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Youth Chi

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  • Youth Chi
  • Youth Chi


Youth Chi is an exceptional product to help build bone density, prevent bone loss, and increase bone mass density, without increasing estrogen levels. Excellent alternative to other osteoporosis treatments that alter estrogen levels. Bone mass density tests done in China with this product showed an average bone density increase of 6% in 6 months. It very safe supplement to take if you have estrogen related conditions such as cysts, fibroids, breast cancer, etc. Calcium supplements are most commonly recommended for bone formation, but intake of calcium does not always mean that it is absorbed in the blood or into the bones. Youth Chi promotes osteoblast (bone-forming) activity while inhibiting osteoclast (bone reabsorbing) activity. This product should also be used to help the healing of broken bones and fractures. Contains: Proprietary Blend of - Rehmannia glutinosa, Dioscorea opposita, Lycium chinensis. Adult dose: 2 capsules - 2-3 times a day after meals.

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