and Beta Glucans (since my thyroid condition is a form of anti-immune disease). I just ran out of the products but I plan on ordering more since I really felt very good when taking it.
Thank you for everything you do to educate us on the wonders of natural medicine.
   --K.K. HHA Member sinnce 1999



August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "Good news! My sister, age 68, has tried many things to lower her blood pressure to no avail. She started taking Asparagrus Extract recently and her pressure is lower than it has been for 9 years."

Marijah McCain's comments: Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract is a fantastic kidney cleanser. Many times high blood pressure is actually caused from toxic kidneys. They control the fluid in the body and when they get toxic they don't work right. HBP is not always related to arterial plaque.
   --E.M. HHA Member since 2001



August 2001
Dear H.H.A, "I recently got the potent HHA Colloidal Silver for my boyfriends hurt and swelling back. This has helped a great deal, and has reduced the swelling to almost nothing! I was so impressed with the product, that I decided to try it on my face to clear up some minor acne. I applied it directly to my face, left it on overnight, and washed it off in the morning. The colloidal silver really helps to give a moisture balance to your skin and did not iritate my skin at all. It cleared up a red patch of dry skin below my left eye in a matter of hours and also cleared up some minor peeling skin in the crevises of my nose. I was very pleased, so I decided to put it to the ultimate test: the acne on my shoulders! I am 22 years old, and this is the only place where I still get bad acne. Again, I applied it directly (non-diluted) on my shoulders, left it on a few hours, and magically the pimples dried up to what looks like scabs. A second application made them disappear entirely! I hope that this testimonial will help the millions of teenagers out there who suffer minor to major acne, and urge them to give it a try! I wished I had known about Colloidal Silver when I was a teen! I also encourage all of Herbal Healers products! Like if you are a woman with menstral cramps (I have killer ones), then try the Evening Primrose capsules--they work miracles. I have also had success with the Beta Glucans. They have put me to a new level of feeling healthy and energetic in a matter of days! Again, good for the young who have to go to high school and need to concentrate (I am in college now) and the older alike. Thanks to Marijah McCain, her work, and her products! Have a great day, everyone!" :-)
   --D.C - HHA Member since 2000



August 2001
Dir Sirs and Madams, "We have been successful with producing offspring with use of Maca Maca. Thank you."
   --K.M - HHA Member from Japan



August 2001
Dear HHA, "For many years now I have been plagued with recurrent bladder and yeast infections,about 1 every month. I have been taking Olive Leaf Extract for 8 months now. I have not had any infections since Dec. 2000. I reccommend it to everyone I know."
   --M.B. Member since 2001



August 2001
"I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and I also raise Thoroughbred horses. I needed something to keep the flies, ticks, bees and mosquitos away from the horses, but I cannot inhale the insecticides in the commercial flysprays. I orderd the Aromatherapy Kit and read about the essential oils which are a repellent to insects. For 8 oz. Repellent I used 24 drops Eucalyptus, 24 drops Pennyroyal, 24 drops Citronella, 16 drops Cedarwood, 8 drops Peppermint and 8 oz.Canola as the carrier oil. It has worked 100%! When I hear a bee a buzzin' I put one spray on my arms and they are gone. The beautiful thing is every insect is important in the food chain. This repellent makes them leave me alone, but does not kill them. It is also healthy for the environment. This is the second year using this blend. I would have never known about this possiblity if it hadn't been for my daughter referring me to Marijah McCain!"
   --C.F. - Member since 2000



August 2001
Dear HHA, "This is a report. I just recently (2 weeks ago) purchased some of the HHA 5-HTP. I have severe sleep apnea and have to wear a CPAP machine to breath at night. I also have claustrophobia and had to take Paxil for the extreme panic attacks I would have so I could wear the mask on my face at night. The Paxil caused me to loose all my sexual desire, so I quit taking it and, hence, quit using the CPAP machine. My sleep has been horrible since then. Since I started using the 5-HTP two weeks ago I have no more panic attacks and am wearing the CPAP machine just fine and sleeping much longer than I was. Am still fatigued, but am getting that under control with the help of the HHA 4 Herb Tea and other suppliments you recommend as well. But, the 5-HTP has been just wonderful and I am thankful for the results.
   --K.L. HHA Member since 2001



August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "My Dad was diagnoised with Multiple Myeloma in November 2000. The doctor wanted to do a stem cell transplant and also IV chemo. Dad did not want to be sick as it would have made him. And then there was no positive diagnois for the future. I was told about the HHA 4-Herb tea by a friend whose husband also had M.M.(Whose cancer is also in remission). My Dad, 74 year ls old, has been drinking the tea 3 times a day and also taking Beta-Gluten 6 a day. 6 months later, his cancer is now in remission, he feels great and is very active. He still drinks the tea daily and takes the Beta Glucans." Thank You.

   --S.F - Member since 2000



August 2001
Dear HHA, "I truly believe that the HHA Colloidal Silver works on all kinds of infections--even for animals. I raise a small flock of chickens at my home. Recently, 100% of them contracted a very severe and contagious respiratory disease from a source unknown. I immediately tried Teramyacin antibiotics for over a week in hopes of stemming off the worst of the illness. This had little affect. They continued to get worse with swollen facial glands, eye mucous, and no energy. They pretty much quit laying, and I thought I would have to kill all of them as I was fearful of using their meat and my chicken books noted that the chickens would "never be the same" if they recovered from the disease. Out of desperation as a last hope, I administered the colloidal silver in their drinking water. For a few that were near death, I squirted this solution directly in their mouths as they were not drinking on their own. Amazingly, I noticed improvement in the chickens by the next day, and after a week of treatment, they were well on their way to a full recovery. They are currently as healthy as they were prior to infection, and are back to laying beautiful large eggs. I am convinced the Colloidal Silver was responsible for this. THANK YOU Marijah McCain for offering this product.
   --K.J. Member since 2000



August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "I received a 32 oz. bottle of 500ppm HHA Colloidal Silver and decided to use it "direct strength" on my persistent athlete's foot problem that I have been plagued with for years. Right before my eyes, the athlete's foot seemed to complely disappear. This morning I showed my feet to wife and she was completely amazed. My feet look just like baby's feet. Have used numerous products, but nothing seemed to work. Warm regards and keep up the wonderful work."
   --D.A. ~ Member since 1996



August 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, "On October 15th my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adendocarcinoma, primary site colon. He had NONE of the standard symptoms, and this was first diagnosed at the time of our adoption physical. The initial prognosis was, 4-6 weeks if he chose to do nothing and possibly 6 months with intensive chemotherapy. Thank the lord that we have a close relationship to our massage therapist that gave us our first batch of 4-HERB TEA (Essiac) tea and the phone number for the Herbal Healer. On his CT scan before he began treatment, he had 75-80% total liver involvement and was well on his was to dying. Tumor sizes ranged from 16.5 cm (canaloupe size, 12,8, 6 cm and too numberous to count. From the time he first started feeling ill to the diagnosis....a whopping 2 weeks! After searching for a compassionate and nationally recognized oncologist, we began our journey. Armed with Essaic Tea, Beta Glucons and Milk thistle combined with the new Sloan Kettering colon cancer protocol he had his first round of chemotherapy on November 1st. On that date his tumor marker was 770= extremely active cancer. The first 4 months of chemotherapy was sheer hell. He faithfully took his 4-Herb Tea/Beta's/and Milk Thistle every day, except when he was too sick. Even then he managed at least one dosage a day. From the first of February thru his last round of chemotherapy, his tumor marker has been within the normal range. (In July it was 0.6 measuring less than a person with a cold!!!!!) This means that the cancer is no longer active. At his last CT the largest tumor was 3.3 cm down from 16.5. Some of the smaller ones that were too numberous to count, are now gone! His next CT is scheduled for Aug. 6th and he swears that it will be even better because he has been experiencing some liver specific pain, that the oncologist states are the tumor masses breaking up and small hemotoma's being formed to heal the liver. The oncologist has told us, "Please do not change what ever herbals you are doing, esp. the Essaic.Buy law I can not tell you to take it, but I can tell you do not change anything." I will also tell you that when he is able to fully dose his Essaic, he doesn't have very many side effects from the chemo. Within 2 days he has bounces back to normal. His progress notes have been reviewed by oncologist at Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, St. Louis University, Stanford, The Hutchinson Center, and National Cancer Institue. They are all at a loss as to why he has responded to the new chemo drug without any of the side effects and after 10 months appears to be at the same level as a patient 18 to 24 months into treatment. Maybe we are close to the day that the medical community will recognize that homeopathic/natural medicines, spiritual and traditional medicines are the answer.
   --D.T ~ member since 2001



August 2001
We have just relocated to a neighborhood in Jerusalem called Neveh Yacov. We did live just outside the Old City, over by Damascus Gate, where a Jewish man was stabbed this week. As you may already know, the Damascus Gate area is entirely Arab, so we feel much safer in Neveh Yacov. I and my husband are attending Hebrew language classes, and after that, I will attempt to open my own Herbal Healer shop. This type of thing would be a blessing to the people, as the medical system here offers their patients either natural or allopathic remedies for their ailments.
My husband and I are so glad that we met you, and were able to pass through your hallowed halls of learning. My husband said "God bless Marijah McCain; she has really added to our quality of life." Even from such a distance we are still blessing the day we met you.
May the Lord richly provide for you protection, love and all that you need. YHWH Yireh (The Lord will provide)
   --Dr. D.G. Graduated in 1999 - Member since 1997



August 2001
"I just want to THANK YOU! For all the information you sent me. I received my order today of the Beta Glucans and HHA 4-Herb Tea concentrate. A friend who had breast cancer two years ago refused chemo/radiation and opted for Essiac and today is cancer free. She is the one who turned me on to HHA and I in turn am telling everyone I know about HHA and Essiac. I don't have (at least I hope I don't) cancer but have refused mammograms because I don't trust them and feel they are the cause of why so many women are coming down with breast cancer. I know five so far that were perfectly healthy before starting mammograms and on the fifth year all came down with breast cancer. Makes me wonder. So am taking these supplements as a preventive. Thanks again for being there!"
   --A.T - HHA Member since 2000



July 2001
The Four Agreements is a wonderful book. I have given four copies of it to family members to read and then to pass on when they are done. So far they've all loved the book too. I am truly enjoying putting the agreements to work in my life.
Click here to read about the book and take the Marijah McCain challenge!

   --D.D. Member since 1999



4-Herb Tea "Sludge" Heals Skin Anomaly!!! Pics!
July 2001
Here is a wonderful testimonial from one of our members, complete with 12 pictures showing the amazing results he got from using the 4-Herb Tea "sludge" (herbs left after straining the 4-Herb Tea. NO scar, NO pain, just healed!
Click here to read the incredible testimonial and see the 12 pictures!!!

   --David Jolley - HHA Member since 1997



JUly 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, You said to use garlic oil mixed with vegtable oil for my dogs ear mites, it worked great! Marijah McCain's comment: Use 2 tablespoons of any kitchen oil and open and add 3-4 caps of garlic oil. Swab or pour really well deep into the ears. Leave in overnight and then wipe ears with paper towel and clean the dead stuff out with a Q-Tip. Repeat if necessary.
   --J.S. Member since 1999



July 2001
Dear Marijah McCain, Aloha. Almost six years ago my son had sarcoma and he has been on the 4 Herb Bulk tea since then. Thanks to the Good Lord and you he is 23 yrs old now and travels alot.
   --P.A. Member since 1995



July 2001
Dear Marijah McCain:
I want to thank you for your advise on using the colloidal silver, oregano oil capsules, and olive leaf capsules to help my husband rid himself of a bowel infection with constant diarrhea that he suffered with for two months until we sought your advise. The doctors we had gone to were no help at all--they told him to take Imodium AD to stop the persistent diarrhea. What a joke!! That definitely didn't work, and the doctors did not offer any help beyond this. He had never had anything like this before--normally he is pretty healthy. We thought he had the flu at first and then later contracted food poisoning at a restaurant. I tried garlic capsules which did not seem to help either. It was only after taking your advise that he got better. Within a week he had much improved and is now back to normal. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to send you our questions for advise!
   --K.J. HHA Member since 2000



July 2001
I just found out about your products three months ago when my step-father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily, my parents heard about your HHA 4-Herb Tea and my mom began making the tea with your herbs, faithfully. Three months ago, the doctor gave one shot of chemotheraphy, to reduce testosterone production. Today, my step-dad received some great news! Originally his PSA count was 8.1 - today (3 months later) it is only .1 (point one). He also had a digital exam, and the left tumor was completely gone and the right tumor was reduced from 1 1/2 centimeters to 3 millimeters. It could be the 4-herb tea, or the colloidal silver, or both. Funny, when Mom asked the doctor if this progress was good, the doctor said it was "typical". (The doctor has no knowledge of their alternative treatment). I say "baloney!" If that sort of progress is "typical", we wouldn't have prostate cancer, would we? My awareness of cancer has heightened, since my step-mother had a double-mastectomy last year. I wish I had known about the tea when she was diagnosed. I just ordered my first course on herbology. Thanks for helping to save people's lives.

   --C.G. Member since 2001



June 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I have some good news. The lump that I had told you about is considerably smaller since I have been taking the 4 Herb Tea and the Shark Cartilage and in just four and a half weeks!!! Thank you so much. I take the 4 Herb Tea three times a day and six of the Shark Cartilage capsules--3 twice a day. You don't know how relieved I am!! Again, thank you , thank you, thank you. God Bless You
   --C.A. Member since 1997



June 2001
Dear HHA. "The Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid works so well. I know I don't get enough calcium so I needed a non-dairy supplement. I take 1 TBSP every night before bed. A week before my period starts, I start taking 2 TBSP's before bedtime and while I am on my period. I sleep like baby and have no PMS cramping. It is very effective. The other product I use is the Super II (all natural herbal laxative). Let me tell you, that stuff works and is not hard on my system at all. I've had irregular bowel movements all my life. I started out with one Super II in the morning and 1 before bed and increased the dosage like the instructions on the bottle tell you. In addition, I drank lots and lots of water (distilled) which helped greatly. I would recommend these products to everyone.
   --L.W. New 2001 Member



June 2001
I get UTI's (Urinary Tract Infection) frequently, so I keep test strips on hand. When I tested my urine the strip automatically turned pink without waiting for the required 60 seconds. I began taking HHA Colloidal Silver 1/2 tsp. twice a day in liquid on a Monday. I decided to check my urine again on Friday, and the test strip was white, my infection was gone. I plan to stay on colloidal silver indefinitely. Never again will I go to a Dr. for treatment of a UTI. Thank you Marijah McCain for your wonderful products.
   --J.D. HHA Member since 2000



2 EXTRA YEARS - Pancreatic Cancer
June 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I have been writing to you now 2 years on behalf of my mother who *had* pancreatic cancer. Not a sign of it (cancer) and she is doing very well all things considered. On June 21st, she will be living 2 years from the onset of cancer. Amazing, isn't it!!! Thank you for all your beautiful work and your efforts to help all of us. No one could benefit more from it then myself as I have received 2 years more of life being with my Mother and that is a gift and blessing that is the best in the world.
   --J.K. HHA Member since 1999



Chemotherapy Choices
May 2001
Marijah McCain,
Excellent information on Chemotherapy Choices. Thank you for keeping us well informed on chemical treatments that may have taken us years to research on our own; and save many from being badgered into health depleting choices.

Note: read article here:
   --A.H. HHA Member since 2000



HRPZ DROPS - HHA Homeopathic Herpez drops
May 2001
Marijah McCain,
For 10 years, I have had a cold sore that would break out of my outer lip during periods of stress. Originally, I did nothing because I did not know how to treat it. They usually lasted 10 days. Then I started reading about natural ways to alleviate it. I tried soaking my lip with milk for 15 minutes a day--that helped the sore feel better for a while, but it was messy, embarrassing to do in front of others, and didn't necessarily shorten the duration. Then, I tried HHA's HRPZ drops!!! What a terrific product--it really works!!!! I use it two ways: I swallow about 10 drops 2-3 times a day in tea or other liquid. But also, and I think this works faster, I apply a drop or two of the liquid with an eyedropper directly on the sore as often as I have time for--usually 3-4 times a day. It works immediately in fighting the infection. The pain is much less, and the sore is gone in 5 days rather than 10. If I apply the liquid at the first day or sign that the sore is starting, I don't even get a sore--at most just a few tiny blisters that don't even break open and the sore is gone in 3 days!! I also believe that since I have started using the HRPZ drops, the sores are much milder and less frequent. I am convinced this product works--I will not bother trying anything else. Thank you for offering this product for sale!!!!"

Marijah McCain's comment: These HRPZ homeopathic drops come in 2 oz. dropper bottle and are not currently listed on the Internet site, but are in the catalog. They are $17.00 and can be added to any order using the special add an item feature.
   --K.J. HHA Member since 2000



Homeopathic Drops Really Helped Samantha!
May 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
I am writing for my dog "Samantha". She is a Newfoundland and my best friend. When she was spayed she became incontinent and had hot spots. She has been miserable for the last 2 & 1/2 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on drugs including steroids (which I am against). I saw your page for homeopets natural meds. I sent for the Leaks No More and Miliary Eczema (Female). In three days she had improved. She is no longer whimpering all night from the hot spots and she hasn't had a urinary accident for over two weeks. This just reinforces what you teach. We have to help the body heal itself, not mask it with a Band-Aid. God Bless your work!
   --C.F. , HHA Member since 2000



Thank You and Skin Tumor is Gone.
May 2001
Hello Marijah McCain
I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for the info & advice you have provided over the years. I always look forward to your newsletter. About 2 or 3 years ago you helped me get rid of a skin tumor on my forehead with a skin cream of which I can't recall the name, but mam, it worked great and fast

Marijah McCain's comment: "The Bloodroot/Poke Root Salve - in catalog"
   --B.G., HHA Member since 1999.



No Longer Suffer from Fatigue or Acid Reflux
May 2001
Marijah McCain, Thanks to you, I no longer suffer from fatigue, or acid
reflux....your suggestions are always right on!!! Angie --- PS keep doing what you do, we need more like you. My daughter would be on 4 Asthma meds if I would of listened to the "specialists" she's not on any, again reading your catalog and advice helped!!!
   --A.J., HHA Member since 1998



My Mare With Melanoma
May 2001
Marijah McCain, my old mare with melanoma is doing very beautifully now. Tumors are shrinking (very, very slowly) but if you didn't know she was 22 you'd never guess. She looks fabulous. Not bad considering I was going to put her down a year ago because she looked so awful. Love that 4-Herb Tea!! Thanks for everything. I'm really learning a lot through Herbal Healer and hope to be an ND one day. Already helping people since taking the herbal course.

   --A.K. HHA Member since 2000



Oncologist Says Stay On The 4-Herb Tea!
May 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
My mother (also a member of HHA) is taking the 4 herb tea for multiple myeloma, which is almost in remission. Her oncologist asked her what she has been doing and she told him about the tea. He said to continue because it's working.
   --T.P. HHA Member since 1999.



May 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
My chronic yeast infection of 17 yrs.. is gone thanks to the HHA Grapefruit Seed Extract, 2 drops a day for 2 1/2weeks with every other day of colloidal silver for same amount of time. I also took acidophilus capsules and ate a few yogurts! Now this is amazing to me cause there's not even an ITCH! Ever since the birth of last child, have had yeast infection every since. I have been to a few doctors and even a study just for this and you know what the doctor said>>>WOW are you full of yeast, as if I didn't know!!! Any how I love everything you do and am a student who has a little way to go and want to say THANKS!!!!!
   --D. Member since 1998



HHA Saved me $200.00 Vet Bill!
May 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
Just wanted to let you know that Herbal Healer just saved me $200+ for an operation on my dog. My 10 year old dog had a cyst in his eye lid that kept getting larger. The Vet wanted $200 in order to remove it. I made the appointment but then canceled it when I started thinking that maybe he would not make it through the surgery. Or maybe they would mess up and injure his eye. And there was the possibility that the cyst would just come back. I happened to be looking over one of the HHA newsletters and it mentioned Colloidal Silver was good for cysts in dogs. So I made up a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of Silver. I drank most of it myself for an ear ache that I had but gave the last 1/4 of the glass to my dog. I put some of it on the cyst itself by just pouring it in his eye and the rest he drank. I did this three days in a row, on the third day it had shrunk considerably. It continued to shrink and it is totally gone today. Thanks you so much for your good works, it is priceless. And my ear ache is gone as well, but that was no surprise, been staying healthy on Silver for about two years now. No flu, colds or other viruses stands a chance in our house!
   --~ L from TX



Herbal Healer Web Site Posted in Oncologist Office!
April 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
My husband is the stage 4 colon cancer pt. that is responding beyond everyone's wildest dreams! His last tumor marker was down to 1.1 from 770. If it stays below 3 for 3 months and if his CT scan show no further development, and after a PET scan, it shows no further mets...he will be considered remission. Beats the 4-6 weeks he had to live in November!!! He is drinking his 4-Herb tea daily, takes his Beta Glucans, and Milk Thistle. The Dr. still asks us if he is drinking his Essaic (4-Herb Tea) . When he says yes, he tells him not to change anything! Your web site is now posted in the oncologist office! We are making a difference! Thanks for being there to walk us thru this unknown scary territory!
   --D.T. HHA Member since 2000.



Cancer Not Found!
So Glad I Took The Herb Course
April 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
Report on the latest CT scan for husband with cancer 28 months now. The doctors say they can find NO abnormal lymph nodes, and NO mass can be found. 28 months ago they operated and found he had lymphoma and could not remove it and sewed him back up. The day he returned from hospital I put him on the 4-herb tea, with yew tips and red clover as you advised and he has gotten better and better every day. He is 74 now and does a big garden, cuts wood and helps son with his work. His pain stopped within 10 days of treatment and has never returned. The doctor never would say this time the cancer was gone, he just said they had done a good job of removing it, we know the truth, and sing the praises of the natural route everywhere we go. Most people lack trust in the herbs but for us it's the only way to go. I'm so glad I took the herb course it has saved lives, and I highly recommend this course for all who desire a more natural way. Thank you Marijah McCain for all the years you have put in, it has and will help mankind. God's speed to you all. A thankful student.
   --M.B. HHA Member since 1996.



Oregano Oil Plus Capsules Really Help Gas!
April 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I took the Oregano Pills for gas I had after eating beans. I take 1 three times a day if I need them. No after taste. They really work GREAT!!!! Much better than gas-X or Tums!! And much safer. Please never stop making them.



March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain
You guys are doing a great job! I now have two friends on 4-Herb Tea with cancer and their cancer count is so-o-o-o low the doctors can't believe it.
   --E.B - HHA Member since 1998



March 2001
Marijah McCain
Simply a short reply to say that my wife's second pap smear two weeks ago came back as "normal". Good news. I like to think that three months of the supplements (especially 4 Herb) had something to do with her favorable report! Many thanks.
   --G. J. HHA Member since 2000



March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain,
I wrote to a few weeks ago after returning from my onocologist with the news that my breast cancer might have recurred. After giving me instructions for additional CT scans and a MRI and a follow-up appointment for 3/21 to give me an answer as to whether my cancer had returned - needless to say I was terrified.

You told me to take 3 - 2 times a day Beta Glucans w/Maitake and Olive Leaf Extract. (4-Herb tea 2 oz 3 times a day and Cal/Mag/Vitamin D Liquid 1 tbs at night. I was in pain when I wrote you - skin on sternum so tender I could stand for anything to touch it. Pain in my neck on the left side (nodes swollen also). Pain under each my arms. I was on painkillers which I could not take at work - they made me too groggy. So I took 4-6 extra strength Tylenol each day to take the edge off the pain.

Once I started taking the herbs the pain in my neck went away first I could move it freely. I feel 90% better. I didn't have to take any tylenol all day and yesterday was even better. I'm still am in some discomfort but it is getting better and better everyday. Another side benefit is I have fibroids and as a result have very painful periods (painful cramps and large clots). My last two cycles have been pain-free!!!!!! I barely even realized they were there. Sorry to go on so long but - THANK YOU!!!! I don't think I'm cured of cancer - yet:)!!! But when I get the results from my doctor I will let you know to see if I should stay on the same program or make any modifications.
P.S. I am taking 8 oz of 4-Herb Tea a day instead of 6 oz.
   -- Initials withheld. ~ New Member in 2001



March 2001
Dear Marijah McCain: I am writing to tell you about my Dad, who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 10/01/96. The tumor was large, 6 cm., and he was given only months to live. He endured 6 weeks of 5FU chemo and twice daily radiation. However, only days later, he began retaining fluid in his abdomen which later spread to every area of his body below his rib cage. The oncologist thought the cancer was "out of control" but tests proved that instead the tumor had shrunk by nearly 50%. Instead they realized the radiation had damaged his lymphatic system, causing the backup of fluids. He had begun drinking HHA 4 Herb Tea shortly after the chemo ended, and then coupled that with red clover blossom to aid in clearing out the lymph system. Well, although the ascites (fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity) never fully receded it is barely noticable now. (There was a point when he was having up to 11 litres of fluid drained off weekly!) We switched oncologists last spring, and finally allowed a new CT scan to be performed. (Prior we had refused since they said they would not be able to operate because of the ascites.) The oncologist was floored! Not only is there NO tumor, there is no sign that the tumor was ever there! He used the word "miracle" freely, and for the first time "remission". When we told him of the tea he did not scoff; he said he could not dispute its effectiveness since my Dad's survival is unbelievable. The best news was that if Dad presented with a new cancer today, he would treat him just as aggressively as someone who had never presented with cancer before! Dad still drinks the 4 herb tea, and never hesitates to tell people he credits it with saving his life. (In fact, when he used to attend support group meetings, the doctors in attendance would half-jokingly urge him to give SOME of the credit to their treatments, too.) On behalf of my entire family, thank you for making this product available.
   --R.W. HHA Member since 1997



HHA 4-HERB TEA - Cancer Gone!
February 2001
Marijah McCain
I had a call from a good friend yesterday. Her 85 year old father had melanoma, metastasized to a lung. Doctors said they would not treat because of his age, health. He was given HHA 4-Herb tea over an extended period, he now has no sign of cancer--total remission. Doctors mystified, of course. My friend is one of several referrals I have made to HHA, over time.
   --D.B - HHA Member



Sold on Beta Glucans
January 2001
Sold on Beta Glucans Ordering more Beta Glucans. "We're *sold* on the HHA Beta far this fall and winter both of us have escaped the cold, flu, bronchitis cycle.....
   --S & C.P - Members from N.C.



January 2001
I just wanted to say thanks to Marijah McCain for her advise. I emailed her a few weeks ago about a cyst in-between the pads of my dogs foot which seemed to be an ingrown hair. Her paw was so infected and swollen. The colloidal silver worked in 4 days and she is as good as new. She's in great spirits now. Thank you for working another miracle in our household and saving us hundreds in vet bills.
   --D.C. Member since 1998



Mycostat, Olive Leaf - 4-Herbs Tea - Heals Chronic Yeast Infection
December 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
Thank you for your Mycostat,4 Herb Concentrate, and Olive Leaf Extract products. I have had low grade chronic yeast infections since 1974. The companies that make yeast infection fungal medications made a small fortune off me. Also, when I finally went to a gyn doctor for this problem, she recommended that I use a jock itch cream for nine weeks until my infection was gone. This did not work. Also, no questions were asked about my diet, (you recommended not to eat sugar, or lots of starches). I have a very low opinion of gyn doctors now. The Mycostat, Olive Leaf Extract, and 4 Herb Concentrate did it! I have been using all three products for the last six months, and have been healed. Thank you for your help, God bless you.
   --J.O. - Member since 1999



December 2000
Marijah McCain,
I don't know how to thank you...I know without a doubt that you have saved my life. I know that if I was left to the allopaths, I would have died. I have no doubt about that. I don't know how I can repay you...except to follow in your foot steps! And be the best ND I can be! I owe you so much! Thank you for saving my life! You hold a very special place in my heart! You really really do!
   --R. HHA Member & Future ND



November 2000
Dear Marijah McCain I would like you to know that I have been taking 4-Herb Liquid, HHA Circulation Plus Powder, and Dr. Chi's Asparagus Extract, for 1 month now as you suggested and my blood pressure has gone from 220/110 to 135/84 (this morning). Thank you so much for you and your wonderful products and advice.
   --T.R - Member since 2000



November 2000
"This is my second order for Myomin. I ordered it because it suggests it could assist in getting rid of fibroids, or cysts. Six months ago my Dr. found "nodules" in both breasts, ordered an ultrasound and found 5 cysts in one breast and 4 in the other breast. It was a couple months later that I came upon your Myomin and decided to try it. Well, Yesterday I went back for my follow-up ultrasound and now there is just 1 small cyst in one breast and 2 small cysts in the other. I'd say that's a great improvement! I've ordered another 3 month supply to get rid of the rest of my cysts.
   --S.W. - Member since Aug, 2000



October 2000
Dear Marijah McCain:
Warm greetings and Blessings to you! I have written to you in the past on the behalf of my mother who has had pancreatic cancer. You will be very pleased to know that she now has lived 16 months using the Essaic Tea. They (my mother and father) will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on Nov. 6th. We never thought we would see this special day in their lives, or be able to celebrate it with the, but here we are. To my knowledge, she has not suffered or been in pain during these months, and has enjoyed every day of her life, especially her meals, which is quite amazing, and still she has good quality life. We just had a physical done (requested by the nursing home) and the Dr. wanted to know who & how her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was made, as she does not have any of the typical signs of cancer in her body. Pretty amazing isn't it!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are truly experiencing a miracle, and we are all so grateful for every day we have to share time together. Note: Mother is 84.
   --J.K - Member since 1999



October 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
I thought you might like to know of a success story, due in part to 4 herb tea. In April 1998, my dad was diagnosed with late stage, islet cell carcinoma of the pancreas. At the time of diagnosis, he had liver and lymph node metastasis. He was told it would kill him, and at best, with chemotherapy, had a 50/50 chance of a remission, which might give him up to 1 year. My dad was a heavy smoker and worked around metal all of his life. He tried the chemo, the strongest dose possible we were told, once a month for three months. After three months another ct scan revealed the liver was full of tumors. It had spread even worse than before the chemo. He started on the HHA 4 Herb Tea ( bulk herbs ) along with many other supplements, including large doses of CoQ10 enzyme, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin c, a, e, beta carotene, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, to make a long story short, today he is still taking the 4 herb tea, still from bulk, and has cut out most of the vitamins, except c, and takes the CoQ10 along with large doses of transfer factor. He still works, and works out every day, including a 2 or 3 mile walk every day. He used to walk 5 or 6 miles a day. What was supposed to be a very painful, relatively quick 12 months has turned into a very productive, active extension of life for my dad. He still has the cancer, but it's not taking over. He does not even go to the cancer doctor anymore, because the doctor told him he was crazy to try taking all the stuff he's taking. So, he doesn't bother. (the doctor probably thinks he has died) the doctor even once told my dad that if it were a family member in his own family, he would NOT give them chemo for this type of cancer. Does that make any sense to you? Thanks for making the 4 herb tea, and other products available. My dad has told many people about the tea, and they all take it for many health problems. P.S. I also believe that prayer to the Lord had a lot to do with this.
   --S. L. Member since 1998



October 2000
I work in *****, ***** for a medical transcription company, and if you use this info, please keep the location confidential. I am the QA manager and was reviewing an emergency room report in which the young male came in with seizures. He was found to have cysticerosis, a condition in which the larvae of particular parasites invade the tissues such as subcutaneous tissue, brain, eye, muscle, heart, etc, etc. This patient, who is an immigrant from Mexico, worked in a restaurant. His condition was so severe that he had to be admitted to the hospital. I have, naturally, told every one I know, but people still do not understand the severity of the problem. I am taking my HHA parasite tincture now, and probably will do this every three months or so, given this information and the fact I eat out a lot!"
~ Name withheld by request.
   --HHA Member



September 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
Thank you so very much for the quick respond. I truly love your program, my mother has been on the tea, the first 10 days her cancer shrunk more than half. She was on chemotherapy and there wasn't any improvement until I gave her the tea. (non Hodgkin's lymph). I also gave the tea to three other friends who are diabetic, today one is completely off his medication after 2 weeks and the other has a big drop in his blood sugar. My father was the third and he will be tested tomorrow. This experience has made me realize what I want to do with my life. I enrolled in your ND correspondence course program. May God continue to bless you.



September 2000
I had to write and let you know what your HHA 4-Herb Formula has done for a friend of mine. He was diagnosed with PYODERMA GANGRENOSUM a few years ago. This is a skin disease where sores and excessive bleeding are caused by the slightest bump to your arms, hands or wherever. He has worn long sleeves for years because of this. He started drinking the tea (made from bulk herbs)on July 14, 2000. On August 25, 2000, he told me he hasn't had an outbreak since he started drinking the tea (6 oz daily). He has fingernails for the first time in years. He also says that this is the first time in 3 years that he's been able to work without gloves. He loves to work in his shop/garage. He says it's wonderful to be able to work with his hands again without gloves and without the worry that he's going to bump them on something and get the bleeding going again. His arms are discolored from years of sores and bleeding, but now, there's no sores. He's no longer using the topical ointment that he was using either. There just aren't words to describe the change this has made in his life. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.
   --D.S. TX - HHA Member since 1995



August 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
I called you last December telling you about my son, he had been diagnosed HIV+. We started him on the 4-Herb Tea and Olive Leaf extract every day. I had him to take the Chaparral for one month. His viral load went from 45,000 to below 400. Anything under 400 is undetectable. We know he is not cured (yet) but he is doing very well. Thank you for all the work you do and may God bless you a thousand times over for what you have done for my family. The Herbology course I took has changed the way we look at life as well as our health.
   --Thank you. ~ Love P.F.



August 2000
Dear Herbal Healer
Just wanted to let you know that I am prone to cold sores when I'm in the sun too much, and out here in the Nevada desert, that is a given. My stepson had taken my prescription medication and had not returned it, when I felt the onset of a cold sore. I looked in my herbal medicine chest and thought, gee, why not try this. It is your Fungus/Paraasite Salve. Not only did it stop my cold sore, it was gone in two days!! Great stuff. I'll keep using all of your wonderful products!
   --C.L. from NV - HHA member



July 2000
I sent a question to Marijah McCain a few months ago concerning my Mother who was treated for cancer and not progressing well, suffering from recurrent diarrhea, continuing to lose weight. Her diagnosis was chronic yeast infection. My Mother has difficulty utilizing all the recommendations, but has tried to adhere to as many as possible. Her condition has improved dramatically, she is maintaining her weight and even gaining slightly; and her energy level has improved. I believe we could not have had this much progress without Marijah McCain's help. I appreciate this web site very much, not only the products but the research and information as well as the efforts of those who gather and present it all to the public. Having been in the nursing field, I like to see the facts and research.
   --Thank you all!



Love it!!
July 2000
I just can't do without your news stuff and products !! I hope i won't lose any mail because of changing my mail and moving. I have finally got my doctor to agree to at least be willing to admit that this "stuff" does work "for some people", he says, and he keeps an "eye" on me, because i refuse to fill the prescriptions he says for me to take, and the shots , and i have gotton him to allow my mother to be taken off of zoloft and take the hha chill-out pills while he keeps a watch on her. Also she has come off of lipotor and is taking the cholesterol pills, and so far so good.
   --Take Care, L.



Cayenne/Honey gets rid of skin problem
July 2000
You said in your Summer newsletter that honey/cayenne pepper will burn off skin cancers. I used the honey/cayenne pepper goo on a small lump on my arm, and covered it with a Band-Aid for two days just to see if it would work (like a poultice). The lump burned off, leaving new skin that is healing up nicely. I previously had several lumps removed by a dermatologist, about ten years ago.

Note: Ozark Mountain Recipe: Buy 1 oz. of 135,000 HU Cayenne (very hot) - $3.75 at HHA. Mix 1 teaspoon in honey. Enough to make a gooey paste. Take a Q-Tip and apply only on the spot. Re-apply twice daily. This paste has been known to burn off the infected area. Try not to get it on healthy skin. Only use if the spot is very unusual and changing. Not for regular cuts and abrasions.
   --J.M. HHA Member



July 2000
Marijah McCain, I began using the Bright Eyes a few weeks ago because I have terrible night vision. I went to the eye doctor last week because it was time for my check up & my prescription was getting a little blurry. I'm 39 and have been wearing glasses since the age of 7. My eye doctor told me that my vision had "improved" and that my sight was blurry because my eyeglass prescription is now too strong. In all the years I've been wearing glasses, my sight has never gotten better. I'm going to continue to take the HHA Bright Eyes & who knows...maybe I won't have to wear glasses at all. Just thought you'd like to know.
   --God Bless. Betty



July 2000
Dear Marijah McCain.
My Mom is 72 and my dad is 81 they are very healthy but I started them on the 4-Herb 1 once a day and they feel the difference already, they have taken the tea for 5 days now and they have so much energy.
   --L.L. HHA Member



Testimonial HHA 4-HERB TEA helps cancer patient (again!)
July 2000
Marijah McCain, your Academy has had a very large impact on our lives, especially through the HHA 4-Herb Tea (Essiac), which I credit in part for saving my mother's life from breast cancer. She has been cancer free for over 2 years, after the removal of a 2 cm. primary ductcell carcinoma she carried for a year because an incompetent doctor thought it was a cyst.

Despite overwhelming probabilities of major lymph invasion, we believe that Essiac prevented and even eliminated cells in the lymphs, and when Sentinel node biopsy was performed, it confirmed our best hopes -- no lymph invasion! Her breast was saved, a lumpectomy was performed instead of a mastectomy (as scheduled), and the 4-Herb Tea even gave her the FIRST normal liver tests in five years!

So thank you for your persistence in getting the message out that naturopathy works! Given the fact that the orthodoxy talks out of both sides of their mouths -- slamming herbals' effectiveness while, at the same time, trying to corner the market -- I think people are starting to figure out where concern for their health ends and concern for the almighty dollar begins.

You have always put people first, and as you know, there are special blessings waiting for people like you. Keep on fighting the good fight!
   --Best Wishes R.T - HHA Member



June 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
You recommended HHA Circulation Plus Powder and COQ-10 (100 mg with Hawthorn) for my dad following a heart attack he had a year and a half ago. It brought his cholesterol down from 400 to 174. Now it's around 218. He's been off Powder and been taking Oral Chelation in caplets for like the last 4-5 months with same COQ-10 dose as before. He's feeling great!! Does he continue with same or change to some other means of maintenance?

Note from Marijah McCain: I would recommend another bottle of the HHA Circulation Plus Powder taken as before and stay on the COQ10.



Testimonial - 2000

Dear Marijah McCain
Thank you. I knew I could count with you. You don´t have an idea of the change that you have done into my life. I feel very confident and that shows to my patients and colleagues. Besides, your course of Herbology is great, it has been the best designed that I have ever found. The knowledge of Reflexology and Massage has been of great help with my chiropractice. At the beginning I was not so convinced with Death & Dying but, it has proved of great help with my cancer patients (by the way the 4-Herb Tea is working fantastically). There is no way that I could express my gratitude.
   --L.L. ND Graduate 2000



June 2000
I'd like to thank you Marijah McCain for telling me about the herb Noni. When I e-mailed you about my choking almost everytime I ate you told me what I had and what to do. After 20 years of this torment and $5000.00 to my family physician which done absolutely no good at all I'm able to go to restaurants and eat like normal people. I will never be able to thank you enough. Keep up the good work.
   --T. M. HHA Member



Dear Doctor McCain: THANK YOU!
June 2000
You recommended a mycostat/herb tea/c.silver combo for my 10 year old son who has seborrhea dermatitis on his scalp and behind his ears. He has been taking it for almost two weeks & has NOTICEABLE improvements already! I have to tell you, he NEVER had "cradle cap" as a baby and only developed this problem around the age of 1. It started behind his ears only & didn't move to his scalp until he was around 4. It has gotten pretty bad in the last 2 years. The doctors I have taken him to kept telling me to put steroid cream on it & that he would have to use the cream permanently!!! NO THANK YOU! After reading some of your literature, it dawned on me that he only got this problem after he had been on a long course of antibiotics for ear infection when he was a baby - he later needed tubes in his ears because there was fluid behind the drum so of course the antibiotics would never have solved his problem. He was on them off and on for about a year before they did the operation. Is it a coincidence that he got the skin problem after all that?? The doctors have told me that the skin problem is genetic and nothing more. The only person in his family who has anything similar is an uncle on his father's side who has eczema so I didn't think this was a genetic thing. I told the doctor that at that time there wasn't anyone I knew of in the family with any problem like this! That didn't change his opinion. My son had huge oatmeal like flakes building up on his scalp up until he started taking the combo you prescribed. He was scratching until the patches would bleed. I tried everything, no dairy, the creams, tea tree oil, tar shampoo, etc...... with temporary relief sometimes. But now, no flakes, no itching - it is down to the dry patches only & those seem to be shrinking also.
   --HHA Member



June 2000
Dear Marijah McCain,
Please let everyone know how wonderful the Allergena Homeopathic Medication is for seasonal allergies. I had terrible allergies and couldn't sleep at night in Arizona, and when I moved to California had the same thing. I tried the drops and they CURED me. I have never had the awful itchy eyes or mouth again! I was so confident in it I ordered a bottle for my coworker who was always drugged up on Benadryl. He was cleared up the next morning and hasn't had allergies since. My boss was so amazed he ordered a bottle and he is cured. The secretary that works in the office with me ordered a bottle for her friend who had terrible allergies and she says her friend "swears by the stuff" and she is cured as well. This is the most amazing thing I have seen for allergies. I tell everyone I meet about it. Thanks HHA!

HHA Note: These Homeopathic Allergena Products are in our catalog and not listed on-line.
   --A.B. HHA Member since 1995



June 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
The herbs, Colloidal Silver, Essiac that you told me to give my daughter for her bad acne (that ALL the dermatologists could not help) did wonders in less that two short weeks. Her forehead looks beautiful. Thank you for teaching me something new.
   --T.N. HHA Member since 1999



June 2000
....thank you for sending me this message... (article above on chemical drugs) I have been taking Zoloft for 7 years...just a little yellow doctor prescribed them to me to deal with my teen age daughter...I was aghast at what this article said...I slowly started weaning off...and now have completely stop taking it...hard...gosh that was awful....I finally feel normal...I have my moments....anyway.thanks again...I have so much to be happy about...don't need a "happy pill" anymore.
~ C
Marijah McCain's note: Way to go girl! Everyone, please take the time to read this article about the Chemical Depression Drugs and read what they are REALLY doing.



Naturopathic Education Pay Off!
May 2000
Marijah McCain,
I had to let you know how our daughter's Medical checkup came out last week at the Oncologist. (NonHodgkins Lymphoma) Those who don't believe that Naturopathics work will find this interesting. I told you that they found so many new Polyps that they couldn't get the endo. tube down to her stomach. These developed "after" the radiation treatments. They took an enormous amount of the polyp tissue to use for biopsies. Every one of the new polyps were benign! The doctor was absolutely stumped. He does know I am an ND & that our daughter is taking natural products & herbs. He has no problem with this. I only wish I had a camera to take a photo of his facial expression & our daughter's, when he read those results. He told us,"Your daughter's cancer is in full remission." Thank God for the herbs He provides and to Herbal Healer Academy for my education. Yes, people, they work!
   --Regards, Dr. C. G, ND - HHA Graduate



May 2000
Marijah McCain - I wanted to let you know that I have been taking the HHA Mycostat tablets and the HHA Oregano Oil Plus capsules and it has worked wonders on me. I used to go from doctor to doctor trying to figure out why I had a slight vaginal discharge, they all said nothing was wrong with me, it was normal. Then I found one doctor that told me it was a constant (mild) yeast infection and said unless it got worse there was nothing they could do. I am so happy it's finally gone, it actually only took a couple of days to get rid of. Thank you very much!
   --D.L. HHA Member since 1998



April 2000
Dear Marijah McCain I've been taking your CMO for three weeks and it has restored mobility to my knees. I have osteoarthritis in both knees with significant cartilage deterioration behind the kneecaps and on the inside of both knees. I'm amazed at the reduction in pain and stiffness and the increase in flexibility. Thank you for the product.
   --B.M. HHA Member



April 2000
Marijah McCain: In November I had my regular pap-smear exam. My gynecologist called me in to let me know that abnormal cell were found. So I asked her what she was going to give me to combat them. She said nothing. Just to come back in three months to see how bad the condition had gotten, and that I probably would need some surgery. She gave me a pamphlet which explained all the different stages of cancer of the cervix. I got home and told my daughter about it. She has been a member of the HHA for quite some time. She immediately order me the 4-Herb Tea. I prepared it as the instructions say, and have been taking it ever since. I take it religiously, that's the first thing I take every morning. On March 16, 2000 I went for my follow up check up. Even before the doctor examined me, she said. "Well I guess I need to remove your uterus", and I said, "Why?" She said because of the problem you have. I said first do the examination. She did, and I left. I was so upset that she was ready to take my uterus out even before doing my examination. Well, about four days later, the nurse called me to let me know the results were normal. I told her that I had very high hopes that they were going to be o.k.. I asked her for the doctor e-mail, but she said, the doctor did not have any e-mail. I said, then I will write to her pony express. So I wrote to my gynecologist a nice card. I told her thanks for being my doctor, and she had been my doctor for about 18 years, even though she had the tendency to jump to conclusions because the last time I had been in her office she was ready to take my uterus out when I was there for a follow up pop-smear. I told her that I was very confident that the results this time were going to be fine because I was doing something about it, not because she had prescribed any medicine for me. She called me at work, inquiring what I had taken so that she could recommend it to other patients. I will continue to take the HHA 4-Herb tea because I know it does wonders.

Marijah McCain's added comments "Fantastic, this tea continues to work miracles!"
   --Sincerely, Y. M. HHA Member



April 2000
I was recently diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis an incurable bladder disease in which the GAG Layer of the bladder is gone or almost gone. The doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me. A friend told me about your Colloidal Silver and I tried it and the next day saw immediate results!!! I have often wondered if something in the diet drinks or Equal had caused this. I was drinking a lot of tea with Equal and diet drinks for the past couple of years. But, had recently even been drinking an unordinary high amount when I started a new job with a high stress level and less time to eat so I drank Diet Coke all day. I wish I could prove this is what caused my Urinary Disease! I will warn everyone I talk to and my children are not drinking any diet drinks again!! Thanks for all of your help and I will try the Olive leaf and the Intestinal Freedom as well. I needed to order my Colloidal Silver again and wanted to wait to see what you recommended first. I am so Thankful a friend told me about Herbal Healer because without the Colloidal Silver I would still be confined to my home due to the extreme pain.
   --K - HHA Member



March 2000
DR McCain, we love ya !!
Would like to thank you for providing product for my friend, Mr. R. N, and the assistance you have provided for his wife, Mrs. M. N. He was diagnosed with cancer 1 1/2 year ago. He continues with his life and hobbies and the DR's say keep up what ever your doing. They don't discuss their choice of treatment with the allopathic's. The medical community didn't have any solutions to offer when he was diagnosed. Just to get his house in order. He is so grateful for his continued quality of life over the past year and a half and continues the holistic protocol. Bless you DR, for your wisdom and helpful attitude. Looking forward to your continued effort of healing "One person and Pet at a Time"

   --~ Doris R - HHA Member



March 2000
Dear Marijah McCain
I am writing to say thank You.I had very dry skin spots on my hands and knee. After I took a month of Natural Detox and One Daily Vitamins (and dry skin was not a reason why I started to take that)the spots on my hands are gone and almost gone on the knee.
   --~ I.T. from Ohio - HHA Member



March 2000
Dear Marijah McCain I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was the 4-Herb Tea.
   --C.S. HHA Member



March 2000
I owe a dramatic improvement in the quality of life to you and your products! While I do use more than these few I now list, the key products have been the 4-Herb Tea (you can not imagine what it has done for me!!!) and colloidal silver which eradicated a long term infection under a tooth and in my lower gum...and in a real short time. Thank you Herbal Healer Academy.
   --W. A. HHA Member



March 2000
Report on husband with cancer since Jan. of 99, is being treated with herbs only - No Chemotherapy. He returned to doctor the 7th of Feb. They said he was doing so well the doctors must have removed all when they operated. I had them look at the file and they removed none of the cancer, so he had no explanation for the weight gain, the feeling good and over all health. Good Job all around for the HHA 4-Herb Tea, The Colloidal Silver and host of supplements.
   --Thanks, M. B. HHA Member



February 2000
This is amazing!!! Thank you Doctor!!!! I have only been on the Mycostat for about 4 days now and my pain level just dropped on a scale of 1-10, from an 8 or 9 to about a 2 or 3!!!! I am soooo happy!!! I have been in pain for months!!

Comment from the Naturopath: This product is excellent when a person is experiencing joint pain that is due to chronic yeast inflammation. Many times the medical system misdiagnoses this as arthritis! Dose is two tablets twice a day. Regular bowel movements are essential - 2 per day.



February 2000
Thank you!!! Maca Maca is the answer to my prayers!!! Ever since I began menstruating at the age of 12 I have had PMS and horrible pain. Lately for the past few years (I am now 35) my PMS has been so bad I have become suicidal. I have taken other herbs and they have lessened the symptoms but never completely gotten rid of them or gotten rid of them for more than three months. BUT NOW I HAVE MACA MACA! I tried them on a whim after receiving your newsletter and I NO LONGER HAVE PMS!!! I don't depression, I don't have symptoms during ovulation, NOTHING!!! For the past few months my period has started and I am surprised because I have had no symptoms. Marijah McCain I have tried allopathy and everything but Maca Maca is the best. And I only need one a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Please share this letter so that others will find the same relief I have.
   --M.L., Bloomington, Indiana



January 2000
I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your HHA Olive Leaf Extract for about 6 months. When I first started using it, my hepatitus viral count was about 2000. I was retested about 3 weeks ago with a specialty blood test to determine a genotype of the virus and the viral count was so low that the test came back from the lab as undetectable viral load. I know that doesn't mean I'm cured, but it's going in the right direction. Thank you for your help and I will continue to use your products and advice. God bless you and all your future work!!!
   --M.C. an HHA Member



MSM really helps Fibromyalgia
January 2000
I did want to let you know that your MSM is the most effective I have tried. I have had "fibromyalgia" and for six years I suffered with this horrible, painful problem. After taking the MSM religiously for one month, I started feeling better!! One morning I just woke up feeling NO PAIN. I am so thankful to have found HHA and all the supplements that you offer. MSM should have been discussed with me by my doctor, when I still went to the doctor's, but they didnt know about this simple product. I now recommend your MSM to all people I come in contact with who might also have some type of collagen or joint problems.
   --M.M. an HHA Member



April 1999
I'm just back from having my teeth cleaned, and for once, it wasn't painful, literally or metaphorically. The hygienist didn't scold me for having bleeding gums, and it didn't hurt as she cleaned. All thanks the HHA's Grapefruit Extract. I've been using it when I brush for about 4 months-- no more bacterial nasties inflaming my gums. When she said that my gums were in good shape, I mentioned what I had been using. At first I thought her interest was purely professional, that she was going to make a note about my "medication" in my file, but when she asked for the HHA website, I realized she was so impressed with the results that she wanted to get theGrapefruit Extract for herself, or maybe she wanted to be able to recommend it to others! Thanks for making this great product available.



Aapril 1999
I have taken Tagament for years and St. John's Wort for 2 years. I have had ulcers for 25 years and could not eat raw veggies. I have had chronic constipation. After only 1 month on the anti-parasite program: Intestinal Freedom and HHA Anti-parasite Tincture I no longer need the tagament. I also use the SUPER II natural laxative. No more constipation and I can eat almost anything! I hadn't had green salads or french fries for years. After 25 years of suffering with ulcers, including 5 bleeding, perforated ulcers and a gastrectomy in 1973 I feel great. Thank you very much.



March 1999
In my private practice as a hypnotherapist a young 34 year old woman came to me for anxiety attacks. During the clinical interview, she related that a lot of her anxiety was due to her father's cancer. The cancer had now spread through out his entire body and after radiation and chemotherapy, he was told by his doctors that there was nothing more they could do but give him Morphine. I suggested the HHA 4-HERB tea, Yew Tips and Maitake, although my clients don't know this I also include a lot of my own prayers. That was a month ago and last week I received a phone call from my client. Her dad was not suffering any pain and was not using much Morphine. She took him to the specialist and they ran tests. All the tests showed his cancer was in total remission. Needless to say all the doctors were flabbergasted. The feeling I got from this news is indescribable, nothing could possibly be more rewarding.
   --C.G. ND graduate of HHA



Best Wishes
December 1988
My health and life have improved so much, having discovered your products. May the New Year bring you increased success and prosperity.
   --Richard P. Fenner DD



Quality and Service
August 1988
Dear Marijah McCain and family,
Only last week I sent an order for a number of products and was delighted and indeed surprised by the efficiency and quality of your service. My order was received within 5 days, which is truly remarkable given I am in Hong Kong! For the record, I have been in the finance/export & import field for 10 years and this has to rate as the best shipment yet. This impressed me so much - it is clear that you have a strong commitment to quality and service. Seeing that I immediately felt I could trust your products and services and study courses.
   --Mr. Manning - Hong Kong.



Eye-Opening Newsletters
August 1998
Thank you for my information. As a member and newsletter subscriber, I always eagerly look forward to receiving my newsletters. The information contained in them is always eye-opening and hits home regarding our responsibility to ourselves and others to learn as much as we can and stay informed of the changes taking place in our world related to our health, and out ability to continue to obtain herbs and supplements in the future. As a student of the herbal courses at present, with the desire to continue in the ND program, I find a wealth of information that I can trust in and use each day for my own benefit and the benefit of others. As I read my lessons, I stand in awe at the way Marijah McCain writes, and makes me think for myself. I find myself reading out loud to my parents (who own a small herb store) about fascinating findings, healing properties of herbs, and the whole concept of a better life thru natural ways. Thanks again to all of you who help make this possible. I have found a great new friend in HHA with the security of knowing that what I am told is believed in, practiced and shared for the hopes of all who dare to ask for a better life, better health and better healing. A grateful student.
   --A. G. HHA Member



Gift of Lifetime Membership
July 1988
I would like to extend a warm thank you to Nelda Nickum for sponsoring me for my Lifetime membership to the Herbal Healer Academy, she will never know how many lives will be positively affected by this.
   --Cheryl - HHA Member



July 1988
The herbology course empowered me to heal myself. It taught me to teach others how to heal themselves. I have always been aware of the medical monopoly but now I feel I can explain the atrocity to other people in a coherent way. This course has given me the confidence to demand my personal right to be healed the way I believe healing happens. It has really made me realize the struggle and importance of keeping herbology and herbs legal for healing purposes. This course motivated me to seriously clean up my diet. It gave me a practical straight forward guide to herbal dosages and how to administer herbs. In the beginning of the course, I had a strong interest in herbs, now I have a passion for them! I plan to proceed with the HHA Naturopathic Doctor program.
   --A.P. - HHA student



Product reporting on: Intestinal Freedom and HHA Anti-parasite tincture.
June 1988
I wanted to see if this would help my husbands Parkinson's, especially the shaking hands. Before taken my husbands hands shook so bad he could hardly get a spoon or fork to his mouth. After the program he can control his hands to almost normal. He is not on any other medication for Parkinson's. He took it for a month.

Marijah McCain 's comments:
This is truly remarkable and certainly worth a try for anyone suffering from Parkinson's. Maybe, just maybe, the parasites have something to do with the destruction of the nervous system.

   --F.E. - HHA Member



SUPER II - Natural Herbal Laxative
June 1988
I am treating chronic constipation. I had 1 or 2 bowel movements per week since my twins were born 4 years ago! This formula has given me a whole new outlook on life and especially the use of herbs. I was in constant pain and cramping from the backed-up bowels. My stomach was always distended and I felt horrible. I was so blocked up, at one point my doctor (not anymore!), sent me to a specialist who said my spleen was enlarged and wanted to do all sorts of testing. I am so glad I found you. Thank you.

Marijah McCain 's comments:
I have always been a big advocate on proper bowel movements as this is one of the main keys to keeping the body healthy and moving out any pathogens that may cause disease. Constipation leads to all sorts of problems, the number one in my opinion is colon cancer! But chronic allergies, rashes, excess mucous, chronic indigestion, chronic fatigue, arthritis, candida, and others are all aggravated if not out and out caused by chronic constipation.

   --K.D. HHA Member



Parasite Program - New person!
April 1988
Dear Marijah McCain ,
Your Parasite Program has given me back my life! Thank you, thank you! I was sick and tired for the last 3 years and my doctor kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with me. I was tired, irritable and I had lost interest in my studies and hobbies. I read the Spring '98 Newsletter and, to my surprise, saw all my symptoms in the article about parasites. Needless to say, I wasted no time in ordering. After 2 weeks on the herbs, I feel like a totally new person. My head is clear and I have energy to spare.

**Note from Marijah McCain :
Take a look at the archived newsletter: In my opinion parasites are an epidemic and can safely and easily be handled by natural medicine.

   --K.T. HHA Member



March 2001
The ANMA convention in Las Vegas was a huge success. There were students and doctors attending from around the globe. Marijah McCain met with HHA students and members she had never met in person. Mr. Hilton Solomon and his wife were there and they have been members and students of HHA for over 5 years. Hilton has really helped a great deal of people in his home town with the HHA information and products and had become a great telephone friend of Marijah McCain.

At the Friday night awards dinner, Dr. Agarwal, the president of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, based in Calcutta, India, presented Marijah McCain with an award called the "GEM OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AWARD". This was given to her for her dedicated global service and work in alternative medicine. She has also been nominated for the prestigious Seva-Chakra Award, which was formerly won by the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. This is a very high honor and all of us at the Herbal Healer Academy are very proud.
   ---HHA Member



Radio Tapes Heighten Awareness
May 1988
Dear Marijah McCain,
Last night, as I was alone travelling for 12 hours, I had the opportunity to listen to you on tape. (Marijah McCain 's Radio Tapes) My outrage and anger towards the allopathic industry was so intense that tears were pouring down my cheeks. Often, I had to stop the tapes in order to process the entirety of this serious problem, this evil overtaking our nation and other parts of the world. I am now part way through the herbology course, and I have been moved and awakened by those lessons. However, hearing your own outrage and words heightened my awareness even more. I do intend to become an ND, an activist and an educator. I had been searching for the right program, and I knew for certain that your program is what I have been searching for.
   --S.L. HHA Member



4-Herb Tea Helps Liver
March 1988
Dear Marijah McCain ,
On October 15, 1997, my ex-medical doctor, with the help of an ultra sound and high blood counts on liver function, diagnosed my condition as hepatitis-A with enlarged fatty liver, with only 5-10% still functioning. Nothing could be done, so I was told to get my living will and legal affairs up to date. On November 1, 1997, I started taking the HHA 4-Herb tea, 2 oz. 3 times per day. On January 9, 1998 I was feeling so good, with no pain, I put all my thirteen prescription drugs away! Continuing the HHA 4-Herb tea and as per Marijah McCain , I started taking Prosylymarin Plus and the Liver Chi. On March 6, 1998, I went to a medical doctor for a blood test. All liver functions were normal, no liver swelling - in fact all my blood results were normal with a blood pressure of 132/72. I am 65 years old and the way I feel today is unbelievable. You are right Marijah McCain - don't ever give up hope.
   --Carl B. HHA Member





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